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El)r CoflstrcUe in Sllmtrica, 


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Copyright, 1SS4, 

Alfred Mudge 6: Son, I'rimers, 
24 Franklin Street, Bo>tok 





It is not the object of this work to give any extended account of the 
Cogswells in England, but merely as introductory to their record in America 
to mention the birthplace and the more immediate ancestors of John Cur.s- 
WELL, who with his family were the first immigrants of the name to this 
country. Tradition and probability identify the name Cogswell with the old 
English town of Coggeshall, which is located forty-four miles from London, in 
the County of Essex. Coggeshall was the ancient Canonium of the Romans, 
and held by them as a military trading post for several centuries, being surren- 
dered only on their departure from Britain. Roman bricks, tiles, broken urns, 
and coins, relics of Roman possession, have often been found in Coggeshall. 
In the time of the Saxons it was called Coed Garr's Hall. When Canute. 
the Dane, ruled Britain, Godwin, one of his favorites, who lived also under 
Edward the Confessor, came into possession of Coggashael, whose daughter 
Edward the Confessor married, and whose son was King Harold, the last of 
the Saxon kings. 

In 1046 Coggeshall was given to the Church of Christ for the support of 
the Benedictine monks of Canterbury. In 1139 the Abbey of Coggeshall was 
founded by King Stephen and Queen Matilda, the monks being of the Cister- 
cian Order. The first Abbot of Coggeshall was William. In the reign of 
Edward III., A. D. 1337, Johanus Coggeskale was M. P. from Gloucester, 
England For further history of Coggeshall, rid. The .Annals of Cogges- 
hall, by Bryan Dak, M. D., and The Chronicles of Ralph De Cogges- 
hall, in Latin. 

It is the family tradition of the Cogswells now holding the ancient Cogswell 
possessions in Westbury, County of Wilts, England, that their ancestors came 
from the County of Essex, and were there known as Coggeshall, with the vari- 
ous spellings which appear, viz. : Cogshall, Coggeshall, Hoggeshale, Cogesholl, 
Cogeshole, Coggashael, Cogshol. Coxhall, Cockshall, and Coggshale. Beside 

the family tradition the experts in such matters say that Cogswell and Cogges- 
hall in England have the same origin. 

The ancient Family Arms, which appear on the cover of this volume 
are recorded in England : Argent, a cross between four escallops sable. Crest, 
a stag lodged sable attired or. Motto : 

'*'2tt'c spcrno ncc tintco." 

The Coggeshalls lost their head in the reign of Henry VI., and became 
a widely distributed race, the branches remaining in several counties; and 
"between Henry VI., 1422, and Charles I., 1625, there was plenty of time for 
the name to change among bad spellers." 

But while Coggeshall and Cogswell have the same origin in England, 
they are two distinct names in America although sometimes confounded. 
The Coggeshalls of this country have mostly descended from John Cogges- 
hall, the First Governor of Rhode Island, while the Cogswells, with the 
exception of a few recent immigrants, have sprung from John Cogswell, 
who came from Westbury Leigh, County of Wilts, England, and settled, in 
1635, in Ipswich, Mass. 

Westbury, County of Wilts, England. 
The Doomsday Book, by William the Conqueror, 10S6. gives the earliest 
mention of Westbury, which appears to have been held by Editha, Queen of 
King Edward the Confessor, in the year 1044. 

" She lliiig bolbs Mcslbcric. 
^lucn fbit^a bdb it, anb it guib gclb for 10 ^ibts." 

-^^^^V^ The Arms of Westbury were registered in 

' Heralds Ofifice, London, in 1573, :6 Elizabeth. 

They are said to be the same that John ok 
Gaunt, fourth son of Edward III., bore, who 
w.TS born 1339 and died 1399- Westbury, 
England, was granted its charter of incorpora- 
tion by Henry IV. It is a parish forming the 
Hundred of Westbur)-, County of Wilts, and com- 
^"S^^^f^^i^ prising the borough of Westbury, the chapelries 

"^^-^ of Bratton and Dilton, and the townships of 

Seal aad Arms. ,, , •, tt 1 j t • 1. j 

Hawkeridge. Hayward, and Leigh, and contain- 
ing about seven thousand inhabitants, upward of two thousand of whom are in 
the town of Westbury. This town is twenty four miles northwest from Salis- 
bury and ninety-eight miles west by south of London. The place is of great 
antiquity. It occupies the site of the old Roman military and trading station, 
Verlucio. All that remains to tell its Roman history are fragments of pottery. 

an old aqueduct, and coins, dug up occasionally, bearing the impress of Con- 
stantine, Marcus Aurelius, and other Roman emperors. The name is of Saxon 
origin, intended to designate the importance or the relative position of the 
town. Here, according to tradition, was the Palace that belonged to the West 
S.^XON Kings. There are three principal streets, irregularly built, branching 
off toward Frome, Ijradford, and East Savington. The inhabitants are sup- 
plied with water from springs and a small stream that falls into the Avon. 
The clothing trade formerly flourished here, one house alone employing a 
thousand persons. The principal manufactures Were broadcloth and kersey- 
mere. There were in and near the town eight manufactures, and several 
others within the parish. 

Bryan Edwards, the liistorian, and Dr. Philip Withers, a writer of some 
eminence, were natives of \\'eslbury. 

The Westburv Parish Chitrch. 

The Westbury Parish Church dates to the time of William the Conqueror, 

who reigned from Dec. 25, 1066, to Sept. 9, 1087. A new church edifice was 

erected in 1315, during the reign of Edward II., which was still standing in 

1884. as here represented. This fine Gothic structure, nearly six hundred 

years old, was built in the form of a cross. The nave was seventy-nine feet 
long and twenty-six feet wide. The transept was seventy-seven feet long 
and sixteen feet wide. The chancel was forty-eight feet b\- twenty-four feet. 
The height of nave was forty feet. The height of chancel was twenty-six 
feet. The height of the tower was eighty-four feet from the ground. The 

walls were two feet nine inches thick. Those of the tower were four feet 
thick. Chained to the reading-desk was a copy of the English translation of 
Erasmus's Paraphrase of the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, which was 
printed as early as 1550. The ancient communion service of the Westbury 
Church was pewter. This consisted of two large cups and one large salver. 
These were ornamented by a figure of Christ riaing on an ass. and inscribed 
with this motto: '-What have we that we have not received of the Lord i " 
"Anno Domini 1616." The clock on this church was erected in the second 
year of James I., 1604, during the vicarage of Rev. William Thompson. John 
Cogswell's father-in-law, who was vicar from 1603 to his death in 1623. The 
tower of the church contains a fine peal of six bells. The chimes were the 
work of Louis and William Cockey, in 1688. These bells bear the following 
dates respectively: '1671, "^1738, ■''1620, ""leig, ^1616, ^1714. The sixth weighed 
five thousand pounds and was the largest bell in the County of Wilts. The fifth 
and oldest had the Arms of England on one side and the Arms of Lord Ley's 
family on the other. It was inscribed with this motto : " f jjtn igra," /. e.. The 
Voice of God. Under the shadow of this ancient church "repose the mortal 
remains of more than thirty generations of the inhabitants of Westbury, while 
upwards of twenty generations have worshipped beneath its roof." There 
were many Cogswells connected with this ancient church, as appears on 
Church and Parish Register of Westbury. It will be seen also that the 
name of Cogswell often appears in the Register of St Mary's Chapel, Dilton. 
and in the Register of the Chapel of Westbury Leigh. 

DiLTox, Wilts Co., Engl.axd, 1585. 


1596. John Ernly, Oct. 2. 

1604. Robert Cogeswell, son of Robert, .April 21. 

K>o6. Agnes Cogeswell, dau. of Robert, Oct. 7. 

1G08. Bridget Ernly, Sept. 4. 

1609. Robert Cogswell, Aug. 27. 

1609/10. Alice Cogswell, dau. of Robert, Feb. 

1613. Elliner Cogswell, dau. of Roger, Aug. 15. 

158.S. John Wliatley & Margerie Cogswell, -Aug. : 

1596. Thomas Stevens & .-Mice Cogswell, Feb. 7. 

1597. John IJaley & Margaret Cogswell, Ajiril i. 
159S. Wm. Cogswell & Susan Flower, Sept. 23. 
1599. Thomas Marchant & Margaret Cogswell. 
1613. Edward Hilles & Alice Cogswell, Sept. 17. 
1633. Robert White & Elliner Cogswell, M:iv 30. 


Rev. William Cogswell, D. D. [411], as early as 1810, began to collect 
genealogical data of the Cogswell family. At his death, in 1850, these data 
were placed in the hands of Rev. Daniel Lancaster, late of New York City, 
with a view to publication, but susequently returned to Rev. Dr. Cogswell's 
brother, Francis Cogswell, Esq. [417], late of .-^ndover, Mass. A few years 
prior to his death, Mr. Francis Cogswell gave these papers into the hands of 
the son-in-law of Rev. Dr. Cogswell, with the hope that at some future time 
they might furnish the basis of a published volume of family history. But 
nothing further was done until sometime in March, i88i,when Mrs. Abey 
P. Choate, of Salem, Mass., at the suggestion of her father, Hon. George 
Cogswell, M. D. [ 418 1, of Bradford, Mass., who was the youngest and only 
surviving brotlier of Rev. Dr. Cogswell, proposed that this genealogical work 
be carried fr- ward to publication. Accordingly the materials gathered by Rev. 
Dr. Cogswell, which could have been easily embraced within twenty or thirty 
pages, were made the basis of further research, which resulted in the accumu- 
lation of a surprisingly large amount of genealogical facts. The magnitude 
of this work had been greatly underestimated, the impression being that the. 
Cogswells in this countrj' were few, and that nearly all the materials for the 
proposed publication were contained in the papers of Rev. Dr. Cogswell. 
With this impression the work was entered upon, in the midst of a busy pro- 
fessional life, as a matter affording recreation, and not demanding much time 
or labor. There was contemplated nothing more than a small pamphlet, which 
might be prepared and published at slight expense. But only after years of 
wide research and the expenditure of thousands of dollars has the undertak- 
ing culminated in the present volume of more than seven hundred pages. 

The Cogswells in America embraces names, dates, and facts gathered 
from various sources through the length and breadth of a continent. There 
has been exercised in the editorial work a conscientious fidelity to the docu- 
mentary statistics furnished ; so that any violence done to the orthography of 
proper names, any inaccuracy of dates, and any incompleteness of details must 
be carried to the account of those furnishing or failing to furnish the accurate 
and needed data. 

In making this contribution to the genealogical literature of America, the 
autjior is happy to acknowledge the generous co-operation of those connected 
with the Cogswell family, and the exceeding courtesy of the thousands with 
whom he has had correspondence. Town Clerks, Registrars of Probate, and 
others having the custody of public records have rendered a great and willing 
service, and sometimes without compensation. 

Among those who have generously aided this work in different ways, men- 
tion can be made here of only a few, as follows : Hon. George Cogswell, M. D. ; 
Edward R. Cogswell, M. D., of Cambridge, Mass. ; Charles Cogswell, M. D., of 
London, England ; Col. Leander W. Cogswell, of Henniker, N. H. ; Dr. Henry 

D. Cogs-well, of San Francisco, Cal. ; William T. Cograiell, Esq., of Rockville, 
Conn. ; Rev. Augustus Caldwell, of Ipswich, Mass. ; Edmund John Cogswell, 
LL B., of Kentville, N. S. ; Col. Joseph H. Cogswell, of Titusville, Pa. ; George 

E. Morton, Esq., of Halifax, N. S. ; Niram J. Cogswell, of Tuscarora, Pa. ; 
Edward Cogswell, Esq., of Sackville, N. B. ; the late Col. Milton Cogswell, 
U. S. A., of Washington, D. C. ; Hm. Andrew M. Haines, of Galena. 111. ; 
Hon. William J. Cogswell, of New York City : the late David C. Whittlesey, 
Esq., of Washington, Conn. ; Alfred Chipman Cogswell, D.D. S., of Halifax, 
N. S. ; James Mason Cogswell, Esq., of Parma, Ohio ; Mason Whittlesey Cogs- 
7oell, Esq., of Elyria, Ohio ; William Cogswell, M. D., of Bradford, Mass. ; John 
Francis Cogswell, Esq., of Andover, Mass. ; and Hon. John Wentworth, LL. D., 
of Chicago, 111. These and many others who have co-operated in this under- 
taking have the grateful acknowledgments of the author. 

This volume is simple in its arrangement, and by a copious Index its con- 
tents are made easily available. 

The Preface is followed by an Introduction, in which is mention of the 
Cogswells in England, and some account of their passage on the ocean lo 
\ this country in 1635. The body of the work gives a record of the Cogswells 
in America in ten generations, occupying six hundred and thirty-one pages, 
exclusive of twenty-nine steel engravings. There is added a Supplementa of 
additional data, and of Cogsw^ells whose lineage is unknown. Then follows an 
Errata, and the volume concludes with a threefold Index. 

The Index refers to the numerical position of the names, and to the page 
of persons and things of incidental interest and mention. The abbreviations 
used are those common to sucii works. 

The edition is limited to five hundred copies, nearly all of which are sub- 
scried for prior to publication. 

The Author. 






Mrs. Mary Joanna Cogswell Jameson, 


®he author. 


1595. Mr. Thomas Ernly, Sept. 13. 

1597. Margerie Cogswell, June 4. 

1603. Alice Cogswell, Aug. i. 

1619. Joanna Cogswell, \'idua, May 10. 

,632/3. I Susanna, ) 

' i Will" Cogswell, r 

1635. Will' Cogswell, Senex, June 8. 

163S. Margaret Cogswell, widow of Wm., June 27. 

1641. Eleanor Cogswell, dau. of Francis, May 22. 

1643. Roger Cogswell, Nov. 28. 

1661. Frances Cogswell, widow, Aug. 29. 

1661. Elizabeth Ernly, widow, April i. 

Westbi'ry, Wilts Co., Exol.and. 


1 61 5. Will* Thompson, Filius Willi Thompson. X'icars de Westbury, 

baptizat fuit April 23. 

1616. Samuel, Filius Willmi Thompson, \'ecarie de Westburie, bap- 

tizat Novemb. 30. 
1622. Johannes Cogswell, fil's Johannes Cogswell, bapti". fuit, Julia 25. 

1608. Richard Ernly & Elizabeth Cogswell, May 28. 

1610. Johnes Wilkins & Margery Cogswell. 

1615. Roger Tanner & Elizabeth Cogswell, Apr. 17. 

Wilts Co., England. 157S. 

158S. Robert Cogswell, son of Edward, Ma 
( Andrew 

Cogswell, filei Edward, .\'o 

1595. Anthonius Cogswell, fil. Edward, Aug. 30. 

1596. Elnora, fil. Stephen Cogswell, Aug. 29. 
1596/7. Arthur, til. Edward Cogswell, Jan. .\-ix. 

1598. Galfrides (Geoffrey), fil. Edward Cogswell, Dec. x. 

1604. Maria, filia M. Wm. Thompson, \'icar. 

1606. Stephen, son of Stephen Cogswell. 

1609. Margerie, filia Stephen Cogswell, July 22. 

1615. Will™. Thompson, son of W"". Thompson, vicar, April 23. 

1619. Will, fil. John Cogswell, March. 

1641. Joane, fil. Robert Cogswell & .Margerv, his wife. 


1608/9. Richard Ernley et Elizab. Cogswell, Mar. 28. 

1610. John Wilkins et Margery Cogswell, Sept. 13. 

1615. Roger Tanner & Elizab. Cogswell, Apl. 17. 

161 5. John Cogswell & Elizabeth Thompson, Sept. 10. 


1 581. Robert Cogswell, June vii. 

1 581/2. Elizabeth, filia Edward Cogswell de Lygh, Jan. xx. 

1587. Robert Cogswell, Sept. 10. 

1590/1. Morrisius Cogswell de Dylton, Feb. xx. 

1592. John Cogswell, til. Edwd. Cogswell, Apl. II. 

1597. Anthonius Cogswell, son of Edward, June 28. 

1603. Alicia Cogswell, \idua, Aug. i. 

1605. Richard Cogswell (plague raged at this date), Dec. 11. 

1608. Phillis, uxor Mr. William Thompson, vicar Sepult, July 19. 

1609. Stephen Cogswell de Lygh, .Nov. 13. 

1610. Margery, til. Stephen Cogswell, Aug, 14. 

It is unknown what connection, if any, the Cogswells of We.'^tbury may 
have had with a certain Richard Cogwell who died June 12, 1534. to whose 
memory was erected in Faversham Church a large stone, in which was set a 
brass plate, still in a good state of preservation, on which were engraved the 
following quaint lines : 

" Slboso bim btl^oft iiifaarlli; aub oft, 
ifiott! barb it totrt to flttt from btb unto tbt pitt, 
^rom pitt nnto (lagnt tlnit nt'tr Bhall ttaat, certagnf, 
Bt faoulb not bot ont sin all tbr tnorli) lo totnn." 


Robert and Alicia Cogswell were the grandparents of John- (Cogswell. 
immigrant to America in J635. They lived in Westbury Leigh, County of 
Wilts, England. 

Robert Cogswell, as appears from his will, was a manufacturer of woollen 
cloths. Little is known of him. The Register of the Parish gives the date 
of his burial June 7, 1581. Mrs. Alicia Cogswell survived her husband. 
The date of her burial is given Aug. i, 1603. Their children were: Robert; 

Richard; Stephen; Joane, m. Freestone; Margaret, m. 

lene; Margery, m. John Whatley ; Edith, ni. T/iomas Sfnms ; Edward, m. 

A/ia- . Vii/. Registers of St. Mary's Chapel, Parish of All Saints and 

Westbury, Wilts County, England. 



Probate Court, London. 

Dated, i, 1581. Proved, July 14, 1581. 

" In the name of God, Amen. I, Robert Cogswell bequeath my soul to God & my 
bodye to be buried in the Churche or in the Churchyarde of Westburye. To St. Mary's 
Church, Saram, sixpence. To Westbury Church, twelvepence. To the Church in Diltun, 
twelvepence. Item : I give to the poore people of Leigh & Dilton a sack of wheate to 
be broken and given unto them. Unto my sonne Robarte Cogswell, the house of Han- 
cock, &c. To Rychard Cogswell, my sonne, 3;^ ds. Sd. To Stephen Cogswell, my sonne, 
6jC- Item. I give unto Rychard & Stephen, my sonnes. all my sheares with the rest of my 
workinge tooles, that pertayneth to my occupation, after their mother doe give up the use of 
them, Stephen to have his portion at the age of 24. To Margaret Cogswell, my daughter, 
(jjC '3-'- 4<^- To Margery, my daughter, and to Edith, my daughter, 6£ 13J-. 4d. each. To 
Roger & George Cogswell, the sonnes of Robert Cogswell, one ewe each. To Margaret 
Cogswell, the daughter of Edward Cogswell, one ewe." Several gifts of live stock to persons 
by the name of Smith & Freestone. " To my son Ed\v.\rd Cogeswell, my best weather 
sheepe. To Roger, son of Robert Cogswell, certain vessels of brass after the death of Alice 
my wife." 

He appoints his wife Alice sole E.xecutri.x. 

Geo. Oldhimhe. 
John IVhatley, 
IVm. Frank)y> 
Nicholas Beas, 

Edw.^rd Cogswell, son of Robert and Alice Cogswell, was born in 

Westbury Leigh, County of Wilts, England. He married Alice . They 

resided in Westbury Leigh. I\Ir. Cogswell died in 1616. Mrs. Alice Cogswell 
died in the same year. 

THEIR children WERE: 
M.-\RG.\RET, m. 1599, Thomas Merehante. 

Elizabeth, who died in early life. Her burial took place Jan. ;o, 15S1-2. 
Elizabeth, m. March 2S, 160S-9, Riehard Erneley. She was buried .Vpril 1, 1661. 
JuHN, who died young. His burial took place April 11, 1592. 
Robert, bapt. May 28, 1588. He probably died in infancy. 
Andrew, bapt. Nov. 30, 1 590. Twin brother of Robert. 
Robert, bapt. Nov. 30, 1590. Twin brother of Andrew. 
JolixN, b. 1592; m. Sept. 10, 161 5, Elizabeth Thompson : d. Nov. 29, i66g. 
Margery, m. Sept. 3, \6\o, John H'ilkins. 
Anthon, bapt. Aug. 30, 1595. He died young. Was buried June 28, 1597. 

AXTHONY, bapt. Jan. 19, 1596-7; m. Mar!;aret . 

Geoffrey, bapt. Dec. 10, 1598. 
Elenor, m. Stephen Smythe. 

Edward Cogswell, son of Robert and Alice Cogswell, was a clothier, 
pursuing the business of his father and ancestors for generations. His estates 
were designated Ludborne, Horningsham, and Ripond Mylls. Ripond Mylls 
were located in Frome Selwood, a few miles from Westbury. Frame Selwood 

was so named because near the famous Selwood Forest. Mr. Cogswell died 
early in 1616, and was buried in the churchyard of Westbury. Mrs. Cogswell 
survived him but a few weeks. 

r).\TEP, Ji'N'E 23, 161 5. Provkd, Jan. 12, 161 5/6. 

"In the name of God, Amen. The 23d of June, 1615, I, Edw.\rd Cogswell, clothier, 
of We.-tburie Leighe in the countie of Wilts ... do bequeath, My soul to God and my bodie 
to be buried in the Church or ChuFchyard of Wesburie. To Margaret Marchante, the wife 
ol Thomas Marchante, ;^20. To Elizabeth Ernly, the wife of Richard Ernie, £2°- To 
Margery Wilkins, the wife of John Wilkin-s jCjo. To Elizabeth Marchante, the dau. of 
Thomas Marchante 20 marks at her marriage. To the other children of my three who shall 
be born and living at the time of my decease, £4 each. To Elinor Smythe, the wife of 
Stephen Smythe, 40 shillings. To Joane Freestone, widow, to Margaret Francklene, widow, 
to Margery Whatley, the wife of John Whalley, to Edith Stevens, the wife of Thomas 
Stevens, to every of these four my sisters, £2. To Henry Freestone, 10 shillings. To 
Edward Franklene, 10 shillings. To Robert Cogswell, the son of Stephen Cogswell, ten 
shillings. To Margery Stevens, the dau. of Thomas Stevens, ten shillings. To Edward 
Cogswell, the son of Robert Cogswell, deceased, ten shillings. To George Cogswell, his 
brother, twentv shillings. To every of my godchildren besides these aforesaid, 12 pence. 
To John Cogswell, mv son. .1^240, bed, bedding, and other household stuff, &c. To my son 
Anthonv, the whole estate, right and interest and term of years which I have in and to 
Ludborne, with the appurtenances, together with the Lease of the same for the term of his 
life to be delivered to him at the age of :?3. .\fter his death my son John Cogswell to have 
and enjoy the said Ludborne, &c., for his life only : remainder to Jeffrey, my son. To 
Anthony, the sum of £So, and four of my best kyne at 23. To my son Jeffrey Cogswell, all 
my estate, right and term of years wch I have in little Horningsham, &c., with the Lease of 
the same for his life only. After his death the said little Horningsham to the party ne.xt 
mentioned in the said Lease to him and his assigns. To my son Jeffrey, ;^So and four o.\en, 
now in the hands of Robert Xorthen of little Horningsham, all to be delivered to him at the 
age of 23. To my son, John Cogswell, all the right and term of years which I have to the 
Myllt called Ripond, place situate within the parish of Frooine, Selwood for his life, .\fter 
his death, to the party ne.xt mentioned in the Lease thereof to enjoy the remainder of the 
term. I owe John Houtcher, my servant, /'Go los. to be paid at any time on his demand. 
To .A.lice, my wife, my dwelling house, ice, so long as she keepeth herself widow and in my 
name, .^fter her death, to my son John and his heirs forever. To Alice my wife, yearly 
out of Ludborne, ;^S, after the delivering up of the same; and from Horningsham /12 
yearly, after the delivery of the Lease thereof to Jeffrey; so lung as she keepeth herself 
widow and no longer. The residue of goods and chattels unbequeathed, to Alice my wife, 
my sole Executrix. 

My well beloved Jeffrey Whitaker and .A.nthonye Selfe, overseers." 


J?o/.r^ Foster, Clerk, \ ^v,.,.nesses. 

Richard Paiiltcr, > 


D.'iTED, JiNF. 25, 1615. Proved, M.\y ii, 1616. 

" In the name of God, Amen. The 25th June, 1615, I, Alice Cogeswell, of W'estburie 
Leighe, in the countie of Wilts, widowe, bequeath my sout to God & my Iwdie to be buried 
in the churchyarde of Westburic. To my daughter Margaret, wife unto Thomas Marchaunt. 


£4°< - pair of sheets, two pair of Pillstaxes, one of my best gownes & Petticoat. To Margery, 
Alice, Margaret, Thomas, & Philadelphia, their children, £4 each. Unto Thomas, children, 
Elizabeth Marchaiint, ;^20. To llizabeth Erneley, £40, and sundry articles of linen. To 
Bridget, Catharine, Marie, and Anne Erneley, £4 each. To Margery Wilkinge, her daughter, 
;^40, & certain articles of linen. To .\nthony & Anne, children of John Wilkinge, £4 each. 
To Anthony Cogeswell, .if 100, at the age of 23, and to have his livinge of Ludborne, when 
he is 21 years aged. To Jeffrey Cogswell at 23, ;£'ioo. To each godchild twelve pence. I 
give unto the poore, 10/. I give unto \Vestburie Church, 10/. The residue of my estate 
to John Cogswell, my sonne, whom I appoint my E.vecutor." 


y,#vv Whittaker, of Westburie, \ qverseers. 

Anthony Selfe, of Dilton, S 

Probate pending suit, granted to John Cogswell, 11 May, 1616, and subsequent sentence 
admitted Walter Cogswell, a son not named in the Will. 

\ John Cogswell, son of Edward and Alice Cogswell, was born, 1592, in 

\ Westbury, Leigh, County of Wilts. He married, Sept. 10, 1615, Elizabeth 
\ Thompson, daughter of the Rev. William and Phillis Thompson. Vid. John 

\ Cogswell [11. ' 
I The Rev. William Thompson. 

Rev. William Thompson^ Mrs. Cogswell's father, was the Vicar of West- 
bury Parish, Wiltshire, for twenty years, froin 1603 to his death in 1623. His ■ 
wife, Mrs. Phillis Thompson, died in 1608. The Westbury Register records [ 
her burial thus: ''Phillis, uxor of Mr. William Thompson^ Vicar, Sepult. 19 | 
yuly, 1608." Of this marriage were Elizabeth, who married John Cogswell, f 
Maria, who was baptized in 1604, and other children, as mention is made in I 
his will of five daughters. After the death of Mrs. Cogswell's mother, her 1 

father married ^Elizabeth , who survived him. Of the second marriage ■. 

were two sons: William, who was baptized April 23, 1615, and Samuel, whose | 

baptism is thus recorded in the Westbury Register: "1616, Samitell, Jilius \ 

Wtllmi. Thompsonn, Vicar ic de Westburie, baptizat Novemb. 30." \ 

Samuel Tliompson, Mrs. Cogswell's youngest brother, became the Rev. \ 

Samuel Thompson, D. D., of London. His son, William Thompson, lived [ 

with his uncle, John Cogswell, for many years in Ipswich, Mass. J'iil. p. 12. i 

In the Public Record Office, London, appears the following conveyance : j 

11 Charles First, Trinity Term, 1635. '; 

Anthony Selfe and Henry .Allvn, Plaintiff, and John Cogswell and i 

Elizabeth, his wife, Defendants, whereby Anthony and Henry give to John ) 

and Elizabeth £^0 sterling for one messuage, tw^o Cottages, one barn, two j 

gardens, two orchards, 4J acres of land, one of meadow and four of Pasture, r 

with the appurtenances in Westbury and Westbury Leigh, Co. Wilts. j 

This was undoubtedly the sale of John Cogswell's homestead just on tlie j 

eve of his departure for New England. i 


MAV 23 TO AUGIST 15, 1635. 

The Angel Gabriel was the ship on board of which John Cocswell and 
FAMILY crossed the Atlantic. This vessel, it appears from the Letters of John 
Aubrey, the celebrated antiquary of Wiltshire, was built by Sir Charles Snell 
for Sir Walter Raleigh, "for the designe for Guiana, which cost him the 
manor of Yatton Regnell, the farm of Easton Piers, Thornhill, and the 
Church-lease of Bp. Cannings, which ship upon Sir Walter Raleigh's attainder 
was forfeited." Vid. .'Aubrey's Letters, Vol. 2, p. 514, Mss. Bodleian 
Library, Oxford, Eng. 

Sir Walter Raleigh, who was executed Oct. 29, 1618, doubtless made 
his second and last voyage, A. D. 1617-18, to Guiana, S. A., in the same ship 
in which the Cogswells came to America in 1635, and which became a wreck 
off I'emaquid, as Mather says : " was burst in />ieres and cast away." 

JoH.M Cogswell, with his wife Elizabeth and eight children, embarked 
May 23, 1635, at Bristol, England, on the Angel Gabriel, for New England. 
Mr. Cogswell had with him his three sons, William, John, and Edward, and 
five of his six daughters. One daughter was left in England, who afterward 
married and resided in London. Mr. Cogswell took with him farm 
and household servants, an amount of valuable furniture, farming implements, 
housekeeping utensils, and a considerable sum of money. They were 
detained many days after going on board the .^ngel Gabriel for lack of 
wind, so that not until June 4 did they actually set sail from Bristol. On the 
same day another vessel, The James, sailed, having on board emigrants for 
America, among whom was Rev. Richard Mather, fleeing religious intoler- 
ance in England to find the home of religious freedom in the New World. He 
became the minister of Dorchester in the Colony of Massachusetts. Rev. 
Richard Mather the father of Rev. Increase Mather, D. D.. President of 

Harvard College, and the grandfather of Rev. Dr. Colton Mather, rninibtt 
of Boston, and the distinguished author of the Magnalia Christi AMERicANji 
Richard Mather's tombstone was thus inscribed : 

" Stnbei this stont lies Jiitbarb ^atbtr, 
eHljD ^ab a son greater than bis fatbtr, 
Unb tht a granbson grtattr Iban titber." 

The Angel Gabriel was commanded by Capt. Andrews, who had on board 
with him two nephews, John and Thomas Burnham, sons of Robert and Mary 
(.Andrews) Burnham, and ancestors of the Burnhams in America. There were 
on board also Samuel Haines, ancestor of Hon. Andrew Mack Haines, of 
Galena, 111., William Furber, and others seeking homes in New England. 
Both ships touched at Milford Haven, Pembroke Co., South Wales, and June 
22, they put to sea again and proceeded on their way, and many on board 
saw the English coast fade from view, never to be seen by them again wiih 
mortal eyes. The vessels kept company for about two weeks, when they 
became separated, but arrived about the same time on the coast of New 
England. The James lay at anchor off the Isles of Shoals, and the Angel 
Gabriel off Pemaquid, Me., where the great storm and gale of .-^ug. 15 of that 
year struck them. The James was torn from her anchors, and obliged to put 
to sea, but after two days of terrible battling with storm and wave, she reached 
Boston Harbor with "her sails rent in sunder, and split in pieces, as if thev 
had been rotten ragges." The passengers of the James landed in Boston, 
Aug. 17, having been twelve weeks and two days on the passage. The Angel 
Gabriel fared still worse. "The storm was frightful at Pemaquid, the wind 
blowing from the northeast, the tide rising to a very unusual height, in some 
places more than twenty feet right up and down ; this was succeeded by 
another and unaccountable tidal wave still higher.'' The Angel Gabriel 
became a total wreck, passengers, cattle, and goods were all cast upon the 
angry waves. Among those who reached the shore with their lives were Mr. 
Cogswell and his family. Three or four passengers and one seaman perished, 
and there was the loss of cattle and much property. Thus ended the passage 
of The Cogswells on the Ocean, and thus became a fact: The Cogswells 
IN America. 

Journal of Rev. Richard Maiher. 

Rev. Richard Mather, already mentioned as a passenger on the Jame^^, 
kept a journal in which are found frequent references to the ship Angel 
Gabriel, and to the events of the voyage, so interesting and quaint that the 
author cannot forbear to quote somewhat at length from this old and curious 
rec'ivd. Rev. Richard Mather in his reflections, says : 

"'And let everything that hath breath praise M^ name of the hoKD fo/erer 
and ever.' Who gave unto us his poore servants such a safe and comfortable 
voyage to New England " 

"The particular passages whereof were as followeth : The ship James 
was commanded by Captayne Taylor. They fell in with the ship Angel 
Gabriel, also bound for New England, before leaving Bristol Harbor, Eng- 
land." May 27, 1635, while at anchor, Capt. Taylor, of the James, accompa- 
nied by Mr. Maud, Nathaniel Wales, Barnabas Power, Thomas Armitage, and 
Richard Mather, went on board the Angel Gabriel. Mr. Mather says : "When 
we came there wee found divers passengers, and among them some loving & 
godly Christians that were glad to see us there." 

The ne.xt day, .May 28, 1635, being still detained, "the master of the 
Angel Gabriel & some of their passengers came aboard our ship, and desired 
to have our company, etc. June 4. Thursday morning, the wind serving us, 
wee set sayle and began our sea voyage with glad hearts, y' God had loosed 
us from our long stay wherein we had been holden, and with hope & trust 
that Hee would graciously guide us to the end of our journey. We were y' set 
sayle together y' morning five shippes, three bound for Newfoundland, viz. : 
the Diligence, a ship of 150 tunne, the Mary, a small ship of 80 lunne. and 
the Bess (or Elizabeth), and two bound for New England, viz. : The Angel 
(labriel. of 240 tunne. the James, of 220 tunne." 

"And even at our setting out we y' were in the James had experience of 
God's gracious providence over us, in y' the Angel Gabriel haling home one 
of her ancres, had like, being carried by the force of the tide, to have fallen 
foule upon y' forep't of our ship, w'ch made all the mariners as well as pas- 
sengers greatly afraid, yet by the guidance of God and his care over us. she 
passed by without touching so much as a cable or a cord, and so we escaped 
y' danger." 

They were detained at Lundy by adverse sea and winds from June 5 to 
June 9. On the 9th of June the five ships made for Milford Haven, Pembroke 
Co , Wales, where they anchored, with rough sea and seasick passengers. 
June 14. Sabbath. Still lying at Milford Haven. "Mr. Maud, Mathew 
Michel of the James, and many of the passengers of the Angel Gabriel 
went to church on shoare called Nangle, where they heard two comfortable 
sermons, made by an ancient, grave minister, living at Pembroke, whose name 
is Mr. Jessop. His te.xt was Ps. xci 11;' For He shall give His angels charge 
over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.' .And his coming was purposed for the 
comfort and encouragement of us y' went to New England." " I was exercised 
on shipboard both endes of the day, remayning there for helpe of y' weaker 
& infirm sort that could not go on shoare." 

On the afternoon of Thursday, June 18, "there came to the .Angel Gabriel 
and to our ship, Mr. Jessop. lo see the Christians bound for New England. 
He was a grave and godly old man, one y' had lost a good living because of 
his nonconformity, and wished us all well, and we were much refreshed with 
his godly company & conference." 

Still at Milford Haven Mr. Matlier speaks of being "exercised botli ends 
of tlie day," "besides," he says, "the day was more comfortable to us all in 
regard to y'' company of many godly Christians from y'' Angel Gabriel, and 
from other vessels lying in the haven with us, who, wanting means and home, 
were glad to come to us, and we were also glad of their company, and had all 
of us a very comfortable day, and were much refreshed in the Lord " 

By lack of wind having been delayed at Milford Haven for 12 days, 
they sailed on June 22, Monday. On the evening of the Tuesday, June 23, 
they ''lost sfght of the 3 ships bound for Newfoundland, but the master of 
the James thought it best to stay for the Angel Gabriel, being bound for 
New England as wee were, rather than to lea\'e her & go with the other 

The Angel Gabriel is a strong ship ^: well furnished with fourteene or 
si.xteene pieces of ordnance, and therefore our seamen rather desired her 
company ; but yet she is slow in sailing, and therefore wee \vent sometimes 
with three sayles less than wee might have done, y' so we might not overgoe 

On Wednesdav, June 24. "We saw abundance of porpuyses leaping & 
playing about our shi]5." "And wee spent some lime that day in pursuing with 
the Angel Gabriel what wee supposed was a Turkish pirate, but could not 
overtake her." 

Mr. Mather speaks of the Sabbath, June 2S, 1635, and says, "I was 
exercised in the forenoon, and Mr. Maude in the afternoon." 

" This e\-e'g wee saw porpuyses about y' ship, and some would fayne 
been striking, but others dissuaded, because of the Sabbath, and so it was 
let alone." 

The next day by se\en o'clock the sailors had a great porpoise on deck. 
Mr. Mather says : " The seeing him haled into the ship like a swyne from 
y" stye to the tressle, and opened upon y'' decke in viewe of all our company, 
was wonderful to us all. and marvellous merry sport and delightful to our 
women & childi-en. So good was oui God unto us in afTording us the day 
before, spiritual refreshing to our soules, and y' day morning also delightful 
recreation to our bodyes, at y'' taking and opening of y' huge and strange fish." 

In the afternoon, June 29, "Captayne Taylor went on board y' Angel, and 
took Mathew Michel & mee along with liini." 

Tliey found that there had been much seasickness on the Angel Gabriel, 
and two cases of "small pockes well recovered again." 

"Wee were intreated to stay supp, there witli their Master, &c., and had 
good cheese, mutton boyled &: rosted. rested turkey, good sacke, &c." 

Saturday, July d„ 1635. "This day y' sea was very rough, and we saw 
}'*■ truth of y' Scripture, Ps. cvii. Some were very seasicke, but none could 
stand or go upon y' decke because of the tossing & tumbling of the ship." 
"This day (July 4) we lost sight of the Angel sayling slowly behind us, and 
we never saw her again any more." 

Mr. Mather speaks of Sabbath, Aug. 2. "And y' wind blew with a coole 

iV comfon^ible gale at south all day, which carried us away with great speed 
towards ci' jouriieyes end. so good was o"^ loving God unto us as alwa_\s so also 
this day. Mr. Maud was exercised in y' forenoone & I in the afternoone " 

Aug. 3. "But lest wee should grow secure and neglect y'' Lord through 
abundance of prosperity, ' wise & loving God was pleased on Monday 
morning about three of y"' clock, when wee were upon the coast of land, to 
e.xercise us witii a sore storme & tempest of wind & rain, so y' many of us 
passengers with wind & rain were raised out of our beds, and our seamen 
were forced to let down all y* sayles, and y' ship was so tossed with fearfull 
mountayns and valleyes of water, as if wee should have beene overwhelmed 
& swallowed up. 

But y' lasted not long, for at o' poore prayers, y' Lord was please^! to 
magnify his mercy in assuaging y^ winds & seas againe about sun rising." He 
then speaks of " taking abundance of cod & hollibut,' wherewith o' bouyt s 
were abundantly refreshed after they had beene tossed with y' storme." 

"Aug. 14. While ancored at the He of Shoales, when wee had slept 
sweetly y' night till breake of day," Mr. Mather adds: "But yet y' Lord had 
not done with us, nor yet had let us see all his power & goodnesse which he 
would have us take knowledge of, and therefore on Saturday morning (.Aug. 
15 I, at about breake of day, y' Lord sent forth a most terrible storme of raine 
iN: easterly wind, whereby wee were in as much danger as I thinki.- ever people 
were. For we lost in y' morning, three great ancres & cables, of wich cables, 
one ha\ing cost ^50. never had been in any water before, two were broken by 
y' violence of y"^ waves, and y' third was cut by y' seamen in extremity & dis- 
tress to save y" ship &: o' lives. 

And y* Angel Gabriel being y" at ancer at Pemniaquid, was burst in 
pieces & cast away in y" storme & most of the catiell & other goodes, with 
one seaman iV 3 or 4 passengers did also perish therein, besides two of y' pas- 
sengers y' died by y'' way, y' rest having y' lives given y"' for a prey. Jiut 
y"' James & wee y' were therein, with our catiel! &: goods, were all preser\ td 
alive, viz. : 100 passengers. 23 seamen. 23 cowes & heyfers, 3 sucking calves 
& mares." 

" Tlh- Lord's name be blessed forever." 

.\ touching incident is narrated of one ol the passengers of the .Ani^el Galjric-I. 
more amusing to the reader than it could have been to tlie panics concerned. The 
name of this passenger was Bailey. He was a young man and lately married. He 
embarked, lea\ \\.% his young bride in England, wishing to acquaint himself somewhat 
with the new country, and make arrangements for a home i;: .America, and then 
return for his wife. But alas I the frightful disaster from which he had narrowly 
scaped so wrought upon his mind that he wa.s too timid ever again to risk himself 
upon the ocean, and the doleful account which he wrote home so intimidated his 
\oung bride that she could never be persuaded to undertake the voyage. .And so it 
came to pass, that between this loving couple tlie broad .Atlantic continued to roll, and 
this married twain, poor souls, remained separated from each other all the rest of tlieir 
mortal lives. 

Rev. Dr. Increase Mather states as a historical fact that : "The Angel 
Gabriel was the only vessel which miscarried with passengers from old Eng- 
land to New, so signally did the Lord in his providence watch over the plan- 
tation of New England." 

John Cogswell and family having crossed the ocean and disembarked at 
Pemaquid, in the unceremonious fashion narrated, were at last in America. 
They were the first of the name to reach these shores. The elapse of two 
hundred and fifty years has given to them a numerous posterity, some of whom 
in each generation have lived in eventful periods, have risen to eminence, and 
fulfilled distinguished service in the history of the country. 





v^fiERe bt of Ihtm thai babt Itft a namt bth'mi! t 

Sbat tluir (itaistB might be ri|)ortti) ; 
5nb Bomr tbcrc be bbieb babt no mtmorial, 
i?tbo art ^trisbtb as tbougb tbni hub nibrr bctn, 
3n!i arc bctoint as Ihongb tbtn bab ntbrr bttii born. 
5nb tbtir tbilbrtn after tbnn." 


riios,- nho'do not treasure up the memory of their aiuestors 
desene to be rememhered t>y posterity r —Y.\'^w^l< KlKKE. 





John' Cogswell, son of Edward and Alice Cogswell, was born 
1592, in Westbury Leigh, County of Wilts, England. He married, 
Sept. 10, 161 5, Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Rev. William and 
Phillis Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Cogswell resided in Westbury until 
1635 ; they then emigrated to America, and settled in Ipswich, Mass. 
He died Nov. 29, 1669. She died June 2, 1676. 


\ DAUGHTER, who married and resided in London, England. 

Mary, [2] m. 1649, Godfrey Armiiage. 

William, [3] *a/A March, 1619; m. 1650, Susanna Hawkes ; d. Dec 15, 1700. 

John, [4] /^«/A July 35. 1622: m. ; d. Sept. 27, 1653. 

Hannah, [5] m. 1652, Dea. Cornelius Waldo. 
Abigail, [6] m. Thomas Clark. 
Edward, [7] b. 1629, of whom little is known. 
Sarah, [8] m. 1663, Simon Tuttle ; d. 1692. 
Elizabeth, [9] m. July 31, 1657, Nathaniel Masterson. 

iStofir apt) teal. 

John Cogswell, the ancestor of the Cogswells in America, as already nar- 
rated, was the son of Edward and Alice Cogswell, of Westbury Leigh, in the 
County of Wilts, England. At the age of twenty-three years he married the 
daughter of the parish vicar, succeeded to his father's business, and settled 
down in the old homestead. His parents died soon after his marriage, and he 
received by inheritance "The Mylls called Ripond, situate within the Parish of 
Frome Selwood," together with the home place and certain personal property. 

Like his father, he was a manufacturer of woollen fabrics, largely broadcloths 
and kerseymeres. The superior quality (;f these manufactures gave to his 
"niylls" a favorable reputation, which appears to have been retained to the 
present dav. There are factories occupying much the same locations and still 
owned by Cogswells, which continue to put upon the market woollen cloths that 
in Vienna and elsewhere have commanded the first premiums in the world 
exhibitions of our times. 

John Cogswell doubtless found in London a market for his manufactures. 
He may have had a commission house in that city, which would account for 
his being called, as he sometimes has been, a London merchant. 

Mrs. Cogswell's father was the Rev. William Thompson, vicar of Westbury 
from 1603 to his death, in 1623. Her younger brother was the Rev. Samuel 
Thompson. D. 1) , of London. About twenty years after their marriage, with 
a familv of nine children about them, and having the accumulations of a pros- 
perous business. Mr. and Mrs. Cogswell determined to emigrate to .America. 
The particular reasons which led them to leave England may have been much 
the same that influenced others in their times. It appe.irs that early in 1635 
Mr. Cogswell made sale of his " niylls " and other real estate, and soon after, 
with his wife, eight children, and all their personal effects, embarked at Bristol, 
May 23, 1635, for New England. Their passage was long and disastrous. 
Ftd. "The Cogswells on the Ocean." Their arrival in America was after a 
most une.xpected fashion. Having reached the shores of New England, they 
were landed very unceremoniously at a place called Pemaquid, in Maine, being 
washed ash- re from the broken decks of their ship " Angel Gabriel," which 
went to pieces in the frightful gale of Aug. 15, 1635, when such a "sudden, 
dismal storm of wind and rain came as had never been known before by white 
man or Indian." Traces of this storm remained for years. It was on that 
terrible i^ih of .August, 1635. that Parson ,4rwj perished, with these words 
upon his lips: "Lord, I cannot challenge a preservation of life; but accord- 
ing to thy covenant, I challenge heaven." "Which words," says Hubbard, "as 
soon as he had ever expressed, the ne.xt wave gave him a present dismission 
into his eternal rest." 

The easy verse of Whittier has made the story of that August storm 
familiar : 

"I'hcif wa^ wailin,;; in the shallop; woman's wail and man's desiiair; 

.•\ crash of breaking limbers on the rocks so sharp and bare : 

And through it all the murmur of Father Avery's prayer. 

The ear of God was open to his servant's last request. 

.\> i1k strony wave swept him downward the sweet hymn uiiward pressed, 

And the soul of Father .\very went singing to its rest." 

Mr. Cogswell and his family escaped with their lives, but well drenched by 
the sea and despoiled of valuables to the amount of five thousand pounds 
sterling. They were more fortunate than some who sailed with them, whom 
the angrv waves gathered to a watery grave. On leaving England Mr. Cogs- 
well had taken along with him a large tent, which now came into good service. 

This they pitched, and into it they gathered themselves and such stores as they 
could rescue from the waves. The darkness of that first night of the Cogs- 
wells in America found them housed beneath a tent on the beach. The next 
day they picked up what more of their goods they could, which had come ashore 
during the night or lay floating about upon the water. As soon as possible Mr. 
Cogswell, leaving his family, took passage for Boston. He there made a con- 
tract with a certain Capt. Gallup, who commanded a small barciue, to sail for 
Pemaquid and transport his family to Ipswich, Mass. This was a newly settled 
town to the eastward from Boston, and was called by the Indians ".\ggawam." 
Two years earlier, March, 1633, Mr John Winthrop. son of Gov. John 
Winthrop, with ten others, had commenced a settlement in Aggawam. An 
act of incorporation was secured Aug. 4, 1634, under the name of Ipswicii. 
The name Ipswich is Sa.xon, in honor of the Saxon queen Eba, called " Eba"s 
wych," /. ^., Eba's house ; hence Yppyswich or Ipswich. Some derive it from 
Gippewich, meaning "little city." In the early records are found the follow- 
ing enactments of the General Court: 

^' April 1st, lojh It is ordered that n"'' p'°" wtsover shall goe to plant or 
inhabitt att Aggawam, withoutt leave from the Court, except those already 
gone, vz : Mr. John Winthrop, Jun'r, Mr. Gierke, Robte Coles, Thomas How- 
lett, John Biggs. John Gage, Thomas Hardy, Willm Perkins, M. Thornedicke, 
Will"' Srieant." 

'• yune 11, 16^3. There is leave graunted to Tlio: Sellen to plant att Agga- 
wam. j August, 26 i^. It is ordered that Aggawam shal be called Ipswitch." 

"At Ipsidge a plantation made upe this yeare. Mr. U'ard P , Mr. 

Parker T . James Cuilworth, 1634." 

It was probably near the last of August, 1635, when Capt. Gallup sailed 
up the Agawam River, having on board Mr. and Mrs. Cogswell, their three 
sons and five daughters, and whatever of household goods his barque would 
carry, the rest of their effects being taken by another ship. The settlers of 
Ipswich at once manifested an appreciation of these new-comers. They made 
John Cogswell liberal grants of land, as appears from the following municipal 
records : 

"iS'iO- Granted to Mr. John Coggswell Three Hundred acres of land at 
the further Chebokoe, having the River on the South east, the land of Willm 
White on the North west and A Creeke romniinge out of the River towards 
William White's farme on the North east. Bounded also on the West with a 
Creek and a little (creeke)." 

"Also there was granted to him a parsell of ground containinge eight acres, 
upon part whereof y= s"^ John Coggswell hath built an house, it being the 
corner lot in Bridge street and hath Goodman Bradstreet's house-Lott on the 
South East." 

This was doubtless Humphrey Bradstreet, son of Gov. Simon antl Ann 
(l>udley) Bradstreet. Ann Dudley wab daughter of Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

" There was granted to him five acres of ground," which is thus described : 
" Mr. John Spencer's buttinge upon the River on the south, having a lott of 

Edmond Gardiner's on the South East, and a lott of Edmond Sayward's on 
the souih west; with six acres of ground, the s'' John Cogswell hath sold to 
John Perkins, the younger, his heirs and assigns." 

The grant of " three hundred acres of land at the further Chebokoe '' was 
some five miles to the eastward, in a part of Ipswich that was constituted, May 5, 
1679. Chebacco Parish ; and Feb. 5, 1S19, incorporated the town of Essex. 
A settlement had been commenced in the Indian Chebokoe, in 1635, by Wil- 
liam White and Goodman Bradstreet. This grant to John Cogswell embraced 
a swell of land, the western boundary of which is the main road which runs 
from Ipswich to Gloucester. On the south flows the Chebacco River; on the 
north is a brook, which marks the boundary of a farm lately owned by Col. 
John P. Choate ; and to the eastward is an arm of the sea. The grant of "a 
parsell of ground containinge eight acres, upon part whereof y= s'' John Coggs- 
well liath built an house," embraced land located near the present site of the 
court-house. This house, which Mr. Cogswell built soon after his arrival, stood 
on the site occupied by the residence of the late Hon. Charles Kimball, where 
Edward L. Kimball, Esq., now, 1884, resides. 

Mr, Cogswell, some time in 1636. put up a log-house and removed to 
• !rther Chebokoe," where he spent the rest of his days. His descendants 
101 eight generations, through a period of two hundred and i.ty years, have 
>• ->:Viinued to cultivate these ancestral acres. A few rods from where stood the 
iog-house of the first settler now stands an ancient dwelling-house, which is 
the third in succession built on or near the same spot to domicile Cogswells in 
America. This house was erected by William^ Cogswell [39] in 1732, and is 
still occupied by Cogswells, the lineal descendants of John Cogswell, of West- 
bury, England. For more than one hundred and fifty years " The Cogswell 
House " has withstood time and change. Within its walls have dwelt six gen- 
erations of the name. In it are carefully treasured many relics and articles of 
household use. which were brought over in 1G35, ^"^ survived the wreck of 
the " Angel Gabriel.'' These have been handed down from father to son as 
having belonged to their great ancestor, and are enshrined in various and 
quaint traditions. This ancient dwelling-house, which is well preserved, is 
represented by an engraving on the following page. 

This engraving is the work of Miss Charlotte Cogswell, of 
Brooklyn. N. Y.. who for some years has been a teacher in drawing and 
engraving in that city and in New York. She is a lineal descendant of John 
Cogswell in the eighth generation. Miss Cogswell visiteil Essex, Mass., in 
1882, made a sketch of the Cogswell homestead, and on her return completed 
the engraving with her own hands. 

It appears that John Cogswell was the third original settler in thai part of 
Ipswich which is now Essex, Mass. His comparative wealth, intelligence, and 
piety gave him an acknowledged prominence in the town and church. On the 
records of Ipswich his name often appears. It is uniformly distinguished by 
the appellation of A/r., which in those days was an honorary title given to but 
few, who were gentlemen of some distinction. There were only alxuit ihirly of 


the three hundred and thirty-five original settlers of Ipswich who received this 

Very soon after his arrival, March 3, 1636, by an act of the Court, John 
Cogswell was admitted freeman, to which privileges none were admitted prior 
to 1664 except respectable members of some Christian church. To freemen 
alone were the civil rights to vote for rulers and to hold public office. 

For several years Mr. Cogswell and family lived in the log-house with its 
thatched roof, while many of their goods remained stored in bo.\es, awaiting 
some better accommodations. It is said there were pieces of carved furni^ 
ture, embroidered curtains, damask table linen, much silver plate ; and that 
there was a Turkey carpet is well attested. As soon as practicable Mr. Cogs- 
well put up a framed house. This stood a little back from the highway, and 

was approached by walks through grounds of shrubbery and fiowers. There is 
an English shrub still, 1884, enjoying a thrifty life, which stands not far from 
the site of the old Cogswell manor. This shrub, tradition says, John Cogswell 
brought with him from England in 1635. Among other relics of their ances- 
tor still treasured by his descendants are articles of personal attire and 01 1 a- 
ment. A quaint mirror and many other curious things are in the possession of 
Messrs. Albert and Jonathan Cogswell, brothers, who occupy the ancient Cogs- 
well house in Essex. Mrs. Marv (Cogswell 1 Choate had the old clock which 

struck off the time for John and Elizabeth Cogswell two centuries and a half 
ago. Not long since, Mrs. Aaron Cogswell, of Ipswich, had in her possession, 
it is said, the famous coat of arms which has been widely copied in the family. 
This is described as " wrought most exquisitely with silk on heavy satin." A 

few years ago, a stranger borrowed the curious relic of this too obliging lady, 
and, like tlie jewels of the Egj'ptians, borrowed by the Israelites, it was never 
returned. As a matter of family interest, although purely traditional and 
not found anywhere recorded, a facsimile of this Cogswell escutcheon is here 





"ahh ?. : 11 apptrtainctli to tbt ^amt of (fogatotll, btiiig 

first grautct, to LORD BUmPRReY (fOGJUJELL of gugl.mi in the 

gear Wil, from tolioin it btstcnbs to Ibt antitnt 


For some years after the completion of their new dwelling-house Mr. and 
Mrs. Cogswell lived to enjoy their pleasant home, surrounded by their children, 
well settled, some of them on farms near by, made of lands deeded to them 
by their now aged parents. There is found this record: "Nov. 165 1, John 
Cogswell and Elizabeth, his wife, gave to William Cogswell, their son, a deed of 
land on the south east side of Chebacco River." At the same date was given 
a dwelling-house at Chebacco Falls to his son-in-law, Cornelius Waldo. By 
these and other similar gifts Mr. Cogswell distributed much of his property 
among his children, while living. The time came at length, after a life ol 
change, adventure, and hardship, yet of piety, respectability, and divine bless- 
ing, and Mr. Cogswell died Nov. 29, 1669, at the age of seventy-seven years. 
The funeral service was conducted by the Rev. Mr. Hubbard, then pastor in 
Ipswich, and since known as "The historian of New England." The funeral 
procession traversed a distance of five miles to the place of burial. They 
moved under an escort of armed men, as a protection against the possible 
attack of the Indians. He was buried in the Old North graveyard of the 
First Church, but the exact spot is unknown. 

Mrs. Cogswell survived her husband but a few years. She died June 2. 
1676. The record that remains of her is: "She was a woman of sterling 
qualities and dearly beloved by all who knew her." Side by side in the old 
churchyard in Ipswich have slept for more than two hundred years the mortal 
remains of this godly pair, whose childhood was passed near the banks of the 

river Avon; wlio, leaving behind tlie tender associations of the Old World, 
came with their children to aid in rearing on these shores a pure Christian 
state. The\- did a greater work than they knew, and died in the faith of the 
Gospel ; and while their graves are unmarked by monument of stone, their 
souls are safe forever in Heaven, their memory blessed, and their names hon- 
ored by a posterity in numbers hardly second to that of Abraham 


The DAfGHTKR of John Cogswell, whose name is not given, who remained in London, 
and doubtless their oldest child, never came to America, so far as is kiv.wn. Her brother, 
John CogsHell- [4], who went back to England in 1652, and died Sept. 27, 1653, on the retmn 
passage to America, visited her in London. He made mention in his letter to his parents of 
his sister and her two children, but gave no names. 

Edw.xrd Cogswell, the youngest son, is not named in his father's will. He jirobably 
died in early life: although some say there is mention of him made in 1670 and in 1676. 

The inventory of John Cogswell's estate by the appraisers, John Hurnham and William 
Haskale, made Dec. 27, 1669, was ^115 jc/s. 

IVilliiuii T/iompsoii, son of the Rev. Samuel Thompson, D. 1)., of I^ondon. lived for si.\- 
teen years with hi.-, uncle and aunt Cogswell in Ipswich, .Mas>. 

Snmiu-l //nines, the superintendent of -Mr, Cogswell's farm, became ])ea. .Samuel llainc-, 
of First Church, Portsmouth, N. H. He was the aiu'estor of .Vnhrew MalK Hainks, K.-<)., 
of Galena 111., to whom this volume is greatly indebted for many facts concerning the CogswcIU 
in America and in England. 




[8 1 


Makv Co<.>\vlli., (jFo/iii^), dau-'htcr of John' 
(Thom]5son) Cop;s\vell, was born in W'esthury Leiy 
Enjjland. She married, 1649, Goiifiry Aniiita:;i\ 
Boston, Mass. 


Samuel, b. April. 1651. 

1 ; and I'.lizal^eth 

, County of Wilts, 

Thev resided in 


(I'.iDFKEV Armitage was of Lynn in 1630. He was tlie son or brother 
of 'rbomas Armitage, who came over in the ship "James" in 1635. He was 
a tailor, and afterwards a merchant. Mrs. Sarah Armitage was his first wife. 
They had two cliildren, viz., Samuel and Rebecca ; Samuel, born Oct. 7, 1645, 
died in cliildhood. Mr. .Armitage was made freeman March 14. 1639. in Boston, 
Mass. Mention is made of him in the letter of Joiin- Cogswell, written to his 
parents March, 1653, from London. Mr. Armitage appears a man of ample 
means. He was one of the executors named in John^ Cogswell's will. Mrs. 
Mary (Cogswell) Armitage may have been the Mary Cogswell who was in the 
family of Gov. Bellingham, and joined the Boston Church, Aug. 29, 1647. Mrs. 
Armitage made a deposition April 5, 1677, in the case of Cogswell vs. Cogs- 
well. The date of her death is unknown. 


ficy mi\ M 
.\rniitanc'.< house, 7 

ll l-MllLl Cogswell. « 

.■civcd /lO .1 yi-nr for 
V (COsswell) .\rniitaKc. T 
5-55." Thi>. 

(i;.<i ill 




William- Cogswell, {J^o/i//'), son of Johni [i] and Elizabeth 
(Thompson) Cogswell, was born [619, in Westbury Leigh, County of 
Wilts, England. He married, 1649, Susaiiita Hawkcs, daughter of 
Adam and Mrs. Anne (Hutchinson) Hawkes She was born 1633, in 
Charlestown, Mass. They resided in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. Mrs. 
Cogswell died prior to 1696. He died Dec. 15, 1700. 


Elizabeth, [10] b. 1650; m. Feb. 22, 1670, Col. Thomas Wade; d. Dec. 2S, 1726. 
Hester, [ii] m. Aug. 24, 1675, ^Samuel Bishop j m. Dec. 10, i6t;i;, -Lieut. 1 homas 

SL'SANNa, [12] ^1^ ,^^ ^^\m.]2.\\. z\, \(^\^i, Benjamin White. 
Ann, [13] ) ' ' ' ^ ' ( slie died prior to 1696. 

William, [14] Ij. Dec. 4, 1659; m. Oct. 9, 16S5, Martha Emerson ; d. .April 14, 170S. 
Jonathan, [15] b. April 26, 1661 ; m. May 24, 1686, Elizabeth Waitiwright ; d. July 

14, 1 71 7. 
EuMiNi). [i6j who died young, May 15, iGSo. 
John. [17] b. -May 12, 1663: m. Hannah CooMue ; d. 1710. 

ADA^L [18] b. Jail. 12, 1667; m. Abigail ; d. Feb. 8, 1749. 

Sarah. [19I b. Feb. 3, 166S: m. Nov. 6, 16S5. William A'oyes. 


William Cogswell was the eldest son of John and Elizabeth Cogswell. 
The record of his baptism in the Westbury register reads: "1619 Will. fil. 
John Cogswell, March." Hence he was si.vteen years of age at the time he 
came with his parents to America in 1635, and about tliirty when he was mar- 
ried. He settled on the home place, and lived in a house that then stood a 
little to the north of the site now occupied by the ancient Cogswell house 
already mentioned. Mr. William Cogswell possessed many of the traits of his 
father. He was a man of Christian character, and one of the most influential 
citizens in that part of Ipswich. It was largely by his efforts that the Gospel 
ministry was established in Chebacco. The first meeting for consultation on 
this subject was held at his house Feb., 167!, and a petition to the town was 
the result, asking the " liberty to call a minister to preach among themselves " 
This not being granted, Mr. Cogswell was chosen chairman of a committee of 
three to confer with the selectmen in regard to this matter. .After two years 
of opposition, several appeals to the General Court, and determination to 
accomplish this end, at last, May 5, 1679, the Parish of Chebacco was estab- 

lished. Mr. Cogswell gave the land on which to erect a meeting-house, a lot 
tliirteen rods by three. This first meeting-house in Chebacco stood on what 
was long known as Meeting-house Hill. The site in 1868 was occupied by the 
residence of Capt. Joseph Choate. The meeting-house was dedicated April, 
1680. Mr. Cogswell entertained at his house the Ecclesiastical Council, that 
met Aug. 12, 1683, to organize the church and to ordain Mr. John Wise, their 
first pastor. 

Rev. Robert Crowell, D. D., in his " History of Essex," mentions William 
Cogswell as the leading man in establishing the parish and the church and in 
building the meeting-house. He was often chosen on the board of selectmen 
of the town and the moderator of parish meetings. In 1693 the parish com- 
mittee on the assignment of seats in ihe meeting-house, after the manner of 
those quaint days, gave Mrs. Cogswell a seat witli the minister's wife, which 
was significant of her respectability. 

Mr. Cogswell, in his will, dated Aug. 5, 1696, states that his wife is 
deceased, and mentions his four sons and four daughters. To the former he 
bequeaths all his landed estate, and to the latter all his personal property. 
One of his daughters, Ann, had previously died. Mr. Cogswell died at the 
age of eighty-one years, Dec. 15, 1700. His burial occurred Dec. 17 following. 
A town met iiig notified for that day was adjourned, "to give opportunity for 
citizens to attend Mr. Cogswell's funeral." 


The wii.i, or Wilmam- ConswFXL proved Dec. 19, 1700. Elizabeth Wade, Thomas 
Biirnhani. lleiijamin White, .-iiul William Xo\es gave receipts for their jiroportion of the estate, 
Dec. 23, 1700. William Cog.swell was a .subscriber to " Denison's Compensation " in 1648 ; a 
commoner in 1664; a surveyor of public ways in 1663; a tithingman in 1677 ; and a voter in 
town affairs iji 1679. .A.t a parish meeting, .-^ug., 1693, '* ^^'^--^ voted that two .short seats in the 
meeting-house be given to William Cogswell and his heirs, in consideration of the land he had 
given on which the meeting-house was erected, u])on his securing the same to them by deed. 

Mrs. Cogswell's parents are mentioned in 1634 as members of the First Church in Charle.s- 
town, Mass., where she \ born in 1633. .'^he had a twin brother, John Hawkes. Moses 
Hawkes, son of John, married Margaret Cogswell, daughter of John and M.argaret (Gifford) 
Cogswell. Mercy Hawkes. a daughter of I(jhn Hawkes, married Nathaniel Goodhue. In 
1775-7 occurred a famous lawsuit bctHxen \\ illiam- and his nephew, John'' Cogswell. 

The C.^se ok Cogswell vs. Cogswell, 1675-7. 
William Cogswell and his father, John Cogswell, were " Executors of Estate of John Cogs- 
well, deceased. Inventory ^^341 io.f. o</., with the desj)eratt debts and a lease of a 1000 years 
being part. Gave /200 bonds. In 1664 they brought in account to the court in Iiiswich to 
the full of the estate, and were discharged by the court." 

In the year 1675 William Cog.swell was sued by John Cogswell, his nephew, son and heir 
of John-' Cogswell, deceased, for an acif.unt of the estate of his late father ])robated. Hi- 
uncle, William Cogswell, had been discharged by the court in 1664, and did not propose to 
give an account. On reference to the clerk of the court the original account could not be 
found, so that said William Cogswell in a strait. The court woidd not give further time, 
and passed judgment of ^54 \6s.od.lo the plaintiff, /. c, John^ Cogswell, with costs. Wil 

liam Cogswell appealed to the next court, which confirmed the sentence, and bound the defend- 
ant to the sum of ^'300 to give a just and full account. The account was delivered to John, 
who claimed that it was false. It was therefore rejected, and suit against William was entered 
at .Salem, Jan., 1676, which brought in judgment of ^£'300 the defendant ; from which, 
appeal was made to the court in Boston. This court reversed the rudgment, Sept., 1676, and 
brought costs of court, ^13 4J-., against John Cogswell. John did iiot pay these charges, but 
in Oct., 1676, delivered his person to the marshal ; and in the same October petitioned the 
General Court, pleading his sad condition and inability, and asked another hearing. The 
court ordered him to liberty, and granted him a hearing, to which William was summoned. 
The whole case was heard over again. May 29, 1677. The conclusion was that the plaintiff 
had to pay the judgment rendered, £12 V- Thus ended the historic case of Cogswell ts. 

Depositions in the of Cogswell 7's. Cogswell, on Record, 1676-7. 
Deposition of Willi.a.m Tarbox, Sen., aged sixty-two years or thereabouts. This 
deponent testifieth and saith : "That in the year of our Lord 1635, I, the said deponent, did 
come in the ship called the ' Angel Gabriel,' along with Mr. John Cogswell, Senior, from Old 
England, and we were cast ashore at Pemaquid; and I do remember that there were saved 
casks, both of dry goods & provisions, which were marked with Mr. Cogswell, Senior's, mark ; 
and that there was saved a tent of Mr. Cogswell's, which he had set up at Pemaquid, and 
lived in it with the goods that he saved from the wreck, and afterwards Mr. Cogswell removed 
to Ipswich ; and in November, after the ship was cast away, I, the said deponent, came to 
Ipswich, and foimd Mr. Cogswell, Senior, living there, and hired myself with him for one year. 
I, the said deponent, do well remember that there were several feather beds, and I together 
with Deacon Haines, as servants, lay together on one of them ; and there were several dozen of 
pewter platters, and that there were several brass pans, besides other pieces of pewter and 
other household goods, as iron work and other necessaries for house keeping, then in the 
house there; and I, the said deponent, do further testify that there were two mares and two 
cows brought over in another ship, which were landed safe ashore, and were kept at Misticke 
till Mr. Cogswell had them. I do further testify that my m.ister, John Cogswell, Sen., had 
three sons which came over along with us in the ship called the ' Angel Gabriel.' The eldest 
son's name was William, and he was about 14 years ; and the second son was called John, 
and he was about 12 years of age then; and the 3d son's name was Edward, who was about 5 
years of age at that time; and further said not." 

"William Tarbox then came and made oath to all the above written, the first day of, 1676. liefore me. Richard Martvn, Comm." 

The Deposition of Sami'EL Haines, now aged sixty-five years or thereabouts. This 
(leponcTit testifieth and saith: "That I lived with Mr. John Cogswell, Sen., in Old England 
alTOUt three years, a servant with him, and came over along with him to New England in the 
ship called the 'Angel Gabriel," and was present with him when my Master Cog.swell suffered 
shipwreck at Pemaquid, which was about forty years ago the last August when the ship was 
cast away. I, the said Haines, do remember that there were saved of my master's goods 
a good quantity of good household goods, both feather beds & bedding, and also a good 
quantity of brass and pewter, and also several pieces of plate ; and to the best of my remem- 
brance of this brass, there were several brass pans. Furthermore, I do remember that my 
master had a Turkey worked carpet in Old England, which he commonly used to lay upon his 
parlour table, and this carpet was put aboard among my master's goods, and caine safe ashore, 
to the best of my remembrance : all which goods, together with some provisions which were 
saved then, good-man Gallup brought to Ipswich in his bark for my master, except some of 
them which the \ essel could not hold : and I. the said deponent, came along with him in tin- 

vessel from Pemaquid, and lived with my Master Cogswell at Ipswich the same year follow- 
ing; and, also, 1 do remember that my master had two mares and two cows, which were 
shipped aboard a ship at South Hampton in Old England, and came safe ashore to New 
England that same summer as we came here, and were delivered to my master. I do further 
testify that about four years after that I lived with my master in Ipswich ; that I went to Old 
England, and when I returned again, which was about a year and a half after, I brought over 
for the use of my Master Cogswell between four score and one hundred pounds' worth of 
goods in several particulars, which were delivered to him ; and, furthermore, I do very well 
remember that my Master Cogswell had 3 sons which came over along with us in the aforesaid 
ship. The eldest son's name was William, who was about fourteen years of age then ; and 
the 2nd son was called John, who was about twelve years of age then ; and the third son's 
name was Edward, who was about six years of age at that time ; and further saith not." 

"Samuel Haines. Sen., came and made oath to all the above written, the first day of 
December, 1676. Before me, Richard Marta'N, Comm." 

The Petosition of Marv Armitage, daughter of John Cogswell, Sen., deceased, aged 
about fifty-eight years, saith : " I, coming from Auld England with my father in the ship called 
the ' Angel Gabriel.' My father put a good estate into that ship, which by God's providence 
was cast away at Pemequid in this country, and there lost a considerable part of his estate : 
yet it pleased God that some part of his estate was preserved at the time of the shiji- 
rack. There were saved several beds & beding, tow suts of curtains & vallise, one sute green 
& the other sute green & red. There was saved table lining, both draper and damask, and 
also a Turkey work carpit, which was my father's carpit of his father's parler table in Auld 
England, & this carpit was in my father Cogswell's possession unto his dying day, & I heard 
it was prised in my father's inventory. There was also saved several pieces of plate and 
several dozens of pewter platters, & also several brass pans & som iron vessels, & also sev- 
eral sorts of provisions. These things I doe perfectly remember was saved, & luy father went 
to Boston from Pemequid & hired auld goodman Gallup with his bark, & he came to Peme- 
quid and brought my father's family & goods & provisions & tent to Ipswich, only some of my 
father's goods the bark could not bring, which goods was brought in another vessel ; & also, I 
testify that my brother, John Cogswell, deceased, had but one fether-bed, as ever I heard of; 
& I never heard of but five pewter platters & two brass kettles ; & I never knew that my 
brother, Jno. Cogswell, had any brass ])ans; & I never heard that my brother John had ever 
any Turkey made car))it ; & I doe believe that he never had such a carpit." 

"Taken ujion oath, April 5, 1677. Before me, Eiavard Tvn<,, Assislaiil." 


The Deposition of William Thompson, aged about twenty-eight years, testificth : 
"That 1 lived with my Uncle & Aunt, Mr. John Cogswell, Sen., of Ipswich, and .Mrs. Cogs- 
well, aliout 16 years, & I did frequently see a Turkie-work carpet which they had, and I have 
heard them say that it was theirs in Old England, and used to lie upon their parlor table- 
there, and that they brought it with thein into this country when they came ; and being this last 
winter in Old England, I heard my father, Doctor Samuel Thompson, say that he did well 
remember that my Uncle & Aunt had a Turkie-work cari)et, which used to he u]>on their ])ar 
lour table in Old England, and took it away with them." 

"May 26, 1677." 




JOHS'- CoGSWEO.,, {yo/iii^), son of John' [ll and Elizabeth (Thomp- 
sun) CogsweU, was born \622, in Westbury Leigh, County of Wilts, 
England. Mr. and Mrs. Cogswell resided in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. 
Mrs. Cogswell died in 1652. Mr. Cogswell died Sept. 27, 1653. 


Elizabeth, [20] b. 164S; m. Abraham Wellman ; d. May 10, 1736. 
John, [21] b. 1650; m. Jul)' 22, 1674, Margaret Gifford ; d. 1724. 
Samuel, [22] b. 1651 ; m. Oct. 27, 1668, Susanna Haven. 


JuHN^ Cogswell is found on record in the Westbury register: "1622, 
Johannes Coggswell, filius Johannes Coggswell, baptizatus fuit 25 July." 
Subsequent to his marriage, Mr. Cogswell devoted himself to farming. In 
1 65 1 he leased of the feolTees of the Ipswich Grammar School certain lands 
called "The Neck," now known as "Jefferies Neck," for nine hundred and 
ninety-nine years, in consideration of an annuity of ;^i4 ; /. e., " £^ in Butter 
and cheese, ^5 in pork and Beef, and ^5 in Corn, at the current prices." 

Shortly his wife died, leaving three children, the youngest a year old. Mr. 
Cogswell was much broken by the affliction, and his health being poor, he 
arranged with his sister, Mrs. Waldo, to care for his little ones, constituted his 
father and older brother, William, their legal guardians, made his will, and 
sailed for England in the fall of 1652. He arrived in London, visited his sister 
and other friends, attended to matters of business, and when about to embark 
for home he wrote a touching and affectionate letter to his parents, which was 
dated London, March 30, 1653. A copy of this letter and also a copy of his 
will are found on a following page. 

Early in the autumn of 1653 Mr. Cogswell started on his return to 
America, but died on the passage. Sept. 27, 1653, at the age of thirty years. 
His orphaned children were brought up among his friends, their uncle William 
acting as their guardian. The amount of property left by their father, as by 
schedule of inventory, was ^^'341 lo.f. This was expended in the care and 
education of the three children. 


Copy of the Wu.l of John- Cogsvvf.i.i.. 

Dated Dec. 13, 1652. 
" I, John Cogswell, of Ipswich, being bound for EngKmd, upon due consideration moving 
me to it, have made my father and my brother, William Cogswell, and my Brother Armitagc, 
?:xecutors in trust, and Mr. Nathaniel Kogers, Overseers, to order and dispose of my children 

and Kstate as far as they shall sec fit to lie lor my good ; to pay my debts, and to buy and sell 
with my Estate for my use; and if it should please (iod so to order it by his Providence that I 
come no more there, to take the care of my children and breed them up in the fear of God and 
to learning ; and if any one of them be capable of being good Scholar, then I would have him 
brought up to it, and the other to be bound I'rentice at ten years old to a Godly, honest man, 
where he may be well brought up and know how to husbandry affairs & yt money that should 
have been laid out on him to be put to increase against he is 21 years old. 

" And my daughter Elizabeth I desire that she may be bred at school untill she is fourteen 
years old, and then to goe to service and earne her living, and not allowes anything toward 
their maintenance after they are at service ; and if I should (not) come again, I would entrcte 
you to make the most of all my goods, to sell it and buy young cattle with it, and to sett out 
my farme in parcells or what way you shall see best to make the most of it until! my sons be 
twenty-one year? old; and then my farmes and goods y' is then left to be equally divided 
between my three children, the land to my two sons, two parts to John and one part to Samuel, 
and to my daughter Elizabeth a portion of money, according to proportion, viz., one pan in 
four less than my soune Samuel; provided, if my daughter should be married before (^r) 
years old, that she should have her portion, as neer as it can be cast up, to be paid to her at 
her marriage day; and also my sonns to have their portions delivered to them at twenty-one 
years old. Whereto I sit my hand this 13th of December, 1653. 

JoH.N Cogswell, Junior." 

"This I testify, that before me John Cogswtll. Junior, his departing into England, tould 
me he had or would make his will, and had made his father, his brother \Vm., and his brother 
Armitage his Executors ; and, further, I doe believe it to be his own hand writing. 

Robert Lurp." 

" I, Cornelius Waldo, testify the same." 

"A::' ■• was accepted and allowed in Court, held at Ipswich, to be the will of John Cogs- 
well, ill-. 3^ .>q)t.. 1653. Robert Lord, Clerk." 

"Vera copia out of the original on file. Attest : Robert Lord, Clerk." 

.\ Copy of John= Cogswell's Letter. 

" London, this joth of March, 1653. 
"Most lovmg father and mother, I having an opportunity to send to New England LonUl 
not but write to you, to certify to you that I am thro' God's goodness to safe arrived in 
England, & have had my health well, & my friends are in general well. My sister hath ; 
children. I am as yet unmarried, & little hopes I have to marry here ; but I intend to make 
haste over to New England, with some servants, as fast as I can. My condition at present 
is very low, & I am in great straits. The Lord in mercy help me. Mr. Ueane hath dealt 
kindly with me, hath taken bond of me to receive for £'i^ here, ;^loo in Boston. I pray, 
father, will you be assistant to my brother William, ci both to my brother .\rmitage, in the 
payment of this iT'OO; fur I have written to my brother Armitage to pay it for me, because 
he lives in Boston. I have not as yet agreed with my cousin Stevens nor Mr. Goade. I owe 
them /53, besides interest. I pray, father & mother & brother William, be careful of the 
little come, cattle, goods, & my house & land, that it be not forfeited ; for I am in a very low 
& sad condition here, & have nothing to pay my debts withall, nor to maintain my poorc, 
motherless children withall, but what is in your hands. I ijray you will have a fatherly .V 
motherly care of my dear, motherless babes, & at present fatherless. I have been with my 
brother Waldo's friends; his mother lives in Berwick; his Uncle John is dead; his brother 
Thomas is in Ireland, & his Uncle Barrow is dead; the rest are in health. I pray be earnest 
with my sister Waldo to be loving & tender to my thrte Liabes, for she kjiows not how soon 
hers may be left to the wide world. I would h.i-c Jno. .V Elizabeth goe to school this sum- 
mer. Thus on my knees, craving your prayers to God for me in mv undertaking, that I niav 
be brought safe to you again, remembering my duty to you both ; my love to my 3 children, 6c 


to my brothers & sisters & cousins, with my service to Mr. Kngers & Mr. Morton ; my \o\c to 
goodmen Lords; my respects to all ni\ friend>. Mnmlily cravin;: all your prayers, I commit 
you all to God. I rest your obedient son, very loving father & brother & friend & servant, 

John Cocswf.ll. 
"This letter I wrote in great haste." 

Addressed: "To My very loving Father, Mr. John Cogswell. At his house in Ipswich. 
Tliest be in Esse.x." 

"Thi.s is a irue copy o( .1 letter that my lirother, John Cogswell, sent to my father from 
Lovidon, the 30{h March, 1653." 




Hannah^ Cogswell, (yo////''), daughter of John' 1 1 1 and Elizabeth 
(Thompson) Cogswell, was born in Westbury Leigh, County of Wilts, 
England. She married, 1652, Dca. Cornelius Waldo, of Ipswich, Mass. 
They lived in Ipswich, and subsequent to 1657, in Chelmsford, Mass. 
Dea. Cornelius Waldo died June 3, 1701. 


Elizabcih, m. Feb. 4, 1673, Josiah Brackett. 

Daniel, b. Aug. 19, 1656; m. Sept. 20, 16S3, Susanna Adams. 

Martha, b. Feb. 27, 1658. 

John, ) , ,- , ^ i6i;r ■ ^ '"^ '^"77. •^'''^''^^''' -'^'^'^'■''^^' ''■ 1700. 

Cornelius, ) " ^ m. Mrs. Faith (Peck) Jackson. 

Deborah, b. Jan. 14, i66l 

Rebecca, b. Jan. 28, 1662: m. 1695 or 1697, Edward Emerson. 

7?<rf?///,b. July 12, 1664. 

Mary, b. Sept. 9, 1665. She died in infancy, Nov. 25, 1665. 

Cornelius Waldo, it is claimed, was in the line of descent from Peter 
Waldo, a merchant of Lyons, who lived in the twelfth century and became the 
founder of the Waldenses, who occupied the valley of Piedmont, to which 
Peter Waldo had retired. These Waldenses were distinguished both for their 
industrious, upright. Christian lives and for the cruel persecutions they suffered. 
That Cornelius was a descendant of Peter Waldo is not improbable. 

Mr. Waldo first appears upon the town records in this entry : " Cornelius 
Waldo, John Cogswell's farmer." And so John Cogswell's farmer aspired to 
and won the hand of John Cogswell's daughter Hannah. About the time of 
their marriage, Dea. Waldo purchased a house of " Richard Betts, of Ipswicli, 
and Joanna his wife, of Ipswich, in County of Essex, for and y" consideration 


of thirty pounds, this 14''^ of Sept., 1652." This house is on High Street, 
and one of the oldest in Ipswich. It is still standing, 1883, being more than 
two hundred and thirty years old. For an engraving of this ancient dwelling, 
known as "The Old Waldo House," vid. " Ipswich Antiquarian Papkrs " for 
March, 18S0. Aug. 31, 1654, Dea. Waldo sold this house, in consideration of 
£2(i, to John Caldwell, whose descendants still own it, although it has passed 
out of the name. 

In that part of Ipswich which is now Wenham, Rev. John Fiske early 
gathered a church, of which he became the pastor, Oct. 8, 1644. Of this 
church Cornelius Waldo was one of the first deacons. In May, 1657, Rev. 
Mr. Fiske, with the greater part of his church, removed to the new town of 
Clielmsford Dea. Waldo and family removed with them, and continued in 
the office of deacon of the church in its new settlement, Rev. Mr. Fiske remain- 
ing the minister for some twenty years after the removal. Dea. Waldo had a 
farm, a store, and in later life he kept a tavern. His license as an innkeeper dated May 9, 1690. It was granted in consideration of his not allowing 
"cards, a dice table, bowles, ninepins, billiards, or any other unlawful game." 
He lived to good age ; his death occurred June 3, 1701. Mrs. Hannah ('Cogs- 
well) Waldo was the ancestress of Ralph Waldo Emerson. The time of her 
deal.', is unknown. 


Mr. ,2„d Mn. Jostah Br^ukctt resided in Killerica, Mass. 

Sus.iiiiia Adams, the wife of Daniel Waldo, was a daughter of Capt. .Samuel and Rebecca 
(firaves) Adams, and a sister of Rebecca Adams, the wife of John Waldo. Capt. Samuel 
.\dams was a descendant of Henry Adams, who was of the same ancestr\ as the two Presi- 
dents, and the Revolutionary father, .Samuel Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Waldo had four 
children: Bethiah, b. Aug. 20, 168S; Rebecca, b. Feb. 5, 1693; Marah, b. Feb. 10, 1695; and 
Esther, b. Jan. 3, 169S. 

Mr. and Mrs. John I lu/do removed t.. Windham, Conn., in 169S, where he died in 1700. 
They had five children, viz.: Shubael, [ohn, Edward, b. April :3, 16S4, Catharine, Rebecca, 
b. Aug. 6, 16S6. 

CorndiKs ll'.ildo, twin brother of John, lived in Dunstable, .Mass. He was one of the 
founders of the church in that town, which was organized Dec. 16, 16S5. He represented the 
town, 16S9. He married .l/rs. Faith /a,-isoii, nee Peek, widow of Jeremiah Jackson. In latei 
life they lived in Lancaster, and afterwards in Boston, Mass. 

Rebecca Waldo, the fourth daughter of Dea. Cornelius and Hannah (Cogswell) Wald... 
married Edward Emerson, son of Rev. Joseph and Elizabeth (Hulkeley) Emer.son, of Concord. 
Mass. They were the ancestors of R.\LPH W.VLDO EmkrsON, LL. D., who was born in Boston, 
Mass., May 25, 1S03, and died .'Vpril 27, 18S2, in Concord, Mass. Edward and Rebecca (\Vald..| 
Emerson had a son. Rev. Joseph Emerson, who was pastor of Maiden, 1721,10 his dcatli, 
July 13, 1767. Rev. Joseph and Marv (Moodv) Emerson had three sons, ministers, Joseph. 
William, and John. 

Ralph Wai.i.o Emerson, son of Rev. William Emerson, descended from Rev. I'cler 
Bulkeley, of Woodhill, in Bedfordshire England. This I'uritan minister, unwilling to obev the 
bishops of Charles I., emigrated to .Massachusetts in 1634 with several of his English flock. :ind 
in company with Major .Simon Willard, a Kentishman, planted the town of Concord, Mass., 
.Sept., 1635. He was the first minister of the church there, and at his death, in 1659, trans- 
mitted his ofhce to his son, Edward Bulkeley. whose daughter Elizabeth, born in e'oncord, 
163S, married Rev. [..^eph KnKTs.m in 1665, and became the mother of a lonu line of mini- 



ters by the name of Emerson. Her son, Edward Emerson, born 1670 in Concord, who married, 
1697, Rebecca Waldo, of Chelmsford, descended from Thomas Emerson, the first American 
ancestor, who came from Durham, England, and descended from Ralph Emerson, in the 
County Palatine, who in 1535 received from Henry VHI. a grant of heraldic arms, which the 
family of Mr. Emer.son have inherited. Edward Emerson was a cousin of Martha Emerson, 
who married William Cogswell, the cousin of Rebecca Waldo. From Rebecca Waldo, Mr. 
Emerson derived his middle name and his descent from John Cogswell, [ i ] of Ipswich, 
Mass. The eminence of Ralph Waldo Emerson, LL. D., as a scholar, writer, and lecturer, is 
acknowledged in Europe and .America. The portrait of this distinguished man appears on 
the foregoing page. 

Ezra Waldo, of Tolland, was a great-grandson of I)ea. Cornelius and Hannah (Cogswell) 

Daniel U\ild<T' (Zachariah^ Edward", John'', Cornelius') was born 1762, in Connecticut. 
In early manhood he was a Revolutionary soldier; taken prisoner at Horse Neck, and con- 
fined in the in New York, where he was treated with great cruelty. He graduated 
from Yale College, class of 1788; was pastor of Congregational Church in West Suffolk, 
Conn., 1792-1S09. He was a missionary in Pennsylvania and New York; was settled in Cam- 
bridgeport and Harvard, Mass., and for twelve years in Exeter, R. I. He was Chaplain of the 
United States House of Representatives in 1855, at the age of ninety-three years. He died in 
1S64, at the age of one hundred and two years. It is said, he shortened his days by falling 

Samud ]Vahlo was born 17S3, in Connecticut. He studied in Hartford, Conn., and after- 
wards in London, England. He was a friend of Copley and West, and gained some reputa- 
tion as a portrait jiainter. He returned to New York, where he continued in the practice of 
his profession until his death, in 1861. 

Samuel ll'aljp obtained of George II. the Waldo Patent, and first settled, in 1748, a 
place fifty miles from Portland, on the Muscongus Kay, at the mouth of the Muscongus 
kiver, Lincoln Co., Me., which was incorporated 1773 under the name Waldoborough, in 
honor of its first .settler. .\ town, 18S3, of some 4,000 peop e. 


LOREN PiNCKNEY' Waldo, {Ebcne-^cr\ Ztuhariah", EdivarJ*, Ed^t'<ird\ John-, Corne- 
lius^, and H.-\N.N.^H (Cogswell) Waldo), son of Ebenezer^ and Cynthia (Parish) Waldo, was 
born Feb. 2, 1802, in Canterbury, Windham Co., Conn. He married, Nov. 22, 1825, Frances 
Elizabeth Eldridge, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Avery) Eldridge. She was born 
Dec. 10, 1.S06, in New London, Conn. They resided after marriage five years in Somers ; but 
in 1S30 removed to Tolland, Conn., where they remained until 1863, when they removed to 
Hartford, Conn. Hon. Loren P.Waldo died Sept. 8, 1S81. Mrs. Frances E.Waldo died 
.Maich 29, 1S74. 


Ebenezer, b. March 9, 1827. He died in childhood, March 19, 1833. 

Frances Elizabeth, b. March 21, 1831 ; m. Sept. 12, 1849, Alvan P. Hyde, Esq. 

Loren Pinckney, Jr., b. March 24, 1834; m. 1855, Louise ; d. Sejn. 2S, 1S65. 

Cvnthia Paulina, b. Oct. 25, 1,836; ni. Dec. 25, 1S66, Edwin E. Marvin, Esq. 

Loren P. Waldo was admitted to the bar at the age of twenty-three, in 1825. He was 
elected to the State Assembly of Connecticut in 1832-34, 1839, and 1847-S. Chosen a mem- 
ber uf the thirty-first Congrcs.s, 1S49, '■"= "'^-"^ made chairman of Committee on Revolutionary 
Pensions. He was Judge of the Supreme Court of Connecticut eight years, 1S55 to 1863, and 
filled various other public offices. Prior to his death he had been for some years a resident 
of Hartford, Conn., where his two surviving daughters, Mrs. Hyde and Mrs. Marvin, reside. 
There has been published for the family friends an appropriate volume, "I.N MemuRIAM oh 


Hon. I.orfn Tincknev Waldo and his Wiit., Mrs. Frvnxf.s Ei.izafeth (Eldridge) 

Judge Waldo's mother was Mrs. Cynthia (Parish) Waldo, daughter of I.einuel and 
Zeruiah (Smith) Parish. She was born F'eb. 19, 1770, in Canterbury, Cunn. Mrs. Waldo's 
grandfather was Charles Eldridge, who was severely wounded in the massacre of Fort Gris- 
wold, Sept. f), 17S1 ; and her mother was the daughter of Capt. Elijah Avery, who was slain 
in the same massacre. 




AniG.\iL- Cogswell, iyi>//!/'), daw^hter oi John' ill and Elizabeth 
Thompson (Cogswell), was born in Westbury Leigh, County of Wilts, 
England. She married Thomas Clark. They resided in Ipswich, Mass. 


yoAn, b. Nov. 13, 1666. 




Sarah^ Cogswell, {yokti^), daughter of John' [11 and Elizabeth 
(Thompson) Cogswell, was born in Westbury Leigh, County of Wilts, 

England. She married, 1663, Sitnou Tutt/i-, son of John and Mrs. 

(Lawrence) Tuttle. He was born 1637, in Ipswich, Mass. Mrs. Tuttle 
died Jan. 25, 1732. 


Joanna, b. Sept. 24, 1664; m. Packard. 

Simon, b. Sept. 17, I '"167; m. June 10, 1696. Mary Rogers. 

Elizabeth, b. Nov. 24, 1670; m. Copt. Samuel Ayer. 

Sarah, b. Sept. 3, 1672: m. Nov. 13, 1699, Samuel Ward, of Ipswich. 

Abigail, b. Oct. 7, 1673: m. April 27, 1690. Phihtnon Warner; d. Sept. 30, 1756. 

Susanna, b. May 7, 1675. 

William, b. May 8, 1677. 

Charles, b. March 31, 1679: m. Burnham. 

Afary, b. June 12, 16S0. 
Jonathan, b. June 11, 1682. 
Ruth,\>. Aug. 16, 16S5. 
Two children, names not given. 


The first wife of Simon Tiittle was Joan Burnhani, daughter of Thomas liurnham. They 
had one son, John, who married, Dec. 3, 16S9, Martha Ward. He died Feb. 26, 1716. 

Simon Tuftle had a sister Mary, who married Thomas Burnham. Mr. and Mrs. Burnham 
had twelve children, one of whom was James Burnham, who is said to have married a daughter 
of Dea. William Cogswell. 

John Tuttlc,Vi\\o married Martha W'ard, had several children; Martha, b. 1690; Mary, 
b. 1696; Susanna, William, John, and perhaps others. 

Simon Tutt!e,yr., married Mary Rogers, daughter of Samuel, and granddaughter of Rev. 
XaJbanie! Rogers. They had children: Sarah, b. Oct. 11, 1697; Margaret, b. Oct. 24, 1699; 
Elizabeth, b. Sept. 26, 1700; Nath.->niel, Lucy, Simon, 3d, Samuel, who married Martha Shat- 
tuck, daughter of Rev. Benjamin Shattuek, the lin-^t mini.ster of Littleton, Mass. This Samuel 
and Martha (Shattuck) Tuttle had nine children, of whom the three sons, Samuel, Sampson, 
and William, had forty-eight children. 

Elizahc-lh Tuttle married Capt. Samuel Ayer, son of Robert Ayer, of Haverhill, selectman, 
and deacon of the church. He was killed by the Indians, Aug. 29. 170S. Their children were : 
Obadiah; he graduated at Harvard, 1710; John, James, and perhajis others. Ayer's Cherry 
Pectoral is doubtless a descendant. 

Abigail Tuttle married Philemon Warner, son of Daniel and Sarah (Dane) Warner. He 
was born Aug. i, 1675, '" Ipswich. He died May 6, 1S41. His mother was a daughter of 
John Dane, Esq. 

Xat/umicl Tiitth; perhaps a son of Simon, Jr., married, 1760, Ruth^ Cogswell [170], of 
Littleton, Mass. 




[10 1 


Elizabeth CoGS\vr.,_i ( Wt/Ziam^, yo/in^), daughter of William^ [31 
and Susanna (Hawkes) Cogswell, was born 1650, in Chebacco, Ipswich, 
Mass. She married, Feb. 22, \6yo, Col. Thomas Wade, son of Jonathan 
Wade, Esq. He was born 1650, in Ipswich, Mass., where they resided. 
Col. Wade died Oct. 4, 1696. Mrs. Wade died Dec. 28, 1721. 


Jonathan, b. May I, 1672; d. Feb. Q, 1750. 

Thomas, b. Dec. 16, 1673: m. Elizabeth Thornton. 

John, b. Feb. 15, 1675: d. 1703. 

William, b. April 20, 1C77. He died in early life, .^pril 3, 1697. 

Aathaniel. b. Dec. 28, 1678. He died in ew\\ maiiliood, 1702. 

Elizabeth, b. Aug. 7, 168 1 ; m. . 

Susanna, b. Feb. 20, 1692. 


TJiomas fflr./ir inherited large wealth. He was tlie Town Clerk of Ipswich, 
Justice of the General Sessions Court, and Colonel of Middle Essex Regiment. 
Col. Wade was under orders of Lieut. -Gov. Stoughton to muster his regiment 
against the French and Indians. He was made freeman in 1682. He died 
in early life. The record is made, "When he fell, Death had a shining mark." 


Susanva W.uic, sister ..f Col. Th.nn.i> Wade, marrici 

.Svnionds, son of Del 

Gov. .Samuel Svnionds. 

Thomas and F.lizubelh (Vhoriiluii) lla.le had scvu 


1. Their third ehild 

Timothy Wade, who married Rmh Woodbun, c.t I'.cver 

ly. He 

\as Captain of the nil 

Capt. Thnmas Wade was the father of Col. Nathaniel Wade of the Revolution. This Col. 
Nathaniel Wade was a personal friend of Washington and Lafayette. He was a grandson 
of Col. Thomas and Elizabeth (Cogswell) Wade. Klizalieth Wade, a daughter of Capt. 
Thomas Wade, and granddaughter nf Col. Thomas and Kli/abeth (Cogswell) Wade, married 
Benjamin Appleton, Esq., son of John and Elizabeth A])])lctun, who was born Nov. 14, 1702. 
anc! died Fc-b. 12, 1731. He k-ft daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sar Ji. Mrs. Appleton, widow 
of Keniae«m, mairrieii!. March rj, 17 j5, William'* Cog.swell [39]. and her daughter, Mary 
Appleton, married Jonathan Cogswell [119]. 

John Wade graduated in 1693 from Harvard College. He became a minister, and was 
ordained pastor of the church in Berwick, Me., Nov., 1702, but died the tollowjng year, "much 
esteemed for his talents, piety, and usefulness." 

U'llHam Wade "dyed at sea, being kild m fight by a Frenchman, April 3, 1697." 

Xathaniel Wade, the next younger son, was drowned at sea, in 1702. 




Hester^ Cogswell, {William-, y<3/i:«'), daughter of William i 3] and 
Susanna (Hawkes) Cogswell, was born in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. 
She married, Aug. 24, 1675, ^Samuel Bishop, son of Thomas and Mar- 
garet Bishop. He was born in 1645. They resided in Ipswich, Mass., 
their house fronting on Meeting-house Green. Mr. Bishop died in 
1685. Mrs. Bishop married, Dec. 16, 1689, ^Thomas Buruhani, who 
was a widower, son of John and Elizabeth Burnham. He was born 
in 1646, 


Margaret, b. May I/, 1676; m. Ichabod Griggs. 

Sa?nuel, b. Feb., 1678; m. Jan 2, 1706, Sarah Forbes j d. Nov. 17, 1760. 
Hester^ b. May 21, 1681 ; m. Nov. 4, 1701, Aaron Burnham. 
Thomas, b. Sept. 21, 16S3. 

John, b. Sept. 20, 1685; m. July 30, 171S, ^Mary Bingham ; m. Nov. 22, 1727, '^Tem- 
pr>ance Lathrop ; d. Nov. 14, 1755. 


Susanna, b. Jan. 29, 1693. Thomas, b. Feb. 12, 1694. Benjamin, b. Dec. 21, 1696. 


Thomas Bishop, father of Samuel Bishop, left an estate of .1^5,000. Mr. Samuel Bishop, 
with other gentlemen of Ipswich, invested largely in the purchase of land in a part of Norwich, 
now Lisbon, Conn. To these lands his sons subsequently removed and settled. Some time 
after Mrs. Bishop married Mr. Burnham, Jan., 1704, she represented to the Judge of Probate 
that the property left her by her late husband, /. c. Bishop, was " litell a noufe to in able me 
to bring up five or six small children. There being something of land belonging to my chil- 
dren, I request your Honor to grant administration to my eldest son, Samuel Bishop." This, 
land referred to was doubtless in Norwich, Conn. 

Jchabod Griggs, husband of Margaret Bishop, was the son of Joseph and Alice (Crafts) 


Griggs, of Brookline (Muddy River), then part of Boston. He was born Sept. 28, 1665. They 
lived in Ko.\bury, Mass. He was a farmer. She joined the church in Roxbury, 1707, and 
Mr. Griggs in 1716. He died April 21, 1718. They had nine children. Their youngest was 
Ichabod, born March 18, 17 18. He settled in Norwich, Conn. After the birth of his oldest 
son, Joshua, Jan. 8, 1743, he removed to Tolland, Conn., became a deacon in the church, and 
died May 9, 1790. From Dea. Ichabod Griggs of Tolland, the youngest son of Ichabod and 
Margaret (Bishop) Griggs, descended the Rev. Leverett Griggs, D. D., of Bristol, Conn. 

Samuel Bishop, who married Sarah Forbes, settled in Norwich, Conn. His wife died 
March 13, 1753. Capt. Samuel Bishop died Nov. 17, 1760, aged ninety-two yeais. Their chil- 
dren were: Thomas, b. Nov. 14, 1706; Samuel, b. Feb. 13, 1709; m. Abigail Corning; d. Feb. 
13, 1790; Sarah; Esther, b. Jan. i, 1712; m. Oct. 7, 1731, ijames Tyler, Jr.; m. \>- \ 6, 173S, 

-Jonathan Rudd; Caleb, b. March l6. 1715; m. 'Kezia Hebard; m. '^ ; d. Jan. 2^, • ; 

Joshua, b. June. 1717; m. Deborah Refolds; Sarah, b. March, 1719; m. ' Brown; m. 

■•^ Bushnell ; Elizabeth, b. Jan. 5, 1721 ; Hannah, b. Aug. 2, 1722 ; m. Matthew I'erkins; d. 

Oct. 28, 1809; Ebenezer, b. Nov. 26, 1725; m. June 17, 1762, Tabitha Strong; d. Jan. 6, 1791 ; 
Susanna, b. 1727 ; m. Tracy. 

Hester Bishop, who married Aaron Burnham, lixed in Newent, and afterwards in Wind- 
ham, Conn. Mr. Burnham followed the seas. He died Aug. iS, 1727. They were both mem- 
bers of the church. 

Thomas Bishop probably died in infancy. 

John Bishop's first wife died Nov. 17, 1724. Children of his second marriage were : Tem- 
perance, m. Nov. 12, 1761, Capt. David Holmes, M. D. ; John, b. Oct. 15, 1735; Zeruiah, m. 
Nov. 26, 1760, Bildad Curtis. Capt. David Holmes m. Feb. 17, 1754, "Mary Cabot, daughter 
of Rev. Marston and Mary Dwight Cabot. Their children were : Abigail, Marston. and David. 
Capt. Holmes, commanded troops, serving in Canada in 1756, and subsequently was Surgeon 
in the Continental army. ^ 

Temperance Bishop, daughter of John and '■'Temperance (Lathrop) Bishop, became the 
second wife of Capt. David Holmes, M. I)., of Woodstock, Conn., and was the mother of Rev. 
Abiel Holmes, D. D., of Cambridge, Mass., who was the father of Prof. O. W. Holmes, M. D., 
and the grandfather of Hon. O. W. Holmes, Jr., lately, 1883, appointed Judge of the Supreme 
Court of Massachusetts. Dr. Holmes is a lineal descendant of John' Cogswell [ i ], since 
the great-granddaughter of William- Cogswell [ 3 ], Temperance Bishop, married his grand- 
father, Capt. David Holmes, M. D. 

A'if. Abiel Holmes, D.D., son of Capt. David and Temperance (Bishop) Holmes, was 
born Dec. 24, 1763; graduated from Vale College in 17S3, where he was tutor; became pastor 
in Midway, Ga., Nov., 1785; was installed. Jan. 25, 1792. pa.sior of First Church, Cambridge, 
Mass.; resigned the active duties of his office .Sept. 26, r83i, but remained pastor of the church 
until his death, which occuiTed June 4, 1837. Rev. Mr. Holmes received the degree of D. I), 
in 1805 from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He fulfilled a pastorate in Cambridge 
of forty-five years, while his entire ministry covered a period of fifty-two years. He wrote 
much for publication ; was the author of Ainials of America and other books, sermons, and 
addresses. He married a daughter of Rev. Ezra Stiles, D. !)., President of Yale L ol!- ^c. 

Olizer Wendell Holmes was born 29, 1S09, in Cambriilge, Mass.; graduated from 
Harvard College in 1S29; studied law, but soon turned his attention to medicine. He pursued 
his medical studies in Europe; received the degree of M.D. in 1S36; was appointed Professor 
of Anatomy and Physiology in Dartmouth College in 1S38, and was called to the same posi- 
tion in Harvard College in 1847, which he resigned in the spring of 1S83. Besides atlcndini; 
to the duties of his professorship, in which he has shown himself a man of science. Dr. HolnK> 
has betrayed rare ability in the de])artmcnts of literature as a poet and writer of prose. His 
published lyrics, poems, essays, and books have given him a world-wide rei)utation. and tanie-d 
for him a place among the most graceful of .American vtriicrs. An eiigra\-ing of this nun of 
science and letters :ippeais 011 the lollowiiig nagi;. 

/^^^Tu^^^ ^^o/i^^ /&^?tx^ 





Susanna^ Cogswell, {IViniam-, yi?//;/'), daughter of William [31 
and Susanna (Hawkes) Cogswell, was born in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. 
She married, Jan. 2i, i68i, Benjamin White, of Roxbury, Mass. Mr. 
White died in Brookline, Mass., Jan. 9, 1723. 


Susanna, b. March 29, 16S3. Edward, b. July 10, 1693. 

Ann, b. July 4, 16S5. Elizabeth, b. Jan. S, 1696. 

Mary, b. Aug. 27, t688. Joanna, b. Nov. 4, 1701. 
Susanna, b. Dec. 12, 1690. 


[14 1 


William^ Cogswell, ( William,^ yohit^), son of William^ [ 3 1 and 
Susanna (Hawkes) Cogswell, was born Dec. 4, 1659, '" Chebacco, 
Ipswich, Mass. He married, Oct. 9, 1685, Martha Emerson, a daughter 
of Rev. John and Ruth (Symonds) Emerson She was born Nov. 28, 
1662, in Gloucester, Mass. They lived in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. 
Mr. Cogswell died April 14, 170S. 


Edward, [23] b. Aug. 13, 168O; m. 170S, Hannah Biown ; d. April 17. 1773. 

Martha, [24] m. Oct. 9, 1710, Matthew Whipple. 

William, [25] b. 168S. He was killed by the Indi.ins in battle. 1710. 

UoROTHV Emerson, [26] b. Aug. 31, 1092; m. .Moulton. 

Lucv, [27] b. 1699; m. Moulton. 

Emerson, [28] b. 1700; m. Dec. 30, 1736, Mary Pecker; d. March 29, 178S. 
Eunice. [29] b. 1704. 

William Cogswell, when a lad, was out from home by the highway, where 
some men were trying in vain to relieve a cow who had become choked with a 
potato. There stood by, also, a young girl, eight or ten years old, who watciied 
with interest every effort made. When ail ex[3erimeuts failed, and it was sug- 
gested that only by some one thrusting his hand down the cow's throat would 
the cow be saved, she at once said, " My arm is small ; I can do it best ; you 


hold her mouth." They did so, and she drew out the potato, to the great relief 
of the poor cow and all present. The young lad said to himself, " That young 
miss, by and by, shall be my wife." Her name was Martha Emerson ; and 
thus the name of Emerson came into the Cogswell family. 

William^ Cogswell left an estate of £-j4i 2S. to be divided among his chil- 
dren, and made his two brothers, Jonathan and Lieut. John Cogswell, together 
with his oldest son, Edward Cogswell, joint administrators of his estate. His 
son-in-law, Matthew Whipple, was made guardian of his daughters, Dorothy 
Emerson, and Lury, and John Newman was made guardian of his daughter 


Deputy-Gm\ Samuel Symonds maiiit-d, 164.S, Mrs. Margaret (Reade) Epes, widow of John 
Epes, and daughter of Edward Reade, of Wickford, County of Essex, England. .Samuel 
Symonds was born in Belden, County of Essex, England. Subsequent to his arrival in 
.■\merica he lived in Ipswich, Mass., and died prior to 1694. Mrs. Margaret Symonds sur- 
vived her husb.-ind some years. Her sister. Miss Elizabeth Reade, became the second wife of 
Gov. John Winthrop, of Comi. The children of Deputy-Gov. Samuel and Mrs. Margaret 
Symonds were: William; Harluckden; Ruth, m. Rev. John Emerson, of Gloucester, Mass. ; 
I'riscilla, m. Baker. 

Ki-i'.John Emerson, pastor of the church in Gloucester, Mass., from Oct. 6, 1663, to his 
death, Dec. 2, 1700, was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Emerson, and brother of Rev. 
Joseph Emerson, of Concord, Mass., whose son, Edward Emerson, married Rebecca \Valdu, 
daughter of Dea. Cornelius and Hannah (Cog.swell) Waldo, who, as we have seen, were ances- 
tors of Hon. Ralph Waldo Emerson, of Concord, Mass. 

Martha Emerson, daughter of Rev. John Emerson, married William' Cogswell. Her sister 
Mary Emerson married Samuel Phillips, who was a goldsmith, son of Rev. Samuel Phillips, of 
Rowley, Mass. Samuel and Mary (Emerson) Phillips, of Salem, were the parents of Rev. 
Samuel Phillips, who was pastor of the South Church, in Andovcr, Mass., from Oct. 17, 171 1, 
to his death, June 5, 1771, and the ancestors of Hon. Wendell Phillips, of Boston, Mass. 

Charles A. Burditt, Esq., and his wife, Mrs. Ellen A. (Lord) Burditt, of Dorchester, Mass., 
are both descendants of Cogswells. 

Charles A* Burditt, Benjamin' Burditt, Benjamin" and I,ydia (Kohnson) Burditt, Jeremiah-' 
and Susanna (Cog^swe/l) Robinson, Emerson' and Mary (Pecker) Co-;smll, ini/iam'' and Martha 
(Emerson) Cogswell, William'', John"^. 

Ellen A.^ Lord, George W." and Rebecca (/<oarJma>i) Lord, Richard' and Rebecca 
(Thompson) Boardman, Abel'' and Lydia (Potter) Boardman, Richard'' and Mrs. Lydia 
(Symmes) Potter, n^e Cogswell, Francis* Cog.nuell, John^, William'-, John^. 




Jonathan^ Cogswell, {Willianfi, John^), son of William [33 and 
Susanna (Hawkes) Cogswell, was born April 2(i, 1661, in Chebacco, 
Ipswich, Mass. He married, May 24, r686, Elizabeth Waimvri^lit, 
daughter of Francis Wainwright. She was born in 1667, in Ipswich, 

Mass. They resided in Chebacco Parish. Capt. Cogswell died July 
14, 1717. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 30, 1723. 


Jonathan, [30] b. May I, 1687: m. July 1, 1730. Elizabeth Wade : d. April 2, 1752. 
Susanna, [31] m. ^IVi/liam Butler; m. Feb. 10, 1728, -Jacob Peikins^ 
Elizabeth. [32] m. (pub. Feb. 26, 1715) James Eiieleth. 

Anne, [33] b. March 28, 1694: m. 1712, Goodhue. 

Sarah, [34] b. Aug. 21, 1696; ni. {pub. July 13, 1723) Ja.iies Browne. 
Francis, [35] b. 1C9S; m. March 14, 1727, Elizabeth Rogers; A. March 9, 1756. 
Marv, [36]b. 1699: m. Sept. 24, 1719, William'' Cogsu'ell : [39] <J- June 16, 1734. 
Lucy, [37] b. Aug. 13, 1706. She died in early lite. Feb. 23, 1723. 


Jonathan Cik-.swlli. was a merchant; received the apiHiintmeiit of Justice of the I'eace. 
and iield a ca]n,iin'- cnimission. He \va.'< uMully called " Capt. J.niathan Cogswell." 

/>-,n;.7.. ]]\,n,wn.;l,t. Mrs. Cogswell's father, when a ho\, came from (;helmsford, Hngkind. 
He was noted in the I'eipiot war. He was once attacked liy tw<. Indians at the same time; 
while defendin.u himself, he l.roke the stock of his :4un ; he then used the liariel. and tui.ilh 
killed them both. His brother, Capt. Simon Wainwri.uht, of Haverhill, was a promineni ( in- 
Ltn. said to have licen very wealthy. 'Pr.adition .say- he a large chest filled with doljjis. 
He was killed li\ the Indians in the mas.sacre in Haverhill, .Mass.. Aug. 2% 170S. 

Mary (•.■^si.r/i. daughter of Capt. Jonathan and Elizabeth Cogswell, was betrothed to 
Ebenezer Choate. son ..f John and Mrs. Elizabeth ((Jiddings) Choate. He was born Jan. 23, 
1694, and died 17 iS. Ebenezer Choate left by will: " To his dear and well-beloved Mrs. Mary 
Cogswell, (laughter of Capt. Jonathan Cogswell, /'30. of which ;^I4 to jjurchase mourning." 
She subsecpiently married her cousin, William-* Cogswell [ 39 ]. Thus Ebenezer came to be a 
family name in memory of this Ebenezer Choate. 

Extract frum ihk Will of CaI'I. Jonathan Co(;s\vlll. 
Dated July y, .7.4- Proved Acg. 6, 17.7. 
•' Itkm. I will and a])i)oint a honorable & sullicient maintainance for Elizabeth, my 
beloved wife, out of the income of my estate, as she herself i; my executor shall adjust the 
terms, or the thirib or right of dower will, I hope, be a sufficient support for her ; and, more- 
over, I give to m\ saiil wife my negro man 1 have commonly called /.?<•/■, and also my Indian 
maul I have ealled .\<7/, thev to be at her dispose ;■ and, also, two cows and one horse, and 
the use of .,iie halt nn houseliolil -,m„1s, ,v at her decease to be distributed equally between 

•■ liKM. 1 give i: bequeath to mv son. Francis Cogswell, my share or half part of Cross' 
Isl.ind, together with that tract of salt marsh I bought of John HuiTiam, which several parts 
shall be to the said Francis and his heirs fmever; and, also, my will is that said Francis shall 
be supported at College till he he has taken the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, and that at the 
Charge of my executor; and, also, I give to my son Francis one common right in the undivided 
lands in Gloucester. 

"Item. I give to my daughter, Susana Hutler, Five pounds, which is in ful of portion to 
hei, only she shall have in reversion an equal share in the house-hold goods before mentioned. 

" Itkm. I give to mv daughter, Elizabeth Eveleth, si.xty pounds, to be paid within three 
vears after my decease bv mv executor; and, after the decease of now wife, the share of goods 
shall be made uj) to her twent\ pounds, to be paid by my executor. 

"Item. To my Dauglitei, .\nn,i ( lo.iilhuc, I give, order, and app.>int that what I have 


done for her upon marriage shall be made up sixty pounds, and at the decease of my wife, her 
natural mother, her then share of household goods shall be made up to her twenty pounds. A: 
the above named sixty pounds to be made up and paid within three years from my decease. 

"Item. I give unto my daughter, Sarah Cogswell, and also m\ daughter. Mary Cogs- 
well, to each of them eighty pounds. 

"Item. I give to youngest daughter, I.ucy Cogswell, eighty pounds, to be paid upon 
marriage, or when she shall arrive at full age, and to be supported by my executor till she 
arrive at the age of fourteen years. 

" Item. I do now order, constitute, and appoint my well beloved son, Jonathan Cogs 
well, to he the sole executor of this my last Will and Testament, and do will and require him 
faithfuUv to execute & ])erform every article and part thereof; and that he maybe enabled 
for the discharge of this which I devolve upon him, I give, bequeath, and make over to him, 
the said Jonathan, my executor, and his heir.s, all the rest of iny estate, both real & personal, 
whatsoever & wheresoever, and the whole shall be to him, the said Jonathan, & his heirs 

(Signed) "JnNAiuAN Cogswell." 
J I'll II Wis,-, M". 
Witnesses.-^ Willuim Cogr.vdl. 
Ih-liry Wiser 

1. To her son, Francis, a silver tankard. 

2. To her daughter, Susanna Hutler, her gold rings. 

3. To her daughter, Sarah Krown, her girl Jenney. 

4. To her daughter, Elizabeth Eveleth, the muslin handkerchief "she took so much pains 
to work." 

5. To her daughter, Anne Goodhue, 

6. To her daughter, Mary Cogswell, "my Indian woman, Nell." 

7. To her daughter, Lucy Cogswell, " my black broadcloth mourning suit, silk camblet 
Riding Hood, furbelow, silk scarf, velvet tippet, four pair of my best gloves, one of them my 
silk, three gold ring>, one a stone one, my gold button, i\:c." She disposes also of "negro 

In the cemetery the following inscriptions are found u])on grave-stones : 

"CAPC. JOnSCBSn COGSUJeiL, " iurt Ijjes the 

bitb |ulg 14'1>, MM, |n bis Sobg of LUCY 

57'^ gear." COGJlUeLL, baugbttr 



JOnACBAH GOGSJUeLL, lnbo ^n^. ^eb. g' 23^, 1723, 

bitb lt23, Bob. 30'1>, |n i\i lS»fe gtat 

|n btr 56<'' tEar." of btr age." 





JoHN^ Cogswell, {WiUiavfi, JoJui''), son of William^ 13 1 and Susan- 
nah (Hawkes) Cogswell, was born May 12, 1665, in Chebacco, Ipswich, 
Mass. He -married Hannah Goodlinc, daughter of Dea. William, Jr., 
and Hannah (Dane) Goodhue. She was born July 4, 1673, in Che- 
bacco, Ipswich, Mass., where they resided. Lieut. Cogswell died 1710. 
Mrs. Hannah Cogswell, nee Goodhue, married, 1713, ^Lieut. Tlwuias 
Perlcy, son of John and Mary (Hewlett) Perley. He was born 1669, in 
Boxford, Mass., where they resided. Lieut. Thomas Perley died Oct. 
24, 17 o. Mrs. Hannah Perley died Dec. 25, 1742. 


H.ANNAH. [38] b. March 27, 1693: m. Oct. 3. 172S, Thomas Burtiham. 

William, [39] b. Sept. 24, 1694; m. Sept. 24. 1719, '^Mary Cogswell \^(i\. m. .March 

13. '735- '^Mrs. Elizabet/nU'ade) AppleUm ; d. Feb. 19, 1762. 
SlSANNA, [40] b. March 10, 1696; m. 1718, Samuel Lom. 
John, [41] b. Dec. 2, 1699; ni. Oct. 20, 1720, Susanna Low ; A. Dec. iS, 17S0. 
Francis, [42] b. .Marcli 26, i7oi(?); m. ^Elizabftk , -Miriam , ^Hannah 

Woodbury. *Afrs. Elisabeth (IVilliams) Crocker : d. Oct. 28, 1774. 
Elizabeth, [43] m. Oct. 20, 171 7, Col. Joseph Blnney. 
Margaret. [44] m .March i. 1722, ^Antos Perley : m. Oct 11, 1759, ''Lieut. Mark 

.Nathaniel, [45] b. Jan. 19. 1707: m. Jan. 31, \-.^o, Judith Badger ; d.. Marcli 23. 1783. 
Bethia, [46] m. Jan. 15, 1730, Jedidiah Blaney. 
JOSEI'H, [47]. He died in early manhood, 1728. 


1,1 1.1 I . J. .UN f.K.^WKI.l wa!- cilled tn fill v.ii imi- public oltici-^ in the luwii, and was a mem- 
hev of the church, lie died at the age ol forty-five, leaving a property apprai.sed at .li'SSy is.. 
without a will. Mr-. ( i.i;>wcll wa> apiiointtd, June 5, 1710, administratri.x. This record 
apjiears: "Hannah Lngswell, widow, made charge of lying in after death of her husband and 
for funeral of child, and for bringing up two children about four and two years of age." 

Mis. HitHuah Ci'x.t'.'cU married Lieut. Thoma.s I'erley, of Boxford, Mass. He was a 
widower with children. His tir.-it wife was .Mrs. .Abigail I'eabody, nh- Towne, daughter of 
Edmund Towne, Esq., and widow of Jacob l'cal)ody. of To])sfield, JIass. They were married 
Jan. 12, 16S6. They lived in Topsfield, where Mrs. .-Abigail I'erley died, Feb. 14, 1712. 

Lieut. Thomas Perley was a leading citizen both in lio.xford and in Topsfield, holding 
various offices of moderator, selectman, and representative to the General Court. He was a 
member of the Congregational Church. His occupation was farming. He left an estate of 
£-z.,. His widow, Mrs. Hannah I'erley. survived him al>out two years. 

the children of his first MARRIAflF WfKL : 
John, b. Feb. 13, 1697. He died in boyhood, Jni\e 23, i/Oj. 
Anio,, b. May 3. 1699; m. March 1, 1722. Margaret Cogswell [ 44 1 : d. >Luch. 174S. 

l.ois, h. A])ril 23, 1702 ; ni. Aug. 24. 1727, Thomas Tike, of Xewlniry. Mas>. Their children 
were : Abigail, Sarah, Lois, Hannah, Moses, f'erley, and Thomas. 

Asa, li May 9, 1704. He died in boyhood, April 14, 1711. 

Abigail, b. April 26, 17CS; m. Dec. 12. 1728 (i^.urth wife), .S.inniel Morse, of Newbury. Her 
children were : Abigail, Hannah, Jeremiah, and Ann. 

Mary, b. June 7, 1714; m. Jan. 31, 173S, Joseph Hatchelder, of, .Mass.; d.-June 21, 1773. 

They settled in C.rafton, Mass. Their children were: Mary, I'erley, Susanna, 

Sarah, Joseph, Jeremiah, and Susanna. He married, Sept. S, 17S0, -Sarah 

Tilton, of East Sudbury, Mass. He died 1797. 
Sarah, b. May 12, 1716; m. Dec. 2, 1736, Jonathan I'utnam, of Salem (now Danvers), .Mass. 

Their children were: Jeremiah, Sarah, Jonathan, Hannah, Elizabeth, Lydia, 

Nathan, Levi, Perley, and Aaron. 
Jeremiah, b. June 30, 1719. He died in early life, Nov. 28, 1737. 

ir,7//,!m Gm,IIiiu. father of Mrs. Hannah ((loodhue) Cogswell, married, Nov. 14, i6r>6, 
Hannah Dane. He h3~ deacon of Chebacco church, captain of militia, freeman Oct. 12, 
16S2, selectman from 1696 to 169S, and representative to (ieneral Court nine years, between 
1691 and 1711. Mrs. ('oy>well had a brother, who was a clergyman, Kev. Francis Goodhue. 
She w.i^ administratri.x of John Cogswell's estate. There is record of the following receipt: 
" KcLcivcd from our married mother, Mrs. Hannah Pearley, admx. of our father, John Cogs- 
wtll's estate, late of Ipswich." This was signed as follows: "Jidv 11, 1726, Amos I'erley, of Margaret; Jan 21, 172!, Francis Cogswell; May 4, 1726, John Cogswell; Dec. 20, 
1726, Elizabeth (Cogswell) Blaney ; Aug., 1726, William Cogswell, Nathaniel, Ilethi.i, and 
.Susanna Cogswell, Hannah I'.urnhani, and Jo.seph Cogswell." 

/)<•<;. William Cooiihii,- left the library of his deceased son. Rev. Francis Goodhue, to his 
grandson, Francis Cogswell, who was fitting for college in 1712. It is ])robalile that this 
Francis Cogswell [ 42 ] did not enter college. 


118 1 


Adam-' Cogswell, ( Williaur, John^),^ow of Williama [31 and Susanna 
(Hawkes) Cogswell, was born Jan. 12, 1667, in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. 
He married Abigail . Mrs. Cogswell died Dec, 1729. Capt. Cogs- 
well died Feb. 8, 1749. 


Calei:, [48] m. Oct. 1, 172S, Mary Tyler; d. March 28, 17S6. 

William. [49] b. Dec. 15, 16S7. He died in infanc), Aug. 16. 16SS. 

Abigail, [50] b. March 21, 16S9; m. Thomas Varney. 

AuAM, [51] b. April 17, 1691. 

Jeremiah, [52] b. Feb. 22, 1693. 

K.\THARINE, [53]. She died, unmarried, Oct. 23, 1729. 

Makv, [54] ni. (pub. April 19, 171S) Joseph Gilbert. 

Wii.i.iA.M. [55] m. Hannah Burithaiii ; d. 1727. 

Mr. Cogswell was a trustee of the parish, a selectman of the town, and 
held a captain's commission. Mrs. Cogswell was a member of the church. 


Adam Cogswell, Jr., veoman, bought land, tenements, and dwelling-house in Cheb.Tcco 
of Nathaniel and Judith Perkins for nine score and twelve pounds, £ig2. .\dam, Sen., or 
.Adam, Jr., was a grantee of Winchendon in his own right, .April 13, 1736. 




Sarah'' Cogswell, {Wi/liaiii-, yo/m^), daughter of William- [3i and 
Susanna (Hawkes) Cogswell, was born Feb. 3, 1668, in Chebacco, 
Ipswich, Mass. She married, Nov. 6, 1685, Den. Williain Noycs, a son 
of Rev. James Noyes. They lived in Newbury, Mass. 


Ki-,. James Xoy€s came to .America in 1634, and was settled, 1635, as collearuc of his 
uncle. Rev. Thomas Parker, in the First Church, in Newbury, Mass. Rev. Mr. James Noyes 
died Oct. 22, 1656, at the age of forty-eight years. 




Elizabeth"' ConswELi,, (yo/nr, yo/ni^), daughter of John^ [ 4 1 Cogs- 
well, was born 1648, in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. Her parents both 
died when she was a child. She was placed in the care of her grand- 
parents, John I ! 1 and Elizabeth (Thompson) Cogswell. She married 
Abraham Wclluiaii, of Lynn, Mass. Her death occurred May lO, 1736 


••1, Elizabeth Wtllman.d.. acknowledge that I received of my grandmother Cogswell a 
gould ring, a sute of child Ixil linnen, & thin laced hand cuffs. I say I received. 


"The mark of X 

■■ Dated J, 

-e ,, .67'- 

■• Acknov 

ledged in pr 

escnce of us. 

'•Com, bus n\ado. 
H.nin.i/: H'uMc" 




John"' Cogswell, Cyolur, y<>//n^), son of John'-' I4' Cogswell, was 
born 1650, in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. He married, July 22, Margant 
GifforJ, daughter of Dr. John Gifford, of Lynn, Mass. They lived in 
Ipswich, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died in 1724. Mrs. Cogswell survived 
her husband. 


Mak(,.\ret. [56] b. Sept. 6. 1675: m. May 10, \f*)?>, Moses Hawkes. 

1j.i/.-\bf,th. [57] b. .Aug. I. 1677 : m. June 16, 1701, Ebenezer Hawkes : d. June 16. 171S 

GlFKcmn, [58] b. Aug. 4. 1679; m. Dec. 27, 1722, Sarah Parsons : A. March, 1752. 

Sar.^h. [59] b. Sept. 16, ifei. 

John. [60] b. Sept. 6. 16S3: m. 170S, Sarah Brou-ii ; A. 1710- 

M.AHV. [6i]b. Ucc, iCSj: m ^pub. Sept S. \-\()\ Jacob Perkins. 

Heth.anv. [62] b. l6S7 : m. July 22, 1723. Samuel Gott : A. April 23. 1755 

ScsANNA. [63] b. May 5. 1691 : m. Dec. 14, 1721, Jeremiah Parsons. 

Sa.muel, [64] b. Feb. 23, 1693: m. 1723. Xtarv Lufkin. 


Mr. Cogswell, going in pursuit of hostile bands of Indians, was captured 
by them. How long he was held a captive and the manner of his escape are 
not known. Some time in 1675 he brought suit against his uncle, William 
Cogswell, giving rise to the famous case of Cogswell vs. Cogswell before men 
tioned. The case was finally decided, May 29, 1677, in favor of the defendant, 
after se\eral trials, and Mr. Cogswell was obliged to pay costs of £\}, ^s. 
Mr. Cogswell left a will, dated Sept. 16, 1713. which was proved Aug. 31 
1728. In his will he mentions his wife Margaret, three sons, and six daughters 
Mrs. Cogswell's father. Dr. Gifford, was the agent for the iron works in Saugus 
and owned a farm in that vicinity. 




Samuel" Cogswell, {jFo/in-, yo/iu^), son of John- ; 4] Cogswell, was 
born in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. He married, Oct. 27, 1668, Sus<i>/i/ij 
Haven, daughter of Richard and Susanna (Newhall) Haven. She was 
born in .Sa)brook, ConiL, where they lived. Mr. Samuel Cogswell died 
prior to 1701. 


Hannah, [65] b. June 4, 1670; m. Jan. 20, 1692, Josiah Dibetl. 
Susanna, [66] b. Nov. 23, 1672. 

Wastall, [67] b. Feb. 17, 1674: m. ^Hannah ; m. May 24, 1697, ''Martha ; 

d. prior to 1709. 
Samuel, [6S] b. Aug. 3, 1677 (1675 ?): m. Mrs. Ann {Mason) Denison. 
Robert, [69] b. July 7, 1679. 

Joseph, [70] b. April 10, 1682; ni. Aug. 25, 1710, Anna Orvis. 
Nathaniel, [71] b. Dec. 16, 1684. 
John, [72] b. Aug. 6, 16.S8. 
Joshua, [73] m. Mar^ . 


Samuel Cogswell came to Saybrook, unmarried, .ibout 1665, and settled 
on a farm. The Colonial Records of Connecticut state that he was made 
freeman. May, 1669. There has been some uncertainty expressed by different 
writers as to his parentage and whence he came to Saybrook, also as to the 
person he married. There is little doubt he was born in Ipswich, Mass., and 
was the son of John' Cogswell t 4], who died on his return passage from Lon- 
don in 1653, and that he married, as above given, Susanna Haven, of the 
town of Lyme, Conn. Lyme was Saybrook until 1667. 


S,!miul L\%-mHll, of .Saybruok, Cunn., sulci, Kcl). 9, 1674, five acres uf land in Lyme, Cmn., 
tu Edward DeWulf. for the sum of ;^I2. 

Richard llo-CH. Mrs. Cogswell's father, was a farmer in .Saybrook, Conn., in 1645. 

Johti H'osta/l, of Saybrook, Conn., deeded, June 13, 1681, to the children of his loving 
kinsman, Richard Haven, of Lyme, Conn., 3,000 acres of land in 1 kbmn. Conn., which he had 
by will of /cj//K«, .Sachem. It is said that John Wastall mentions in his will Wastall Cogs 
well, a son of .Samuel and Susanna Cogswell, as a grandson. This suggests that the wife of 
Richard Haven may have been Susanna Wastall (instead of Newhall), a sister perhaps of 
John Wastall, and so Richard Haven would be his kinsman. .Some have read the name of 
Samuel Cogswell's wife, which is much blotted on the record, " Hearn," others " Wastall " ; 
but it was doubtless .Susanna Haven. 

" Siimiicl Cogsuicl! sold 10 acres of salt marsh in Chebacque to .\braham Perkin.-. 1674." 
This was land let to his father, John Cogswell, for 1,000 years. The land record shows that 
the land willed hy /os/iim, Sachem, was divided into eighty-six shares among the proprietors 
of Hebron, in 1702, the quantity being according to quality. John Wastall owned shares 
Nos. 44, 66, and 83, about two hundred and si.\ty-three acres. Samuel Cogswell owned two 
shares, Nos. 9 and 84, making one hundred and nine and three fifths acres. The disposal of 
these lands does not apjjear on the town records of Hebron ; probably to be found in jirobate 
record.s, now -n the .'\ndover District. Tolland Co., Conn. 

In 1710 proprietors voted a second division of upland to be made, each proprietor receiv- 
ing not less than forty nor more than sixty acres on each thousand-acre right. Samuel Cogs- 
well received one hundred and one acres. Wastall Cogswell was dead. The same year. 
1710, by a third division, Samuel Cogswell received twelve acres. 





Edward-' Cogswell, {\\'illidiif\ William-, jfolui^), son of Willianr^ 
fl4] and Martha (Emerson) Cogswell, was born Aug. 13, 1686, in 
Gloucester, Mass. He married, 1708, Hannah Brown. She was born 
in 1691. T: . y resided in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. In 1735 
removed to Preston, Conn., and in 1747 removed and settled in New 
Milford, Conn. Mrs. Cogswell died June 6, 1771. Mr. Cogswell died 
April 17, 1773. 


Sa.muel, [74] b. March l, 1710; m. '^ Lydia Slarkwcathci: 

Edward, [75]. He died in infancy. 

Nathaniel, [76] b. Feb. 13, 1714; m. Dec. S, 1737, ^Hiildah Kinney : m. May 25. 

1757, ■'■Mrs. Bridget Wcdi^e : m. .May 30, 17S2, ^Mrs. Eunice Williants : 

d. Nov. 4, 1810. 
Judith. [77] b. Jan. 25, 171 7; m. Jacofi A'inna: 
Hannah, [78] b .April 13, 1719: m. Mattluw Beal. 
John, [79] 1). April 5, 1721 : m. Sarah Freeman. 
Martha, [80]. She died in infancy. 
Lucy, [81] b. April 14, 1726; m. Danie! .Averill. 
Martha. [82]. She died in infancy. 

Martha, [83] b. .Nov. 11, 1728; m. ^foses Averill ; d. July 30, 1781. 
Elizabeth. [84]. She died in infancy. 

Emerson, [85] b. July iq, 1732; m. Aug. 29. 1,-51, .)/,?n MiUs. 
William. [861 b. Dec. 22, 1734: m. .Nov. 4, 1762, Anna Whittlesey , d. Feb. 19, 17S6. 

Edward Cocswell i.s memioi;c-d .i- a member of "The New London Soci- 
ety I'nited for Trade and Commerce," in 1732. This was probably Edward* of 
Ip.swich, .Mass., for we find him soon after, 1735, '" Preston, New London Co.. 

Conn., where he remained some ten yenrs ; he then made a purchase of wild 
land in the northern part of New Milford. He purchased, Sept. lo, 1745, of 
John Baker and Caleb Mallory, for £110, old tenor, the thirty-third lot of the 
south tier of lots in the so-called North Purchase, and became, in 1747, the 
first settler in that region. Subsequently, he bought other lands in the vicinity, 
established iron works, and did much to develop the resources of that new 
country. Mr. Cogswell lived to be eighty-seven years of age. His grave is 
near that of his youngest son, Major William-^ l 86 ] Cogswell, in the cemetery 
of New Preston Parish, Washington, Conn. 


£i/ic'<irif* Ctxs7M//, his son, Sanuiel', and son-in-law, Jacob Kinney, were very active in 
establishing the institutions of religion in that part of New Milford known as New I'reston, 
now Washington, Conn. This was accomplished in 1753; and in \ov , 1754, " It wat. voted 
to build a meeting-house jC.x^G feet, with fivL- windnws of twelve lights each." It is said that 
Kdward Cogswell made a "P'amily Record ut the Cogswells," and that there is an e.xtant 
copy of it in Cazenovia, Madison Co., X. V. This has not been found: but his grandson, 
John", left a record, in jjossosion of M. W. Cogswell, E>q., Elyria, Ohio, which has been of 
great service, John" Cog>«cll [250] --.ay> that his uncle John"' and aunt- Lucy* and Martha' 
Cogswell, children of Kdward, removed to >oine jilace in Vermont, near a lake. Kdward 
Cogswell had a large and influential family. His descendants are very numerous in Connecti- 




Martha'' Cogswell, (Wil/iaiu^, U'i/li<un-, ye////'), daughter of Wil- 
liam-^ 114 1 and Martha (Emerson) Cogswell, was born in Chebacco 
Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She married, Oct. 9, \-j\o, Mattluw Whipple, 
son of Major Matthew and Martha (Denison) Whipple, who was the 
grand-daughter of Gen. Daniel Denison. They lived in Ipswich, Mass., 
and in New Milford, Conn. 


William^ Co;^s;vt-ll, Mrs. Whipple's father, died, and Matthew Whipple was appointed 
guardian, 1709, of her brother Emerson and sister Dorothy, who were minors. Mrs. Whijiple 
was an heir to one-si.\th part of the property of her deceased brother, WillianT* Cogswell, 
who was killed by the Indians in 1710. Mr. and Mrs. Whi|)ple deeded, Dec. iS, 1712, one- 
.■.ixth part of Koblolly Cove Point, which was property that they had received of her brother 
William's estate. This deed was witnessed by Jonathan (/ogswcll. .Mrs. Whiijplc's sister, 
Mrs. Dorothy (Cogswell) Moulton, deeded, Xov. 20, 1713, one-si.\th ])art of Loblolly Cove 
I'oint, the deed acknowledged by her Xov. 15, 1717. 


Mallhcw Whip/'lc, of " Ipswich, in tht- t'ounty of Essex, in the Province of Massachusetts 
Bav,," bought of Edward Cogswell, Oct 24, 1747, " one half of the Iron Works in New 
Milford, Xorth Purchase, standing on a stream called Aspetuck . . . with all the appurte- 
nances, privileges, and accommodations belonging thereunto, with the privilege of the iron ore. 
as I, said Edward Cogswell, have of Elisha Williams and Martin Kellogg." From which il 
appears that Edward Cogswell and his brother-in-law, Matthew Whipple, carried on the first 
manufacturing interest in that part of New Milford. 

Martha Deiiisoii, Matthew Whipjjle's mother, was a daughter of John Denison, who was 
the only son of Major Daniel Denison. Martha Denison married 'Thomas Wiggin, a grandson 
of Gov. Thomas Wiggin, also of Gov. .Simon Bradstreet. .She married, July, 1693, ^Capt. 
Jonathan Thing, of Exeter, N. H., who died Oct. 30, 1694. They had one son, Daniel, born 
May 12, 1694. She then married 'Major .Matthew Whipple. The "wife of Maj. Matthew 
Whipple, Esq., died Sept. 12, 172S, in ye 60th year of her age." 

Ca/'t. Jonathan Thing's first wife was Marv Gilman. Thev had two sons, Edward and 
Moses Thine. 




Emerson^ Cogswell, {Williatii^, Willianr, yoltn^), son of William^ 
141 and Martha (Emerson) Cogswell, was born 1700. in Chebacco, 
Ipswich, Mass. He married, Dec. 30, 1736, Mary Pecker, daughter of 
Capt James and Mrs. Bridget (Papillion) Pecker. She was born in 
Boston. The\- resided in Ipswich and Boston, and subsequently in 
Concord, Mass., where Mr. Cogswell died, March 29, 1788. Mrs. 
Cogswell died Dec. 23, 1795. 


Makv, [87] bapt. June iS, 1738: m. Capt. William Burhy. 

William, [88] bapt. .March 23, 1739. 

.Martha, [89] bapt. .March 21, 1741 : m. Jan. 8, 1767, Capt. John Whipple; d. March 

29, 1816. 
Emerson, [90] bapt. Feb. 12, 1743; m. 1773, ^Eunice Robinson; m. May 3, 1789, 

'^Ann Learnard; m. 1-94. '\trs. Elizabeth Buttrick ; d. May 13, 180S. 
ScSANNAH, [91] bapt. March 17, 1745: m. ^Jeremiah Robinson, Jr.; m. Jan. 15, 1819, 

■'Capt. John Whipple; d. Dec. 18. 1836. 
Bridget, [92] bapt. April 14, 1751 ; m. Jan. 18. 1770. Col. Edu\ir,l Wi^i^lesworth. 
Ja.mes, [93] bapt. 1755; in. Dec. 3, 1780, Sfrs. Rebecca Baldivin ; A. Aug. 19, 1837. 


Emerson Cogswell, after marri.igc, rebided some years in Ipswich. His 
house stood near the present station on the Eastern Railroad, the site, 1884, 
of Damon's Block. He was a tanner and currier, and carried on the business 


near the Stone Bridge. He was a member of the First Church in 1746, 
and became one of the original members of the South Parish, which was 
incorporated by act of the General Court. June 5, 1747. He removed to 
Boston, and in 1769 was residing at the corner of Salem and Hanover Streets. 
He purchased. Dec. 17, 1771, a hatter's shop, in Concord, Mass., to which town 
he soon after removed, and there spent the rest of his days. 


A/an' Cfls^-sii'^//. the oldest daughter of Emerson and Mary (Pecker) Cogswell, married 
Capl. Bu'rley, who followed the seas. Their residence was in Boston, Mass. They had no 

/,'/ii/ Pafilliott, whose widow Cnpt. James Pecker married, was an Englishman. He mar- 
ried Bridget in England, "June ve 7th, 1710. They had one son, Ebenezer, born April y g'h, 
1712." Mr. Papillion died 171S, in London. .Soon after, Mrs. Papillion and her son arrived in 
.\merica. Her son, Ebenezer Papillion, followed the seas. 

Cipi. Janus Pecker, son of James and Ann (Uavis) Pecker, was born Nov. 15, 1684, in 
Haverhill, Mass. He married Mrs. Bridget Papillion. They had two daughters, Mrs. Cogs- 
well and Mrs. Siis.inna Clarke. Mrs. Clarke wrote verses against the use of tea in the Kevo- 
lutiunarv times. Mrs. Pecker survived her husband, Ca|)t. James Pecker, who died April 2S, 
17 ',4, and aKii her sDn, Elienezer, who was lost at sea in 1736, at the age of twenty-four years. 
Subsequentiv to the death of both husband and son, she writes : " Very pleasant were these 
to me while living. The loss of them will make me go mourning to my grave." K paper, 
inscribed by her after her husband's death, had the following reference : " He was my truly 
worthy and dearly beloved James Pecker, who died .\pril ye iSth, 1734, in the forty-ninth year 
of his age, in the division of things to me, his widow, Bridget Pecker." "Open Thou mine eyes 
that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law." Capt. James Pecker devised an estate of 
nearlv ;^ 3,000. For a copy of his will, dated April 22, 1734, and of the inventory of his estate, 
dated May 10, 1734, vid. "Pen," pp. 565-572. 

Mys. Mary (Pecker) Cogswell had an uncle, John I'eckcr, of Haverhill, and an uncle, 
Daniel Pecker, of Boston, Mass. It is thought, that Dr. James Pecker, of Haverhill, who 
married, Dec. 13, 1744, Susannah Cogswell [132], was a near relative. 




Jonathan^ Cogswell, (yonatJian^, WilliauP, jFo/in^), son of Capt. 
Jonathan" [15] and Elizabeth (Wainwright) Cogswell, was born May i, 

1687, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married ^Hannah . 

Mrs. Cogswell died June 18, 1723. Mr. Cogswell married, July i, 1730, 
'^Elizabeth Wade, daughter of Jonathan Wade, of Ipswich. They lived 
in Chebacco Parish, on the Cogswell farm. Mrs. Elizabeth Cogswell 
died Nov. 17, 1749. Mr. Cogswell died April 2, 1752. 



Jonathan, [94] b. March 27, 1732. He died in infancy. Feb. 12, 1733. 
Elizabeth. [95] b. Nov. 26, 1734; m. \.pub. Nov. 7, 17541 Nathaniel Farley : d. 1763. 
JONATHA.N, [96] b. April 20, 1736. He died in infancy, Sept. 23, 1736. 
Marv, [97] 1^- May 5, 1737: m. March 22. 1756. John IVise ; A. Feb. S, 1S18. 
Nathaniel. [98"; b. May 9, 1739; m. March 26, 1761, 'Sarah Xorthend ; m. March 

S, 1777, -Lois Searle; d. May 24, 1S22. 
Jonathan, [gg] b. July 11. 1740: m. Feb. 4. 1768, Elizabeth Wise : d. April 19, 1S19. 
William. [100] b. June 9, 1742. He died in infancy. 
.Abii.ail, [loijb. July 16, 1744: m. Dec. 12, 1765, Thomas Pickard. 
James, [102] b. May 20, 1746. He died in infancy, June 10, 1746. 
Daniel, [103] b. July 3, 1747. He died in infancy, Nov. 3, 1747. 
SlSANNA, [104] b. Nov. 3. 1749: nL April 13, 1769, Lieut. Thomas Treadwcll ; d. 

Nov. 29. 1842. 


Jonathan Cogswell inherited the Co,:^swell lioine.stead. He was com- 
missioned Justice of the Peace. Oct. 26. 1733. His commission, bearing the 
signatures of the Province officers, is still in existence ; also a volume, heavily 
bound, which as a magistrate he often consulted, entitled " Acts and Laws of 
His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England, Passed by 
the Great and General Court in Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay, Published 
1726." The date of the most ancient enactment was 1692. It is said that 
Jonathan Cogswell. Esc| , built the house in which the late Adam Boyd resided. 

The stone that marks the grave of Mrs, Cogswell is thus inscribed : " Here 
lyes ye body of Mrs. Hannah Cogswell, wife to Mr. Jonathan Cogswell, Dec'd 
June yc i8il>. 1723, In the 32'' year of her age." The stone that marks his 
grave bears this inscription : " Here lies Buried the Body of Jonathan C' '<is- 
well. Esq , who departed This Life April yt 2i«l, 1752, Aged 64 years." There 
is also another stone, without date, which doubtless marks the grave of his 
infant son, Jonathan, inscribed as follows: "Here lyes the body of Jonathan 
Cogswell, son to Jonathan Cogswell, Esq., and Mrs Elizabeth Cogswell, Aged 
1 yr. 8 mos. 16 days." 


.\ Col'V UI CnMMIsMi.N ..KANTKli |o JoNUHW C.ii.SWKLL. 

"GE(lK(;i-; TIIK .SECOND, by ihc grace of Cmlni Cleat llritaiii, France, and Ireland, 
King, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all unto whom these I'rescnts shall come, Greeting : 
Know ye that we have assigned and constituted, and do 1w these I'rescnts assign, con.stitiiti.. 
and appoint our trusty and well-beloved Jonathan Cogswell to be one of our Justices, to kci ]> 
our I'eace in the County of F^sse.v, within our I'rovincc of the .Mas.sachusetts Kay^ in .New 
F^ngland ; and to keep and cause to be kept the- )aw< .ind ordinances made for the good of the 
I'eace and for the Conservation of the same, and for the quiet Kulc and Covernmcnt of our 
people in the .said County, in all and every the article> thereof, according to the force, Form, 
and effect of the sa"nic ; and to chastise and I'unish all Persons offending against the Form of 
these Laws and ordinances, or any of them, in the county aforesaid, as .iccording to the form 
of these Laws anrl ordinances should be fit to be done; and to cause to come before him, the 
said Jonathan Cogswell, those that shall break the peace or attempt anything against the- 


same, or that shall threaten any of our People in their persons or in burning their houses, to 
find sufficient security for the peace and for the good behavior towards us and our people, 
and if they shall refuse to find such security, then to cause to be kept safe in Prison until they 
shall find the same ; and to do and perform in the county aforesaid all and whatsoever, accord- 
ing to the laws and ordinances of our province aforesd, or any of them, a Justice of the Peace 
may and ought to do and perform : and with other of our Ju-^tice> of the Peace in said county 
(according to the Tenor of !!.-_ i.unii!ii"i..n to ilitni ( o.intcili. t.. (.nquirc b\ the oaths of good 
and lawful men of uui -aid ■_ .uiity. In uhcm the truth m.n be tiic letter known of all, and 
all manner of Thefts, Trespasses,' Riots, Rout.-, and unlawful assemblies whatsoever, and all 
singular other misdeeds and offences of which Justices of the Peace in their general Sessions 
may and ought to require by whomsoever or howsoever done or perpetrated, or which shall 
hereafter happen howsoever to be done or attempted in the county aforesaid, contrary to 
the form of the Laws and ordinances aforesaid, made for the conniion good of our Province 
aforesad and the People thereof; and with other Justices in our sd County (according to the 
Tenour of the Commission to them Granted as aforesd) to hear and determine all and singular 
the said Thefts, Trespasses, Riots, Routs, unlawful a—enihlic- and all and singular other 
the I'remises, and to do therein as to justice appenainttli. aL'ui Im.; to the Laws, Statutes, 
and ordinances aforesd. In testimony whereof We havL lan-e.J iIk I'ublick Seal of Our Prov- 
ince of the Massachusetts Hay aforesaid to be hereunto aftixed. 

" Witness, Jonathan Belcher, our Cairtain-Cieneral and Ciovernom-m-Chief of our Pro\- 
ince, at Boston, the twentv-sixth Day of October, 1733. In the seventh year of our reign. 

'■ liv order of the (lovernour. with advice and consent of Council. 

"I. Hkichkk. 

"J. Wii.i.\Ri.. Scryr 

Thoma! and Alni^oil [Cogswrll) Pickai.i lived in Rowley. He was a merchant. They 
afterwards removed to Maine. 




SusANN.A* Cogswell, {Jonatlian^, Williani^, yohn^), daughter of 
Capt. Jonathan^ ( 15 j and Elizabeth (Wainwright) Cogswell, was born 
in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass She married ' William Butler, son 
of William Butler, of Ipswich, Mass. Mr. Butler died May 25, 1723, 
at the age of forty-si.\ vears, Airs. Butler married, Feb. 10, 1728, 
-yacob Pcrkiiii, who died March, 1754. 


William, b. Nov. i. 171 5. 

Susanna, b. July 1, 1717; m. Low. 

Elizabeth., b. April 6, 1718. 

Jonatha)!, b. April 9, 1721. 

Sarah, b. fVo. 27, i-zz. She died in infancy, July rr, 1723. 

Mary, b. Feb. 13, 1723. 


Lucy, b. Oct. 25, 1730. Francis, b. May 5, 1732- 



tiiiti liuthr administered on the estate of her deceased husband, William Untie 
The names of William, Susanna I,ow, Elizabeth, and Mary api)ear as childre 
«•■.// [ 6i ] was the first wife of Jacob I'crkins. 




Franxis'" Cogswell, {'Jouathan'', Wil/iau/^, yolin^), son of Capt. 
Jonathan^ [ 15 ' and Elizabeth (Wainwright) Cogswell, was born 169S, 
in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, March 14, 1727, 
Elizabctli Rogers, daughter of Rev. John and Martha (Wittingham) 
Rogers. She was born July 28, 1707, in Ipswich, Mass., where they 
resided. Mr. Cogswell died March 9, 1756. Mrs. Cogswell survived 
her husband. 


Elizabeth. [105]. She died in infancy, Jan. 4. 1729. 

John. [106] b. 1731. He died young. 

JoNATH.\N. [107] b. 1733. He died young, 

ELiiiABETH. [108] b. Aug. 4. 1736. 

Francis, [109] b. Sept. 26, 1737; m. Oct. 22. 1756. Eunice Low. 

John, [ho] b. Sept. 17, 1738. 

Jonathan, [iii]b. Dec. 23, 1739. 

Martha, [112] b. July 25, 1742. She died in infancy, Jan. 27, 1743. 

Daniel, [113] b. Sept. 23, 1744. He died in infancy. 

Nathaniel, [114] b. Dec. 2, 1747. He died in infancy, Dec. 20. 1747. 

WiLLiA.M, [115] 1). June II, 1750; m. .May 24, 1773. Abigail Dawes : d. May 27, 1823. 


Francis Cogswell fitted for college in the Ipswich Grammar School, and 
graduated from Har\ard College in 1718. Mr. Cogswell was a merchant. He 
built and lived in what was called the " Sawyer House." He was appointed a 
Justice of the Peace, and represented the town in the General Court in 1750, 
1751, and 1752. His will was dated Feb. 25. 1755, and proved March 29. 
1756. Mrs. Elizabeth Cogswell was executrix Elizabeth, Francis, John, 
Jonathan, and William appear as children : tlie others were dead. 

Mrs. Elizabeth {Rogers) Cogswell was the twin sister of Rev. Daniel Rogers. 
He graduated from Harvard College in 1725; was tutor and fellow of Har- 
vard College from 1731 to 1741 ; afterward the first pastor of the Second 
Congregational Church in Exeter, N. H., from Aug. 31, 1747 to his death. 


Dec. 19, 1785. Mrs. Cogswell's father was Rev. John Rogers, born in 
Ipswich, July 7, 1666, graduated from Harvard College, 1684, and pastor of 
First Church in Ipswich from Oct 12, 1692, to his death, Dec. 28, 1745. 
Her brother. Rev. Nathaniel Rogers, born March 4, 1704, in IpswicJi, gradu- 
ated from Harvard College in 172 i, was settled a pastor of the same church, 
colleague with Ills father, Oct. 18, 1727, and continued in the pastoral office 
until his death, May 10, 1775. Her grandfather, John Rogers, born 1630, in 
Assington, England, graduated from Harvard College in 1649, was also 
pastor of this church from 1656 to 1683, when he resigned and became 
the president of Harvard College, but died soon after July 2, 1684. Mrs. 
Cogswell's great-grandfather, Rev. Nathaniel Rogers, was a descendant of 
John Rogers, tlie martyr. He was born. 1598, in Haverhill, England, edu- 
cated at Emmanuel College, in Cambridge, England. At the age of forty 
years came to America, became tlie successor of Rev. Nathaniel Ward in 
1630, as pastor of the First Church in Ipswich, and continued in the pastoral 
office until his death, July 3, 1655. Thus the church in Ipswich had four pas- 
tors of the name of Rogers in successive generations of the same family. 
Their ministries covered one hundred and thirty-two years within a period 
of less than one hundred and forty years. Mrs. Cogswell was known as 
" Madam Cogswell." 

Franris Cof^noc/l .ind his wife Eli^abe^h, of Ipswich, Mass., by a deed, dated Fell. 12, 
1731, made over certain land in Gloucester to Jonathan Cogswell, of Chebacco I'aiish. 
This was land which was devised to said Francis by his father, Capt. Jonathan Cogswell's 
will of July 9, 1717, as "one common right in the undivided lands in Gloucester." This deed 
was witnessed by Christian Wainwright and Bethia Cogswell [46]. Francis Cogswell, Kscj., 
by his will of Feb. 25, 1755, bequeathed to his son Francis [ log ] his dwelling-house, his best 
schooner, "Deborah," his "fiake-room and stages," and "Jeffries Neck." 

Kev. Xathanid Ward became the minister of Ipswich, Mass., June, 1634. He was the 
author of "The Simple Cobbler of Agawam," which was one of the cleverest and wittiesl 
books of that day. Rev. Mather said of Mr. Ward ; " He had one godly speech 
worth all his other witty speeches, which was, ' I have only tivo amiforti to live upon : the one 
is, the perfeetions of Christ ; the other is, the imferfeelions of all Christians.' " 




Hannah'' Cogswell, [jFo/in^, JViV/iaw-, yo/iii^), daughter of Lieut. 
John^ [11] and Hannah (Goodhue) Cogswell, was born March 27, 1693, 
in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She married, Oct. 3, 1728, Tlionias 
Biirnhatii, son of John Burnham, of Chebacco Parish, where they 



Thomas, ni. Oct. 27, 1750, "^Lucy Cogswell; m. June 11, 177S, '■Elizabeth Bumham ; 

d. May 18, 1779. 
Francis, m. April 14, 1744, ^.Vlarv Bttrnhatn ; m. Oct. 26, 1754, 'Margaret Cogswell. 
Rachel, m. Nov. 30. 1751. Joseph Andrews. 


Mary liurnham. Fianci> liurnhamV first wife, wa-. a daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth 
Hurnliam. She wa- Imrn Oct. 16, 1714- 

Mary, \\ March 25, 1745; m. XathanUl Biiruliam : lived in tlreenheld, N. H. 
Lucrctia, b. Feb. 24, 1-4S; ni. April 4, 1771, William Cfl,c-ra'.V/ [ 458 ] 
Fratuis, b. Aug. 13, 1750; m. Feb. 9, 1790, Anna Good/iin-. 

i\/ar,,ar,-l C.\^'r.iull, the second wife of Francis llmjihani. was of unascertained parentage. 


Zac.lun.s. b. An.K. 31, 1755- He died young. 

Xalluuiul. h. Jid\ ;S, 1758; m. Feb. 20, 17S3, .Mary GoUlsiiuth. 



William^ Cogswell, {Jolni^, Willianfl, John^), son of Lieut. John^ 
in J and Hannah (Goodhue) Cogswell, was born Sept 24, 1694, in 
Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, Sept. 2.\, 1719, ^Mary 
Cogsvoill \.Z%\, daughter of Capt. Jonathan 1151 and Elizabeth (Wain- 
Wright) Cogswell. She was born, 1699, in Chebacco Parish. They 
lived in the Cogswell homestead. Mrs. Mary Cogswell died June 16, 
1734. Mr. Cogswell married, March 13, 1735, aJZ/x Elizabetli (Wiidc) 
Applcton, claughter of Capt. Thomas Wade and widow of Benjamin 
Appleton, Esq. Mr. Cogswell died P'eb. 19, 1762. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Cogswell died Dec. 13, 1783. 


Ehene/ek. [116] b. June 13, 1720; m. Xov. 22, 1749, .Mary Bumham ; d. Nov. 17, 

1 801. 
John. [117] b. Feb. 23, 1722. 
MAK\,[ii8]b. Sept. 15, 1723; m. May n, 1741, John Cogswell [184]; d. Aug. 22, 



Jonathan, [iig] b. May 9, 1725; m. Marcli 16, 174S, Afarf Appkton; d. Feb. 11, 

Jacob, [120] b. May iS, 1727; m. 174.S, Elizabeth Evdeth, d. Dec. 1, 1S05. 
Lucy, |i2i] b. June 2S, 1728; m. Jan. 17, 1750, Dea. Thomas Burnham ; d. Nov. 4, 

Sarah, [122] 1). Feb. 5, 1729. She died in infancy, June, 1730. 
William, [123] b. May, 1731. He died in childhood, May 16, 1734. 
Sarah, [124] b. March 3, 1733. She died in infancy. Jan., 1734. 


Hannah, [125] hapt. Dec. 7, 1735. She died in infancy, Dec. 30, 1735. 

Hannah. [126] bapt. June 7, 1737; m. {pub. Feb. S, 1755) Francis Perkins. 

William, [127] b. March 5. 1740. He died in infancy, Aug. 10, 1740. 

Susanna, [128] b. April 19, 1741. She died in infancy. June i, 1741. 

Samuel, [129] b. March 15, 1742; m. March 5. 1764, Elizabeth Perkins; d. Dec. 8. 

Susanna, [130] b. July 9, 1743. She d. in infancy, Nov. i, 1743. 
William, [131] b May 31, 1745. He died in infancy, Feb. 27, 1746. 

William Cdgswei.l, in 1732, built the Cuk>wc1I 1iuu>c, which is still standing. 1SS4, m<\ 
is occupied by his lineal descendants, .\lbert and Jonathan t'ofjswell. Mr. Cogswell's second 
wife, Mrs. Appleton, was a granddaughter of Col. Thomas and Elizabeth Cogswell [ 10 ] Wade. 
Her first husband, Benjamin .\ppleton, E-sq.. died Feb. 12, 1731. It probably was the above 
William Cogswell who was appomted, June 25, 1746, one of a "committee to go and view the 
land and bee the qualifications thereof, and report to the proprietors as soon as may be " in 

\n the old burying ground of Chebaccu I'nrish are found gravestones inscribed as follows : 


Wife of William, Died Feb. 19. 1762, 

Died June i6th, 1734, Aged 68 years." 

Aged 34 years." 




Susanna" Cogswell, Cyo/in'^, William^, yohn^), daughter of Lieut. 
John' [ni and Hannah (Goodhue) Cogswell, was born March 10, 1696, 
in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She married, 1718, Samuel Low, 
who was the great-grandfather of Capt. Winthrop Low, of Esse.x, Mass. 

their children were: 
Samuel. Sr/sanna. Aaihaniel. 





JoHN^ Cogswell {yo/itfi, Willnun-, jfo/in^), son of Lieut. John^ [HI 
and Hannah (Goodhue) Cogswell, was born Dec. 2, 1699, in Chebacco 
Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, Oct. 20, 1720, Siisanim Llkc. 
She was born Jan. 12, 1698. The\-li\ed in Marblehead, and afterwards 
in Haverhill, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Dec. 18, 17S0. She died Jan. 
14, 1784. 


ScsANNA, [132] b. 1722; m Dr. James Pecker ; d. .March 15. 17O1. 
Sarah, [133] b. 1725; m. .^pril 11, 1745. Skipper Dodge. 

JoH.v. [134] b. Feb. 17, T72S; m. .■\ug. 21, 1749. 'Abigail White; m. -March ig, 1752. 
■Sarah Bartlett ; d. March 31. iSlS. 


The niairiaye -cin ice .if Jnhn Coy>.» til .uul .Su>.uin.i I.uu was b\ Rev. Ebeiie^ei ( iay, 1). I >.. 
of Hingham, .Mass. Mr. Cogswell was a s.iddlei. Muiekeeper, and farmer. In deeds and 
uther documents he was .st\led " (ientleman." 




Fr.'\n-cis* Coi.swEi I , (yohif\ Williaiifi, yoliii^). son of Lieut. John^ 
[Hi and Hannah (Goodhue) Cogswell, was born in Chebacco Parish, 

Ip.swich, Mass. He married ^Elizabetli . They lived in Ipswich, 

Mass. Mrs. Cogswell died. Mr. Cogswell married '-J//;7(?w . Mrs. 

Miriam Cogswell died. Mr. Cogswell married ■^Hannah Woodbury, of 
Beverly, Mass. She was born Feb. 4, 1734. Mrs. Hannah Cogswell 
died, and Mr. Cogswell married, Nov. 19, 1767, *Mrs. Eli.zabitli {Wil- 
liams) Crocker, daughter of Rev. William Williams, of Western, Mass. 
She was born Oct., 1715, and the widow of Dea. Benjamin Crocker, 
A. M. :\Ir. Cogswell died Oct. 2,S, 1774, Mrs Elizabeth Cogswell died 
March 12, 1800. 

EhenlzER, [135] *<;//. Dec. 25. 1727. He died in carl) life. 1750. 
Hannah. [136] !'• Jan. 19. 1729: m. i pub. Marcli 29, 17501 Z<-*«/<w Lane: d. Feb. 9. 


Lydia, [137] b. July 22, 1732: m. 1752. ^Rev. Timothy Sytnmcs ; m. {pub. Feb. 16, 

\ 760) -Richard Potter; d. Oct. 12, 1773. 
Francis, [138] i5<7//. Feb. 4, 1734: m. Feb. 14, 1771. Anstice Manning; d. Oct. 22, 

JosFPH, [139] (5,7//. Aug. 16. 1731'): m. Aug 16, 1763. Abigail Patch ; d. July 21, 1791. 
.Abigail. [140] m. [pub. April 17, 1762) Abraham Dodge : d. Nov. 8. 17.S7. 


Eunice, [141]. She died in infancy. 

Eunice, [142] bap^t. Sept. 27, 1739; ni. Sept. i, 1761, Capt. John Farley ; d. Sept. 18, 

-Miriam, [143]. 

Daniel. [144] b. July 12. 1744. He died in childhood. Sept. 7, 1747. 
Anna, [145] b. Oct. 12, 1746. She died in infancy, Aug., 1747. 


Sarah. [146] b. 1757: ni. March 24, 1773, Xathnniel Gratten. 
Susanna, [147] b. 1760: 111. Dec. 3. 177C, William Klivell. 
iMARV, [148] b. 1761. 

ited .\ug. 2S, 1794; she die< 
\ecutnr. Estate settled Sepl 
1-. N.itli.miel, Willi.ini, and S..l,ini..i 
.IKV I'.iKkniinMLT, .uul K>tlu- 
i.v.'An>ticc C.ij;>wcll. .Miigai 
L"..,l;,~ul-II, ami -laiuklaui^lnev. Savali rMliei. SIk- her own dauylitcr.N .S.-irah am 
Kli/aliLth ("i.itkd. Ljiaml.l.mylitti-. 1 \,li.i ^11. Lli/ C'ri.ckcr. i:ii.<al.etli William^- 
and yraiid-uns, ami J..,q)l, (, rnekci 

Kiv. William Williams. Mr~. r,.:^.«tir-, l.ahn. ua~ the -.m ..I Kc\ William Willi, 
who married a daughter of Ki\. J.ihn (•..ttm,, li. 1)., nt i;..Mun, Ma-. Iki tathcr wa- 1 
.May II, l6SS, in Hatfield, Ma>-. ; gr.ul.iatnl ni 1705 Harvard inllL-r, ami wa- .irdai 
1707, in Western, Mass. .Mr-. rn-,u,ir- nmihui «a~ a .laughtu m Km. Suloimm .Studd 
of Xorthaminoii ; hence M)-, rUg-wcll wa-. own i,,ii-in t.. I'n.-iilcnl |i>nathan Edur 
D. U. Williams College was nanud tm this lamlly. 

"Francis Cogswell and Elizabeth, hi.s wife, of Ipswich, to .Scc.nd) and W 
Secomh, land situated in Lanesboroiigh. Ilerkshirc Co.. .Mass. sigm.1l I7(..S. Witne 
before Joseph Appleton, Oct. 22, 1771." 

Cap/. John and Eunice {Cogswell) Farley lived in I|iswicli. Mass. He was the so 
-Michael and Elizabeth (linker) Farley, and inhcriled thv li..mestcad. There is a degre 
nncertaiiitv in regard to the children of the st-.ond ami thiid marria-vs. 


There were 1 



the fourth man 

iaue. \ 

1774. and prove 

1 Nov. 

-^v I 

774: his wife. 1- 


There is mtntio 

1 in M 


U-well's »ill ot 

tUO so 

daughters, Ilann 

di l.aiiL 


liee F.arlcv. and 

.\ hi nail 

in-law, Abraham 



e s,,ns, Fr.aneis 

and |o 

and e.xecutors. 

The will of 

.Mrs. E 


th (Williamsi r 


March 12, 1800. 



ridge, ot llartfo, 

d, Mass. 

7, iSoi. Mrs. C 



tions hei three 


Williams; and h 

cr sistti 

s. .\ 

na Parti idue, M 

■IL\ See 

Williams. .Shf 

lamvs d 

eis. Hannah 1 ,a 

le, Kimi 



1 43 1 


Elizabeth-' Cogswell, {Jo/iii\ William'K John^), daughter of 
Lieut. John^ in] and Hannah (Goodhue) Cogswell, was born in Che- 
bacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She married, Oct. 20, 1717, Col. Josepli 
Blaney, smi of Joseph Blaney. He was born, and they lived in Marble- 
head, Mass. 


Elizabeth, b Jan. 14. 1720. She died in infancy. 
Elizabeth, b. May 14. 1723. She died in childhood, March 30, 1729. 
Abigail, b. Dec. 5, 1724. She died in inlancy, Jan. 1. 1725. 
Abigail, b. Jan. Ii, 1726. 

Joseph, b. May 24. 1728. He died in infancy. April 22, 1729. 
Joseph, b. Feb. 12. 1730. 
Benjamin, b. Dec. 16, 1 73 1. 
Nehemiah. b. Nov. 3, 1733. 
Elisabeth, b. July 2, 1735. 

Susannah, b. June 13, 1737. She died in infancy. June 30. 1737. 
Wzltiam, b. March 30, 1739. 


Col. Joseph Blaney was a tanner. They >nid their right in her father's estate to her 
brother. William Cogswell [39], Dec. 3, 1726. 

Hcthia Coifs-M-ll [46], Mrs. Elizabeth (Cogswell) Hlaney's sister, married Jedediah Bla- 
nev, ol Marblehead, .Mas>. He was a hoosewright. 




M.ARGARET^ Cogswell, cyo/nr', U'lllutni', yolni^), daughter of 
Lieut. John-' in] and Hannah (Goodhue) Cogswell, was born in Che- 
bacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She married, March i, 1722, ^Ainos 
Pcrley, of Bo.xford, Mass., son of Lieut. Thomas and Mrs. Abigail 
(Peabody) Perley, nee Towne. He was born May 3, 1699, in Topsfield, 
Mass. They lived in Bo.xford, Mass. Mr. Amos Perley died March, 
1748. Mrs. Margaret Perley married, Oct. 11, 1759, '-Lieut. Mark 
Ho-a<e, son of Abraham and Sarah (Peabody) Howe. He was born 
March 28, 1695, in Ipswich, Mass. Mr. Howe died Feb., 1770. 



Stephen, bapt. third Sabbath of May, 1727. 

Amos, b. May 18. 1727. 

Abigail, bapt. Dec. 7, 1729. She died in childhood. 

Hannah, b. Jan. 8, 1731 : m. 1749. Paul Prichard ; d. 1810. 

Abigail, b. Dec. 28, 1732; m. Nov, i, 1750, 'William Spofford ; m. Nov. 16, 1761, 

■^ Jacob Ha:eu. 
Nathaniel ,h. Feb. 13, 1735. 
Enoch, b. May 26, 1737. 

Eunice, b May 29. 1739; "■"■ Daniel Xoursc : d. 1S22. 
Sarah, b. Oct. 21, 1741. Slie died in cliildhood. 

Amos Perky, witii his wife Margaret, was a member of the First Church in 
Bo.xford. Mr. Parley was surveyor of highways, overseer of the poor, con- 
stable, selectman, and for many years clerk of the First Parish. His will was 
dated Jan. 14, 1748, and proved April 11. 174S. In his will he gives all 
his household furniture to Margaret, his wife, and orders his son Amos to 
provide her a horse to ride on He mentions an "old negro, valued £?>o, 
and young negro, valued /"is." One of these was '■ Jane," who was baptized 
April 7, 1745. Mrs. Perky remained a widow eleven years, when she married 
Lieut. Howe. His first wife was Hephzibah Perkins, of Topsfield. Mass., and 
they had eleven children. By the second marriage there were no children. 


Paid and Hain.nh {PrrAjj Prichard removed to New I])swich, X. H. They were 
member.^ of the church. He was a housewright ; took an active part in the Revolutionary 
times. He was of the Committee of Safety and Correspondence, a selectman and represent- 
ative. Mis. Prichard was a doctress. Their nine children W(;re, .Sarah, Amos, Jeremiah 
I'trley, William, Sarah, Hannah, John, and Benjamin. 

Jl'iHi.uii and AHi,'ail [PcrU-y] Spojford lived in Georgetown. He was a soldier in the 
French and Indian wars, and died in the service, 1759. They were members of the church, 
and had four children, .Abigail, Israel, Sarah, and Olive. Mrs. .Abigail Spofford married 
-Jacob Hazen, of Rowley; they lived in Bo.xford. The children of this marriage were six; 
viz., Jacob, Hannah, William, Hephzibah, Enoch, and Phebe. 

Z>.7«/V/and Eunice (Pcrley) Notirsc, of Rowley, were member.-, (it the church. They had 
nine children; viz., Betsy, Eunice, Lucy, Daniel, Sally, Hannah, Huldah, John, and P"ann\. 


45 1 


X.\THANiEL'' Cogswell {yohii\ Williaur, yoliu^), son of I.ieut. 
John-' [17] and Hannah (Goodhue) Cogswell, was born Jan. 19, 1707, in 
Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, Jan 31, 1740, yiaiith 


Bii((:;(r, daii^diter of Joseph and Hannah (Peaslee) Badger. She was 
born Feb 5, 1724, in Haverhill, Mass., where they resided for many 
years. They subsequently removed to Atkinsf)n, X. H. Mr. Cogs- 
well died March 23, 1783. She died May 7. 1810. 


Nathaniel, [149] b. May 14, 1741. He died in bo\liood. Nov. 9, 1754. 
Jeremiah, [150] li. July 12 1743; "'■ .I""*^ '-• \l(A- MehUahlc Clement : d. .K\>\\\ 20. 

JnsEi'H, [151] b Nov. 23, 1744. He died in childhood, Dec. I, 1746. 
Thomas. [152] b. Aug. 4. 1746: m. Feb. 26. 1770, Ruth Badger ; d. Sept. 3. 1810. 
JosEiH. [153] b. Dec. 31, 1747. He died in childhood, July 22, 1752. 
Hannah, [154] 1). July 13, 1749; m. Jan. 2, 1772, Rev. Jonathan Searle ; d. Dec. 1, 

JniiTH, [155] b. .March 23, 1750. She died in childhood, Aug. 21. 1733. 
Amos. [156] b. Oct. 2, 1752; m. Nov. 20, 17S5. Mrs. L\dia (Baker) Wallingford : 

d. Jan. 28, 1826. 
Judith. [157] b. March 24, 1754. She died in infancy, Sept. 2. 1754. 
Naihaniel Peaslee. [158] b. July 10. 1755: m. May 20, 1777, Susannah Lake man : 

d. Ian. 10, 1798. 
Joseph, [159] b. Aug. i. 1756. He di-c! in ir.i.cncy. Aug. 27, 1756. 
Moses, [160] b. Sept. 22. 1737: m. June 13. 17M, Hannah Foster; d. Sept. 16, 

.A DACf.HTEK, [161] b. Jan. 9. 1759. She died the same day. Jan 9, 1759. 
William, [162] b. July 11, 1760: m. July 22, 1786, Judith Badger j d. Jan i, 1831. 
John, [163] b. Dec. 4, 1761 : m. Sept 5, 1782, ^Abiah Moody ; m. -Mrs. Ruth (Butlers 

Parsons, nee Pearson ; d. July, 1826. 
Ebenezer, [164] b. Feb. 14. 1763 : m. Dec. 9. 1783, \1fary Stone; m. -.\fary Stewart ; 

d. Aug. 23. 1847. 
JoSEi'H. [165] b. April 16. 1764; m. Dec. 27, 1788. Judith Colhy: d. March 17, 

Francis. [166] b. Sept 27, 1765. He died in childhood, April 28. 1773. 
A UAIC.HTER. [167] b. Oct. iS, 1767. She died the same day. Oct. 1 - 1767. 


Nathaniel Cogswell was lliree years old when his father died. He went 
from home in boyhood, and entered a store in Haverhill, Mass. He became 
a leading merchant and a prominent citixen of the town. In person he was 
of medium stature, portly, of dark complexion, with black hair and eyes. He 
was a man of integrity and business capacity. He united with the church 
June I, 1746, and was a devoted and efficient member. 

Mrs. Cogswell was the only surviving daughter of Joseph Badger, Esq., a 
merchant in Haverhill. She was but si.xteen years of age at the time of her 
marriage. At the age of twenty, March 18. 1744, she united with the church. 
She was a per.son of commanding figure and cultured manners. Her com- 
ple.xion was fair, her hair brown, and her eyes blue. 


Mr. Cogswell, after a successful business life, retired in 1766, and settled 
upon a farm in Atkinson, X. H. He at once became active in establisiiing 
religious and educational institutions in the town. He gave the land and 
contributed freely toward the first meeting-house, which was erected by private 
subscription in 176S-9. Prior to the completion of the meeting-house, public 
worship was conducted in Mr. Cogswell's house. 

During the Revolutionary War his patriotism was declared by large loans 
of money, to provide equipments and provisions for the soldiers. These 
loans of money, by reason of a depreciated currency, proved almost a total 
loss. Beside providing money, Mr. Cogswell gave eight sons to the army, 
who served with distinction, and fulfilled an aggregate term of service of more 
than thirty-eight years ; said to be the longest rendered by any family in the 
country. It is said that these eight sons were of such height that in the 
aggregate they measured about fifty feet, making a large amount of soldier 
lineally, as well as in other respects. They all survived the war. and became 
prominent in professional and civil life. 

The last survivor of this large family was Joseph Cogswell, M. D., who 
died March 17, 185 1, in Tamworth, N. H. 

" IIaverhiii , Aug. 1},, 17-12. 
" Know all men liv these I'resent.s, that I, Xath'l Cogswell, of Haverhill, in county uf 
Essex and Trovince of ye Massachusetts Kay in Xew England, Trader, for and in considera- 
tion of One }Iundred & Fifteen Pounds to me in hand paid. Do make over, & sell, & convey 
to Sani"l I'hillips, jr., of Andover, Trader, my \egro Boy Cesar, mentioned above and in the 
face of this Hill of Sale. This I do as Fully, Freely, and as absolutely as may be. Morcovci . 
1 do thereby Kind Jt oblige myself to Warrant and Defend sd Negro from ye lawful! Claims 
& Demands of any person or persons whatsoever, to yc above Sam'l Phillip, During sd Negro's 
life. As witness inv Hand & seal. 

\ Xalluiiiul ir,i//;ci; 
\ Jo,HUh.,n JUukr 


[48 1 


Caleb'' Cogswell, {Adaiii'\ Williaui'-, yolni^), son of Adam^ 1 18 1 
and Abigail Cogswell, was born in Chebacco Parish, in Ipswich. He 
married, Oct. i, 1728, Maiy Tyler, daughter of Moses and Ruth (Per- 
ley) Tvler .She was baptized Oct, ^o, 1709, in Bo.xford, Mass. They 
resided in Littleton, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died March 28, 1786. She 
died Oct. 29, 1788. 



Jeremiah, [i68] b. 1732: m. April 17. 1760, 'Elizabeth Hall; m. Oct. 31, 1771. 

■Sarah Fletcher; d. April 17, 1820. 
Adam, [169] b. April 20, 1733 : m. Dec. 20, 1755. Sarah Burnham; d. Dec. 25, 1781. 
RiTH. [170] m. June 2, 1760, Aalhaniel TuttU. 
Mehitahle. [171] m. Dec. 26, 1769, Samuel Hall. 
BenjamI-N, [172] b. Jan. 4, . 


Caleii CocswEl.l. was the only surviving child at his father's decease, 174S. It is said 
that he was for some years "distracted " and had a guardian. He lived in the northern part 
of Littleton, on the road leading to Forge Village, in Westford, near the boundary of the 
town. There was another Cogswell family at a little distance, within the limits of Westford. 

There is mentioned a Caleb Cogswell at the siege of Louisburg. in the journal of Kenja- 
niin Cr<ift, under date of July 15 and 16, 1745. 


I 52 


Jeremiah^ Cogswell, (Adaiii\ Williaur, yolai^), son of Capt. Adam-^ 
[18] and Abigail Cogswell, was born p-eb. 22, 1693, in Chebacco Parish, 
Ipswich, Mass. He married. 

Jeremiah, [173]. 

theik only so.n 



Marv' Col. -well, {Adaiw\ U'illiaiir, Johit^), daughter of Adam^, 
18: and Abigail Cogswell, was born in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, 
Mass. She married, 171 8, yoscpli Gilbert, son of Dea. John and 
Elizabeth (Kilham) Gilbert. He was born Feb. i, 1691, in Ipswich 
Hamlet, and was twin brother of Benjamin Gilbert. They removed to 
Littleton, Mass. Mrs. Mary Gilbert died, and Mr. Gilbert married, 
\ J IC), '^Elizabeth Whipple. 


Dea. John Gilherl, father of Joseph, was one of the first deacons in the church in 
Hamlet, chosen \.>v 9. i:m He "died .March 17, 1723. 





William-* ConswELL {Adaui^, Williavr, yoliu^), son of Capt. Adanr' 
[island Abigail Cogswell, was born in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, 
Mass. He married Hannah Burn/mm. They lived in Ipswich, Mass. 
Mr. Cogswell died 1727. Mrs. Hannah Cogswell married (probably 
Aug. 2, 1743) -Auilrew Burley, son of Hon. Andrew and Lydia (I'ingry) 
Burley. He was bapt. Nov. 29, 17 19. 


Elizabeth, [174] b. 1722; m. {pub. Sept. 22, 1744) Stephen Boardman. 
William. [175] b. Nov. 26, 1724. He died in infancy. 
Ha.n'nah, [176] b. Jan. 22, 1726. 


Mrs. llamial, {Buriihavi) Coj^swr// v:i> the daughter of Mr. lUnlcy^ f.ilhcr'^ second wife, 
who was Mrs. Hannah llurnham. The inventory of Mr. Cogswell's estate was dated Oet. 26, 
1727. There were forty-si.x acres of land, which his father, Adam Cogswell, had given him. 

AnJrew and Mrs. Ifjiinnh {Cof^s-M-ll) Biirhy, "ec Buriiliam, lived in Ipswich, Mass. 

Aiuin-w, Inipi. Dec. 2, 1744; m. ''Mayy Dean : m. -RhoJa Whiti. 
Hannah, hapt. Sept. 27. 1746; m. Daniel Caldwdl. 
John, hift. Aug. 21, 174S. 
WilliavL, bapt. Jan. 6, 1750; m. Dec. 22, 1772, '^Susanna Farley; m. June 25, 1799, "Lydia 

Austin : A. .^pril 7, 1S23. 
James, b. Feb. 11, 1753; m. Susanna Sxuazy : A. Ajiril, 1S22, in E.xeter, X. H. 
Ahigatl, bapt. Oct. 10, 1756. 
.Mary, bapt. June 10, 1759. 

Mr. and -Mrs. ISurley lived on a place originally granted by Gov. Thomas Dudley to his 
son, Samuel Dudley. .Andrew liurley, K.sq., was a graduate of Harvard College, in the class 
of 1742. Rev. John Wainwright and Col. John Dcnison were his classmates. He died .\ug., 
17SS, at advanced age. 




Margaret* Cogswell, {yohn^, "John-, yokn^), daughter of John'' 
[21] and Margaret (Gifford) Cogswell, was born Sept. 6, 1675, in Lynn, 
Mass. She married. May 10, 1698, Moses Hawkcs. son of John and 
Rebecca (Maverick) Hawkes. He was born in Lynn, where they 
resided. Mr. Hawkes died July i, 1709. 



Moses, b. March 4, 1699: m. April 9, 1730, Susanna Townsend. 

Margaret, b. Nov. 5. 1700: m. Aug. 10, 1722. Je'emiah Eaton. 

Adam, b. Dec. 15. 1702. He died, unmarried, July 22, 1729. 

John, b, Jan. 27. 1705; m. April 22, 1732, Hannah Preiish : d. Oct. 12, 174S, 

Rebecca, b. Auj;. 12, 1708; m. Dec 3. 1732. Samuel Whitfoid. 


Moses J/,iwtcs and Margaret Cag.--^:// were married by Kev. William Hubbard, of Ipswich, 
Mass. Mrs. Rebecca (Maverick) Hawkes. mother of Moses Hawkes, died Sept. 4, 1659; his 
father, John Hawkes, married, April 1 1, 1661. -Sarah Cushman. 

^/i■r,y //a-ii'hs, sister of Moses Hawkes, married Nathaniel t'loodhuc, of Ipswich, Mass. 

.Va<,s //a-u'ivs. in his will of l7aS, gave his farm to his three oldest children, Moses. 
.Margaret, and .\dam. Ebenezer Hawkes and Hananiah Hutchinson were e.xecutors. 

The town. Saugiis, was changed to Lvnn in 163.S. and what is now Saugus was set off 
from Lvnn in iSi ;. 



Elizaheth^ Cogswell, (yolui'^, yolur, yolm^), daughter of John' 
(21 J and Margaret (Gifford) Cogswell, was born Aug. i, 1677. She 
married, June 16, 1701, Ebaiczcr Hai^'kcs, son of John and Sarah 
(Cushman) Hawkes. He was born in Lynn, Mass, where they lived. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Hawkes died June 16, 1718. Mr Hawkes married, 
17 19, -Mrs. Sarah {Burrett) Xi\^'bo!d, daughter of William Barrett. 
She died May 3, 1732, and Mr. Hawkes married, 1733, '-^Riitlt Graves, 
who died Jan. 15, 1760. Mr. Ebenezer Hawkes died 1766. 


Ebenezer. b. July 14. 1702: m. 1725, Anna Breed. 

Elizat>eth, b. April 24, 1704; m. Griffin. 

Samuel, b. May 12, 1706: m. Philadelphia Estcs. 


Ebenezer Ifa-^'ke^ inherned the homestead which descended to his son Samuel. He was 
an anchor maker and trader ; did a large business. After his first wife's death he removed 
to Marblehead, where his son Kbene/.er and daughter tlizabeth afterwards settled. He 
bought an entire township in Maine, called Windham, where his grandchildren settled. 

Samuel Hawke.. a descendant, resides on the old place in Saugus, Mass. 




GiFFORD'' Cogswell, (yo/iii\ yolm-, yp/in^), son of Johii^' i 21 ] and 
Margaret (Gifford) Cogswell, was born Aug. 4, 1679, in Ipswich, Mass. 
He married, Dec. 27, 1722, Sarah Parsons, daughter of Jeffrey Parsons. 
She was born Feb. 20, 1695, in Gloucester, Mass. They lived in 
Ipswich. Mr. Cogswell died March, 1752. 

.Marg.ARET. [177] m. {pub. March 16, 1 744) IVilliatn Goldthwaitc. 

Abig.-vil, [178] m. Feb. 22, 1749, Isaac Marshall. 

Sakaii, [179]. 

Marv, [180]. She died unmarried. 


Gil hOKI. ConswKI.I. and S,irali r,u,oii> were inl l.v Rev. juhn W hile, m OLmces 
tcr, Mas.s. He left no suns. Mr. Cogswell is mentioned with Jaeob I'erkins and James 
.Smith, all of Ipswich, June, 1721, in the purchase of twenty-seven acres of land, at .Straits- 
mouth, Gloucester, Mass., of John Kabson. He was trustee of the parish, and a member of 
the church. In 1729. " The town received /loo of Gifford Cogswell on account of charges at 
law about school farm." 


[60 1 


John* Cogswell, {yolin\ yolnr. yo/iii^). son of John'' [21; and 
Margaret (Gifford) Cogswell, was born Sept. 6, 1683, in Ipswich, Mass. 
He married, 1708, Sarah Broiun, daughter of John Brown. They 
resided in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass, Mr. Cogswell died 17 19. 
Mrs. Sarah Cogswell died July 15, 1753. 


Sarah, [181] b. 1710: m. Aug. 19, 1734, Jacob Buriiha?n. 

Mary, [182] b. 171 2. 

Martha, [183] b. 1714. 

John. [184] b. July 14, 1717: m. May 11. 1741, Mary Cogswell [118]. 


Mr. Cogswell died at thirty-six years of age. His will was proved Oct. 5, 1719. Mrs 
Cogswell was a member of the church. 





Marv^ Cogswell, {yo/in\ yo/in-, yoliii^), daughter of John" [21] 
and Margaret (Gifford) Cogswell, was born Dec , 1685. She married 
(////'. Sept. 8, 1 7 16) Jacob Perkins, son of Isaac and Hannah (Knight) 
Perkins. He was born Nov. 9, 1678 They lived in Ipswich, Mass. 
Mrs. Mary Perkins died, and Mr Perkins married, Feb. 10, 1728, ^J/;x 
Susanna {Cogswell) Butler [31]. Mr. Perkins died March, 1754. 


'Jacob. Mary. She died in infancy. 




Bethanv^ Cogswell, {John-\ jFokn', Jol/n'), daughter of John'' 
[21] and Margaret (Gifford) Cogswell, was born 1687, in Ipswich, 
Mass. She married, July 22, 1723, Samuel Gott, of Gloucester, Mass., 
where they resided. Mrs Gott died April 23, 1755. 

Josep/,, ) 

r, ■ . ► 1). Au'r. 1-5. 1 7 

Benjamin, ) t^ j 1 

Bethany, b. .Sept. 29. 1 727 




Sus.-WNA* Cogswell, {John\ John", Jo/iu^), daughter of John'" f 21 1 
and Margaret (Gifford) Cogswell, was born Mav 5, 1691, in Ipswich, 
Mass. She married, Dec. 14, 1721, Jeremiah Parsons, son of Jeff rem- 
and Abigail (Younglove) Parsons. He was born March 26, 1697, in 
Gloucester, Mass. 


Jeiemiah, b. March lo, 1724: m. Dec. 12. 1751, Milbeny ; d. about 1760. 

Jeffrey, b. July 8, 1 726. 

Susanna, b. July 11, 1 72S ; m. Cnpt. William Coas. 

Zacchaus, b. Aug. 21, 1731 : d. May, 1755. 


Jeremiah Parsum's estate was settled Nov. 7, 1757. Capt. William Coas was of Glouces 
tei, Mass. 


[65 1 


H.\NKAH'' Cogswell, {Sami/c/'\ yo/in-, yoltu^), daughter of Samuer" 
[22 J and Susanna (Haven) Cogswell, was born June 4, 1670, in Say- 
brook, Conn. She married, Jan. 20, 1692, yosiaJi Diluli. 


Elizabeth, b. May ,S, 1693. 

Hannah, b. Jan. 28, 1696. 

Susanna, ) , 

Afartha. ^ b- Nov. 14, .6<j7. 

Josiah, b, Dec. 31, 1699, last day of tlie century. 

John, b. Dec. 15, 1702. 


[67 1 


Wastall* Cogswell, {Samuel^, yoJiifl, yolni^), son of Samuel^ 
[22] and Susanna (Haven) Cogswell, was born Feb. 17, 1674, in Say- 
brook, Conn. He married ^ Hannali . They lived in Lyme, Conn. 

Mrs. Hannah Cogswell died, and Mr. Cogswell married. May 24, 1697, 

Martha . They resided in Lyme, Conn. Mrs. Martha Cogswell 

died Jan. 12, 1705. Mr. Wastall Cogswell died prior to 1 709. 


.S.-\RAH, [185] b. June 4, iCxj8. She died in childhood, Nov. 30, 1704. 
Hannah. [186] b. Sept. 23, 1700: m. Nov. 3. 1723, John Scovel. 
Stephen, [187] b. Marcli 23, 1702. 
Martha, [188J. She died in infancy, Jan. 27. 1705. 


Wastall Cogswell evidently received his name from John Wastall, who 
was in some way connected with the family ; perhaps an uncle of Mrs. Susan- 
nah (Haven) Cogswell. The name Wastall has various spellings, viz., Westall, 
Westell, Wastoll, and Wastall. 

Mr. Wastall Cogswell was a blacksmith, as appears from the inventory 
made of his effects, April 21, 1709. That he was married twice, and the name 
of his first wife was Hannah, appear in a further statement, in which mention 
is made of "clothes given to Hannah, that was his first wife." Mention is 
made that Wastall Cogswell administered upon the estate of the said Samuel 
Cogswell, his honored father. Wastall Cogswell must have died about 1709. 
as his brother Samuel Cogswell received an inventory of his estate as his e.\ec- 
utor, April 21, 1709. 


Town Kecord of Lyme, Conn., Book II., page ;;::S : " We.stall Cogswell was married unto 
Maltha, his ne« wife, the 24 May, 1697." Then follows a record of "the Birth and Death of 
the children of Westall Cogswell and Martha, his wife," as above given. No mention is 
made of chikhen of the first marriage. 

There is record made, Vol. II.. page 141, of a deed dated July 1. 1701, in which occurs 
the following; 

"Joli.N Bl..\Nr.l; FROM Josi.Mi Dihei.i.. 

" losiah Pil>ill r,-iise sum of money to discharge my obligations to Westell and Robert 
Cogswell, for land bought of thi said Westell Cogswell (e.xecutor of the estate of .Samuel 
Cogswell), late of Saybrook. dcLL..sed." 

S.uiiii,! Ci\::n.;l/ [ 68 ] was the e.xecutor of his brother Wastall Cogswell's estate, as appears 
fr.ini Tnun Records of Lyme. Conn., .Second l!o..k. pp. 229. 

" l.VME, this ;isi April. 1709. 
"Sanu.el Cgswell received of the Estate of his brother. Westall Cogsuell, deceased, as 

l s. d. 
It. The sho)) and all the tools, and the iron, was prized in it. which two in 

Inventory t - 1 oS 

li. .\ pair .>f ii.\eii ,\; a pair ..1 two years old steers ir o o 

AlsM cine lleifcv .,.200 

li. Half of the sheep v\: half of the swine I or 04 

( >nc (;un willed to Stephen 3 °.i ° 

Ii. F.nn two vears old cattle 300 

2.aKes, i;, lo,.-.; oneMare, ^33.. 4 M o 

Ii. 3guns J o 

what ap]ieared in a great chest 1160 

li. I pair i.f lioots 070 

"S.WULI. CocswELl, Jixicutor." 
(Aaron UiKith: 
" ^^ '""^^-■''•■^ • 'i Xalh.nticI Cogswell." 


[68 I 


Samuel'" Cogswell, {Sau/iu!', yo/iii'-, Jolni^), son of Samuel'' [22] 
and Susanna (Haven) Cogswell, was born Aug. 3, 1677, in Saybrook, 
Conn. He married, March 17, 1701, 'J/;-j. Ann (Mason) Dcnisoit, 
daughter of Capt. John Mason, and widow of John Deiiison, Jr. The)' 
resided in Lebanon, Conn. Mrs. Ann Cogswell died, and Mr. Cogs- 
well married "^Abigail . They lived in Canterbury, Conn. Mr, 

Cogswell died March 21, 1752. Mrs. Abigail Cogswell died June 17, 


Samiel, [189] h. Dec. 23, 1701. He probably died in infancy. 
Anna, [190] b. Dec. 22. 1703: m. Jan. 22, 1729, Samuel Bushncll. 
Hezekiah, [191] b. Feb. i. 1706. He probably died young. 
Sa.muel, [192] I). 1707; m Feb. 7, 1727, Elizabeth Bingham. 
Hezekiah, [193] b. 1709; m. Susanna Bailey. 
Robert. [194] b.171 1 ; m. Jan. 16. 1733, Sarah Bailey. 
Jedediah, [195] b. 1713. 

James, [196] b. Jan. 0. 1720: m. April 24, 1745. ^Aliu- Fitch : m. 1773, -Mrs. Martha 
{Lothropi Devotion; m. ^Mrs. Hibbard; d. Jan 2, 1.S07. 


Samuel Cogswell probably li\ed a few years after marriage in Say- 
brook, Conn. ; but certain lands coining into his possession in Lebanon, he 
removed to that place. In advanced life Mr. Cogswell made his home with 
his son. Rev. James Cogswell, of Canterbury. Conn. There was a Samuel 
Cogswell received to the communion of the church in Lebanon, June 30, 1728, 
and an Ann Cogswell, Aug. 29, 1742. These were probably Samuel and his 
wife, Mrs. Ann Cogswell. 

Mrs. Ann (Denison) Cogsweli., hA- ^L\Sll.^■. was the daughter of Capt. 
John Mason, who was in King Philip's \\'ar, and died of wounds received in 
a battle with the Indians at Narragansett Ford, in 1675. Mrs. Cogswell had 
one brother, John Mason. Mrs. Cogswell's grandfather was Major John 
Mason, who was born in 1600, in England; came to America in 1630; settled 
in Dorchester, Mass., but removed to Connecticut in 1635 ; was one of the 
founders of Windsor ; took an active part in the Pequot War, after which, lived 
in Saybrook, and removed, in 1659, to Norwich, Conn. He was for thirty 
years Major of the colonial forces, a magistrate from 1642 to 1668, and Deputy- 
Governor of Connecticut from 1660 to 1670 By the request of the General 
Court of Connecticut, he prepared an account of the Pequot War, which was 
published by Increase Matiier. and rt-printed in 1677. 


Major Mason married, July, 1639, -Anne Peck, of Hartford, Conn. Their 
children were Isabel ; Priscilla, b. Oct., 1641, m., Oct., 1664, Rev. James Fitch, 
being his second wife ; Rachel ; Anne, b. June, 1650. m. Dr. William Whiting, 
of Great Barrington, Mass. ; David ; and Elizabeth, who married James Fitch, 
eldest son of Rev. James Fitch, so that father and son married sisters. Rev. 
James Fitch, first minister of Saybrook, Conn., was born Dec. 24, 1622. in 
Bocking, England. He came to America in 1638, studied seven years, was 
ordained in England in 1646, and settled in Saybrook, Conn., but in later life 
removed to Norwich, Conn., where he died in 1696. His will was an important 


Ccipt. John Mason, oi Stonington, deeded, March S, 1725,10 .Samuel and .-^nn Cogswell 
certain land> in Lebanon, Conn., the con.sideration being a " General Release or quit claim 
from Samuel and .\nn Cogswell, daughter of Capt. John Mason, Esq., of Norwich, deceased, 
to him, ve said Capt. John Mason, of Stonington, ... of the other real and personal effects 
of said John Mason, decea.sed." From which it appears that Capt. John Mason, of Stoning- 
ton, was son of Capt. John Mason, Esq., of Norwich, and brother of Mrs. Ann Cogswell. 

Mr>. CogswellV first husband, John Denison, Jr., was a grandson of Gen. Daniel Denison, 
of Ipswich, Mass. The date of Mr>. Ann Cogswell's death is not ascertained, but we find 
Julv 3, 1748, Samuel and Abigail Cogswell, parents of Kev. James Cogswell, admitted to the 
church in Canterbury, Conn. 

Robert ro^.-iv// received deed of land from his parents, Samuel and .\nn (Mason) Cogs- 
well, Sept. 7, 1733. There was a Robert Cogswell, of Conn., mentioned in 1741. 
Robert Cogswell owned a small piece of land in Haddani. which he sold in 1739. His mark 
was entered on the Town Records of Haddani. Conn. 

jL-didicih Cogs-aicU lived in Hanover, Hunterdon Ct.., N.J. The Town Records of Lebanon, 
Conn., under date of Sept. 14, 1733, mention a deed given by Samuel and .^nn (.Mason) Cogs- 
well to their son Jedidiah Cogswell, weaver, of Hanover, Hunterdon Co., N. J. 

Samuel* Cogs-u'cl! [ 68 ], of Lebanon, Conn., may have had other children, viz. : Alii HE \ 
Cogswell, who was admitted to the communion in 1730, and who married, March 23, 1731, 
David Foster : PheiiE and Hann.\h Coi;swei.l, who were admitted to communion the same 
vear, 1735 : also Te.mperanie Cogswell, who married, Nov. 10. 1737, John Hutehinson. 



Joseph^ Cogswell, {Snmiiel'\ Johf, y;;////'), son of SamuerM22! 
and Susanna (Haven) Cogswell, was born April 10, 16S2, in Saybrook, 
Conn. He married, Aug. 25, 17 10, Anna Orris, daughter of Samuel 
and Deborah Orvis. She was born in Farmington, Conn., now South- 
ington, where they resided. 



JoSEl'H, [197] b. May 24, 171 1: in. May 3, '73-, Joanna Andnivs; d. May 2, 

Saml'EL, [198] b. May 23, 1713; m. Noy. 2.S, 1734, Mary Lant^don. 
Nathan, [igg] b. May 20, 171O; m. Noy. 24, 1737. Susan U' mer. 
SvsA.N'.VA, [200] b. Aug. iS, 17US; m. Jan. i. 1741, Jedidiah .Smith. 
Maktha, [201] b. Aug. 24, I 721. 
David, [202] b. March 26, 1 725 ; m. Aug. 10, 1 749, ^Maiy Woodruff; m. -Mrs. Naomi 

{Frost) Bro'dun; d. Feb. 15, 1.S06. 
Mary, [203] li. May 21, 1728; m. Oct., 1756. 
Deborah. [204] b. Aug. 23, 1731. 

Mr. (/ng-well was admitled to the cliurch in .Snuthiiigtoii Pal 
year .ifler it> ,.,n.,ni^atiun. Mi>. .-\nna Cogsuell was received .i> 

"Jo.sciili |-..,L;swell deeded. .\]iril lo. 1710, to his bruthei" Nal 
his ri};hl and title in an undivided nintli of 2,000 acres o( land in 
which acciucd lo him from hi^ honured father's estate." 




Nathaniel'' Cogswell, {Sai/iiic/\ yo/tn-, yo/ni^), son of Samuel'* 
[22 1 and Susanna (Haven) Cogswell, was born Dec. i6, 1684, in .Say- 
brook, Conn. He married, and lived in Lvme, Conn. 


X,:tli.inicl C,\Q:niU-// received, .Xpril 10, 1710, a deed from his brother Jose))h of an undi- 
vided ninth of a 2,000-acre lot in Hebron, Conn.; and also April 21, 1710,3 sindhir deed 
from his brother Jolm of a like amount. This 2,000-acre lot was a jjart of his honored 

and mortgaged the same to John A\-er, 1714. 

" March 17, 1716. Deed from Wm. Ely to Nathaniel Cogswell, of Lyme, of House and 
Lot, 3i acres upland, and a meadow, for' valuable consideration (same inoperty cost Kly 

"June 7, 1717. Deed from John Clark lo Xathaniel Cogswell, of Lyme, House and ten 
acres of land, £\ ^." 

"May 16, 171S. Deed from Joseph Sill tu Nathaniel Cogswell, land, for ^^4 10.-." / V,/. 
7'«C'« A'confs of Lyme, Conn. 

The town clerk of North Lyme say.s, "These Cogswells were of .Saybrook, as Lyme was 
.Saybrook mitil 1667." What became of Nathaniel's property is not ascertained. 




Joshua^ Cogswell, {Sii»i!ifl^, yp/iti-. yplnt^). son of SamuePl22; 

and Susanna (Haven) Cogswell, married Man . They lived in 

Coventn-, Conn 


JOSHIA, [205] b. JiJy 15, I72f.; m : d. Oct 27, 1799. 

Petek, [206] b. June 12, \~z%. 

JosEVH. [207! ) (^-ni.^ Sarah McKiune\ :xa.^ McKinntyj A. lyC^. 

bEXjA>llx.[2o8] > ''■ J"'> '• '"3°: ^ ro 1731, Z^j Thompson; d. about kS^s'. 
EuzABETH, [209] b. March ;(> 1 733- 

Jivhtij' Cp/rrzcv/I, according to tradif.un. hailed iiou-, Rochester, Mass^ in 173a and pur- 
chased land in Coventr}, Conn. An old record of the town of Windsor reads : "Joshua Cog.s- 
»tll, of Windiior. deeded land to Joshua, of Coventrj-. in Jan., 1756." Joshua Cogswell, of 
Wind«K>r. lived in that part of the town which is now Ellington, Conn. Although lacking 
positive documentarv- proof, it is quite assured that the above Joshua' Cogswell was the son 
of Samuel' and Susanna (Haven) Cogswell, of Sav-brr>ok, Conn. 

_/.'.r*ji.7. SiJtiem, was an Indian chief, owning a large territor%- of land hnng m Saybrook, 
Colchester. Hebron, and perhaps other towns. He willed a large tract, if not the whole of it, 
to a company of men, and they divided it among themselves. In this division there occur the 
names of Cogswell and Wastall as owners of these lands whi.i were called legatees of Joshua. 

SamiuJ Cc^mvll, of .Saybrook, Conn, devised 5,000 acres of land in Hebron thai belonged 
to his estate. This was in nine undivided pans, doubtless belonging to his nine children, but 
onlv eight appear recorded: counting Joshua we have the nine. This and other inddental 
eviderces go to show that Joshua Cogswell [ 73 ] was Samuel Cogswell's youngest son. 




Samuel^ Cogswell, [Ediciird*. William^. Winimii-, Jolin^), son of 
Edward'' : 23 j and Hannah (Brown) Cogswell, was born March i, 1710, 
in Ipswich, Mass. He married ^Lydia Stark'Meatlier. They lived in 
Preston and New Milford, Conn. 


Lydia, [210] b. May 19, 1730. 

M.\Ry. [211] b. May 31, 1733. 

Edward, [212] b. .March 5, 1735: m. April 17, 175S, Jane Owen; d. i.SoS. 

Anna, [213] b. May 21, 1736. 

John, [214] b. June 17, 173S: m. : d. 1.S32. 

Asa. [215] b. March 30, 1740; m. Charily i d. 1S3S. 

Hannah, [216] b. Jan. 26, 1742: m. . 

Samuel, [217] b. June 23, 1743. 
Joel. [218] b. -Aug. 19, 1747. 
SvB.MlT, [219] bapt. July 26, I "52. 


Samuel Cogswell, the oldest son of Edward Cogswell, of Ipswich, went, 
when a young man, to Preston, Conn. He was married and had eight children 
while resident in that town. Subsequently, under date of June 9, 1 746, he 
purchased of Caleb Mallery two lots Nos. 30 and 31. of wild land in that part 
of New Milford, Conn., which was then called "North Purchase." and after- 
wards known as New Preston Parish, now Washington, Conn. He paid for 
this land £100, old tenor. 

His father, who had removed to Preston in 1735, ^^'^ made a purchase of 
land in the same vicinity ; and some time in-1747. Samuel Cogswell, his father. 


and his uncle, Matthew Whipple, took up the land they had bought, and became 
the earliest settlers in that region. 

Nfr. Cogswell, a^ter some ten years, remov. d. and his subsequent history is 
not ascertained. It is said that he was married three times, and had nineteen 
children. He may have been the Samuel Cogswell who died March 2, 1779. 
in Mount Washington, Mass. 


Siuinul'- Cogsuvl! [ 217 ] may have been tlie same one of whom mention is made in Town 
Record.- of Southbury, Conn., as having an ear-mark recorded. 

/<'./•■ r.y.rr.v// [218] was apprenticed when a .■iniall hoy. and suffered such almse tl1.1l he 
never grew to a man's size nor had a man's voice. He sang like a woman. He was incajia- 
ble of labor, on account of his diminutive size, and sui>ported himself by going from place 10 
place with some little show for e.vhibition. 

Siihiiit'^ O^ctT.v// [ 2ig ] was known as "Capt. Cogswell." 




Nath.aniel'' CoG5\vr.LL, {Edu'i^r:-. WillidDp, ]\'tllia7ii-, jFo/iii'^), son 
of Edward-* [83" and Hannah (Bruun) Cogswell, was born Feb. 13, 
1714, in Ipswich, Mass. He married, Dec. 8, 1737, '^Hiildah Kinney, 
daughter of Dea. Thomas Kinney. She was born 17 19, in Preston, 
Conn. Mrs. Cogswell died Oct. 30, 1754. Mr. Cogswell married, 
Mav 25, 1757, -Mrs Bi-idget Wedge, nie Cleaicland, daughter of Capt. 
Joseph Cieaveland. She was born 1730, in Canterbury, Conn., and 
died May 20, 1781. Mr. Cogswell married, May 30, 1782, "^Mrs. Eunice 
Williams. She was born in 1726. Her death occurred Sept. 6, 181 1. 
Mr. Cogswell lived in that part of Preston which is Griswold, Conn. 
He died Nov. 4, 18 10, in the ninety-seventh year of his age. 


ElNiCE. [220] b. Oct. 22, 173S: ni. Jan. 27, 17W, Ca!el> Ten ill. 

Hii.D.^H, [221] b. May 10, 1740. 

.N.viH.^NlEL, [222] b. May lO, 1742: ni. '^Hannah ; ni. May 12, 1791. ^Fieilmie 

Williatns ; d. Nov. \(^, 1.S21. 
Lois. [223] b. April 17. 1744- 
JiDiTH, [224] b Jan. 30, 1746. 
John, [225] b. Dec. 2.S. 1747: m. .May 13, 17S4. ^Hannah Gallup : m. Oct. 14. 1 7<p, 

^Mrs. Elizabeth Brown; d. July 21, iS2v. 
M.MUH.A, [226] b. Feb. 9, 1741). 
Zekii.^h, [227] b. July 14, 1752. 
Nathan, [228] ) ^ ^ 



Nathan, [230] b. Jan. 28, 1759; in. Woodwanl. 

Joseph, [231] b. June 8, 1 7(10 ; m. . 

WlLElAM, [232] b Nov. 9, I 761 : m. '^Abigail Belchey ; m. 1790, -Mis. Mercy i.Rrewster) 

Coit; d. June 23, 1823. 
Bridget, [233] b. May 3, 1763. She died in early life, March 12, 17S1. 
Hannah, [234] b. Jan. 12, 1765. She died in early life, July 23, 1781. 


There is found recorded the following action of the Assenihly of Connecticut, under date 
of May, 1763: "This .Vssendily do establish Mr. Nathaniel Cogswell to be Lieutenant of the 
2d company or trainband in the inwn of I'roston." 

yo/;«*' 'q,tov// [ 250 ]. sun of Majn, Willianr' Coyswell [ 86 ], <.f New Preston, in iSoi 
rode on horseback, in company with lii> mntlio, Mrs. .\nna (Whittlesey) Cogswell, to visit his 
brother, Roger Cogswell [241 ], in Hartford; and from thence to Treston, to visit his uncle. 
Xaihaniel' Cugswell [76], who, he says, "was smart and active, although eighty-seven years 
old, the last uncle li\ing on the Cogswell side." 

James ;/'.' Cogs'.vell [ 567 ], of I'arma, Ohio, 1SS3, at the age of eighty-three years, remem- 
bered his grandfather, Xath.iiiiel ' Cogswell, who lived to the age of ninety-seven years. .\\\ 
incident is told of Lieut. Cog-ucll. .\t the age of eighty years, he rode on horseback some 
miles to visit his son. When icuh to st.wt homew^ud. his R(U1 led the saddled horse to the 
horse-block for his father to mount; but tin- old gmtleman s.aid, " Xo'. my son : when / emi- 
not mount viy horse from t/i, ;, 1 oiiiiJ. J r,/// nJe no more." 

A stone marks the grave of Lieut. Nathaniel Cogswell in the CJriswold Cemetery, and is 
inscribed as follows : 

" r/,eii Abni/iam ,i,',;rr nf llie Ghost an,i died in good old oge, on old man full 0/ years." 

Joseph'' Ciiyra<'// [ 231 ] married, and lived in North Woodstock, Conn., where he died. 
He was a jeweller and goldsmith. They had no children. 


[77 J 


Judith'' Cogswell, (£'(/rc«/v/\ WillianvK \\'illiaiu-\ y^V/^i), daiiL;hter 
of Edward-* [23] and Hannah (Brown) Coyswcll, was born Jan. 25, 171 7, 
in Ipswich, Mass. She married Jacob Kiiiiicy. They lived in New 
Preston, Conn. Mrs. Kinney survived all her sisters. 

Abigail, Sarah, IKiiiiel, PeaiL Jacob, Sybil, Cusiah. J.yiiian, h.lias, Polly, Judith. 
and .In Infant. 


J,hoh Kniiicy wss d.nihtless the -a)iK |Hi-..n wh,. gave land on which to build the meeting- 
house in New I'reston, as recorded : 

" IJec. 2IS1, J744. I, Jacob Kene, ... in consideration of love and good will towards the 
society of New I're.ston, and in view of setting up ... the worship of Ciod in said society, 
do freely give . . . one acre of land to erect a niccting-housc upon for the public worship of 
God." The name Kinnev is variouslv siielled. Kinne, Kennie, Kene, and Kinnev 




Hannah' Cogswell, {Eaiuan{\ \Villiam\ Williavr-, y<'//«'), daugh- 
ter of Edward-' \ 23 ; and Hannah (Brown) Cogswell, was born April 13, 
1719, in Ipswich, Mass. She married jl/rt////cie' 5(:rt/. They resided in 
New Preston, but about 1792 remoxed to Salisbury, Conn. 


Matlhcw : Eunice: Hannah: Sarah; Mary. b. .Aug. 24. 1745. m. Nov. 14. 17C.5, 
John WhittUscy, d. Sept. 30, 1.S02; Susan : and three children who died in 


/.'/»/ and [Heal) Uliittlcsn' lived in Sali.-lmr\, Conn. He was born Dec. 23, 1741, 
and died >ranh 22, 1S12. 

Ar.UI/u-c a:.:/. C.'t,i/,r. /-.y///;,,/,/,, Joh:i, .ls„//i. An fnfanl Son, and Elisha, b. Oct. 19, 
17S3, d. 1SG5, in Washington, I). C. 


Kl.lsiM WlIiTllKsKV. >.,n uf b,hn and Mary (lieal) Whittlesey, was born Oct. ly, 17S3, 
in the old homestead of the Whitlleseys. in New I'reston I'arish, Conn. He was the seventh 
son. When he was nine years old. T792, his parents removed to Salisbury, Conn., where his 
boyhood was spent. He early qualified himself for the practice of law, and was admitted to 
the bar of the county court of ?'airfield. and opened an office in New Milford, Conn. 

About 1812 he removed with his family to Canfield. Mahoning Co., Ohio. The counliy 
was then new; and it is .said that he drove his wagon into the woods, and his family lived in 
it until a log-cabin could be built for them. Mr. Whittlesey secured a large professional prac 
tice in his own county and throughout Northern Ohio. He rose rapidly in public estima 
tion, and was much respected for his ability a- a lawyer and also as a gentleman of singulai 

In 1S23 he was elected to Congress from Ohio, and continued a member of the House of 
Representatives for eighteen years. Soon after he took his scat he was a]>pnintcd on the 
Committee ol Claims, of which he liecanic chairman. While o( this committee lie effected 

^/^/^ ^-^^/ 


great changes by his stern integrity, perseverance, and industry. Whatever measures he 
reported, the Congress were quite sure to adopt. He was at the head of the Treasury Depart- 
ment, and superintendent of the building of the Washington Monument, as far as that work 
was completed, prior to the War of the Union. He spent the most of his life in Washington, 
D. C. His death occurred in 1S65. On a preceding page is an engraving of him. 

Hon. Elisha IVIiitttesey may have been related to William Whittlesey, the .Archbishop of 
Canterbury, who was primate of all England from 136S to his death, in June, 1374. This 
relationship, however, has not been traced. 


[79 J 


Joh.n'^ Cogswell, (Ec/i.'ardK WiUiain\ Williaur, Jolui^), son of 
Edward i 23 i and Hannah (Brown) Cogswell, was born April 5, 1721, 
in Ipswich, Mass. He married Sarah Fireman. It is said that they 
resided in Vermont. 

their children were: 
Amy, [235]. ' John, [238]. 

AUK,..\IL, [236]. S.VKAH, [239]. 

Elish.a, [237]. 


John Coc.swei.l was a farmer. To what place he removed in Vermont and his subse- 
quent history are unknown. There was a John Cogswell, who died Sept. 9, 17S7, in the siMy. 
seventh year of his age, and was buried in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass., who may have 
been identical with the above named. 

Amy Cogrcvel! [ 235 ] may be the same who married Nathan Hunt, of Little Compton, R. I- 



Lucy-' Cogswell, (£■rt'^t^?;v/^ William\ William"-, 7(V///' ), daughter 
of EdwardM23 1 and Hannah (Brown) Cogswell, was born April 14, 
1726, in Ipswich, Mass. She married Daniel Averill, son of Isaac 
Averill. He was born 17 16. They resided, it is said, in Vermont. 


Lucy, Judith, .Xathtin, Datuel, Esther, and Rulli. 




Maktha'^ CoGSWEiL, (Echcarc{\ ]Vtlliat)i\ Wilitam-, Johi^), daugh- 
ter of Edward-' ; 23 : and Hannah (Brown) Cogswell, was born Nov. ii, 
172S, in Ipswich, Mass. She married Moses Averill, son of Isaac 
Averiil. He was burn 1724. They lived in New Preston Parish, 
Conn. Mrs, Averiil died July 30, 1781. 


Isaac: Elisha. hapt. Feb. 24. 1754: Amy; .\foses; Lcu'is ; Curreiicc, hapt. Feb. 12, 
17^M; Patty; J'liih; and An Infant. 



Emerson'' Cogswell, i Edward \ \Villiavi\ William", John'^), son 
of Edward-* :23; and Hannah (Brown) Cogswell, was born July 19, 
1732, in Ipswich, Mass. He married, Aug. 29, 175 1, Maty Miles, 
daughter of Joseph and Mrs. Deborah (Welch) Miles, iic'c Ferris. She 
was born Oct. 14, 1733, in New Milford, where they resided. Mr. Cogs- 
well died in England. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 5, 1763. She was 
buried in Upper Merryall Cemetery, New Milford, Conn. 

ITIENCE. [240]. 


F.MF.RSON C<i(;>\VKi.i. purchased in 1752 Lot 37 ami a clwelliiig-hoiisc for one hall the iicMi 
works In New I'rcsKm, limn. He was a very c.\i)crt and ingenious goldsmith. Trior to tin. 
Revolution, King Cjcorgc the Third made a procLiniation, offering a verv large reward to anv 
peison who would discover or invent "a per))etual motion." Mr. Cogswell became interested, 
and actually went to England on this business. Whether he thought he had actually made 
the di.scovcry, or was expecting to make it, we are not told, liut alas ; his bright dreams of 
great wealth from the king came to a speedy end. He died soon after his arrival in England. 
Jescph Miles, the father of .Mrs. Cogswell, purchased of Edward Cogswell ninetv acres of 
land, with house, .saw and grist mill, parts of Lots n, 34, 35, lying on both sides of the East 
Aspetuck River. \cw Milford, Conn. 





WiLLiA.M'"' Cogswell, (Etki<a7-d\ ]Vil/iam\ Willianfi, JoJui"), son of 
EdwarcH 123] and Hannah (Brown) Cogswell, was born Dec. 22, 1734, 
in Ipswich, Mass. He married, Nov. 4, 1762, Anna Whittlesey, daugh- 
ter of Eliphalet and Dorothy (Kellogg) Whittlesey. She was born 
Feb. 27, 1744, in New Milford, Conn., where they resided. Major 
Cogswell died Feb. 19, 1786. Mrs. Cogswell died Jan. 10, 1810. 


Roger. [241] b. July 2},. 17^13: m. Marcli 12, \~^(^. Sarah Jolnison : d. .Aug. 1, 1K19. 
Hannah. [242] b. Marcli 15, IJ<>S: m. Ca/>t. Nathan Tibbalts : d. Sept. 13, 1S23. 
DiH.LV, [243] b. -May 22. 1767; m. Stephen Braneh : d. July 20, 1S02. 
WiLLL\>L [244] b. July 23, 1761J: m. Jan. 31, 1791, Amaiyllis Johnson ; d. .Aug. 2S. 

Stei'HEN. [245] b. Sept. 1, 1771; m. -^L•^y, 1701- 'Anna Camp: m. Dec. 11, iSii. 

-Susanna Whittlesey ; m. Dec. 23. 1S23, '■Raehet Seymour; d. Oct. 

-'), 1S37. 
Anna, [246] b. Dec. 7, 1773 She died in childhood, July 31, 1776. 
Nathaniel, [247] b. Jan. lS, 1776; m. Eunice R'une ; d. March 15, 1S23. 
Anna, [248] b. Oct. 5, 177S -. m. Dec. 31, 1797. ^Ro^er Averill ; m. -Dea. Julius Cas- 

7tv//.- d. Jan. 3. 1.S47. 
E\iri;s(i\. [249] b March 30, 17N1 : m. P'eb. 3, 1S04. Deborah Sgnires : A. Feb 7, \i<2'). 
JuHN. [250] b. Dec. I, 17.S3: m. Jan. i, 1S07. 'Martha IValter ; m. Aug. 27, 1 N3w. 

-Ruth .1/. Becbe; m. Aug. 9, LS4r,, ^Fcrsis Olds: m. July 25, 1X4.;, \4nn 

Parsons J- d. Sept. 9, 1832. 


William'' Cogswell was the youngest of thirteen children. While an 
infant his parents removed, 1735, to Preston, and later they settled in the 
northeast part of New Milford, Conn. His father purchased a large tract of 
land, and was the first settler in that region. 

William, when about twenty-one years old, purchased of his father, Aug. 29, 
1756, ninety acres of land. To this he added from time to time, until he became 
the owner of some 2,000 acres in and about New Preston Parish, with numer- 
ous buildings and appurtenances. He had a tavern, a country store, an iron 
foundry, a saw and grist mill, a potashry. a distillery and malt-house. From 
his orchards were made a thousand barrels of cider per annum. He kept 
twenty cows, a hundred sheep, and employed twenty men. At the age of 
twenty-eight he married .Anna Whittlesey. Her father was the grandson of 
the immigrant, John Whittlesey, of S.\ybrook, Conn., who married Ruth Dudley, 


the granddaughter of Gov. Thomas Dudley, governor of Massachusetts in 1634, 
1640, 1645, s"*:' '^5° Her mother was the granddaughter of John Chester, 
who married .Sarah Wells, a daughter of Gov. Thomas Welis, governor of Con- 
necticut from 1655 to 1658. They lived in a house which was standing in 1883, 
the residence of a lineal descendant, Gould C. Whittlesey, Esq. It was located 
at the junction of several roads, on the line of travel to \ew York, West Point, 
Hartford, Boston, and other large towns. 

Mr. Cogswell was among the first to initiate revolutionary measures in 
resistance of English oppression. At a town meeting held Sept. 20, 1774, he 
was one of a committee chosen to collect and communicate all necessary intel- 
ligence of movements in and about Boston and other parts of the country. In 
Dec , 1776, he was on the Committee of Inspection and Correspondence. He 
was selectman of New Milford, Conn., from 1774 to 1777 : elected moderator 
of the first meeting held in Washington in 1779; the first selectman, and 
elected the first representative of the new town to the General Assembly of 
Connecticut. He was re-elected each succeeding year, and was serving his 
eighth term as a member of the Assembly when he died. Mr. Cogswell was 
Justice of the Peace, Major in the State militia, and Captain in the army of 
the Revolution. He was in command, under Washington, in the retreat from 
Long Island. Major Cogswell died in the prime of life, leaving a widow and 
nine children. His estate was large. In the cemetery of New Preston P.nish, 
Washington. Conn., the stone that marks the spot of his burial is inscribed as 
follows : 

" Cropt at niKin, he is gone ! he is gone I 

lie shinecl in acts of peace to still a storm. 

Skilful to advise and vigorous to perform. 

Kind to the world and duteous to the skies. 

Distress and want on him did fi.\ their eyes. 

Here lies his body, blended with the dust. 

Waiting the resurrection of the just." 


Gen. Washington and many of the principal otliccrs of the Revolution were, at differ- 
ent times, entertained at Major Cog.swell's tavern, and soldiers by the scores and hundreds. 
When the treason of .Arnold was communicated to Washington, as he was at a i)oint where 
he must pass through .Vew I'reston early the ne.xt morning, he despatched a page, who was 
dressed in yellow flannel, to .Major fogswell's, to have breakfast ready promjUly at si.x 
o'clock. He reached there at the time, and gave his suite fifteen minutes for breakfast. 
Washington's agitation was such that he himself did not sit down, but took a bowl of milk, 
and walked the room while eating. 

One morning, after the previous day's fatigue, the cooks were sitting do\yi 10 breakfast, 
and one said, " I hope we shall be permitted to eat in peace for once ' " Just then an officer 
came galloping up. announcing that three hundred soldiers wanted breakf,ast immediately. 

Major fogswell was much from home during the war, and his wife was left to manage 
affairs in his absence. It is .said of the Tories who lived in the neighborhood that, in the 
absence of Major logswcU, they would gather about the premises, and seek to intimidate the 
children and Mrs. e'ogswell; perhaps saying, " .\ews has just come that M.ajor Cogswell is 
de,id : he was killed in the last battle ; aiid now is a good time for Tories." More than once. 


sick of their impertinence, slie armed herself with a chair, and cleared the house in cpiick 
time. In later life she was wont to say, •' I iu-:rr fairt-J n Tory." 

There is a tradition that an indignant public determined on a coat of tar and feather> for 
one I'atterson, a noted Tory. They seized him and brought him to the " Cogswell Tavern " to 
execute their purjiose. But Mrs. Cogswell made show of great remonstrance, and warned them, 
with a significant look, not to touch the tar down cellar nor the feathers up-stairs. This was 
enough to notify them where the needed articles were; and alas for poor Patterson I he was 
taken to an oak-tree near by, and the coat of tar and feathers applied with great thoroughness 
and satisfaction. 

As a magistrate Major Cogswell sometimes married jieople. A couple from the old 
country, whom he married not long before, came into his yard one day and wished to lie 
Hiimariu.i. He said, " I'll do it." There stood near by a block and cleaver. " Here." he 
said, "whichever of you wishes to be unmarried, put your head on this block, and I will cut 
it off; that will d.. it." They stared at him, then looked at each other, and at last one of 
them timidly asked, " Is there no other way ? " He said, " No." They concluded not to be 

Corv OF THE Deed of .Sale of .\ Slave dv Willlvm Cocswell. 
"Know all men by these presents, that I, William Cogswell, of New Milford, in I.itch- 

field countv, do sell and convey unto Nicholas Mos>, ot 

Derby, in New Haven county,. 

certain neur,. uirl named 1 lorc.i-. .ibout ciubiren \^ . 

f dL;.., whi.Ji ^irl I sell to the s 

Nichol.-is Mo.s duriuL; her natural lifi . .tnd 1 have uond 

riylu to veil the same, and do b 

myself and mv heirs to warrant her to him and his hei^^, 

for forn n\c pounds lawful mon 

from all other claims and demands whatever. In witne 

>s whereof I h.aye hereunto set 

hand this 29th day of Tulv, Anno Domini 1773." 

"William Coc;s\veli..' 

( Daniel Moss. 
"In presence of \ j.:^,,,,,,,,, jCeeneyr 

Diivid C. Wliitllcscy, Esq.. late of Washington, Conn., married a granddaughter of Majov 
William Cogswell. Beside Major Cogswell's grave is that of Edward Cogswell [23]. The 
stone is inscribed: "Edward Cogswell, Died April 17, 1773, aged Si years." 


[89 1 


Martha" Coti.swELL, (Emerson^, William'^, Williaui-, yolui^), dauoh- 
ter of Emerson^ 128 1 and Mary (Pecker) Cogswell, was bopt. March 21, 
1741, in Ipswich, Mass. She married, Jan. 8, 1767, Capt. yohn Whip- 
ple, son of John and Martha Whipple. He was born Oct. 11, 1743, in 
Ipswich Hamlet, Mass. Mrs. Whipple died March 29, 1816. Capt. 
Whipple married, Jan. 15, 1S19, ''■Mrs. Suumna (Cogswell) Rohiiisoii 
I 91], of Concord, Mass., the widow of Jeremiah Robinson and sister 
of his first wife. They lived in Ipswich, Mass. He died May 28, 1832. 
Mrs. Susanna Whipple died Dec. 18, 1836, in Marlboro', Mass. 


Martha, b. Oct. ii, 176.S; m. John Safford ; d. March 17, 1S43. 

Edward, b. Dec. S, 1771. He died in early life. 

Susannah Clark, b. March 15, 1774; m. ^John Botany j m. -Dr. Philip Cilley ; d. 

April 2, 1866. 
Polly, b. Sei)l. 3, 1777; m. Nov. 2S, 1795, 'Ca//. Isaac Harding ; m. Oct. 4, 1S06, 

^Xathatiicl Frothinghaii! : d. April 16, 1S61. 
Edward, b. June 23, 17.S0; m. ^Clarissa Brimmer ; m. -Hannah Brimmer ; d. June 

28, 1 861. 
Bridget, b. April 17, 1782; m. David Giddings ; d. March 22, 1S65. 


O;//. John Whipple was a farmer. He filled various town offices; was a cavalry officer 
of the Kevvihitiun. Hl was often employed in conveying letters and messages to and from 
Gen. Washington. Capt. Whipple was in the .service at the capture of Burgoyne. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sa^'orJ lived in Hamilton, Mass. Mr. Saftord died Oct. 17, iS;o. aged 
seventy years. Mrs. SafTord died March 17, 1843, aged seventy-four years. 

[ohii Botiiny WAi a Frenchman. He died Aug. 14, 1779, aged about twenty-eight years, 
in Ch,ulLstowii.'Ma.s>. 

.Mr... .SH>.,„n., Pol,u,y married -^Dr. Philip Ciller, of Salisbury, Mass. They removed tu 
Wearc, X. II., where Dr. Cilley died, Sept. 16, 1S54, at the age of eighty years; and Mrs. 
Cilley died Ajnil 2, 1S66, aged ninety-two years. 

Cap/. /s,i,ie J/aniiiierw^i a sea-captain, of fhailestown, Mass. He died March 27, iSoi, 
at the age of thirtv vears, in Hamilton, Mas--. 

.Vniiey. h. Sept. 10. iSoo, in Hamilton, Ma>^. She died in Salem, July 24, 1S27. 

.Mr... r.K'iy [irhif-ple] Hjiiling married, Oct. 4, 1.S06, ■-.Withaiiiel Froth lu^h.un, son of 
I)cac..n Janio Fi..tliiiml,:nn. He was horn July 12, 1770, in Charlestown, Mass. They 
resided in S.ilem, M,i>>., where he died, Nov. 15', 1S57, aged eighty-seven years; and Mrs. 
Frolhingham died .\pril 16, 1S61, aged eighty-three years. 

haae flirdiw.:, b. Sept. 19, 1S17 ; m. July 17, 1S32, Elizabeth Potter. 
.Martha Cogswell, 1.. Jan. 2. iSio; m. May 5, 1S36, El/'ri.ige Gerry Kobinson. 
.■Ibraham Kand,h. July 15, 1S12; m. Feb. 17, 1S34, ^Annie .Maria Breed : m. Mav 3, 1S42, 

-Sarah H'illarJ : m. Oct. 28, 1S74, ^Mrs. Jtdia .4. Adams : A. June i, iSSi. 
.l/.7':v. 1). Sept. 2, 1S15; d. -March 12. 1816. 
John Whipple, b. Sept. 17, t.SiS; in. June 22. 1841, Maty Aiigehiie Thompson. 

Elbndge Gerry AWwnson was a brother nf William S. Kobinson, the well-known writer 
" Warrington." 

.Vathaniel Frothingham, sun ..f I leacon lames Kfithingham. had a sister, Hannah Froth- 
ingham. who married Asa burditt. 

.I/r. and .Mrs IXr.'id GnhUn-s lived in Hami)t,-.n, Mas>., where SU. Giddings died Feb. 27, 
1854: ai\d Mrs. Giddings died .March 22, 1865. 

Edward Whipple, son of Capt. John and Martha (Cogswell) Whipple, married 'Clari.t.ia 
/trimmer, of Beverly, Mass. After her death he married her sister, -I/annah Brimmer. They 
resided at the old Whipple homestead, in Hamilton. Mass. Mr. Whipple died June 28, iSrii, 
in Worthville, Cancll Co., Ky., at the .age of eightv vear>, at the residence of his son, Cieorge 
S. Whipple, .M. 1). 


John, m. Maria Story. William B., died unmarried. 

Mary Ann, m. Non. J. C. h'itnble. George 6'., b. Oct. 2, 1S17; m. Atin Elna- 

Clarissa Brimmer, m. John Brown. M.D. bel/i Bailey; d. June 19, iSSi. 

Edward, died unmarried. Kebecea B., m. Joseph Cummings. 

Emerson Cogs^oell, m. Hcpsy Trash. Joshua Jewell, m. Caroline A. I/amM.t. 

Hon. J. C. Kemble was, 1SS3. the Editor of a leading paper in Troy, X. Y. 

George S. Whipple was born Oct. z, 1S17, in Hamilton, Mass. ; was educated in Bradford 
Academy under Prof. Benjamin Greenleaf, principal. He went West when quite young and 
taught school. With his earnings, he attended the Medical University in Louisville, Ky. After 
completing his medical course, he married .\nn Elizabeth Bailey, daughter of Hon. Thomas 
H. Bailey, of Carroll Co., Ky., and settled in Worthville. Ky., where he had a successful prac- 
tice until the Rebellion. He cast in his lot with the Confederates, and joined the Fourth 
Kentucky Cavalry under Morgan. He was appointed assistant surgeon and held the posi- 
tion until the regiment surrendered at Mount Sterling, April, 1S65. After the surrender he 
returned to Worthville, but soon removed to Louisville, where he practised until ill health 
compelled him to retire to Worthville. .\t the close of the war, having lost his property, he 
became discouraged and broken in spirits, his health gave way, and he died J\me 19, i.S.Si, in 
Worthville, Ky. Dr. Whipple was an esteemed member of the Methodist Church, and died 
with strong faith in his .Saviour. The funeral sermon was preached by Re\. John Kce\e-, 
from Heb. i.\. 2-. The widow, a son, and a daughter survive. A daughter, Mary Ann Kcmbic. 
died in childhood. Clara B., married Erederick II. Prentiss. They resided, 1SS3, at if. Bul- 
finch Street, Boston, Mass. The son, Thomas //. />'., was, 1SS3, connected with the house of 
H. W. Reese, Louisville, Kv. 




Emerson'^ Cogswell, {Emerson*, Wi/liam^, William-, Johii^), son 
of Emerson'* [28] and Mary (Pecker) Cogswell, was bapt. Feb. 12, 
1743, in Ipswich, Mass. He married, 1773, ^Eiuiicc Robinson, daughter 
of Dr. Jeremiah and Eunice (Amsden; Robinson. She was born in 
Westford, Mass. They resided in Concord, Mass. Mrs. Eunice 
Cogswell died, and Mr. Cogswell married, May 3, 1789, -Ann Lcam- 
ara. She was born in 1762 and died Oct. 3, 1792. Mr. Cogswell then 
married, 1794, '^Mrs Elizabetli (Batcman) IhUtrick, widow of Nathan 
Buttrick, who survived him. Lieut. Cogswell died May 13, 1808. Mrs. 
Cogswell afterward married Amos Havward, of Winchendon, Mass 


Mary, [251] m. Michael Stone, M.D.; d. Dec. 4, 1799. 

Bridget, [252] b. April 25, 1774. She died young. 

Lucy, [253] b. April 27, 1776; m. Nov. 30, 1795, James Call ; d. about 1856. 

WiLijAM, [254] b. April 5, 177S; m. 'Betsey Butlrick : m. Sept. 6, iSij, -Maiy Biit- 

tiick ; (1. Dec. 13, iN^r,. 
Emekson. [255] b. Oct. 24. 1771;: m. Maiy Hunt : d. i.SoS. 
ErxitK. [256]. She died young. 
Marth.a, [257] b. March 12, 17S3: m. Nov. 4, 1S04, iVilUam Robinson ; d. Nov. 24, 

Susanna, [258] m. Sept. 15, 1801, Simon Hunt. 
EfNicE, [259]. Slie died young. 


James, [260]. He died young. 

Hannah, [261] b. Jan 7, 1791: m. Sept. 10. 1.S26, Samuel Brooks; d. Jan. 13, 

I S60. 
EowAKii, [262] b. Aug. 20, 1-92. 


El.izA Ann, [263] b. Aug. 20, 1797; m Sept. 5, l.SiS, John Sweetser. 

Makv. [264] b. March 5, 1800; m Feb. 3, 1S22, '^Jolin Corey ; m. Jan., 1S31, "Stephen 

Pierces d. Nov. 6, 1853. 
Eunice, [265] b. Feb. 2, 1S03; m. Richard Whitney . 


Emersiin' Cogswell kept a tavern. In the Revolution he was a minute- 
man and held the commission of Second Lieutenant in a company organized 
Feb., 1776. under Capt. George Minot and First-Lieut. Edward Wright. 
Lieut. Cogswell was with his company in Cambridge in 1776, and in Rhode 
Island in 1778. He was a member of ihe "Committee of Safety." Mr 
Cogswell resided in a building in later years known as " The Old Block- 
House." After his father's death his mother resided with him and kept school 
in his house, having her grandchildren among her pupils. Subsequent to the 
war Lieut. Cogswell went to Canada to learn "the art and mystery of making 
napped hats," and became the first manufacturer of napped hats in the 
region. He failed in business by signing paper for a Mr. Brown Mr. Cogs- 
well in person was portly, wore short-clothes with knee buckles, after the 
fashion of those days. He was called '• Leftenant Cogswell," a man of great 
sociability and the story-teller of the town. "The Social Circle of Concord," 
which had a somewhat noted existence from 1782 to 1808, was organized at 
Mr. Cogswell's house, he being one of the three present at the first meeting. 
The other two were Rev. Mr. Ripley, who boarded, before his marriage, in 
Mr. Cogswell's family, and Mr. Samuel Bartlett. Mr. Cogswell was a great 
reader, and familiar with the Bible. The copy from which he read bears the 
marks of use. It was a Dublin edition of 17 14, and is in the possession of 
Mrs. William S. Robinson, of Maiden, Mass. Lieut. Emerson Cogswell died 
May 13, 1S08, at the age of si.\ty-five years, and was buried in tlie old N'orth 
Hill Cemetery in Concord, Mass. At his funeral Rev. Dr. Ripley remarked, 


" If there ever was a good man, 1 think Mr. Cogswell was one." The follow- 
ing appeared in a. Boston paper of that date : '' He was a valuable member of 
society, and his loss is deeply regretted by many who have tasted of and 
experienced the substantial benefits of his beneficence. He was a faithful 
and interesting companion, and an honest man." 


Dr.Stoiu; who married Mary Cog^well [251], removed to Georgia, where he died in 
1849, 2' tli^ '^BS of seventy-two years. There were no children. 

James Call, who married Lucy Cogswell [ 253 ], was the son of James Call. He was born, 
lived, and died in Charlestown, Mass. He was a Kikcr. Mrs. Call remained a widow, and 
for some twenty years made her home with a nephew, Jeremiah Kubinson. and died at hi.- 
house in Jackson, Mich., at the age of more than eighty years. Thiv had no ehildreii. 

Eihihird Cogswell [ 262 ] followed the seas ; was in the service ol his country in the Wai 
of 1S12, taken prisoner, and died at an early age. He was on board the " 1 Hd Constitution.' 

" Thi OIJ Elm-Tree" still standing on the corner ne.\t to the church, in Concord. .Mass.. 
was ]3lanted a hundred or more years ago by Lieut. Cogswell. 




Sus.'iNN.A-^ Cogswell, (^7«rrJ<7«^ William^, William"-, yolin^), dau,L;li- 
ter of EmersoiT' 128] and Mary (Pecker) Cogswell, was bapt. IMarch 17, 
1745, in Ipswich, Mass She married "^J^crcmiah Robinson, son of Dr. 
Jeremiah and Eunice (Amsden) Robinson, and brother of Mrs. Emer- 
son Cogswell, He was born in Westford, Mass. They lived in Con- 
cord, Mass. Mr. Robinson died, and Mrs. Robinson married, Jan. 15, 
1 8 19, "Capt. yohn Whipple, whose former wife was her sister, Martha 
Cogswell [ 89 ]. Capt. Whipple died May 28, 1832. Mrs. Susanna 
Whipple died Dec. 18, 1836, at the house of her daughter, Mrs. Ste- 
vens, in Marlboro', Mass. 


William, h. April 21. 177^1: ni. Nov. 4, 1.S04, Afaitha Coi^swell [2$y~\: d. Dec. 12, 

Lydia. m. ^Benjamin Burditt ; m. ''Elias Eliot. 

Eunice, m. Stevens. Tliey lived in Marlboro", Mass. 

Mary, m. Louis Richards. 

yohn. He died while young, being drowned. 

James. He died while young, being thrown from a horse and killed. 

James. He lived in Lynn, 1830. His son was Algernon Sidney Robinson. 



A/rs. Lydta (Robinson) Burditt \\3.i, the graiidniothev of Charles A. liiirditt, of Harrison 
Square, Dorchester, Mass. 

Dr. Jcnmiali A'ol'inum, of Westford. died Oct. 19, 1771. His son, I.ieut.-Col. Juhn Rob- 
inson, was in the Concord fight, .\pril 19, 1775, and Col. William Robinson, a near relative. 




Bridget'' Cog.-wf.ll, {Emi>soii\ \\'illia»p, William''-, yolni^), daugh- 
ter of EmersoiT* [28] and Mary (Pecker) Cogswell, was bapl. April 
1 8, 1751, in Ipswich, Mass. She married. Jan. 18, 1770, Col. Edzvard 
Wigghsworth, son of Rev. Samuel and Martha (Brown) Wigglesworth. 
He was bom Jan. 3, 1742, in Ipswich Hamlet, Mass., where they 
resided. Mrs. Wigglesworth died without children. Col. Wiggle.-;- 
worth married again and had children. He died in 1S26. 


Er.WARD^ WicGLESwoRTH (SamuiT-, Michael^) graduated from Harvard 
College in 1761. He was commissioned in 1776 the colonel of the Thirteentii 
Massachusetts Regiment in the army of the Revolution, by the Provincial 
Congress of Massachusetts. He held an important command, 1776. in 
.•\rnokrs Lake Chaniplain squadron. He served as Colonel until 1779 Pres- 
ident WasJiington appointed him Collector of Newburyport, Mass. 


/•.f. S^imiu-l ;f4:,'/,-.w,>;-///, the father of Col. Edward Wigylcsworth, graduated from 
Harvard College in 1707: -tndied nitdiciiie and afterward- theology; was ordained t>ct. 27, 
1714, in Ijiswich Hamlet. Mass., where he remained in the niinistr> tifty-lour years, until his 
death, Sept. 3, 1768. 

Kei: Michael Wi^Lsu'orlh, the grandfather of Col. Wigglu.-worth, was born Oct. ;S, 
1631, in England : landed, ifijS, when not iinite seven years of .age, in Charlestown, .America ; 
gradu.ited from Harvard College in 1651 ; coninicnced preaching in Maiden in 1(153, where he 
was settled pa.stor in 1654. .and continued in the office over fifty years, until his death, June 10, 
1705. In 16.S4 he declined the presidency of Harvard College. 

Ret. Ed-jjjrd tn^xknjoit/i, D. J.)., an uncle of Col. \\ igglesworlh, was the first Hollis 
Professor of Theology in Harvard College; elected Jan. .24, 1722. He filled this chair until 
his death, Jan. 16, 1763, and /•<-:■. I-.dwjid II\^'-As-.o,»//,, /). D., son of the preceding, suc- 
ceeded his father and occupied the chair of Theology unt'l hi- removal bv dealh. June 17, 1794. 



James'' Cogswell, (Emerson*, Wz//iavi^. IViV/hiw", yo/i//^), son of 
Emerson^ [28] and Mary (Pecker) Cogswell, was ^a/>/. 1755, in Ipswich, 
Mass. He married, Dec. 3, 1780, ^Mrs. Rebecca {Coiton) Baldivin, 
widow of Capt. Samuel Baldwin, having been his third wife. They 
resided in Weston, and subsequently to 1793 they removed to Concord, 
Mass., where Mrs Cogswell died, Aug. 17, 1823. Mr. Cogswell mar- 
ried "^Lucy Hardy, of Concord. He died Aug. 19, 1837, in Ipswich, 
Mass., aged eighty-two years. 


Rebecca Baluwix, [266] b. April 10, 17.S1 ; m. Isaac Watts. 

JAMEb, [267] b Feb. iS, 17S4; m. April 2, 1806, Sarah Roby ; d. Feb. 20, 1873. 

Samvel, [268] b. Dec. 8, 1785. He died wliile young. 

Makv, [269] b. July 5, 1788 ; m. Horace Kendall. 

Ec.McE, [270] b. Feb. 12, i-yi. Slie died young. 

Diana, [271] b. April 13. 17.^3; m. IMarcli 14, 1813, Ephuihn Mavnaid: d. .Marcli 

31, >S7r.. 

KrxRE, [272] b. .'\pril 2, 1798; m. March 27, 1831, Benjamin McCary. 
George Richard, [273] b. Jan. 17, 1801 ; m. Eti^a Williatus ; d. Sept. 30, 1829. 
Horatio, [274] b July 11, 1804; m. Oct., 1825, ^Adeline Butt; m. Jan , 1843, ■^Lattra 
Ann Adams. 


Licv, [275] m. John Peabody. Slie died in Erie, Mich.,'iS8o. 

JAMK^ Cue;s\VKI,I. was pre): 
ion changed his plans. He t-nl 
lattei. and continued in that bnsiness fo 


[95 1 


Elizabeth''' CoGSWELt , [yonatf/au*, youathaii\ VVil/iaiir, J^o////'), 
daughter of Jonathan [ 30 ] and Elizabeth (Wade) Cogswell, was born 
Nov. 26, 1734, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She married (/i/b. 


gtu enter Harvard College, hi 

t the War of the kevol 

the ainiv ; and at the clo^e ol 

the service he became 


Nov. 7, 1754) Natlianiel Farley, son of Michael and Hannah (Emerson) 
Farley. He was born about 1730, in Ipswich, Mass. Mrs. Farley died 
in 1763. Mr. Farley married (////'. Nov. 17, 17G4) -Jlnrv Wise. 


Aficliael, b. Oct. 22, 1760: m. Elisabeth Pearsons. 




N.\TiiANiEL-^ Cogswell, {yonathaii^, yonatlian'^, William'^, yolui^), 
son of Jonathan'' [30] and Elizabeth (Wade) Cogswell, was born May 
9, 1739, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, March 26, 
1 76 1, ^ Sarah Northend, daughter of Ezekiel and Elizabeth (Payson) 
Northend. She was born Nov. 19, 1738, in Rowley, Mass. Mrs. 
Sarah Cogswell died March 8, 1773. Dr. Cogswell married, March 8, 
1777, "^Lois Searle, daughter of William and Jane Searle. She was 
born Jan. 26, 1743, in Rowley, Mass. Dr. Nathaniel Cogswell died 
May 25, 1822. Mrs, Lois Cogswell died Aug. 21, 1825. 


XiiRTHLND, [276] b. Jan II. 1762; m. Nov. i, i 7c(4, Elizabeth Lambert; d. Feb. 12, 

S.\K.AH, L277] b. June 5, 1763: m. Dec. 19, 1790, Oliver Appleton. 

Eliz.\heth, [278] b. Aug. 25, 1764; m. April 14, 17.S7, Joseph Kni^^ht. 

Nath.aniel, [279] b. .Aug. S, 1765. He died in infancy, Sept. S, i 765. 

Nathaniel, [280] b. Sept. 28, 1766. He died in infancy, Oct. .;, 1766. 

Hannah, [281] 1). Nov. 6, 1767; m. Nov. 2, lSo<). William Eustis ; d. Jan. 17, 

Wadi:, [282] 1). June 20, 17O9; m. Hannah Barker; d. Feb. 16, 1S5;. 
Auk. AIL, [283] b. Oct. 19, 1770; m. Dec. 6, 17S9, Isaac Smith. 
Dokothv, [284] b. Dec. 14, 1771. Slie died in childliood, Sept. 22, 1773. 
A i).\r(,iiTER, [285] b. March 6, 1773. Slie died in inf.incy, March 6, 1773. 

Tin: ( Hll.lllil.N OF THE SE(1>N1) !MARR1A(,E \V1;R1;: 

Nathaniel, [286] b April 16, 177.S; m. Mary ; d. Nov. 13, 1.S32. 

Lois, [287] b. June 26, 1779. She died, unmarried, March 4, 1.S61. 
Dorothy, [288] b. Oct. 9, 17S0. She died, unmarried, Feb. 7, 1S05. 
Jonathan, [289] b. Sept. 3, 1782; m. May 1, 1811, 'Elizabeth Abbott; m. Dec. 12, 
'■'^37, ''Jane Eudora Kirkpatrick ; d. -Aug. I, 1864. 


Nathaniel Cogswell was indentured Sept.. 1756, by his guardian, Joseph 
.Appleton, to Dr. John Perkins of Boston, until tlie completion of his twenty- 
first year, " to learn his art or mystery as much as may be in physick, Perkins 
surgery, anatomy, and pharmacy," for which he was "to pay to the said John 
sixty-six pounds, thirteen shillings, and fourpence lawful money," and Dr. Per- 
kins agreed "to find meat, drink, washing, and lodging fitting and suitable for 
the s"^ Nathi.-" 

" After his settlement in Rowley he did not practise physic, for which by a 
natural distaste and too great sensibility he was ill-fitted, but soon transformed 
his lancet into the sickle, and the drug-shop into a garner. He considered 
agriculture as the most independent and least responsible occupation, and was 
delighted, not only with theoretical, but with practical and experimental hus- 
bandry. Unlike his brother, Col. Cogswell [ 99 ], of Ipswich, who had for many 
years served both in military and legislative capacity, he was averse to public 
life, yet, at tlie news of Lexington fight, he equipped his horse and himself and 
hurried to Cambridge, where he remained until the alarm was over." 

" His heart and cares were centred in home. He loved tranquillity and 
hated wars and rumors of wars, and thought that only by pride cometh con- 
tention. Stili he was an independent, self-thinking man, inflexible in princi 
pie and active in beneficence." 

May 8, 1875, he was appointed by the town of Rowley one of the Com- 
mittee of Correspondence, who were authorized to see that the resolves of the 
Massachusetts Provincial Congress were duly regarded and executed, and on 
March 19, 1776, he was appointed one of the Committee of Safety. 


Kliz,dHlh PaySiVi, Mrs. .S.irah Coy-ncir-. nM.llxr, ^^,l- iIr d.iuyhlci i.f Kt\. I'.dwanl I'.iv 
son, who was born June 20, 1657, in l;...\lnii\, M.iss ; -i adn.itcd Ironi ll.uAard Collc-i- in 
1677; settled Oct. 25, 16S2, fourth jiaslor in kowlev. .Ma-s.. uhot he cunlinia-d in ..ttice l.n 
fifty years, until his death, Aug. 22, 1732. He na> t,i the same ancestry as Rev. Kdwai.l 
I'ayson, U. IJ., of I'ortland, Me. 

' Hauimlfi CV.^TO',-// [ 281 ] married ]Vill,ain Eusti,. They resided in Xe\vlnny|.ori. M.i-, 
Abii;iuF> ri;i'j-T.v// [ 283 ] married /.>w,.S//////;. Thex liad a s,,n, Nalluiiiiel C. -swell Sniilli, 
who was adopted by his uncle, Nathaniels c dyswell [ 286 ] ; dropiied the nanu Smith, and was 
known as Nathaniel" Tugswell [630]. Mr. and Mrs. .Smith resided in Ilopkinlon, N. H. 




Jonathan'^ Cogswell, {youathan^, jfoiuU/uin^ Jl'iV/iiiv/-, 'Jti/in'^), son 
of Jonathan'' [30 1 and Elizabeth (Wade) Cogswell, was born July ii, 
1740, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, Feb. 4, 1768, 


Elizabeth Wise, daughter of John and (Denison) Wise, and grand- 
daughter of Rev. John Wise, of Chebacco Parish. She was born Sept. 
19, 1744. They hved in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. Col. Cogs- 
well died April 19, 1S19. Mrs. Cogswell died Oct 31, 1838. 


Elizabeth, [290] b. Aug. 6, 17731 m. Dec. 4, iSoo. Dr. Parker Russ ; d. June 5, 1.S03. 
Makv, [291] b. Feb. 2.S, 177S: m. John Choale, Esq.,: d. June 2S, 1860. 
Abigail, [292] b. June 7, 17S1 : m. Nov. 17, 1S07, Co/. Joseph Farley; d. May 12, 184^1. 
Jo.\-4THAN, [293] b. July 14, 1783. He died in early manhood, Oct. 13, 1S13. 
Daniel DE.\I.'^o.\, [294] b. March 31, 17^9. He died in infancy, Feb. 19, 1790. 


Jonathan Cogswell was born on the " Cogswell farm " in Chebacco 
Parish, where he settled down and became a thrifty farmer. In 1791 he pur- 
cliased and removed to what was called the '• Pickering place." The house 
was the '' old parsonage," built by Rev. Mr. Pickering, the second minister of 
that parish, and occupied by him for many years, and afterwards by Rev. John 
Cleaveland and Rev. Mr. Porter. It had also been the residence of Dr. 
Davis, the first physician, who settled in that part of Ipswich. Mr. Cogswell 
was a public man, filled many important positions He was Justice of the 
Peace, Feoffee of the grammar school. Judge of the Court of Sessions, on the 
"Committee of Correspondence and Inspection," in the Revolutionary period, 
Captain of a military company raised in 1774, Major in 1775. and Colonel of 
the Second Regiment of Massachusetts in the army of the Revolution from 
1776 to the close of the war. He was a member of the State Constitutional 
Convention of 1780, and of the Massachusetts United States Constitutional 
Convention of 1788. He voted for the adoption of the Constitution of the 
United States. He was Representative to the Court of Massachusetts 
for seventeen years, in 1776, 1792, 1793, and from 1800 to 1813 consecu- 
tively. Col. Cogswell was greatly affected by the death of his only sur\-iving 
son. Col. Jonathan Cogswell, Jr., a young man of ability and great promise, 
whose death was a public calamity as well as a great bereavement to his family. 
For appropriate obituary notices of both father and son, vi.l. "The History 
OF Essex, Mass." Col. Cogswell, Sen., died April 19, i8ig, on the forty-fourth 
anniversary of the battle of Lexington, and the year in which the ancient par- 
ish of Chebacco became the new town of Esse.v, Mass. 


EUz.ih,-lh ;;•/.',-. who married Jun.ith.m « og-m.ll, «a> a ^. .iiuLJanulncr of Kev 
and a descendant nf Cen. Daniei Oeni-^im. ller moihcr was a <laiii;hiei of C( 
Mary (Leverett) Denison. 

Col. John Denison was a son of Rev. John .and Elizabeth (Sallonstall) He 
ile-cendanl of both Gov. Thomas Dndltvan'd .Sir Richard SaltonsialL 


Mary Lc-eoi-tt, wife of Cul. John l)eni>on. «a-- the daughter of Hon. John I-ev- 
erett, F. R. S.. president of Harvard College from 1708 to 1724, and granddaughter of Clov. 
John Leverett, governor of Massachusetts from 1673 to 1679. 

Kr.: John IVisc, grandfather of Mrs. Cogswell, was the first settled pastor of the church 
in Chebacco Parish. He was born Aug., 1652, in Koxbury, Mass. ; graduated from Harvard 
College in 1673; settled over the church in Chebacco Parish, Aug. 12, 16S3, where he con- 
tinued in office until his death, April S, 1725. Rev. Mr. Wise has been described as "a man 
of majestic aspect and great bodily strength ; resembled Washington." He was the first 
in America known to have opposed the idea of " ta.\ation without representation." This 
he did oppose a hundred years before the Revolution, and publicly instructed his people to 
resist taxes levied under Sir Edmund Andros, for which he was imprisoned -Aug., 1687, and 
sentenced to pay a heavy fine. A monument marks the grave of Rev. John Wise, in the 
centre of the churchyard, and bears this inscription : 

" Underneath Lies the Body of the 


First Pastor of the Second Church in Ipswich ; 

Graduated at Harvard College in 1673: 

Ordained Pastor of said Church in 1681 ; 

And died April 8th, 1725, 

Aged 73. 

He shone as a star of the 
First Magnitude." 

"//.f?.v,7/, M„ss.,0,l. 10, 177S. We. the ^ul)>criber^, jjromise in behalf of the town to 
pay unto Aaaon Goodhue who has engaged to serve as soldier in the Regt under command of 
Col. Jonathan Cogswell, ordered to march to Hoston, and to continue in the service till the 
first dav of Januarv next, unless sooner discharged, the sum of eighteen pounds a month, 
including the Continental and .State wages. 

J. .UN lln.iiAkii,, 

ii7, Jn/y 18. (.)n Krid.iy night the h..n>e of Col. Jonathan Cog 
uken oiitn, and one bundled dnll.u> taken. The burglar wa> no 


(110 I 


John-' Cogswell, {Francis^ yonathan\ Williani^, John^), son of 
Francis-" 135] and Elizabeth (Rogers) Cogswejl, was born Sept. 17, 

1738, in Ipswich, Mass. He married Sarah They resided in 

Boston, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Jan., 181S, at the age of eighty 


Sar.ah, [294,;] 111. Thomas Fa^ic. Al'.ic.Air, [294A] m. LiUic 

John CofiswF.LL was a cabinet-maker. His widow, Mrs. Sarah Cogswell, March 9, iSiS, 
asked for the appointment of Thomas Page, of \Valtham, Mass., as administrator. In the 
settlement of the estate one third went to the widow, and one third each to Sally Page, wife 
of Thomas I'age, and to Xabbv Lillie. wife of Mr. Lillie, who were doubtless the daughters 
and only children of John Cogswell. Mr. and Mr^. Page had a son, Kilby, born 1797. 


[115 J 


William" Coi;>\vell, (Fr<i)icis\ yonailiati^, Williaiir. yoJin^]. son of 
Francis' [ 36 J and Elizabeth (Rogers) Cogswell, was born June 11, 
1750. in Ij^swich, l\Iass. He married, May 24, 1773, Abii^ail Dawes, 
daughter of Hon. William and Lydia (Boone) Dawes. She was born 
Dec. 27, 1752, in Boston, corner of Ann Street and Scottow Alley. 
They resided in Milk Street, Boston, a few years, and removed to Marl- 
boro', Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Mav 27, 1823. Mrs. Cogswell died 
Nov. 19, 1833. 


Wii.ijAM. [295] li. March 24, 1774. He died in boyhood, .May 4. I77''i- 

Ar.ii-.Aii.. [296] 1). Dec. 7, 1775: m. Feb. 22. iRoi, Samuel Gibbon; d. March 29, 

Francis, [297] b. Aiiij. 13, 1777. He died in infancy, Dec. 13. 1777. 

EriZAi'.KTH. [298] b. Nov. 15, 177N: m. Au.-. 16, i7,,7. David Munroe : d. March 17, 

.Ml Hii AP.i.i:, [299] b. Oct. 15, 17.S0; ni. 1S02. RtT. Jaiiies Convci se : d. May. iSof). 
Hannah Licas. [300] b. April 21;, 17.S2: m. June 25, iSoi, Thomas Colt: d. Aug. 19, 

1 S3.S. 
LviHA. [301] b. Jan. 2.'^, 17.^4; m. June 23, 1^13, ^Micali Shci man j m. 1822, -Col. 

Joseph Dnris : d. Oct. 24, 1.S40. 
William. (302] b. .March 25, i7Sr,. He died in childhood, Jan. 31. 1 7.SN. 
RCTH. [303] b. Nov. 23. 17.S7. .She died, unmarried, Oct. 16, 1863. 
Charles, [304] b. April 11, 178.,; m. 1814, Lucy Wilder j d. June 12, 183.S. 
Sarah, [305] b. Oct. 2. 1790: m. Oct. 21, 1S12. John Brown; d. July 11, iKSo. 
Ri:iiH( A, [306] b. March 31. 1792; m. Nov. 2f., 1829, 5,7w«c/ H. Weld: d. Dec. 26, 

Lt( ketia, [307] b. .April 24, 1794. She died in girlhood. Nov. 25. 1803. 
Henrv Fkani is. [308] b. May 8, 179''.; m. Sept. 14, i8is. Rebecca P. Nosmer ; A. 

Sept. I, 1881. ' 
WiLLLXM DAWl.s,r309] b. June 6, 1798; m. Mav 7, 1828. ,)/,[;•)• Fiske ; d. Dec. 0, 



William Cogswell was a trader. He resided and had a store in Boston 
until just before the siege of that town in 1775, when he was compelled to 
seek safety for himself and family by removal. He abandoned his business 
and the new house he had lately built, on Milk Street, and removed to Marl- 
boro', Mass., where he continued in trade and also carried on the manufacture 
of potash. .He died at the age of seventy-three years, leaving a large family 
and a good estate. This record is made of him : "Mr. Cogswell was a genial, 
generous, hospitable man, and a good patriot." 

William Cugswkll's mother was the daughter of Kev. John Rogers, of Ipswich, Mass., 
who was the son of Rev. John Rogers, president of Harvard College, who was the son of 
Re\. Nathaniel Rogers, of Ipswich, who was the son of Re\ . John Rogers, of Dedhani, 
England, who was the grandson of John Rch.krs, who was burned at the stake, Feb. 5, 1555, 
in Sniithtield, England. 

.lA-.t. Al'if^'iu' t/>,ruvs) Coj^swcll was brought uj) in a home so strict in the godliness of the 
times "that the children were not allowed to laugh or look out of the window on Sundav." 

Williaw'!. ( Tluviuifi, Atiibiosfi, William'^), her father, died .Nov. 14, 1802. 

William I\,w,-s. Jr.. a brother of .Mrs. Cogswell, was a distinguished patriot. His name 
is as.sociated with that of Paul Revere. When I'aul Re^ele started from Charlestown for 
Le-vington and Concord ,.n the night of .\pril i.S, 1775, William Dawes, Jr., left Boston bv the 
road over the Neck at full speed towards Le.xington, rousing the jjeopie as he went along. 

Willi.-im Dawes, Jr., was born .April 6, 1745, in .\nn Street, lloston, Mass. He was a 
tanner, and his place of business was at the corner of Sudbiuy and Friend .Streets. He mar- 
ried. May 3, 176S, Mehitablc May, at the age of seventeen, daughter of Samuel and Catharine 
(Mears) May, of Boston. They lived for seven or eight years at 64 .Ann Street. They were 
both members of the Old South Church. They had six children. He fought at Bunker Hill. 
In later life they lived in Marlboro', Mass., where he died Feb. 25, 1799. 

_/(!//« ,-/(/r;«;j- said to Samuel .Adams that they had seen "four noble families rise up in 
Boston, the Craftses, Gores, Dawescs, and .Austins." 

William C\'s^rcll, being engaged in trade, was accustomed to go to New York and I'hil- 
adelphia for goods. Some time during the svar it is said, "he made a journey to Philadel- 
phia and returned on horseback, bringing his saddlebags full of nutmegs, which he sold for 
one dollar a|)iece." The descendants of Mr. Cogswell still live in Marlboro'. His daughter 
Ruth occupied the old homestead till her death. William Gibbon, of Marlboro', and John 
Brown, a merchant in Ctmcord, Mass., were his grandsons. 

'A CR.vNDD.M-i-.HTER of William and Abigail (Dawes) Cogswell gives a graphic account 
of the hcgira of the family from Boston, in 1775. She says, "I have often heard my grand- 
mother relate the manner of their moving. The crowds of people who were eager to leave 
the town made it extremely ditiicult to get a vehicle for their goods, or conveyance for them- 
selves. .After a good deal of trouble, howc\cr, they succeeded in getting a one-horse wagon, 
with a colored man, who was servant in the f.miily of a relative, for a driver, and into this 
wagon they put all the goods they could take with them. .Another vehicle on two wheels, a 
sort of chaise without a top, was to convey the women and children. The second wife of 
Grandfather Dawes, Mrs. Hannah (Jackson) Dawes, had her two children, afterwards Mrs. 
Tidd and Mrs. Hammond, then nine and ten years of age. These children had shawls tied 
round their waists, attached to Grandmother Dawes's arms, to hold them in. The good lady 
was also to hold Grandmother Cogswell's baby, while grandmother drove. This was very 
likely her first attempt at driving, and she was not very skilful, as subsequent events proved. 


" Starting cult in this queer fashion, they must have presented a spectacle both ludicrous 
and touching, for they carried heav\ hearts with them, leaving dear ones behind nf whose fate 
they were uncertain, and feeling anxious for their own. They were obliged to ask leave to 
pass the gates ion the Neck), grandfather, with hat in hand, waiting while an otticial examined 
his goods to see that no arms or ammunition were concealed in them. After due search they 
were allowed to pass on. They proceeded very well for a time, but came to grief before 
night, for. going down a hill in Weston, the horse in the gig, or whatever it might be called, 
fell down, throwing out the entire load. The baby's face was badly cut upon the sharp sloncv 
and bled profusely, but a brook was near by (Stony Urook), at which they bathed the child's 
face and rested. 

" In after years, as the family journeyed back and forth to and from Boston, this brook was 
pointed ont as the scene of their peril and delivery. In due time they reached Marlboro'. 
They lived for a time in a few hired rooms, and afterwards rented a house in the middle of 
the town, where grandfather began a small trading business. Afterwards, when he had decided 
to remain there, he bought a very pleasant house, which had been owned by Col. Harnes. a 
Tory, and confiscated, and there resided until his death." Vid. " Dawes Gene.m.oc.v." 

C//,7r/,:<-' r.;;-.f7,v// [ 304 ] married Lucy Wilder ; he died June 11, 1S3S. Mrs. Lucy fogs- 
well died lS4r,. The will .,1 Widow L.icy Cgswell, of Marlboro'. Mass., was proved Max. 
1846. They had no children. 




Ebenezhr* Cogswell, ( IViV/iam'', yoJnv", Williaiii-, Jolu^), son of 
WilliartT* [39 1 and Mary* [36; (Cogswell) Cogswell, was born June 13, 
1720, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, Nov. 22, 1749, 
Mary Biirnhani, daughter of Daniel Burnham. She was born in 
Ipswich. Mass. They resided in Ipswich and in Pa.icton, Mass. Mrs. 
Cogswell died May 10, 1801. Mr. Cogswell died Nov. 17, 1801. 


RLaky 13., [310] b. .Aug. 24, 1750. She died, unmarried, .April 7, 1.S12. 

Lie V, [311] b. 1752; m. Oct. S, 17.S3. Hezekiah Newton. 

EliENKZER, [312] b. Jan., 1754. He died, unmarried, in the West Indies. 

H.^NNAH, [313] b. 1756: m. Eslal'rooks. 

C.ATHF.KiNK, [313^] b. 1758. She died young. 

Stki'ukn, [314] b. .March, 1759; m. March 10. 17.S5, Maiy Saviii^e : d. Oct. ■;, 


RI-FI-.S, [315] 1). 1761 ; m. ; d. l.SCi. 

C.ATHF.KINE, [316] b. 1 763 ; m. Aug. 30, 17S0, Ezekiel A'eu'lon ; d. iN;i. 

L^ 111 \. (317] b. 1765; m. 17S7. Ebenczer Brown ; d. Dec. i';. 1N41. 

Sak.aii. [318] b. June 23. 176.S: m. Nov. 27, 1.S05, Jonathan Monroe: d. Nov. 20. 

A.M<iiN. I319I b. Jan. 14. 1770: m. .Nov. 17. 1793, Deborah Bellows ; d. Jan. g, 


Ebenezer Ci.)r,5\VEl.l. was a sea-captain, and his son, Ebenezer Cogswell [ 312 ]. followed 
the seas until his death of yellow fever in the West Indies. 

Riijus Cogswell [315] was a soldier of the Revolution. He was with Gen. Gates when 
Burgoync surrendered with his army of six thousand men, Oct. 17, 1777, at Sararoga, N. ^^ 
After the war was over he married and lived in Herkimer, N. V., until the death of his wile, 
when he returned to Spencer, Mass. At the age of a hundred years, he died in Esse.x, Mass. 




Jonathan"' Cogswell, ( /r////(?w*, Jolnfi, William", Joliii^), son of 
Willianr' [39] and Mary* [36] (Cogswell) Cogswell, was born May 9, 
1725, in Chebacco Parisb, Ipswich, Mass. He married, March 16, 
1748, Mary Applctou, a daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Wade) 
Appleton. She was born March 25, 1729, in Ipswich, Mass. They 
lived in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He died Feb. 11, 1.S12. 
Mrs. Cogswell died June 30, 1813. 


Nkhe.miah, [320] b. 1749; m. July 30, 1772, Rachel Clwate : d. Dec. 4, LS37. 
William, [321] b. Aug. 26. 17501 m. Aug. is, 17S1, Jemnna Haskell ; A. April 24, 

1836. ^ 
Jonathan, [322] b Jan. 4. 1754; m. Dec, 1775. Mary Rust : d. Jan. i, 177^1., [323] b. June 7, 1756; m. Nov. 23. 1773, i^eth Goodhue. 
Joseph, [324] b. Dec. 20, 1757: m. .Ma\ 31, 17.S.S, Abii^ail Ckaveland ; d. Nov. 22. 

Keniamin, [325] b. June 27, 1751J. He died in infancy, April 30, I7fo. 
iMarv, [326] b. Dec. uj, 1760: m. June 24, 17.S4, David Choatc ; d. Aug. 22, 

Hannah, [327] b. Aug. 12, 1762: m. May 3, 1783. Lieut. John Proctor; d. P'eb. 3, 

Benjamin, [328] b. Oct. 17, 1764. He died in infancy. Oct. i.S. i7f)4. 
Benjamin, [329] b. Aug. 15, I7'i6; m. Marcli 21;, 1789, Abigail Choate ; d. Jan. 17, 

Naihanikl. [330] b. May 17, 176S; m. Feb. 20, 1794, ^Eunice Low; m. Nov. 23, 

1826, "^Lucy Perkins; d. July 17, 1S36. 
Sakah, [331] b. Jan. 13, 1770. She died in girlhood, 1782. 
Aaron, [332] b. Dec. 28, 1771: m. May 20, 1802, Lucy Kinsman; d. July 20, 

A cHii ij. [333] b. Oct. 12, 1773. Died in uifancy, OcL 14, 1773. 



JiiNATHAN CnGSWELL lived in the Cogswell House, which was built when he 
was se\en \ears of age, 1732. He married the daughter of his father's second 
wife. For thirty-two years. .April 7. 1780, to Feb. 12. 1812, he was a deacon of 
the churcii. The stones which mark the graves of Dea. Cogswell and his 
wife are inscribed as follows : 

Dea. Jonathan Cogswell, 

who died Feb. 12, 1812, 

^t. 87." 

" Mary Cogswell, wife 

of Dea. Jonathan Cogswell, 

who died June 30, 1813, 

^t. 84." 


JciN \i II w (■iii;sWELL [322 ], son of Dea, Jonathan t'ogswell, was a suliliei of the Kevo- 
liitinn. TIk tT.\(liiioii is thai "he was buried on Kmiker Hill, 1776." 

.^/,i:j (V:^'.//[326] married C/inih; Esq. She lived but a few months. .Mr. 
Cli.iait inanied. Kcli. 22. I'l' Fosl,r, daughter of Capt. .\aron Fo.Mer. They had 
iwii (l.iiiiihieis and fnur sons. One of the sons wa.s the late Hon. KrFr.s Ciioatf., of Itoston, 

II(i\. Kl KLS (.llo.VTF., I.!.. D. 

A'lif'iis Clii'iil,: son of David and Miriam (Koster) Chuate, was Imrn Oct. i, 1799, in t-'he- 
h.TLCo I'arish, Ipswich, Mass. His early instructor in the classics, in which Mr. Choate became 
so distinguished a scholar, was a young student from Dartmouth College, afterward the Rev. 
William Cogswell, D.D. [411]. Mr, Choate graduated from Dartmouth College in 1819, 
where he was under appointment as tutor in 1819-20. He then entered the Law .School at 
Cambridge. Mass., and completed his course of most thorough legal study in the offices of 
Jndi'e Cummins, of Salem, Mass., and Hon. William Wirt, LL. D., Attorney-General of the 
United States, Washington, D. C. He commenced the i>ractice of his profession in Danvers, 
M.i-s., and re])rescnted that town in the State Legislature in 1S25. Mr. Choate soon removed 
1.. Salem, Mass., and was cho.sen a member of the State .Senate in 1827. In 1S32 he was 
i.leLic<l Representative to Congress from the Esse.\ District, Mass. He declined a re-election 
in iS;,4. and removed to Hoston, Mass. He was chosen United States Senator in 1S41, to fill 
out ihe unexpired term of Hon. Daniel Webster, LL. D.. who was appointed Secretary of 
State. He resigned his seat in the United States Senate, and in 1846 resumed law practice 
in lioston. In 1S53 he was chosen .Attorney-deneral of Mas.sachusctts. His position for 
many years was al the head of the Suffolk liar. Mr. Choatc's mind was very acute, his 
scholarship broad, diversified, and accurate, his eloquence impassioned, and his rhetoric ni.ig- 
nifioent. Some of his more famous efforts were " .\ LfUiGV on Tresidknt H.^rkison," 
■•.\N .\iiiiRKss ON THK L.XNiiiN<. or riiK I'li.cKiMs," and "A Kt i.ogv on Hon. D.xniei. 
WhiisiRR." For the benefit of his health Mr. Choate sailed, June 29, 1S59, for England, but 
was unable to proceed on the voyage. He landed at Halifax, X. S., where he died, Jul\ 13, 
1S59. and in this event there passed from earth one of the most illustrious of distinguished 




Jacob'' Cogswell, {Wil/iam^, yoIin\ Williaur, Joliu^), son of Wil- 
liam^ [ 39 ] ajid Mary [ 36 ) (Cogswell) Cogswell, was born May i8, 1727, 
in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, 1748, EIi:abeth 
Evelcth. They lived in Ipswich, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Dec. i, 


WiLLL'iM. [334] m. Feb. 12, 1791, Mary Smith ; d. 1792. 
Fr.^nxls, [335] b. Aug. S, 1 76.S. 
Jacob. [336] b. May 21, 1770. 




Lccv' Cogswell, ( William\ Johu\ VVil/iain^, John^), daughter of 
William'' [39 1 and Mary [36] (Cogswell) Cogswell, was born June 28, 
1728, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She married, Jan 17, 1750, 
Dca. Thomas Biirnhai/i, son of Thomas and Hannah (Cogswell) Burn- 
ham, of Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass., where they lived. Mrs. Lucy 
Burnham died Nov. 4, 1775. Dea. Biirnham married, June 11, 1778. 
'^Elizabeth Burnhain. He died Ma)- 18, 1799. 


ii-iUuxm,h. Feb. 17, 1751; m. Mnrcli 4, 1 T'^.^- Rachel Andrews. 
Thomas, b. Jan. 13, 1735; m. Nov. 6. 1 793, Ruth Ca~>!s. 
Lucy, b. July II, 1757; m. Dec. 4, 177S, Nathaniel Burnham. 
Abraham, h. Sept. 30, 1763: m. Oct. 25, iSo's Hannah Pulsifer. 
Esther, b. Sept. 22, 1765 : m. Aug. 4, 1786, Ralph Butter. 
Hannah, b. Feb. 1 1, 1767. She died unmarried. 
Luther, b. May 6, 1 772. He died in childhood, 1 774. 


Thomas Burnham was deacon of the church in Chebacco Parish in the ministry of Rev. 
John Cleaveland, and was the last one to "line the hymn and set the time." He was for 
eight years teacher of the school in Chebacco ; subsequently, he was much employed in writing 
wills, settling estates, and other public business. He died May iS, 1799, aged seventy-two 
years. His residence was not far from the site of the late residence, 1SS3, of Cajrt. Moses 

Dca. T/,OHi,!s and -Kli-.nlHlli (Burnhain) Piirnhnm had five children ; An Infant, b. Dec. 
1799, (1. Dec. It, 1779; Eliinlvth, b. March 1, 17S1 ; An /nf.inl. h. March -3. 17S3, d. 
rch C3, 17S;; //,f/itiO,i/i. h. June 5, 17S4; .'iU-f/n-n . b. A|)ril 10, 17.S0, m. Jan. 9, i.SoS. Lois 




S.^MUEL'"^ Cogswell, {lVi/liam\ Jolui^, Willinvr, yolni^), son of 
William^ (39) and Elizabeth (Appleton) Cogswell, iic'r Wade, was born 
March 14, 1742, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, 
March 5, \-]6^, Elizabeth Perkins, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth 
Perkins. She was born Nov., 1744, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. 
They resided in Anduver, Mass. Mrs. Cogswell died May 8, 18 14. 
Mr. Cogswell died Dec. 8, 1834. 


Jnsijii. [337I I,. Jan. N, 17'.;; m. . 

S.VMLKi.. [338] b. Oct. =3. 1767: m. July 11, 1793, Mary Eaton : d. Feb. 23, i,S39. 

Eliz.\i;i-. 111. [339] b. April iS. 1770; m. Feb. 25, 1799, 7"^^ Jones. 

Lit 1 . [340] 1). 1777. Slie died, unmarried, Oct. 5, 179S. 

Jami>. [341] b. Jan. 15, i7,So: m. Sept, 14, iSoO, Sara/t Haia,1on: d. April 4, 1S62. 


.';.\Mn:i. C-.",^\VM.i. was horn in the Cogswell House, built in 173-. In the Revolution 
ht wa> held a> a ininute-nian, and once called to duty for a short time on Dorchester Heights. 
He joiiR.l til. lIiiii. h. JiHK 2S, iSoi. Mrs. Klizabeth (I'erkins) Cogswell received to the 
Old .'^.in'ii I 1 Ii. Aiii.i- u. April 4, 1773, f''0'" 'he Fourth Church, Ipswich, Mass. 

KI,/,,I. li r..,M,.li I 339 I in.nried Judc Jones, who was bom in Windsor. \. H., where 
Ihey li\cil until iNoo, u hen thev removed to F.liAabclhlown, X. V. A descend.inl, Luke 
Jones, is said to re>ide in Keene, X. ^•. 


(132 1 


Susanna"' C.x.-well. (Juhu\ JoltiP', Willianr, John'), daughter of 
John^ .41 : and Susanna (Low) Cogswell, was born, 1722, in Marble- 
head, Mass. She married, Dec. 13, 17 4, Dr. yavies Pecker, who was 
born in Haverhill, Mass., where they resided. Mrs. Pecker died March 
15, 1761. Dr. Pecker married, Nov. 12, 1761, '^Mrs. Rnth Bradley, who 
died Sept. I, I.So(^.. 



Hannah, b. 1743: d. 1749. Hannah, b. 1751. 

Susanna, b. I74'i. Sarah, b. 1753. 

John, b. 174.S. Jaines,h. 1756. 

Elizabeth, h. 1750; (I. 1750. William, \i. 175.S. 

7a;'0 children, wliose names are not recorded. 

fH cm or antra. 

were ten children, making 

the wh.ik 

nunilxr ..f his children twc 

>tv. Som 

infancy. Dr. I'ecker's soi 

. James a 

nd William were soldiers of 

the Revol 


[ 132 1 is 

recorded in the town rccort 

s of Hav 


Daniel JWker, .son 

f Ilr, Jan 

es and Mrs. Ruth (Ihadlev 


be married, 1785, Rebecca 

'I'hev had seven dau.nlucrs. 

nul.MR- s, 



Sarah-' Cogswell, (^John\ Jolnr, WUlianfl, Johu^), daughter of 
JohiT' 1411 and Susanna (Low) Cogswell, was born, 1725, in Marble- 
head, Mass. She married, April 11, 1745, Skipper Dodge, son of Wil- 
liam and Prudence Dodge. He was born, Aug. 28, 1721, in Wenham, 
Mass., where they lived. Mr. Dodge died Feb. 19, 1785. 


J'ludence, b. .Sept. 2.S, 1747. William, bapt. I 7i'io. 

Sarah, b. Oct. 2S, 1749. She d. Aug. 5, 1757. Sarah, \>. April 15, 17C0. 




John'' Cogswell, {John\ JoJuf', ]Vi//iaiif\ Jolui'^), son of John" 
[411 and Susanna (Low) Cogswell, was born Feb. 17, 1728, in Marble- 
head, Mass. He married, Aug. 29, 1749, ^Abigail White, a daughter 
of Dea. Nicholas and Hannah (Ayer) White. She was born March 29, 
1730, in Plaistow, N. H. Mrs. Cogswell died soon after marriage, Sept. 
10, 1750. Mr. Cogswell married, March 19, 1752, '^Sarah Bartlctt, 
They resided in Haverhill, Mass. Mrs. Sarah Cogswell died Sept. 12. 
1799. Mr. Cogswell died March 31, 18 18. 



Sahah, [342]. She died in infancy. 

Thomas, [343] b. March 3, 1766; m. ^Lvdia Hairnnun : m. Dec. 25, T.S12. ^Betsey 

Kimball; d. I IS 5 7. 
JOHN. [344] m. March 4, 17.S4, Elizabelh Griffin. 


.Ww;/</ .-/j'tv, grandfather of Mrs.. Abigail (Wliite) Cogswell, was killed by the Indians. 
/./;// d.\v\'s„s<^iiiu, (/.,>7>') Cogs-Ml/, parent- of John Cogswell, removed from Marblehead 
to Haverhill. Mass.. when he was voimg. 




Lvuia"' Cor,b\vi;i.L, (Fi\i)icis\ ydiir, William-, y.'liii^), daughter of 
]-'rancis , 42 ] and Elizabeth Cogswell, was born July 22, 1732, in Argilla 
District, Ipswich, Mass. She married, 1752, ^Rez: Timothy Symmes, 
son of Timothy and Elizabeth Rose Symmes, ne'e Collamore. He was 
born May 27, 1 7 14, in Scituate, Mass, Rev. Mr. Symmes died .April 6, 
1756. Mrs. Symmes married (/«/'. Feb. 16, 1760) ''Richard Potter, son 
of .Anthony and Mary (Dresser) Potter. He was born Nov. 15, 1705. 
They lived in Ipswich, Mass. Mrs. Potter survived her husband. Her 
death occurred Oct. 12, 1773. 


Ehcnczt-i, b. 1755 ; 111. . 

William, 1j. 175'i; m. Dec. 12. 17.S2, MchitahU MouHoii : d. Dec. 20, KS25. 


Sarali. b. Dec. 15, 17^0. She died, unmarried, 1^47. 
Lydia.h. 17O2: m. May, 17.S3, Abet Boardman ; d. .A:i:;. 17, i.Sji. 
Jonathan, b. \^(•'U\ m. Hannati Potter j d. .March, l^i4. 
James, m. Charlotte Frye j d. iHi.s. 


Kr.\ Timothy Symmes came to Ipswich sonic time in 1752. He was an assistant of Rev. 
Ml Rogers, then jiastor in Ipswich, lie had been previously .settled in Connecticut and also 
in New Jersey. He was a zealous pronn.'ler of evangelical religion, and much engaged in the 
"<;reat .V wakening " of 1741-2. Kev. Mr. Kogevs introduced him to his people "as a man 
who had been driven from hi^ society in Connecticut ten years before, for being so active on 
the side of religion." 

^ J^/9^^. 



LvJici Coi^swcl/ was his second wife. The name of his fiist wife was Cleaves. Bv 

this marriage there was one son, John Cleaves .Symnies. who married .\nna Tuthill, daughter 
of Henry Tuthill, Esq. He was a commander of cavalry in the war of the Revolution, and 
subsequently Judge of the .Supreme Court of N'ew Jersey. 

NoH. John C. Syiiimes, Oct. 15, 1788, received from the United States government a 
million acres of land in Ohio. This grant included the present site of Cincinnati. He 
removed to Ohio, and was appointed by President Washington United .States District Judge 
of the " Northwestern Territory." His residence was at North Bend, and was named 
" Cleaves." He died Feb., 1814. 

Anna Symmi-s, the daugfiter of Hon. John C. and .\nna (Tuthill) Symmes, lived much 
with her grandfather, Henry Tuthill, Esq. She was educated at East Hampton, Miss 
Symmes was a young lady of culture and many personal charms. This granddaughter of 
Rev. Timothy Symmes, who married ''■Lydia CogrMcU, received the attentions of a young 
officer of the United States Army, then in command of Fort Hamilton, whom she married, 
Nov. 22, 1795. This gallant young otticer who won the hand of the beautiful ;\nna Symmes 
subsequently became well known. His jwrtrait on the preceding jjagc will be readily 



Wli.lJAM Hknkv Hvkkison, son of Benjamin Harrison, born Feb <). 1773. Hi- 
f.itliei v\.i- .1 sigiuini till 1 iL' of Independence. Sii)>-i.i|iKiit lo hi- LiiIki'- ik.ith W 
wa- i)i the Mm\ from 17.).' tu 1707. In j8oi he was Governnr ..f In.liaii.i ; lliui Ik riiirt-tnled 
that State in Congress. From 1i.11 to 1814. during the Indian and English W.u, lu «.i- com- 
mander-in-chief of the American Army. In 1816 he was elected Represent.iti\ e in Cipiigre— . 
and chosen in 1S24 to the United States Senate. In 1840 he was elected the ninth rn-ideiil 
of the United States. He died one month after his inauguration, Ajiril 4, 1S41. 

Mrs. A.n-.n.\ (Svm.mes) H.\rrison survived her honored and lamented hu-baud uM-r 
twenty years. She died at the age of eighty-eight, Feb. 25, 1864. 

Rn\ Timothy and Lydin [Cogsiodl] Symmes had two sons. During the war of the Rcm- 
lution they went to Newtield, Me., where they settled on farms. 

/r///;'i2w 5)'ww-r, the vounger, was a deacon in the church. He married. Kit. 12, 17S2, 
Mehitable Moulton. 

Mehitable ; An.stice ; Timothy, b. 1788, m. Sarah Hill, d. Aug. 27, 1866; James ; and William. 

Timothy Syinmcs, son of De.i. William Symmes, was a deacon in the same church for foi iv 
years. Dea. Timothy and Sarah (Hill) Symmes had a son, Ebenezer, b. May 9, 1S22; in. 
May 31, 1854, Olive Frances Moulton. who died June 3, 185S, leaving a daughter, Man Ella. 
b. Oct. 29, 1855. 

Richard and Mrs. Lydia (Symm.-s) Totter, ,uv Coj,'.^oe//, had four children. Their s..n, 

Jonathan Potter, married Hannah Potter, daughter of Daniel and ((M,odhue) Poller. 

She was born in Ipswich, Mas.-., where they lived. She died June, 1S14. 

Jesse, b. June 23, 1795 ; unmarried ; d. May 12, 1852. 
Symmes, b. March 22, 1797; unmarried; d. 1857. 
Wallis, b. Sept. 19, 179S; unmarried; d. Nov., 1838. 
James, b. March 3, 1800; m. 1830, Rhoda Brown; d. Aug. 16, 1S37. 
Elbridge, b. Nov. 16, 1801 ; d. unmarried, March 22, 1S21. 
Richard, b. April 2, 1804 ; m. 184S, Marv Hodgkins ; d. Oct. 9, 1856. 

Julia Ann, b. April 28, 1807 ; m. 1832, Levi Willett. Mrs Julia Ann Willetl lived, 1SS3, in 
Ipswich, Mass. 


Symnics rotter was a sea-captaiii. He was lost in the China Sea with the ship " Matchless." 
Cliarhttc l-ry,, whom James l'.>tter nianied, wa> from Xewliinyi.o, t, Mass. 
Ahcl /iMii/iiiaii, whom Lydia I'ottei mairied, was from the same city. They were ihi 
esiius of Mrs. Ellen .A. (Lordl Kurditt. of Harrison Square. Dorchester, Mass. 
/"/(/. '•H.\r1'ER's Ma(;.\zi.nk" of Oct., 1SS2, tor mention oi John Cltiiris Symm,s. 


1138 ] 


Fr.\ncis'' Cogswell, (Fi-iiacis^, yolui\ Williatii-, Joliii^), son of 
Francis^ [42] and Elizabeth Cogswell, was bapt. Feb. 4, 1734, in 
Ipswich, Mass. He married, Feb. 14, 1771, Anstice Manning, daugh- 
ter of Dr Joseph and Elizabeth (Boardman) Manning. She was born, 
1741-', in Cliebacco Parish. They resided in Ipswich, Mass. Mr. Cogs- 
well died (Jet. 22, 1793. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 1, 1816. 


H.^lvN.AH. [345] 1). 1/7-. She died voung, June 12. 17.S6. 

Anmk i:. [346] Ij. Nov. 20, 1774. She died in early life, May 5, 1793. 

Hi.i/AP.Kin, i347]/irt//. Sept. 10, 1775. She died, unmarried, Dec. 30, 1.S31. 

S.m;ah. [348] bapt. Sept. S, 177'!. She died, unmarried, May 9, i.So.s. 

FuA.Mis, [349] b. Aug. 21, 1779. He died in early life. 

Jiisi:cH Gkee.v, [330] b. Sept. 27. i7.S(i: m. .■\pril 17, 1812. Ma'V F. Gilihitn ; d. 

Nov. 26, 1S71. 
.•\ ii.\ur,HTi:K, [351]. She died younj;. 


F"r\vi IS Cor.swELI. was a shipwright- His will was dated June ro, i;90, and ])robated 
\mv. 5, 1793. In it mention is made nf his wife, ikuighters Elizabeth and Sarah, and his son, 
Jii>cph Green. The other children h.ul |)revioiisly died. Eliz.abeth survived her sister Sarah, 
and died at the house of her brother. Round Hill, Northampton, Mass. 

Dr. Joseph Maiiiiiiif;, father of Mrs. Cogswell, was a prominent physician. He was the 
e.\ecutor of .Mr. CogsweU's will. 




Joseph'' Cogswell, (Ffaiicis*, yoIitr\ Wil/iain'^, yo////^), son of 
Francis' [42] and Elizabeth Cogswell, was /',?//. Aug 16, 1736, in 
Ipswich, Mass. He married, Aug. 16, 1763, Al>ig,)il Patch. She was 
born in 1744. They lived in Ipswich, Mass. Mr Cogswell died July 
21, 1 79 1. Mrs. Cogswell died in 1827. 



William. [352] bapt. July 3, 1764; m. . 

Ebe.nezek, [353]. He died in infancy. 

EuENE^LR, [354] bapt. April 5, 1767; m. 1794. ^Martha Brown ; m. Oct. 21. ^'^34, 

-^f>■s. Ap/iia (Brown) Calley. 
Francis, [355]. He died in childhood, Sept. 6, 1775. 

Daniel, [356] bapt. Oct. i, 1769; m. Dec. 5, 179s, Bctsty Lummiis ; d. Feb i. i.Sio. 
Ahigail, [357] bapt. Feb. 16, 1772. She died in infancy. 
Joseph, [358]. He died in infancy, Sept. 4, 1775. 
Abigail, [359] b. Sept. 3. 1776; m. May 24, 1797, Major Joshua Giddiugs : d. 

Dec. 5, 1851. 
JnsiAH, [360] bopt. May 23, 1779. He died in early life, July 4, 1795. 
Klizai'.kth Williams, [361]. She died unmarried. 

Anna. [362] b. Sept. i.S, 17S1 ; m. Nov. 24, 1808, Lieut. Aat/iaii Dodi^e ; d. Sept.. 1S40. 
Olukk. \-iti\bapt. July 17, 17S7. He died, unmarried, .\ov. 12, 1.S20. 


140 1 


Abigail'' Cogswell {Frauds'^, yo/iir\ William', John^), daughter 
of Francis'* [42] and Elizabeth Cogswell, was born in Ipswich, Mass. 
She married {pub. April 17, 1762) Abraham Dodge. He was born Aug. 
17, 1740. They lived in Ipswich, Mass. Col. Dodge died June 16, 
17S6. Mrs. Dodge died Nov. S, 1787. 


Abii^ail. m. [pub. .\ov. (\ 17S41 Rogers. 

Abraham. He died a soldier, at Fort Pitt, Ohio. 


Abr,iliam /h^,/x-e a mercJKint of Ipsuicli, engaged in trade with the West Indies. Ik 
k an active part in the cause of Independence. Upon receiving the news of the battle of 
iiker Hill, he moinited his horse and rode for Charle.stown. Just as he reached the battle- 
und, his liorse fell and expired from hard riding. He served as Captain, was in several 
ties, and siibseeiiientlv received a Colonel's commission. 




Jeremiah'' Cogswell, {XiUf/anic/*, yohii\ Wiliinm-, John''), son 
of Nathaniel^ [45; and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was born July 12, 
1743, in Haverhill, Mass He married, June 12, 1766, Mchitable 
Clnncnt. She was born Sept. 8, 1746, in Haverhill, .Mass. Tliey 
resided in Gilmanton, N. H. Lieut. Cogswell died April 20, 1S02. 
Mrs Cogswell died June S, 1829. 


JriuTH. [364] 1). .May 10. i;^.-. She died in childhood, Dec. 25, 1774- 
S.AHAH. [365] b. Oct. 22. 17(.S. She died in childhood. Xw^. 25. I77<^). 
N.AiH.-VNn:i , [366] b. Feb. Hy. 1771. He died in childhood, May 31. 1774. 
Ji KiMi.AH. [367 I b. March S, 1773. He died in boyhood. March 20, 17S2. 
Mi;;; r.. [368] b. Sept. 11, 1775. She died in early lite. Jan. iS, I7y2. 
JiDiTH. [369]b. Sept. 25, 1777: m. Ephiaim Lea-citt ; d. .March 19, 1821. 
S.AK.AH, [370] b. Aug. lt>, 1779: m. Joseph Badgei Cogswell \^t,QiQ\: d. June 5, 1S44. 
JicKKxn.An. [371] b. Nov. 2, 17S2: m. June 12, 1805, Rebecca Green; d. Au^;. 9, 

Nathamki.. [372] b. July 2. 17S5. He died in early manhood, April z<\ 1S07. 
M Auv. [373] b. Nov. 19, 17S7; m. Nov. (\ 1S05. Micajah Osborne; d. March 2C1. 

Rki'.ki c a. [374] b. Dec. 31 , 1788. 

Jovi.i'H. [375] ) ,^ ^j|„ . I j He died in infancy, Aug. 14, 1791. 
ELi/Ar.iriH. [376] ) -• '• ' "i She died ill infancy, .Aul;. 13, 1 791. 


J,r,iHhili Coxs-uvll settled ■■n I..1 ..m. -i^uiid taw^c of one hundred .ncn l.>i> 
which was at the c.Ntremc southeast corner of the present town of Gihuanton, N. 11. lie 
was a f.trmer, held liciucnant's commission, was selectman in 1775, ami one of the Conmtittcc 
of Safelv in 1777. I.itiil. Conswell and his wife were of the original members of the First 
Church in ( lilmanton. which was org.mized May 4, 1775. Mrs. Cogswell was a member of 
the ihurch fifty-four years. 

Sarah tiig-wcll [ 370 ] married Joseph li.adgcr Cogswell [400!. They lived in Cilman- 
ton. N. n., and in Kr-chester, N. V. 


[ 152 ] 


Thomas'^ Cogswell, {Nathamcl\ Johic; WiUianfl, John^), son of 
Nathaniel-* [45] and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was born Aug. 4, 1746, 
in Haverliill, Mass. He married, Feb. 26, 1770, Ruth Badger,a. daugh- 
ter of Gen. Joseph Badger of Gilmanton, N. H. She was born Sept. 
14, 175 I, in Haverhill, Mass. They resided in Haverhill, Mass , and in 
Gilmanton, N. H. Hon. Thomas Cogswell died Sept. 3, 18 10. Mrs. 
Cogswell died Oct. 16, 1839. 


Hannah. [377] b. Feb. 26, 1771. She died in childhood, Feb. 18. 1776. 

Nathaniel. [378] b. Jan. 19. 1773. He died, unmarried, Aug., 1813. 

JosEi'H, [379] b. April 4, 1775. He died in infancy, April 16, 1775. 

JCDITH, [380] b. March 13, 1776: m. .March 22, 179.S, Xathaniel L'pham ; d. April 30. 

Ehenezer Badgek, [381] b. May 3, 1778. He died in infancy, Oct. 12, 177S. 
Thomas, [382] b. Nov. 11, 17S1 ; m. JuditJi CrJ^rav// [420] ; d. Oct. 26, 1813. 
WiLLlA.M, [383] b. Nov. I, 1784; m. May 7, 181 5, Maty Dudley ; d. Jan. i, 1853. 
Francis, [384] b. April 24, 17S7. He died, unmarried, Dec. 8, 181 2. 
Pearson, [385] b. Feb. 14, 1790; m. April 9, 1811, Mary S. Badger ; A. Aug. 18, 1855. 
Frederic, [386] b. March 23, 1792; m. Mav iS, 1817, Hannah R. Pcavey ; d. July, 

Alfred, [387] b. June 27, 1795. He died, unmarried, in Dixon, 111. 


Thomas Cogswell was a commissionfd officer in the army of the Revo- 
lution during the whole war. He was Captain, then Major Jan. i, 1777, then 
Lieutenant-Colonel Nov. 26, 1799, and afterward Wagon-Master General. He 
led a company in the battle of Bunker Hill, was present at the siege of Boston, 
and continued in the service until peace was declared. He then settled on a 
farm in Gilmanton, N. H., and was called to fill various civil offices in town and 
State. He filled the office of Judge of the Court of Common Pleas from 1784 
to his death, in 18 10. Hon. Thomas Cogswell was twice nominated for Repre- 
sentative to Congress from New Hampshire. For a more e.xtended notice of 
him see "John Upham and his Descendants," Note B, page 85. Mr. Cogs- 
well, Sept., 1804, donated a sacramental service to the First Congregational 
Church in Gilmanton, N. H. In recognition of this, and in respect to his 
memory, the church erected a stone to mark the spot of his burial. The fol- 
lowing obituary notice of him was published at the time : 



tjon. ®l]omas Cogstocll. 


Departed this life, on Monday the 3d day of September, iSio, the Hon 
Thomas Cogswell, Esm., of Gilmantou^ in the 64th year of his age. On 
Wednefday following, his remains were decently interred, attended by his dif- 
confolate and afifedlionate wife and children ; together with a numerous and 
refpeclable concourfe of people, who fympathized with his relations at the lofs 
of fo kind a Hufband, indulgent Parent, and worthy member of the commu- 
nitv. He was born at Haverhill, in the Commonwealth of MalTachufetts ; 
at an early age, with the good of his country at heart, he became an OtScer 
in the United States fervice, in the Revolutionary War, in which he continued 
ckiring all our ftruggles with England, and exhibited himfelf the Patriot and 
the Hero. — When Peace was echoed from (hore to fliore, the good of his 
country called him into another fphere of aftion. — Here he difplayed that 
firmnefs and benevolence, which charaflerize the great and the good Statef- 
man ; and continued a firm fupporter of the rights of his fellow-citizens, and 
the liberty of his country until his departure. No man could have been more 
ufeful : from his youth, he was given to hofpitality. The rich and the great 
honoured him, and the poor fliared in his bounty. — Thus has fallen one, for 
whom wliile his connexions mourn, his country will lament. 
" Hope fpjings beyond the grave.'" 


TltoM A"; r. 1. .^WKI.I. married lii- cousin. and the maniage litewa;; performed bv Kev.>ro5es 
liadger, tl.e iinek c,f liutli the parties. Mr. and .Mr>. C%)gswell, prior to tlie Revolution, lived 
in Haverhill, Mass.. where three of their ehildven were born. During the war Mrs. Cogswell 
and the children made their home with her f.ither, Cll-N. JosKfll H.MuiKR, of (Jilm.inton, X. 1 1. 
.\t the close of the war (k-n. Cogswell settled on a farm to of his father-in-law. 

X \i 11 \N1E1- rcKiswKi.l. [378 ] .graduated from Dartmouth College in 1794; was admitted 
to the practice of the law ; travelled in Ian ope : on his return he accepted a general's com- 
mission ill the Spanish I'atriot Army, and died .\ug., 1S13. at the Raiiids of Red River, l.a. 

FranlIs [384! also graduated Ir.mi Dartmouth ( Clltge in the class of i.Sii. 
Tie was l.u a short time a teacher, lie entered the arniv in the W ar of i.Sij, and died Dec. 
S. i.Si;, in riatlsburg, X. V. 

.•\l.Fiu.I>Co.,sUKLl [387! has iK-en described .as "a tall, handsome man and loved by 
everybody." He died, unmarried, in Di.xon. 111. 

" /';///,■.■ " was the n.inic of a colored servant whom C.en. Thomas Cogswell brought home 
from the war. "lVincc"and his descendants were in the Cogswell family many vears. IIc 
••H.i-asmart negro and had great ])ride ol l.unily." His widou, " .\niil No|>lii.i," ^urvivid 
him. and died, at the age of cighly-five years, in iSSj. in (.iiini,!. \. 11 



si A Mr.M..kl\I. Id IHI. IIuN.iKMlLK (, ..MINI SI \l. (. i ..N . . Kl ■>-. 

f ••Tui .Mi.M..Ri\i ..I M\juk Tn.)M\> C..Gs\vKii. sheweth that he cntcic-tl intu the scr- 

i vice of the U. S. on the 19th of April. 1775, with the command of a c.mi|)any in the line 

I of -Mass.; that the reduction and mode of raising regiments for the service frnm that Stale 

■ down to 1777 did not admit of any jiromotion of those otticers who were retained in ~ei\iee 

i (accidental causes excepted) ; at the beginning of 1777 yoin- memorialist reeeiv eil the ap] 

i ment of Major in the 1st Mass. Kegt. ; that on the 6th of Sept., 1779, theie «a> ,1 v.ic.mev ol 

a I.ieut.-Col. in the 15th Mass. Regt. ; that your memorialist and then Maj..! 11. ill l.eeaiii.. e..m- 

petitors for that office ; that on the 26th of Xov. your memorialist was appointed a Licut.-(,ol. 

bv the authority of the State of Mass., at which time your memorialist and his competitor were 

•■ iire.sent and examined respecting the jiremise^ ; that on the next day Major Hull requested the 

\ authority of the State for a re-hearing; it was granted and terminated a 2d time in fa\.>r 

i of your memorialist, who then repaired to camp, took command in the 15th Kegt., anil 

I was mustered as Lieut.-Col.; that your memorialist'^ c.nnpetitor kept u|) the dispute, ami 

- ill Fell., i-.'vc, <--v/,irA- obtained an appointment to the >ame office. The contenti.m was 

; still e..Miiiuied, .1111! at the cl..-e ..f the year 17S0 vour memorialist, rather than continue the 

dispnie, which ap]ieaied 1.. lie iniuricnis to the service, requested in a letter to l'.rig.-( k-n. 

Glover lu retire lr..n, the >erNicc in the arrangement to take place, with a determiuati.m never 

to take on him anv militarv L..mmand wlKlIe^el^ l.ut at the leinated .,.licilati..ns .,t the (Juar- 

accepted that ol Wagon-Ma-ier Ceneial, an.l had c..ntiniie,l 1.. thi- ,la\. Alth.>ugh there was 
a -erie- ..f nn-f.nlune- attended v..ur meni..nalist as t.. hi- rank (I..o manvt.. impart in'a 
ineiii..r.ali, \ci he flatter- hiin-elf he is in pos-e>>ion ut such ,l..cninenl,-. ,.- I.. i..nvin.c Con- 
gie- tlMi he I- n..t un»...rlhy their notice, and from the di-p..-ili..n that Ib.n. l.ud\ ha> 
e\ci -b.iwit i.i u ward the deserving part of the army, he is induee.l t.. re(piest Congre-- to 
take 111- p.iiiiml.u circumstances under their consideration, and confirm t.) him his rank of 
Lieut. -I HI. 11. .111 the 6th of Sept., 1779, that the I'aymaster (Jen. mav is-ue his eertificato for 
receivim; of pav and commutation accordinglv. As in duty li..und, ^ic, &e," 



v. ( 


: W 



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.1 ran 

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re « 

n Maj..r.- 



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n, he 




..f I 

le 1 

ed as an 
ne a- an ii 

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ew W 


1-, t 

ie7th ..f J 


[164 ] 


Hannah'' Co(,s\vf.ll, (Natlianul^, Johifl, Wil/iain'^, 1o/ni^), daughter 
of Nathaniel^ I 45 i and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was born July 13, 
1749, in Haverhill, Mass. She married, Jan. 2, 1772, A',?'. Jonatliajt 
Scarlc, son of .Samuel and Deborah (Tenney) Searle. He was born 
March 26, 1744, in Rowlev, Mass. They resitled in Mason, N. H. 
Rev Mr. Searle died Dec. 9, 1S12. Mrs. Searle died Dec. i, 1S29. 



Juciith lladi^er, b. Jan. 31, 1773; m. Marcli I, 1801, John Lon.c^ley ; d. Au.s; . 1.S4.) 
Haiuia/i, 1). May 16, 1774; m. Jan. 7, 1794. 'C(7//. Briiitnal Witheiell; m. 1813, 

-John Hiise ; d. Sept., 1823. 
Jonathan, b. Nov. 4, 1775. He was unmarried wlien lost at sea in 179S. 
Xathank! Cogswell, b. July 4, 177S; m. July 8, 180S, ^^lice Cutler: m. July 14, 1S21, 

■Susan I'eazie; d. Oct. 9, 1863. 
Klha, b. Oct 19, 17S2: m. Sept. 10, 1805, Josiah IVanen ; d. 1849. 
Samuel, b. .April 17, 1784; m. 1804, ^Betsey IVitherell j m. '^Mrs. Catharine ^Coburn) 

Wilson; d. Aug. 22, 1849. 
Deborah, b. Sept. 27, 1788: m. Simon Ward ; d. 1835. 
/'c//y, b. Aug. 27. 1793: m. .April, 1819, Solomon Russell; d. Nov. 3, 1879. 


J/r,f. Scarh- was the only daughter in her father's family of nineteen children 
lived to mature years. The likeness that remains of her is here inserted. 

Subsequent to the death of Rev. Mr. Searle, Mrs. Searle was ofTered in 
marriage the hand of Judge Farrar, of New Hampshire, but chose to remain 
a widow. She had a blanket made of satin in colors, white, pink, and green, in 
which her mother's nineteen infants were baptized. This relic is now in the pos- 
session of her granddaughter, Mrs. Harriet (Russell) Barrett, of Ma.son, N. H. 
Mrs. Searle died at the age of eighty years, and lies buried by the side of her 
hu.sband in the Cemetery of Mason, N. H. In 1879 their granddaughter, Mrs. 


Sarah Hannah (Searle) Webster, of Saxonville, Mass., caused to be erected hi 
the New Cemetery of Mason a granite monument to their memory. 

Rr,'. Mr. Searh- graduated from Harvard College in the class of 1764. 
He was ordained to the gospel ministry, and installed pastor of the Congrega- 
tional Church in Mason, N. H., Oct. 14, 1772. He was the first pastor of the 
church, and continued in office about ten years. On hearing of the battle of Lex- 
ington, April 19, 1775, he preached a war sermon the ne.xt Sabbath from the text 
Ps. cxlix. 6, " Let the high PR..M.-iE.s hf God be i\ their mouth and a two- 
edged SWORD IN THEIR HAND." He resigned his pastorate in 1781, and soon 
after gave up preaching, and devoted himself to agriculture and civil pursuits. 
He was appointed Justice of the Peace, and transacted much public business. 
This office he held until his death, which occurred when he was sixty-eight 
years of age. The house which Rev. Mr. Searle built and in which he lived 
is, 1883, standing, and occupied by his descendants. 

Joint M\AJiid:lh BaJ^'n (.SV.;;/,) /,w,/,;r lived ill Nni i idgcwock, Me. Mr. Longley was 
the (jf ZaLli.iri.ih and Kniinia 1 ..ii-liv- IK wa- lioin April 13, 176S, in Concord, >!,<<>. 
Ik' «a> a fanner. Hi.- death MCeuiied .-\|.iil, i.S;^. .at the age of eighty-five years. Mrs. 
I.onuley, it is said, was a woman of great benetie-encc and marked piety. l!y her alms deeds 
and (.'hristian spirit she became greatly beloved. Mr. and Mrs. L.jn^ley had seven children, 
viz., J-:iiz,i. b. July 27, 1S02 : m. iSjcj, Harvey Vickere, 9-on of Jn>eph and Mai y Vickere. He 
was born \ov. 12, i.Soo, in Me., where they resided. He wa.-. a farmer. The 
children of Mi. and Mr.. Vickere were: Hannah K., b.' Sept. 15, 1S29: m. 1S61. SUvoter 
Dow. Lvdia, b. Mav M. i.S:;i ; m. (k-.n.^e Hu-e. Marv \., b. Sept. 23, 1835; m. Winthrnp 
Hale. Harvey I'., b. June 3, 1S3;. X.imv I-., b. .\pril 29, 1840. Keuel W., b. Jan. 9, 1S4S. 
J/,in,i.,/, Co,^'S7v,//, b. Aug. 9, 1S03; d. .\pril 9, 1S24. /-Yar^s />',(,/c,v, b. July 10, 1805 ; m, 
Deborah Blackwell. He died by drowning, .\piil 2S. 1S31, leaving a widow and three children. 
Julia Anil, b. .A.pril 21, 1807; m. March 25. 1840, John X. I'atton. They resided in Muncy, 
I'a. They had two dniighier-: one married Col. Silley, of Montgomery, Pa.; the other, 
.Sarah, died Aug. 6, 1.SS3. in S,v^on^ ilk. Ma-. Jums P.. b. Feb. 19, 1810; m. 1835, 'Mary A. 
Dudley. He was a clergvman. He »a> married three times, and lived, in 1SS3, in M.adison 
Uridge, -Me. There were several children. Two sons lived in the old Longley homestead, 
Norridgewock, Me. N. 7s,iM,h. Jan. 10. 1S12; d, .\pril 20, 1S15. Jomithan ^cwr/.-, b. Aug. 
30, 1815; m. Lucy Heald. They resided. i.S,S3. in .\..rridgewock. Me. They had one son. 

Caft. Bniitnal Witlu-rell died Nov. 12, 1812. He wa> buried in Mason, X. H. Mrs. 
Withcrt'll subsequently married /('/;« Ifiisc, of Helfast, Me. He was the proprietor of the 
well-known " Huse Hotel." There were no children. 

JouathiUi Searle UmiKkA navigation. He shipped as clerk from Xew York for the East 
Indies in 179S. They touched at Savannah, (la., .and the vessel was never he.ard from after- 

Nathaniel Cogr.vcll Searle married ^Aliee Cutler. She was born SejJt. 29, 17S6, in Lex- 
ington, Mass. They lived in Mastm, X. H. He was a farmer. They removed to Belfast, 
Me., where .Mrs. Alice Searle died, March 22, 1815. Mr. Searle married -Susan I'eazie. She 
was born Aug. 3, 170^, in Hir.ini, Me. They lived in Helfast, Me. Mr. Nathaniel C. Searle 
died Oct. 9, 1S63. Mr- Sn- m Se.ule died Dec. 16, 1S66, in Saxonville, Mass. The children 
of the m.arriage wru : /,», 1 ./., b. Aug. 17, 1809. lirinliial J)., b. .Aug. 19, 1S12; m. Jan. 
14, 1S37, Hetscy \V. I'lumnier, They had four daughters, viz. : Dorcas M., b. Oct. 9, 1S37 ; 
m. Feb. 12, 1S56. Melissa, b. April 26, 1839; d. Oct. 27, 1841. Alice C, b. Dec. 15, 1S45; lu. 
Charles E. Hilman. They resided in Detroit, Me. Louisa, b. Oct. 26, 1846; m. Joseph I'. 


Stiirgc-. They li\ud in Palmyra, Me. The cliiklrcn uf the secuncl marriage were : .-///.<■ .S'., 
b. Sept. 17, iS;;; 111. May 24. 1S4S, Edwin R. Bill. He was born Oct. 29, 1S25, in Host..n, 
Mas^. Mr. and Mrs. Kill resided in Walthani, Mass. Their children were ; .Alice Emma, 
b. Jan. 10, 1850; m. Dec. 15, 1S75, William Earwell. He was born .-Vug., 1S51, in Concord, 
Mass. >[r. Karwell was in the United States mail service. They have two children : Ali> x- 
Liicia, b. May 7, 1878, and Edwin Burt.Iwrn March 20, 1882. Mr. and Mrs. Farwell resided in 
Waltham, .\iass. Lilly S., b. ^[ay 12, 1852. George E., b. Feb. 22, 1S55. He pur.sued his 
professional studies and travelled in Europe for two years, and was, 1S83, a physician in 
Waltham, Mass. Hattie, b. Nov. 2, 1S57. .Abbie .M., b. June 23, 1S59. Carrie C, b. Aug. 24, 
1861. S,ini/i Hiiiimjli, b. July 1 1, 1827 ; m. Jan. 12, 1856, George W. \Veb.ster. They lived in 
Sa.\onTille, .Mass. .Mr. and Mrs. Webster had no children. Mrs. Webster erected a monu- 
ment to her grandfather, Rev. Jonathan Searle, in .Mason, N. H. ATary A., b. April 30, 1829 ; 
m. Nov. 25, 1S54, (leorge S. Heard, of Wayland, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Heard had a daugh- 
ter, Sarah W., who graduated in the class of iSSi from Smith College. Xaiuy E., b. Feb. 
21, 1S31. She died at the age of sixteen, May 9, 1S47. Murtlia J., b. March 7, 1S33; m. 
.April 15, 1S55, Nahum R. Ross. He was born in Sterling, Mass. They lived in Sa.\onville, 
Mass. He was a pattern maker. Mr. died April 18, 1S67. Mrs. Ross died July 26, 
1S75. Mr. and .Mrs. Ross had children, viz.: Nellie, b. Aug. 18, 1S57 ; d. June, 1S59. 
Charles E., b. Jan. 10, 1S59. He was a dentist in W'est Newton, Mass. John T., b. Nov. 1 5. 
1861. He lived in Waltham, Mass. C,w;;v »'., b. June 16, 1836 ; d. March 23, 1S44. 

Josiali and Eliza {Searle) Warrcii resided in Norridgewock, Me., where he was born Sept. 
27, 1779. He was a farmer. Mr. Warren died Jan. 8, 1S35, at the age of .seventy-si.\ years. 
Mrs. Warren died Oct. 8, 1S50, at the age of sixty-eight years. Mr. and .Mrs. Warren had ten 
children, \\i..: C,w;-,-. b. Sept. 2. 1S06; m. Oct. 10, 1S33, Rebecca I'rescott. They lived in 
Norridgewock, Me. He was .1 farmer. His death occurred Feb. 24, iSSl. She was living, 
1S83 They had children: Charles Edwin, b. Oct. 17, 1834; m. Sept. 10, 1865. Ella A. 
Farmer, who died .Aug. 2, iSSr, leaving no children. Emeline Goodwin, b. .Aug. iS, 1S36; 
m. April, 1863, William W. Ki.xljy. They resided in New Richmond, Wis. ^rary Caroline, b. 
April 17, 1842; m. Oct., t866, Henry L. Bi.xby, a brother of William W. Bi.\by. They lived 
in Star I'rairie, Wis. She died .April 16, 1879. They had four children : Elizabeth Rebecca, 
b. Sept. 13, 1S67. Abel Prescott, b. .Sept. 18, 1S70. George Rufus, I). June 26, 1S73; d. 
March 24, 1874. Ralph Warren, b. July 23, 1875; d. May 2, 1S76. llaiinali, b. Feb. 20, 1809; 
m. 1838, Benjamin K. Adams. They lived in Norridgewock, .Me. She died -Aug., 1S65. 
They had foin- children : Charles, Chester Townsend, William Warren, and Franklin Ben- 
jamin. Xa/liaiiiil S.,h. Feb. 17, 1810; unmarried. A/aiy /,., b. Sept. 21, 1S12; unmarried. 
.■il/vrf P., b. Feb. 19, 1814; m. "Mary W. Shaw, who died Jan. 26, i860; and .Mr. Warren 

m. ^ Fisher, of Lowell, Mass. He was for .some years engaged in the Seaman's Friend 

Society until his death Aug. 14, iSSo. There were three sons of the first marriage: William 
B. S., b. April 9, 1837; d. Nov. 27, 1S43. John C, b. Oct. 10, 1S39; ni. Mrs. Etta Stewart. 
They lived in San Jose, Cal., and had three children : John C, Jr., Ella, and Ida. Albert 
Henry married, resided in Cambridge, Mass., and had two children. Eliza, b. May 27, 
1816; m. George A. Fairfield. She died July iS. 1879. Mr. Fairfield died March, 1SS2. 
They had children : Caroline L., b. June 27, 183S; m. June 8, IS69, Col. William Long, of the 
house of Jordan, Marsh & Co., Boston, Mass. Col. and Mrs. Long had Nettie Rogers, 
b. July 7, 1872, and Winifred Hale, b. June 8, 1S74. Helen E., b. .Aug. 7, 1839; m. Capt. 
John S. Chandler, who was lost on Long Island Sound, Dec. 16, 1862. Mr. and Mrs. Chand- 
ler had one child : Lillian F., b. Sept. 25, 1S64. Mary Frances, b. Feb. 7, 1S47 ; m. Oct. 3, 
1S66, 'John S. Hall. .Mr. and Mrs. Hall had one chilcl : Lizzie, b. Nov. 21, 1S67. Mr. Hall 
died, and Mrs. Hall married, Nov. 22, 1873, ''Eawrcnce E. Towie, and they resided in Chelsea, 
Mass. Samuel 1.., b. Nov. 11, 1S53; d. Oct. 1, 1854. Si'phroiiia, b. May 9, 1S18; unmarried ; 
d. Feb., 1842. Caroline, b. .April 20, 1S21 ; unmarried ; d. I )ct. 8, 1881. Peiijaiiiiii Eraiikliii, 
b. Sept. 28, 1S23; unmarried EihuaiJ J. P., b. March 23, 1825; m. 1854, Eliza Bean, of 
Corinth, Me. They lived in Chelsea,, and had one son : Edward H.,"b. June 5, iSfo. 

Samuel Searle married, 1804, 'AV/jo- Wilherell, daughter of M.ajor Obadiah ami .Mar\ 


thercll. She was b..m June i<). rySS 


• Cohnn Wilson, of I'itt^tun, Mc. S 


1 Aug, .--', iS4,j, in Skuwhcg.m, Mi- 


, li, M.-iicli :o, iSo^; m. iSr>- '^KlMn 


V i-eM.k-il in Madison, y\^. Hi- d)ci 


s. Ira Searle had three children: H 


-liv, son of John and Elizabeth C 

dien: Charles Fra.icis, b. June 23 


and died June 14, 1.SJ4. He married, 1S24. -r,;///»- 

e was born 1793, »'«• ''ied -^piil 3. ^'^(^''- Mr. Searle 
There were seven children of the first marriage : 

' >~burn. She was born April 3, iSi i, in Rome, >re. 

March iS, 1842. She died June 17, 1S60. Mr. and 
len A., b. April 3, 1S37 ; m. June 7, 1869, Genrge W. 
osby, of Boston, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Crosby had 

1S71; d. Julv II, 1S71. John Francis, b. July 2, 
1872. M.ary Frances, m. 18CS, Philip Smith, ..f llrooklvn, X. V. Mr. Smith died 1S73." Thcy 
had: Charles P., b. F'eb. 21, 1872. fJeorgc, b \|>nl 14. 1S41; d, Inlx, i,s-,_- ,\b|,i, li. 1 >ct. 
20, 1S43; m. Oct. 20, l86l,Edson ^^or^an, of lletlie'., < unn, 1 lio 1im,1 in Nt-uio,,, M.ass. 
-Mr. and Mr-. Morgan had children: Altrnl Kran. is, b. .\],ril 3, r.Si.3; d. Aug. 7, 1863. 
Helen Frank. 1>. June 14, 18(15. Cli,r.-!,>tl,\ b. lice. 24, 180.S; 111. 1.S33. (leorge Prescott. She 
died 1880. Mr, I'res. ott also died. ILunuvi, h. June 27. iSii; m. 1833, Amory Pres- 
cott, s,,n of Willoiighln and .Mar\ Pre-.cott. .Mr>. Prescott died in 1844. He also died. 
Thev li:id thiee children: Nelson W., Charle~ \V., and l-'.lleii. line of the sons married 
Helen Pre-Loti Tennev, and tl.e\ resided m l.oueil, Mas,. C,/,', / .S/nw;', b. July 13, 1813; 
ni. Se).!,.,. is-v^. Mar% Ann Ward, daughter ..f ( .ilton and Marx Ward. He served in the 
I'ni-.i- ,irnn dimng'ilie wai. Mrs, Searle died .\ug. 27, 1.S72'. Mr. Searle died Feb, 3. 
1S7S, ni l.,r,vu-n>e, M.i-, Thev had children: Hetsey W., b. 1S40; d. 1851. Sarah J., b. 
Seiil. ,S, 1.S47. Ill Xox. 13, r,srv,; d Sept, 14, KS72. Flla, b. M.ircli, 1850; m. April 3, 1.867. 
Havid P.laii, Thev re-i.led in l.awrenie. Mass,, and had a son : Kvereli. b. Sept. 20, 1.868. 
(■,.■//;,/,,-//, /wv-". 1' -\ug. 30. 1.S13: ni, 1843. Levi Parker, ot Xorridgeuuck. Me. Mrs. 
Parker died Xov. 22, 1.S40. He died .Marji 31, 1870. Mr. and Mrs. Parker had two chil- 
dren: Li/zie < ,, b .\ug, i.|, hS44, She lived in l.os .\ngele-, Charles, b. llec. 20, 
i,S45, Hhu rcMded m Ueiivei. Cil, Mary />'„ b. Ajiril 18, iSrS. M.irt/hi, b. Xov. 28, 1819; 
ni.,'Xov. 2.S, i.s^i. Martin 1 1. Hazeii, of Metaniora, 111. .Mrs. Hazen d. Dec. 16, 1S57. They 
had one son. There were of the .second marri.age of Samiu/ Siath. -i.x children: Fcnjamin 
Franklin, b. Nov. 6, 1S25; m. Emily Pierce, of Bioomfield, Me. Thex re-iiled in Skowhegan, 
Me. Mrs. Emily .Searle died Ajnil 1, 1883. They had children: L'.iroline F., b. April 10, 
1842; d. Sept. 14,' 183V. Samuel Pierce, b. |iilv'i6, JS43 Ik died in the Cnion army. 
Dee. 18, 1862. Albert H. H., b, June 10. 1S53'; m, jiilv («, iS-i, .Mice J. Morris, They had 
children: Clarente, b, June 14, 1S77, Maw A., b, Keb, 7, i,S7.), .\rthur P„ b, Xov. 4, iSSi, 
J.^scpl, C'H'io;:. Ii, jiih 14, 1S2-: 111. Caroline .MoiiUon, of Sknwiie-an. Me., where they 
resided, .s;, «,;,,,', 1, Se|.i, 4, iS;., . m h i 5, 1S5.1. .\ Hill, They re-ided in 1 iregon, 
and had -several ehild. en (■,;;,..-■///, /■„ 1.. Se]it, 22, i,S3i m i.S^.S, William Littlet^eld. Thev 
lived in Mo.ston. He a compositcu in the ottice of the Boston Journal. They a 
daughter Katie. ILvrict />'., b. Oct. 16. 1832; m. 1857, Kussell Stoddard. They resided in 
Westfcn-d, Mass. They had one son, who was a dentist in Winchester, Mass. Gushn-us /'., 
b. Oct. 14, 1836; d. April 2, 1875. 

Simon and Deborah (Searle) WarJ had four children. -Mr. Ward was born Aug. 5, 
17S6, in Belmont, Me. Their children were: .)/,;;;,■., who had a son Nathaniel, 1SS3, 
residing in Rockland, Me. IJ.niiiali, b. Dec. 25, 1812; m. James Holmes. He 
wa~ born .May 26, 1810, in Hanover, X, H. Mrs, Holmes died March 30, 1856. Mr. and 
Mr~. Holmes had eleven children: James, b. May II, 1S32. George P., b. Oct. 19, 1S33; d. 
Feb. 23, 1856. Deborah .Ann, b. .March 11, 1836; d. March 13, 1837. Caroline H., b. Jan., 
1838 1 d. Dec. 20, 1877, Susan T., b. Feb. 2, 1840. Roscoe, b. Oct. i, 1S42. .Alonzo, b. 
March 10, 1844. John W., b. April 24, 1846. .Albee, b. June 13, 1S48. Frank S., b. Sept. 19, 
1850. Georgianna, b. Feb. 27, 1S56. 

Solomon and /'oily (S,,i,lr) />'/m.,.',' resided in Xew Ipswich, N. H., near the boundary line 

of Mason. Tlie\ had fixe eliildieii : \l.n y .1,.',.; married Fdgel, of Gardner, Mass. Mrs. 

Edgel died .M,i\ (|, iSS:;. .;«,'"/■"■ "'■m ad Fniilv llovnton, of' New Ipswich, N. 11. They 
had one child, Saiah, w'li.. married George Taylor, of Worcester, Mass. Ivson.ler, m. Fmily 
Pierce, Mr. and .Mrs. l.vsandei Kussell have three children: liell, married a Mr. liorman. 


They resided in l.c.niinstei, Mass. Klla, married Krank liarrett, <.f Mas,,,,. \. 11 Charles, 
«hu, in iSSj. «a.s unmarried, llanul, married Xeisui, Darretl. They resided in Masun, 
N. II., and had children : Charles and Bessie. L^wis was drowned when eighteen years 
of age. 

Mrs. Julia Ann' (Longhy) Pattcii, of Muncy, Pa., had a white silk apron in which were 
married her mother, Mrs. Judith« Badger (.Searle) I.ongley, her grandmother, Mrs. Hannah^ 
(Cogswell) .Searlc, her great-grandmother, Mrs. Judith' (Badger) Cogswell, and her great-great- 
grandmother, .Mrs. Hannah' (I'kaslek), who made this apron while a member of 
the first llKiii School in Bosion, Mass. 




Amtis'- Cogswell, {Nathaniel'^, Johii\ IViliiiun-, yo/zii^), son n{ 
NathanieH [45] and Judith (Badger) Cog.swell, was born Oct. 2, 1752, 
in Haverhill, Mass. He married, Nov. 20, 1785, A/rs. Lydia {Bak-cr) 
Wcillmgfcrd. daughter of Col. Otis and Tamsen (Chesley) Baker, and 
widow of Capt Samuel Wullingford, of the Continental Nav}-. She was 
born May 12, 1759. '^ Dover, N. H., where they resided. Hon Amos 
Cogswell died Jan. 28, 1826. Mrs. Cogswell died Feb. 14, 1828, at the 
residence of her daughter, Mrs Wentworth, in Sandwich, N. H. 


Sophia, [388] b. July 20. 17S6: m. Oct. 2.S, TS04. Jacob M. Currier; d Sejit. i.S, 

Eli/, [389] b. June <s. i 7,SS. She died Nov. in, 1.S04. 
Francis, [390] b April 16, 1790; m. March 7, 1.S20. .\}rs. Elizabeth \SmttIi) libbelts ; 

d. Oct. 22, iSSi. 
Ann, AIL, [391] b. Oct. 29, I7gi ; m. Julv 2, 1.S21, Dr. Burleigh Smart; d. June 21, 

Lyuia, [39a] b. Mav 30, 1793: m. Marcli 30, 1X14, Hon. Paul Wentworth; d. Aug. 

24, i^^72. 


Amos joined the Army of the Revolution, May 10, 1775. and 
continued in the service of his country until the close of the war, Dec 31. 
1783. He was first an Ensign in the company of which his brother. Tiioinas 
Cogswell [ 152 !, was Captain, in Col. Gerrish's regiment. In 1776 he was pro- 
moted 10 Lieutenant in Col. L. Baldwin's regiment. Jan. i, 1777, he received 
a Captain's commission in Col. James Wasson's regiment ; and at I'rinceton, 
Oct. 10, 1783, Capt. Cogswell was brevetled Major for gallant service. He 


was in the army over eight years. He took part at the siege of Boston, and 
was in the battles of Trenton, Princeton, and Monmouth. Capt. Cogswell 
was present May 13, 1783, in Newburgh, N. Y., on the banks of the Hudson, 
when the officers of the American Revolutionary Army organized "The Soci- 
ety OK THE Cincinnati," of which organization Washington was elected Presi- 
dent-General in 1787. There were present at the organization of this order, and 
among its original members, Major Thomas Cogswell, Capt. Amos Cogswell, 
brothers, and Lieut. Samuel Cogswell ; the latter was probably Samuel" Cogs- 
well [ 480], son of Rev. James''' Cogswell, D. I)., of Canterbury, Conn. They 
all served through the war with distinction. Subsequently, when the war was 
over, Major Cogswell received from Gov. Langdon, of New Hampshire, a com- 
mission, dated Oct. 22, 1785, as Colonel of First Regiment of Light Horse. 
His under officers were Lieut. -Col. William Brewster, of Portsmouth, Major 
Jonathan Cass, the father of Gen. Lewis Cass, of E.xeter, N. H. 

Gen. Washington, on his Northern tour in 1789, visited Portsmouth, 
N. H., and was escorted, Oct. 30, 1789, from the State line to the town by 
Col Cogswell's regiment of Light Horse, Col. Cogswell himself being in 
command. Col. Amos Cogswell took up his residence in Dover, N. H , Sept., 
1784. He married, Nov. 20, 1785, Mrs. Lydia (Baker) Wallingford, a daugh- 
ter of Col. Otis Baker, of Dover, N H. She was the widow of Capt. 
Samuel Wallingford, whom she married July 22, 1775. Her husband, Capt. 
Wallingford, was killed on board the " Ranger," under command of John Paul 
Jones, in the battle and capture of the British ship of war " Drake," 
.'^pril 24, 1778, ofT Belfast, Ireland. 

Capt. Samuel and Lydia (Baker) Wallingford had one son, who was born 
May iq. 1776, and named George Washington. He graduated at Harvard 
College in 1795, was admitted to the bar in 1798. and practised law in Wells, 
now Kennebunk, Me., until his death, Jan. 20, 1824. FiW. " Wentworth 
Genealogy," Vol. II , pp 91, 97, and 98. 

The marriage of Col Amos Cogswell and Mrs. Lydia (Baker) Walling- 
ford was solemnized by Rev. Jeremy Belknap, D. D, minister of Dover, 
and Historian of New Hampshire. Col Cogswell was ca led to fill many 
civil offices as a citizen of Dover, N. H. He represented the town in the 
State Legislature as Representative in 1807, 1808, 1809, 1810, 1812, 1814, 1815, 
and perhaps other years. He was State Senator in 1818, 1819, and 1820, and 
Presidential Elector in 1816. He was chosen President of the New Hamp- 
shire branch of "The Society of the Cincinnati." There is still extant a 
petition of Col. Amos Cogswell to the Secretary of War for his pension, dated 
July 8, 1820, in his own handwriting An extract from this petition is copied 
on the following page. Vi)^ Memoranda. 

Hon. Amos Cogswell died at the age of seventy-three years. Mrs. Cogs- 
well survived her husband about two years, and died at the age of sixty-eight 
years. Their remains lie side by side in the Cemetery in Dover, N. H., and 
the spot is marked by a fitting monument, erected by their distinguished grand- 
son, the Hon. John Wentworth, of Chicago, 111. 


Unv. Am. I- l'.i..N\VELI. resiiletl in a hmi-c that \va- standing in 1S7S, ami ..wneil In 
r:dvvai<t WiLj^in, 1-><|. In this huii>c all <,f Mr. (.-...u-vvcllV childicii were burn. 

I'KTITI.I.N ul C.rl.. AMus Coi;s\VK1.L. 
Dated Ji lv S, 1820. 

./// /. \riii,t : ■■ .-\hmit .thi- loth Mav. 1775, I entered the service uf my country as Second 
I.ientcnant in (.HI. (leirisli'^ rLginient, in the Massachu.<etts line, and wa.s in a small action 
with the enemy at Seueli'.* Toint with, their rinatiiig batteries. In 1776 I served as Second 
I.ientenant in Cul. I:aldwin's regiment in New York; was in a small action with the enemy 
when they landed at Throg'.s Neck, and also at White Plains. 

"At Trentim I waded across the river, and took two Ile.ssian prisoners muler the Uridgc; 
in doin- wIiilIi I -ot .1 l)ad cold, and have had the rheumatism more or less ever since. In 
'777- J.inii.iiv i-i. 1 ai>])ointed a Captam in the 9lh Massachusetts Regiment, commanded 
In (.■..!, J.iinc- \V.i-~m;i; was n]) the .Mohawk River; took Knsign liutler with fourteen Canada 
Rangers and three Indians, ])risnners; was at the raising of the siege of Fort Schuyler; 
marched from Albany to Hallston with one hundred men, and took forty refugees )>risoners, 
that were going to Canada ; was at the taking of liurgoyne ; marched into their encampment 
with one hundred men. when their troops marched out, and collected together all their arms, 
.ind made my re])ort to the Adjutant-General that night. 

"From there I joined General Washington at Whitemarsh; was in the bank of Mon- 
mouth ; was in a small actimi near Kings's Bridge, when the French troops joined the .\mer- 

" I continued in service until the last dav of December, 17S5, when I left with a commis- 
sion of lirevet .Major. 

" I retired from service and settled at Dover, N. H. I married a young widow, whose 
hu~liand was a Captain of Marines, Samuel Wallingford, in the ship ' Ranger," with Capt. 
I'aul Jones, Commander, when he took the Uritish ship of war 'Drake,' and then lost his 
life. .According to the several acLs of Congress, she was entitled to about for the 
jjrisoners and guns so taken, but she has never been able to obtain anything. She is now in 
years, very infirm, of the same complaint as my own. She thinks she ought to draw a sti|)end 
from Government for one or the other of her husbands. 

" I have always been a true friend to my country, both in the field and cabinet. I have 
served about ten years as a member in our (Jeneral Court, three years in the Honorable Sen- 
ate, and have had the honor of being one of the electors, in 1S16, for our present President 
an<l \'ice-I'resident. I do say, not to my knowledge did I ever miss a regular tour of duty 
the whole time I was in service, but performed hundreds for my brother officers that were 
absent in visiting their friends. 

" -A.MOs CoGSWKI.L." 


I 158 i 


X.MHWiiii. I'l; aslee'' Coi;s\veli., (Xc}//ianicl\ Joliu\ Wtlii.inr, 
yoJui^). .sun (if XathanieH i 45 J and Jiulitli (Hadger) Cogswell, was born 
Jidy 10, 1S55, in Haverhill, Mass. He married, May 20, 1777, Siisannn 
Lakcviaii. .She wa.s Imrn in Ipswich, Mass They resided in Haver- 


hill until late in life, then remo\-ecl tti Dover, N. H., where he died 
suddenly at the house of his brother, Hon. Amos CossweH, Jan. lo, 
1798. Mrs. Cogswell married a second husband. She died, 1838, in 
Springfield, Vt. 


Sis.A-v.NA, [393] b. I7;S; m Si/iith. Hanx.A}!, [395] b. 17S2: m . 

Judith, [394] b. 17S0: m. . S.\i{.aii, [396] b. 1 7S4. 


Mr. Cogswell was a mariner. He was out as a privateersman during the 
whole period of the Revolution. On one occasion, being taken a prisoner, 
and being displeased with the treatment he received from the enemy, he jumped 
overboard and swam some three miles to gain an American vessel in sight. 
He was picked up in an exhausted condition and brought safely home. When 
the war was over he still followed the seas for some years as a captain of a 
merchant vissel. Near the close of his life he settled upon a farm in Dover, 
N. H , where he spent the remainder of his days. 


S„s„„n., O'C.fT.v// [393] mar lied ,i Mr. Smith. Thev resided in .Springfield, 111. They 
had children. 

JiiJil/i CVf..-K«'.' [394] and Ilauiiah Coi;r.,'c!l [395!, it i* -^aid, were married and had 




MosES^ Cogswell, (Nat/ianie/*, yolin-\ WiUiam', yohit^), son of 
Nathaniel'' [45] and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was born Sept. 22, 1757, 
in Haverhill, Mass. He married, June 13, 17S1, Hannah Foster, daugh- 
ter of Rev and Hon. Abiel and Hannah (Badger) Foster, and grand- 
daughter of Gen. Joseph and Hannah (Pearson) Badger. She was born 
in Canterbur}', \. H., where they resided. Lieut. Moses Cogswell 
died Sept. 16, 181 1 Mrs Cogswell died Sept. 16, 1814. 


Amos, [397] b. Jul\- 2S. i 7.S2 : m. Feb. S, iSio, Pollv Forrest ; d. June 5, 1S4.S. 
N'ath.wiei., [398J ij. June 3, 1 7.S4. He died in early life, Nov. 26, 1.S02., [399] b. Ah-i_\ 20, 17«6. He died in infancy, Feb. 11, 17S7. 
|iisi I'll ISaix.i.k, [400] b. Jan. 6. i 7,S.S : ni. Sarali Co^'jTi'f// [370]. 


Hannah Badger, [401] b. Feb. 19, 1790: m. 1S12, Thomas Ly ford; d. March 24, 1853. 
Thomas, [402] b. Feb. 15, 1792: m. Feb. 28, 1.S19, Sarah Adams; d. Sept., 1874. 
.AbiEL, [403] b. Feb. 10, 1794; m. Feb. 10, r.S2o, Marg.iret Harvey McCrillis ; d. 

Aug. 9, 1868. 
Jere.miah, [404]b. Oct. 6, 1796; m. March 27, 1825, Tryphena Achilles; d. Nov. 26, 1837. 
A daughter, [405] b. April i, 1799. She died in infancy, 1799. 
A DAiKiHTER, [406] b. Feb. I, 1800. She died in infancy, 1800. 
Naxcv, [407] b. June 24, 1801 : m. Dec. 12, 1848, Chase Wyatt ; d. March 10, 1S77. 
William. [408] ^.^ gg t ^ ,15 ■ 5 ^^ '^'^^ '" s^""')' ''f^' •'^P'''' 28, 1826. 
Betsey, [409] ) ' P • 3. ' 04- -^ ^^^^ ^.^^ .^ cliildhood, Dec. 27, 1815. 
Moses Pearson, [410] b. Jan. 7, 1S09: m. Dec. 17, 1S40. ^^ary Ann Lee ; d. Oct. to, 

I sr«^. 

Moses Cogswell was in the naval ser\'ice for nearly the whole period of 
the Revolution. He held the commission of Lieutenant and served as a pri- 
vateersman. Lieut. Cogswell was once captured and held as a prisoner of 
war at Halifa.x. N. S. It happened to be at the time of the notable Dark Day 
in New England. In Halifa.x the sun shone brightly all day. and when the 
British heard of the event they said, " It was a divine curse upon the rebels.' 

Afier the war Lieut. Cogswell settled in Canterbury, N. H. He carried on 
a farm, kept a tavern, and was Justice of the Peace. Lieut. Cogswell's death 
was very sudden, of paralysis. His wife's death occurred exactly three years 
after, on tiie same day of the same month. 


AVr. and //<>«. Ahicl I-'oslcr, Mrs. Cogswell's father, was a native of .\ndover, Mass., and 
son of Capt. .^sa Foster. He graduated from Harvard College in 1756. He was a member 
of the Continental Congress in 1783 and 17S4, and for several terms after the adoption of 
the Constitution, 1789-gi, 1795-1S03. He was the only one of the New Hampshire delega 
tion to the Continental Congress who witnessed the sublime spectacle when the Commander- 
in-Chief of the .\merican -Army delivered up his sword to the .Xnierican Congress. Hon. 
Abiel Foster died in 1.S06, at the age of seventy-one years. 

Xaiuy Cognudt [ 407 ] was the third wife of Chase Wyatt, who was born July 12, 1S05. 
He married two of her nieces. They lived in Tilton, X. H. He died 1SS2. 


1162 J 


William^ Cogswell, {Nathaniel^, yolin^, Williatifl, yohii^), son of 
Nathaniel'' I 45 1 and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was born July 1 1, 1760, 
in Haverhill, Mass. He married, July 22, 1786, Judith B,h(^ni\ daugh- 
ter of Gen. Joseph and Hannah (Pearson) Badger. She was born May 


15, 1766, in Gilmanton, N. H. They resided in Atkinson, N. H., where 
for forty-five years he practised medicine. Dr. Cogswell died Jan. 1, 
1 83 1. Mrs. Cogswell attained her ninety-fourth year, and died Sept. 
30, 1859. 


WiLLl-\.M, [411] b. June 5, 1 7.S7 ; m. Nov. 1 i, i.SiS, Joanna Strong; A. April i.S, 1850. 
JcLiA, [412] h Feb. 20, 17.S9; m. March i, iSio, ^Greenleaf Clark ; m. Dec. 12, 1.S22, 

^Ainnsa Cobiirn ; d. Jan. 9, i860. 
H.^NNAH Pearson, [413] b. July 6, 1791 ; m. Jan. 12, 1S14, Gov. William Badger ; d. 

Feb. 22, 1869. 
Joseph Bad(,i:r, [414] b. .\\\g. 30, 1793: m. Oct. 7, 1S17, Judith Peaslee ; d. April 10, 

Natha.mel, [415] b. March 5. 1796; m. Sept. 25, 1S25, 'Siisan Doanc ; m. Nov. 12. 

I S3 7, Rebecca Jameson; d. March 3, 1874. 
Thomas. [416] b. Dec. 7, 179S; m. Feb. 25, 1S20, Mary Aoyes; d. Aug. S, 1S6N. 
Francis, [417] b. Dec. 21, 1800; m. June 8, 1S29, Mary Sykes Afarland ; d. Feb. 

GEOKfiE, [418] b. Feb. 3, 1S08: m. Aiit;. 4, 1S31, ^Abigail Parker ; m. Dec. 2, 1S46, 

-Elizabeth Doane. 
J(.)HN, [419] b. Jan. 14, iSio. He died in infancy, Aug. 6. i.Sii. 

William Cogswell, at the age of twelve years, preparatory to the study 
of medicine, was placed under the private instruction of his uncle, Rev. Jona- 
than Searle, of Mason, N. H. The war of the Revolution breaking out, he 
entered the army, at the age of fifteen years, enlisting in the company com- 
manded by his older brother, Capt. Thomas Cogswell, in Col. Baldwin's regi- 
ment. Having served the term of his enlistment, from Jan. 1, 1776, to Jan i, 
1777, he pursued the study of medicine and surgery with Dr. Nathaniel Pea- 
body, of Atkinson, N. H. In 1778 he re-entered the service of his country for 
a siiort time, under Gen. Sullivan, of Rhode Island. Having completed his 
medical studies, he was appointed, July 19, 1781, Surgeon's Mate in the Military 
Hospital at West Point, N. Y. Jan. 5. 1784, he was promoted to the position 
of Surgeon-in-Chief of the hospital and Chief Medical Officer of the United 
States Army, which he filled from June 20, 1784, to Aug., 1785. Dr. Cogswell 
resigned the position of Surgeon-in-Chief, Sept. i, 1785, and terminated his 
connection with the army, having been some five years in the service of the 
country. He soon after married and settled in Atkinson, N. H., where he 
continued in the practice of his profession, for almost half a centur)-, until his 

Dr. Cogswell was one of the original members of the New Hampshire 
Medical Society, which was incorporated in 1791. He was appointed by the 
General Court one of its nineteen Fellows. Many medical students were under 
his instruction. He was one of the founders of Atkinson Academy, which was 
incorporated in 1791, and a member and the President of its Board of Trustees 


for many years. He gave the land on which the academy was erected. Dr. 
Cogswell was appointed, Oct. 5, 1794 Justice of the Peace by Gov. Gilman of 
New Hampshire. Sept 27, 1810, together with his wife and three oldest chil 
dren, he made a public profession of religion and united with the church. His 
other si.x children, one an infant, were baptized the same day. Dr. Cogswell, 
some twenty years later, died at the age of seventy j-ears. On the funeral 
occasion Rev. John Kelley, of Hampstead, N. H., preached a sermon, which 
was published, the text being. '"Wise men die" Ps. xlix. 10. It has been 
said of Dr Cogswell, " He advanced the doctrine of God his Saviour by his 
life and conversation. In his religious faith he was decidedly evangelical. His 
last days were happy in the enjoyment of his Redeemer, and at his departure 
he seemed sweetly to sleep in Jesus." 


Ih-. William C,\^r..yl!, in hi? early career, approved. Jul\ 19, [781, .Sui^eoiiV Man 
the Military Hosiiital, with Oov. Eustis, at We>l Point. J.,hn fochran, DirectorCicne 
certifies "that he distharged his duties with great faithfulness, intelligence, and unconin 
assiduity, by which me.ans he has improved much in medical skill and has given universal : 
isf.action to those gentlemen ol the department with whom he has been associated." Jan 
I7,S4, he was pr. ' 'led to the chief charge of the hosjutal. 

Mks. Jtrirni ;I(ai> Coc;swf.ll, wife of Dr. William Cogswell, survived to the tiim 
fourth year of her .age. The united ages of Mrs. Cogswell and her mother, Mrs. Hani 
Badger, would amount to one hundred and eighty-eight years, or one tenth of the wli 
Christian era. It was said of Mrs. Cogswell, " Her life was one of singular equanimity e 
devotion to a single object, the doing her duty in the sphere in which Cod |)laced her ; .- 
well she fultilled her mission." The sermon preached at her funeral, (let. 3, 1S59, by 
Rev. Je^se I'.age, was )iiiblished. 




John-' Cor, swell, {NailMmcl\ Joliii\ William'^, Jolin^), son of 
Nathaniel'' [45: and Judith iBad^cr) Cogswell, was born Dec. 4, 1761, 
in Haverhill, Mass. He married, Sept. 5. 1782, ^Abiali Moody, daugh- 
ter of Humphrey and .Abigail (Peaslee) Moody. She was born Aug. 
13, 1763, in Sanbornton, X, H. Mr. and Mrs, Cogswell settled in Can- 
terbury, and about 1793 they removed to Landaff, N. H. Mrs. Cogs- 
well died about 1813, and Mr. Cogswell afterwards married -Mrs. Riil/i 
{Biit/cr) Parsons, lut- Picjrso//, a daughter of Thomas Pearson. Mrs. 
Cogswell's first husband was Gen. Henry Butler, of Nottingham, N. H. 
Her second husband was Joseph Parsons, of Gilmanton, \. H. She 
was born in Ame.sbury, Mass. John Cogswell, Esq., died July, 1826. 



JriilTH, [420] b. March 10, 17.83: m. ^Thomas CogSu'ell [382]; m. Feb. 17, 

yohn Taylor J d. March 10, 1S64. 
N'athamkl. [421] b. Sept. 27, 17.S5: m 1.S06, Sarah Siimu ; (1. Sept. \(^, i8f/i. 
Rl IH, [422] m. James MiConncll. 
Sophia. [423]. She died unmarried. 


ike hi^ nlflei liiotheis, was in the service of his country dining a con- 
.■voliitii)nary strnnjjle. He 1)ecame a resident, alinut 1793, '" I.andaff, 
vticc of the I'tacc and chosen Representative of the town in the Slate 


[164 J 


Ebenezer' Cogswell, {Nathaniel'^, John^, Willianfl, yohii'^), son of 
Nathaniel"* [45] and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was born Feb. 14, 1763, 
in Haverhill, Mass. He married, Dec. 9, 1783, 'Mnry Stone, daughter 
of Col. Benjamin Stone. She was born in Atkinson, N. H. Thcv 
resided in Landaff, N H., and afterwards removed to Exeter, Me., 
where his wife died prior to 1812. Mr. Cogswell afterwards married 
'^Mivy Stficdit, of I-iristol, Me. They removed to Wiscasset, Me , 
where he died Aug. 23, 1847. Mrs. Mary (Stewart) Cogswell died 
Aug. 24. 1854. 


jEitrMiAH. [424] b. .\biivb 27, 17SS; m. Joanna Jewel; d. 1S65. 
Ai'.iAH. [425] b. 1791 ; m. Josiali Barker : d. April II, 1S71. 


Charles M.. [426] d. 1S54. Lucv Nichols, [427]. 


Ehf.nezer Cogswell was a farmei. He served as a soldier, in the War of 1S12, in .i 
njiany inulc-r the command of Cai>t. Danf.nth, of Wiscasset, Me. Mr. Cogswell was n 
imincnt mendici in the b.tplist Chnrch, and held the otfice of Deacon for many years. 

y.w,,// and .;/v./.: ((-..^ :.■,//! B.,rh-y lived in E.xeter, Me. They had several children, an<l 
it <lcseendant> are numeiutts. 

C/hi)/,s .V. C".;;',mv// resided in New York, and was probably unmarried at his death, 

l./iry .Vii/i„/s 0;4'Jti't7/ resided in Wiscasset, Me. She was living, inimanied, in rSS^. 


[165 1 


Joseph' Cogswell, {Xathaniel*, Johii^, IVi/liam'^, yohn^), son of 
Nathaniel'' [ 45 ] and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was born April i6, 
1764, in Haverhill, Mass. He married, Dec. 27, 1788, Judith Colby, 
daughter of Thomas Elliott and Judith (Sargent) Colby, of Warner, 
N. H. She was born Sept 25, 1771, in Amesbury, Mass. They re- 
sided in Warner, New Durham, and Tamworth, N. H. Dr. Cogswell 
died March 17, 1851. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 5, 1S57. 


JcDiTH. [428] b. Oct. 12, 1789. She died, unmarried, Sept. 9, 1836. 
Joseph [429] b. Jan. 2. 1792. He died in infancy, Jan. 20, 1793. 
H.ANX.AH. [430] b. Sept. 29, 1793. She died in childhood, Jan. 28, 1801. 
Erenezer, [431] b. May 22, 1795: m. Dec. 13, 1821, Bctsa- Wi^ghi : d. June 27, 

Ruth Badger, [432] b. June 15, 1797. She died in childhood. Feb. 6, iSoi. 

Thi>.M-\s, [433] b. Nov. 2, 1799. He died in childhood, Aug. 6, 1S03. 

RCTH, [434] b Aug. 22, 1S02: m. April 16. 1825, Eh-tn-:i-r Allen; d. May 24, 

H.WNAH. [435] b. .Aug. (\ 1S04. She died in infancy, Aug. 7. 1S04. 
Marv Sarcent. [436] b. Sept. 20, 1805: m. 1826, /jcvA C. Wiggiii : d. Feb. 12, 

JosEi'H, [437] b. .April 2, 1808: m. Oct. 24, 1R35, Amanda F. Page. 
Emily, [438] b. May 11, 181 1. She died in girlhood, May 29, 1826. 
Elliott Colhv, [439] b June 11, 1814; m. Aug. 12, 1842, Sophia Ann Adams. 


JiiSEPH Cogswell, tlie j'oungest son of Nathaniel Cogswell, served, when 
a mere lad. in the army of the Revolution. He studied medicine with his 
brother. Dr. William Cogswell, and .\ssistant Surgeon at West Point. Dr. 
Joseph Cogswell, in 1787, established himself in the practice of medicine in 
Warner, N. H. He was married soon after. In 1789 he became a Christian 
and united with the Congregational Church in that town. Dr. and Mrs. Cogs- 
well the ne.xt year, 1790, removed to Durham. N. H., where they remained 
until 1797. when they removed to Tamworth. N. H., where Dr. Cogswell lived 
and practi>;ed medicine for upwards of fifty years. He died at the age of 
eighty seven years, anil in the sixty-second of his married life. He was the 
last survivor of his father's family. 





Jeremiah^ Cogswell, {Caleh'^, Adanv', William'^, yohn^), son of 
Caleb"" [ 48 ] and Mary (Tyler) Cogswell, was born, 1732, in Ipswich, 
Mass He married, April 17, 1760, ^Elizabetli Hall. She was born in 
Littleton, Mass., where they lived. After Mrs. Cogswell's death Mr. 
Cogswell married, Oct. 31, 1771, '^Sarah Fletcher, daughter of Capt. 
Samuel and Mary (Lawrence) Fletcher. She was born Oct. i, [746, 
in Westford, Mass. Mrs. Sarah Cogswell died Jan. 11, 1814. Capt. 
Cogswell died (dropped dead in the field) April 17, 1820. A marble 
tablet marks the spot of their burial in the West Cemetery of West- 
ford, Mass. 


Marv, [440] I). Dec. 21, 1761. Jeremiah, [441] b. 22, 1763. 


Stephen, [442] b. July 29, 1772; m July 17, I'l^zo, Amelia Caldwell; d. .Mov. 2, 1823. 

Sarah, [443] b. Aug. 25, 1773; m. Jan. 15, 1795, Samuel Jones ; d. .March 15, 1814. 

BirrsEV, [444] b. Feb. 17, 1775 ; m. Oct. 18, 1797, Thomas K. Green; d. Dec. 20, 1820. 

Jonathan, [445] b. June 30, 1776; m. Feb. 24, 1799, Sally Tutile ; d May 9, 1806. 

Lccv, [446] b. Nov. 5, 1778; m. Sept. 15, 1801, Samuel Manning ; d. Oct. 4, 1817. 

Marv, [447] b. Sept. 6, 1780; m. Sept. 4, 1808, Leonard Jarvis ; d. Aug. 15, 1858. 

AijAM, [448] b. Jan. 30, 1783. He died in early manhood, May 19, 1804. 

Eve, [449] b. June 20, 1785 ; m. June 26, 1814, Benjamin Kneeland; d. April 18, 1849 

Rebecca, [450] b. April 14, 1788; m. Jan. i, 1815. Joel Mansfield. 

Nancv, [451] b. Aug. 5, 1791 ; m. May 8, 1814, Solomon Richardson ; d. 1827. 

Ieremi.ah Cogswell carried on a large farm in Littleton. L.ite in life he removed, 
1S05. to Westford, Mass. There is a record of Jeremiah Cogswell, of Boxford, cordwainer, 
who bought land, .■^pril 13, 1757, in Littleton, Mass. 

Mrs. Mary {Lawrence) Fletcher, mother of Mrs. .Sarah Cogswell, wa> the daughter of 
Major Eleazer Lawrence, of Littleton, son of Peleg, son of John Lawrence, who first settled 
in Watertown, and removed in 1762 to Groton, Mass. Major Lawrence married -Sarah 
Foster, and died, 1789, in Westford, Mass. 

Capt. Samuel Fletcher, father of Mrs. Cogswell, was son of William, son of Samuel, son 
of Robert Fletcher, who settled, 1630, in Concord, Mass., who was the ancestor of all the 
Fletchers in that vicinity. 

Samuel Tuttle, who married .Martha Shattuck, daughter of the first minister of Littleton. 
was the ancestor of nearly all the Tuttles in that region. 

Leonard Jan'is, who married Mary Cogswell [447 ], was born in Cambridge, Mass. He 
gradu.-Ued from Harvard College in 1797. Capt. Jarvis was a merchant. In 1S12 he removed 
tn P.nltiniore Md Ili^ death occurred Nov. 16. 1S55, Capt. and Mrs. J.nvis had no childrL-i., 





Adam' Cogswell, {Caleb*, Adam'^, William^, Johii^), son of Caleb* 
[48] and Mary (Tyler) Cogswell, was born April 20, 1733. He mar- 
ried, Dec 20, 1755, Sarah Bnrnham. She was born Aug. 17, I73'- 
They were married in Gloucester, and resided in Newburyport, Mass., 
and in Sedgwick, Me, Capt. Cogswell died in Halifax, Dec. 25, 1781. 
He was buried there with Masonic honors. Mrs. Cogswell died May 29, 
1803, in Castine, Me. 


Adam, [452]. He was drowned at the age of nineteen. 

S.AK.AH, [453] m. Salter, late in life. 

M.AKY, [454] 1). Dec. 13, 1761 ; m. 1776, Major David Carlton : d. .May 3, iS3''i- 
Betsey, [455] b. Oct. 25, 1770; m. /saac McKccn; d. 1853. 

Abigail, [456] b. Feb. 6, 1773 ; ro- '79ii ^Richard Warren j m. 1802, "Richard Ha-i<es ; 
d. Nov. 5, 1R26. 


Adam Cogswell was a ship-master, and known as Capt. Cogswell. He was a skilled naviga- 
tor. He owned an estate in Newburyport, Mass., where his children were born. He removed, 
about 1774, to Benjamin River, now Sedgwick, Me. He was the second man to settle in that 
place. Capt. Cogswell was a man of great force of will and capacity. His life was spent 
mostly upon the water. It is said he never lost a man at sea, when, right before his own 
eyes, his only sun was washed overboard in a gale and perished. This cast a gloom over the 
remainder of his life. 

Pompey was the name of a colored servant who belonged to Capt. Cogswell. An anec- 
dote is told of this Pompey. He had heard prayers at church for persons in distress or 
e.vposed to danger on the ocean. On one occasion he asked Massa .-^dam, son of Ca])t. .-^dam, 
to write a note for him, which he did. It ran thus: " Pompey, servant of Capt. Cogswell, 
being about to go to a strange land, requests the prayers of this congregation, that he may 
get safe home to .Africa." Capt. Cogswell, quite to his amazement, having had no previous 
knowledge of it, heard the note read in church, .\ftcr service, with great show of sternness, 
he demanded of I'ompey an explanation. Pompey said: ".Massa .-Adam did it." Put .Adam, 
then a mere lad, being called upon, said : " Pompey told me to." They were finally let oil, 
u|)on promise of right behavior in the future. 

Miss Al>i_i;,iil A. //ci-i'cs, of Castine, Me., granddaughter of Capt. Cogswell, has an auto- 
graph letter written by .Abraham Burnham to his sister, Mrs. Sarah Cogswell, Castine, Me., 
dated July 17, 1802, Dunbarton, N. H. 

.I/;-, and Mrs. .S',///,-;- [ 453 ] lived in the I'rovinces, and had no children. 


[184 ] 


Joiix-' Cogswell, {Ji'hn\ Jolitv', JoJuf'-, John\) son of John' l 60 i 
and Sarali (Brown) Cogswell, was born July 14, 1717, in Ipswich, Mass. 
He married, May 11, 1741, Mary Cogsi.'cll \W»\, daughter of W'illian 
139) and Mary [36] Cogswell. She was borji Sept 15, 1723, in Che 
bacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. Mrs. Cogswell died Aug. 22, 17S4. 


John, [457] b. Oct. 5, 1743: m. Dec. 2, 1762, ^Abigail Gooihjiii ; m Dec. u. 17^3, 

-Anna Steele ; d. April 9, 1S22. 
WiLLl.^M, [458] b 174^; m. April 4, 1771, Liiactia Burnliaiii ; d. Feb. 3, 1^31. 




Han.nah* Cogswell, {Wastall^, Samiicl'\ yolnr, yo/vi^), daughter of 
Wastall'' [67] and Martha Cogswell, was born Sept. 23, 1700, in Lyme, 
Conn. She married, Nov. 3, 1725, jFo/in Scoiel. They lived in Mid- 
dletown. Conn. 


JoJin, b. Nov. 3, 1726. Ebenczcr, b. Oct. 12, 1 731. 

Stcphtii, b. IVIarch i, 1729. Wastall, b. Feb. 17, 1734. 




Samuel'' Cogswell, [Samiiil^, Sumiic/''^, yolur, Jolin''), son of 
Samuel'' [68] and Mrs. Ann (Denison) Cogswell, wV Mason, was born, 
1707, in Savbrook, Conn. He married, Feb. 7, 1727, Elizabeth Bing- 
ham. She was born in Windham, Conn. They resided in Lebanon, 
Conn., where they both died. 


A\N, [459] b. Jan. 13, 172.S; m. Nov. 12, 1747, Williaiii Smith. 

Elizaheth, [460] b. April 20, 1730: m. Jan. 26, 1749, Dattiel Batdiuin. 

Zervi.^h, [461] b. Jan. 7, 1733. 

Jemima, [462] b. Dec. 19, 1736. 

Hannah, [463] b. Marcli 3, 173^; m. Feb. 21, 1754, U'il/iii/n Aiiiswortli. 

Phebe, [464] b. March 29, 1739. 

Mason, [465] b. Oct. 5. 1740: m. . 

Xathanikl, [466]1>. June 10. 1742; m. Jan. 2, \-](>(\ Hannah A/hn; A. Dec. 28, 17S4. 


"S.\MrEL Coi:-.\vi.i.i., of Lebanon, and F.lizohcth Pino/uim, '>{ Wmdham, were married 
togetlier Feb. 7th, 173|," appears in tlie Town Records of Lebanon, Conn., where are foinid 
recorded the birth- of their children, except the two youngest ; also conveyances of lands by 
Samuel Cogswell [ 68 ] and .\nn Cogswell, his wife, to Samuel Cogswell, their son, dated Jan. 
14, 1730, and May 17, 1733. 

ArIUS of HOVS $(10UR. 

a-ze^iTi-Ei: b-s" t^IvCes i. 








Hezekiah Cogswell and his family were the first of the name of 
Cogswell who settled in the Royal Province of Xew Scotland. 

The early history of Nova Scotia, called by the French. Acadie. from a 
native Indian term denoting local abundance, is replete with stirring and 
romantic episodes. Both British and American authors have found in it 
material for narrative and poetry, and the more its records are studied the 
deeper is the interest attached to them. From a geographical point of 
view, the situation of the Province has many natural advantages, and its 
mineral wealth, when properly developed, must secure for it a great future. 
Until the end of the last century it included the Province of New Bruns- 

I 12 

wick, rich in forest and rivers, but even in its curtailed proportions it adds 
to its mineral resources many productive fields for the a>j;riculturisl ; and it 
was in the richest of these, near the Bay of Fundy, that the drama was 
enacted in which the French Acadians made way for the New 
Puritans. Sympathy with the expatriated is always strong under any cir- 
cumstances, but the American poet, Longfellow, has, by his genius, shed a 
warm glow of sentiment over the banished Acadians, which blinds the reader 
to the real facts of the situation. It must be borne in mind that Nova 
Scotia was for years a battle-field for the .nrms and diplomacy of Great Britain 
and France. l"o Britain, through the agency of the Cabots, belongs the 
credit of the discovery of the Province, for Columbus had only explored in 
the Gulf of Mexico. The Gilberts followed with actual residence ; and on 
this fact, mainly, perhaps, depended the claims for possession made by Great 
Britain. But the brave and enterprising French, under the energetic guidance 
of De la Roche and De Monto, and with a power of assimilation, so to speak, 
which was not visible in their subsequent efforts at colonization, soon made 
Acadia a French province, and they established themselves in the rest of 
Eastern Canad.i with a tenacity such as to secure the retention of their indi- 
viduality in the Dominion to this day. By the treaty of Germains. Nova Scotia 
was formally ceded to France, although prior to that date sjjecial efforts 
been made, initiated by King James I., to convert the country into a New Scot- 
land, corresponding to the New England, which was already realizing the 
hopes that had attended its first settlement. 

The student of history finds himself wondering how any progress was pos- 
sible in Provinces which changed hands so frequently to meet the exigencies of 
European statesmen. The conditions of life must have been at times abso- 
lutely bewildering, and anything like settled loyalty must have been more than 
difficult. At one time a treaty, at another time a conquest, led to change of 
ownership. Nova Scotia was retaken by the English under secret instructions 
from Cromwell, but the treaty of Breda, in 1667, between Charles the Second 
and Louis the Fourteenth, restored it again to France. From this time, how- 
ever, the energy of the British colonists and the apathy of the French guv- 
ernment portended the ultimate predominance of the former race, and the cap- 
ture of Port Royal ('afterwards called Annapolis Royal) by the Massachusetts 
force, in 17 10. paved the way for the cession of the Province to the British 
crown under the treaty of Utrecht, in 1713. A troubled career was before it 
until 1749, little real colonization being effected ; and in that year a large part 
of the Province known now as Cape Breton was, in a miserable spirit of com- 
promise, ceded again to France. For the next six years every effort was made 
to develop the resources of the Province and to make it a thoroughly British 
colony, but in vain. The French residents, simple and industrious though 
they were, were compelled by external agencies to li\e in an atmosphere of 
intrigue. They assisted to keep the Indians in a state of agitation ; they car- 
ried on a mistrusted correspondence with their countrymen in the Province 
known then as Canada, and now as Quebec. The strengthening of Louisbourg 

in the French colony of Cape Breton seemed to be aggressive, and the disas- 
ters to the British troops under Gen. Braddock increased the plotting against 
British rule among the French settlers. There are times with nations, as with 
individuals, when drastic remedies have to be employed, and when an urgency 
exists which cannot wait for the ordinary movements of the law, when, in a 
word, weapons for immciiiaie tUtct are called into action, irrespective of their 
rudeness and harshness. No one can do other than deplore the sufferings 
which attended the expatriation of the French Acadians, but their removal 
had become a political necessity. The act was performed with all possible 
humanity by Col. Winslow, a native of New England, who commanded the 
forces charged with the unpleasant duty. Col. Winslow himself said that the 
work was " contrary to his make and temper," and was not likely to aggravate 
the sufferings of the unhapp)- people. 

Some descendants of the French Acadians remain in the Province, living in 
secluded villages, retaining their separate language and customs, and holding 
little intercourse with the British inhabitants, yet it may be questioned whether, 
nationally regarded, not only they, but all the so-called French Canadians, 
are not really more British than French ; for their ancestors are reputed to 
have come from Brittany and Normandy. Jacques Cartier. the first Kuropean 
voyager who set foot in Canada, was a native of Brittany. Brittany was col- 
onized from Wales ; its French name is Bretagiie. the same as for Britiiin, 
while both its current English name and that of its people are but variations 
of Britain and Briton. The intiinate blood relationship between the Normans, 
also, and the English, requires no words of explanation. If, then, there be rea- 
son to believe that no actual difference exists except in language, between the 
French Canadians and their British compatriots, it may be worth while for the 
former to consider whether they would not do wisely to give up this one 
acquired peculiarity, and so identify themselves in all respects with their 
neighbors speaking the English tongue. 

The vacant places in Acadia were soon filled. New England, whose vig- 
orous sons took so prominent a part in all the battles of Great Britain on the 
.American continent, stepped into the vacant farms, and among her pioneers in 
New Scotland, caine from Connecticut in 1761, Hezekiah Cogswell. 

Our earliest authority in print for the statements in the foregoing sketch is 
■• Haliburton's History of Nova Scotia." This work was received with special 
and official favor by the Legislative Assembly, and is worthy of the author, 
who on other and humorous fields earned the sol'riquet of " Sam Slick." It is 
in two volumes, published in 1829. The first volume is occupied with a 
general history of the Province, and the second contains an account of its 
arrangement in divisions, counties, districts, and townships, and the manner in 
which they became settled with inhabitants. The settlers were invariably of 
the lespectable classes, and their descendants have no reason to fear a coinpar- 
ison with the population of any other country as regards their origin. No con- 
vict under sentence has ever been known to cross their borders, except, strange 
to say. oiit'iCnrd-bounJ. An amusing instance of this was recently given in a 

1 14 

Halifax paper. A man named Paterson was convicted of forgery, and trans- 
ported to England h)- oxAtx of Judge (afterwards Sir Brenton) Halliburton, with 
a threat of capital, or some other severe punisliiiient, if he should ever return 
to Nova Scotia. 

.\ more elaborate work in three volumes, bearing nearly the same title as 
the above, "Murdoch's History of Nova .Scotia or Acadie," was published in 
1866 It is more a chronicle than a narrative, and seems to have been 
intended by its author to serve as a book of reference to future historians. 
From its pages we learn that in 1758 a proclamation was issued by the Pro- 
vincial government, setting forth the great extent and value of the lands 
vacated by the French, and inviting those who might desire to settle on them 
to apply to " Mr. Hancock, at Boston, or the Messrs. Delancie and Watts, at 
New York." Applicants were informed that the land was to be divided into 
townships of one hundred thousand acres, or about twelve square miles, and 
to insure a considerable resiiknt population, it was resolved that no one person 
should receive a grant exceeding one thousand acres. 

In April. 1759, four delegates from Connecticut and one from Rhode 
Island came to Halifax to negotiate the terms of settlement. They were 
Major Dennison. Messrs. Jonathan Harris, Joseph Otis, and James Fuller, 
from Connecticut, and Mr. John Hicks, from Rhode Island. In the month 
following their arrival the seal of the Province was attaclied to deeds convey- 
ing grants in the townships of Horton and Cornwallis to the Connecticut del- 
egates Mr. John Hicks, the delegate from Rhode Island, and Mr. .^mos 
Fuller desired that lands should be reserved for them and their constituents at 
Windsor. From information contributed very kindly by Barclay Webster. 
Esq., barrister at law at Kentville, Nova Scotia, it appears that by a deed bear- 
ing date July 21, 1761, some lands in the township of Cornwallis were assigned 
to a number of persons, among whom appears the name of " Hezekiah Cogs- 
hall," for one share and a half of the original allotment. The spelling of the 
surname is remarkable. If it was not the mode then prevailing in Connecti- 
cut, it is an evidence of the same carelessness or indiflerence to what was then 
probably considered a trivial matter, which is to be found in the pedigrees in 
England of members of the De Coggeshall family. Tradition speaks of three 
founders of the new population as being remarkable for stature and physical 
strength. Mason Cosgwell, son of Hezekiah Cogswell, who is referred to above, 
was one of the three. It is mentioned as an instance of his strength that he 
could lift a barrel of cider at arm's length, bring it to his h"ps, and drink out of 
the bung hole. Had physical sports been encouraged in those days, this 
same strength would doubtless have found other opportunities of di-play, 
but the spirit of the Puritans was opposed to athletic exercises, as both frivo- 
lous and involving a sinful waste of time. They forgot that they themselves 
had rejoiced in no less a gymnasium than a nnv iViitineni : that in it they had 
not merely to wrestle with the sturdy trees of the " forest primeval," but with 
armed men, contesting for no less a prize than the rod of empire. In the 
peaceful days that now followed, when the hard work was no longer necessary 


whicli usi;d to develop the muscle and induce vigorous health, evils accrued 
which alarmed those acquainted with sanitary science. To them it was clear 
that the monotony of daily labor, without wholesome recreation, and especially 
when the scene was transferred from the open field to the "store," counting- 
house, and office, was seriously affecting the public health, both physical and 
moral. To remedy this, a systematic return to the athletic games of the old 
countries was sucessfully recommended some quarter of a century ago, and 
now the bat, the oar of the amateur, and the volunteer's rifle are familiar among 
not only the youthful, but the adult population of New Scotland. 


[193 1 


Hezekiah*^ Cogswell, (Smnucl*, Saniuel'-K Jolufi, yohn^), son of 
Samuel'' (68! and Mrs. Ann (Denison) Cogswell, Ji'e Masi>n, was born, 
1709, in Sa^-brook, Conn. He married Susanna Baihy. She was born 
in Mansfield, Conn. They lived in Lebanon and Hebron, Conn., and 
in Cornwallis, Nova -Scotia. Mrs. Cogswell died at the age of about 
ninety years. Mr. Cogswell died at the age of about ninety-seven 


Daniel, [467] b. Oct. 12. 1731. He died, unmarried, in Betket, Mass.. Jan. 30, 1S19. 
Ezra, [468] bapt. March iS, 1733; m. Oct. 30, 1760, Elizabeth Dewey ; A. June 27, 

1 82 1 . 
Aaron, [469] m. ^Suseitum E(fgiirfon ; m. Feb. 19, 1778, ^Ruth Parish. 
Oli\-er, [470] m. Dec. 23, x--]},, Abigail Ells ; d. May 14, i 7.S3. 
Sarah, [471] m. yathanicl Kinsman. 

Christiana, [472] m. Oct. 31, 1771, John English ; A. April 3, 1796. 
Naomi, [473] b. Sept. 16, 1740. 

Ann, [474] m. ^Capt. Jeremiah Post ; m. ^Lieut.-Goi\ Paul Spooner, M. D. 
Diademia, [475] b. June 16, 1742; m. Jeremiah Dewey. 

Martha, [476] m. Densviore. 

Mason, [477] b. 1750; m. Oct 31, 1771, Lydia Huntington ; A. Dec. 12, 1816. 

Hezekiah Cogswell settled in Lebanon, Conn. The record of the First 
Church in that town shows that Hezekiah owned the Covenant, Jan. 2, 1732. 
He received a con\-ey.qnce of land Nov. 6, J 731, from his parents, and made 
purchase of other land. May 19, 1732, in Hebron, Conn., where, from mention 
made, it appears he resided in 1758. In 1761 Mr. Cogswell with his family 
emigrated to Nova Scotia. The youngest child was perhaps ten years of age 


when they embarked for New Scotland. Some of their children did not 
accompany their parents, and two or three went to return. It is said that their 
daughter Ann [474 1, with her sister Diademia [415], did not leave the ship, 
but came back to New England on the return of the vessel. There appears 
on the records of Lebanon, Conn., " Eliphalet Cogswell, hapt. Dec. 15, 1734; 
Samuel hapt. Nov. 22, 1741," who may have been the children of Hezekiah 
Cogswell. The following incident is narrated: "When Hezekiali Cogswell 
and family were about to embark for Nova Scoti.i in 1761, the grandmother felt 
unwilling to lose her little pet, the youngest boy, and so hid him away and told 
him to ' lie still and make no noise.' Search was made in all directions for the 
little fellow in vain, and the grandmother refused to give him up. But when 
the ship could wait no longer, tiie troubled father called aloud, ' Mason,' at 
which the child, unused to disobdience, answered, 'Sir.' This of course dis- 
covered his whereabouts, and he was taken on board, much to the discomfiture 
and grief of his doting grandmother." Mr. Cogswell became an elder in the 
Presbyterian Church in Coinwallis, N. S., and continued to occupy an elder's 
seat in church until age and distance prevented his attendance on public wor- 
ship. He was fond of reading religious books. Flavel was his fav ^rite author. 
Mr. Cogswell lived to such extreme age, ninety-seven years, that he could 
not distmguish an apple from a potato, and did not recognize his own children. 
Mrs. Cogswell survived her husband, and died at the age of about ninety 
years. She has been characterized as a strong-minded woman, and it has been 
said that " She held the purse-strings and ruled her house in all that a woman 


The township of Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, "containing in the whole one hundred thou- 
sand acres, more or less," was granted, July 21, i76i,to proprietors, chiefly from Connecticut. 
After the e.xpulsion of the French, in 1755, and during the last year of the reign of George II., 
1760, colonists were invited by royal proclamation to come and possess the land. Each pro- 
prietor was entitled to a right for himself and a half-right for his family. Each right consisted 
of a town lot of three acres, a farm lot of forty acres, and seven hundred acres of wilderness 
land. The following are the names of the colonists copied from the Grant now on file in Corn- 
wallis, N. S. 

List of the Names of Grantees. 

" L^uscinui Aktey. 
Perfz AnJ.-rum. 
John Bnrtlclt. 
John Bchi'ilh. 
John Bfihu'ilh. 

David BcntUy. 

Amos Bill, Esq. 

Ebenezer Bill. 

Edward Bill. 

Ichahod Bordman. 

Samuel Brewster. 
John BurHd^c. 

Willtam Canada. 

Ezekiel Caulkin. 
Jabish Chaffdl. 
Mary Chappelt. 
Hezfkiah Cogswell. 
Gorham Cummitigs. 
John Dean. 
Ezra Downer. 
.Abigail {.Ve7veomb) English. 
Ezekiel Huntington. 
James Johnson. 
Lawrence Johnson. 
Benjamin Kilbourn. 
Benjamin Kinsman. 

Francis Morns. 
Hezekiah Morris 
Elkanah Morton 
Benjamin .Vewa 
Eddy .Vewcomb. 
Solomon Parish. 
Darid Barker. 
Ehsha Parker. 
Kobert Parker. 
Elisha Porter. 
John Porter. 
Samuel Porter. 
Ethan Pratt. 

Jonathan Rochu.-U. 
Jc-remiah Rogers. 
Samuel Starr. 
Johtt Steadman. 
Nathan Styles. 
Stephen Strong. 
John Terry. 
Oliver Thorf. 


Eliakim Tuffer's 
Elias Tupfer. 
IVilliam Tufper. 
Abraham Webste, 
Stephen West. 
M'llliatn West. 
IVilliam West. 
Caleb Wheaton. 

Peter Wichui'ise. 
Dr. Samuel Willowby 
Amasa Woodworth. 
Jonathan Wood. 
Benjamin Woodworti 
Silas Woodworth. 
Thomas Woodworth. 
William Wood-worth. 

The name of Hezekiah Cogswell appears the seventeenth on this recorded list of sixtv- 
three colonists. His farm was located near the Upper Dyke Bridge, which was erected by the 
French. This was known as Canard Street. 

I).\xiEL Cogswell [ 467 ] died unmarried, 1S19, in Becket, Mass., with no legal heirs in 
the State, except Ezra Cogswell [ 468 ], of Chesterfield. Papers show that he had a sister 
Diademia, wife of Jeremiah Dewey, brothers. Aaron and Mason, and a sister, Widow Martha 

Daniel Cogs-well, oi Hebron, Conn., purchased fifty acres of land in Lenox, Mass., for £(>oi 
dated " i6th day of Aug., 1772." Widow Mary Baker, of Lenox, purchased of Daniel Cogswell ' 
of Chesterfield, Mass., for ;i£'i20, fifty acres of land, dated " 27 Aug., 1777." Daniel Cogswell, 
of Hebron, bought of David Lee, Jr., of Manchester, Vt., for ;if 1,000 continental money, 
ninety-six acres of land, situated in Becket, Mass., dated "May 19, 1779." 


[196 1 


James''' Cogswell, {Samuel'*, Sainnel^, John-, Jolin^), son of SamueH 
[68] and Mrs. Ann (Denison) Cogswell, ncc Mason, was born Jan. 6, 
1720, in Saybrook, Conn. His parents removed to Lebanon, 1724. 
He married, April 24, 1745, K-llicc Fitch, daughter of Hon. Jabez and 
Lydia (Gale) Fitch. She was born, 1725, in Canterbury, Conn., where resided. Mrs. Alice Cogswell died April, 1772. Rev. Mr. Cogs- 
well married, 1773, "^Alrs. Martlia {Lothrop) Deiwtiou, widow of Rev. 
Ebenezer Devotion, his predecessor in Scotland Parish, Windham, 
Conn. Mrs. Martha Cogswell died Dec. 6, 1795. Rev. Dr. Cogswell 
married ^J/;x Hibbai-d. They lived in Scotland Parish, Windham 
Conn. Rev. James Cogswell, D. D., died Jan. 2, 1807, at the house of 
his son. Dr. Mason F. Cogswell, in Hartford, Conn. 


James, [478] b. July 31, 1746; m. Aug. 8, 1776, ^Elizabeth Da-veiiport : m. May i.s. 

I7JS3, '^Abif^ait Lloyd ; d. Nov. 20, 1792. 
Alice, [479] b. Dec. 7, 1749. She died in early womanhood. May 9, 1772. 
Samiel, [480] b. May 23, 1754; m. 17S5, Maria Backus ; A. Aug. 29, 1790. 
Maso.n Fitch, [481] b. Sept. 2.S, 1761 ; m. Afaiy A. Lcdyani ; d. Dec. 10, 1.S30. 
Sei'TIMi-s, [482] h. .Aug. 30, 1769. He died in boyhood, Oct., 1773. 


James Cogswell was the youngest of his father's family- He was about 
four years old when his parents removed, 1724, from Saybrook to Lebanon, 
Conn. He experienced religion when a lad of fifteen years, and was received 
to the church in Lebanon. Dec. 29, 1735. -^^ the age of twenty-two years he 
gradu.-ited from Yale College, in the class of 1742. After completing his 
theological studies he was ordained and installed, Dec. 28, 1744. the pastor of 
the church in Canterbury, Conn After a ministry of twenty-seven ye.irs he 
resigned, Nov. 5, i77i,and soon after, Feb. 19, 1772, was installed the pastor 
of the church in Scotland Parish, Windham, Conn., where he fulfilled a min- 
istry of thirty-three years, and resigned in 1804. Thus his active ministerial 
service covered a period of sixty years, and at the age of eighty-four years 
he retired from public labor in the gospel, and made his home with the only 
survivor of his family of five children. Dr. Mason Fitch Cogswell, of Hart- 
ford, Conn. Rev. Dr. Cogswell survived but a few years. His death occurred 
Jan. 2, 1807. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Nathan Strong. D. D., 
and he was buried in the North Burying Ground, of Hartford, Conn. The 
spot is marked by a fitting monument to his memory. 

Rev. Ur. Cogswell had a long, laborious, and useful ministry. His life was 
one of many and great afflictions; his ministry doubtless had its shady side, 
and his old age had its infirmities, but he kept the faith, was a faithful minister 
of Jesus Christ, and attained unto his crown of heavenly reward. Dr. Cogs- 
well has been described thus : " A good logician and a graceful speaker, mod- 
erate in his own opinions, tolerant of those of others, mild in temper, and 
affable in manner, dignified in tiie pulpit, and conciliatory in private. His 
pulpit abilities, combined with kindliness of temper and genial manners, won 
popular favor." He was a well-read student and a teacher of theology. He 
was called by contemporaries, "The big theologian," and students for the min 
istry resorted to him for instruction. Among his pupils were Josiah Whitney, 
afterwards pastor of Brooklyn Parish, and Naphtali Daggett, subsequently the 
President of Yale College 

Rev. Dr. Cogswell was called to preach on special occasions. When, for 
example, April 19, 1783, Washington announced the cessation of hostilities, a 
public service was held in the meeting-house on Windham Green, he was des- 
ignated to preach the sermon, whicii was widely commended. Among his pub- 
lished sermons were an election sermon, preached in 177 1, a sermon on the 
death of Rev. Solomon Williams, D. D., March 4, 1776, in Lebanon. Conn., 
and a sermon at the funeral of Rev. Samuel Moseley, pastor of Hampton, 
Conn., in 1791. 

He received the degree of D. D. from Yale College in 1790, and held a 
prominence among the leading divines of his day. Dr. Cogswell's home was 
always the centre of much literary and social culture. His first wife, Mrs. 
Alice Cogswell, belonged to one of the most cultured families in the State, the 
Fitch family. His second wife, Mrs. .Manila Cogswell, was the widow of 

Rev. Ebenezer Devotion, who had preceded him in the pastorate of Scotland 
Parish. Her daughter became the wife of Hon. Samuel Huntington, who, in 
1784, was made Chief Justice of the State of Connecticut, and in 1786 chosen 
Governor, being re-elected each year until his death. Dr. Cogswell's sons and 
Mrs. Cogswell's daughters were all highly educated and accomplished, so that 
the Scotland parsonage was the centre of much social attraction. Among 
the celebrities who were frequent visitors were Gen. Putnam, of Revolutionary 
fame. Gov. Huntington and his brilliant brothers, and others prominent in the 
State and country. 

Dr. Cogswell experienced heavy bereavements in his family. Soon after 
his settlement in Scotland Parish, his wife, Mrs. Alice Cogswell, died, and a 
few weeks later his only daughter, at the age of twenty-three years, and spoken 
of as " a young lady highly educated and accomplished in the useful as well as 
ornamental parts of female learning," and there was engraved this inscription 
to her memory : "She departed this vain and transitory life in firm hope of a 
glorious immortality." Then followed, soon after, the death of his little son, 
Septimus, and not long after his second marriage, the death of Mrs. Martha 
Cogswell's youngest daughter, Betsey Devotion, a very beautiful and interesting 
young lady. Her death occurred suddenly in March, 1775. In 17S5 his son, 
Samuel Cogswell, a young lawyer of great promise, was accidentally shot dead. 
In 1792 his oldest son, Dr. James Cogswell, of Xew Votk, died from disease 
contracted by fidelity in his profession. Then, in 1795, his second wife died 
suddenly of paralysis, and so his life seemed to be filled with personal bereave- 
ments. And, added to all, in his later years of gospel ministrations there 
arose some differences between him and his parish. His salary was poorly 
paid and his people dissatisfied, showing that " length of days " was not alto- 
gether desirable when one was settled in the pastorate for life. In his old age 
there was provided for him a most delightful home in the family of his son in 
Hartford, a seeming compensation to him for the provision he had made for 
his own aged parents many years before, at his home in Canterbury. Conn. 

In his last illness Rev. Dr. Cogswell seemed to lose all knowledge even of 
his nearest friends. He forgot, indeed, his own name. When asked if he 
remembered his son, Mason Fitch, he replied : " I do not recollect that I ever 
had a son." But when asked whether he remembered the Lord Jesus Christ, 
he replied at once by exclaiming, " Oh, yes, I do remember ffitn .' He is my 
Lord axd Redef.mer!" 

It is said that Mrs. Sigourney has touchingly described the scene of Rev. 
Dr. Cogswell's death-bed. 


Some incidents are told of Rev. Dr. Cogswell. On one occasion he publicly protested 
against sending a certain man, Ze])haniah -Switt, as deputy to the General Assembly of the 
.State, declaring himself "grieved and displeased that men should have so little regard for 
religion as to choose a man for deputy who has none." At the time of the death of his adopted 
daughter. Ketsey Hevotion, it is narrated that "The bereaved parents, greatly overcnna 

by the shock, were persuaded by sympathizing friends to indulge in the soothing stimulus of a 
cup of tea. Their delinquency was soon made public, and Dr. Cogswell was informed that 
they would be reported to the Committee of Inspection. He immediately waited upon that 
body, and, by a certificate from his physician to the effect that the cup of tea had been taken 
as a medical prescription, was able to satisfy these officials. But the general public was nut 
so easily appeased. Aggrieved patriots continued to express their resentment by open 
remonstrance and by staying at home from church service. Doughty old farmers rotle over 
from Pudding Hill with rebuke and grumble, and sharp-tongued good-wives did not hesitate 
to assure their minister that the public would not be satisfied m'thout a confession and apology 
from the pulpit. Some insisted that his name and offence should be published in the ' Nor- 
wich Packet' and ' Xew London Gazette.' Dr. Cogswell, always nervously sensitive to the 
piilli.- opinion, was greatly annoyed and distres.sed by these manifestations of displeasure on 
the part of the people. But to relieve matters, providentially, soon came the news of the hat- 
tie at Le.\ington, which swept away all minor c.vcitenients." 

In Dr. Cogswell's diary, under date of July 2, 1788, record is made of a most terrific and 
devastating thunder and hail storm: "A black cloud seemed to settle down upon Westmin- 
ster Parish, and the hailstones fell to the depth of nineteen inches." 

For fuller notices of Rev. J.vmes Cogswki.i., D. D., vid. " Trumbull's History of Con 
necticut," Vol. II., pp. 1-S-184 ; " Miss Laniard's 1 listory of Windham County, Conn'.," Vol. I., 
pp. 411-427 ; " Sprague's Annals," Vol. I., pp. 445-44S; also "The New Englaiider" for Jan.. 
1S82; " Old Times in Connecticut," bv Rev. I., liaron, D. D. 




Jo.SEPH-'' Cogswell, (yasiph*, S,iiniiet\ yoJiir, yo/ni^). son of Joseph'' 
[70 1 and Anna (Orvis) Cogswell, was born May 24, 1711, in Farming- 
ton, Conn. He married, May 3, 1732, yoaiiua Andrews, daughter of 
Benjamin and Elizabeth (Gridle)') Andrews She was born Sept. 24, 
1712, in Farmington, Conn They lived in Southington Parish, Farm- 
ington, Conn., until late in life, when they removed to Richmond, Mass. 
Mr. Cogswell died May 2, 1783. Mr.s. Joanna Cogswell died Sept. 25, 


AvN-.J^, [483] li. March 6, 1733. She died in childhood, 1736. 

ELUAr.i.Tii, [484] b. March ■},'>■ '"35: m. Aug. 20, 1752, Ebcnc:cr Hiihhanf. 

-Sarah, [485J !>. .May 10. 1736; m. Stephen Holli.Ucr ; d. May (\ 1S14. 

LfUANA, [486] Ij. July 20, 1737: rn Winsh^ii. 

RosANNA, [487] b. .May 11, 1739; m. 175.S, Stcplteit Winston. 
.\ATHA.\n;i., [488] b. Oct. 18, 1741 ; m. I7rx), Beiilah Scott. 

Nathan. [489] b. April 22, 1744; m. 'Anna Smith ; m. 1786, -EuniiC I.oiit ; m. Dec. 
31,1 7.S7, OMiriani Smith ; m. \Mrs. .^rary Waters : d. March 2>), 1 .S22. 

Lrrv, [490] b. Nov. S, 1746; m. .Vorth fprob.ably Thomas North 1.'H, [491 J b. May 15, I 753, m. July 14. 1772, C/i'/oc Hill. 


Joseph Cogswell was one of the earliest settlers of Richmond, where there were but 
two wliite families in 1761. Mr. Cogswell was admitted to the church in Southington Parish, 
March 4, 1733, and March 11 had his little daughter baptized. Some give date of his mar- 
riage, March 4, 1731, and the date of his death, April 13, 17S3. At his death he left his wife 
Joanna and seven children, viz., Elizabeth, Lurana, Rosaniia, Nathaniel, Nathan, Lucy, and 
Joseph. Joseph Cogswell [491 ] was the residuary legatee of his father's estate. 

Benjamin Andrews, Mrs. Cogswell's father, was son of Benjamin and Mary (Smith) 
Andrews, and Benjamin was the youngest child of John and Mary Andrews, who settled, in 
1640, in Farmington, Conn., east side of the river, two miles from the village. "John Andrews 
d. 1681. Mary, ye aged wife of John Andrews, died May, 1694." 

Benjamin Andrews, son of John and Mary Andrews, married, May 26, 1682, Mary Smith. 
He died 1727. Their son Benjamin was born Aug. 20, 16S3, and married Elizalieth Gridley. 
They were the parents of Mrs. Cogswell. Mrs. Sarah (Cogswell) Hollistcr [485] may not 
have been of this family. She is not mentioned in Mr. Cogswell's uiU. 

Xathaniel Cogswell [ 488 ] married Beulah Scott, daughter of Zachariah Scott. Slie was 
born, 1744, in Southington Parish, Conn. They lived in Cornwall, Vt., where he purchased 
land and built a log-house about 1790. 

The Will of Joseph Cogswell. 

"I.N THE NAME c ,F (iuii, Amen: /, Jpsefli Cogsxcell, in the County of Berkshire and 
State of Massachusetts, being through the abundant mercy and goodness of God, though 
weak in body, yet of sound understanding and memory, do constitute this my last will and 

" First. I most humbly bequeath my soul to God who gave it, and my body I give to the 
Earth from whence it was taken, to be burried in decent. Christian burial at the discretion of 
mv Executors, in full assurance of its resurection from thence at the last day. 

" To my worldly estate I will, and jiositivly order, that all my debts be paid, and I give 
and dispose of what estate remains in the manner following : That is to say, I give and 
bequeath to mv well-beloved wife, Johannah Cogswell, the use and improvement of one third 
of my real Estate, and also one third of my Personal Estate, during her natural life. 

" Then I give and bequeath unto my well-beloved sons, Nathaniel Cogswell and Nathan 
Cogswell, and unto my well-beloved daughters, Elizabeth Hubbard, Lurana Winston, Kosa- 
nah Winston, and Lucy North, Five Shillings each. 

" Then I give and bequeath unto my well-beloved son, Joseph Cogswell, all the remain- 
der of all my real and personal estate of all kind whatever, and all the estate, both real and 
personal, which I have given to my wife by this will, at her decease. 

"Lastly, I do constitute and appoint Nathaniel Bishop Sole Executor of this my last will 
and testament. 

(Signed) "Josei'H Cocswell." 

"Signed, Sealed, and Pronounced to be the 
presence of us. 

'Dated 15th day of July, 17S1 
' Probated May 16, 17S3." 

and Testa 

ut of the Testator, 

'Ch.\rles Uvpee. 
Levi Cogswell. 
John jEwrrrs." 


John Brown, 
n.ui Collins, r.irhlir 


[198 J 


Samuel" Cogswell, {jFoscfih*, Soiniicr\ yohir, JoJui^), son of Joseph'' 
[70] and Anna (Orvis) Cogswell, was born May 23, 1713, in Farming- 
ton, Conn. He married, Nov 28, 1734, Mary Langdon, daughter of 
Joseph and Rachel (Cowles) Langdon. She was born Nov. 13, 1716, 
in Farmington, Conn., where they resided until 1762, when they re- 
moved to Richmond, Mass. 


A CHILD, [492] who died in infancy, Sept 21 , 1735. 
A CHH.lj, [493] who died in infancy, Jan. 16. 173'.. 

LUCERNA, [494] 1 b. h,lv 13, nvA 

Joseph. [495] ) ' ' ( m. : d. July 1 5, I7.'!i. 

Mak\, [496] b. April 1, 1739: m. Oct. 6, I73r., Joseph Baniitt. 

.AsAHKi,. [497] b. April 16, 1741 : m. ^Dorcas Fuller ; m. '^Rlioda : d. Dec. 4, i 792. 

Rhiida, [498] hapt. April 17, 1743; m. Isaac Doty. 

Isaac, [499] hapt. June 30, 1745; m. .Molly Looniis. 

Sa.muel, [500] bapt. June 21, 1747. 

Rachel, [501] hapt. July 16, 1749. 

LVDIA. [502] bapt. Aug. 9, 1752: m. Dr. Haclcy. 

Sa.mcel, [503] b. Sept 17. 1754: m. .Sarah Lydia Ohnsfead : d. May 26, 1S15. 

Reuben, [504] b. .Martli 1, 1756; m. . 

Simeon, [505] K ^ ^ he died in infancy, Nov. i, 1759. [i^53- 

Levi, [506] \ ' ^' ' "•^" ( m. Dec. i, 17W,, ,^«,-/„/ yr. /r////,./^' .• d. Nov. 29, 

Jerusha, [507] bapt. Aug., 17''>I ; m. .V/-,r/. 

Electa, [508]. 


" Know ye . . . That I. John Chamberlin, of Stockbridge, Co. of Kerkshire, for the cnn- 
sideration of Forty Five I'ounds Lawful money paid me by Josei)h Cogswell and Samuel 
Cogswell, both of Farmington, in the Colony of Connecticut, do grant, bargain, and sell all 
my right and title to land situated in Mt. E))hraim. . . . hercnnto I .set my hand this 15 day 
of' May, A. P. 1762. 

Samuel Bmuii. 

Elijah Brmoii.'" 

FoHN Ch.^mukrt, 

essed bv 

thai I. Samuel Cogswell, of Mi. F.))hraim, for the consideration of s 
lings, gr.ant, bargain, and sell unto Josc]ih liainitt. &c. ... 14 day nf 

essed in presence of 

■ .-Lmlicl Co^.mu-ll. 
7'iiitl A'ltvmciiii." 

' Samuel Coc' 

"Know yc, that I, Samuel Cogswell, of Richmond, in consideration of the Parental Lo 
and affection unto my son, Isaac Cogswell, of said Richmond, &c. . . . iSth day of Mart 

"'". Witnessed In ^ '"'''"''"' ^^'""''- "''''"'" ' """" '' 


" Know ye . . . That I, Samuel Cogswell, of Mt. Ephraim, for consideration of 30 pounds 
lawful money paid by Asahel Cogswell, of Mt. Ephraim, grant, &c. . . . land bounded East & 
West by Highway, running as far North as to contain 50 acres of land, making a reserva- 
tion of the West corner, of about one acre the West side of the Brook. I hereunto set my 
hand and seal this 23d day of April, 1765. .. ^.^.^h.^l Cogswfi l " 

f Nathan Cogs-,vc//. 

Siimtii/ Cogs7Ml/ gave to his son Samuel, for the consideration of his paternal love, one 
half of his house and barn, and certain land, iSth day of Aug., 17S6. 

MaiT Ct'x'swd! [496 ] married Joseph Barnitt. They lived in Richmond, Mass. 

Jcriislui Cogswell [507 ] was baptized Aug., 1761, married a Mr. Skeel (probably Jonathan 
Skeel), and resided in Richmond, Mass. 

Electa Cognvcll [508 ] resided in Richmond, Mass. She was the youngest of her father's 

Xatluin /"ivrj-c;/, shoemaker and tanner, of Richmond, Mass, records in his Account linok 
the following: "Jan. 15, 17S4, Samuel Hackly." " M.ay 19. 17S6, E^ckiel Hackly." "Aug 
24 177 ;, Simeon Hackly." " March 30, i7t>4, Jonathan Skeel." 



Nathan'' Cogswell, {Josepli^, Saiii!icl'\ yohn", Juku^), son of 
Joseph^ [10] and Anna (Orvis) Cogswell, was born May 20, 1716, in 
Farmington, Hartford County, Conn. He married, Nov. 24, 1737, 
Susan Warner. She was born in Farmington, Conn. 


Anna, [509] b. July 24, 173S; m. Sept. 30, 1762, John Macky. 

Soi.o.MOX, [510] b. IVIarch 26, 1743: m. Dec. 12, 1768, Sarah Co-.^'lcs : d. May 26, 1.S06. 




SusANNA'^ Cogswell, {Joseph^, Sanuici^, Jolin-, yolui^), daughter of 
Joseph* [10] and Anna (Orvis) Cogswell, was born Aug. 18, 171 8, in 
Farmington, Conn. She married, Jan. i, 1741, yedidiali Smith, son of 
Joseph and Mary (Royce) Smith. He was born Feb. 12, 1716, in 
Farmington, Conn. Mrs. Susanna Smith died, and Mr. Smith married, 
Oct. 29, 1777. TJizahcth Kcl/oci; 



Mary, b. Jan. 28. 1742. 
Afina, b. Nov. i, 1744. 
Huldah, b. Jan. 4, 1749; m. Nov. 5, 1772. Jo^-ph Hart. 




David^ Cogswell, (yosep/i"^, Samuc/^, yolni^, yohn'^), son of Joseph'' 
[70 1 and Anna (Orvis) Cogswell, was born March 26, 1725, in South- 
ington Parish, Farmington, Conn. He married, Aug. 10, 1749, ^Mary 
Woodruff, daughter of Lieut. David and Mary (Porter) Woodruff. She 
was born Nov. 12, 1728, in Southington Parish where they lived, north 
of Burying-ground Hill. Mrs. Mary Cogswell died Aug. 17, 1782 Mr. 
Cogswell married "^Mrs. Xaoini (Frost) Brown, widow of L^vi Brown, 
and daughter of Samuel Frost. She was born March 31, 1735, in Wal- 
lingford. Conn Mr. Cogswell died Feb. 15, 1S06. 


RCTH, [511] m Aug. 7, 1766, William Barrett. 
Huldah, [512] b. Sept. 22, 1751 ; m. Capt. Vayiti Pi\k. 
Pheke. [513] b. 1754: I'opt. Jan. 5, 1755. 

David, [514] A;//. Feb. 6, 1757: m. Sept.. 1779. Ahii^ail GriiUcy ; d. May 4, 1.S23. 
Xuah, [515] b. Sept. 27, 1761 ; m. .April 15, I7>S, Lyiiia IVnotirnff; d. Dec. 6, 1S39. 
Salmon, [516] b. March iS, 176S; m. Feb. 25, 1794, KSarah Smit/i ; m. Sept. 21, 1814, 
■Ai/iy Staii/cy ; d. March 9, 1.S3S. 


David Cocswell was received into ilie church Kel). 4, 1750, in Soutliington r.nrisli, 
Conn. Ills name appears on the tax list of 17.S11. his ta.\ bciiiy /'14C1, which w:is alicpiit one 
si.vtecnth of his estate. £2.-!,t,(). 


[ 205 ] 


Joshua''^ Cogswell, (jfos/nia'^, StTniiic/^, jfo/ui-, yohu^), son of 
Joshua'* [73] and Mary Cogswell, was born July 15. 1726, in Coventry, 

Conn. He married They lived in I'ittsfield. Mass., where 

he died, Oct. 27, 1799. 


Ll'iHER. [517] b. 1754 ; m. Ainia ; d. Nov. 29, 1.S3.S. 

Sai.uME, [518] b. 1764. She died, unmarried. .April 23, 1851. 

"Josh. Cocswki.l," in 17S6. ap|)ear.s in the uf families in I'ittsfield, Mass. He 
liecame a .Shaker in later lite of West Pittstiekl, Mass., where he died. 

Luther Cogswell [517 ] was a soldier of the Revolution in Capt. Oliver Root's company. 
He was ordered to march tu \e\v York. Jidy 11. 1776. His term of service ended Dec. 5, 
1776. He became a Shaker of West Tittsfield, Mass. Mrs. Cogswell was born 1762, and 
died Jan. i, iS;y. 

Salome Co^sw.ll [518 ] died in West I'ittslield. .Ma^,-.. at the age uf eighty-seven years. 




Joseph''^ Coc.swell, {yoslnia'^, Snui!u-/'\ JoJiir, yohu^), son of 
Joshua^ [73] and Mary Cogswell, was born July i, 1730, twin brother 
of Benjamin, in Coventry, Conn. He married ^ Sarah McKinncy. She 
was born in Windsor (now Ellington), Conn., where they resided. Mrs. 

Cogswell died April 15, 1754. Mr. Cogswell married- McKiwicy, 

sister of his first wife. He is supposed to have died about 1763. 


Sarah, [519] b. March 31, 1754; Ml. Nov. 23, 1773, Elislia Burton; d. Jan. 2j, 1814. 


John, [520] m. \-]^)\, Barshcba Hinelur ; d. 17./.. 
Jesse, [521] b. 1759; m. Sybil Ttjciiiy : d. July 8. i,S37. 



[ 208] 


Benjamin'^ Cogswell, (yosfnuT^, SavmclK yohir, yohn^), son of 
Joshua' n3] and Mary Cogswell, was born July i, 1730, in Coventry, 
Conn. He married, 1751, Lois Tluimpsoii. of Coventry, where they 
lived. Mrs. Cogswell died .March 26, 1800. He died about i 82S. His 
grave is in the Cemetery of South Coventry, Conn. 


Jami>, [522] b. Sept. 29, 1752: d. 1775. 

Ami IS, [523] b. Feb. 19. 1754: m. ^Rehccia Cltamhciiaiii , m. Sept. 22. 1799, -Saiixh 

Bainaby J d. Jan. 4, 1S45. 
Bexja.min, [524] b. Aug. 21, 1755; m. July 20, 1779, Mciw Burt : d. Aug. 10, 1S19. 

John, [525] b. Sept. i, 1757 : m. . 

Nath.\n, [526] b. Jan. 31, 1759; d. young. 

Joseph, [527] b. Sept. 2, 1760: m. . 

Lois, [528] b. April 24, 1761 : m. William Burns. 

William. [529] b. Jan. to 1763; m. Sept. 3, 17S6, Mary White ; d. March 23. 1S42. 

Eunice. [530] b. Dec. 19, 1765; m. Abner Squiers. 

Sarah, [53i]b. Aug. 14, 1767; m. Feb. 7, \-]%\ Mulford Eldridi^e : d. Oct. 15, 1802. 

JKRISHA. [532] b. Dec. II, 1768; m. John Ehhidgc. 

Joshua. [533] b. 1770: m. \ov. ii, 1792, ''Thankful Eaton : m. Nov. 24, I799> '--Inna 

Smith,- m. April 26, iSoS, 'Lucia Stuart; m. ^Betsn' Cross. 


Jiimcs Cog.riucll [ 522 ], at the outset of the Revolution, entered the American Army. He 
cither fell in the battle of Hunker Hill, or died, 1775, in Cambridge, Mas.s. Mr. Cogswell had 
five yoimger brothers, who also served in the .\rmy of the Revolution. 

.Vrs. Lois (C,'.:s-,ih-U\ Bums [528] lived and died in her native town, Coventry, Conn. 
.She had a son, John Burns, whose daughter, .Mrs. Eunice (Burns) Fiske, resided, 1S83, in 
Agawam, Mass. 






Edward'' Cogswell, {Samuel^, Edivard^, Williavi^, Williaiii^. 
yohi"), son of SanuieP [74] and Lydia (Starkweather) Cogswell, was 
born March 5, 1735, in Preston, Conn. He married, April 17, 1758, 
yane Owen. They resided in New Milford, Conn., where he died, 


Lydia, [534] b. Nov. jS, 17O0. 

Hax.nah, [535] b. Sept. 24, 1762. 

Molly, [536] b. Sept. 4, 1764. 

Edward, [537], b. March 24, 17O7; m. Bcthin Beeiiian j d. Sept. 4, 1S31. 

Reuel, [538] b. 1769; m. Rhoda Smith; d. 182S. 

Joel, [539] b. Sept. 17, 1771 ; m. Tamar Wright. 

Daniel, [540] in. Nov. S, 1S03, 'Pjiidence Hubbcllj m. -Polly Tcny. 

Ruth, [541] m. /^iiia Beewati. 

Samuel, [542] b. Sept. 26, 1779; m. Nov. 6, 1803, Cynthia Ht-.L'itt ; d. Jan. 4. 1830. 

Jerusha, [543] b. 1785; m. AiVVH Bt-L'iimii ; d. 1.S82. 


Edward Cogswell was a drummer in the old French and Indian War. 
He went to the northward and suffered great privations and hardships, nearly 
losing the use of his right hand. In the leisure of the camp he decorated a 
powder-horn very beautifully with engravings cut with a penknife. This powder- 
horn is a rare curiosity. It is in the possession of Dr. Niram J.'-* Cogswell 
[1720], of Silvara, Pa., who is the great-grandson of Edward Cogswell. This 
curious relic is finely decorated with various quaint figures, and inscribed on one 
side as follows : 





[214 1 


John" Cogswell, {Sir?/ii/e/'\ Edi^uird^, lVil/iain\ \Vi//iiiii!~, ydiii^), 
son of Samuel" [74 1 and Lydia (Starkweather) Cogswell, was born 
June 17, 1-3S, in Preston, Conn. He married and resided in Sand- 
gate, Vt., where he died, 1832, at the age of ninety-four years. 


Ferris, [544] b. >:ay 3, 1 767 ; m. March 6, i jSG, Mrs. Pliche KHau'Uy) Bristol; d, 1.S36. 
Joseph, [545]. 

D.iXIEL, [546]. 

Asa, [547]. 

D.4NA, [548]. 

George, [549]. He lived near Albany, X. Y. 




AsA« Cogswell, {Samucl-\ EihvarJ\ Williant-, William'^, Johu^), 
son of Samuel'' [74] and Lydia (Starkweather) Cogswell, was born 

March 30, 1740, in Preston, Conn. He married Charity . They 

resided in Southbury, Conn., and in Sandgate, Vt. Mr. Cogswell 
died, 1S38, at the age of ninety-eight years, in Sandgate, Vt., where he 
and his wife were buried. 

their children were: 
Asa, [550]. Martin, [553]. 

Daniel, [551] b. 1770; m. Aiuu- Tiittlt. k dalghter, [554] m. Burke. 

Ferris, [552]. 


As,i Cognuell, of .Southbury, Conn., and his wife. Charity Cogswell, appear from 17S9 tn 
iSoo upon the Land Records of that town. There is the record of the birth of a negro child, 
whose mother was a servant of Asa Cogswell, in 1793. .-Vsa Cogswell appears as a witness 
of Peter Hubbell's will, Feb. 22, 17S0, in Xewtown, Conn. He removed to .Sandgate, Vt., 
about iSoo. His sons, .Asa, Ferris, and Martin, went South and West. 

" The Cogswells were a bright and respectable race. 'I'hiy wen- always toiisiclind ilic 
' first families ' in Sandgate, as they say in Virginia." 





Eunice" Cogswell, {.yai/iauiel^, Eikvard\ \Villiani'\ William'-,) 
yohii^), daughter of Capt. Nathaniel 176] and Huldah (Kinney) Cogs- 
well, was born Oct. 22, 1738, in Preston, Conn. She married, (it is 
probable) Jan. 27, 1768, Caleb Terrill, son of Caleb and Abigail (Bas- 
sett) Terrill. He was born Nov. 10, 1742, in Nea- Milford, Conn., 
where they probably resided. 


P/iebe, b. Sept. 8, 1768. Eunke, b. Nov. 3, 1770. Caleb, b. March 2, 1773. 




Nath.a.niel6 Cogswell, (Nathaniel'", Edward^, William^, Williavi", 
yoliii^), son of Capt. Nathaniel^ [76] and Huldah (Kinney) Cogswell, 

was born May \6, 1742, in Preston, Conn. He married ^Hannah . 

They resided in Brooklyn, Conn., where Mrs. Cogswell died, July 24, 
1790. Mr. Cogswell married. May 12, 1791, -Freelove Williams. 
Nathaniel Cogswell died Nov. 16, 1S21. 


Daniel, [555] b. 1780. He died in Broolvlyn, Conn., July 25, 1S60. 


WiLLlA.M, [556] b. 1793; m. Marcli 7, 1814, Polly Downing; d. Nov. 6, 1861;. 




John" Cogswell, (A''rt/'/<'rt«/(7\ Edivard^, Williauf\ VVilliaiir, yohn'^), 
son of Nathaniel'' [76] and Huldah (Kinne)-) Cogswell, was born Dec. 
28, 1747, in Preston, Conn. He married. May 13, 1784, ^Hannah 

Gallup, of Voluntown, Conn. They lived in North Preston (after 1815 
called Griswold), Conn. Mrs. Cogswell died May 6, 17S9. Mr. Cog.s- 
well married, Oct 14, 1790, "^Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, of Preston. He 
died July 21, 1829. 


JoH.v, [557] m. Jan. 0, 1802. Dolly Gallup. 
H.AN.VAH, [558] b. March 16, lys'S: d. Oct. 24, iSoy. 


Pattv, [559] b. Oct. 1, 1792. Betsey, [560] b. Dec. 2, 1795. 




Nathan'' Cogswell, (Xatliauicl'', Edzvani^, Williaiii^, Williiitir. 
yoliii^), son of Nathaniel^ [76] and Mrs. Bridget (Wedge) Cogswell, 
iit'e Cleaveland, was born Jan. 28, 1759, in Preston, Conn. He married 
Woodward, of Plainfield, Conn. They resided in Vermont. 


O.s.Mo.SD, [561J. Lydia, [562] m. Smitli. 


Osm.mJ' r.\-r,,\il [ 561 1 settled in Cincinnati, ( ihiu, accumiilateil wealth, and died, leav 
ing n widuw and mmis. 

lyJiiv Co_^'.<:vM [ 562 1 married a Mr. Smith. They resided in Cincinnati, where .-he 




WiLLLAM'' CociSWELL, (Xatltiiniti •, Edward*, William\ William". 
Jolin^), son of Nathaniel"' (16) and Mrs. Bridget (Wedge) Cogswell, 
n,'e Cleaveland, was born No\'. 9, 1761, in Preston, Conn. He married 

^Abigail Bclclier, who died Jan. 23, 17S8. Mr. Cogswell married, 1790, 
^Mrs. Mercy {Brewster) Coit, daughter of Simeon Brewster. They re- 
sided in Preston, now Griswold. Conn. Col. Cogswell died June 23, 
1823. Mrs. Mercy Cogswell died Nov. i, 1832, in Plainfield, Conn. 
There were no children of the first marriage. 


WiLi.i.AM, [563] b. 1791. He died in childhood, July 31, i795- 

Ar.l(,.AlL, [564] m. John Tyler. 

S.ARAH. [565]. She died, unmarried, in Plainfield. Conn. 

William Henkv, [566] b. Dec. 3, 179.S ; m. KMary Lord Fidlcr j m. -Linietia Ann 

Paynes d. Nov. 22, 1S76. 
James. Mason, [5673 b. Sept. i, iSoo; m. Nov. 6, 1S26, ^Charlotte Coit ; m. Oct. S, 

1S33, ''Maty Huntington DcWitt. 
Joanna Fanning, [568] m. April 13, 1831, Edivin Tucker. 
Frederic Fanning, [569] b. Feb. 24, 1S09; m. May 2. i!S33. Harriet E. Venison. 


.1/;... J/,v,,- r.;,'.fr.v// wa> .1 widuw, witli tun vuiuii; daiightcr>. when Col. Cogs 
! her. 
Al>i,^.nt C,'i,'s-..'cil [ 564 ] manied John Tn ler, son of John Tyler. 




Roger" Cogswell, (Wi/liam'', Eeiivard^, William'^, WiUiani'^. 
yo/in^), son of Major William^ [86] and Anna (Whittlesey) Cogswell, 
was born July 25, 1763, in New Preston Parish, New Milford, Conn. 
He married, March 12, 1786, Sarah yolinson. She was born in South- 
bury, Conn. They resided in Sheffield, Mass , and in Hartford, Conn. 
Mr, Cogswell died Aug. i, 1819. Mrs. Cogswell married '^Pliilo Sieifl, 
who resided in Cornwall, Conn. There were no children. 


Roger Cogswell graduated from Yale College in 1784. He was a mer- 
chant and an innkeeper. It has been said of him : " He had talent and wealth 
to have been one of the first of men. He went into trade in Hartford, and 
finally failed." 




Hannah*^ Cogswell, ( WilluiDr. Edward'', William\ Willianr, 
JoItn^\. 'lanijhter of Major William'* [86] and Anna (Whittlesey) Cogs- 
well, \va.> i)urn March 15, 1765, in New Preston, Conn. She married 
Capt. Nathan Tibballs. They resided in Washington, Conn., but soon 
removed to Auburn, N. Y. Mrs. Tibballs died Sept. 13, 1823, and was 
buried in the North Cemetery, Sennett, N. Y. 


Jolin, b. !\Jarch ij. 17.S5. Twelve children, who died in infancy. 

William, b. April 5, 1787. Mary Ami. 


Mr. ,111(1 Mis Tihthills undertook frontier life in the State of Xc 
t; liardshi)) .ind privation. At one time they were reduced to t\v 
Init bv persivernnce .ind economy thev at length accumulated a got 
ua^. the voun;;est child. 




DoLLv'"' CoG?,viEVi., {]ViiHa7n^, Ed':vard\ Willtavt^, IVilliatifi. yo/m^), 
daughter of Major William'' [86] and Anna (Whittlesey) Cogswell, was 
born May 22, 1767, in New Preston, Conn. She married Stcf/ini 
Branch. They lived near Bennington, Vt. Mrs. Branch died July 20, 


Dolly. Clarissa. Stephen. 


.Mn. .■1,1,1,1 CVw.-//, Dolly Cogsweir.- mother, and John Cogswell, her brt 
lade a journey of a hundred miles on horseback, and visited Mrs. branch in 


1244 ] 


William*" Cogswell, ( Wil!iavr\ Edivard'^, William^, William'^, 
yohii^), son of Major Williams [86] and Anna (Whittlesey) Cogswell, 
was born July 23, 1769, in New Preston, Conn. He married, Jan. 31, 
1791, Amaryllis yoJiiison, a sister of his brother Roger Cogswell's wife. 
She was born Feb. 20, 1765, in Southbury, Conn. They resided in 
New Preston, Washington, Conn. Col. Cogswell died Aug. 28, 1823. 
Mrs. Cogswell died March 14, 1826. 


M.4RY Aw, [570] b. Jan. 6, 1792: m. Sept. 14, 1.S16, John Milion HoUey j d. April 

iS, 1S76. 
Am.irvllis, [571] b. Sept. 24. 1793; m. .\Iarcli 23, i.SiS, Channcey Perry. 
Ruth, [572] b. Aug 24, 1795; m, Oct. S, 1S2S, Dr. Jethro Hatch. 
SAR.4H Johnson, [573] b. Sept 26. i 7')7 ; m. Sept. i;, i.SiS, Liiiiian Whitthsty ; d. 

WiLLi.^M Johnson. [574] b. Nov. 4, 1799; ™- J""^ '-1 '*'^39i Alma Canfield Sti:rliiic. 
TheoiiORE Sedgwick, [575] b. April 27, iSoi ; ni Oct. 19, 1S26, Mary Afariia .Maria 

Gregory; d. Jan. 12, 1.SS2. 
Eliz.a, [576] b. May l, 1803; m Jan. 12, 1S29. William H. Do-a;ies ; A. 1833. 
JuLi.^ Maki.a, [577] b. Feb. 16. 1805; m. Romania Scyinoi/r; d. Jan. 11, 187S. 
F.^NNV .•\iiK,.\ii., [578] b. Feb. 16, 1,809: m. Oct. 8, 182S, Dr. .Mark Pratt. 


William Cogswell was a lawyer, proprietor of a mill. Justice of the Peace, 
and a farmer. He was Colonel of the Twelfth Regiment of Connecticut Militia. 
Presidential Elector, a member of the Constitutional Convention of 18 18, and 
Representative in the General Assembly of the State fourteen sessions, between 
1799 and 1823. 




Stephen'' Cogswell, ( William", Edward'^, William'^, William", 
yolni^), son of Major Willianv' [86] and Anna (Whittlesey) Cogswell, 
was born Sept. i, 1771, in New Preston, Conn. He married, May, 
1 79 1, ^Ainia Camf, of New Preston, Conn. Mrs. Cogswell died Oct. 


22, i8io. Capt. Cogswell married, Dec. ii, 1811, -Sr/sa/i W/iittlescy, 
daughter of Roger Xewton and Ann (Woodruff) Whittlesey, of South 
Farms, Conn. She was sister to Lucy Whittlesey, who married Ste- 
phen Cogswell [582]. She was born Feb. 12, 1784. Mrs. Cogswell 
died Feb. 19, 1S23. Capt. Cogswell married, Dec. 23, 1823, ^Rachel 
Seymour. They lived in New Preston, Conn. Capt. Cogswell died 
Oct. 29, 1837. Mrs. Rachel Cogswell died Nov. 20, 1864. 

Tnr-; children of the first .makki.age were: 
S.iR.AH, [579] 1(. Jan. 6, 1792; m. Sept. iS, 1S17, Philo M. IVoosWr : d. Marcli 30, iSig. 
RcTH Ann, [580] b. Dec. 19, 1793 ; m. April 20, 1.S20, P/ii/o ,)/. ll'oos/er ; d. July 

14, 1S49. 
WlLLl.\.M C.\MP,[58i]b. Sept. 4, 1796; m. Oct, 3, 1.S21, 'Fraints romcroy Whilth-Siy j 

m. Sept. 5. 1S3.S, -Catluiiiii- A. SJicniian : d. Jan. 3, 1N74. 
Stephen, [582] b. May 3, 179.S; m. April 12, 1S24, Liuy IV/ii/f/c's,y: d. Feb. 28, 1S6S. 
Lavr.\, [583] b. Feb. 23, 1800: m. Aug. 2S, 1822, /ost-p'/t H. Bennett ; d. Aug. 23, 18S3. 
Mary, [584] b. March 27, 1S02 ; m Oct. 2, 1823, Daii.tC. Whittlesey; d. April 13, 1S80. 


Susan Whittlesey, [585] b. Oct. 9, 1.S12; m. Oct. 25 1S43, Reuben B. Martin. 
Esther Kobbins, [586] b. Jan. 11, 1.S14; m. Aug. 20, 1833, Joseph F. Walker. 
Maria Holley, [587] b. Sept. 14, I'-iG; m. Oct. 15, 1.839, Alexnniier Gonion. 

THE only child OF THE THIRD .M.U(RIA(,E WAS: 

George Sey.mocr, [588] b. Xov. iS, 1825: m. May 21, 1S51, ^EHeii Ruth Whittlesey; 
m. May 25, 1869, -Anna Wooster. 


SteI'HF.x Cogswki.l was a f.irmer and mill-mviRi. He wa.s C.iptain of militia. Hi- 
death was caused by accident. He was nin over bv .1 carriage, having hi- font and leg badl\ 
crushed. Me endured the amputation without being held or tied upon the table, \w\ died ir 
two days, lie was a strong and courageous man. 


[ 24T ) 


N.XTiiANiEL" Cogswell, ( If ////rtw*, Edward^, \Villiain\ Williaur, 
yolui^), son of Major William'' [861 and Anna (Whittlesey) Cogswell, 
was born Jan. 18, 1776, in New Preston, Conn. He married Eiiniit- 
Kline. They lived in Stockbridge, Mass. He died March 15, 1823. 


Eunice, [589]. 

their children were : 
Emeline, [590]. 

Marv Ann, [591] 


Nathaniel Cogswell was a clothier. He removed, in 1798, to Stockbridge, Mass. He had 
ulling mill, which he bought for $73, and two years after sold for $600. 



Anna" Cogswell, ( Wi/liam^, Edward*, William'^, Wtlliain^, John'') 
daughter of Major William^ [86] and Anna (Whittlesey) Cogswell 
was born Oct. 5, 1778, in New Preston, Conn. She married, Dec. 31, 
1797, '^ Roger Averill. He was born 1775, in New Preston, Conn 
They lived in Guilford, Conn. Mr. Averill died April 5, 1806. Sub 
sequently Mrs. Averill married, ^Dca. Jidms Caswell, of Kent, Conn 
Mrs. Caswell died Jan. 3, 1847. 


Sarah, b. Feb. 18, 1799; m. Jan. 20, 1819, Zephania Conistock. of Kent, Conn. 
Samuel Roger, b. July 27, 1802. He died, unmarried, July 4, 1856. 


Mr. and Mrs. Comstock lived in Cazenovia, Madison Co., N. Y. They had two children. 
It is said that Mrs. Comstock had a Record of the Cogswells, which was made by Edward 
Cogswell, in her possession in 1820. 




Emerson^ Cogswell, ( Williaw', Edward*, William'^, William-, 
John^), son of Major William^ [86] and Anna (Whittlesey) Cogswell, 
was born March 30, 1781, in New Preston, Conn. He married, Feb. 
5, 1804, Deborah Squires, of New Preston. They resided in Auburn, 
N. Y., and in New York City, where they both died. Mr. Cogswell 
died Feb. 7, 1829. Mrs. Cogswell died Feb. 2, 1829. 



Almira, [592] b. Dec. 22, 1805. 
EvALiNF., [593]. She died in childhood. 
Ann, [594] b. Feb. 7, iSoS; m. Samuel Brigi^s. 

Isaac Hatch, [595] b. May 19, 1.S13; m. May 14. 1S36, .Vw.w;/ Albina Sheldon; d. 
June 29, 1879. 


Almim r('.i,',t7i'.7/ and Mrs. Bfii;gs lived in Sk.ineateles, N. ^■. Mr. Hriggf; was a favnicv. 




John'' Cogswell, (\Viliiam\ EJ:.<ani\ IVtllmm^, ]VU/ia!ir\ yo/tn'), 
son of Major William" [861 and Anna (Whittlesey) Cogswell, wa.s born 
Dec. I, 1783, in New Preston, Conn. He married, Jan. i, 1807, KMar- 
thii Waller. She was born in 1786 They resided in Auburn, N. V., 
and in Greenville and Albany, III. Mrs. Cogswell died Feb. 23, 1835. 
Mr. Cogswell married, Aug. 27, \Zi<),-^Ruth M.Bccbe. She died March 
15, 1844, in Greenville, Bond Co., 111. He married, Aug 9, 1846, 
^Persis Olds. She was born April i, 1798, and died Sept. i, 1848, in 
Albany, Whitesides Co., 111. He married, July 25, 1S49, ^^>'" P'T-^ohs. 
Mr. Cogswell died Sept. 9, 1852, in Auburn, N. Y. Mrs. Ann Cogswell 
died April 2, 1876, in Auburn, N. V. 


Harriet, [596] b, Sept. lO, 1837; m. Jan. 7, 1S26, Wiliiain /'. Broi^'ii. 

.Mas. IN Whitti.i.skv. [597] b. Jan. 23, 1811 : m. Jan. 3, 1833, .\ratilda Austin. 


John Cogs-,i>cU was a farmer. He was a student in the academy in Danbury, Conn., at the 
time of Washington's death, in 1799. To his death he thus refers: "When I was then the 
great Washington died, and on the observance of the funeral Mr. Robins delivered a eulogy. 
which was printed. I shall never forget the occasion. I was fifteen years old." 

There is a Family Kecord made by John Cogswell, 1S01-1S51, in the hands of J. .-Austin 
Cogswell, Klyria, Ohio. John Cogswell concludes the family record thus: "Thus of all our 
family, I, John Cogswell, remain, and leave space for recording my death to other hand- ; 
while I, at the age of si.\ty-six, am permitted to register their beginning and ending. 'I'nilv. 
the davs of the vcars of their pilgrimage have been few and evil in this vain world." 


[254 ] 


William^ Cogswell, {Einrrson'\ Emerson^, William'^, William''-, 
yohn^), son of Emerson' [ 90 : and Eunice (Robinson) Cogswell, was 
born April 5, 1778, in Concord, Mass. He married, '^Betsey Buttrick, 
daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth (Bateman) Buttrick. She was born 
Oct. 12, 1784, in Concord, Mass., where they lived. Mrs. Cogswell 
died Sept. 22, 1804, at the age of nineteen years Mr. Cogswell mar- 
ried, Sept. 6, 1812, -Mary Buttrick, sister of his first wife. She was 
born May 3, 1789, in Concord, Mass. They resided in Dunstable, now 
Nashua, N. H., and in Billerica and Concord, Mass., where Mr. Cogs- 
well died, Dec. 13, 1826. Mrs. Cogswell married, Nov. 15, i?,t,o,- Samuel 
Davis, Esq., of Chelmsford, Mass He was born March 13, 1765, in 
Shirley, Mass. They lived in Chelmsford, Mass., where Samuel Davis, 
Esq., died, Aug. 14, 1855, at the age of ninety years. Mrs. Davis died, 
Oct. 23, 1877, at the age of eighty-eight years, in Concord, Mass. 


Ai.F.ERT, [598]. He died in infancy. 


Martha Elizai!ETH, [599] b. Aug. 26, 1S13: m. Oct. 16, 1834, .Uitton S/>o_fi:nf .}/,»:<,: 
William. [600] b. March 22. 1.S16. He died in infancy. May 3, i.Sif>. 
William E.merson, [601] b. July 10, iSiS: m. May 29, 1S50. Einily Johnson ; d. 
Feb. 12, i,S5i,, 

William Cogswell, with his cousin, William Robinson, when a lad, made 
a trip, in conipany with his father, to Canada, in a sleigh drawn by two horses, 
and in crossing a stream over an old, crazy bridge they had a narrow escape 
with their lives. Mr. Cogswell was a hat manufacturer. He prosecuted this 
business in Dunstable, N. H.. and in Billerica and Concord, Mass. He was a 
member of "The Corinthian Lodge of Freemasons." His children were born 
in Dunstable, N. H. In the ^^'ar of 1812 Mr. Cogswell was drafted, but not 
called into service. He died in his native town in the prime of life. 


Mrs. riii,'JTiv// married -'.Samuel l)avi>, Ksc].. who served during tlie War of the Revolu- 
tion as a filer, and was for m.iuy years a Rcvolmioiiary pensioner. They had one son : Saniiicl 
Spaidding, b. Sept. :2, 1S31 ; m.'Xov. 23, 1854. Mnrv F. Fletcher: d. Aug. 2S, i.SSr. 

Samuel SpaulJiiii; n,ivis i\ki\ in New Nrcvic, « Ikvl lie had g.nK- with a \ lew i,. locilc 
for a few vears. 



[255 I 

Emerson'' Cogswf.ll, (Emerson', Emerson^, Willianr, Williaur, 
5^6i/f7/'), son of Emerson' [90] and Eunice (Robinson) Cogswell, was 
born Oct. 24, 1779, in Concord, Mass. He married Maiy Hunt, daugh- 
ter of Thaddeus Hunt. She was born in Concord, Mass., where thc\- 
resided. Mr. Cogswell died in 1808. Mrs. Cogswell died July 8, 1853, 
in Bedford, Mass. 


Mak\, [602] b, Sept. I, iSor,. 


Emerson Chi'.sweli. was a manufacturer of hats. He died in very early 

Mrs. Cogswell was a sister of Simon Hunt, who married Susanna Cogsivti/ 
\ 258 1. a sister of her husband. She was also a descendant of Deacon Simon 
Hunt, of Concord, Mass. Mrs. Mary (Hunt) Cogswell gave all her property 
to her nephews and nieces, her daughter Mary probably being dead. 


[ 25'7 ■; 


Marth.\" Cogswell, (Emeisoir', Emerson^, Willuuii', Williaur, 
yolnh, daughter of Emerson-M90 1 and Eunice (Robinson) Cogswell, 
was born March 12, 1783, in Concord, Mass. She married, Nov. 4, 
1S04, Williain Robinson, son of Jeremiah and Susannah (Cogswell) 
Robinson [91;. He was born April 21, 1776, in We.stford, Mass. 
They resided in Concord, Mass., and Dunstable, N. H. Mr. Robinson 
died Dec. 12, 1837. She died Nov. 24, 1856. 


F.l/'ii,/^,- Gi'irv. b. June 24, 1.S05; m. May ;, iS^h. Maitlui C. Fr.^thiiiihaiii : d. 

' juU II, 1.S54. 
Susan Coj^'s-cmH, h. July 17, iSo;. She died, unmarried. Oct. 26, 1S43. 
Benjamin Franklin, \>. Sept. z(\ iSc;: m. '^Paii/ina Fni/ir : m. -Mary Turner. 
Jeremiah Albert, b. May 31, 1S12: m. Harriet Hrown. 
Luiv Call, b. Feb. 5, 1816: m John W. Green .- d. Oct. 20, i>S4o. 
William' Stevens, b. Dec. 7, iSi.S; m. Nov. 30, 184X, Harriet Jane llans.oi: d. 
March 1 1, iS-Ci. 

■^.TZt^^ ^^^^ /Ct^>^ a^ ■J^eLC. 

Jfa^^:^ /ft 


EWridi;c Gniy KoHiisoii, his sist 

er, Li 

cv Call, and vox 

ngest brother, William Steven. 

n, weic- born in Concord, Mass. 


others of the fa 

iiilv were born in Dunstable, > 


Elbridge Gerry Rohinson married a daughter of Xathaiiiel and Mrs. rdly (Harding) 
Frothingham, «,',• Whipple. She was born Jan. j, i.Sio, in Salem, Mass. Mr. Robinson 
learned the trade of carriage painter, which he pursued in Concord, afterwards in Salem, and 
subsecjuently in Dedham, Mass. He was a frequent contributor to the local newspapers in 
Dedham. He was an earnest temperance advocate, and wrote many temperance t.ilc^ ami 
sketches, besides other miscellaneous articles for the weekly press. In KS37 Mr. KMliin>cin 
jnirchased the Dedham Advertiser, and published it under that name for twn years. 1 Ic ilun, 
in iSjg, called it the Norfolk Democrat, and made it a political newspajier. In 1.S4.S he, wuh 
many others, joined the Free Soilers. He was a decided friend of the refurm- of tlx d,i\. 
He ad\ocated their" claims with abilitv and zeal, determined, at whatever l'i>I if p.ittun.ige 
and popularity, to do his work of love f..i fallen humanity. His weekly i..i|.u wa~ x,.luv,l 
and popular with those of kindred seiitiinent^. " He wa.s a man of strict iutc,^i ii\, .urI taitli- 
ful in all the relations of iile." F..i m.h- he wa.. a patient and cheerful sufferer fn.n. Imdilv 
disease: but his confidence in, and icjiaiae u|Hin the goodness of God sustained him won 
derfuUy in his .severe ^ufierin^-.. Tried 1a the following standard, Mr. Robinson wa- a ricli 
man. '■ The wealth of a man 1- the number o| thing- he h.ves and l.le--e-, the nunil.ii ot 
things he is loved and bles.-ed by." He died July i i, 1S54, in I ledh.ini, M,is>. Manx nl.itn.u ^ 
notices appeared in the papers of the time, e-\|ire.--in,i: the hiuh e-^teeni in which he w.i- IkIiI. 
Mrs. Robinson resided, 1S.S3, X,,. r; Clunth Mrcet. S.deni, Ma-.s. They had four children, 
viz.: Mary Frothingham. li.~ Marji 13. i,S;vS: ,1 -,.11, 1.. Feb. 15, d. Feb. 16, 1S42; Nathaniel 
Frothingham; and Martha Kli/.d.cih, b, Xo\ . .-5, i,S.,(,, d. Se|.t. 2S, 1S4S. 

Xatluuiui Frotlu„:^h,im KoHusxu \^.l^ born ( let. ro, i,S4-;, and died May 20, 1865, in Salem, 
Mass. At an eariN a,ue he cnli>ted in the arnn m .crve hi- co„ntrv. lie was a CoriKiral in 
the Salem Light Inlant.v, «hRh formed a part of tliL FiilKil. M.i^-achu-ctl.s Regiment, and 
was connected with the l;ank> Kxpeditir.n. V,.ung wa- at the Me;.;e .if I'ort Hud-on, 
and served with great credit tn thi end ..f hi- enlistment. I'.ul b\ ih. L\|H.-inc and hard-hip- 
of the camiiaign he contracted ihc fata] di-ea-e of con-umptinn, and din! -M,,n atur hi- return 
home. Although so voiing and promising, he met death with the same trampnl and sul.nii- 
^ive s|>irit that iiad ])ervaded hi> l.lamelov life. 


Wil,l.i.\M Stevens Rohinson was a, widely and f.ivorably known as " War- 
rington." Ml. Robinson by trade a printer, but earlv betraved much ability as a writer. 
He was associated .somewhat with the editoi-liip of -cMial iuw-p.ipt.r- fnr a period of thirty 
years, and won an honorable reputation .1- .1 luw-p.ipci ccne-in'iuK ni. Mr. Robinson was a 
member of the Massachusetts House of kepre--eiitati\ c- in 1S3J-3J, and it-- Clerk for ten years 
ne.Kt succeeding 1S62. He was a vigorous wiiter, an ardent advocate of human freedom, and 
:i ■■tanch friend of the laboring people. He was the editor of the Yeoman's Gazette, the Boston 
Daily Whig, and the Boston Republican ; .and he founded, in 1S49, '''^ Lowell American, cnie 
of the first Free Soil and anti-slavery newspajiers in the State. He wrote letters and articles 
for many Boston newspapers, for the New York Tribune, the Evening I'ost, and many of the 
other leading newspajier- in the country. Fin- twenty years he wrote for the Springfield 
Republican, and it was through his letter.- to this ncus|ia|)er that he became known as the 
renowned "war corresiiomlcm," and nuidc f.iiimu- hi- ,,' /« ,i. p:,iw, ..f " Warrington." His 
published works arc " \\ .ujnv^\>m\ ni p.,, lu,,m „ !,..» " .md "The Salaiv Grab." 


His wife was Harriet Jane Hanson, a " Lowell Factory Girl." of those early days of New 
Kngland cotton niill.>, when the operatives were New England boiii and from the best country 
homes. Miss Hanson was the daughter of William and Harriet (Krown) Hanson, and was 
born Feb. S. iS^j, in Koston, .Mas>. .She wa» a writer for the Lowell Offering, and in later 
years wrote much for publication. .She used her voice as well as her pen. and stood among 
the nf earnest and able advocates of Woman's Rights, .\fter Mr. K.ibinson's death, 
which occurred on the second anniversary of Charles Sumner's death. Mrs. Robinson gathered 
up his various writings, and with an ai)j>ropriate memoir of her gifted husband, published a 
book under the title of "Pen Portraits." She published also a volume called " ^L\ss.\cllt•- 
sKTTs IN THK WoMAN SiFKRAGE M.ivKMl.NT." Her brain and pen were, in 1S83, still busy 
in preparing articles and books for the press. .She resided in Maiden, >Liss. Mr. and Mrs. 
Robinson had four children, which were ; Harrittte Lucy. b. Dec. 4, 1850; m. June 11, 187S, 
Sidney Doane Shattuck. Elizabeth O.sborne, b. Sept. 11, 1S52. William Elbridge. b. Oct. 6. 
1S54: d. Dec. 14. 1839. H^dward Warrington, b. .May 4, 1859. 

Jfilluim Hanson, iMher of Mrs. Robinson, was born March 13, 1795, '" Milton, N. H. 
He was the son of John and Sally ((;etchcl) Hanson, one of eleven children. He married 
Harriet I'.rown in fS22. He was a carpenter, and worked for Peter Cudworth in Boston. 
Hi- shop >locid on Merrimac Street, near Causeway. He died in early manhood. 

.1/r... //,,rn\t i/lnncn) //»/..,.«, mother of Mr.s. Robinson, was born March 19. 1795. '" 
Rn.\bur\, Mass., at "The I'unch Howl Tavern," which her father kept, and died at Maiden, 
Mass.. Jan. 21. iSSi. aged eighty-five years. She was daughter of Seth Ingersoll Hrown. 
who as>isted in making a large cuj) of tea in Hoston Harbor prior to the Revolution. He 
was a non-commissioned Captain of minute-men and fought under (len. Joseph Warren at 
P.tmker Hill. He was buried in the "Cranary lUirying-CI round " on Tremont Street, between 
Park Street Church and the Tremont House, Hoston, where lie buried m.iny famous men of 
the earlier days, among whimi are eight chief magistrates of Massachusetts, viz.: (;ovs. 
Dununer, H.ancock, Adams, Howdoin. Sullivan, luistis, and Sunmcr. Where also are the 
grave- of Peter Faueuil, ])r. John Jeffries. Judge Samuel Sewall, John Hall, Paul Revere. 
l.icut.-Cov. Thomas Cushing. Belknap, Lathrop, and Josiah and Mrs. (Folger) Franklin, the 
parents of the- distinguished .American statesman and phil..sophei.\min Franki in. 




Susanna'' Cogswell, {Eiiurso/i'; Emason\ U'l/Zidui', W'il/iaw-, 
^o/z;/'), daughter of EmcrsonM90] and Eunice (Robinson) Coi,^s\vell, 
was born in Concord, Mass. She married, Sei>t. 15, 1801, Sitnofi 
Hunt, son of Thaddeus Hunt, and brother of Mary Hunt, who mar- 
ried Emerson Cogswell 1 255 J. He was born in Charlestown, Mass., 
and a descendant of Dea. Simon Hunt, of Concord, !\ They 
resided in Hoston, Mass., where they both died. 


/■:/i:,j, li. Sept. ;. iSo:. /f///,-'-.v»/, b. Iiilv 30, 1.S04. 



I 261 ] 


Hannah" Cogswell, (F.iucrson'\ Emerson^, ll'il/iaiii\ IVil/iam-, 
yo/ni^), daughter of Emerson" [ 90 J and Ann (Learnard) Cogswell, was 
born Jan. 7, 1791, in Concord, Mass. She married, Sept 10, 1826, 
Sniiincl Brooks, son of Thomas and Parnel (Boylston) Brooks. He 
was born March 6, 1795, in Charlestown, Mass., where they resided, 
but removed, July, 1835, to Warner, and in the fall of 1857 to Concord, 
N. H., where they both died. Mr. Brooks died March 22, 1872. Mrs. 
Brooks died Jan. 13. 1869. 


Uainijii Md/i/,/„, b. .Maixii 14, I'^^aS: m. Nov. 12, lS5(., Jo/iii AM.U/. 
]'hoiiia.s Eiiu-rsmi, h. July N, 1S31. He died in boyhood, Oct. iS. i,S3S. 


.)/;. and .1//... Ah\>lt loMilcd Nc. 236 North Main Muci. ( .mk..kI, .\. H. They 
thiee children : Frances Matild.i, John, and Widici liin,,k-. Mrs. Abbott's parcnl^ 
made their home with her in their later life. 

"Mrs. H.umah [Ci'i'.m,-//] Bnvks was; a faithful Iricnd to the sick and need\, a striet 
moralist, a thorough housekeeper, whose cheerful smile was ever welcomed in society. Htr 
great grief was the death of their only son, a boy of unusual promise, and her grandchildren " 
received their highest from her when she likened them to their little uncle who weni 
to heaven so many years ago." 

" Stimiu'/ Hiooks was an cxhaustivi. re.ulLi, giltcd with a gical memory and \ciy fond ol 
the game of whist. In politics a Jeffersoniau Democrat, for whom office-holding had no attrac- 
tions. Mr. Ihooks possessed literary ta.stes, and was never hajipier than when entertaining 
friends around his hospitable board. With competence, not wealth, .Mr. and Mrs. I'.rooks 
lived cheerful, virtuous lives, and after short illnesses passed on. leaving worthy records." 




Eliza Ann'' Cogswei l, {Emerson^, Emerson^. Williaiifi, WUIiain-, i 
yolin^), daughter of Emerson^ [ 90 1 and Mrs. Elizabeth (Buttrick) Cogs- i 
well, ncc Bateman, was born Aug. 20, 1797, in Concord, Mass. She I 
married, Sept. 5, 18 18, yohii Stvcetser, son of Josejjh and Elizabeth I 
(Rogers) .Sweetser. He was born in 1794. They resided in Charles- 
town, Billerica, and Winchendoii, Mass. Mr. Sweetser died March 20. ' 
1833 I 



Joseph, li. Jan. i ;. iSi.,. He died in early manhiidd, Oct. N, i S40. 
JohiK b. Feb. 3, 1S21 : ni. ^Lar'iitia PliiUips : ni. -Miirur . 

."ifr. S-uw/srr was a hat niamit:ictuicr. 

^/rs. Swiv/srr was living. 1SS3, at the aL;e of eighty-five vear.-. with he 
ser, Esti., of Winchendon, Mass. 




MakV' Ci.iGSWELL, (Eincvsoii', Ejiicrsoii\ ]\'illiam\ Wi/hani', yo/in^), 
daughter of EmersonMsOi and Mrs. Elizabeth (Buttrick) Cogswell, 
nJe Bateman, was born March 5, 1800, in Concord, Mass. She married, 
Feb. 3, 1822, ^jfo/iii Corey, son of Abel and Hannah (Raymond) Corey. 
He was born Feb. 13. 179S, in Westford, Mass. They resided in 
Chark<to\vn, Mass !\Ir. Corey died Jan. 21, 1827, at the age of 
twenty-eight years, in Oiiincy, Mass. Mrs. Corey married, Jan., 1831, 
'^Stephen Pierce, son of Stephen and Martha (Marshall) Pierce. He 
was born in 1786, in Chelmsford, Mass., where they lived. Mr. Pierce 
died Feb. 19, 1854. Mrs. Mary Pierce died Nov. 6, 1853. 


6',vvx',', b. Jan. 24, 1.S24; m. Jan. i, 1S51, Han id Loicjoy ; d. Feb. 16, isr,3. 
John Ihnry, b. March 3, 1.S26. He died in lioyhood, March 25, 1.S35. 


.///// Elizah-lli, b. Nov. 20, 1.S32: m. Sannicl Adams Marshall. 
Xc-.'cll, b. Aug. 9, 1.S34 He died in infancy, June 12, 1835. 
Joel E., b. March 27, 1.S36; m. Harriet Up'hain : d. May 12, 1S78. 
Julia M., b. May 31, i.S3,S: m. Melbourne F. Hiitehins.' 
Charles //., b. .April 13, 1840: m. Maria T. French. 
John, b. July 15, 1.S45 ; m. 'Aila Ripley : m. -Fannie MarHc. 


John Corey was a baker. His father, Abel Corey, was born -May 25, 1751. 

George and Harriet tcrr/oy Corey had two children: Frank Willis, b. .May 9, rSj:, in 
Westford, Mass., and lived, iSSj, at No. 6 Nichols .Street, Lowell, Mass. Wallace .\\Wm, 
h. Nov. 26, 1S57, in Chelmsford, Mass.; m. June 16. 1S-9, Harriet M.mlton, and lived, 1SS3, 
No. I- Di.\ Street. Worce.ster, Ma.s.s. TheV had two children: F.dilh I.ovejnv, b. .^pril 9, 
iSSo; Lester Moiilton. b. Ian. 21, 1882. 


Sl.pluii /•i.n. was a lilacksmith. Held the (.fficL 
.1//. ami .1//.,. Marshall lived in IJatchelder'.- I'lac 
Ml. and Mii. J/:,lJ,ii,- lived in \Ve>tfonl. Ma-s, 
C/i.:rl,s If. Puree lived in Sprin.^ficld. ( Hiic 
John /'/■-r.v lived in Snntli I'aris, >[c. 



Eunice^ Cogswell, {Emcrsoii', Eiuiison*, \ViIliam\ William'^, Jolnt^), 
dau<,'hter of Emerson'' ; 90 i and Mrs. Elizabeth (Buttrick) Cogswell, ii<\- 
Bateman, was born F"eb. 2, 1803, in Concord, Mass. She married Ruli- 
ard Whitney, son of Daniel VVhitne\-. He was born, April, 1798, in 
Stow, Mass. They resided in Winchendon, Mass. Mr. Whitne)' died 
Dec. 2, 1849. 


in t H 



Emerson C,> 

;.>7.V//, b. |S2 

2. He 

died, unmar 

ied, De 

c. 2. i,S5i. 

Mary Ann, 

b. Oct., i.sjs. 

Sarah Jane, 

b.july, .,S2r 

m. M 

arch .. 


/>',;.! ter 

D. Whit II. 

Elizabeth P 

v/cs, b Nov., 


1. .Sept 

. 1S47 

Daniel EdT. 

in, b. March, 


m. Ma\ 

, Clarii 

da Ballon 

Eranklin Oi 

ear, b. June. 


Eiiniee Matilda, b. Oct., i 

1. Dec. 


John (J. Folsoni. 

Laura Mors 

e, b. May, 1^40. SI 

e died 

n childhood. 

Feb., KS42 

Joseph Swl 

tser, h. April, 


Richard Ma 

nning, b. Juh 



h'i.harj Whitney «as a fanner. 

.I/;-.(. It'hitueyWveA. 1SS3, in Wincliendon, ]Ma>-. 

l-.inerson Co.i;sweU Whitney giadnated from \'ale Cc 

Itillowing Detcniber. 

Franklin O. ll'hiliiev i- in hnsine^^ i„ l;„Mnn, Ma». 


[ 266 1 


Rebecca Baldwix"* Cogswell, {jFiviiiS-', Emerson^, Williain^, Wil- 
limn-, yohn^), daughter of James"' 193 1 and Rebecca (Baldwin) Cogs- 
well, ne'e Cotton, was born April lO, 1781, in Weston, Mass. She 
married Isaac Watts, of Lynn, Mass. They lived for some years in 
Concord, Mass., where Mrs. Watts died. 

THF-IK ( HIl.DKEN WKRF. : lie (lied unmarried. ' Horatio Co^swc!/, m. . 

Ri-Kcca Bald-.^in, m. Ephrahn rotter. 


E,-'h,;iiiii J'olt.r lived in I.yiin, M^(->. Mr. ami Mrs, Tutttr had two daiii;htcr>. ulio d 
and a Mjn Charle.-. who, in 1.SS3, was living. 

J/urjtio C. Uatli lived, iSS^ in Concord. Mass. He had a wife and .si.\ children. 




James'' Cogswell, {yavics", Emerson'', Willioiifi, Willidiit'-, yolin^), 
son of James'' [93] and Rebecca (Baldwin) Cogswell, w'e Cotton, was 
born I-'eb. 18, 1784, in We.'-ton, Mass. He married, April 2, 1806, 
Sarah Roby, daughter of Abbot and Lucy Roby, She was born Jan. 
27. 1785, in Nashua, N. H. The\- lived man\' years in Concord, Mass., 
where Mrs. Cogswell died March g, 1844. Mr. Cogswell removed to 
Baltimore, Md., whci'. he died Feb. 20, 1875. 


Makv Marmi, [603] b. June 25. iSo;: m. Dr. .W-womb. 

Martha Si'OI forh, [604] b. Oct. 13, iSoS; m. April, 1X26, Franklin Colburn : d. 

Dec. 28, 1S2.S. 
Lr( \ Ann, [605] b. Jan. 23, i.Sio; m. Sept. 10, l.'^43. John G. Pial'oJv. 
Kv.v.VA 1. .\ Baldwin. [606] b. Jan. 21, 1.S12; ni. April 5. iS^;, Benjamin V. Var/in.; ,■ 

d. March 4, 1883. 
Sarah Diana. [607] b. -March 3, 1814. She died, unmarried, July 13, 1.S40. 
James AiihoTT. [608] b. Feb. 9, iSir,; m. Nov., 1842, '.Uari Fisk,- _; m. Feb. 12, iNji, 

■'■Mrs. Julia A. {Hunt) Bean : m. July 4. i.S(,i, \4„n Elizabeth Burpee : 

d. .\ov. 12, 18S3. 
Samuel Baldwin. [609] b. March ;, 1818 ; m. A/ary B. Giffonl ; d. Dec. 9, 18S1. 
Fki DERK Homis, [610] b. May 23, 1820. He lived, unmarried, 1883. 
John Whillle, [611] b. Sept. .s, 1822: m. Sept. 16, 1845, Alviira June Heivet. 
Llcretla Antoini:ti l. [612] b. May 28, 1823; m. Feb. 2, 1843, GiU\s C. A-.'cry. 


Iami.s Coi.swlli. W.I.-. .1 hal ni.inulactvirir. While carryiiit; on the business in Concord, 
Mass., his establishincni was burned, and a man by the name of Kisho|) perished in the 

Dr. and Mrs. Xevicomh re.sidcd in New Drleans. I.a., where he died. Mrs, Xewcomb 
removed to ralifornia. where she died. 





Makv^ Cogswell, {Raines'', Emerson^, Williani', William-, yohii^), 
daughter of James'' [93] and Mrs. Rebecca (Baldwin) Cogswell, ncc 
Cotton, was born July 5, 1788, in Weston, Mass. She married Horace 
Kendall. He was born in Sterling, Mass. Mrs. Kendall died in Balti- 
more, Md. 


Mary A 11)1, m. Di. Samuel T. Atigicr ; d. 1.S31. Hoiiuc. Diana Cogsu-ctl. 

Three children, wlio were born and died in Baltimore, Md. 


M.,ry Ann Kcn,l.<ll, who m.iiiied I)i. .\n,nic 
Eiii;cne I.uthcr .-Vngici, who lived, II. 
uf ilie Union. 

//■v,AV K.nJall, Jr., »a- living in Loui>iana j: 
child. Thev have not been he.ird from since t 


[211 J 


DiANA^ Cogswell, {'James', Et>ursoii^, William^, Williaiii-, Joln/^}, 
daughter of James^ [93] and Rebecca (Baldwin) Cogswell, ne'e Cotton, 
was born April 13, 1793, in Weston, Mass. She married, March 14, 
1813, Ephraini Maynard, son of Jonathan and Zipporah (Bruce) May- 
nard. He was born April 29, 1783, in Westboro', Mass., where they 
resided. Mr. Maynard died Feb. 10, 1864. Mrs. Maj-nard died March 
31, 1876. 


Horace, b. Aug. 30, 1814; m. Aug. 30, 1.S40, Lama Ann Washburn ; A. May 3, 1882. 

Diana Cogswell, m. Darius Warren. Clarissa Forhush. 

Harriet Baldwin, m. j\'athan Ada/ns I'hipps. Eleanor. She died in infancy. 


l./'/.num .U,n-Uii,J wa> a Hhtelwright. 

.)/rs. li'arn-n had one child, Clarissa John>on, who died July 20, iS;;. 

.1/rj. Pkipps had one son, who died in infancy. 

nnx. HORACE ^rAV^•ARI), i.i,. D. 

Ili)i:\ir M\\\ \Kh. -Mjn of K]ihraini and Diana (Cogsn-ell) Maynard, was born Aug. 30. 
1S14. in WcvthMiii'. Ma--. He graduateci from .\mherst College in the class of 183.S. He 
nianicd, Aug. 30, 1840, /,i;«;v Ann //■.«///';/.••», daughter of Rev. Azel and Sarah (Skinneil 
Washlnu-n. .She was born Jan. 15, 1.S13, in Royalton, Vt. He removed to Kno.xville, Knox 
(.'o.,, and held the position of Tutor, and subsequently of Professor of Mathematics 
and Xatural rhiloso|>hy in Kast Tennessee I'niversitv. In 1S44 he was admitted to the bar, 
and entered upon a law practice which became lucrative and important. He was a member 
of Congress from 1857 to 1S63, and during the Rebellion suffered serious loss of property. 
He received the degree of 1,L. I), in 1862 from Amherst College. He was agam elected tu 
Congre-s in 1S66. and continued tu represent the Knoxvillc District, Tenn., until 1S73, and 
afterwards for two years was Representative at large. He was commissioned Minister I'leni- 
IM.icntiary to Turkey from the United .'^tates, in 1S75, and resided in Constantinople, where he 
remained until 1880. He was appointed. .\ug., iSSo, Postmaster-Cieneral, in which oltice he 
was succeeded by H..n. Thoin.a. I,. JauK- in 1881. Hon. Horace Mayn.ard died May 3, 1S82, 
in Knoxville, Tenn. 

l-.dward, )). Kcb. 3, 1843 ; m. June. 1866, Kliza Jane Harper -, d. J.m. iS, iSaS. He was United 

.States Consul at Turks Island. 
Wa-hburn. b. Dec. 5. 1844; m. f )ct. 4, 1871, Hc.-sic Krooks. He was Lieutenant in I'. S. N, 
i:kan..r. b. ( )ct.. 184^ ; d. 1S47. Ephraim Horace, b. 1S48 ; d. 1S50. Laura, b. 1S50 ; d. 185;, 
James, b. July 15, 1S52; m. .\pril, 1879, Caroline Taylor. He wa>, 1883, in the I'ostDtiice 

Department, Washington, D. C. 
Anne Mary. b. Feb. ic, 1S54; m. Sept., 1878, ])r. Jerome H. Kidder, U. S. \. 



Eunice" Cooswell, (yaiiu-.':-', Euu-rson'^, l]'iliiiv)i'-\ \Vtl!iatn",yolni^), 
daughter of James^ [93] and Rebecca (Baldwin) Cogswell, Ui'e Cotton, 
was born April 2, 1798, in Concord, Mass. She married, March 27, 
1 83 1, Bciijauiin AliCary, son of Benjamin and Dorothy (Garrett) 
McCary. He was born April 28, 1800, in Edgefield District, South 
Carolina They lived several years in Alabama, and some twenty 
years in Attala Co., Miss. Mr. McCary died March 2, 1S58, in Kos- 
ciusko, Attala Co., Miss. 


Doiolhy Lonisiaiut, h. Nov. 23, 1833, in New Orleans, La.; d. Dec. 2, 1833. 
Rebecca Jo.uf/iiiic, h. Jan. ;o, 1S35. Siie died in childhood, Nov. 17, 183(1. 
Gerai)/ Wa/fcr Ora^'/i. )_ ,^ j.-^,^ ^j^,^ S He died in childhood, Oct., 1S41. 
.l/,7/i' Coo/c. i '■ '' ■ y --^ <5i,p ^jgf) j„ childhood. Oct., 1841. 

Mrs. Jiiiiucf {,Cogs-u'ell) AACiirv prior to marriage taught sclmul in rrovidcnce, R. I., ami 
an academy in South Carolina. She returned from the South in 1864, where she wa> in tlic 
uc of the early difficulty between Gen. Jackson and Hon. J. C. Calhoun, of South Carolina, 
id was there also during the Rebellion. She lived, 1SS3, in Weslboro", Mass. 

Benjamin McCaiy was a printer. He became County Surveyor and Justice of the I'eace. 




George Richard^ Cogswell, {yames'", Etncrson*, William^, Wil- 
liam'^, yohn>), son of James-'' [93] and Rebecca (Baldwin) Cogswell, 
lu'c Cotton, was born Jan. 17, 1801, in Concord, Mass. He married 
Eliza Williams, of Baltimore, Md. They resided in Baltimore, Md., 
where he died, Sept. 30, 1829. Mrs. Cogswell died soon after. 


A LHiLU, [613] who died young. A child, [614] wlio died young. 




Horatio'"' Cogswell, {James^, Emerson'', William^, William'^, 
yoJui^), son of James"' [93: and Mrs. Rebecca (Baldwin) Cogswell, lUc 
Cotton, was born July 11, 1804, in Concord, Mass. He married, Oct., 
1825, ^Adalinc Burt, of Cambridge, Mass. She was born in Boston, 
Mass. Mrs. Cogswell died Feb. 9, 1841. Col. Cogswell married, Jan., 
1843, ^Laiira Ann Ailams, daughter of Cyrus and Olive Adams. She 
was born Feb. 20, 1819, at Northbridge, Mass They resided in Con- 
cord, Uxbridge, and Grafton, Mass. Colonel and Mrs. Laura Cogswell 
lived, 1883, in Grafton, Mass. 


A so.\, [615]. A SON, [616]. A SUN, [616,7]. Tliey died in infancy. 


Adaline O., [617] b. Aug. 1 1 , I ,S44 ; m. June 6, 1 !S66, J.imcs McCn-d; d. Aug. 1 9, 1 876. 


[276 1 


NoKTHENu'' Cogswell, (N'athduie/''', yonatlian^, yonatliaifl, Wtl- 
liiuii-, yohii^), son of Dr. Nathaniel'" [98] and Sarah (Northend) Cogs- 
well, was born Jan. 11, 1762, in Rowley, Mass. He married, Nov. i, 
1794, Elisabeth Lambert, d2i\\gh\.er of Thomas and Apphia (Gage) Lam- 
bert She was born March 4, 1774, in Rowley, Mass They lived in 
South Berwick, Me. Mr. Cogswell died Feb. 12, 1837. Mrs. Cogswell 
died No\-. 18, iSjS. 


Elizabeth, [618] b. .Aug. 23, 1795 ; m. May, 1S27, Charles E. Norton j d. Jan. 7. 1832. 
Charles Nokthend, [619] b. April 24, 1797: m. Aug. 25, 1824, ^Eli=al'cth Wal- 

liiii^foy<i Hill; m. \ov. 20, 1839, -Man^aret Elirahelh Russell ; d. 

Oct. II, 1S43 
Marv Ann, [620] b. .March 29. i.Sol ; m. April 13. 1.S23, Charles E. .Xorton ; A. 

Aug. 24, 1825. 
William LA.MiiKKT. [621] b. Aug. 17, 1.S03; m. June 2, 1.S40. .)/>-.?, Sopina i/'otter) 

Manning ; d. Nov. 5, l87i_). 
Fkii'KKlc, [622] b. Dec. 5, 1806; m. Jan. 6, 1858, Elizahetli Riiss ; d. May 3, 1870. 
DoKDTHV Maria, [623] b. Dec. 2, iSoS; d. Oct. 5, 1826. 
Sarah Louisa, [624] b. .Marcli 9, 1813; m. May 15, 1845, Re-,'. Dexter Potter j d. 

July 22, i860. 


Northend Cogswell was engaged in mercantile pursuits until the War of 
18 1 2, when he retired from business. In the Revolutionary War he served in 
a company from Rowley, commanded by Capt. Thomas Mighill, and attached 
to Col. Nathaniel Wade's regiment. 




Sarah'' Cogswell, (Xatlianier-, yonatltau^, yonathair\ Williaiifl 
yc////'), daughter of Dr. Nathaniel-" 198] and Sarah (Northend) Cogs 
well, was born June 5, 1763, in Rowley, Mas.s. She married, Dec. 19 
1790, Otixrr Appleton. They resided in Ipswich, Mass. 





Elizabeth'^ Cogswell, {Nathanicr\ yonat/mn'^, yonathaii\ Wil- 
liaiit\ John^), daughter of Dr. Nathaniel'' [98] and Sarah (Northend) 
Cogswell, was born Aug. 25, 1764, in Rowley, Mass. She married, 
April 14, 1787, Josepli Knight. They lived in Rowley or Ipswich, 


Henry Cogs7i<e!l. Firdnu, b. 1790: d. Xdv. 20. 1849. 

Antonio, h. 1795: ni. Elizahth Mmphy ; d. \o\ . 20, 18S2. 




W.\de'' Cogswell, {Xat/idnic/^, yonal/i,ui\ yo/iat/taii'\ U'lV/niW-, 
yo/i;i'),son of Dr. Nathaniel'' [98] and Sarah (Northend) Cogswell, 
was born June 20, 1769, in Rowley, Mass. He married Hannah Barker, 
daughter of John Barker She was born in Vermont. They resided 
in Manchester, N. H, where Mrs. Cogswell died, July 28, 1S14, Mr. 
Cogswell died Feb. 16, 1855, in Rowley, Mass. 


Eliza, [625] b. Jan. i.S, 1S07; m. Nov. 14, 1S36, John Wood; d. Dec. (\ \^i,\. 
Abbv, [626] b. Jan 2, 1809; m. Oct. 8, i83S,/((/;« Austin Twycross ; d. Aug. 23, 1S7S, 
Franklin, [627] b. Jan. 30, 181 1. He died, unmarried, about 1846. 
A CHILI), [628]. Died in infanc_v. A r hild, [629]. Died in infancy. 


Mr. Cci/^'swdl was a merchant. 

.1/r.r. Ahhy C. Twyrross died in Dresden. Me. ".She was beloved by a large circle nf 
friends, and alway.s a friend to the needy. .She died after long sickness, which she bore with 
patience, waiting to be taken home." 


I 286 J 


Nathaxjel'^ Cogswell, {Nathaniel'', youathan\ yonathan-\ Wil- 
lianfi, yohn^), son of Dr. Nathaniel'^ [98] and Lois (Searle) Cogswell, 
was born April 16, 177S, in Rowley, Mass. He was for many years 


a resident of Grand Canary Island. He married Maty . She was 

born in England. They resided in Grand Canary Island, and for a 
while in Dorchester, Mass., but at the time of his death they resided 
in the city of \e\v York. He died Nov. 13, 1832. Mrs. Cogswell, 
after her husband's death, returned to England. They had no children, 
but adopted a son of Mr. Cogswell's sister, Mrs. Abigail (Cogswell) 
Smith ;283]. His name was Nathaniel Cogswell Smith. He dropped 
the name Smith and was Nathaniel Cogswell. He died Oct. 10, 1842, 
in Hartford, Conn. 

THKIK ADOI'ltll) SON W.\S : 
N.ATH.WIKI,, [630] (I. Oct. 10, I.S42. 




Jon.ath.\n'' Cug.^wkll, (Xii///iT/!i/\ yoiM//ia//\ Yontithnir, U'l/- 
liant^, Jol:n^ I. son of Dr. Nati.Aiiier' [98 1 and Lois (Searle) Cogswell, 
was born Sept. 3, 1782, in Rowley, Mass. He married, ]\Iay i, 1811, 
^Elizabeth Abbott, daughter of Joel and Lydia (Cummings) Abbott. 
She was born Jan. 22, 1787, in Westford, Mass. They resided in Saco. 
Me., New Britain Parish, Berlin, and East Windsor Hill, Conn. At 
the latter place Mrs. Cogswell died, April 30, 1837. Rev. Dr. Cogs- 
well married, Dec. 12, iZn^^yanc Eudora Kirkpatruk, daughter of Hon. 
Andrew Kirkpatrick, Chief Justice of New Jersey. She was born May 
2G, 1799. They resided in New Brunswick, N. J. Mis. Jane E. Cogs- 
well died March 6, 1864. Rev. Dr. Cogswell died Aug. i, 1S64. 


.M.AKV, [631] b. Dec. 30, 1S14; m. Oct. 16, 1.S33, Franklin Slu-rtoooti Kinney. K.-oj. : 

d. .April 7, 1.S-7. in Wasliington, D. C. 
Kl.l/.Ai'.KiH LoKi), [632] />,!/>/. Aug. S, 1S19; m. Oct. I, 1.S40, //,'//. ./.7W,:. /V.i>v/ .• 

d, June 16, 1S71. 
L.iUisA, [633] /',!/'/. July 30, 1S26; m. A/^^crnon RiJ^,-7.;iy U;>,>,/. Esg. 
Asm: \V.\i.i kk, [634] 'ihipi. May 11, 1828; m. Oct. '7, 1847, E,(^,!r /A.;,./,///,/, E.u/. : 

(1. Jan. 10, iS4c^, in \ataugu.s, Cuba. 

THi: CUn^UKUN OF THI; SKCONI) .\l.\l<Kl.A(il; ukkk: 

Andkkw KiKKi'ATHK k, [635] b. May 20, 1X3.;: m. Sept. 3, 1S67, U/</';r I'trn K,ns- 

Si/tZi-/' : m. .Mav 27, 1X80, ^lir^i/iia Jsahcl I.nliolic. V-\\\i.\ .Si.Aia.L.. [636] b.'May zU. 1.S41 : m. .Nov. 3, iS'-..,. (/,•//. .A///,vv (/. //'/A,-//. 

Jonathan Cogswkll was the youngest of fourteen children. His father. 
Dr. Xathaniel Cogswell, was a man of superior education and acquirements, a 
model of the most remarkable integrity, and of the purest character. He 
received from his pious and devoted mother early religious instruction, and at 
the age of seventeen years became a Christian. Soon after his conversion, 
he received what was to him a most unmistakable call to preach the Gospel, 
and accordingly set himself to obey the divine bidding. It is said that his 
father was not favorably inclined to his son's purpose to enter the ministry ; he 
labored to dissuade him, and even refused to render him pecuniary assistance 
in his preparatory course of study. But so strong were his son's convictions 
of duty that he waived all opposing considerations, and without delay entered 
upon his studies. In the spring of 1803 he was admitted to Harvard College, 
and graduated in 1806, among the first scholars of his class. Prof. Joseph 
Green Cogswell, LL. D. [3501. a distant cousin, was a member of the same 
class Mr. Cogswell, still intent on his early purpose to enter the ministry, 
at once engaged in teaching, to obtain the means to prosecute his theologi- 
cal studies. For two years, 1807-9, '""^ was under appointment as Tutor in 
Bowdoin College, meanwhile pursuing somewhat the study of Theology. Sub- 
sequently he was at Andover Theological Seminary for one year, associated 
with the first class that graduated from that institution, in 1810. Among the 
members of that class, and associated with it, were such men as Rev. Adoni- 
ram Judson, D. D., Rev. Samuel Newell. Rev. Richard S. Storrs, D. D., and 
Rev. Gardner Spring. D. ])., LL D. Mr. Cogswell about this time received 
several most flattering offers to take charge of prominent literary institutions, 
but refusing them, he obtained license to preach and having received an invita- 
tion to settle, Oct. 24, iSio, was ordained to the Gospel Ministry, and installed 
pastor, being the fourth pastor, of the C'ongregationalist Church in Saco, Me. 
The installation sermon was preached by Rev. Paul Coffin, D. D., and was 
published. The following May, iSii, he married Mis.-. Elizabeth Abbott, 
the niece of Samuel Abbott, Esq., who had been to her as a father since 
the death of her parents. Samuel Abbott, Esq., gave to Andover Theological 
Seminary one hundred and twenty thousand dollars, and became the founder 
of the Abbott Professorship in that institution. As illustrating Mr. Cosgwell's 
spirit of consecration to Christ's service, it should perhaps receive mention 
that it was his cherished desire to labor as a missionary in Western New York, 
and he was actually on his way thither, when he received an invitation to 
preach in Saco, which was so clearly providential that he felt bound to accept 
it. He was settled, and for eighteen years labored there with great fidelity 
and marked success, until his multiplied and long-continued service resulted in 
such physical and mental exhaustion that his physician assured him he must 
discontinue preaching or he could not live. He at once resigned, Oct. 16. 
1828, and removed to New York City, where he spent the winter. The April 
following he accepted an invitation to a new pastorate, and .Aug. 28, 1829. 


was installed over the church in New Britain Parish. Berlin. Conn., where he 
remained until lie was called, June 21, 1834, to the Chair of Ecclesiastical 
Histor}- in the Theological Institute of Connecticut, at East Windsor Hill. 
He was inaugurated Professor of Church History in that Institution, May 13, 
1834 In 1836 he received the degree of S. T. D. from the University of 
New York. Mrs. Cogswell died in 1837. Her burial was the first that took 
place within the New Cemetery near the Theological Institute of East Windsor 
Hill. Of Mrs. Cogswell it was said : " She was an ornament to her sex, tiie 
church and society." .\n obituary notice printed at the time passes the higli- 
est encomiums on her life and character 

Rev. Prof. Cogswell, D. D., married, Dec. 12. 1837, Miss Kirkpatrick, 
daughter of Chief Justice Kirkpatrick, of New Jersey, and granddaughter of 
Col. John Bayard, of Bohemia Manor, "Great House," Maryland In 1S42 
Rev. Dr. Cogswell published "A Volume of Ten Discourses, Intended as a 
Keepsake for the Family and Friends." For a full list of his published writ 
ings the reader is referred to the heading James Graxt Wilson, in the third 
volume of Allibone's Dictionary of Authors. Prof, ("ogswell continued to fill 
the chair of .Sacred History in the Theological Institute for ten years. In 
1844 life resigned, having been appointed e.\ecutor of a large estate, which 
required his presence in or near the city of New \'ork, and retired from public 
life to the city of New Brunswick, N. I., where he resided until his diatii, 
which occurred at the age of about eiglity two years. Aug. i, 1S64, only a few 
months after the decease of his wife, Mrs. Jane E. Cogswell, who died March 
6, 1864. The following obitusry notice of Rev. Prof. Jonathan Cogswell. I). D.. 
of New Brunswick, N. J., appeared in some public journal soon after his 
death : 

" With reference to his character as a man. Christian liberality was his 
most marked characteristic. In 1811, when the work of Foreign Missions was 
awakening and giving a new direction to the pecuniary resources of the 
church of Christ, he gave all the money he had to the cause, some $600 in 
silver. Another instance in which this same generous spirit was maniftsted, 
is furnished by his ten years of gratuitous service at East Windsor ; in addition 
to which he contributed largely to the Institution, not only in money, but in 
books also, giving most of his pri\ate library, and many rare old English edi- 
tions of valuable works. Since his residence in New Brunswick, there has 
been no change in this respect. With the late Dr. Janeway and J. R. Ford, 
Esq., he aided in building the present tasteful edifice of the Second Presbyte- 
rian Church, contributing a handsome proportion of the entire cost; besides 
giving one half the price of the parsonage, a thousand dollars toward the per- 
manent support of the minister, and repeated gifts, both to the pastor and 
people, up to the time of his decease. He was a Life Director of the .Ameri- 
can Bible Society, and a Life Member of the .American Tract Society, the Sea- 
man's Friend Society, the American and Foreign Christian Union, and various 
other religious societies. He founded a scholarship, both in Rutgers College 
and in the College of New Jersey, and was a regular annual contributor to the 


various boards of the church of which he was an honored minister. Christian 
beneficence marked the whole course of his long life. As a preacher Dr. 
Cogswell was peculiarly zealous for sound doctrine, and fearless in stating and 
defending it. His own faith was unwavering, and timidity in expressing what 
he believed was unknown to him. His own religious experience was pre-emi- 
nently doctrinal and reflective. Nourished by prayer, enriched by meditation, 
and invigorated by knowledge, religion was to him a life, and faith an abiding 
principle. When memory lost the record of other familiar things, Jesus and 
his love remained deeply graven upon her tablet. Great simplicity of charac- 
ter imparted a charm and gave tone to the whole tenor of his life. He was 
singularly free from that 'labor and sorrow' which mar the strength of the 
fourth score of years, and, like the patriarch of old, 'he gave up the ghost 
and died in a good old age, an old man and full ' of experiences, of graces, 
and of anticipations. He has gone to his reward, and his works do follow 
him. while we deplore his loss in these days, when 'the godly man ceaseth, 
and the faithful fail from among the children of men.' " 




Ei.izARETHfi Cogswell, {y();M;'//<?//\ Jonathan'^, Jonathair', Willianr. 
Joltu^), daughter of Col. Jonathan [ 99 J and Elizabeth (Wise) Cogs- 
well, was born Aug. 6, 1773, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She 
married, Dec. 4, 1 800, Parker Riiss, M. D., son of Joseph and Mary 
Russ. He was born in Chebacco Parish, 176S. Mrs. Russ died June 5, 
1S03. Dr. Russ died Dec. 19, 1805. 


./,-//// Dniison, b. Sept. 1, iSoi : m. 1S30, \Urs. E!ha P. Jnikins ; m. April, 1S72, 
■^Elisc n. Binhc!/. 


r.uhr Kliss \va-< a descenclaiit, on bis motlicr's side.-, nf Xatliaiiicl Rii^t. the first sclinn). 
teaclicr in Chebacco. " Master Rust " opened his .school, June, 1695. Dr. Russ's father died 
when lie was young. His mother married -K,'.: Paid Pari; of Preston, Conn., and removed 
to that place, where her son Rarker was educated. He studied medicine and established him- 
self, about 17SS, in its practice in Chebacco. He resided in the ancient Rust house, where 
he ».!-. born. It was owned, 1S6S, by William II. Me.ars. Dr. Russ a skilful physician ; 
" iiiieurity, decision, and energy were prominent traits of his character," He died in early 



John Denison Russ, the only child o£ Dr. Paiker and Elizabeth (Cogswell) Riiss, was 
born Sept. I, iSoi, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, -Mass. His father was a practising physician 
and an accomplished classical educator. 

His grandmother, Elizabeth (Wise) Cogswell, was the granddaughter of Rev. John Wise, 
the first ordained minister of Chebacco Parish. Tpswich. He was the minister who was tried 
and imprisoned in Boston, Aug., 16S7, for publicly advising his parishioners to resist the col- 
lection of a tax imposed by Gov. Sir Edmund Andros. Two years later Andros was arrested 
and sent ignominiously back to England. 

The mother of Elizabeth (Wise) Cogswell was daughter of Col. John and Mary (Lever- 
ett) Denison. Col. John Denison was son of Rev. John and Elizabeth (.Saltonstall) Denison, 
and the great-grandson of both (lov. Thomas Dudley and .Sir Richard Saltonstall. His wife, 
.Mary (Leverett) Denison, was the daughter of Hon. John Leverett, F. R. S., President of 
Harvard College, and great-granddaughter of Sir John Leverett, Governor of Massachusetts, 
1673-9. John Denison Russ, in fitting for college, was a classmate of Hon. Rufus Choatc 
under Dr. Abbott, of Exeter, N. H. He gr.iduated from Yale College in 1S23; was called by 
his college mates "Duke of Essex." He i>nrsned his medical studies at IJowdoin College and 
other medical schools in Baltimore, Boston, and New Haven, and received his medical degree 
from Vale College in 1S25. He spent a year in Europe, in the hospitals of Paris, London, 
Edinburgh, and Dublin, and on his return commenced jnactice in New York City. Possessing 
an anijile estate, he gratified his philanthropy by rendering wide medical service without 
charge. His .sympathy for human suffering became a religious passion. 

Dr. Russ, in 1S27, took an active part in aid of the Greeks, in their desperate struggle for 
libertv against the Turks. He took charge of the brig "Statesman " from Boston, freighted 
with medical and other store.s, and proceeded to Greece as an almoner to the suffering 
l)atriots. He remained in Greece three years, devoting himself to this work. So serviceable 
was Dr. Russ to the Greeks that the Turks placed a price on his head of twenty thousand 
piaster^. On his return to America he visited Sicily, Italy, Malta, and France. He brought 
the first intelligence of the French Revolution of that year to this country. He recommenced 
practice in Xew York City. His residence for some time was a cottage near the site of the 
Clarendon Hotel. He never .sent a bill to any patient for service. He became interested in 
the instruction of the blind. An institution for the blind was incorporated, 1S39, in Massa- 
chusetts, and one in Xew York in the spring of 1S31. But as yet no blind person had been 
taught on this continent, and no one could be obtained who knew how to give them instruc- 
tion. And when the humane design was about to be relinquished, Dr. Russ offered his service, 
having obtained some idea of such instruction in Europe. He commenced, March 15, 1S32, to 
instruct three blind boys from the almshouse in Xew 'S'ork; May ig there were six under his 
instruction, which was the first attempt of the kind in America. Dr. Russ was invited to go to 
Boston and organize the institution for the lilind in that city, but declined, and Dr. Howe was 
appointed. He was the first to introduce maps with raised surface for the blind. In the 
autnnni of 1832 he exhibited to the public, in City Hotel, his methods of instructing the blind, 
and made another exhibition at Rev. Dr. McMurray's church on Market Street. June 5, 
1S33. To him is due the honor of establishing the Institution for the lilind in Xew York. 

Dr. Russ assisted, 1843, in the organization of the Xew York Prison .Association. He 
wrote a verv popular jjajier on prison discipline, which was mentioned by CJeorge .Sumner, Esq., 
brother uf Hon. Charles Sumner, at the First Prison Congress in Italy, as the ablest work on 
that subject since Livingston's famous " Penal Code." 

Dr. Russ was interested in the gradual emancipation of the slaves, and wrote a leUer to 
lion. Henry Clay, then I'resident of the Colonization Society, stating his He was 
elected, 1S4S, a member of the Board of Education of the city of Xew York, and was largely 
instrumental in the establishment of the Xew York Juvenile .\sylum, of which he was the 
efficient superintendent for seven years, until he resigned in 1S5S. He assisted in founding 
several other charitable institntion> in New York. In 1.S50. with ihc co.upcraiion of his wife 


I'l. Russ ]iianied, 1S30, an accomplished English lady, a widow with four children. Mrs. 
Rnss died April ;S, 1S60. Dr. Russ, after twelve year.s, married, .\pril, 1S72, Miss Elise B. 
Birdsell, daughter of James Uirdsell, of Ohio, who survived him. He had no children of 
his own. Elizabeth Russ, a daughter of his wife, married, 1S58, Hon. Frederic Cogs- 
well [ 622 ]. 

Dr. Russ, a few years before his death, retired to a picturest|i. ; estate on the high, roll- 
ing land about two miles from the plains of Pompton, X. J. Here he fitted up a modern, 
square, Gothic pointed home.stead, know^n as "Hillside Cottage," a house neither too large 
nor too small for the largest measure of comfort, where he gave himself to relieving want, 
and to benevolence, his pleasant home being the hospitable resort of the cultured and the 
refined, of eminent scholars and well-known philanthropists. His last illness was of about 
two weeks' duration and entirely painless. It was the sweet and peaceful going out of a 
well-spent life. Xo sickness could have been more free from suffering, and no death scene 
more tranquil. His funeral just at suii^tt on Wednesday, March 2, 1S81. The imme- 
diate friends and nei^hlini- yatlitrud at "Ilillsiili. Cottage." The sunset service was beauti- 
ful, conducted In Ke\. Mi. (.rii\L^, Tlnir^d.iv morning the public funeral service took 
place at St. Paul's (_ hapel, in Xew York City, Rev. Dr. Mulchahey olticiating. In accord- 
ance with his own request his remains were taken to Esse.\-, Mass., his birthplace, and 
deposited in the family vault of the Cogswells, beside those of the father and mother of 
the deceased. "Thus with a 'few last words of faith and prayer,' a good man was laid 
gently to rest." By the provisions of his will, after the death of his wife his estate goes to 
hi- n.uive town of K.sse.\, to found a I'ublic I.ibiary. Various highly eulogistic tributes were 
published at the time of Dr. Russ's death. "In the life of an earnest, conscientious jihilan- 
thro))ist there is peculiar beauty and strength, and when such a life closes at its full maturity, 
the silent pressure of its influence remains like a perpetual benediction." I'hi. In Memori.\m 
or r.iUN Dknisi.x Ki-ss, M. D., tSoi-iSSi." 



(Grnrnlofli'cal.'' Cogswell, (Jonatliaii', Jonatlian\ Joiiathaif\ Williivii'-, 
y^V/w'), dau<^dner of Col. Jonathan^ [99: and Elizabeth (Wise) Cogs- 
well, was born June 7, 17S1, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She 
married, Nov. 17, 1807, Col. yoseph Farley, son of Nathaniel and Mary 
(Wise) Farley. He was born March 14, 1777, in Ipswich, Mass, where 
they resided. Mrs. T'arley died May 12, 1846. Mr. Farley died Feb. 
9, 1S50. 


Joscpli, h. .Sept. 2S, i.SoS: m. Xov. S, 1.S45. I'riui/ln H. Sldsoii : d. .-Xpril 21, 1S71. 
Alny,ail Co.^s7.\//, b Sept. 23, rSi2; m. .•\pnl 19, 1.S35. C-or-c U\ Tn<7,/icc// ; d. 

Aug. 2.;, I. S3 1. 
Elizabeth Wise. b. Xov. 12, 1S14: m. Out. -j, 1S43, Hoi,. Olis J\ Lord; d. Dec. 10, 

Mary tV'-,>7i',7/, b. Jan. 25, l.'Sl.'^; in. Xov. 29, 1S43. Alfred Manning Farhy. 
I.ydia Cooli-di^c; b. May 22, IM.,. She died, unm.irried. .April 27, 1S37. 


Joseph F„rhy has been described as "a very likely man, and Colonel of the Militia." 
AljnJ Manning; FarUy, the husband of Maiy Farley, was horn Oct., 1S14. He died 
Aug. 3, 1S73, '" S'- Catharine, Canada. They had three children: Alfred M., b. Nov. 19, 
1S44; Abbie Cogswell, b. Oct. 15, 1S46; Henry M., b. Oct. 7, 1850, d. July 3, 1S52. 


Otis Phillips Li.rd, son of Nathaniel Lord, Esq., was born July 11, 1S12, in Ipswich, He graduated, 1S3:;, from Amherst College, studied law, and commenced the practice 
of his profession in his native town. His abilities soon became known, and his practice 
increased rapidly. He removed to Salem, Mass., and became the leading lawyer of Essex 
County and a peer of the most ])rominent lawyers in the Commonwealth. The Superior 
Court of Massachusetts was established in 1859, and Mr. Lord received appointment to a 
seat on the Bench, with Messrs. Allen, Rockwell, Wilkinson, Krigham, Putnam, Russell, 
Vose, Ames, and Morton. It was a matter of common knowledge that while Judge Lord 
occupied this position his decisions were rarely overruled by the Law Court, and compara- 
tively few exceptions taken to his rulings. Judge Lord received, 1S69, the degree of LL. D. 
from Amherst College. He was appointed in 1875 ^^ '^'°^- Ci^ston a Justice of the Supreme 
Judicial Court of Massachusetts, which position he filled with marked ability for several 
years, and resigned Dec. 6, 1SS2. 

Hon. Otis P. Lord was quite prominent in the politics of the State. He was often a 
member of the Legislature, where he was an acknowledged leader, and in 1854 was elected 
Speaker of the House of Representatives. The natural abilities of Judge Lord, combined 
with accurate knowledge, quick perception, and remarkable memory, won for him eminence 
in his profession, and rendered him a man of commanding influence in the elevated sphere in 
which he was called to act. Me was one of the most eminent jurists of New England. 



Abigail^ Cogswell, ( Wi/iiaiu^, Fm>/iis\ youathaii^, William'^, 
yoJin^). daughter of William'' (115 I and Abigail (Dawes) Cogswell, was 
born Dec. 7, 1775, in Marlboro', Mass. She married, Feb. 22, 1801, 
Sainiitl Gibbon, being his third wife. He was born, 1759, in Dedhani, 
Mass. They resided in Marlboro', Mass. Mrs. Abigail Gibbon died 
March 29, 1827. Mr Gibbon died Jan. 12, 1S33. 


Williaiii, b. June (;. 1.S02. He died in infancy, Marcli 22. 1803. 

Alu-ail 0'L:i7<r//. b. Nov. u;, 1S03; m. 1833 A",-;. 7,wV/// A', jr,?//,-. d. Nov. C. 

Hniry, b. Nov. 29, i.So.v He died in early life, Dec. 25, 1825. 
William, b. July 25, 1S07; m. 1S35, Eiiuicc Wilson. 
John. b. May 2:, 1809. He lived. i.S.^2. in Paris, France. 


Samihi Cihboii was a mercliant. He was Justice of the Peace for many years, and was 

chosen Representative of the t^wn in the State Legislature. His first wife was '^/v,-./// . 

They had two children, viz.: Abigail, b. Aug. i6, 17S5, d. April 15, 1789; .Samuel, b. Feb. iS, 
17S7, d. July 7, 17S7. Mrs. Gibbon died July 19, 17S7. Mr. Gibbon married, .Sept. ;i, 1790, 
-Elizabeth Perkins. They had five children, viz. : Samuel, b. June 29, 1791, d. Dec. 6, 1S16, 
in Charleston, S. C. ; George, b. May i, 1793, '"• '^-9. Caroline I'erkins; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 
15, 1795, "I- 'S23, E. H. Little, d. Dec. 26, 1S74; Edward, b. Aug. 21, 1797, d. Sept. 2, 1S19; 
Caroline, b. Julv iS, 1799, d. Aug. 26, 1S04. 

William Gibbon, son of Samuel and Abigail (Cogswell) Gibbon, married, 1S35, Eunice 
Wilson, daughter of William and Dotia Wilson. She was born Dec. i, 180S, in Peterboro', 
N. H. They resided in Marlboro', Mass. They had five children, viz. : Abbie A., b. Aug. 
I, 1837, m. May 20. 1858; Elizabeth J,, b. July' 7, 1839, d. May iS, 1S5S; Charlotte E., b. 
Sept. I, 1S44, d. June 12, 1865; Marv E., b. (;)ct. 20, 1S4S; and John, b. April 24, 1S51, m. 
Sept. 29, 1876. 




Elizabeth'' Cogswell, {Willinnv', Fraih-is\ yoiiathair, Williaur, 
Johu^), daughter of William' [115 J and Abigail (Dawes) Cogswell, 
was born Nov. 15, 1778, in Marlboro', Mass. She married, Aug. 16, 
1797, David Miiuroc. Mrs. Munroe died March 17, 186S. 


Williaiii C, b. Sept. 19, 1798. Mehitiiblc, m. Etninoiu Raymond. 

Harriet, b. Nov. 22, 1797. Jane Clapp, m. William Brii;/u!m. 

Mary E., b July 26, 1S02: m. /siael C. Rice. Liurelia. 
.UMp/ius,h. July 23. 1805. 


I 2991 


Mehitable^ Cogswell, ( Willtain^, Fi-iincis'^, yonathaif', Wil/iaiir 
yohn^), daughter of Willianv^ [115] and Abigail (Dawes) Cogswell, wa; 
born Oct. 15, 17S0, in Marlboro', Mass. She married, 1802, Rev 
yames Converse, of Weathersfield, Vt., where Mrs. Converse died 
May, 1809. 


Almira, m. Mr. Chandler. Lucas. 

Elizabeth, m. Dr. S. C. Hewitt. Mehilable. She died in infancy. 

James C, m. Sarah Peabody. 




Hannah Lucas* Cogswell, {William'\ Frauds'^, Joiiatlian\ Wil- 
liam-, yohii^), dautjhter of William-^ [115] and Abii^ail (Dawes) Coi,^s- 
well, was born April 29, 1782, in Marlboro', Mass She married. June 
25, 1801, Thomas Cole, son of Jonathan and Hannah (Palfrey) Cole. 
He was born Dec 24, 1779, in Boston, Mass., where they resided until 
1808, when they removed to Salem, Mass., where they both died. 
Mrs. Cole died Au- 19, 1838, and Mr. Cole, June 24, 1852. 


Elizabeth, b. June 23. 1.S02; m. June 25, 1K2S, Dwii^ht F. Fanlkticr ^ d. June 17, iNj.S. 
Jonatlhut, li. Aug. 5, 1.S03; m. M;iy 15, 1833, Elizabclli Emcnon Fcuilkiui ; d. 
Nov. 2S, 1S7-. 


Thom.u CoU gr.idu.iled tium\ard College in 1798. He w.i, .i cla>sni,itc ..t Ke\. 
William Ellery Clianning, I). D., (if ISosioii. Mass. Mv. Cole \va> a teacher in the \<iung 
Ladies' .Academy, in Salem, Mas.-;. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rnilkiur lived in West Cedar Street,, Mass. 'lliey had five chil- 
dren, viz.: Elizabeth, Dwight, Franklin, Anna, and John. 

Jonathan Cole was born in Marblehead, Mass.; gradnated in 1825 from Harvard College, 
and married Klizabeth E. Faidkner, daughter of William Emerson and Elizabeth (Uphaml 
Faulkner, of Acton, Mass. She was born April 13, 1805. in Hrookfield, Mass. Mr. Cole was 
a minister. He preached in Hallowell, Me., and in Xeuburyport, Mass., where he died Nov. 
28, 1S77, and where his widow, .Mrs. Cole, lived in 1S83. Kev. Jonathan and Mrs. Eli/al-eth 
Cole had five children, viz. : Thomas Palfrey, b. .\ug. 22, 1834: m. July 10. 1S56; d. .\iig. 5, 
iSrji. Elizabeth Upham, b. Jan. 21, 183S. John Treadwell. b. June 19. 1S41 ; d. Jan. 3. 1S71. 
Charlotte Cutler, b. May 20, 1S44. William Emerson Faulkner, b. June 7. 1S47 ; d. .sepl. 4, 




LvniA'' Cni;swF.LL, ( Williaiii', Fraud.'!*, yaiatliauK William'-, yfhn^). 
daughter of William'' [115] and Abigail (Dawes) Cogswell, was horn 
Jan, 28, 17S4, in Marlboro', Mass. She married, June 23, 1S13, ^Micali 
Slii-nnati, of Marlboro', Mass., son of Samuel and Hephzibah Shei'man. 
He was born 1766. Mr. Sherman died 1816. Mrs. Sherman married, 
Oct. 7, 1823, ^Col. Joseph Davis, of Northboro', Mass., where Mrs. Davis 
died, Oct. 24, 1840. Col. Davis died Oct. 23, 1843. 



Henry Fiancis. b. Nov. 12, iSK'i: d. June, 1817. 


Henry C,'i;s7,'e//. h. Nov. 12. 1S24: m. yi/ni/e Fcrrill, of I'almer. Ma 
Charles Dana. 1.. Oct. n, \V.^(^■. m. Abbie Allen, of Medfield, Mas.s, 


I 305] 


Sakah^ Cogswell, {William'', Francis'^, ycnatliair', U'illidiii-, Jolui^), 
daughter of William'' [I15] and Abigail (Dawes) Cogswell, was born 
Oct. 2, 1790, in Marlboro', Mass. She married, Oct. 21, 181 2, yolin 
Brozvn, son of Roger and Mary (Hartwell) Brown. He was born July 
31, 17S3, in Concord, Mass., where they resided Mr. Brown died Oct . 
1865. Mrs. Brown died July 11, 1880. 

Sarali Ccj;s7i.'ell, b. March 18, 1.S15. She died, unmarried, Feb. 18, i' 
Matilda Coolulge, b. Oct. 29, iSiO. 

Jolni. b. Aug. 7, 181S: m. Nov. 26, 184G, Aniamla M. Willis. 
Williaw Dawes, b. Nov. 23, 1S20: m. June 30, 1856, Martha E. Sia 
Ahi<;ail Pa-i'es, b. Sept. 2, 1823. She died in childhood. May 13, 1.S2 
Elizabeth, b. Feb. 13, 1827; m. Nov. 18, 1S56, Xathan B. Siov. 
James Harticell. b. June 3, 1S2S He died in boyhood, Jan. 30, 1S35. 
Roger Gibbon, b. Feb. 2, 1830. He died in childhood, Feb. 21, 1S35. 



Rehecca''' Cogswell, {William', Francis^, jFonnt/iaii^, Williavi^, 
John^), daughter of Willianr^ [115] and Abigail (Dawes) Cogswell, was 
born March 31, 1792, in Marlboro', Mass, She married, Nov. 26, 1S29, 
Samuel Heath Weld, son of Benjamin Weld. He was born, 1798, in 
Boston, Mass. They resided in Boston Highlands, and in Clarendon 
Hills, West Ro.xbury, Mass. Mrs. Weld died Dec, 26, 1868. Mr, 
Weld died Feb. 27, 1879. 


Elizabeth Heath, b. Aug. 29, 1S30: m. Nov. 3, 1S52, ^EiheaiJ Baitlctt ; m. Oct. 2, 

\^Gzr-Eduar,i E. Rice. 
Saviue! Heath, b. Jan. 9, 1832. He died in early manhood, Aug. 29, 1861. 
Sman A'., i). .April 15, i,S34; m. Oct. 27, 1869, Samuel II'. J/a>is/tr. 


Kdminl B.irllctl. son of Enoch Hartlctt. was Ijorn, iSjg, in Uoston. Mass. >rr. and Mis. 
liartlett had four children. Of these only one was living in 1883 : .\nna DeWolf, who mar- 
ried Edward lirighani. .Mr. Hartlctt died Feb. 23, 1S60. Mrs. Barllctt married, Oct. 2, 1S62, 
Edward E. Rice. They had one child : Charles Faulkner, b. 1S63. 

S.imiie! Heath Weld, son of Samuel H. and Rebecca (Cogswell) Weld, was a soldier of 
the Union army. He was taken pri.soner and died, .Vug. 29, iSGi, in Richmond, Va. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mo„sur resided, 1SS3, in Clarendon Hills, West Ro.xbury, Mass. 




Henkv I'r.a.ncis''' Cogswell, (\VilUaur\ Fraiicis\ Jonathan-^, Wil- 
liam-, John''), son of William'' [115] and Abigail (Dawes) Cogswell, 
was born May 8, 1796, in Marlboro', Mass. He married, Sept. 14, 
1S18, Rebecca Prescott Hosincr. She was born Nov. 28, 1797, in Con- 
cord, Mass. They resided in Peterboro', N. H , and in l^uffalo, N. Y., 
where .Mr. Cogswell died, Sept. i, 1881, and Mrs. Cogswell died, April 
17, 1 882. 


.Makih.a Knir.fcA, [637] b. .May 26, lN2o. She died in early life, June 23, 1S36. 
C.\R(ilinf: Hos.mek, [638] b. May 26, 1S23; m. .Sept. I, 1S46, 'Ethan H. Howard, Esq. 
VVii.Li.\M He.nrv, [639] b. June 10. 1826; m. Aug. 22, 1S48, Caroline Hayes; d. 

iMarcli 28, 185S. 
Ai.iiERT S.MiTH, [640] b. Nov. 23, 1827. He died in early life, Sept. 13, 1848. 
GEORfiK W., [641] b. July I, 1830; m. Sept. 3, 1851, Sarah Hall; d. April 22, 1854. 
Eliza. [642] b. Feb. 17, 1832. She died in early life, Jan. 3, 1855. 
Sarah, [643] b. Feb. 10, 1834; m. June 2, 1S52, Joshua Mortimer Whiteomb. 


Hi-.NRV Francis Cocswell was a soldier in the War of 1S12. He removed 
to Peterhoro', N. H., in 1816, and was married two years later. He was a 
manufacturer of woollen goods ; relinquished business, and in 1847 removed 
to Buffalo, N. v., where he died in 188 1, at the age of eighty-five years. 




William Dawes" Cogswell, (\Vi//laiir', h'rancis'', yoiiat/ian^ Wil- 
liam-, yo/n/^), son of William-'^ [115] and Abigail (Dawes) Cogswell, 
was born June 6, 1798, in Marlboro', Mass. He married, May 7, iSzS, 
Mcirj Fiskc, of Dublin, N. H. The}' resided in Peterboro, N. H, where 
he died Dec. 9, 1838. 


WiM-iAM FiSKE, [644] b. Jan. 7. 1829. He died in early life. June 27, 1847. 
Fu.ANCls Da\'1S, [645] b. June 10. 1830; m. Aug. 28, 1855. Henrielta McCrillis. 
LutAS Ham.momi. [646] b. Dec. 10, 1S34; m. Laura A. Wheeler. 
JA.MES Brown, [647] b. Jan. 23, 1S3S. He died in early life. May, 1S54. 


[ 311 ] 


Lucv" Cogswell, {Ebituzcr'\ WiUnvn^, yo//!/'-^, Wi/liivir, yo//;/^}, 
daughter of Ebenezer'^ [116 1 and Mary (Burnham) Cogswell, was liorn, 
1752, in Ipswich, Mass. She married, Oct. 8, 1783, Hczckiali Newton, 
son of Hezekiah and Eunice Newton. He was born June 25, 1755, in 
Rutland, Mass., where they resided. Mr. Newton died Jan. 26, 1848. 


Charles Lewis, b. June 21, i 7S4 ; m. May, 1811, Sopliia Broiuninc, ; d. May 3, 184W. 

Eunice Hull, b. Sej)!. 7, 1785. 

Guv Stafford, b. June 16, 17S7; m. (pub. Feb. 25, 1813) Dorothy Dams. 

William Horace, b. May 23, 1789; m. June li, 1S15, Isabel Davis; d. Aug. 3, 1834. 

Harriet Amelia, b. July 15, 1792; m. Jan. i, 181 5, Daniel Demond. 


[314 1 


Stephen*' Cogswell, {Ebcncscr'', Williovi*, yolin\ Wil/icivi-, yo/iii^), 
son of Ebenezer"^ [116] and Mary (Burnham) Cogswell, was born March, 
1759, in Ipswich, Mass. He married, March 10, 1785, Mary Savage. 


She was born, 176S, in Rutland, Masj,., wlicie they lesidL-d. Mr. Cogs- 
well died Oct. 9, 1S15. Mrs. Cogswell died June 24, 1840, in Worces- 
ter, Mass. 


Stei'HKN, [648] b. 17S5 ; m. 1N21, .Ifrs. Lucy {Sca-'fi) Rvder ; A. July 12. 1.S69. 
M.ARY, [649] b. April 4, 17N;: m. .May 22, 1.S15, Lut/ur Harris. 
Lucv, [650] b. April 4, 17.S9; m Nov. 26, 1S12, Nathan HI organ ; d. Aug., 1S13. 
Ebenkzer, [651] b. Nov. 8, 1791 : m. April 3, 1S17, Rhoda Draper; d. May 30, 

H-\NN.\H. [652] b. April 19, 1795- m. March 19. iNi7. 'Siineou Livcriitorc ; m. 

Harris ; d. April 15, 1.S71. 
Ei.iz.A, [653] b. July 17, 1797; m. Oct. 10, 1817, Xathan Morgan; d. June 25, 

Is.VAC, [654] 1). .April 23, i.Soi ; m. Jan. 1 1, 1.S24, Lois Alice \ewton. 
RuFUS, [655] b. Nov. 9. 1803; m. Eliza Wiikcr ; d. Jan. 21, 1.S2.S., [656] b. Aug.. iSoi : m. : d. Jan 4, 1836. 

John Chandler, [657] b. 1S08: m. Fanny Elder; d. Nov. 25, 1856. 




Ca-jhekine" Coc.swell, (El>cni-zen\ William^, yolni'\ William', 
yo/in^), daughter of Ebenezer'' [lie; and .Mary (Hurnham) Cogswell, 
was born, 1763, in Ip.swich. She married, Aug. 30, 17S0, E.zckicl Xc7i>- 
ton. They resided in Spencer, Mass. She died, 185 1, in Pa.xton, 


Lucy, b. Uct. 17, i7,Si : m. Oct. 10, 1.S04, J. Allen. 

Catherine, b. June 14, 1 7S3 : m. March 27, 1825, Henry Rirford. 

Eunice, b. May 26, 1 785 ; m. May 5, 1 805, William Button. 

Ezekiel, b. Jan. 25, 1787. He died in early manhood, iSoS. 

Emory //., b. Aug. 22, 1789; m. 1816, Betsey Cunningham ; d. Se]M. 21. 1826. 

Tyler, b. April 19, 1792. He died in boyliood, Nov. 11, 1802. 

Samuel, b. Sept. 2. 1794. He died in boyhood, Nov. 12, 1802. 

Louis, b. June 3, 1797. He died in boyhood, Nov. 16, 1802. 

Alice, b Nov. 25, 1 7V9. She died in childhood, Nov. 12. 1802. 

Edmund, b. .March 20, 1.S02. He died in infancy, Nov. 1 j, 1S02. 

Lois Alice, b. Feb. 11, 1804; m. Jan. 11, 1825, Isaac Cogswell [654]. 

Tyler, b. Aug. C, 1806; m. Harriet IVicker. 


[ sn ]i 


LvniA^ Cogswell, {Ebcnezei^\ William^, John^, William", yo/iu^), 
daughter of Ebenezer'^ [1161 and Mary (Burnham) Cogswell, was horn, 
1765, in Ipswich, Mass. She married, 1787, Ehcnczei- Brown, son of 
Jonas and Hannah (■\Iunroe) Brown. He was born Aug. 13, 1752, in 
Sutton, now Millburv, Mass. They resided in Paxton, and in Hub- 
bardston, Mass. Mr. Brown died April f. 1834. Mrs. Brown died 
Dec. 19, 1S41. 


Dcxtc>\ b. Oct. 9, 17SS. He died, unmarried, in Ro.xhury, Mass., 1S52. 

Russell, b. Nov. S, 1791 ; m. Oct. 5, 1S19, Clarissa ll'nite j A. July 11, iSyi. 

Sewell, b. Feb. 11, 1793. He went West, married, and liad a large family. 

Clarissa, b. June 25, 1795. Slie died in early womanhood, Sept. 17, 1S16. 

Jonas, b. May S, 1797: m. Feb. 22, 1S21, Abigail Wilhin- ; A. Dec. 20, 1S73. 

Clark, b. Feb. 16, 1799. He died in early manhood, Sept. 20, 1820. 

Harriet, b. March 23, iSoi ; m. Sept. 12, 1824, Leonard Clark j A. June 25, 1877. 

Shepherd, b. Jan. 25. 1803; d. June 20. 1S80. 

Foster, b. July i, 1805. 

Melinda, b. Oct. 5, 1S07. She died young. 


Ebciiezcr BrcMii was a " minute-man " in 1775, and rode all night with his comi)any from 
Sutton, arriving in Concord just as the British were on the retreat for Boston. Afterwards he 
was a coriKjral in Capt Holnian's company. In his old age he received a pension, and after 
his death his widow received an annuity from the government. Mr. Brown was married 
twice. He married, about 1775, 'Rebecca Witt, daughter of Oliver and Rebecca (Whitte- 
more) Wilt. She was born in I'a.xton. lie settled on his father's farm in Sutton, afterwards 
rcnio\cd to Worcester, and then to I'a.xton. Mrs. Rebecca Brown died in 17S6. They had 
si\ cliildrcn, vi^. : Oliver, b. Dec. 23, 1776; John, b. Jan. 27, 177S; Polly, b. May 16, 17S0; 
(■li:ui..ttc, b. 1782; Rebecca, b. 17S4; Ebenezer, b. 1786. After Mrs. Brown's death, Mr. 
Brown married -l.ydia Cogswell. They ten children, m.iking the whole number sixteen. 
Mr. Brown was a farmer on a large scale ; he owned a saw-mill, and was a dealer in lumlicr. 
.\t the age of seventy years he is remembered as " an old gentleman fond of company, agree- 
able to all comers, having an easv flow of language, and a large amount of anecdote, as well 
as old-time hospitality." Mrs. l.ydia (Cogswell) Brown, his wife for forty-seven years, looked 
well to her household, and took good care of the .sixteen children given her to bring up. She 
is spoken of in her later life " a.-, well posted in current events, and had a memory of events 
long past. In this she had few equals, and no superiors." 

The story is told of Mr. Brown that on one occasion he said to some of his neighbors, 
" I will give the mini.ster as many pine slabs from mv mill as you will draw ,it one load." 
The ])roposal was accepted, a large sled constructed, to which were attached forty yokes of 
oxen, and thev went for the slabs, and actuallv drew at one load twentv cords to the minis' 


Kus!,-n flnr;,;, resided in Hiibl)aid.-.tun, Ma^^.,"and had a large shop in Williamsville for 
the manufacture of chairs. In 1836, he sold out and removed to Warwick, Mass., where he 
carried on the manufacture of lumber. Mr. Hrown was a prominent citizen, for several years 
holding the office of town a.ssessor, and filling other places of trust. He died July ". 1871. 
leaving a good estate. His wife was a daughter of Joseph and Hephzibah (Sherman) Waite. 
She was born June 25, 1797, in Hubbardston, Mass. Mrs. Brown resided, 1SS3, with a daugh- 
ter, in Adrian, -Mich. Their children were: Clark, b. July 9, 1S20; m. Mary E. Dodge; he 
was a retired merchant in Blis.sfield, Mich., and had three children. Ru.ssell, b. March 11, 
1S22: d. Sept. 29, 1S23. Clarissa, b. Sept. 15. 1S23: m. Jan. i, 1852, James Farrar, of War- 
wick, Mass. They resided in Adrian, Mich. Mr. Farrar was a manufacturer of machinery. 
Stephen, b. July 21, 1S25; m. June 28. 1S57. Maria Mayo. They resided in Glens F.iIU, 
N. Y. He was a lawyer and filled the ofiice of Judge. Their children were : Frank Russell ; 
Louis Mayo, graduated from Harvard College. iSSo, and was a lawyer ni (jlens Falls, N. \'. 
Mayo. Oilman, b. June 2 -, 1S32; resided in North Clarendon, I'a. Gilbert, a twin brother 
of Oilman, b. June 2;, 1S32; m. Jan. 28. 1S56, Abby B. Kilburn, of Warwick, Mass. They 
resided in Hubbardston, Mass. He was a farmer and miller. Their son, Fred Gilbert, b. 
May 28, 1S57, m. Minerva McDermot, was a merchant in Canton, (Jhio. 

/oiMs fti-im'u was a farmer. His wife was the daughter of Meshach and Nancy (Wil- 
liams) Wilbur. She was born Nov. 24, 1798, in Bridgewater, Mass. They resided in Hub- 
barilst'jn, Phillipston, and Petersham, Mass. Mr. Brown sold his farm and retired from 
bu-iiic>> some years before his death. Mrs. Brown died Oct., 1870. Their''cn were: 
Jon.i-. b. July 7. 1S22; m. Jan. 3, 1S54, Harriet Houghton, of Petersham, Ma>.- ile was a 
faiii>i.r. and died Jan. 25, 1S79. His widow resided in Petersham. They had ->. ^.■'-.'c: . n. 
Abigail, b. June 9, 1824; m. Dec. 12, 1S43, Elijah White, a butcher and farmer, wlu. die; in 
1879. They lived in I'hillipston, Mass., and had six children, one of whom, Walter White, 
Esq., resided in Philadelphia, Pa. 

HanicI Brmi'ii married Leonard Clark, son of Samuel and Mary (Stone) Clark. He was 
born April 6, 1781. Mr. Clark was a farmer; resided in Hubbardston, Mass. His death 
occurred Aug. 8, 1S39. Mrs Clark died June 25, 1S77. Their children were : Danford, b. June 
5, 1S25; m. Dec. 3, 1846, Harriet E. Johnson, of Barre, Mass. He was a farmer ; held the 
offices of selectman and assessor. Their child was Ashton D., b. April 5, 1863. Leonard, 
b. Oct. 6, 1827; d. May 31, 1S77. Lucius, b. Oct. 25, 1829; d. Oct. 14, 1S43. Clarissa 
Mclinda, b. April 9, 1832 ; m. July 3, 1S51, John Phelps, son of Dea. Moses and Clara (Brown- 
ing) Phelps. He was born April 7, 1S24, in Hubbardston, Mass. They resided in New 
Orleans, La. He was a merchant. Mrs. Phelps died Aug. 5, 1853. Mr. Phelps married, 
Feb. 6, 1S58, =\Yilhelmina Paulsackel, of New Orleans. There was a son; Ashton, b. July 
14, 1S53, who was a merchant in New Orleans. Sewell, b. Feb. 28, 1834; m. Jan. 12, 1S5S, 
Mary N. Gleasun. They resided in Chicago, 111. 

Lyiiuin /?r(<;i'«, .ffj,/., grandson of Ebenczer and Rebecca (Witt) Brown, and son of Oliver 
and Agulah (Pund) lirown, resided, 1883, in No. 2 Waldo Street, Worcester, Mass. 


[ 318 1 


Sai<.\ii'= Cogswtll, {EbcHi\:rr\ \Vill!avt\ Johii\ U'lliiavi", y<'//>t'), 
dau<,diter of Ebenezer' [ ne l and Mary (Burnham) Cogswell, was born 
June 23, 1768, in Ipswich, Mass. She married, Nov. 27, 1805, Jonatha7i 
Monroe, son of Robert and Lucy Monroe. He was born Jan., 1748, in 


Concord, Mass. They resided in Spencer, Mass. Mr. Monroe died 
March 6, 1825. Mrs. Sarah Monroe died Nov. 20, 1859, aged ninety- 
one years. She survi\-ed all her brothers and sisters. 


Joiialhait, b. June 23, iSofi; ni. Jan. 1, KS32, Hannah A. Boyden. 
Clarissa, b. June 5, iSoS; m. ^Ephratm Hayward ; m. Kalvin Kent. 


Jonathan Monroe was a soldier of the Kevulutinn. After the war he retired upon a farm. 

Jonathan and Hannah A. .l/v,;,v ll\ed, 1SS3, in Spencer. .Mr. Monroe was a mechanic 
and farmer. Mrs. Monroe died M.n 22, 1X75. They had fourteen children Six died young. 
The others were: George Myiun, lj. M.i\ iS, 1S33. He died, unmarried, in Florida, ])ec 6, 
18S2. John Wilder, b. Sept. jo, 1S34; m, (Hive C.reaton. Ch.arles Henry, b. .\o\ . 7, 1835; 
m. Addie l;i,mlnu. Julia .-\u.miM,i, b. da. 17, iS;/,; ,11. Cu.M-e Walker. Dwight Fo.ster, b. 
\nv. 1;, iS;,7 : n,.(,c,.,.M.i,i„.i SiM.a. Jiavid l;.';.du,. 1> June 30. 1S40; m. Jennie Hobs..n. 
Walter .Marjhall. b. ^Lly 2y, 1^40; n.. .\nna Sibley. Sarah Elvira, b. Dec. 25, 1S50; m. Kdwanl 



A.'vron" Cogswell, {Ebencccr'', William'', yohn^, William-, 'yolm^), 
son of Ebenezer" [116] and Mary (Burnham) Cogswell, was born Jan. 
14, 1770, in Ipswich, Mass. He married, Nov. 17, 1793, Dcborali Bcl- 
lo-cL's, daughter of Lieut. Ezekiel and Mercy (Davis) Bellows. She was 
born Oct. 2r, 1773, in Paxton, Mass. They resided in Pa.xton and 
North Spencer, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Jan. 9, 1827. Mrs. Cogs- 
well died Jan. 31, 1861, in North Spencer, Mass. 


Candace. [658] b. Aug. 19, 1795; m. Aug. 15, 1815, Edmund N. Sargent 
Dei'.orah. [659] b. July 27, 1797. She died in childliood, Nov. 25, 1802. 
Mary Bcrnham, [660] b. April 27, 1S04; m. April 4, 1S27, Etisha Pronty. 
A UAVCHTER, [661] b. .March 30, 1806. She died in infancy, .^pril 14, 1S06. 


Aaron Cogswki.i. was a farmer and a cooper. He administered on the estate of his 
sister, Mary 11. Cog>\vell [310]. The court ordered a division of was left after paymcul 
of all debts and expenses among her eight brothers and sisters, and each received Sioo.Si. 

Afrs. 7'ioiity had a pestle and mortal which the Cogswells brought over with them in the 

1 66 




Nehemiah*"' Cogswell, {yonathair', William^, 'john^, William-, 
Johii^), son of Dea. Jonathan-'' [1191 and Mary (Appleton) Cogswell, 
was horn, 1749, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, July 
30, 1772, Raclui Clioate, the daughter of Humphrey and Ruth (Lufkin) 
Choate. She was born, 1756, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. 
They removed to Boscawen prior to 1774, where Mr. Cogswell died, 
Dec. 4, 1S37, and Mrs. Cogswell died, Nov. 5. 1840. 


Rachel, [662] b. Oct. 9. I/73; m. May 31, l/'p, Ephraim Plummer j d. Dec. 29, 

Susanna, [663] b. Dec. 17, 1774; m. Feb. 19, 1795, Phineas Eastman; d. .\\\%., 

Margaret, [664] b. Dec. 3, 1776. She died while young. 
Nehemiah, [665] b. Nov. 30, 177S; n., X-v. 17. 1SC7. Wphia Coffin ; m. ,^uij. 17, 

1S36, -Judith Morrill J m. June 11, 1841, ^Maiy Gieenou^Ji ; d. 

March 16. 1843. 
John, [666] b. July 21, 1781 ; m. May 19, 1S21, Wlary Pearson; m. 1824. -Mrs. Betsey 

Uioatc ; m. 1843, ^Maria McGtegor ; d. May 28, 1S56. 
Mary. [667] b. Sept. 28, 17S4; m. Nov. 20, 1S17, ^Jeremiah Gerrish : m. .April 23. 

1S36, -James Greenougli. 
Ruth, [668] b. June 12, i7Sr,: m March 8, 1.806, Rei'. Samuel \V. Cothurn ; d. Max 

21, 18-4. 
Sarah, [669] b. Oct. 8, 1790: m. .May 3, 1814, tXehemiah Choate 




William*"' Cogswell (yiv/rt///;?;/'', WilliaviK yoliii'\ U'llliii?//-, yo/in^), 
son of Dea. Jonathan-' [119] and Mary (Ajipleton) Cogswell, was born 
Aug. 26, 1750, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, Aug. 
iS. I78t, ycmima Haskell, of Gloucester, Mass. She was born July 
7, 1755. Mr. and Mrs. Cogswell removed and settled, Feb. 10, 1790, 
in Lunenburg, Mass., where Mr. Cogswell died April 24, 1836, and 
Mrs. Cogswell died July 16, 1S38. 



Sarah, [670] b. Aug. 19, 1782: d. Aug. 10, 1S17. 

Marv, [671] b. Oct. 27, 17S4; m. July 7, iSli. .I/,'W Heriick ; d. Nov. j, 1822. 

William, [672] b. Sept. 4, i7.S(): m. Sept. 20, 1S12, Rebecca Loveioy ; d. July 15, 

Francis, [673] b. Feb. 21, 17SS. 

Clarissa, [674] b. Feb. 24, 17.S9. She died, unmarried, Oct. 6, 1S72. 
Jonathan, [675] b. May 13, 1792: m. Oct. 19, iNiO, Lydia Boynton j d. .\ov. .s, 

Hannah, [676] b. April 13, 1795; ni. Aug. 14, 1S34, John Eaton; d. Sept. 24, 

Seth, [677] b. Feb. 21. 1798; m. Oct. 10. 1S32, Eli~a Dalryiiip/e; d. March 27, 

Eliza. [678] b. .April 11, iSoi. She died, in early life, May 29, 1S22. 


I 322 1 


Jonathan^ Cogswell, ^yoiiatIian-\ WiUiain*, JoluP', William'^, 
Jolni^), son of Dea. Jonathan* [119] and Mary (Appleton) Cogswell, 
was born Jan 4, 1754, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He mar- 
ried, Dec, 1775, Mary Rust. She was born in Chebacco Parish, 
Ipswich, Mass., where they resided. Mr Cogswell died Jan i, 1776. 
Mrs. Cogswell married, March 25, 1777, -Ebcnezer Cleaveland, son of 
Rev. John and Mary (Dodge) Cleaveland. He was born, 1754, in Che- 
bacco Parish. Mr. Cleaveland died March 30, 17S0. Mrs. Cleaveland 
married ^Robert Clioati. They lived in Chebacco Parish, and remoxed 
to Fitchburg, Mass., where Mrs. Mary Choate, m'e Rust, died July 25. 
1844. Mr and Mrs. Cogswell had no children. 


J,>n<xl/uut Cogmvll \\d,~, in the .irmy of the KevoUuinn, nnd died of di>e.->?e one monili 
after hi.* mnrri.ine. 

Klviii-zi-r r/<v;rv/.7Hi/, who married the widow of Jonathan Cogswell [ 322 ], sailed Oct., 
1779, from Salem, Mass., for the West Indies, to regain his health, but did not live to return 
He died the following March on bo.ard the war ship " Kii.sti.s," at the age of twenty-si.\ yc.irs. 

Joliii Ct(,i7v/,tni/, the only .son of Ebenezer, was born June 6, 1779. He married. .\|>i il 
:!4, iSoS. Hclueca Woodbury. He died July 23, 1S21. She was born in Salem, N. H. llu 
death occurred Jan. 10, 1841, in Salem, Mass., where they had resided. They had a son : 

Elunczer Cleaveland, who was born Dec. 30, 1S17, and married, Nov. 30, 1S43, Julia .\nn 
Cogswell [ 1491 ], a daughter of ICpes and Mary (Trask) Cogswell. She was born in Salem. 
Ma<~., where, iSS^, thev resided. 

1 68 




Elizabeth" Cogswell, {Jonathan'', William'^, John^, William-, 
Jo/iii''), daughter of Dea. Jonathan'* [119] and Mary (Appleton) Cogs- 
well, was born June 7, 1756, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She 
married, Nov. 23, 1775, Sct/i Goodhue. 


Mary, m. Aulipas D0ifi:;e ; d. 1840. 

Jonathan, m. Anne Wheeler. 

Elisabctlt, b. Oct. 9, 1779; m. Jan. S, 1S02. Benjamin Marshall. 

Sarah. Slie died unmarried. 

Hannah, h. April, 17S7; m. 1.S17, .Samuel Kiinhall j d. Feb. I, iSs^. 

Jacob, m. \M . M. Wheeler; m. -M. Ayer. 


^frs. Afary (Goodliue) Dodge lived in HamilKm, Mass. She died about 1S40. Ik. luis- 
band and (our sons have since died. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall had ten children, viz. : Eunice I'., b. July 6, 1.S04 : Eliz-abeth and 
Mary 1)., b. March 21, 1S06; Sarah, b. Jan. 6. iSoS; Hcnjamin, b. Dec. 12, iSog; Hannah, b. 
May 18, i8i2iLydiaM., b. Nov. 29, 1S13; Harriet X., b. .\ug. 31, 1S17; Enoch 1'., b. Nov. 24, 
1819; Charles li., b. March 11, 1823. 

Charles II. //(i«/;a// graduated from Wabash College in 1844; studied tlieology in Ando- 
ver and I.anp .Seminaries. He was a settled pastor in Lafayette, Ind., Hudson, Wis., Jackson- 
ville, 111., and of the Fourth Presbvterian Church in Indianapolis, Ind., where he died, Jan. 27, 

Samuel A'hnliall rufX^ed in Punbarton, N. H. He was a carpenter and farmer. He died 
March 20, 186S. Mr. and Mrs. Kimball had eight children, viz.: Seth Goodhue, b. i.Sig; d. 
1S21. Samuel Choate, b. Aug. 5, 1821 ; m. 'i.ydia Ferren ; m. -Esther Taft. Seth (;., b. .\pril 

15, 1823; m. 'Mary A. Clongh; m. • Eastman. Charles, b. Jan. 23, 1S26: m. Jan. 23, 1853, 

Sarah J. T. Jameson. IClizabeth Lois, b. May 6, 1S27 ; m. Harris E. Ryder. Hamiah (i., b. 
July 2, 1S28; m. Horace Caldwell: d. Dec. 30, 1S59. David Urainard, b. Sept. 29, 1S29; m. 
Hattie K. Smith. Mary Priscilla, b. Dec, 1S30; d. in infancy. 

Charles KimbaU, son of Samuel and Hannah (Goodhue) Kimball, married Sarah J. T. 
Jameson, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Twis.s) Jameson. They resided in Dunbarton, but 
removed to Concord, X. H., about 1873. They two children: Sarah Louise, b. May 19, 
1S59; d. Jan. 26, 1871. Annah Jameson, b. July 24, 1861, who was, 18,83, a member of the 
senior class in Abbott Female Seminary, .\ndover, Mass. Mr. Kimball was Deacon in the 
South Church, in Concord, X. H. His business the m.inufacture of lumber. 

Da-,iiJ B. Kimball, the youngest son of Samuel and Hannah Kimball, graduitted from 
Wabash College, studied Law, and practised in Salem, Mass. 

/</<-<>/. C<W/(«,- had a faniih of eleven children, vi/. ; Ann K., J.mathan C, Elizabeth C., 
Jane W., Seth, Luke A. and L'. W., Richard, Marg.uct A. Ward, M.irv V. L.. and David T. 


[324 ! 


Joseph" Cogswell, {yoiiatlian-', Williain^, Jolui'^, IVi/liam-, yolin^), 
son of Dea. Jonathan^ [119] and Mary (Appleton) Cogswell, was born 
Dec. 20, 1757, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, May 
31, 1788, Abigail Cleavcland, daughter of Rev. John and Mary (Dodge) 
Cleaveland. She was born Dec. 28, 1762, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich. 
Mass. They removed, in 1794, to Derr}', N. H., where they resided. 
Mrs. Cogswell died April 11, 1824. Mr. Cogswell died Nov. 22, 1845. 


JoN.ATH.^N, [679] b. Jan. 2, 17S1): m. Feb, 3, 1S20, ^Maiy Dickey ; m. Nov. 2S, 1S50, 

-Louisa S. Fijield; d. Nov. 17. l8('3. 
Davuj, [680] b. April 25, J7go; m. Jan. 3, 1S13, Hannah Haskell; d. June 30, 

Joseph, [681] b. Nov. 13. i/gi: m. Jan. 1, 181S, MehitabU Ho'ojc ; d. July 28, 

John Cleaxel.and, [682] b. Nov. 28, 1793; m. Nov. 13, 1S21, ^Elizabeth W. Kim- 
ball; ni. Oct. 2, 1.S33, ''J'oliy C. Adams ; m. Oct. 3, 1S37, ^Cynthia 

Knox; d. Jan. 14, 1S41. 
Ai;lGAlL, [683] b. Oct. 25, 1795; m. June 5. 1S17, James Choale ; d. Aug. y, 

.\Iarv, [684] b. April 4, 1797. She died, unmarried, Feb. 26. 1S44. 
Elizabeth, [685] b. Dec. 16, 179S: m. Sept. 7, 1S36, Enoch Killmrn ; d. Felj. 2, 

Thomas, [686] b. Sept. 23. 1800: m. May 10. 1S27, ^Hannah L. fn^^alls ; m. April 24. 

1834, -Louisa Dickey; d. June 27, 187S. 
Moses, [687] \ ^ ^ .., ^^ ^^^^^ j He died in infancy, June 30, 1802. 
Aaron, [688]) ' i He died in infancy, March 25, 1S03. 

Ehenezer, [689] b. Feb. 23. 1804: m. Nov. 23. 1S30. .I/i7;;i' Goodrich; d. June 24, 

William, [690] b. Oct. 3, 1806; m. Aug. 12, 1S46, 'Sarah E. Rowe; m. Oct. 25, 1850, 

■Margaret Ann Moore. 
Kuward p., [691] b. Oct. 17, 1807; m, Dec. 24, 1842, WTrs. Cynthia (Knoxf Cogszvell; 

m. Marcli 16, 1852, -A/rs. Abigail F. iDyer) Rumery. 


Gen. Amos Pillslniry, late of .■\lbany, N . V., once Superintendent 
Police, and long diitingiii^lied by rure .ibility and ^kill in tlie nianageuK 
descendant of Joseph Cogswell, of Deny, N H 





Makv'' Cogswell, (yonathmr, \Villiaw\ 'John'. U'i//t,im-, Jo/i//^), 
daughter of Dea, Jonathan'^ (119) and Mary (Appletoni Cogswell, was 
horn Dec. 19. 1760, in Chehacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She married, 
lime 24, 1784, David Choaie, son of William and Mary Choate. He 
was born Nov. 29, 1757, in Chebaccn Parish, Ipswich, Mass., where they 
resided. Mrs. Choate died Aug. 22, 1784, scarcely two months after 
marriage. Mr. Choate married, Feb. 22, 1785, -Miriam Foster, daugh- 
ter of Capt. .Aaron Foster. Mr. Choate died March 24. 1808. 


Ilni; l^l.uul until iSoo. w litn lie pmchased 
ilin C'le.iveland. and on its .site erected a 
(hnnte had of the second marriage two 
:I. I. 1799. becanu ih> distinguished H<in. 
3 I M^MoK^^■,,^. 




Hannah"' CoG.-WELL, (y<:';/r7///(7«\ ]Vi//iaiH\ ychn^, \Vzlliat>fi.yoIin^), 
daughter of Dea. Jonathan" [119] and Mary (Appleton) Cogswell, was 
born Aug. 12, 1762, in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. She married, 
Mav 1, 178;, Lieut, yohn Proeior, son of John and Lucy (Goodliue) 
Prnttor, He was born, 1757, in Manchester, Mass., where the\- resided. 
Mrs. Pnictordied I'eb. ;v 1706 l.ient. Pn.ctor died Feb. 3, 1S21. 


Hannali. 1>. .Marcli 5. 17^4; m. 1.S05. Fiiik. 

John, ti. Iiil\ 7. 178.S; 111. 1810, ^Ediia l)e,i7i : m. i.S:'i. '-Afiny Crocker ; 111. 'Lticiiidii 

GotilJ; (1. Dec. S, \Byh. 
Mary, 1,. -March 30, 17WI. -She died in cbihlhood. Oct. 24, 1793. 
Davui Clio,U,-.\,. Sept. -S. 1704: m. rN;S. .l/^j. ]\-nnh:<- : d. i8'.4. 


I.itiil. I'li'.ioi married, Jan. 19, 1797, '^Mrs. Ediui Demi, the widow ot Capt. Israel Dean. 
,,i ( hcbacco Tari-h, Ipswich. Mass. They resided in Henniker, N. H.. where he died in iSji. 
\1,- 1 ,ln:. l'r..cin, diiil \n\\ -,i, 1S46. Thev had twu children, vi/. : Israel, b. Dec, 1797. d 

Nov. 2, 179S; and Mary, b. Aug., 179S, 111. Feb. 9, iSiS, Enoch Darling, d. Jul\ 19, 1876. In 
early life Mr. Proctor was a soldier of the Revolution, and at the age of eigliteen years was 
commissioned Lieutenant for meritorious conduct. 

Jo/iii Proi-tor.ionoi Lieut. John and Hannah (Cogswell) Proctor, married '/iV;/,/ /Jtv?;^ 
the daughter of his step-mother, who died Sept. 21, 1825. Capt, Proctor married, 1826, '^Mary 
Crocker, of Derrv, X. H., who died April 15, 1S27. He then married ^Lucinda Gould, of 
Henniker, N. H. Capt. Proctor died Dec. 8, 1S36, leaving a widow and five children. There 
was one child of the first marriage, and four children of the third marriage. Of the latter, 
the eldest, DE.-kX Proctor, the authoress, was born Sept. 1, 1829, in Henniker, X. H. 

Mrs. Liicinda (Gould) Proctor married "Capt. Joseph Thompson, of Andover, Mass. She 
died Nov. 15, 187S, at the residence of her daughter. Mrs. Coolidge, in South Framingham. 


I 329 


Benjamin'* Cogswell, {JouaihiXu'', William^, Jolin\ Wi/lianr^, 
John^), son of Dea. Jonathan^ [il9j and Mary (Appleton) Cogswell, 
was born Aug. 15, 1766, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He mar- 
ried, March 29, 1789, Abigail Clioatc, a daughter of Humphrey Choate. 
She was born July 29, 1767. They lived in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, 
Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Jan. 17, iS4L 


A CHILD, [692] b. June 14, 1790, who died in infancy, June 14, 1790. 

^L^RV, [693] b. July 8, 1791 ■• rn. Dec. 17. 1S18, Capt. Winthrop Low. 

SAR.^H, [694 b. Sept. 22, 1793; ni. Feb. 14. 18:2. Daniel Co,:s7C'fll [708]; d. May S, 

JoN.^THAN. [695] b. Jan. 12, 1796. He died in infancy, April 2, 17');. 
Jonathan. [696] b. April 2, 179S: m. Jan. 17. 1820, Susan Choate. 
HiMPHRKV C.,[697] b. Sept. S, 1800; m. July 19, 1S25, ^Sarah H. Biirnliamj m. 

2,)/rj. Maria (McGregor) Cogswell. 
Abel, [698] b. Nov. 3, 1802. He died in infancy, March 1, 1803. 
Aku.-ML, [699] b. Nov. 10, 1807. She died in early hfe, March 15, 1.S19. 




Nathaniels Cogswell, {Jonalhair\ William', John'', Willumi', 
yolm'), son of Dea. Jonathan^ [119 J and Mary (Appleton) Cogswell, was 
born May 17, 176S, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass He married. 

Feb. 20, 1794, ^Eunice Loiv. They removed to Henniker, N. H , in 
1800. Mrs. Cogswell died Aug. 26, 1825. Dea. Cogswell married, 
Nov. 2},. 1826, -Lucy Perkins. He died Jidv 17. 18^6. Mrs. Lucy 
Cogswell died Aug 8, 1853. 


\)\\m L..W. [700] b. Oct. 21. 17<,7; m. Sarah Low : d. Jan. 12, iS^a. 

(ii.riKi.i \\'\.sin.\(,iiiN, [701] b. Jan. 22. i.Soo: m. ^Maiy Low: m. Oct. 26, 1S70. 

-Mnry L. Wadsworth. 
D.^Mi-,1., |702l b. July 14- i«o2: m. Feb. 21. 1832, ^Abigail F. Ma>shall; m. Sept. 3. 

iSj6. ^Rebi-cca B>nckett; d. June 3, 1S77. 
JnxAlH \\ Ln\v. [703] 1). July 23. I .S07. He (bed in bovbond, M.-irch 25. 1S16. 




Aaron'' Cogswell, [yonathan'', \Villiam\ JoIvrK Williani^, yolui^), 
son of Dea Jonathan'' [ 119 i and Mary (Appleton) Cogswell, was born 
Dec. 28, 1771. in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, May 
20, 1802. Lucy Kinsman, a daughter of Moses and Lucy (Cogswell) 
Kinsman. She was born Oct. 14, 1781, in Ipswich, Mass. The}- 
resided in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass Mr. Cogswell died Jul\ 
20, 1847. Mrs. Cogswell died Oct. 22, 1874. 


.Aakcn. I 704 ] b. Feb. 21, 1807; m. Feb. 21. 183O, Mrs. Hniiiiah (Stacy\ Burnham ; 

d. March 10, 18K0. 
ALbLKi, [705] b. Oct. 9, 1 810: m. Dec. 25. 1S49, Elizabeth Edwards. 
Lrcv, [706] b. July 17, 1813: m. July 1. r.s^.,, Aaion L. Burnham. 
JuNAiHAN, [707] b. jMarcli 5. iN2o. He resided. 18,83. in Esse,\. Mass. 

334 1 


William'' Cog.swell, {^1,0/''', [Villiani\ John\ Wt/liain-, yo/m^), 
sun of Jacob-' ,120] and Elizabeth (Eveleth) Cogswell, was born in 
Chebacco Parish, Ijiswich, Mas> He married. Feb 12, 1791, ATary 


Smith. They lived in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. Mr. ("of;s\vell 
was lost in a hurricane in 1792, at St. Martin's, West Indies. 


Daniel, (708I b. .\\\g. 31. 1792: m. Feb. 14, 1822, 'Sara/i Co^'^aW/ [694] ; m. -Eunicr 
Smith ■ m. May 21, 1S33, '■'■Mercy Davis Raitda!/ . d. Marcli 21. 1S63. 


I 33T ' 


Joseph'"' Cogswell, (Sauiuri'\ William^, yolui^, Williaui". yohu^). 
son of Samuel-" [129 1 and Elizabeth (Perkins) Co-swell, was born ].\y\. 

8, 1765, in Andover, Mass, He married . They lived in 

Enfield, N. H. 


Sarah, I709J b. Ucc. zh. 171;!. Joseph, [712J b. April 13. 1 7'/S. 

Betsev. [710] b. May 2O, 1793. Ja.mes, [713] h. Nov. 12, i.'voo. 

I.ccv, [711] b. Dec. 20, 1795. 


I 338] 


Samuel'' Cogswell, {Sauutc/-\ Wil/iam^, yoh>i\ William", yohn^). 
son of Samuel'' f 129 I and P^lizabeth (Perkins) Cogswell, was born Oct. 
23, 1767. in Andover. Mass. He married, July il, 1793. Mnry Eaton. 
She was born Au;.;-. 27, 1764, in Reading, Mass. They resided in 
Andover, Mass. Mr. Co-Msell died Feb. 2},, x'iy.). Mrs. Cogswell 
died May 31, 1^45. 

MAi<\,[7i4[b. Icb. Ill, 1794. She died in childhood. Jan. 17, 17911. 
Sak \H, [715] b. Aug. N, 1795. She died, unmarried, Aug. 24, 1^33. 
Samcel, [716I b. Dec. 27, 1797. He died, unmarried. Aug. 2, iSSi. 
Thomas. [717] b. Oct 30, 1791). He died in infancy. Nov. 12, 1800. 
Tho.mas, [718] b. .Aug. \l<. iSoi : m. May 9. 1S24, Elizabeth Swillow. 
Makv, [719] b. Dec. 14, \iio- : m. June 17, 1836, Frederick Mason. 
Lccv, [720] b. Aug. 25, iSio. She lived, 1.SS3, in .Andover, Mass. 




James'' Cogswell, {Sav!iic/'\ Wt/linvt*, yohifi, Wilaaiir, yo/iti^), 
son of Samuel'' 1189' and Elizabeth (Perkins) Cogswell, was born Jan 
15, 17S0, in Anclover, Mass. He married, Sept. 14, 1806, Sara/i Hara- 
dt'ii. dauL;liter of Isaac and Jemima G. Haradon. She was born Jan. 
22, 1784, in Ro.xbury, Mass. They resided in Boston, Mass, and 
removed, April 4, 1848, to Plea.sant Valley, North Providence, R. I., 


where they died. Mr. Cogswell died April 4, 1862. Mr 
died Sept. 26, 1862. 



Chaki.e>. [721] b. 27, iNo-; m. Aug. 21, 1S45, Afa>t/u, Mann 

Dec. 31. 18^.3. 
jAMKs I'LKKiN-, [722] b. May 3, iSlo. He died in early life, Nuv. 27, 
.Martha M.xkia, [723] b. April 2.S, isi;. Slu- died in childhood, Sejit. 



r\Mi;> Cogswell and .Sarah Haradon were married by Kev. Jonathan French, in .Andn- 
1 el. Mass. They both were member.s of the Charles Street Haptist Church, Boston, Mass.. rit 
which Kev. Daniel Sharp was the pastor. Mr. Cogswell carried on for many years the busi- 
ness of cabinet making. He himself assisted in making the organ that was placed in the 
First Haptist Church, in Providence, R. I., which is the oldest liaptist church in America. 
The same organ still remains in that church unless it has been removed since 1870. Mr. 
Cogswell has been spoken of as "straightforward in all his dealings, and conscientious in everv 

Jtttnts rcrkiiii Co^n^'cll was a young man of mature Christian chaiacter and great prom- 
ise. His death was thus recorded in a Hoston newspaper of 1S33 : 

"In this city, on Wednesday, Nov. 2-. after a short but painful illness, Mr. James 1'. 
Cogswell, in the twenty-fourth year of his age. Mr. Cogswell for several years has been a 
memljer of the church of our I.ord Jesus Christ, and has adorned his profession by a well- 
ordered life and conversation. .-Although young, his Christian graces shone with a lustre that 
would have become an individual of riper years." 




Thomas''' Cogswell, {John\ John\ Joluf^, Wil/iaur, jFo/m''), son 
of John' 1134] and Sarah (Bartlett) Cogswell, was born March 3, 1766, 
in Haverhill, Mass. He married ^Lv,!ia Harrimait. She was born 


Feb. 19, 1772. They lived in Haverhill, Mass. .She died .Apnl 20, 
iSio, Mr. Cogswell married, Dec. 25, 1812, --Betsey Kimball. .She was 
born July 18, 1770. They removed, about 1824, to Mount Vernun, Me., 
where he died, 1857. 

GhoKi.i., [724J Li. .\pril 1;. I7')i : m. Maiv Sanborn. 

AMJ'.kn^i:, [725] 1). Xn\. ;, \:^,\. He died in Lliildlioud. (.)Lt 1. 1 7./.. 

S.iK.All ll.^KTi.iiir, [726I li. K\i\\\ 10, 179'): m. Sainiie/ Footi : d. Nov. M, i^^Si- 

LvDl.-i, [727] b. Aug. 15, IT-)' : m. Nov. 19, 1826, Jaiiies Russell : d. Oct. 27. iS 

Betskv. [728] 1). M.irch 3, I7(»,i: m. Samuel Philbrick ; d. Nov. 11, 1^71^. 

Wn.i.i.AM. [729] h. Oct. 4. i.Soi; m. Jan. 15, I.S2N. 'S,<pl,, 0111,1 Lyfoni : m. O 

1823, -Abi^-^ail Church : d. .Maicli 1, i.sNi. 
I'Rl^cn.L.A, [730] b. July 5. iNo3: m. ."May 15. 1^25, Samuel ChoiC. 
Amukose. [731] b. .April 14, 1S03. He died in infancy, April 2i(. 1S05. 
.Makv, [732] b. March 22, iSo^i. She died, unmarried, in Moinit \'ernon, .Me. 
A.^RON, [733] b. A]iril 22. iSoS: m March 31. 1X33, Sarah Dolloff ; ri. Dec. iS, 


-/■Iiom.i.^ C\'-.~ 
ch.i.Ld by the cil; 
H.nverhill a(|uedii 



John" Cogswell, {yohii\ yoluiK yolnr, William', jFoJiii^), son ni 
JohnM134: and Sarah (Bartlett) Co,i;swell, was born Feb S, 1759, ir 
Haverhill, Mass. He married, March 4, 1784, Elir:.abcth Griffiii. She 
was born in Bradford, and they resideti in Haverhill, Mass. Mr. Cogs 
well died Nov. 5, 1801. Mr., 'Cog^vell died Jan. 4. 1836. 

Jamks, [734J. He died, unmarried, heb. 12. IS(>0. 

Sarah, [735] b. Feb. 4. 17S6: m. .-Apnl 13. i.Sog. Moses French ; d. Feb. 1. iSjf). 
liETSEV, [736] b. June 28. \-8(): m. .April 2 >. |S| 1, Samuel Chase ; d. July 6, 1814. 
RoiiERl, [737] b. March 12. 1 701 : m. July 5. iNi5. Mehitahle Carwick ; d. April 2, i« 
Hannah, [738] b. Dec. F9. 1797: m. Dec. 24. iSiS, Samuel Chase : cl. Pel). 21, tS: 
John. [739] b. Feb. 22. l7o'r. ni. .Nov. 14. 1^26. Caroline Oustin. 



Dea. S.uuiicl Ch,i 

,- was chosen Deati.n ot the ( eiiti 

\Uii.. at il=. organiznt 

on. Auc. 2S. iS-,-,. On the same c 

was installed the first 

pastor. Mr. Whitlle^ev resigned 

Congregational Church. Haverhill, 
Rev. Joseph Whittlesey, of Conn., 



Joseph Green'' Cogswell. (Friviiis'". F/cv/c/s'', Jolur, Williavi^, 
John^), son of Franci.s"' [138' and Ansticc (Manning) Cogswell, was 
born Se]it. 27, 17S6. in I]is\vich. Mass. He married, April 17, 1812, 
Man F. Gilinaii. daughter of Hon. John Taylor and Deborah (Fol- 
som) Oilman. She was born, 17S6, in E.\eter, X. H,, where she died 
July 16, 181 3, at her father's house. Prof. Cogswell died Nov. 26, 1871. 
in Cambridge, l\Iass. 


Joseph Green Cogswell had five sisters and one brotlier. .All of whom, 
except one sister, Elizabeth Cogswell [ 34T j, died in early life. He attenderl 
school in Ipswich until fourteen years old : then went a single term to .Atkin- 
son Academy, and completed his preparation for college at Phillips Academy, 
Exeter, N. H. He graduated in 1806 from Harvard College. Rev. 
Cogswell. D. D. I 289], was of the same class. He studied law partly with 
Hon. Fisher Ames, of Dedham, and partly .with Judge Prescott. the father of 
the historian, in Boston, Mass. 

Before completing his legal studies he made two voyages abroad, one to 
the East Indies, the otiier to the Mediterranean, visiting the port of .Algiers, 
arriving home from his second voyage Jan., iSii. Having been admitted to 
the bar, he married Miss Mary F. Glim. in, the third daughter of Hon. John 
Taylor Gilman, Governor of New Hampshire. Mr. Cogswell, with his young 
bride, went to reside in Belfast. Me., where they arrived July 16, 1812. He 
opened a law office, and commenced the practice of his profession ; but the 
climate was too severe for Mrs. Cogswell, who. after a few months, returned 
to Exeter, where she continued to fail in liealth until she died, July 16, 1813. 
Soon after, Mr. Cogswell was cillecl to a Latin tutorship in Harvard College, 
gave up the practice of law, removed to Cambridge, Mass.. and taught in the 
college for two years. 


In 1815 he sailed again for Europe, his companions in travel being George 
Ticknor and Edward Everett. He remained abroad, travelling widely, for four 
or five 3-ears, after whicii he returned, arriving in Boston Oct. 29, 1820. Dur- 
ing his absence, in 1817, his mother died. Shortly after his return he received 
the appointment of Librarian and Professor of Mineralogy and Geology in 
Harvard College. 

In the autumn of 1823 Mr. Cogswell and Mr. George Bancroft, since 
known as a historian, established a school for the more thorough teaching of 
boys. This school was located at Round Hill, Northampton, Mass. It became 
incorporated as the "Round Hill Institution." In 1823 Mr. Cogswell was the 
sole Principal. The enterprise became involved, and after an e.xistence of some 
ten years was abandoned in 1834. Mr. Cogswell accepted an appointment to 
take charge of a school in Raleigh, N. C, in May. 1834, where he remainetl 
until 1837. He then sailed the fifth time for Europe, and upon his return. 
in 1S38, he look up his residence in New York, and became the confidential 
adviser of Mr. John Jacob .^stor in establishing the Astor Library. To this 
enterprise he became entirely devoted, making several trips to Europe for the 
purchase of books and to examine European libraries. 

.After the death of Mr. .Astor. in 1848, Mr. Cogswell received the appoint- 
ment of Superintendent of the .Astor Library. This position he continued to 
fill until 1861, when he named a successor, and retired to Cambridge, Mass. 
He there spent the evening of his days in the quiet of his own home, near to 
the college he so much loved. In his later years he received the care and 
affectionate attentions of Rev. and Mrs. Haskins, who were family relatives. 
Mrs. Hasliins being a niece of his lamented wife, of whom he was bereft when 
their married life had hardly begun. Mr. Cogswell, while living in Cambridge, 
made an occasional trip to New York, to visit the Astor Library and his numer 
ous friends. He died at the age of eighty-five years, and was buried in Ipswich, 

Prof. Cogswell, in the course of his active and useful life, made nine trips to 
Europe. He was the real originator of the Astor Library in New York City, 
accomplished a great work for Harvard College, and was the prime mover in 
establishing and carrying forward the Round Hill School for ten years, where 
were educated some of the most eminent and literary men of that period. In 
1831 a list of the students at Round Hill was published, and contained two 
hundred and ninety-three names. 

At the age of eighty-four years Mr. Cogswell remarks : " 1 have reason for 
gratitude to God. I am not sensible of any failure in my mental faculties, or 
coldness in my aft'eclions. My self-love has not increased, nor my love of 
friends diminished. The pleasures of active life are gone, but those of a tran 
quil, contemplative one are all left to me." His death occurred on Sunday, 
Nov. 26, 1 87 1. 

An appropriate Memorial N'olume of Prof. Joseph Green Cogswell, LL. D., 
was published in 1S74 by Miss Anna E. Ticknor, in an edition of two hundred 
and twenty-two copies, for private distribution among friends. 


Another heautit'ul lite haj tome to its earthly close ; 

Another earthly ]\i;hx is fixed as a star in the sky: 
Another jjaticm toiler goes home to his lon^ repose; 

Another lowly disciple yocs up to his scat on high. 

Has gone, with his lhirst\ -oiil, to the wellspring of perfect truth. 

I'he old man, in whom to the last was seen the warm heart ot a child, 

.Vow drinks with the sons of (iod. from the fount of immortal vouth 

Farewell! n leather lesered. 

vise-hcarlcd companion and 

Hair lnilveh.i>en ..f (iod t 

.■ be one of the shining ban 

Who summon us bv their live- 

to be faithful unto the end. 

Whose E.\odu> bid- us ari-e 

and -eek the immortal lam 




William'' Cogswell, cyos,-/>//^, Francis'-, yolin^, William^, yo/in^), 
son of Joseph-^ [ 139 ■ and Abigail (Patch) Cogswell, was bapl. July },. 
1764, in Ipswich, Mass. He married, and resided in Portland, Me., 
where Capt. Cogswell died. He was the ma.ster i)f a vessel. 

■H. [739'^]- 


1354 ' 


Ebenezer'' Cog.-;\vell, (Joseph'', Francis'', yo/tn\ ll'i//tain-. yo/in^). 
son of Joseph"^ ; 139 ' and Abigail (Patch) Cogswell, was hapt. April 5. 
1767, in Ipswich, Mass. He married, 1794, ^Martha Brown. She was 
born, 1769, in Hamilton. Mass. They lived in Ipswich, Mass Mrs. 
Martha (Brown) Cogswell died h.\n\\ 20, 1834 Mr. Cogswell married, 
Oct. 21, 1834, 2J/r.v. Apliia (Bnnvm Cal/ry, of Lynn, Mass. 



An infant, [740] who died in infancy, July 4, iSoo. 

Anstice Manning, [741] h. Sept. 4. 1795: m. July 2, 1816, Oliver Appleton : A. Jan 

6, 1870. 
Sophia, [742] hapl. March, 1796; m. Nov. 12. i8i8,.M///^(7 Smith, of Ipswich. Mass 
A daughter, [743] b. 1797. She died in childhood. March, 1800. 
Marv, [744] hapt. .March. 1799; m. Dnnic! Hardy. 
Joseph, [745] b. 1800: m. 1826. Esther Baker. 
Ebenezer, [746] b. Aug. II, 1801; m. Dec. 19, 1827, Elizahctli M. Biirnhain ; d 

June 22, 18S1. 
Francis, [747] b. July 27, 1803; m. Aug. 10, 1833, Mrs. Xaiuy {IValla-if) Ga^i;e. 
George, [748] m. Augusta Wallaie. 




Abigail'^ Cogswell, (Josepli'\ Francis^, JolnP', William", yohti^), 
daughter of Joseph' [139 1 and Abigail (Patch) Cogswell, was born 
Sept 3, 1776, in Ipswich, Mass. She married. May 24, 1797, Mujor 
yosliua Giddings. He was born in Hamilton, Mass. They resided in \^ 
Ipswich, Mass. Mr. Giddings died Nov. 9, 1851. Mrs. Giddings died 
Dec. 5, 185 I. 


IVilliaiii, b. Jan. 7, 1799; m. Dec, 1843, Elizabeth Brown ; d. Dec. 23, i8')5. 

Ann, b. April 10, 1801. She died, unmarried, July 25, 1859. 

Charles, b. Jan. 23, 1804: m. March 1, 1831, Charlotte FeUou<s ; d. Jan. 4, iSSo. 

Daiiid. b. July 24, 1806; m. June 7, 1842, Dorothy C. Trowbridge. 

Anstice, b. March 10, 1809; m. July 3, 1846, Ephraim Fellows, of Ipswich, Mass. 

George, b. Feb. 28, 1812; m. Sept. 25. 1843, Mary .X. Tobey ; d. March 15, 1853. 

Abby, b. June 30, 1814. 


William Giddings resided in Ipswich, M.i>s.. where he died in 1.S65. 

Charles Giddings resided in Ipswich, M.iss., hut died at the house ot hi> hrother. David 
Giddings, in Fond du Lac, Wis. 

David Giddings, about 1832, became a pioneer settler in Sheboygan Falls, \\ is. He was 
a civil engineer, and surveyed much of the land in Chicago, Green Bay, and that region. .At 
the time of his marriage, in 1S42, there was not a wheeled carriage in the country, so he took 
his bride home on an ox sled, and a happy time they had with their friends. Mr. Giddnig?- 
was a prominent citizen, a man of wealth, and had a charming residence in Fond du Lac, Wi;-. 

George Giddings married his wife in .Sandwich, Mass., where thev resided, .\fter his death 
Mi>. Giddings R-ided in Ip.wich, Mm.>. 





Anna'^ CoGSWiiLL, (yosi-ph'\ Friii/as\ yohn', William'-, Joliu^), 
daii,i;hter nf Joseph^ 1 139 i and Abigail (Patch) Cogswell, was born 
Sept. 1 8, 1 781, in Ipswich, Mass. She married, Nov. 24, 1808, Lieut. 
Xat/iiui Dodge, son of Jonathan and Mary (Brown) Dodge. He was 
horn Sept. 1 8. 1776, in Hamilton, Mass., where they resided. Mrs. 
Dodge died Sept. i, 1S40. Lieut Dodge died Seijt. 19, 1857. 

\\'iln,iii:,h. .Auj;. 12. 1 So j ; m. .N\n., \'6iq. Mehiliiflc Bniwn. 
Maith.j Ann. 1>. March \<). 1S13; m. Xov. 17, 11X42. Orpluiis Hn/n„s. 
Eplnami. h. Xov. ;. 1S17. He died, unmarried. May ;, 'S'>o. 

id T. Kimball, of 


IVilliam Doiigc married Mehitabic Uruwn, ot Hamihnn, M.i--. Ihcs residct 
r> ill Manchester, .Mass., and in 1SS3, near IJusion, Mas>. 

Mr. and .Mrs. Holm.s lived in Hamilton, -IMiev had t.iur children : > 
Her. and Klin, Mr. Holme- wa. of Mas>. 


I 369 


Junnn'- Cogswell, ( Jcremuilr'. N<Uhaiiicl'^, yolin'\ Wil/inw-, yohn^u 
daughter of Lieut. Jeremiah' 1 150 ! and Mehitable (Clement) Cogswell, 
was born Sept. 25. 1777, in Gilmanton, X. H. She married, March 16, 
1795, Eplirann Lca-ritt, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Merrill) Leavitt. 
He was born Oct 24, 1769. in Stratham, X. H. They resided in 
Chichester, X. H. Mrs, Leavitt died M.nvh 19, 1821, Mr. I.eavitt 
died June 15, 1845 

.MchitahU. I,. iJcc. 17. \-<)-y. She died in early life, Se]it. 20, 1S20. 

Jeremy X. C, b. Dec. (., 1797: m .March 13. 1823 Ruth Seavey : d. .Aiis^. 8, 1876. 

Samuel, b. March 2, 1799. He died in infancy, March 13, 1707. 

Epltiaim Meiiill, b. Feb. u,, iSoo. He died in early manhood, March 20. 1820. 

Thomas Co!;sii.icll, b. March 21, I1S02; 111. 1S23, /,z«^ Robitison : il. Fe 
Julia, 1). Jan. 12, 1804. She died in early life, April 4, 1824. 
Eliza Payson, b. Jan. 25, 1806. She died in infancy, Jan. 13, 1807. 
Dorothy Frost, b. Nov. 6, 1807. She died in girlhood. April 12. 1820. 
Dudley, b. May 18. iNio; m. a French lady ; d. 1846. 
Sarah, h. Jan. 22, 1812: m. Sept.. 1832. ."^teplwii Afills. 


Eflir.jiiN UavitI \\7i>. a teacher, and held vari.nw town offices. He married, Oct., 1S22. 
-Ahii;,ul Fipi-y. of Stratham. N. H. They had two children: Ephraim Piper, h. July 30. 1S24 , 
d. -M.yv, 1S35. Julia IJadger, b. July 29, 1S26; m. 1S46 or 1847, Stephen Sibley. 

Aiii:ustus Leavitt. Esq.. son .if Jeremv \. C. I.eavitI, wa> liorn Oct. 9, 1S25, and resided. 
iS83. in Chichester. X. M, 




Jeremiah" Cogswell, (yc'-eunalr, .Viit/iauiel*. yoliH\ Williain'-, 
yohn^), %ow oi Lieut. Jeremiah''' [ 150] and Mehitable (Clement) Cogs- 
well, was born Nov. 2, 1782, in Gilmanton, N. H. He married, June 
12, 1805, Rebecca Green, daughter of Ephraim Green. She was born 
in Haverhill, Mass. Thev resided in Pittsfield. N. H. Mr. Cogswell 
died Aug. 9, 1806. 


Rebecca, [749] b. Jul\ 1. 1806. She died in infancy, Sept. 8. 1806. 


[313 1 


Mary'' QoG%WEX.u{yereniiali\ Nathaniel^, yolui^, Williai>t^, yohn^), 
daughter of Lieut. Jeremiah'^ [150] and Mehitable (Clement) Cogswell, 
was born Nov. 19, 1787, in Gilmanton, N. H. She married, Nov. 6, 
1805, Dea. Micajah Osborne, son of Jacob and Abigail Osborne He- 
was born June 2, 1785, in Loudon, N. H. They resided in Gilmanton, 
N. H., until about 1858, when they removed to Spencer Grove, Benton 
Co, Iowa, where they died. Mr, Osborne died Aug. 21, 1864. Mrs 
Osborne died March 26, 1870. 



Elizabeth Mi/ii/a/'/i, h. Nov. i, 1.S06: m. May 2b. 1831, Samuf/ Syhu-sUi . 
h-n-miah Cosi:u'cll, b. Nov. 6. iSoS; m. March S, 1S34, Lucy Vnndc^rn ; d. Sept. 1 1 

.Wilhanicl Proctor, b. July 12, l.Sio: ni. 184.S, Atary Diver ; A. Oct. 20. 1.S83. 
Hniuioh Baiti^cr, b. Oct. li>. 1.S12: m. 1834, Joseph M. Kenny. 
Mnrx Aini.'h. 5. 1S15: m. 183S, ^Triie U\ Rohy : m. -Charles Knowlli-n j c 

Dec. 3, 1865, in Marysville. Iowa, 
John Simeon, b. .March 3. 181.S: m. 1S41. 'Elizo J. Pierce : m. -P'annie L. Oilman. 
Willinm Micajah, b. Feb. 23, 1820; m. i84,S. KSarnh A. Rose: m. : c 

Dec. 2, 1870. 
Moses Cogs-u\-ll, b. Dec. 8, 1822: m. 1849, Afario Soncfs ; d. Feb. i, !85(,. 
Judith Abiireiil, b. Jan. i, 1825; m. 184S, Ahner X. Spencer. 
Martha S., b. April 8, 1S27: m. 1851, Elbridgc J. Bunker. 

Thomas F., b. May 28, 1S28: m. July. 1854, '£'//V^ /. Merrill ; m. -Mary Fit:. 
Francis .S.. b. .Aus. 12, 1830. He died in infancy. Dec. t6. 1S30. 


Micajah a./'.v;/.- was a Deacon in the Ha]iiist Chinch in ( lilniantoii, N. 11. 

Elizabeth .1/. Osl>onic married .'^amuel Sylvester, -on of .Adam and Elizabeth (Ncwmarchi 
Svlvester. He was born Sept. 7. 1799. in Xewburvport, Mass. They resided in West Ne«- 
bnrv, Mass. He was a comb maker. They had two children, viz.: Eliza lioyd, b. July 21, 
i8-!3: m. July, 1S6S, Hon. Orvilie K. Leonard; they resided in Nevada. Cleorge I'erkins, b. 
Dec. 14, 1837; enlistcii in the Union .Army at the commencement of the kebellion ; was First 
Lieutenant, and while acting as Captain in the Ninth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers, 
wa- wounded on the twelfth dav of the h.ittle of the \ViUlcine>-. and died June 5, 1S64. in 
Washington, D. C 

Jeremiah C. Oslwriie lived and died in Ogden, N. V. He wa- a tarnicr and a member of 
a Freewell baptist Chmxh. Hisonlv son. Weslev H. <Kh,.ine. Ksi|.. and hi', only daughter 
re-ided in the same place. 

.V.i/'ioniel P. Oslwrne resided in KoeheMei, N. ^ . He wa< a merchant. He had a 
daughter, Mary Cogswell, and a son, We~le\ H., who tesided in Chiiich\ ille. .\. ^'. 

.Vr. and .V;.t. A'einn resided, iS.S^, in je-iip. 1..«.t. Thev h:id tive children. Tw.i of 
iheii sons died in the War of the I'nit.n. 

Jo/ni S. Osborne lived. 1.SS3. in (;ilniai.t<.n Iron W nik- IK «as .1 fannei. and had thiee 
~ons and three daughters. 

;r////.i»/ J//,w/i;A graduated from Dartmoiuh Meilical t.ollege in 1S45. He practised 
his profession in Shclbyville, 111. He started on a trip to Te.xa- for his health, and died i>n 
the wav, Dec. 21, 1870. He left four children. 

Moses Co,:;rjielt Osborne graduated from Dartmouth Medical College in 1S43 and coin- 
nienced practice in Vandalia, 111. He died and left no children. 

.1/r. and Mr.^. .S/-eiieer resided, 1SS3, in Spencer (Move. lo«,i. I'hey had two sons and l«o 

Mr. and .1/r... Biialrr resided, iSS;,. in Ka-son. Minn. They had one scm and two 

JVwmos F. Osborne resided, 1SS3, in Walke., bnv.i. His children were: .Moses C, b. 
Dec. 18, 1S56, ni. 1S79, Hattie M. Strickland, studied medicine, graduated from the State 
Universitv, Iowa City, in 1882, and practised his profession in Iowa; Sarah M., b. Sept. 25, 
1S59, m. 1878, Frank. D. Evans; John W., b. May 9. 1S61 : Edward E.. b Nov. 26. 1S63: 
Maiv C, b, Mav 12, iSf.r, ; Dura F.. I. luK iS. iS-o 


[378 J 


Nathaniel^ Cogswell, {Tltomas'\ Xatlianicl\ ychn\ Williaur. 
y^?//;/'), son of Hon. Thomas'' [152] aiul Ruth (Badger) Cogswell, was 
born Jan 19, 1773, in Haverhill, Mass He was unmarried, and died 
in the prime of manhood. 


Nathaniel Cogswell graduated froni D.irtmoulh College in 1794. Stud- 
ied law with Ebenezer Smith. Esq., of Durham, N. H. Upon being admitted 
to the bar, Mr. Cogswell entered upon the practice of his profession, 1805. in 
Gilmanton, N. H. Subsequently he made a tour of Europe. He had letters 
of introduction to persons of distinction in London. His fine person, genial 
nature, and attractive manners made liim a favorite in societ)-. Upon his 
return to this country he opened, 1808. a law otifice in Newburyport. Mass. 
He was on the staff of .Major-Gen. Bricket. His passion for military life led 
him to accept a General's coinmission in the Spanish Patriot .Army. Me.xico. 
Gen. Cogswell died, Aug., 1813. at the Rapids of Red River. La. 




Judith" Cogswell, ( /y/cwr/.f'', Xatlianieh. yohn^, Wilhaui-, yohn^], 
daughter of Hon. Thomas' [ 152 J and Ruth (Badger) Cogswell, was 
born March 13, 1776, in Haverhill, Mass. She married, March 22, 
1798, Nathaniel Uphaiii, a son of Rev. Timothy and Hannah (Gookin) 
Upham. He was born June 9, 1774, in Deerfield, N. H. They resided 
in Gilmanton, Deerfield, and Rochester, N. H. Hon. Nathaniel Upham 
died July 10, 1829. Mrs. Upham died Ajiril 30. 1837. 


T/iomas G»^^^■7f<7/, b. Jan. 30. [799; m. 1825, P/iel'f Lnni ; d. .April 2, 1X72. 
ynthaiiicl Gookin, b. Jan. S. iSol : m. Oct. 28, 1829. 'Elizabeth Watts Lord ; m. Sept., 

1 834, '£'//>(Z Whit,- Burnhaiii ; d. Dec. II, 1869. 
Marv, b. Sept. 16, 1802: m. Oct. 2, 1823, 'Hon. David Barker; m. Nov. 30, 1S35. 

"Eben Coe. Es,j. 


Alfred, b. July 27, 1804; m. Sophia Henderson ; H. Nov. 16, 187S. 
Timothy, b. March 15, 1S07. He died, unmarried. Aug. 7, 1S43. 
Jo.u-ph Badger, b. Dec. 11, 1808: m. May 8. 1833, Sarah Chase Currier. 
Jiidilli Ahiiira, b. March 26, 181 1 ; m. June 20, 1S31, Hon. James Bell. 
Hannah Elizabeth, b. Dec. iS, 1S13. She died in infancy, March S. 1814. 
Riitl: Cogswell, b. April 15, 1815: m 1836, Dr. John M. Berry ; d. May 2, 1869. 
Francis William, b. Sept. 10, 1817: m. 'Elizabeth Brewer; m. -Elizabeth A\ Kendall. 
.Albert Gallatin, b. July 10, 7.S19, He died, unmarried, June lO, 1847. 


\athaniel" Ul'HAM, I Timothf', 2'imothy'\ J'hineas\ Phineas'K Phineas-. 
John^, horn 1597, /'/ England), son of Rev. Timothy Uphani. was in person a 
man six feet and four inches in height, well proportioned, perfectly erect, and 
of inost commanding presence. He was successful in business and took an 
active part in public affairs. He was elected to the State Legislature in 1807-8, 
and 1808-9, ^^'3^ a member of the Governor's Council in iSii and 1812, and 
was Collector of the direct tax in his district in 1813. Mr. I'pham was nomi- 
nated for Representative to the National Congress in 1814; was renominated 
in 1S16. and chosen by a large majority. He took his seat Dec. 6, 1817. as 
a member of the Fifteenth Congress in the House of Representatives. He 
was twice re-elected, and having served six years, he declined a further re- 
election. 'I he Seventeenth Congress closet! its session March 3. 1823. and 
Mr. Upham bade .Tdieu to Congress and public life to retire to the quiet of his 
own village .md ti.e enjoyment of his family and pleas.nnt home. For a fuller 
biography of Hon. Nathaniki. Upham. vid. .Notues df John I'pham and 


Mks. Judith (Cooswelli Upha.m was an only d lughter. The date of her 
birth is given oy some March 9, instead of March 13. 1776. She has been 
described in person as "five feet eleven inches high, hair dark brown, fore- 
head high, nose Grecian, mouth small, eyes blue, complexion fair, form full 
and well proportioned, and her voice peculiarly melodious.'' Siie was gen- 
erously endowed intellectually, and possessed of a benevolent heart. She 
appreciated and greatly admired the works of .4ddison. Scott. Goldsmith. 
Cowper, and Beattie. One of Mrs. Upham's gifted sons has emb.ilmed hei 
features and personal grace in the following lines : 

"Hinv oft in solitude's eredtirv lioin 
When thought and feeline: nun a qiii,-l.;n,-d fi'-.vei , 
J sit in /ensive .'den,; itnd retm,;- 
Each well-kiKnvn feature, each attractive grace : 
Her silent grief when those she loved vient loroui;. 
Ilci- smile, her kindly words, her voice of soiij;. 
All else may fail, all other joys may die 
And leave the fount of hope and feeling dry ; 
But life nor death shall from my bosom tear 
.4 mother's looks, ho lindness. and liir cart" 



Timothy ;>//,;;«, father of Hon. Nathaniel L'pham, was born Feb. 20, 1S4S, in Maiden, 
Ma.s.5. He graduated in 176S from Harvard College, and was Pastor of the Congregational 
Church in Deerfield, N. H., from 1772 to his death, Feb. 21, iSii. 

Afrs. Hannah (Gookiii) Uphani, mother of Hon. Nathaniel Upham, was the daughter of 
Rev. Nathaniel and Love (Wingate) Gookin. She was born .\pril 22, I7i;4, in North Hamp- 
ton, N. H., and was a lineal descendant of Major-Gen. Daniki. Gookin {Hannah-, Rn . 
Xathaniel*, A'n: Xathanicl^, Rti\ A'athanid'-, Major-Gcn. Daniel'^ Gookin), who was born, 
161 2, in Kent, England. Mrs. Hannah Upham died Aug. 4, 1797. Mention is made of her 
as a person of "great phvsical and mental activity." Her tastes were refined, her disposition 
gentle, and her pietv fervent. .-^ simple stone marks her final resting-place, which bears this 
inscription : 


Consort of the REV. TIMOTHY UPHAM, 

Who departed this life Aug. 4, 1797, 

In the 44th Year of her Age," 

"If truth, love, virtue, each attractive grace 
That warms the heart, or animates the face. 
If tears, or sighs, or ardent prayers could save 
The kind, the generous from the silent grave. 
Then death, relentless, must have lost his prey. 
And with it lost his cruel power to slay 
One who shall rise and shine in realms ahoz'e, 
Forever happy in her Saviour s Inh-r E. C. \V. 


Tho.mas Coc.swell L'tham, the eldest child of Hon. Nathaniel and Judith (Cogswell) 
Upham, was born in Deerfield, N. H. He graduated in 1818 from Dartmouth College, and 
in 1S21 from Andover Theological Seminary. He was assistant teacher of Hebrew in the 
Seminary, and from 1823 to 1S24 Colleague Pastor of the Congregational Church in Roches- 
ter, .\. H. Rev. Mr. Upham for forty-two years, 1825-1867, was Professor of Mental and 
Moral Philosophy, and Instructor in Hebrew in Bowdoin College. Me. He married Phebe 
Lord, of Kennebunkport, Me., a lady of great loveliness of character. They had no children, 
but adopted several. Prof. Uphani died April 2, 1S72, in New York. His published works 
are numerous and also deeply spiritual and suggestive. Prof. Upham published a Transla- 
tion of John's Biblical AreJucology: Manual of Peace: Elements of Mental Philosophy: Out- 
lines of Disordered Mental Action: Life and Keligious tlxperience of Madame Guyon: Life of 
Faith: Principles of Interior or Hidden Life: Treatise on the Will; Ratio Disciplina:: Treatise 
on Divine Union: Religious Maxims: Life of Madame Catherine Adorna: Letters ^-Esthetic, 
Social, and Moral. Written from Europe. Egypt, and Palestine: .Method of Prayer: and The 
Absohile Religion. 


Nathaniel G. Upham, son of Hon. Nathaniel and Judith (Cogswell) Upham, was born 
in Deerfield, N. H. He married ^Elizabeth Watts Lord, daughter of Nathaniel and I'hebe 
(Walker) Lord. She was born March 23, 1810, in Kennebunkport, Me. They resided in 
Concord, N. H. .Mrs. Upham died Aug. 17, 1833. Judge Upham married ^Eliz,i W. Burn- 
ham, daughter of Rev. .Abraham Kurnhani, D. D. She was born Feb. 21, 1S13, in Pembroke, 
N. H. They resided in Concord, N. H, Hor,. Nathaniel G. Upham, LL. D., both in abiiuv 

1 86 

and i)osition, wa^ one »f the fir^l men in New Hanij>shiie. He flied Dec. 1 1, 1S69. Mrs. Eliza 
W. Uphani died .\p\i\ 14. 1SS2. 

Elizabeth Lord. b. .\ug. iS. 1830; m. >ray 1. 1850, Hon. Joseph B. Walker. A. M. 
Nathaniel Lord. b. .April 2S, 1S33: 111. Jinie 5, 1S61. Annie H. Janenay. 

Francis Abraham, b. .Sept. 17. 1837 ; d. .April 3, 18(17. 
Mary White, b. .\pril 19, 1S43 ; d. Sept. 10. 1S44. 

• The tnllmving is ln)m a Concord paper in iSS; : 

: " The Lite .Mrs. \. (,. Lpham of this city bequeathed the portrait of her father. Rev. Abra 

iham Burnham, I). I)., who was pastor of the Congregational Church in Tembroke from March 
2, 180S, to .Sept. 21, 1S52, to the New Hampshire Historical Society. Mrs. Upham also pro- 

i vided for the painting of a picture of her husband, to be placed in the gallery of the above 

} organization. Judge Iphani was three years President of the New H.impshire Historical 

[ Society." 

i Eli~aKth Lord Ufhum married Hon. A. Wnlkci: of Concord, N. H., a descendant 

of Rtv. 'I'imothv Walker, the first pastor of thai ttnvn from 1730 to his death, in 17S2. 

.A'uMii«;>/ /,<■;-(/ //»//!?«; graduated from Dartmouth College in 1S53, travelled in Europe 
with his father on business for the United States (iovermnent, graduated from Andover 
Theological Seminary in 1S5S, settled a< pasmr in Manchester, Vi.. and >ubsc<iuently in New- 

Davih Bvrker, who married .'Shiy Vpluxm, the son of Col. David Barker. He was 
Iwrn Jan. 8. 1797, in Strathani, X. II. He graduated from Harvard College in 1815, studied 
law with John P. Hale, Es(|.. of Rochester, N. 11., where in 1819 he opened an office and 
resided. Mr. Barker rose rapidly to eminence in his profession and became prominent in the 
Legislature of New Hampshire. He was an original member of the New Hampshire His 
torical Society. In 1827 he was chosen Representative to the Twentieth Congress from the 
District from which his father-in-law had been three times elected. Mr. Barker died April i, 
1834. F..r a biographical sketch ..f Hon Hwii. 1'.\rki k. -i.l. New Hampshire Col- 

! lections. Vol. IV. 

\ .1/r.f. .V.irr {^ /i,irl;-r married -KKii C,;: /■:>;/., and thcv resided in Kangnr, .Me. 


j THE iHUJiRKN lir Tllh lIRsr M\RRMr.F WFKK : 

I David Alexander, b. Aug. 7, 1S24; d. July 17, 1S3S. 

' Mary I'pham, b. .Sept. 5, 1S26; m. Nov. 15. 1S46, Kben S. Coe ; they resided in Bangor, .Me. ; 

i she died March 27, 1.S40. 

riir rnii.iiRE\ "V iiiE seionh makria..e were: 
Thomas Cpham, b. Dec. 8, 1837 ; m. .Mav 23, 1867, Sarah Hawthorn ; they resided in Ban- 
gor, Me., and had one son, Dudley, h. Dec. 31, 1873 
Hetty Smith, b. Nov. 27, 1839; d. May 13, 1842. 

.\LFREr> Ul'HAM was a physicLin for many years in New York City. Dr. C. W. L'pham, 
his onlv .son, resided, 1S83. No. 39 East Fourth Street, New York. 

Joseph B. Uiham resided in Portsmouth, N. II. r„f. [388] .y.m,mui<i.i. 

Ho.N. James Bei.l was a son of Hon. Samuel Bell. He was born in Chester, N H. 
Mr. Bell filled a high position in the State, and was a memWr of the I". S. Senate. After 
hi- dt:nh Ml-. Mill rc-ided in Exttci. N. H. 

Dr. and Mks. Kerry resided in Great FalU, X. II. TlK-ir <lan-hter. Mrs. J. C. Thomiv 
.■ion, resided, 18S3. 1407 Wharton .Street, Philadelphia, I'a. 

Fr.^ncis W. Upham was an anthor. He resided, 1.SS3. No. 44 West Thirty-fifth Street, 
New York. 

.'^LBERi- f.ALLATiN UPHAM wa^ the youngest child of Hon. Nathaniel and Judith (Cogs- 
well) Uphani. He graduated from Kowdoin College in 1S40, studied medicine with his 
brother. Dr. Timothy Upham, of Waterford, N. V., attended medical lectures in Albany and 
Castleton, and received in the latter institution, 1S42, the appointment of Professor of Patho- 
logical AnatoiTiy. Dr. Uphain sailed for Europe in the autumn of 1S42, to prosecute his 
studies in Paris, where he remained until the spring of 1S44; then making a tour of the Con- 
tinent, he returned in September and settled, 1S44, as a physician in Boston, Mass., where he 
died, after a brief illness, June 16, 1S47. His death was a great sorrow to family friends, and 
a great loss to the medical profession. Oct. 21, 1S45, Dr. Upham published a family history 
entitled "Notices of Johx Upham and his Descejjd.\nts." For a biographical sketch 
of Albert Gall.\tin Upham. M. D.. tiJ. Historical and Genealogical Register, 
Vol. I., pp. ■;6;-S. 


[ 382 1 


Thomas" Cogswell, (T/io/ias-', .Vaf/i'iuic/*, yolnv\ Wi/Ziajn-, yoJin^), 
son of Hon. Thomas'' [ 152 ] and Ruth (Badger; Cogswell, was born 
Nov. II, 1781, in Gilmanton, N H. He married yuditli Cogsi^'cll 
[420], daughter of John [163] and Abiali (Moody) Cogswell. She was 
born March lo, 1783, in Canterbury, N. H. They resided in Gilman- 
ton, N. H., and in Lutlow, now Albany, Vt. Lieut. Cogswell died 
Oct. 26, 1813. She died March 10, 1864. 


Charles, [750] b. Keb. 19, i.Soo: m. Almcda Wilson; d. June S, 1S73. 

Ruth B., [751] b. Dec. 30, 1S02; m. Jost-ph Otis ; d. Jan. 24, 1S40. 

HANN.AH P., [752] b. Dec. 31, 1804: m.. May. KS3J, Timothy Taylor,: d. Oct., 1.S64. 

Thomas Jefferson, [753] b. Sept. 5, 1806: m. Dec. 26, 1S44, Ruth McConm-Il ; 

d. April, 1S57. 
Jl'lia Ann, [754] b. Oct. 19, iSoS; m Jan. 8, 1835, Benjamin Rice; d. March 22, iSSo. 
Janette p., [755] b. Feb. 2('i, 1811 : m. May 30, 1832, Edward B. Sticknty. 
Jl dith C. [756] b. April 23, 1813; m. March, 1S31, WTiles Bo-u'les ; m. July, 184.S, 

■^Frank Sno-.,' ; d. Aul;. 28, 1868. 


^ Cogswc-n was in the Wai of iSi:. He wa> a lieutenant under Wade 
it.m, and was killed Oct. 26, 1S13. in the battle of Chateaugay. N. V. Mrs. Cog..vv^ll 
cd, Keb. 17. i.Si.), -/,<li,i r.,yh<:, Vi.;. Jl i.rni Co.-.swK.i.i. [420]. 

1 88 




William'' Cogswell, {Tliomas'\ NatJianicl\ yt>Iiii\ Williaiii^, yolin^), 
son nl Hon. Thomas' tl52i and Ruth (Badger) Cogswell, was born 
\ov. I, 1784, in Gilmanton, N. H. He married, May 7, 1815,^/^/7 
Dudlcv, daughter of Darling and Aitil Dudley. She was born Feb. 
28, 1798, in Guilford, Ct. They resided in Pittsford, X. Y. Capt. 
Cogswell died Jan. i, 1853. in Rochester, N. V. Mrs. Cogswell died 
March 31, 1876, in Attica, X. ^'. 

.Mak\ a., [757]b. Xi.v. 25, l.Si.,: m. Aug. 14. iN43 hums G. SIn-pard ; d. Dec. 19, 1S76. 
Chakloitk, [757('] b. Jan. '■, 1N22. She died in infancy, Oct., 1S22. 
\Vn,Li.\M Fkam IN, [758] b. Sept. i(\ 1S24: m. Oct. 1, 1851, Martha Breik. 
Nathamki. Umiam, [759] b. Autr. 14, 1827. He died in early lite. Dec. 7, 1.S4.S. 
Ei.i.KN A.. [760] b. Jnlv 21. 1S41 ; m. Ort^ 4. isr,;. ffV/zWrw H Wrii^ht. Esq. 


theWai of iSi 


[384 1 


Franci>" Cor,.swELL, {Thomas-. Xathiuiel'', Johu\ Willmm"-, John^), 
son of Hon. Thomas' [152 and Ruth (Badger) Cogswell, was born 
April 24, 1787, in Gilmanton. X H. He was unmarried, and died Dec. 
8, 1 81 2, in Platt.sburg, X. V. 


Fkan'CIS CooswEi.L fitted for college under the instruction of Andrew- 
Mack. E-.q., Preceptor of (lilnianton .•\cademy. and tiie Rev. Dr. Wood, of 
Hoscawen. Mr. Cogswell graduated in tlie class of" 181 1, a classmate of Rev. 
William'' Cogswell. 1). D. 411 :■ .After graduating he was a teacher for a short 
time in Tappahannock, Va., but soon after entered the army in the of 
1812, and was commissioned Second Lieutenant. July 6, 181 2, in the Eleventli 
United States Infantry Regiment. Lieut. Cogswell died in the service Dec. 
S, 1812. 


385 ! 


Pkarson'' Cogswell, ('I7iomas'', Nathaiiii/\ yo/in\ Wil/iaiir, yo/iii^), 
son of Hon. Thomas'' [ 152 i and Ruth (Badger) Coi;swell, was born 
Feb. 14, 1790, in Gilmanton N. H. He married, April 9, 181 1, Maty 
Smith Badger, daughter of Major Peaslee and Lydia (Kelly) Badger. 
She was born Sept. 13, 1790, in Gilmanton, N. H., where they resided 
until about 1840, when they removed to North wood, N. H., where, hav- 
ing survived all his children, Hon. Pearson Cogswell died, Aug. 18. 

H.-VNNAH Pl.^ksiin, [761J b. M.iy 2], 1S12; m. Lru'is L,/ M,r//r / d. Jan. 3, 1840. 
Cynthh P.AKKisH. [762] b. Feb. is, 1S15. She died, unmarried, Dec 31, 1.S41. 
Soi'HiA CURKIKK, [763] b. MaN II. 1.S17: m Ephraiw libhitts, Esq.; d. March lo 

JruiTH Ui-HA.M. [764] b. .•^pril iS, iNzo; m. .April 2.s, i.S4(,. Oeori^c W. MiCoiiiif//. 
M.\RV Cakolim:, [765] b. .March 17, 1S22. Slie died in childhood, Oct. 24, 1^30. 
Tho.mas KAn(;EK, [766] b. .A.pnl 11. 1S24. He died in childhood, Dec 8, iS2fi. 
Annette Eastman Sterlin(,, [767]b. Nov. 13, 182.S. She died young. Dec. 24, 1.^43 
Charlotte Helen, [768] b. .May 13, 1.S30. Slit died younj;, March 19, i.S4i> 


Pearson Cogswell was appointed Colonel of the State Militia, chosen 
Representative to the State Legislature four years, elected State Senator in 
1823 and in 1824 for District No. 6, and was one of the Joint Committee of 
the Legislature in 1823 to inform Hon. Le\i Woodbury of his election as Gov- 
ernor of New Hampshire. Hon. Pearson Cogswell was appointed in 1S24 
United States Marshal of the District Court of New Hampshire, and resigned 
his place in the State Senate to accept the Marshalship, which he held for 
twelve years through the administrations of Presidents James Monroe. John 
Quincy Adams, and Andrew Jackson. Subsequently Col. Cogswell removed 
to Northwood, N. H., .md practised law until his death. 


Lewii. La Matrc wa~ hum in (,tini.nn Hi- h.i- ,1 n .k her of .Mu>ic and the Mode 
Languages in Boston, Mas>. 

F.phraim Til<hitU, Es^.. resided ni .\,.rth«."id. \. H. 

^rary dro/hi,- Cn^nvH [ 765 ] w.i> Imrncd t.. de.'Uh by her clothe- t.ikin- hn , 

I go 



i Frederic'^ Cogswell, (Thomas-', A^ithaniel*, yo/a/^, William-, 

yo/ni'j, son of Hun. Thomas'^ [152] and Ruth (Badger) Cogswell, was 
born March 23, 1792, in Gilmanton. N. H. He married, May 18, 18 17, 

\ Hannali Rogers Peavey, daughter of Col. Anthony and Elizabeth 

I Peax'cy. She was born Oct. 2, 1801, in Farmington, N. H. They 

i resided in Gilmanton, but removed to Tamworth, N. H , where Mrs. 

i Cogswell died July 9, 1S53. Rev. Mr. Cogswell died July, 1857, at the 

j house of his son in Memphis, Tenn, 



' .M.-\RV Am- i.i.M., [769] b. July 19, I.Si.S; m. Tobias Roberts; d. Nov. 2, KS49, in Cuba. 

i Rnu iMatii-d.^, [770] b. .March 3, 1S21 ; m. June 9, 1S44, Warren Rowcll. 

'. Jefkekso.n, [771] b. Jan 25, 1.S23; m. April 14, 1850. Anna M. Hamnutt. 

Frederic M.^uison, [772] b. Dec. 25. 1S27; m. Sept. 27, 1.S54. Cclia V. Bond. 
! Antho.vv PE..iVEV. [773] b. July 16, 1.S29: m. July 1, 1S59, Laura Hearnes. 

\ Hanx.\h M., [774] b. Nov. 21, 1.S30; m. Jan. i, 1852, E:ra Hobbs ; d. May 25, 1S72. 
\ Elizabeth Ann, [775] b. July 12. 1S32: m. Edward P. Wait. 

Jedith Frances Upham, [776] b. Feb. 14. 1^34; m. Tobias Roberts j d. Aug. 20, 1S75. 


• fttrmorauTia. 

> Freheru Cogswell was a minister. He preaclied in Karnstead, Alton, .-Mlenstown, 

1 X. H., and various other places. He made preaching tours in company with his cousin. Rev. 

' Jn.seph Badger, and with his brothers-in-law. Revs. John L. and Edward H. Peavey. .Mrs. 

t Cog.swell was also a preacher. There were seven of her father's family who were ministers of 

\ the Gospel, .\fter Mrs. CogswelFs death Rev. Mr. Cogswell made a journey through some 

; of the Western and Southern State>, preaching, as he had strength, the truths of the Gospel 

which he loved. 
; Tlicnuu J. Co^swll [771 ] married the daughter of Capt. John Hammett, of Kentucky. 

j They resided in Mcmjihis, Tenn. .Mr. Cogswell wa« the proprietor of the I'hceni.x Hotel in 

! that city, lie afterward- removed tn Hct Spring-, .\rk., where he was proprietor of the 

I'hteni.x House. 


[388 I 


Sophi.n'^ Cogswell, (Amos'\ Nathaniel*, yohiP. IVilliam'-, yohn'), 
daughter of Hon Amos'' !I56) and Mrs. Lydia (Wallingford) Cogswell, 
'f'e Baker, was born July 20, 1786, in Dover, N. H. She married, 

Oct. 28, 180^, yacoh M. Currier, Esq. She was his second wife. They 
resided in Dover, N. H., where Mrs. Currier died, Sept 18, 18 17. 

Elizabeth, b. Oct. ;, kSoj ; m. Nov., 1826, Joseph G. Moody; d. July 15, 1833. 

Sophia, b. April 10, 1807. She died in early lile, Oct. 19, 1835. 

Sarah Chase, b. Nov. iS, iSoS; m. May 8, 1833, Joseph B. Uphaiii. 

Harriet Amanda, b. Nov. 30, 181 i : m. Dec. 27, 1S36, John Morris; d. Ojt 9, 1S44. 

Jacob Morrill, h. Feb. 11, 1S14; m. 1844, Emily Johnson ; d. Oct, 23, 1841. 


J.\Oili .M. C IKkiKK, Lvj., u.i- .1 merchant in Uuvcr, N, II. 

Joseph G. Moo.iv. «lio married Elizal.eth Currier, was of .\uj;u>t.i. Me, Thex had twu 
children, viz.: Maria Elizabeth and Oeorgc, .\fter Mr>, M.M,dy-,s death in KS33. Mr. Mu.idy 
.narried and resided in I'.d^tnn, Ma~^, 

Josepli A,;,/V.7' If/nim. s,.ii ,,1 l|.,i,, .\alhaiiiel and Judilli (Ci.->well) Uphani [ 380]. whu 
niv..ied Sarah ( liase ( urnei. ua- .1 nai. in r..rt~in.iutli, \. H., and for snnie vears Cul- 
lector uf the I nitrd State- ( ii-u.m II.Hi>e m that citv. Thev had \^^„ children: Sarah .\., 
b. Se])t, IJ, i,S-,;, ,1, A|.nl u. rS^i: a,i,l hi-,,,,1, llad'^ei, b, he, : ;. 1S40, ,L;ra.Uiatc<l from linw 
doin (.' in » .- iin.Icr ,,, .p, .mtmcnt, 1 ,SS;,. a. |-,ii,;in, ci n, th, tnilcl St,ite-.Navv. 

J>/ii, .]/^;,-,.. „\ \eH \miI.. man-led llarrm .\, (, uirer, 'I !ie\ re-ided in llrouklyn, 
N, V. They liail \^^^, chiMrui ./«,•',„;, , ■/,,,-,, ,, b \,a, 2:.. 1S40: ni, .\nu, .S. i,S(,4, llradbiirv 
L. Cilkn. a ^'r.tdnate ..f llarvar.l 1. olle-i m j,S;v Mr. Cillex wa- a te.uher in rhillip. .\cad- 
einv, Kxetei', \, II, Mr, and Mr~, Cillev had' Frank Mn,H.. b. Dec, 1 r. iSoi,, l.avinia, b. 
>epl. 13, 1S6S; d, Dec. 4, r.S;6. Kcbert Eungfelhiw, b. Dec. 17, 1S70; d. Dec. [3. ]S7i. 
Gilbert Longfellow, b. 1S-3; d. .\pril 5, 1S76, //oinet A^nes, b. Jan, 3, 1S44: d. Jan. JO. 

JoeoO Mornlt Currier married Emily J<.hnso,i. -I'hey had children: a son who died in 
infancy; and Emily, who married, i.S(j3. 'I'homa- i;. Jordan, of I'ensacola, Fla., where her 
parents both died. 




Francis'' Cogsweli,, {A»ioy; Xalliaiiic!^, yohn-\ William'^, yohii^), son 
of Hon. Amos-^ [156] and Mrs. Lydia (Wallingford) Cogswell, u'c Baker, 
was born April i6, 1790, in Dover, N. H He married, March 7, 1820, 
Mrs. Elisabeth {Smith) Tibbitts, daughter of Joseph and Judith (Bell) 
Smith, and the widow of John G. Tibbitts. She was born May 20, 
1794, in Dover, N. H. They resided in Boscawen, N. H., but removed 
in 1868 to Blooming Prairie, Minn , where Mrs. Cogswell died, Jan. 24, 
1876. In 1878 Mr. Cogswell went to reside with his son, George W. 
Cogswell [7811, in ("idodwin, Dakota Territory, where he died Oct, 22, 
1881. Mr. and Mrs. Cogswell lie buried side by side in Aurora, Minn 



LvDiA Baker, [777] b. April 12. 1S21. She died in infancy, Aug. 27, i.'^zi. 
Sdi'hia Currier, [778] b. June <). 1.822: m. .Aug. 1;, 1842. Samuel W. Brnicn. 
Amij"-. [779] b. Sept. 2i;, 1S24; m. 1.S4.H, ^Hantiah Innc Clark: m. Det . 14, l.*<72, 

''Mrs. Luanda M. Dunning; m. ' . 

LvDiA Bakkk. [780] b. Jan. 19, 1827. She died in childhood, Dec. 26. 1.S29. 
George Walllngeord, [781] b. June 3, 1829; m. April 11, 1S6S, Sitmy J. Clark-. 
Lydia Baker, [782] b. March 7. 1832; m. George IV. Mitchell; d. Sept. i, i8f)i. 
Annette Frances, [783] b. June 5, 1834. She was a teacher in New York City. 
Joseph Smith. [784] b. Oct. 29, 1836; m. Oct. 8, 1864, KMarv F. Dnrrah ; m. Feb. 

23, 1870, -Ellen J'ietoria Harl. 

jittrmoranKa. Is (_■ 01. SWELL was admitted to l).irtmovith College in iSoS. lie remained a student 
there until iSii, when he entered the law nrtice of Hon. George W. Wallingford, in Kennc- 
hunk. Me. He coinmenced the practice of law 1816, in .Mfred, Me., but removed and opened 
an office, iSiS, in Boscawen, X. H. .A.fter some years he relinquished his profession and gave 
himself to farming. Mr. Cogswell was almost ninety-two years old at the time of his death. 

Mrs. Cogsnvell was a granddaughter of the heroic Capt. p'rederic M. Bell, who led a com- 
pany from Dover. X. H., in the battle of Stillwater in 1777, and fell in the action. Mr. and 
Mrs. Cogswell had other children who died in infancy, whose names are not given. 


I 391 I 


Abigail'' Cogswell, (Amos\ Nathan!cl\ Jolufi, Williaufi, Johu^), 
daughter of Hon. Amos"^ [ 156 1 and Mrs. Lydia (Wallingford) Cogswell, 
ne'e Baker, was born Oct. 29, 1791, in Dover, N. H She married, July 2, 
1821, Dr. Burleigh Smart. They resided in Kennebunk, Me., where 
Mrs. Smart died, June 21, 1827. Dr. Smart died April 6, 1S52. 

Irving Wallingford, b. March 21, 1823. 

.Martha .4higalhh. Feb. 26, 1S25 : m.July 13. xl^'^z. Henry H^,v/^,-// .■ d. March 15. 1.S5 


h-iing »'. Smart was a physician. He served in the Union Army and afterwards 
in Boston, Mass. 

-)/;-. and Mrs. M'tnzell resided in Xchiom, .M,i~s, Thev had a son. llenrv li. Wen/ 
graduated in iSjrfrom Harvard < ..llct;e. 

^A^c^ /f'^^^^^z:F?^iL^ 





LvDiA^ Cogswell, {Atnos'\ Nathaniel^, yo/iii'\ William", yo/ii/^), 
daughter of Hon. Amos'' [156 J and Mrs. Lydia (Wallingford) Cogs- 
well, iH-'e Baker, was born May 30, 1793, in Dover, N. H. She married 
March 30, 1814, Hon. Paul Weiitworth, son of Hon. John and Margaret 
(Frost) Wentworth. He was born April 22, 17S2, in Dover, N. H. 
They resided in Sandwich, and removed, 1845, to Concord, N. H. 
Mr. Wentworth died Aug. 31, 1855, in the old homestead in Sand- 
wich, X. H. Mrs. Wentworth died Aug. 24, 1872, in Concord, N. H. 

Jolui. b. .Marcli 5, 1.S15: m. Nov. 13, 1 N44, Ro.xainia .Umi,- Loomi^. 

Lydia Cogsi^'cll, b. July 21, 1X16; m. Jan. 14, 1.S46, Rev. Samuel Lee : d. .Marcli 6, 1^55. 

Joseph., b. Jan. 30, i.Si,S; m. May 7, T.S45, Sarah Paysoii Jones. 

George Wallingforti, b. Nov. 2, 1.S20. He died, unmarried, Aug. 14, 1.S50. 

Mary Frames, b. .March ly, 1822: m. May 19, 1844, Rev. William H. Porter. 

Margaret Jane, b. May 19, 1825; m. Sept. 17, 1851, David I... Morrill, Esq.; d. 

P'eb. I, 1X77. 
.Abigail Cogstoell, b. Feb. 6, 1827. Slie died in infancy, Aug. S, 182.S. 
William Badger, b. Jan. 14. 1830. He died young, July 2.S, 1S48. 
Samuel Hidden, b. July 16, 1834. 

Paul M'entworth was less than five years old when his father died, and 
went soon after to be in his uncle's family in Lebanon, Me. In 1795 he 
was a member of Phillips Academy, Exeter, N. H. Afterwards he was in the 
store of James Jewell. Esq., of Dover, N. H., until he opened a store for him 
self. President Jefferson appointed Mr. Wentworth, May 3, 1808, Captain of 
the Fourth United States Infantry. Capt. Wentworth was stationed at Fort 
Constitution, which commands the entrance to Portsmouth Harbor. In 181 1 
he was ordered to the Western frontier to report to Gen. Harrison. He took 
his company to Fort Harrison, Indiana, but resigned Oct. 29. 18 11, and in 
1812 settled on a farm in Sandwich, N. H. Two years later he married the 
daughter of Col. Amos Cogswell. They were both descendants of Eider 
William Wentworth, who settled, 1639, in Exeter. Mr. Wentworth was a 
prominent citizen in the State. He was Representative from Sandwich in the 
State Legislature seven years, in 1831-4, and 1839-41 inclusive. His residence 
in Concord, N. H., occupied the site of the "Old Kent Place" on Pleasant 
Street. Vid. Wentworth Genealooy. 



JuHN WtXTWuRTH, son of Paul and Lydia i Cogswell) Wentworth. was 
born March 5, 1815, in Sandwich, N. H. He graduated from Dartmouth Col- 
lege in 1836. After graduation, Oct. 25, 1836, he found himself in Chicago, 
111. He soon became the editor and proprietor of the Chicago Democrat, with 
which he was connected for twenty-four years. In the winter of 1836-7 he 
took part in the town meeting in Chicago called to consider tiie propriety of 
adopting a city charter. In 1837 lie was elected Corporation Printer, and in 
1838 he was chosen one of the Board of School Inspectors He studied law 
at the Harvard Law School, and in 1841 was admitted to the bar. Mr. Went- 
worth was elected to Congress in 1843, from the Fourth District of Illinois, at 
the age of twenty-eight years, being the youngest member of the Twenty-eiglith 
Congress. He was re elected to the Twenty-ninth, Thirtieth, and Thirty-first 
Congresses, and tlien declined re-election. He was a member of the Baltimore 
National Convention in 1844. which nominated James K. Polk for President, 
and also of the Convention of 1848, which nominated Gen. Lewis Cass. He 
represented the new Second District of Illinois in the Thirty-third Congress, 
and declined a re election. He was, however, chosen a member of the Thirty- 
ninth Congress for Cook County District, but declined re-election. Mr. Went- 
worth was chosen Mayor of Chicago in 1S57, also in i860, and was in that 
office at the reception given to the Prince of Wales. He was several years on 
the Chicago Board of Education, and Police Commissioner in 1863-4. He 
received, in 1867, the degree of LL. D. from Dartmouth College. 

Ho.\. JuHN WENrwoRTH married Jioxaiina Marie Loomis, of Troy, N. V. 
She died Feb 5, 1870. Tneir children were : Riley Loomis, b. Aug. 24. 1845, 
d. July 14, 1846; Marie Loomis, b. Sept. 13, 1847, d. Aug. 29, 1849; John, 
b. Nov. 29, 1849. d. Feb. 23, 1852 ; Roxanna Atwater, b Oct. 28. 1854 ; John 
Paul, b. Oct 18, 1857, d. March 27, 1858. Mr. Wentworth still resided, 1883, 
in Chicago, 111. He made generous donations to his .Alma Mater, Dartmouth 
College, and for several years was President of the Dartinouth Alumni. T/-/. 


L)i/n, Co^s'Mil IWiilU'Oili, Ik-c.imic (Ik >ec.m(l witc ut Rev. S.timicl Lcc, I). 1)., of N\w 
I])swich, N. H. 

Mr.: S.imiicl /,<•■■, son of .>^anniel, boni in licrlin, (.Cnii., .March iS, 1S03. His father 
was the grandson of John Lee, one of the original proprietors of Farmington, Conn., and the 
great-grandson nf John Lee, the Hartford I'uritan. Mr. Lee graduated at Vale in 1827, in 
the same class with William .Adams. Theron Haldw'n, Horace lUishnell, Kobevt McEwen, 
Joseph H. Townc, (.'ortlandt \'an Rensselaer, and other well-known men, and studied theolo';v 
in the Vale .Seminaiv. He was onlaine'.l over the Trinitarian Church and Society in ."sher- 
born, Mass., Nov. 4, 1S30, but resigned, and was installed. May 5, 1S36, over the Congre- 
gational Church in New Ipswich, N. H. He retired from this pastorate Dec. 4, 1S60, and 
resided in the tt)wn until hi- death. .\ug :-. iSSi. Mr. Lee had •> keen and vigorous mind, 
with cimsiilerable -cholarshi]!. joined wiih .1 vmukwIliI peremptory manner and large absence 
of all feclin;; of bondai^t to the |>.i-l. -o ih;ii theological and e.\egetical novelties rather 
fascinated than .il.iinRil him. licMik- p.implilel-. he published, in 1S59, Eu/uitolo^-y: ,•>: Tlu- 



S,ii/'/ii,\- Doilriiu ,>J llie Comiiii; of t/u Lonl, l/i,- JuJ/;mciil, an,! lite KcuniwUKii. etc., and 
in 1874, The Bible Regained, ami the God of the Bible Ours. 

Col. Joseph IVentworth resided in the homestead in Sandwich until 1S7C, when lie 
removed to Concord, N. H. He was an Aid of Gov. John I'agc, with rank of Colonel; 
the first Register of Deeds for Carroll County; Representative to the -State Legislature from 
Sandwich, N. H., 1S44 and 1S45; i'heriff of the County ; I'ostmastci 'if Sandwich, and Presi- 
dent of Carroll County Kank. 

George IValliugford Wcniioorth studied medicine and entered the jiractice of his iiro- 
fession in 1847, in Chicago, 111. He was chosen Alderman of that city, and won a large medi- 
cal practice. He died of cholera in 1850. 

Mary Frances IVentworth married Rev. William H. I'orter. lie was horn Sept. 19,1818, 
in Rye, X. H., graduated from Yale College in 1S41, settled as jiastor of Congregational 
Church in Litchfield, N. H., and died May 26, 1861, in Ro.xbury, Mass. Mrs. Porter, 1878, 
resided in Rochester, Minn. 

Margaret Jane Wentworth married David Lawrence Morrill, E>q., son ol Hon. David 1.. 
Morrill, Governor of New Hampshire, and United States Senator from that State. He was 
born June 2, 1S27, in Goffstown, X. H., graduated from Dartmouth College in 1847, and 
became a lawyer. They resided in Leavenworth, Kan., where Mrs. Morrill died, Feb. i, 1S77. 

Samuel Hidden ll'eutioortii graduated from Har\-ard College in 1858, and also leceived 
the degree of A. M. He studied law, received the degree of LL. B. from Harvard Law 
School, and practised his profession in Boston, Mass. Mr. Wentworth was for several years 
a member of the Boston School Committee, and wa.-- chosen Representative to the State Legis- 
lature in 1S76 from the citv of Boston. Mass. 




Amos" Cogswell, {Mosci', Nnihaniel'^, Johii'^, William'-, John^), son 
of Lieut. Moses'' [160 j and Hannah (Foster) Cogswell, was born July 28, 
1782, in Canterbury, N. H. He married, Feb. 8, iSiO, Polly Forrest, a 
daughter of Lieut. William Forrest. She was born May 25, 1789, in 
Canterbury, N. H., where they resided. Hon. Amos Cogswell died 
June 5, 1848. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov 15, 1869. 


Hannah Fosier, [785] b. Nov. 27, 1810: m. Sept. 13, 1838, Alex. S. Veaton ; A. 

May 3, iS7v. 
.\Larv, [786] b. Jan. 12, 1812. She died in infancy, June 20, 1S12. 
Lucy Ame,s, [787] b. March 2, 1813; m. Sept. 16, 1835, Charles Graham. 
John, [788] b. Dec. 6, 1814. He died in infancy, Jan. 16, 181 5. 
Wn.LiAM Forrest, [789] b. Dec. 11, 1S15; m. .Aug. 26, I'i^,-},, .Anna Adeline Fran:en ; 

d. June 23, 1869. 
Marv. I790] h Jan. 8, 1821 ; m. Dee. I, 1857, ■'Simeon Farmi/ii. 
Moses I'kaksiis, [791] ]>. No\. 4, i.\22. He died, unmarried, Feb. 13, 1.S50. 
Amos Moouv, [792] b. July 14, 1823; m. Dec. 1, 1S53, Hannah A. Ames. 



Amos Cogswell was a merchant, fanner, and the proprietur nl a piililic house. He wa>- 
a Justice of the Peace and Postmaster; represented the town in the Stale Legislature, and was 
State Senator in 1839 and 1840. 

Mary Cflirs^Mll ( 790 ] married Nnncou Karnuui, l-;s,|.. wh.. ».i> a tarnier and pron\incMl 
citizen 01 the Last Parish, in (.oncord, Nil 

.1/,..-,. /• C-.-uvV/lygi I w,.^ to, sonir v l-.u^ .1 i.icidi.inl in l;,,st,,„. He sh,i.i)e<l 
lor Calitoini., in iS^o. .iiul died sum alter his aniv.d. His de.tth «as noticed in the following; 
obitnary. puhiislK-d in iS-;o: 

".\X Kalks\ille. (.al.." Kcl,. i;,lh uli.. \li \lo,t- V C.-sul-II. ot tlie rirm ot Kand .V Cogs- 
well, IJoston, aged twenty-seven year-, s,,„ ,,t \;no- ( o.^.wcll. Kscp. late of Canterbury. N. H 
In March. 1849. vouni; Cu'jswell lett Ko-ion in .i i.nnpan-, ot twenty-si.\, known by the nana 
of the ■ Ko\l)inv Sagamore C(>mi)an\ .' in the sliip • Sweden.' In five months and three davs 
thev jandeil in Kram isco ^ ciuuii ' o-swell was the oiilv one on board who did not sufler 
bv sickne-- on liisw.u oni. Soon attti his arrival he was taken with dysentery and fever, 
from which he never icio\ercd. In ihe lilooni of youth, far from those loved ones who were 
bound to him by all the ende.iiin- tics of nature, he has been consif>ned to the tomb. He 
)K)Ssessed a warm and yenenni- heart, full of sympathy and affection; warm and ardent in 
his friendships, "none knew him but to love, none named him but to praise.' He said to a 
friend a few hours before his death, ' I can't live; I should be glad to see all niv friends, bui 
T am reconciled, and feel prepared for death.' He is gone, his pleasant voice is si|,;ni. .ind 
his heart, so full of purity and .gentleness, is still in de:ith, the grave closes over all that is 
dear and cherished, 

■■ -H light ciiigL-/.' KtkoiuJ htm nuwy. 
And Jesus hade him com,- 
'/'<' ht-tii'eiily mciiis/oiis in Ih, skies. 
To duuil with him nt home.' " 




Joseph Hadi;er'' Coi;s\vell, (Moses\ .Yat/ianic/ \ yo/iirK Wi/Iutdi'-, 
yohii^), .son of Lieut, lVIt)ses'' i 160 . .ind Hannah (Foster) Cogswell, was 
born Jan 6, 1788, in Canterbury, X H. He married Sarah Cogswell 
[370 J, daughter of Lieut. Jeremiah 1150 and Mehitable (Clement) 
Cogswell. She was born Aug, i8, 1779, in Gilmanton, N, H,, where 
they resided, but removed to Rochester, afterwards to Alexander, X, V,, 
where they died. Mrs Cog.swell died June 5. 1844, Mr. Cogswell 
died March, r,*?;;. 



I 4011 


Hannah Badger'^ Cogswfxl, {Mosfs'\ Xathtviifl-*, yohn'\ U'i//uufi'-, 
yolm^), daughter of Lieut. Moses'' : 160 ' and Hannah (Foster) Cogs- 
well, was born Feb. ig, 1790, in Canterbury, X. H. She married, r8i2, 
Thomas Lyford, Esq., son of Thomas and Annie (James) Lyford. He 
was born in Canterbury, N. H., where they resided. Mrs. Lyford died 
March 24, 1853. Mr. Lvford died April 2, 1870 


Moses C, b. Oct. 3, 1813: m Juliette Eiidora Robinson ; d. Dec. 1870. 

Jaines, b. Oct. 4, 1814: m. Feb. 28. 183S, \4bii:,ail Frcneh : m. Sept. 7. 1S46, -Sopliio 

M. Richardson ; m. '.Un/v Isabel McLane : d. May 28, 1879- 
John, b. Dec. 8, 1815; m. Nov. 12, 1840, Elizabeth Hani. 
Thomas, b. Sept. 1, 1817: m. Helen MneCleoil ; d. Sept. 6. 1859. 
Betsty C, b. June 16, i8[i,: m. June (\ 1843, Chase IVyatt : d. Nov. i. 1843. 
Mary, b. Nov. 20, 1820. She died, unmarried, May 8. 1845. 
Amos Cogswell, b. Oct. 7, 1822. He died in early manhood, Dec. 18, 1844. 
Eliphalet Giddings, b. Aug. 31, 1824. He died in early life, Aug. 9, 1S45. 
Anna, b. Aug. 22. 1S26; m. June 6, 1846. Chase Wyait ; d. Nov. n>. 1847. 
Abigail, b. Dec. 9, 1828. She died in early life, Oct. 7, 1848. 
Martha B., b. Nov. 16. 1830: m. June 5, 1861, Joseph Ayers ; A. April 13. 187^. 
Litey C, h. Jan. ij. 1833; m. Nov. 11. hS^r,. Joseph JVratt _: d. .'^pril 4. 1876. 


.l/<'.v.f C. and Jiilut/c E. Lyfonl had three rhildieii. vi^. : Ktta Hannah, b. Dec. 25, i86j : 
Kdwin .Moses, h. 1865: Kraiik' Dudlcv. h. rSri7. M,v. I.yfnid wa- from Gihiianton, N. H, 
She was living in T,SS2. 

J,im,-i Z,)/rv,/ had, of his marriage, t«o children, vi/. : L.ivinia French, li. Ma\ 1, 
1.S41, d. Jnne 20, 1842 ; .\bby Lavinia, b. .May 30. KS43. d I )eL. jy. 1S44. I M his >econd mar 
riage there wa,s one son: Thomas Jet^erson. h. Jan. 8, 1S48, d. Nov. 14, 1S75. And of his 
third marriage were four children, vi/. : James Oti.-., b. Jan. 28. 1S53, in 18S2, was a lawyer in 
Tilton, N. H. Marion Elizabeth, b. Jnl\ 2(y, 1S55, in 1SS2 was a teacher in Tilton, N. H. 
Albert biddings, b. March 3. i860, was in business in Hoston. Mass. Amos Cogswell, b. Dec. 
16, 1S62, was a member of the class of r.S.S^ in I inrtmonth Tollegc. \. II. Mrs. .Mnrv I. l.vt.ncl 
was living in 1882. 

yf/;« Z)/r'(v/ married Kli/.abeth Ham. .She was born May 9, 1821. Her death occurred 
Dec. 19, 18O9. They had eight children, viz.: .Ariana Ham, b. Jan. 20, 1842, d. March 22, 
1S45; Mary Elizabeth H., b. July 3, 1S44, m. July 19, iS6g, Smith N. Ellsworth, of Concord, 
N. H.; John Ham, b. Sept. 15, 1846; Abby .(.. b. July 15, 184S, m. Oct. 24, 1S70, Clarence 
\V. Whitcher, d. .Sept. 18, i,SSo: Ariana Ham, b. Oct. 5, 1850, d. .April iS, 1875; Estelle. b. 
Jan. 28, 1S53: Clara Kimball, b. Jidy 15, 1855, m. Dec. 23, 1875, William N. Batchelder, of 
New York: Amanda Flora, b. Jan. 27, 185.8. 

Thomas and Helen [Mo.Cleo.i] LvforJ \m\ two children, vi/. : .Margaret and Marv .s. 


CAasi- and ^Setsey C. (Lyfrrd\ Wy.'.r li.ul , Ml 1 ; lieisev. who died. Of Mi. Wvaii- 
second marriage there were no children. 

Chji, ll'y.itf married "A^/«fr dj^rfrft'// [ 407 ], an aunl of his first two wives. He died 
in iSSi. 

Joseph and Martha Hadger (Lyl\^r,i\ Ayers had an only child, Liuy C. Ayers. She w-is 
born in 1S65. Mrs. Ayers died in 1S76. 

Joseph, and Lun C. \LyUrJ\ lly.ur had two children. vi7..; Alfred Clinton, h. Nov. j;;. 
1S6;: Annie Lvford, K Nov. ;. 1S67. 

( 402; 


Thomas^ Cogswell, {Mrst/-. X,UiujhuI*, yo/iif\ William-, jFolin^). 
son of Lieut. Moses' [160 : and Hannah (Foster) Cogswell, was born 
Feb. 15, 1792, in Canterbury. X. H. He married, Feb. 2S. 1819, Sarah 
Adams, daughter of Parmento and Eleanor Adams. She was born 
Sept. 2, 1802, in Skaneateles, Onondaga Co., N. Y. They resided in 
Ale.vander, Genesee Co., X. Y. Mrs. Cogswell died Dec. 21, 1857. 
Mr. Cogswell died Sept.. 1874. 


Caroline Helen. 1795] b. July 7, 1820; m. Nov. 23, 1S37, Hairy E. Chinchill 
WiLLi.i^M F., [797] b. April 10. 1827: m. Oct. 30, 1S50. Louisa Patterson. 


Parmento Adams and family renv^ved alxiut I^04 to Western New Vork. They were 
amons- the first settlers of a choice tract of land called " The Holland I'lirchase." 




Abiel« Cogswell, {.Uoscs. Xa!'uinicl\ yohn^, IViliiam-, yohn^), 
son of Lieut. Moses' [160 ; and Hannah (Foster) Cogswell, was born 
Feb. 10, 1794, in Canterbury. X. H He married, Feb. 10, 1820. ^far- 
garet Harvey McCrillis, daughter of William and Hannah (Brown) 
McCrillis. She was born Feb 26. 1798, in Deerfield. N. H. They 
resided in East Canterbury. X. H. Mr. Cogswell died Aug. 9. 1868. 
Mrs. Cogswell died June 3. 1882. 



GKoKr.E W., [798] b. Dec. 10, 1S20. He elietl in early manhood, Sept. 3. 1S44. 
Thomas, [799] b. Oct. i, 1822: m. April 27, 1847, Ro-iiin G. Dolloff. 
Eli/.-v LvkorI), [800] b Sept. 11. 1S24. She died in early life, March 4. l84i> 
.\an( V Grekxough, [801] b. Sept. 21, i.S2(i; ni. July 7, 1S59, George W. Wyckoff . 

d. Feb. 18. i,S6i> 
Lauka Ai>, [802] b. Oct. 20, 1828: m. May 16, 1850. Josff>h C. Sanborn. 
Ahelim; Mc Crii.lis, [803] b. Feb. 17, 1831 ; ni. June 2(^1. 1851. Timot/iv A. Pearson j 

A. Sept. 13. 1879. 
John McCkillis, [804] b. June i, 1833. He died in childliood. July 14, 1S38. 
SrsAN FoKKKsr, [805] b. Aug. i, T.835. She resided, 1883. at the homestead. 
Jeremiah, [806] b. Feb. 15, 1S3S; m. July 3. 1.S73, Afnrv A. Carter. 
William M( Criliis, [807] b. July 30, 1842: m. \ov. 24, 1870, Aliee M. KelUy. 


r404 1 


Jeremiah^ Cogswell, [Moses', Xathauicl'^, yoliu'^, Willianfl, Joltn^), 
son of Lieut. Moses" [ 160 I and Hannah (Foster) Cogswell, was born 
Oct. 6, 1796, in Canterbury, N. H. He married. March 27, 1825, 
Tiyplieiia Achillc;, daughter of H. B. and Martha (Burpee) Achilles. 
She was born in 1800 in Warner, N. H. They resided in Brockport, 
X. Y. Mr. Cogswell died Nov. 2 , 10^37. Mrs. Cogswell married, 
1850, William Dcxcey, who died Oct. 21, 1876. She resided, 1883, at 
the corner of East Avenue, and Alexander Street, Rochester, N. Y. 


Martha. [808] b. March 22, 1S30. She died in childhood, April 17, 1S32. 
William Henrv, [809] b. May iS, 1832. He died when a lad, Oct. 21, 1846. 
Muses Paysun, [810] b. July 31, 1834; m. Oct. 14. 185S, Janet M. Burr; d. Dec. 

20. 1876. 


Tf.reml\h Coc;swei 1. had to di> with the building 01 the Ijie (. anah He was for some 
ye.irs a {nrwarcling merchant and a dealei in rtonr and grain. In her eighty-third year .Mrs. 
t'ogsweli, then Mrs. Dewey, wrote of her former home ; "Our home was one of the happiest 
in the village, my husband was one of the best, a very induli;ent father, a man of firm integrity, 
.me who was looked up to for advice by all his associates. All places of business in the town 
were closed dmim; the li.i.n of l,is funeral ser\ice." 




Moses Pearson''' Cogswell, {J/os<-s^, .\\ithanic/\ yolin\ William'^ 
yoltn^), son of Lieut. Moses'"' 1160 land Hannah (Foster) Co.i^swell 
was born Jan. 7, 180Q, in Canterbury, N, H. He married, Dec. 17 
1840, Maiy Aim Lee. She was born March 5, 1816, in Darien, X. Y 
They resided in Albany, N. Y., but removed to Keloit, Wis., where Mr 
Cogswell died, Oct. 10, iS6q. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 27, 1S78. 


Marii- I.nrisi . [811] b. July 14. 1K47; m. May 14, 1S73, Jacob F. Bemis ; d. Jan. j 

I X.S I . 
Lewis Kidi.i.k, [812] b. Jan. 29, 1.S52. He resided, 1883, in Beloit, Wis. 
Annie ]v\.\\. [813] b. Oct. 30, 1N54. She resided with her brother. 
Hknrv Lee. [814] b. J.nn. 30. iS;6. He died in childhood, June 30. 1858. 


Mos,-s r. Cox'siueU was for some ye.irs .i grain dealer in .Mbanv. X. V.. and atlerwards ■.. 
larae farmer and merchant in lieloit. Wis. 


1 411] 


William" Cogswell, {\Villiam'\ Nathaniel'^, yoliifl, Williaitfi. 
yo/iii^), son of Dr. William'' [162] and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was 
born June 5, 1787, in .Atkinson, N, H. He married, Nov. 11, [818, 
yoaniia Strong, daughter ol Rev. Dr. Jonathan and Joanna (Odiorne) 
Strong. She was born April 21, 1797, in Randolph, Mass. Thev 
resided in South Dedham and Boston, Mass , and in Hanover and Gil- 
manton, X. H. Rev. Dr. Cogswell died April 18, 1850. Mrs Cogs- 
well died March 31, 1857. 


A DAUGHTER, [815] b Dec. 13, 1822. .She died in infancy, Dec. 13, 1822. 
William Strong. [816] b, .April 11. 1S2S. He died in early life, April 0, 184X. 
Mary Joanna, [817] b. June 6. 1S32; m. Sept. 20, 185S, Re:: E. O. Ja»us,>,i. 
Caroline Si kong. [818] b. June 3. 1S40. She resided, 1SS3. in East Medway, Mass. 

'Cv<L^^C-'^i'7^i^ 'ly^y'^y^ 


William Couswell rt-ceived !ii> caily etlucation in the Acadeni}' of his 
native town and graduated in the class of iSii from Dartmoiitii College. N. H. 
While a member of college he taught school in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass._ 
and was the early instructor of Hon. Rufus Choate, then a lad commencing the 
study of the ancient classics. Viif. p. 82. After graduating, ]\Ir. Cogswell for 
two years was a teacher in .Atkinson and Hampton Academies. N. H He 
pursued his professional studies with Rev. Josiah Webster, of Hampton, N. H., 
Rev. Daniel Dana, D. D., of New^buryport, and Rev. Dr. Samuel Worcester, 
of Salem, Mass. An interesting episode in his course of theological study 
was a home-missionary tour through Northern New Hampshire, partly to 
regain his health, and partly to win souls to Christ. In bolh objects he was 
successful As the result of his labors in the town of Sandwich, N. H., there 
was awakened a deep religious intere>i. ,ind a church of thirteen niemlx-rs 
organized. Of these original members were Hon. Paul Wentworth and his 
wife, parents of Hon. John Wentworth. LL. D., and Dr. Asa Crosby, who was 
chosen the first deacon, the father of a distin-uislicd family of ^'ins, viz. : Hon. 
Nathan, Dr. Di.xi, Prof. Alpheus. and Dr. 'i'homas Crosby. Mr. Cogswell 
returned in health and completed his studies, and was ordained to the Gospel 
ministry and installed, April 26. 1S15. Pastor of the South (^.hurch in Dedham, 
Mass.. where lie fulfilled a useful ministry of some fourteen years, and resigned, 
much to the regret of his people, Dec. 15, 1829. He had already been chosen 
the General Agent of the .American Education Society, and soon after, Jan. 25, 
1832, became its Secretary, which ofifice he filled with great acceptance for 
nearly ten years. In 1S33 he received the degree of D. D. from Williams 
College, and in 1837 ^^''"^s chosen a Trustee of Andover Theological Seminary. 
Rev. Dr. Cogswell was elected, Jan. 12, 184.1, to the Professorship of National 
Education and History in Dartmouth College, N. H.. and resigned the Secre 
taryship of the .American Education Society to enter u]5on the duties of this 
new position, which, however, he resigned Jan. 11, 1S44, and accepted the 
Presidency and Chair of Christian Theology in Gilmanton Theological Semi- 
nary, N. H. In 1S46 he terminated his connectirm with tlie Seminary and 
devoted himself to editorial labors. Beside^ accomplishing a large amount of 
literary work. Dr. Cogswell preached on the Sabbath. su[)plying the pulpits in 
Gilmanton Old Parish, and other pl.ices. His published work.s were some- 
what numerous, and many of them in\ol\-ed large patience and labor, being of 
a statistical character. L'ntler his editorship was issued, in 1847, the Fiust 


'I'he last work of liis life was to edit tiie Sixth Volume ok the New Hamk- 
SHiRK Historical Collections, a book of more than three hundred pages, 
which mostly came under his revision during his last illness. The final proof- 
sheets of this work were sent to the piinler on the Monday preceding his 
death, which occurred Thursday, April 18, 1S50. 

Ri'\. Dr. Cogswell was gre.ith interested in all nialtcis uf hi^imy and 

i;eiienlogv. He was connected with vaiious liistoricnl .md antitiuarirm societies, 
both in this comitry and in Europe. For forty years, as he had opportunity, lie 
was collecting genealogical data of the Cogswell I'aniily. which suggested and 
inspired the preparation of this work. The Ci ir;pwELi,s in America Some time 
in the year 1849, largely at Rev. Dr. Cogswell's suggestion, there was held a 


Mr>. IfruTH Cor.swKi.L. in her eighty-fourth year, still resided in the old 
homestead in .Atkin>-on. N. H. 'rhi> gathering of her children, grandchildren, 
and great-grandchildren was an occ.ision of deep interest. Re\-. Di'. Cogs- 
well, the eldest of her children, made the address, in which he recovnited the 
family history with congratulatory remarks. .\t that time. 1S49. the aged 
mother could reckon eight of her nine children .is living. f)f her forty-eight 
grandcliildren thirty-seven were living, and of her se\enteeii ^reat-grandchil- 
dren there were eleven living. Rev. Dr. Cogswell died the year succeed- 
ing this meeting in the old homestead. There is no space here to give even 
a general estimate of his life work and character. Numerous tributes have 
been paid to his distinguished memory and published elsewhere .As the good 
man neared the blessed transition from earth to Heaven, his mind seemed to 
be filled wilh raptures in view of Christ and the (iospel he had loved to 
preach. His last words were those of mo<t .miniated e.Nclaiiiatiin " I iri- 

fMPH ! I J'RILMI'H ! " 

For more extended mention of Kk 


Hi.sTORU- Geneai,i)i;u-.\l Sik' Vol. 
Men-; and Thk New En.;i-\xi> Hi^t.u.- 
Vol. XXXVII.. .\pril. T.SS.v 

Mv 1.11 n,l W II 1.1 wi. Invcly Ixtln-' M>^ lin)K> that thou wilt li^u. 

While ill till cr;ulli- tliuu .in l.iid. .\ ihiUl who will rew.iid tlii-iv 

Sk-i.-).i.iy M, |>>. .\n(l all thcii,,- >an 

Thv iii..thu In iIkl «atdiiim sits. 'i'lial lh..n uili he iiulccil a tli 

I'.v nnns she ua<ls, aiul ->■«>. an.l kiiii-. M'.-i swcci. atu-. t;,mau-. ami 

Mu-inip.uvnlall>, An.l u ill ..uh v irlm uor 

She think- ni ilu-t as 11. .» ih.,11 .111. -slu h..|)is thai \h\ i-arlii 

The o.mlHii ,,f thv )iarent-' hean. Thon wilt (Uli,;;hi in wisilwrnV 

Their de-aiest eiirlhlv i..v. .\iid all licr p.-iths piiisue 

She thinks ii( what tlxMi tiiave't hi. Ihat thou the j^mid will ahiai 

.\nd h.ipes and fears coiiceiniiv- tlm. .\"d every evil wilt icliise, 

nu-ii little darliny U.y. I'lLai-h tl.ttlVii.i; I., the v 

. Willi 

.\M ('..c.sWKl.l 

D. D.. ,■7, 


S or THl Xh 

w Enclan 

I. ; Sr 

■rrssn-i New 


. GKVKUn.,1, .X 

I. Rehister 

She hopes that it it lie Cod's will. And nil ,i v..uth with talent- blc-sed, 

Thnu wilt have taknl-. gifl>, .i,-:,\ -kill. Who miyht have lived heloved, care-.-ed, 

In knri\vledL;e to excel; An honoi to mankind, 

And that th\ imwer- and gift- nun l>e Ha- thrown hi- ncble-t powei's away. 

To him devoted -acredh ( li o'er them given to vice the sway, 

While thon on earth -halt dwell. To evil all inclined. 

Inspire with jo\ and fund delight, 

-\n.l thu- her thouuh:- cmph.v, 
Intruding fear- erne o'er the heart, 
Which sometime- cause the tear to -tart 

her be-t in abilii 

d brill 

hi- .-ad atrtic 

Shi>iild-I thou 

niv inecious babe, thus prove 

An alien from 

ihi Cod of l,,ve. 

To virtue 

Ihu- lie lost; 

Thy ,,arent-' t 

ears for thee would flow, 

lo relief would know. 

For their 

fond hopes ate crossed. 

Hut O kind V 

Ihev, in thv love 

Iv.ok down in 

|iit\ iroiii aboNc, 

The-L o 

- diu pre\cnt' 

.Mav this dear 

child thine image bear. 

Eternal glorv 

iiav he share 

When all 

hi- days are s|)ent '. J. s. e. 

of hi- muth 

■r's tender thought- as above 

ind Jiaiauer. 

Mit w,i- e.irlv called to a hn;hei 

le in lolui.uu 

ill. N, H , ju-t before reaching 

•ni,.r cla- m 1 

.utnioutli Colleue. The death 

promi-e w.i- 

icrii-hmg blow t.. the tamih. 

<ecorder of Ma 

Anot'ner friend whom we have loved is gone, 
Gone to his silent home, the peaceful grave. 
\'on in who-e bo-onis swell- the tide of vouth, 

Mav gue- wimt Cun-lird |,o|„_- niinali/ed, 
Like the nr-I bllddn,, tiouu- o, ,arh -priny. 
When nip].ed b;, In.-i-. ]..,'., ut'.er.d m his .leath. 

And smiling as he nvcd In- .uiow, brake 

Hi- morning dream oi lift. 1 heard the bell. 

Which, at hi- parting breath, began to toll ; 

.\nd a- each mournful echo died an-ay, 

A fre-her tear came forth. If I did wee)) 

When no tie bound us but our common lot, 

To view the end of his short pilgrimage. 

How could the tenderness of woman's heart — 

.\ mother's soul, its untold anguish vent?'- Woe i- -hcirl : hi- powers were made for toil, 

■i'h;il i)lueks the jiain .)f other thoughts away; 

Hut wcjinan sorrows as she loveth, once. 

And then forever. If perchance in time 

The niemorv of her loved one should grow dim, 

K\ 'n tlieii ynii may delcci .1 Umciy s)>ot. 

Ill cypress niaiilled, and willi iv\ twined; 

For I have noticed, those win. nncc have nmnincd, 

Smile sadly ever after. Sisters, say. 

It ye have seen a brother by your side 

(.ropped in the bloom of ynnth, in lonely hmir-. 

When sweetest visions of the past arise. 

And well-renicmbered tones steal fin the soul 

In meltin.^ music, if willnnu a siyli 

Vc then can smile. 

And William i- nn more' 
The h..lIo«. dismal knell, the pall .and hier. 
Have ilime their gloom;, office. .\t hi-^ ,i;rave 
The mourners have their la<t sad homage paid 
To him who died at morn, just ere the last 
Amimg the sister stars sunk ]iale and sick, 
liehind the deep blue curtain of yon -ky. 
The warbling birds sang sweetly, as he died. 
Their all-wise Maker's praise: and we niav hope 
Kor him in heaven anoihu hai)) w.i- tuned. 

.\nd We must follow. In a few cpiick years. 

< )ur names, engraved u)ion the silent slab. 
Will be, perhaps, the last remaining proof. 
That time once saw us. and his sickle waved 
.Above our being. When the twilight glows. 
\'isit some sleejier in his churclu'ard rest. 
.\nd tell me if "t is s.j. The might> spill 

Of onr — life — will soon dissolve: 

.\nd the cold current of forgetfulness 

Koll on our hearts, when from their riven cells 

1 )eath drags his struggling victim, \nn\h. Lew an 

Thy spirit is immortal : Smother not 

The heavenly tiamc that kindles in thy breast : 

l!ut cherish as a rich, eternal gift 

The love which liod himself has breathed in thee 

The summer bird, if she have lost hci mate. 
Will rty to William's grave: and as her plaint 
Of touching sadness tills the lingering bree/e. 
Kor lack of tears her little heart will break 

< )h. that I were a bird, and I could weep ' 
How would I sit, the livelong day. and sing. 
lie-side the fresh, green turf above his head. 
.\nd w.iler with my tears each gentle flower, 
lilooming in fr.agrance there! Farewell, thou i]u- 
Thy once bright spiritV dream is ))asl, and Tinie. 

,s^-giirv >y9^T^ 

^ 4^-^ 

KnaS )iy ROBrien.NYoi 




Julia'' Cogswell, {Willimn^, Xatlt,viiil\ Joliii'^, Williaiir, yolni^). 
daughter of Dr. William"' [162] and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was born 
Feb. 20, 1789, in Atkinson, N. H. She married, March i, 1810, ^Grceii- 
Icaf Clarke, Esq., son of Nathaniel and Mary (Hardy) Clarke. He was 
born in Atkinson, \. H., where they resided Mr. Clarke died Jan. 
12, 1821. Mrs. Clark married, Dec. 12, 1S22, -Amasa Cohuni. Mrs. 
Coburn died Jan. 9, i860. Mr. Coburn dietl in 1863. 

THl: iHlLliRE.V 01 IHE HKsl .\I.ARK1A(,K WERE; 

Williaw t ,;->r.r//, l".. Dec. 10. i.Sio: m, 1 ,S34. Anna Afari.i Gnr!cv ; d. April 25, 1872. 

Sarah, b. Ma\ 4. 1M2; m. .Sci.t. 2cj, 1S35. /),,;. Saiinn-f Lar/tan. 

I'-nuuis, h. Marcli 2N. 1M4; m. July .,, 1839. Sarah Marian,! : (1. July 10, 1.S52. 

Grctnleaf. b. .Ma_\ 7. i8n'i: in. Marcli 13, 1S33. Sarali J. .A'cir.v. 

Moses, b. Jan. iS. 1818: m. .Sept >;, 1844, ^Laiira Woolsiy DwigJit ; m. Sept. 2N. 1X39, 

-Frances Lit.y Elizabctls Ha.thi-s; m.' Feb. 17, I S64 , ''.I/y . . Mary 

Watson [Hastings, Clark j d. .March 27, 1864. 
Jolm Ba<ii;,)\ \>. Jan. 30, 1820; m. Jul_\ 29, 1S52, Susan GrL-f/oy Monllon. 


Jnlia Clark, b. .April 4, i,S24. She died in childhood. June 14. 1831. 
Haniiali Badi;cr. h. Dec. 17, 1S23. She died in childhood. Sept. 12, 1832. 
Mary. b. Dec. (;, 1827; m. March. 1.S53. R. I>. ; d. Sept. 12. 1854- 
Aniasa. b. Dec. 27. 1830. He died in childhood. .April 2, iN32. 


11.1 \ Coi.jWKLl. v\.i.- l'iL-.t|.lie~- ..I Atkni-Mi, A 
A. M 

in^^th. I'rc.ia,,, 


( ( Ki^W LLI CI..\RKL 

C.".>UI II ri,\KKE giad.w 

ted, 1832. from Dartmouth 1. ulle.^e. puixued hi- 

the H.iivaid Law Sch..ol. 

and was admitted td the liar in 1^311. lie eoni 

L- in Meredith, and reiiDxe 

1. in 1S44. tu Manehe>tei, N. 11. m] . Clarke xva- 

|iulL;e cit Prnliale nu lli 

M,.ii,,u,:,li Cu., N. 11. In 1SO3 he was appointed 

il of the .Slate .)f New II 

uniwhiie. wIikI, nttiee he tilled at the time of hi. 

.. K>.i 1 1 Nl W ll\MI-IM 

1 MiN. 

M.J',., [C,..:.y^ c-/.,r/,,. u„ 

Mu ,,i ,heal.,.,c 11. in. William C.Clarke, of -Man 

|,ril h|. iSS;. .11 L.ike \'ill.i 

.;i.. N 11. She le!i children; Stejjhen (L, a in New \.<vk <if, : 

.leenleal. nf the edit.. rial >tafl^ of the Xew York 

Ml- Knl.eri M \i.|,leton. . 

1 L;iki \"ill;i.i;e. N. 11.; .nul Julia C„ a teaehei in 

.,1 S. h..Ml. Lianiiivuhain, M. 

7 C,ir//„„. uhn ni.uried .S'.,, 

,', (.■/,///■.. lueil 111 lla\erliill, Maj-. Mewaslni 

eaei.n in the Conei egatiuna 

ChinLh, ul I'laiMnu. N. 11. It wa- .aid ..f him. 

" He > cl a.- :i iiukIcI cili/c.i. nfijjhb.H, ami friend." He died Maicli >(,. tSSi. TIk-.', had 

five children, vi/. : Willi.ini liad;4er. b. April ;o. 1S37. m. Kel.. ,S, i,S;o. .n. l.i«ie liryanl ; 
Julia Merrill, b. .May 7, 1S41, d. Sept., KS4J; Charles Greenleaf. b. Nov. i. 1S43, "<• }»"'-• U. 
1.S71, Kranee- E. I'tilnani; Sarah Clarke, li. March 21, 1S4S ; Krancis Clarke, b. March :S. 
1851, d. June S, 1S32. William 1'. Carltnn was a fanner, and resided. 1SS3, with his mother 
in the homestead. Charles O. Carlton was a physician in Lawrence. Mass. The daughter. 
Mis.s -Sarah C. Carlton, was a te.".cher in Methuen, Mass. 

Francis Ci..\RKI-. studied medicine, and .-ettled in Andover. Mas>. Dr. Clarke had a 
successful practice, and hi^ excellence of character won great res]>ect. He married Siinr// 
.)/,(/•/.;«,/. a si.ster of Mrs. Franci- Coy>«ell [417]- 'riicy had three children, vi/. : Sarah, 
.\masa, and Franci>. 

Gree.\i.e.\f Clakkk was a teacher in l.ynn. Mass. ; subsecjuently resided in the home- 
stead in .Atkinson. N. H. He was on (iov. iiubbard"s Staff, Representative of the Town, 
and in 1S79 a member of the .\ew Hampshire .Senate. He married Sarah J. Noye~. 
daughter of .Silas and l.ucy Xoyes. They had three children, viz. : Sarah N'oyes, b. .-Kpril 3, 
1S56; Mary Coburn, b. Dec. 9, 1S57; (Ireenleaf, b. Jmie 5, 1S6;. 

Miisp.s Clarkk was a physician. He received his degree of .M. D. from Dartmouth 
Medical College in 1S4:. i>r,,ctised his profession in Derrv, X. H., removed and settled. 1.S4;. 
in Cambridge. Mas... «l,ere he remained until his death, March .'7. 1S64. Dr. ijarke wa~ ".. 
Christian gentleman and held m high esteem by the profession and communit\. 


Ji>ll\ llAlioER (. LAKKL graduated. 1S43, from Dartmouth College, was three years I'nn 
cii)al of Gilford Academy, N. H., studied l.iw, was admitted to the bar in 1S4S, spent tw.. 
years in travel in California and Central .\merica, and opened a law office in .Manchester in 
1S51. Mr. Clarke, Feb., 1S5J, became the editor of the Daily Mirnn, and the following October 
he becime the proi)rietor of both the Daily and Weekly Mirror-. He was a publisher, an. I 
had one of the largest ininting establishment- in the State. He wa- elected State Printer in 
1S67, 1S6S. ICS69, and 1S77 to 18S0 inclusive. Hi- two -..ns, graihi.iu- ot Dartnionth Scien 
titic College, were associated with their father in the )iuljli-hiug lui-iiie-. further men- 
tion of CuL. CI.AKKH. r.vV/. Sii. KsMi 1. NiAv HwiisHikt; .Men. 

J/./n- C,>/;,,r„ married K. D. Monei-. l-:-.|.. of Manchester, N. 11.. «here ihev lesided. 
They one child. Ama-,i Clnun.Nvho u.,-l, Dee.. i.S;-. ami died at the age ..f two 


413 I 


Hannah Pkarson" Cogswell, (Wi/liaiir, X,if/inuif/\ yo/iii\ ]Vi/- 
liam^, Ji'Itn^), daughter of Dr. William' [162] and Judith (Badj^er) 
Cogswell, was born July 6, 1791. in Atkinson, N. H. She married, 
Jan. 12, 1814, Hon. William Badger, son of Hon. Joseph and Elizabeth 
(Parson.s) Badger. He was born Jan. 13, 1779. in Gilmanton, N. H., 
where they resided. Gov. Badger died Sept. 21, 1852. Mrs. Badger 
died Feb. 22, 1869. 

THi IK ( hii.drrn were: 
Jo.u-/>/i, b. June 27. rSi7; m. Oct. 11, I.s6;. Hannah Elizah,-lh 
Williow, 1,. Atig. I. lS2'.i ni. June 3. r.S;^, /farriet .1. Ct7/n: 


Hannah Pkarson Cocswell became the second wife of Wi/liain Bai/^vr, 
Euj. He married, May i. 1803. ^MiVtha Smith, daughter of Rev. Isaac and 
Mary (^Badger) Smith. She was Isorn in (Jilmanton, N. H., where they resided. 
Mrs. Martha Badger died Jan. 30. 1810. They had two children, viz. : John, 
who was born Aug. zz, 1804. and died while a member of Bowdoin College. 
Jan. 3, 1826; and Martha \s\\' born July 26, iSoo. and died May 3. 1826. 

<,()\ , WILLI. \.M 1L\1)(,LK. 
Willi \M I;aiii;kk. son (jI Hon. Joseph Badger, a farmer and manu- 
facturer. He was much inleicsled and engaged in public att'airs, and filled 
many offices. He was Justice of the Peace. Moderator of Town Meetings. 
Representative to the General Court, State Senator, President of the New 
Hampshire Senate in 18 16, Colonel and Brigadier-General of State militia. 
Judge of Court ot (/onniion Pleas from 1816 to 1821. For ten years he was 
High Sheriff of the County of Siraftord, N. H., I'resident of the board of 
trustees of (iilmanton Academy am! llicological .Seminary. Presidential Flee- 
ter in 1824. 1836. and 1844, and tor tw. \ears. 1S34 anfl 1835, Governor 
of the State of New Hamp^hne. 


G--. .iiul Mr.. A'./,/-,'- I'M "1-1"^ ^•-■11- UL'iL- URinl.uv .,1 iIk- JuiiJi .iiul ».i 
Ml tiK' (;m.|h-1 .U huiiR ami -I-Ir-ii l„.~|Ml,ililv wm- imlMHiiukd. M i>. 
I.ulv n( lai-f iRun an(l.m.,;i ,ai-, ntiM al.ilii;, 

(Ml . |iis| I'll I', \l)(,l K 

,1 iIrv livol. TlR-ir dnUlu-n «u.-: M.i 
A-.o-, i. \|.ril ;. iS(,.S; |„hn. I>. Ani;. -'i 

A III I AM l;\hl,i;K. I . 

,n ,.i 11.,,,. W ll.nn 

rkuil.-l t.i-u I I. .11, .,ul\ ill.. I,c »..- Rlu,l;t'R(l with ih' 
,,„;f,. I,.,,,, -^, I" (\,|,l.,,„ "1 Aitilklv. WlR'n tl 
iIh \,li„L,„. iR-,,u.,r- ..tin, in (■.'„...uL \, IL, .,n,l M.iv 
,.|li,u »ill, iIr iM,,k ..I ( :i|.l.iin ,-.,in,n,in<liii- r,ulkii.i|' ( " 
a|il.ii,i I,., I, ill \\« ll.iin|.-h!ic X'.liMimi-. Si-l't, iS, i,S(,i, 
l,iu \,.l„nu.v-. |-\l.. 2\. iSi..|. When tlu K-,i;inRnl ».i> mi 


service he was appointed Captain Ninth Regiment United States Volunteers, and honorably 
discharged April 20, 1S66. then commissioned Lieutenant Sixth United States Infantry, May 
, 19, 1866, and Captain, Dec. 15, 1880, was commissioned Brevet Major of Volunteers, March 
13, 1S65, and Brevet Captain United States Army, March 2, 1867, "for gallant and merito- 
rious conduct during the war." Having served longer with his regiment without detached 
service than any other officer, he was ordered on recruiting service and stationed in I'rovi- 
dence, R. I. He was selected, Oct. 31, 1S82. from the captains of the army for the E.\ecutive 
Utticer at the United States Military I'rison, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Capt. Badger was a 
member of the New Hampshire Historical Society, the Masonic Fraternity, and the Grand 
Army of the Republic. He held the office of Jiistice of the I'eace from 1850 to 1870. Capt. 
Badger married a daughter of Col. James C. Cilley, a descendant of Gen. Cilley of the war 
of the Revolution. Capt. and Mrs. Badger had one child: William Cogswell, b. Aug. 10, 
1S57, in Belmont, N. H. 

William Cogswell Badger was educated in Concord, N. H., and in Boston, Mass. He 
went West in 1S76, and located a.s the first settler in a nameless township of Emniuns Co., 
Dakota. He was engaged in raisijig cattle, and furnished large supplies of beef for the army. 


[414 ] 


Joseph Badger^ Cogswell, { IVilHam^, Nathaniel^, Jolii^, Williaiit" 
yohii^), son of Dr. William'' 1 168 1 and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was 
born Aug. 30, 1793, in Atkinson, N. H. He married, Oct. 7, 181 7, 
yuditli Peaslec, daughter of Pelatiah and Elizabeth (Pollard) Peaslee. 
She was born Nov 18, 1801, in Boscawen, N. H. They resided on the 
Cogswell homestead in Atkinson, X. H. Mrs. Cogswell died Feb. 19, 
1863. Mr. Cogswell died April 10, 1875. 


Judith, [819] b. Oct. 31, 1S18: m. .May 5, 1.S42, Philip D. Merrill. 

William, [820] b. April i. 1S21 ; m. Nov., 1S55, Fanny Kiiiihall. 

Eliz.-vp.eth, [821] b. Sept. 25. 1S24; m. Dec. 16, 1851, Xathaniel Haven Clarke. 

Francis, [822] b. June 24, 1827; m. Aug. 7, 1855, KXfarlha Ann Smith ; m. Aug. 1 1, 

1 864, "Esther Maria Xoyes. 
Sakah J. [823] b. July 13, 1829; m, July 20, 1S59, William If. Chase; d. Aug , 1S61. 
Tho.mas, [824] b. May 12, 1835; m. Nov. 24, 1870, //. Elizabeth Juelkins. 


Joseph Cogswell was a farmer. He lived on the place to wliicli his 
grandfather, Nathaniel Cogswell, Esq. [45], retired, in 1766. after an active 
business life. Mr. Cogswell was a man prominent in town affairs, a Trustee 
of Atkinson .Academy and a liberal donor to its funds. For about fifty ye;irs 
Mr. and Mrs. Cogswell were members of the church and warm supporters o^ 
the institutions of religion and education. 



NAj)iANiEiJ-' Cogswell, (]]'illi<iiii'\ Xiit/ta>iiLl\ yolur, l\ il/itun', 
Johii^), son of Dr. William' 1 162 ] and Judith (Bady:er) Cogswell, was 
born March 5, 1796, in Atkinson, N. H. He married, Sept. 25, 1825. 
'Susan Doanc, daughter of Hon. Elisha and Susan (Basset) Doane 
She was born July lOj 1800, in Yarmouth, Mass., where they resided. 
Mrs. Cogswell died Aug. 5, 1852. Rev. Mr. Cogswell married, Nov. 
12, 1857, "Rebecca yaiiieson, daughter of Hun. Thomas and Isabella 
(McGaw) Jameson. She was born Jan. [3, iSoS, in Goffstown, N. M. 
They resided in Yarmouth, Mass. Rev. Mr. Cogswell died March :;, 


ELlZAnrL'Jli Dijwi.. [825] li. 3. 1S27; 111. Nov. 9, iS;3, lion. Siiiuoii .\ . Small : 

d. Fub. 5. IS". 
William Hk.nkv. ^826! 1.. MarLli 29, 1 S2S. He died in childli.ind, June 30. |N30. 
J.)H.\ ISl.AU DuANi.. [827J b. June 6, 1S21;: m. .Aug. 17, 1S5.S. Mary A. '/'nniihiill.- 
Ki.iMiA Do.VM . [828] b. July 26, 1N37. 
Slsan Uoane, [829] b. May 30, 1^44: ni. Nov. 2C1, 18(^)3, J. II. CnuA-i-r. 


Nathan'iel Cogswell graduated in 1819 from Dartmouth College. He 
united with the church in his native town, Nov. 5, 1820, studied theology with 
his brother, Rev. William Cogswell [411], of South Dedham. Mass., and was 
settled. .April 24, 1822, as pastor over the Congregational Cliurch in Varmoutli. 
Mass. .After a ministry of thirty years he resigned. Dec. 15, 1851. In 1S53 
.Rev. Mr. Cogswell was a member of the Massachusetts Constitutional Coil 
vention, and the same year elected bv the .Slate Legisl.iture an (Jverseer of 
Harvard College. 


/,.///; ;/■. /;,.,/■'■ 



.s., when 

fered severe 




c iiiiaiiii 

thinv ve;\i~ 


hunicl I 


A Mkm 


I 416 


Thoma.-'' Cogswell, ( Williaiii', Xatkanic/'^, yo/ui\ U^i/liam-, yohii^), 
son ot Dr. William' 1 162 i and Judith (Badger) Cogswell, was born Dec. 
7, 1798, in Atkinson, N. H. He married, Feb. 25, 1820, Muiy Xojcs, 
daughter of James and Marv (\\\-bsier) Xoyes. She was born April 
25, 1801, in Plaistow. N. H. Thcv settled and resided in Gdnianton, 
X. H. Hon. Thoma? Co-swell died Aug. 8, 1 868. 

Jli.h, [830J b, Nov. i.s. (,Sj3: m. May 2S, i,S4,,. O. .1. J. liiii-/!,". ; A. March 6, 1.S5;. 
Makv Ndvks, [831] 1). May 24, 182S: m. -Sept. 20, 1X4^, Benjamin F. Biii\i;,:s.s, M. P. 
.Maktha B., [832] Ij. .Aii.<;.'i3. 1S30; m. .April 13. 1859. Sninml /■". Hncluldn-, .1/. /'. 
Hakkikt, [833] b. Oct. II, 1S32. Slie died, unmarried. Aug. 7. iSCiO. 
James W'u.liam, [834] b. Fel). lO. i,S3.S; m. Jan. 25, i8b(). Afi/'/V /■'. C/ij/o/ci. 
Thomas, [835] b, Keb. .s. 1.S4T ; m. Oct. s. rs??, /•/,-/,■//,,■ .I/,-,-,-/-... 

■[■ho.m..\s (_'oi.-.WKLL was an extensive farmer. He owned the homestead of 
his maternal graiulLither. (Jen. Joseph Ijadger. of some eight hundred acres, to 
which lie added suliicieiit to make his farm a thousand acres. He was a man 
of great influence in the town and State. Mr. Cogswell was Justice of the 
Peace some forty years, County lYeasurer, Deputy Sheriff, Selectman, Repre- 
sentative, Judge of Court of Common Pleas, 1841-1855, of Belknap Co., mem- 
ber of the Governor's Council in 1856. Tru-tee of Gilmanlon .Vcademy and 
Theological .Seminary, and Deacon of the Church in Gdu) uiton 
Iron U'orkb. I'/,/. SvccrssFri. Nkw Hampshike Men. 

4n J 


Fka.sci.^'' Coi i.s WELL, (/(>///(/ w, Xiifi'i.inu/K yo/niK IVHIkvh-. Joint'' 
son of Dr. William' : 162 and jndith (Ikdger) Cogswell, was born Dei 
21, 1800, in Atkinson, \. H. He married, June S, 182S. Mary Sykc 
Ma, land, daughter of Abraham and M.irv (Svkes) Marland. .She wa 



born Aug. 9, 1806. in ]5yfield, Mass. They resided in Ossipee and 
Dover, X. H., and removed to Andover, Ma^s., in 1S42, where they 
resided the remainder of their lives. Mrs. Cogswell died Dec. 8, 1877. 
Francis Cogswell, Esq., died Feb. 11, 1880. 


WiM.i.AM A., [836] h. May 5. 1S30 ; m. Oct. ;;. iS'S. Sir^aii J.. Moll : d. Max 2. 1.S7. . 
A s,,N, [837] 1j. April 15, '1832. He died in inlancy. April 1 r,. 1.S32. 
Fkan. 1-. [838] b. April 27. 1.S33. He died in inl.mcy, Il'1>. 25, 1834. 
John Fh.anc is, [839] b. March 25. 1.S35: m. March 2.). i.SGo. Esther .1/. Mcnill. 
Joseph B.\n(,i r, [840] b. June 15. 1837. He died, unmarried, Jan. 4, iSSi. 
M.AKV M.\Ki..\.\ii. [841] b. April .s. 1.S39; m. Jan. 17. i.Si-,i. Williiun Hohh^, Eu/. 
\iK\]\yn\ Pi \ui..\Rii. [842! ) I , , |. J, f He died in infancy. Oct. 23, 1.S45 : 
Thomas ,Maiu..a\d. [843] \ '' ' ''• '■■''-•■+■'/ m. June 27, 1.S72. Gror^^ianaJ. .U.Cr,. 

Fraxcis Cogswell graduated from Dartmouth College in 1822, was Prin- 
cipal of Gilford Academy for one year, studied law with Stephen Moody, Est]., 
of Gilmanton. N. H ., was admitted to the bar in 1827, and practised in Tufton- 
boro' and Ossipee. N. H.. some ti\-e years. Mr. Cogswell removed to Dover, 
X. H.. in 1833, to enter upon his duties as Clerk of the Court in Strafford 
Co., N. H. He resigned in 1842. removed to .Andover, Mass., and for a 
short time was the Superintendent of the manufacturing interests in Ballard- 
vale, Mass. He was chosen, May 16, 1845, Cashier of the .Andover Bank, and 
Director of the Boston and Maine Railroad Company. Of the latter he 
became President in 1856. This position he resigned in 1862, but so success- 
ful was his administration of the affairs of the company that he was re-elected 
in 1865, and filled the office until 1S71. Then wishing to be relie\ed of busi- 
ness lie severed his connection with the company and retired to spend the 
rest of his days in the quiet of his own home. Mr. Cogswell, in addition to 
the above offices, was for some twenty years Treasurer of the Marland Manu- 
facturing Company, and Director of Andover Bank. He was Trustee of both 
Gilmanton and .Atkinson .Academies, Xew Hampshire, and of the Punchard 
Free School, .Andover, Mass. He was an Overseer of Harvard College for 
six years, and Warden of Christ Church, .Andover, Mass.. for nearly thirty 
years. Mr. Cogswell was a man of fine business abilities, unquestioned 
integrity, and e.xcellent social qualities. His age was crowned with honor and 
the peace of God. Under date of \o\, 21, 187S, in a letter to a nephew he- 
wrote, "Should I live one calendar month more I shall be seventy-eight years 
old. .At that age I can make but little calculation tor the future. I lia\e 
great reason to thank our Heavenly Father for all the benefits and blessings 
which I have received at His hands. My cup of blessing has been filled and 
running over. I liave no complaint to make. 1 have passed smoothly ami 
pleasantly along this, a lung life, a full third ni a century in a public or coi- 


porati- employiiicMi, and never liad it in mv heart to complain of ill usage 
by tlic world. 1 line always thoiiglit thai I hail recui\cd all that I deserved 
to have, and wa< and am satisfied." Mr. Cogswell survived to his eightieth 
year. His funeral service was attended in Christ Church. .Andover, Mass. 
F/i/. Slxcesskvl \kw H.amp«hire Me.\. 


I 418] 


Gij.i:.,K'-Cor,.s\vi.:Li., , ll',//uiw\ .\\i///,in/,/\ :7<'////', WuVidi/r. yoliit^). 
son uf Dr. Willianv"^ 162 and Judith (Badgef) Cogswell, was born Feb. 
5, i8oS, in Atkinsnn. N H. He married, Aug. 4, 183 1, ^Ab!--<ii/ 
Parke:, daii-liter of IVter and Abigail (Parkeri Parker .she was born 
Sept. 6, iSo.^, in l-last Hradford. Mass. They resided in Ikadford, 
Mass. Mrs, Cogswell died July 23. 1.^45. Ur. Cogswell married, Dec. 
2, 1846, Elizalhtli Doauc, yoimgest daughter of Hon. Elisha and Susan 
(Ba.sset) Doane. She was '.>.^y\\ May 5. 1S12, in Varmouth, Mass. 

.\v,\:\ 1'\i;ki:k. [844] li. Sejit. 25. 1S3::: m. OlI. 2o, 1.S59. Hon. Gfori^i F. Clioalt. 
(;huK(,i 1;m)i,i-.k.[845J b. Sept 15. 1X34: m. Feb. iS, 1S3S. Calhciiiic Bobsoii Bio-cn. 
Wii 1 iA\i \!ui<ci;. [846J b. J.ui. 22. i.S3r. He died in infancy. Aug. 5. 1S37. 
\Vn.: 1 \M. [847] b. .Aug. 23, 1S3S: ni. June 20. 1.S65, ^Eiiima T. Proctor; m. Dec. 12. 

iSM. -E'ii M. Da--is. 
S.\R.Mi I'MiKi n. [8481b. March 23, 1S43. 

IHl . lin.l.KIA 01 Jill V1.1.IIM) .M \KKI.\(,I wi.Ki:: 

Ki iMiA lJn.\M.. [850; S ' ■"''" "'" '■ "*■ ■ "( lb- died in childhood. .April 6. 1S50 
1)..\M . [851] I., .\piil 20. KS51 ; m. I)c-c. 20. 1S.S3. Snroli Col/uriitc Driiry. 
C.\K..i.iM Do.vM .I852]b. .Au,:. 2. i'-';2. 

GtoROK (.^"GSWKi.i receivetl his earlier education at the academy of his 
nati\e town, prosecuted his professional studies under the ablest teachers of 
Medical Science in .\ew Kngland. and received the degree of .M. 1)., with the 
highest honors ot his class, in i,S;,o. from 1 i.irtmouth College. .V. H. Dr. Cogs- 
well at once established himself as ,1 phy^ici.ui in IJr.ulford. Mass.. where he 
won a wide practice and rose rapidly to eminence in his profession. With the 
desire for a wider knowledge in the range of his profession, especially in the 
line of surgery, in tlie fall of 1S41 he \isited Europe, spending the succeeding 
winter in the hospit.ds of l',iri>. and in attending the lecture^ (if the nio-l di>- 

tinguisht-'d men in medical science. In tiie folldwini; spring lie visited the 
principal ciiies of Italj-, and for a while studied in the hospitals of London. 
On ills return he at once resumed the ]5ractice of his profession. He boldly 
and successfully attempted capital operations in surgery, and became the lead- 
ing surgical operator and consulting physician for a large circuit. He fitted 
up a well appointed dissecting-room, and the advantages of his instruction 
were sought by many students to whom became known his superior knowledge 
of Technical .Anatomy. In 1844 Dr. Cogswell received, but declined, an invi- 
tation to occupy the chair of a Professor in the Medical Department of one of 
the leading colleges in Xew England. He had a great desire to elevate the 
standard of medical practice, and largely by his eiTorts the Esse.x North Medi- 
cal Association was organized, which i:)ecame a vigorous branch of the Massa- 
chusetts Medical Society. .^Iter Dr. Cogswell relinquished the active praciice 
of liis profession, he still retained hi> membership in this society, participated 
in its discussions of scientific .mil practical subjects, and contributed much to 
its success. 

Dr. Cogswell was called to till other positions of responsibility and trust. 
He was elected President of the Union Bank in Haverhill. Mass.. at its organ- 
ization in 1849, •I"''' ^^'^^ elected to the same office when that institution became 
the First National Bank in 1864, which position he still filled in 1884. For 
many years he was the Mce- President of the Haverhill .Savings Bank, and for 
a time the President of a Railroad Company He was an active member of 
the Chapman Hall meeting in Boston, which organized the Republican party 
in Massachusetts, with whith party he was ever in full accord. In 1852 he 
was a member of the I'.lcciijr.d inlleuL. which gave the vote of Massachu- 
setts for (ien. Winfield .Scott. In 185S and 1859 he was a member of the 
Executive Council. Nathaniel 1'. Banks being the Governor of Massachusetts. 
He was a delegate from the .Si.\th District of Massachusetts to the Chicago 
Convention which nominated Abraham Lincoln for President in i860. In 
1862 he was appointed by President Lincoln Collector of Internal Revenue 
for the Si.xth District of Massachusetts. After holding this office for four 
years, he was removed by President Johnson, without cause, and was reap- 
pointed to the same office by President Grant in 1S70, which position he held 
until 1875. when this district was consolidated with two other districts. This 
was one of the largest and most important paying districis in the country, and 
under the administration of Dr. Cogswell its affairs were contlucted with 
marked efficienc}- and exactness. He was a member of the Electoral College 
of 1868. which gave the vote of the State for Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. Dr. 
Cogswell received the degree of A. M. from Dartmouth College in 1865. He 
was always deeply interested in educational matters and gave some of his best 
service to the management of important schools. He was for a long time a 
Trustee of .\tkinson .\cademy. and of the Pealiody .Acadt-my of Science, in 
Salem, Mass. For nearly fifty years he was a Trustee of Bradford .Acailemy. 
and during most of this lime had the entire management of its financial 
afifairs. His efficiency in this work is best illustrated by the splendid appoint- 

2 14 

ments of this institution for the higher education of young ladies. The ample 
grounils, the perfection of the school edifice, the excellence of the teacliers. 
and the scope of its curriculum, give it a prominence and a power not 
excelled. He had the pleasure, with his associate trustees, of seeing this 
school, by the generosity and interest of its many friends, placed upon an 
enduring foundation. In the great reforms of the last half-century Dr. Cogs- 
well gave his influence by judicious advice and consistent example. He com- 
menced actixe life with the tempeiance cause, and was an ardent supp Tter 
of the anti-slnvcry niovement fn.m the beginning to the end of that gre;il 

Dr. Cog.swell was evangelical in his religious con\ictions, and never deji.irted 
from the Scriptures of his ancestors. In 1S31 he became a member of -.he 
rlnnch in Bradford, and was always identified with its growth and prosperity. 
In 1 860 he assisted in forming the Haverhill Montlav Eveninc Clii:, 
which was com])osed of gentlemen of literary tastes, residing in Haverhill and 
Bradford, for the discussion of literary, scientilic, and social topics. In 1S7S 
Dr. Cog-well made his second visit to F.urope, and was at the World's Fair in 
Paris. He included in his travels tiie mountains and lakes of Switzerland. 
and portions of (Jermany. Belgium, and Holland. He also visited the rural 
districts of England. Scotland, and Ireland, giving much attention to the agri 
culiurai capabilities and resources of the countries through which he passed, 
and manifesting the same enthusiasm in all objects of interest that character- 
iz.d his former visit. Amid his multiplied cares and duties, Dr. Cogswell 
found time to de\i''i' no little attention to agriculture, and his broad acres on 
the sunny slope 1 1 ■' Ri\-erside '" gi\e evidence of good cultivation. There, 
amid the rural retirement of his country home, he passed the summer months 
of his later years, with his family, recei\'ing his friends with the cordial grace 
of old-time hospitality. 

It should not fail of mention, that of those who ha\e generously aided in 
carrying forward to successful issue the work of genealogical research, as 
presented in this volume, there is no one to whom the author is so largely 
indebted, for counsel, encouragement, and money, as to Hum. George Cogs- 
well, M. D. For fuller mention of Dr. Coi;swell, vid. Successful New 
H.'\MrsHiRE Mr.N. 


Mrs. Elr-aklli \JMvu) O^-n.y//, tlic wile ui 1K„1. Ccorgi- fn.ys^dl. M. I >,. w.,- tin 
v.nmgcst il.iughter (/I' lion. IClish.i and Susan Doane, 01 Narnioutli, M.i-. Uu -i-iu, 
Susan Doanc, wa< the wift- of Kev. Xatli.miel (-..y-wdl [415 ]. The\ <.l ihc Lit. jiul.uc 
1 )o;nn.- were lileran and liigldy cidii\aieil. Mr-. (-...^-hJI «.i- n hul> v\ yrv.a rLiiiiuiKiu 
and inicrcsting social qnalilies. 

S„r,i/i I\irl:ci Cn'^ttrf/ [ 848 ]. daii;.;lUei ..f 1 )i . ( icoi-e and .\lii,;;ail (I'arku) ( o'^swell. 
Hiadnaled Irum lir.idlord .\cadcni>. .in.l in i.s:i.»iih ,, |iailv 01 iiicnd-. nKuK- an extended 
loin- in Kngland and Central Ymx~<\^. 

Cvoliii, J),;,n. C,>->w,'ll (852 ]. the \..nn:.;e>t dan-iuei ..| I),. (Mr.-uen. .m .idnat. ,1 from 
Hradloid .Xculeniy. and in i.S7S\i>iled I'.iirnpe. and Ir.iveiled ultl, Ik 1 Lillai and .hIk 1 hleiul- 
..\ei llie interesting jiails ..f Kngland and the CnituKnt, 


I 420 ; 


Judith" Cogswell, (Jolni'\ Nathaniel'^, yohn-\ Willmiifl, Jolui^), 
dauj;hter of John"' [163 1 and Abiah (Moody) Cogswell, was born 
March lo, 1783, in Canterbury, N. H. She married, Jan , 1799, ^T/ionias 
Cogswell [382 1, son of Hon. Thomas and Ruth (Badger) Cogswell. 
He was burn Now 11. 1781, in Gilmanton, \ H, They resided in 
Alban), Vt. Mr. Cogswell died Oct. 26, 1813. Mrs. Cogswell mar- 
ried, Feb. 17, iSiy, -yohii Taylor, son of Abraham and Rachel Taylor. 
He was born Feb. 7, 1774, in Worcester, Mass. They resided in 
Landaff and Bethlehem. N. H. He was a farmer. Mr. Ta}-lor died 
Jan. 13, 1842. and Mrs. Tavlor died March 10. 1S64. on her eighty-fir>l 

C/uir/,:,. h. Feb. I,), iSoo; m. .Urn, da 111/.-,,,: : tl. June K, T.S-3, 
AW/' /.'.. 1>. Dec. 30, 1832: m. Juscph O/is : il. j.iii. 24. 1840. 
Hannah P., b. Dec. 31, 1804; m. 'llmotliy Taylor; d. Oct.. 18^,4. 
Thoma.s Jefferson, b. Sept. j, 1806; 111. Dec. 26, 1S44, Ruth M.Connell ; d. .\yy\\. 1857. 
Julia Ann, li. Oct. 19, 1808: m. Jan. S. 1S3;, Ihn/aniin AVic.' ri. M.irch 2;. 1' >c. 
Jaiiette P., b. Feb. 26. iSll : m. May 30, 1.-52. E,/w.i,,f B. S/ukney. • 
Judith C, b. April 23, 1813: 111. Marcli. 1831. '.!///,> Baudes : m. July. 184S. Frank 
Snow : d. All-. 2S. I.S6S. 

TH1-- IH11.I)H1;N of the SECOMi .MARKL\(,K WERE: 

John. b. Nov. 3, 1S19: m. Nov. 28. 1S41. Abii^ail Thrasher. 
Abraliani. b. Aug. 9, 1822: m. ^Ta^tha Yomr.^. 
Hcnrx Cah'in,h. Oct. \>,. i.S:r. 


I 4211 


Nath.amf.l''Cii(.swhll, {yoliii'\ Xathaiiirl^, yoh,P\ Wilhonr. yohii^), 
son of John" ( 163 1 and Abiah (Moody) Cogswell, was born Se])t 27, 
1785, in Canterbury, N. H. He married. 1806, Sarah Snotv, daughter 
of James and Ruth (Hall) Snow. She was born in Landaff, N. H., 
where they resided. Mrs. Cogswell died JuT\' 26, 1843. Capt. Cogs- 
well died Sei)l. 16, i8r,6. 


(;r..K<,i \Vav||is,,i,.n. 1853] b. Kcl.. 1. 1. 1.S07: 111. 1-el.. i^.. 1.S34. Harriet laylor. 
\<\ 111. [854]!.. X..\. 2.,. iSoN; 111. Jan. 4. iSjS. HIroiii M.rritI : d. Oct. 2. i.S,S3. 
H.A.NNAH. [855J 1). -Aug. 13. iMc: 111 .Ajiiil 14. 1.S32, Uiaii,i/,-r B,>U'/fs : d. Oct.. 1.S55. 
J(.ii\, [856] 1). Fell. 1 1. 1.M3: 111. March 23, 1.S51, SaruJi Augusta Ca'ltoii. 
Kiiss c.. [857] \>. .\(.\. 2^1. 1^14. He died in early manliood. Nov.. 1X41. 
J.wii ■^ .S.. [858] li. Xn\. 2.,. iSio: 111. Feb., \'i\?,.' Martha Moort ; d. Marcli 26, i,sr,3. 
iJiAKi-.dKN S. .M.,[859]b. .March 22. 1.S19: m. .April 12. i84(;. Malii,,la Oa/.vs. 
.Mauv C, [860] b. Scj't. 7, 1^21 : 111. .Sept. 22. 1843. f/on/cs C. k'uapp : d. .Vui;. 17, 

lii i<;r.v K.. [861] l\ May 12. 1N2'.; 111. May 12, 1.S47, /,?;//,■>■ C. .\oy,\- ; d. April 16. iSr,o. 


.\ Mil \.Niri. C.M.-wi 1 I «^i~ a l.iniKv. Ik IkUI .1 captain'- cmiin-ioii, and filled vaii- 
.111- i,.\Mi ■.tticc<. 

y.'m .y r.; -■,,'/ | 858 1 Incd i.. Ma.iche-tcr. X. 11. 




Jeremlmi'' Cog.-^well, {I:/h-//r.7i-r'\ Xiif/iaiiif!'^, yohii\ Williani-, 
yolin^), .son of ]"' cnezei-'^ [164 and Mary (Stone) Cogswell, was born 
March 27, 17SS, in Lamlaff. X. H. He married Joamm Jci^cH. They 
settled in Li.shon, X. H.. and subsequently resided in WhitefieUl, X. II. 
Mr. Co.c'swell dietl. 1865. in Rowe, Mass. 

.•\\Ios, [862] b. JuK IS. iSio: 111. Ma. ia Jol:ii,vn. 

H.\\N.\H. [863I b.'Xnv. r,, ,Si2: 111. . 

Ili.A, [864] b. March (., 1N15: 111. . 

Luris.-\,[865lb. March 13. iSiS: 111. Asa FrcnJi. 

.\1 MINI. A. [8661b. .\],ril 18. 1S21: m. WarJ I'. Ulnf^f^l.-. 

CHAiMA-. [867 b. .Au-. M;. I.S23. 




ICiiENEZEK'Xix. SWELL, {JoSifli'-, Natha>ncl\ Johii\ m7/hw/-\ Joint'), 
11 of Dr. Joseph' i 165 an.l Judith (Cnlbv) Co-suell, was born Mav 
. 17^5. in \ew Dnrliani. \ 11. lie married. Dee. 13, 1S21, lutscr 


^Viggiii, daughter of Jeremiah and L}dia (Moody) Wiggin. She was 
born June 13, 1796, in Ossipee, N. H. They lived in Taniworth, and 
afterward in Jackson, N. H. Mrs. Cogswell died May 22, 1866. Mr, 
Cogswell died June 27, 1866. 

PEAKSdN, [868] I1. May 2, 1S23; m. April, 1.S43, ' 

Dn7'{,'; cl. April 20, 
Hannah, [869] b. May 4, 1825; m. Jan. I. 1S50. 
KMn.v, [870] b. Sept. 11. 1827 ; m. March 27, iN 

Tlijiikful /// 


52, Fi 


rd : 

[ 434 ] 


RuTH^ CocswELL, (Joscpli^, Nathaniel^, yohu", \\'i//iatn-, yo/ni^), 
daughter of Dr. Joseph'' [165] and Judith (Colby) Cogswell, was born 
Aug. 22, 1802, in Tamworth, N. H. She married, April 16, 1S25, 
Ebcnczcr Allen, of Tamworth, N. H. They resided in Ro.xbury, Me. 
Mr.s. Allen died May 24, 1846. 


Thowas Cogswell, m. DUivtha Eustis : d. 1S70. 

Feiiheii Ilniistoii. m. 'Sarah J. Gaiinnon: 111. • ; (b Oct.. 18.S2. 

.1 hi, Ira Judiili. .Sbc died young. 

Elliott Colby, b. Dec. 25, 1S43: m. 1862, ^Elizabeth Dean ; m. '^ . 


Thomas C. Allen was a faimer ; had five childicn, and lived in Riniifi)rd, Mc. 

AUiiltit T. Allen was a farmer and carriage-maker, and lived in Millun, Ml. llv \v:i- 
twice married. His first wile died in 1S65. Mr. Allen was Representative, andlur si.nic linic 
r..~lniaster. He liiul f.iur children. His oldest sun was a jihysician in Minnea|>, Minn. 

F.!h.-li C. Allen u.i- .1 can i.igc -maker. He served three 'year> in the Lnion .\vn,>. He 
\v.t>, in kSSj. .1 ical-estalL Ijrokcr in .Minneaiiolis, Minn. 




Makv Sakgexi'' Cogswell, (Joseplr, Xall/aniel*, Johii', William-, 
Johit^), daughter of Dr. Joseph'' 1165; and Judith (Colby) Cogswell, 
was born Sept. 20. 1805, in Tamwdrth, N. II. She married, iSj6, 


idwuu in SaiKl»icli. lie .-enefl in il.c Vnion Anin 


nlHinecrs. was sli,.t on I'incknev's Island, and died o 


the rirst nianiauc nnc (iaiiffhlei. Maiv Iitnc, who mar 



jfacol' C. W'.i^.i:''!. He was born Feb. 7, 1S03. They lived in Tam- 
worth, N. H. Mrs. Wiggin died Feb. 12, 1877. 


Josc-p/i l.i^M.'c//. b. Oct. 24. 1826: 111. '.I/r7/;i- Aiiihrosc ; 111. 'Riill, Aiui Lcavi// : A. 

Aug. 26, isCs. 
CoZ/'v S.. b. Sept. II, IN27. ni. /'• ■. .' - ./. /).',■. 
Emily C, h. Marcli 13. 1S20: m. .l.'^'i,/ IV. .S/.tc/m. 
Jliiiira J., h. March 3, 1S31 : m. J,'/ii, h\ Mnrtiii. 
Mary J., b. Aug. 12. [834; <!. I'eh. 25, 1S56. 
Cun/rh'ii .1.. b. Feb. 5, 1S37; m. Fri-ciiiaii Tilloii. 
M,u/u-:c CInii;. b. Sept. S. i83<r. m Mary Holiins : d. Nov. X. 1S64. 
Ar/Ziur E., b. March 24, 1.S42: m. March 21, \9.f,-i. ^^,lry F. Dro-.'iis 
Hniiuah S., h. Sept. S, 1S44: d. July 13. rSfq. 
Ainniitf.i /•".. h. Aug. 26. 1846: m. .Aug. 10. iSr,;. }f,„n S,i,// ; d. Feb. 12. i.SC.. 

«liile in connnand ..( a 0)ni| 
w..nnds. .\u,t;. rfi. iSr.;,. lie 
.Ml. .Xshcn.ft. 

(■..//■!• .V. //V.w" died leavini; four >.in-. 

.1/r. and M>:<. M.nlni livt-d in l;rij;lii..n. Me. Tluv had -on. John II. .Martin. 

.1//. and Mr:. Tiltoii had one son. 

.M.iyh.w C. in^-^'iii. atier three vear-' serv iee in the Inion .\rin\. died Nov. S. iSfq, in 
Millan Rebel Trison 

A'lltur /•.'. and .I/.'.-,- /■. (/),v.r,'//,,l ir,-.:i,i had one daughter. 


. 43T 


Joseph*^ Cogswell, {'yo.wp/r. .\,u/hniu/'^, 'Jolnr. Williaui'-, Jolni^s, 
son of Dr. Joseph"' ,165 ami Judith (Colby) Cogswell, was born Ajiril 
2, 1808, in Tamworth, N. H. Ho married, Oct. 24. 1835, Aimi'ida F. 
Po-r. dau-hter of Jabe;^ and Susan (Osgood) Page. She w,is horn 
April 23, 1816, in (lilmanton, N. H. They resided in Tamworth, N. II 

Sls.W M.. I871 I b. Se|)t. 26, 1S37. She resided, 1SS4, in 'raniwortli. N. H. 
.\.\iiiAvn.i. \ViNsi.,n\. [872] b. June 4. 1S44. He died, unmarried. Feb. o. 1.S7: 
I.MM.A J.. I873I b June i;, 1.S4S; m. Auu. 14. 1.S71, ('/„///<■,, Noh,,is,.„. 


Joseph Cocswell was a " substantial farmer, citizen, and church member." 

Kathanicl W. C('i'rav//was a teacher in Coe's Academy, Xorthwood, X. H., and a man of 

great promise at the time of his death. 

Charles Kohertsoii, who married Emma J. Cogswell [ 873 ], was the son of Pea. Robert and 

Lydia (Nickerson) Robertson. He was born Dec. g, 1S37, in Katon, X. H., where they resided. 

Mr. Robertson had of a former marri.age Iwn sons, viz. : Jesse Xelson. b. Jan. 5, 1S63, and 

Mark Edwin, b. March 16, 1S66. He was a farmer, merchant, and Justice of the Peace. His 

oldest son was with him in business. 



Elliott Colbv-' Cohswell, {jFosep/r, Williiim^, 'Jolni\ IVil/uuii-, 
yohn^), son of Dr. Joseph"' [165] and Judith (Colby) Cogswell, was born 
June 1 I, 1814, in Tamworth, N. H. He married, Aug. 12, 1842, Sophia 
Ann Adoins, daughter of Dea. Thomas and Sophia G. (Kimball) 
Adams. She was born Jan. 24, 1819, in Gilmanton, N. H. 


Edwarii Ki.LidTi, [874] b. Oct. ,S, 1843. He died in childhood, Aug. 26, 184'). 
M.AkV Ui'H.v.M, [875] b. Sept. 6, 1S45: m. Xov. 19, 1.SO5. George W. Biiighaw . 
Ei.i.EN Soi'Hi..i, [876] b. July 14, i.'^47. She died in cliildhood. Aug. 13, 1S41;. 
Martha Ellen, [877] b. Dec. 28, 1849: m. Dec. 3. 1874, John G. Mead. 
Elizaiilih C, [878] b. March 5, 1852: m. Feb. 28, iN77, C/iorhs H. I'rescolt. 
Wn.LiAM Bahllk, [879] b. Aug. 5, 1854. 

TiiM.MAs HLRr.LKi, [880] b. Aug. 5, 1856. He died in childhood, Sept. 17, 18O0. 
Ei'HKAiM Bk.khkiki). [881] b. May 11. 1S59. He died in infancy, July 23, i860. 
HLNin IJiKK, [8821b. April 5. 1861. 


Ellmii Cdlhv Chgswell was tin/ youngest of his father's family. He 
graduated from Dartmouth College in 1838, and in 1842 from the Gihnanton 
Theological Seminary, N. H. He was first setded. Nov. 3, 1S42, as pastor of 
the Congregational Church in Northwood, N. H. In 1848 he removed to 
Xewmarket, X. H., and after n ministry of eight years he was installed pastor 
of the First Presbyterian Church, in New Boston, N. H., where ht remained 
until Oct. 31, 1S65. He then returned to Xorthwood, X. H.. as pastor of the 
Church, and was Principal of Coe's Academy for ten years, until June, 1876. 

ke\. Mr. fo,2;s\vell publislied, in 1864, a History of New Boston, N. H., in 
187S, n History of Xorthwood. N. H., and was tlie author of several miscella- 
neous works. 

G...,x.- 11: i:,ii.;l:.,m wa-^ born in ClaremniU. X. II. He gradi.a 

ed in isr.3 from 

iK.utli Cnllcgi.-. and fo, a vear n, two xva> the Principal nf Gilmantn 

1 .\cademv. N. 11 

narried.l/.CT ?>//,»« O.c.ft.v//. wlio .uradii.ated in iSC^n.mi Oilman 

on .\caden,v, M 

Mr- l!in.ul)ani resided in llinlinjjton. Iowa. 

Willi.un Bad:;,-.- C V., . <»•',// [879 1 wa- b..rn in Xcwm.uket. \. 11. 

graduated at lie 

|..-|iital Medical College. March 10. 1S81 : l.e.uan practice <.l medic 

ine .March 16. iS 

lackeiisack. N.J. .M'ter a feu n...nih> he removed t.. .Str.alford, Coi 

n.. where he still 

wed hi< profession, in I,S,S4. 

Jl.ury Burr Co-^'fwrll [ 882]. the \ oinv^e^l child .>f Rc\ . and Mr- 

Cou-^wcll. in iSS. 

"""""""'■■■'■"""""■■ """■'"" ■"^" "" 


: 442 


Stf.i'HEn'^ Cogswell, {ycn-unah'', CalcbK Adam", William", jfo/ui^). 
son of Capt. Jeremiah^ [168' and Sarah (Fletcher) Cogswell, was born 
July 29, 1772, in Westford, Mass. He married, July 17, 1820, Amelia 
dld-ci-ll, daughter of William and Rebecca Caldwell. She was born 
Iul\- 7, 1788, in Johnstown, N. V. They resided in Ephratah, N. Y. 
br' Cogswell died Nov. 2, 1825. Mrs. Cogswell died Aug. 29, 1869. 


.Sii.i'HKN C, [883] 1). June 5, 1S21. He died in infancy. Jan. 23. 1822. 
Wil.i.l.AM. [884] h. Marcli C, 1K23. He died in infancy. 1S23. 

.^TF.iUF.N CoiiswKi.i. uraduated tnnn Harvard College in 1797 and studied medicine, but 
did not practise hi.> profession. He became a teacher, afterwards a merchant. In the year 
rS',S l.nther I'vescott, of l-oriie Villai;e. Ma-^.. pmchased of the widow of Dr. Stephen c'-l:- 
wcll her riehl ..| ,'.,«u in land in We-lfov.l and l.illlelon, M..-.S. He bonuht onl al-. otlur 
Mnviuni; hcir>. -iMei- oi Mr. Co^-well, x i/.. Mi-, Knccl.m.l. Mi>. .M.m^lield. of Chclni-lord. 
Ma-., and Mrs. J.ii vi-, of l; Md. 

y...f,/// CV;..;..,//, .1/. /'.. of ICphratah, N. ^•., was a nephew of i)r. .Stephen C\.c;s 
well. He wa* born <)ct. 28, iS::5: studied medicine, and practised for twenty-five years in 
lijihratah, N. V. Dr. faldwcll married, Sept. 23, 1851, i:ii/a Ilardiui;. dausjhter ol Hon. 
i;dnuind liaidine. She was l,..rn Oct. 2^. iSjj. Thevhad three children, vi/. : 1 'harles II., 
I. I in iS. ,S;;: (ieoree I.. I., Feb.-.,,: Siatira Iv. li. Inh :o. iSr.S, 




llET^Evf' Cogswell, (ynTimalr. Calcb\ Adain'^, WilHaut^. yolin^). 
daughter of Capt. Jeremiah'' 1168] and Sarah (Fletcher) Cogswell, was 
born Feb. 17, 1775, in Littleton, Mass. She married, Oct. 18, 1797, 
Capt. Thomas Kidder Gmit. He was born April 15, I7')5, in Concord, 
Mass They resided in Westmoreland, N. H., and in Futnex-, \"t. 
Mrs. Green died Dec. 20, 1820. Mr. Green removed to Niles, Mich., 
where he died, May 10, 1846. 


.-llmini Kidder, b. .A.Ui;. j;. 17^8: m. Oct. 13. 1826, ./y//// Wri^^ht, Es>].: A. March 

Mary Cof^swill. b. July 12. iSoo; m. April 24. 1843, WitliaiH Edioar.l Mav/i.-.c ; A. 

Jan. 22, 1S55. 
L/i:,!, h. May 17, 1S02: m. Sept. 29. 1S20. Kcv. Joaph Wnitr Cintr. : A. N.i\. 4, i.S3_\ 
Anna Hamilton, b. March 19. 1S05; 111. Nov. 26, 182.S, licnjainin Ditk^on. .)/. 1>. . 

A. 1878. 
C<;vJKv// Kidder, b. JuK 2iy, iSoy; m. 1S3;. ^Mary A. Ho-.caid . m. Nov. 23, 1854. 

'Sam/i J.. La-u'ren,,-. 


T/u.,i,.,> KidJu Gr,v„ ^^^^ .1,, ami C .iplain >if MiHlui. In i,S3;, ht 
rc.nuvetl t.. Nile-. Mich., .iiul became one ul the first .ettlei- ..t I..wn. 

Jo/iii ll'>.-;,'. -.11, ,if l,,hn .and (rartii(lt;el Wn-ht, w.iv l„,ni June .S, 17.1:. m X.T- 

xvieh. Vt. He -i.ulu.ile.l M.trch 2y, 1814, from the- .Militan .\c.iileni;, . W e-i r.nnt. h.i- ].im 
moteel, Match 30. 1S14, Secund Lieutenant lor|..- ul Kn-i)ieet>, U. S. A, He ua- A-^i-l.<ni 
J'rofcs.sor uf Mathematics in the Military Academy fium April 1, 1814, tu Dee. 1, i8i(, ; 
resigned this jjosition July ^^j. 181S; entered ujion the ])ractiee of law in Norwich. Vt.. 18-0. 
and continued in the lec;al practice until his death, which occurred Sept. 10, 1S60. Mr. Wright 
married .Mav .S, iSi.s. 's„.a/: /',;■■/• 7. 7 <..-.'. who died Anu. iS. 1S20. They had one child: Susan 
Ann. b. Fell. iS. ,Sur. ni. .\n.u. 17. 1S4I. I',,l. ( ..Uiei r.enmn, who died Feb., 18S0. Mr> 
lienton resided. iSS'„in LclcinM,,, X. |[. J,,hn Wiiyhl. L-|.. ni.irried, -.4//«/™ AV,/,/,r Gr,;ji: 
resided in Norwich. \'t. 'Ihc'. ine chiMicn. x i/ M.u> Lcn.ud J.ii \ i-, 1.. Oct. n. 1827. 
d. Dec. 7, 1S27: Marx JavM-, b. Apiil 21,. is.-,, d. ,s. i.s;,-,; Leonard J.tivi^, b. Sept. 15. 
1.S31, m. Aug. 10, 1858. Marx J...ephinc Wcuei : .M.u> Jarvi-. b. Se|.l. J4. 1^34- >'■ '^'^P'- "'■ 
1878; Thomas Kidder tlreen, b. Feb. 1, 183S. ,n. Fel.. 23. r.S7.i, Mrs. P. C. Jone-. of Peleis- 
burg, N. ^". 

Aeo>,„n/ y„r7-,s ;;-,7-//,', the oldest son, married M.irv Joseph, ne \Ve.iver, daughter of 
Charles and i;ii/.i (llilciuan. \Ven\er. She u.i- l».rn Aiicv 4. 1X30. m Snnlunv. I'.i. Thev 
lived in Snnlmrx. P.i,. Nik-. Mi.h.. ami iS.S;. in Ncufwii. 1 ..nn, lie ua~ .1 Cuil Lnuineer 
and Railroa<l ( ..lUracfni In the wai of the I inon he wa.. .1 in the Ninth Keonuent 
ot Michiu.m Intanirv 1 .ipl. Leonard Jarvis and Mary Josephine ( Weaverl Wright eight 
■ hildren : Kli/a J., 1.. Sept. iS, iSt,o. ui. Jan. 5. 1882, (ieome Allen, thev live in Steelton. Pa.: 

A. ..lie r., li, \l,n I <c\)t. ;„ iSfifi; Joniilp |lf»i«n, l> Mmch .m, iS-o; Ji«hn. 

Iv \|.ril ;;, iS'j; 1 : vv. M., iS-;. ")'r...ici« Umvci, I. April ;o, 1S-5, .l.'si.)ii. 

K', IN-,, \1.1, .. v.. .. ,SSj. 

■ . > .ifiMMi III till- I iiiiiii Aiim lie «•;>«, iNS'-^, a ( ivil Knijliiroi 

. "ii.iid, and ifwidrd in Monni l'lrn>4tni, Wc^tniorrlnnil t H., I'.f 

111,11 rir*) ^If.ny C (;•^v'/. \v,i- ,1 infrilmni in l«»lllnii>rv. \M 

111. '.'cn. Iv AvtS- :. |K.M. »vh.i illod \|)n" ;„ iSivv \li M;>vliw ti:i.l 

Ml- iiiiirridjjp, who miim'vd C.oorgp N. K»ton, of ItnlttniKits Md., whiiv 

^1 ' Mil 10, iSOfr 

«.i- i'<liit.ilod for ilK- million. Ho innrrinl 'A7»:.i (.-A-rt. I'ticv hnd 

!• I ilw.inl C.rwii, li, Jiin, i!*yj, d. Kok, iS^,^; tirorijc r,.s>r>\flK 1>. flax. 

''- ^^l|. '•. Mav. iN'sfi; Joseph "iwx'w. U. M;>v u>,iS-iMnwritMl .Old >.Ti- 

'''■' •'' I ■LiiliMin, Wis, Xlr"*. ( nrti« dl«l, ,ind Kcv. Mr. i iiMi* imnriwl, 

^'"* ■'' I "KM |/*,|/7,>H (-•,Ki///i.', , widow of I>oa. N,nli»nifl i:oolidi.t-, .mil 

■'■'li.ul'Hi '•-■]. •rill" h:,il :!.!,. ,hii,!,, , ("',,,1 ;,,nr 1' ,, V., .mil 

[.Miu-«r ,. : ., •.,n,.,\|„.v. 

^■■" ■■■ .1, >.■,.,„ 

' • ^^ . mil !i;iil Ihi.-o 
^' ';ir Ii Ot .|, 

Ml-, . , , .| , , ,„ ..,,, .,,,,. ,v „i,.„ ,„, , r.M, -N 

Ki»ti|\ i ,, K I'cli. ». lN5<w HI. .\N>V. «> Ift^). r. C. l!o<\wll; Nnnrv. K P«Oi ; 
;. Ml, (iiwn mftviicd, N\.v ^^. iSnj, ».*,.■,,* X, i.,Mv>,,v. oi Km-um. N II 

|U\.\ \H.\\ ^\K.>\\ KM.. 


<on of C.A\A, Jeremiah" : i«8 .iml .surah iKlctohcr) Co-jswcll. w.js horn 
Juno 30. i;;^, in \Vc->.tKM\l> Nfass, He married, Feh j^. t/ty). .^^'/-fj' 
/"w///. They re.'jidcd in Wosiloril. M,».»5s,, \vl\cro he died. M,»v >). lA.^''. 

n»KI« rHt\ l>H»N' WKHf 

t.if.iHr.f KmiuKhk. |885]l>. !?.)«); m. — ^, d. iSj;;. 

.AiuM H..I i.i\\ iwel K July >>. 1801 ; m. .\larc4> S«>, 1S33. lA»»:i' Wkiu . d. Junr ji 

• •"••'I i. 
.>< vi< Ml I'l: I 1 1 I , |»87] K. Nov I I. iSn3 . m, /„itn X t'iHi-JM,-): 

(ir<n-ff A f.',««<iNV \\\»v t'iip;«««-d Willi lii~ Kt..i1i|.i 111 iiiriv^niUr <hl|titinu on \\w IIimIspii. 
Mp rt«id«-.l in I ..v<q»ckif, \. V., ami in |!i, ., \... \ .. i . >. n.. i, ..i ,,„ , InUlipii 
/,.*./ V r .,. .:„. r «.!» 01 ri«flnis1oi,|, M,.v. 




Kiev* CoGswEl.l., {yereii:i.i/r. C'/. ^*. .\,i,nn\ W'l/ltntn'. y,'//rt*K 
(iau^hter of Capt. Jeremiah .168 ami Sarah (Fletcher) Co;;s\\elI. \va> 
born Nuv 5. 177S, in Westlord. Mass. She married. Sept. 15, iSoi. 
Dr Sntnurl Miiiiuing, son of .Samuel Manning. He was born May 2^. 
1778. in Canibridj;e, Mass Thev resided in CanibriJ^e. Harx.ird. and 
Lancaster, Mass. Mrs. Mannin;; died Uct. 4. 1817, in I^ncaster . 
and Dr. Manning; died Oct.. 1S22, in Cand)ridi;e. Mass 

mtlK CHn.l>HfcS WtKE: 

saiiiii,!. I). Jul) (>. iSoJ: m. |8;8. .sinan .sli./HtuI : <l. iXj;S 

Mary II ,>.»/. \,. July y,, iSo/.: m. iSjS. ./. /t (l.a-.tlnH.i. M. /' . <1 .N<n <,. is-- 
II iiliaiii. Ii. \\xi. 2^ I so-s : m. Jar 1 ;. 1 K38. II, />h :ih,tli /'. llo\,'ard; cl. Julx 20, 1 K; ; 
Ji'ufli ^.>l•/a^v'/. |i. Sept. 13. 181;: m. Aiij;. 14, 1S41. A'ltni.a I'. ./. I.nn ///,'/, . 
AVA-iKf /Vvr//, li .Max 14. 1814 Slii- died in diildhood. .Ajiril 14. uS|ii. 
( Aar/r. /Vfl//. 1.. Kel.. 1;. l.sir. m 1S4S, / .1/ /•/,/„ ,/„„ 


.S.IUIM,.' M.iHiiiii^. ijiIk-i .>i 1)1. .Mjiiiiiu^. ».!• LuiiL .Vu^;.. I72<> ■■> Canil>ridgi.-. Ma»».. .iiul 
<l'i(l at (lie age i>l miifiyioiii \vai!>, .\piil. iSi4. I'hi- .Maniiiiit; (aiiiil\ u( Caiiil)riilt:«: il.iu 

lutk !•■ I<>40. 

I>i.\imitf, M-iiMiti, «a.«i.iUil lt.,1.1 llju.ti.l r..llijit in i;v: .\IUr Mr.. I.iio 
M inning', dt.illi. Kr. Manning married. M.mJi. tSa. Olr>. h. li IVartaMj, Init died the (..I 
K'uiiiK I MmUi. isj;. Mri>. .Manniiiii.hir widim.Hliowa* l*uin in i;.'>5.*ni\l\ed Ui hit niiKiv 
loiirili \i..ii. and died in iSSo. 

.V»;».. .l/.iH«/«^.lhe 'ilde.! Min i>f In. and Mr. Jiuy Manning. «j. Ixirn in Canilirid;;i 
.M:i->. . ^i.iilnalid in IN:.; tnmi Harvard I ullegv; tvcnl tu Kaltiuiure. Md.. in iN:,v *<i>dn<i 
law. and ui i««i married Suntn Sk,fai,i They hail Kven children: l,uc\ .Ann. In \^»). 
>aniuel, li. iSji : William, b. 1834 . Jame» ; .s«»an ; lh.•^.ie: Thumaii. d. i»5<> In ijtoj then 
Win Mill and t»u daughter, liiing. Mr. .Maiininit died in IS5.S. M>. Mannini; died "1 


l><. A.B. a,.r.J.iH,l nurriid M.ny II . .\/,tHti,Mg. Ihey le.i.k.l in ll.iltini.Ti. .Md.. «ln u 
hi «a« a icaehcr. Mr. Clea»il.-ind died in 1.S51. Mr*. Cteax eland dud in 1S7;. Thev 
lhre»- children: William. I>. Jnlv 4, lSv> tjradnaleil * llar\ard Cullege in iSOj. anil «1. 
iS^j: Clement. Ii. 1S44. gradiiatc<l Itoni Harvard Cull«)(e in 1.SO7. «a» in iSSj a |>h\.iiian in 
.\i« \.>\V t il> ; Mar\. b i)>4f.. m. J. I.. .Mkn. They had a ~«i William. «ho died in iSrj. 
Ml.. .Mien died. 1879, in Camln idsc, .Ma.«». 

ll'illi.iHi M.iHHDu »a» l""iii. iSoS. in Harvard. Ma»... .luditd medKint, reiinvd ht- 
dicrce lit .M. I». in iSv^ •'* »eiiled, i.S}\ "> .\ile». Miih.. where he married //. /'. /An.w-./. 
dannhter .it Cvriinand Nani\ iKvilhl HuMard. SheWL Iwtn < M. IJ. iSi;. in l..i.l»n,.Ma>.. 
I h<« had lout vhildrcn. lit. .M.innniK died July :o. 1875. in \ iwilanti, .Mivh 

I i.i.i.i II Mdiiiiim. I.HI.. ••■II <•! III. W1II1.1111 \|.innini;. hj- .1 Cud Knitineei Im «e\etal 

years in ihc eniiilcjy ot the (iovcnimeiu on the Advisory Board of Engineers. In 1SS3 he wa> 
in the entire charge of the Amoskeag Steam Works, Manchester, X. II. 

Joseph Ci'ss-.i'cll M.„i„iu:^%s:,s born in Lancaster, Mass. He married R. I\J. Li-,rmon, of 
Milford, X. IJ. They had nine children : Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 25, 1S42, d. Feb. 19, 1S7; ; 
Charles Henry, b. June y. 1S44, m. Jan. 17, 1S71, Fanny Hartlett ; he was Ensign U. S. X. ; 
Jarvis Cogswell, b. Xov. 30, 1S45, d. Oct. 21, 1S46; Joseph Cogswell, b. Julv 26, 1S47 ; Rebecca 
I.., b. July S, i,S49; Henry I.., b. 11, iSjrr.d. Dec. i. 18S0; Cleaveland I'., b. May 2S, 1S54 ; 
i-eonard ]., b. May 11, 1S56, gradu.iied from Harvard College, 1S76; Sanniel, b. Feb. 9, 1S59, 
d. March 2, 1S59. 

Chorla Pratl Mauinii-.wwv^ciX child of Hr. Samuel and Mrs. Lucy (Cogswell) Man- 
ning, was born in Lancaster, Mass. In 1S36 he went to Baltimore, Md., and became a Civil 
i:ngineer. He married / M. ThiivstoH, of Cumberland, Md. 'I'hey had nine children, who in 
i!S.Sj were ail living. 

Kcv.J.nob M.unu,.-, D. D., late i>asl.>i ..f the old .South Church, liost.m, Mass., deceased. 
it i> said, was a cousin of Dr. Samuel .Manning, who married Lucy Cogswell, of We-tford, 



E\e'' Cogswell, (ynrw/j/r', Caleb*, Adaiii\ lVi//iai>r\ yo/iii''), 
daughter of Capt. Jeremiah'' [168: and Sarah (Metcher) Coi;s\vclI, was 
born June 20, 17S5, in Littleton, Mass. She married, June 26, 1814, 
B,iijani!ii Kucclaiid, son of Richard and Martha (Hall) Kneeland. He 
was born Feb. 13, 17S0, in Westford, Mass., where thev resided. Mr. 
Kneeland died Aug. 14, 1S28. Mrs. Kneeland died Ajtril 18, 1S49, '" 
New York. 


Caroline C, h. March 14, 1815 : m. July 20, 1S37, '/>v7«</> luiitlctt; m. July 16, 1S39, 

-Charhs Wyctli. 
Aupista Maria Eve, b. Jan. (., 181S. She died in early life. Aug. i. 1S3.S. 
Sarah J^litclur, b. Aug. 17. 1S20. She died in earlv life, Mav 17. 1835. 

ruHJ.nnui K,u.l.unl was of iIk- Kneel.ui.l familv. of l;,,>t,,„, M,,>.. He wa- a mcrLhanl, 
■xnA retired in early life u|-on an am|ile lU was .m uncle of .saniuel Kneeland, .M. H.. 
if ISoston, Mass. 

/>,»«<•;> /.',/;V/,-// the son of lien, liailcy Bartlctt, of Haverhill, M.iss. 

ClKirlc! U'yclh was the son of J.ic.I, \V\cih, of Cambridge, .Mass. He removed m ilnlu 
norc in lS;o, and was a merch.nii in ihai ciix His ancestors were of the original |>roprielors 
il the town of Cambridge, Ma--. Mi. \\ \ah resided, in i.S.S^. at No. 139 .Mc<"iilloi k .Streci. 
:.illiniore. Md. Henjamin Kneel.oi.r. uiMthe, was the danuhler ..I kev. Will.iid ll.dl. fir-I 
iiiiiisler of Westford. M.a-s. 



[ 450 ] 

Rei'.ecca'' Cogswell, {ycreuiialf-, Caleb'-, AdanP', Williaiii', jfo/n/^), 
daughter of Capt. Jeremiah* [168] and Sarah (Fletcher) Cogswell, was 
born April 14, 17SS, in Littleton, Mass. She married, Jan i, 1815, 
yoel Mansfield. He was born in Chelmsford, Mass., where they 
resided. Mr. Mansfield died June 30, 1826. Mrs. Mansfield married, 
Nov., 1863, "-Theodore Woodward. Mrs. Woodward died June 18, 1864. 


Gcoroc ]\'ashi}r.:,tun, b. Nov. 7, i.?i5. He died in early life. Sept. S, 1S36. 

Jeremiah Coeisu'cll^h. Jan. 6. 1S17; m. July 13, lS43,'.V,/,v,7« E. Parkhurst ; d. July 

5, I '^83. 
.\saph, b. Oct. II, iSiS: m. April 9, 1840. .Sylvia Griffin. 
Leonard Jarvis, b. Oct. 29, l,S2o; m. March 31, 1842, Mary E. Reed. 
.Vary Jarris, b. Sept. 10, 1S22. She died in early life, May 5, 1S39. 
Joe/, b. June 22, 1824; m. March 4, 1847, Maria Baeon. 




Xancv'' Cogswell, (ycretnia/r, CaleM, Adat/i^. ll'illmu/', yo/ni^). 
daughter of Capt. Jeremiah'' [168] and Sarah (Fletcher) Cogswell, was 
born Aug. 5, 1791, in Littleton, Mass. She married. May 8, 1814, Sol- 
omoH Richardson, son of Lieut. Wiley and Frances (Poor) Richardson. 
He was born Feb. 12, 1789, in Westford, Mass. They lived in West- 
ford and Groton, Mass. Mrs. Richardson died July 20. 1827, in Groton, 
Mass. Mr. Richardson died Sept. 30, 1868, in Westford, Mass. 


■;n \vi 


Marv Jarvi, 

. b. lulv 3 

, 181 

5. She died in 



4 dam Cogs\L 

v//, b. Jan 

7, i.Si.s. He died in 





Soiomoii Kielhu-ilsoii r 


i.-d 111 Westloid ii 




Ihcv h.1(l fill 

r children : 


Ic- N., 1.. .\pril 

I); S 

i.ili I 

r.erce, b. Mai 

ch 3, 1S43. 1 

1. M.I 

ich 3, 187-1, Aim; 


i; M 

11 V ]■- 

11. 1S73, 11. Flel 


)]■ Wcslfuul Ma~ 


[454 : 


Marv" Cogswell, (Aif,iw'\ Ca/cl^\ Adum^ ]Vi!/ia„r-, y^//;/M, daugh- 
ter of Capt. Adam"' [ 169 ] and Sarah (Hurnham) Cogswell, was born 
Dec. 13, 1761, in Newbury, Mass. She married, 1776, Major David 
Ccirltoii, of Sedgwick, Me. He was born Dec 18, 1752, in Bradford, 
Mass They resided in Sedgwick, Me. Mrs. Carlton dieil May 3, 
1836. Major Carlton died Xo\-. 36, 1S43. 

.^hir\, b. (Jet, r3. 1777; 111, Di: Tcniuy. 
AiiaiN. li. Oct. 4. i7iSo. He died, unmarried. 
PiiJItv. 1). .May 15, 17.S3: m. Mary Campbell. 
Ihi-i,f, li. .A].ril 23. 17S7. He \va> lost at sea. 
H*7.'lnn,i. 1l Sept. 1 N. 17S91 m. Susan Gal.- Mcryill ; d. Nov. i,S. i."^77. 


iis.\ b. Ma 

ch : 

•^. I7'*3 


Capt. McKi-ii=i,-. 


-ilia. b. Fe 

J. 2. 

, 1.S05: 


Ih-. .Men- ill: 111. -R,. 




Jhiiiiey C,t 




'•,. Cam/'MKoi I >cei I 



. -I'lieN 1 

ad I« 


■V, will, died 


allied, i 

1 Ca 

sthu, Mc., and llaniui 



■1. who 111 



,"in" m'h 


-., ul,.- 

r. M 

i..i i.ihn.u, ( , l-i.hcr. 


- ll. 

-. in iSS4 


i.iicd lu Iki yi<;iaiuiiailR-r, C..\ir. .Aham Ci".^\\b.I.L | 169]. 


[455 J 


Retsev'- Cogswell, (A,iaiu'\ CnM>\ Aiiaiir. Wil/mnr, jfo/n/^), 
daughter of Capt. Adanr'' 1169) and Sarah (I^urnham) Cogswell, was 
born Oct. 25, 1770. in Newbury, Mass. She married Lukic .M,l\\t-ii. 
He was born, 1771, in Belfast. Mc , where they resided. Mr. McKcen 
died 1849. I^rs. McKeen died 1S53. 

.Sally />'.. b. .Se|,t. .s, iSoi. She died in cliildhdod. Felj.. iSi 1. 
/saar .Yehon, b. Sept. 5, 1801... He died in cliildliood, Feb., iSi 


. 456 ' 


Arigaii." Cogswell, {AdaiK-\ Caleb\ Adaiii\ Willnvu', John^), 
daughter of Adanr" [169 1 and Sarah (Hurnham) Cogswell, was born 
Feb. 6, 1773, in Newbury, Mass. She married, 1795, Cnpt. Richard 
Warren. He was born in England. Capt. Warren died Jan. 8, 1796. 
Mrs. Warren married, 1802, -Richiird Ha'cUtS, son of Nathaniel and 
Hannah (Goffe) Hawes. He was born June 17, 1777, in Bedford, N. H, 
They resided in Castine, Me. Mrs. Hawes died No\-. 5, 1S26. Mr. 
Hawes died Dec. 10, 1843. There were no children of the first mar 


Kichaid ir.. b. Oct. 11. [804. He ditd in infancy. Oct. 2S, i,So4. 
.\bi;j_ail Alniiia. h. .Aug. 2(.. i.So.S. She resi.lerl. 1.SS4, in Castine. .Mc. 
Sarah Hannah, b. Au<;. 25, iSio. .Slie died, unmarried, Oct. 27. 1871;. 


Ca)^t. Richard ll'arrrn perished by .shipwreck, with all on Ijoaid, except twn seamen, who 
lashed themselves td the rigging, and were taken off the ne.\t day. Mr. Mungo Matkny, ihi- 
owner of the vessel, wrote a letter annonncing the disaster, the recovery of Capt. Warren'- 
hcidv. and his l)urial. in «hich he said: " The wreck was owing to the ignorance or stupidity of 
the pilot (lurnig j snowstorm, while entering I'hiladelijhia Kiver." The ship cleared from 
boston. Ma-., wlmc Mr. Mackay resided. He was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of 
boston in 1794. His own .son was on board the ship, and perished with Capt. Warren. In 
his kttei to Mrs. Warren, dated "lioston. M.ivlIi 2--,. 1796," the afflicted father wrote: ".'/'. 
irir.f siiimd. as //,• (hat ir,,-,;- as .u /.</",•/;, . /J/.v:,'. '■, .' :.•//, 7; /,< ,!<frky us of it." 

A'/, /Air,/ //jarr descended from Wilh.un ( ic.lYc, «ho was a Judge in the trial ot (/hark-s 
I., ol Kngland, Five generation.s, descended from the regicide, lie buried in Hedford. X. H. 




John*' Cogswell, (Joint', jfohn^ 'Johir, yohn", yohii^), son of John'' 
[184 1 and Mary^ (Cogswell) Cogswell [118], was born Oct. 5, 1743. He 
married, Dec. 2, 1762, ^Abigail Goodxviii, of BostoiL They resided in 
Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. Mr Cogswell married, Dec. 1 i, 1782, 
'^Ainia SUch\ who died Oct. 19, 179S. Mr. Cogswell died April 9, 1S22. 


.Mary, 1888] b. Ma\ :, 17^8; m. Dec. 12, 17^3, Wtnthrop Buniliain ; d. April 1::, 1833. 


[889] b. Sept. 24, 17.S4. Nancy, [893] h. March 4, 1794. 

., [890] b. Dec. 13. 17S6. Muni,Y, [894] b. March 31. i 7(;3 

iii-A. [891] Ix March 10, i78:> Daniel, [895] b. Aug. 11, 179.S. 

Jamf>. [892] b. Oct, 


J'n,all„ Cogsmll{i<ji ] it is .said lived 111 Jiostun. Mass. 
J„mci C,;-Jj;v// [ 892 ] was a lailoi. and lived in l.ionccster, .Mass. 
J/,Wr r<;,TOv// [ 894 ] .served three nn.ntlis in tlic War of 1S12 in 
iJiard. in .Marbleluad, M.i-. Ik lived in l-;.isl|.orl. .Me. 
Daniel C,<:^s-uhil [895] nianied, lived near Lake Erie, and had t\M 




Witliam'' Cogswell, {^0/111'", yo/ui*, yolni^, yolur, Jchn^), son of 
John-' 1184] and Mary (Cogswell) Cogswell [118], was born, 1748, in 
IpsYvicli, Mass. He married, April 4, 1771, Lncvctia Burii/i(i»i, daugh- 
ter of Francis and Mar)- CHuniham) Biirnham. She was liorn I'el). 24. 
1748, in Ipswich, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Feb. 3, 1S31. 


WiLLLAM, [896] b. 1772; 111. Jan. 17, 1805, Litcv C/ioa/t ; d. Sept. 7, l.sjy. 

/ A( iiEis. [897] b. 1773: m. 1S07. Aliiiiail l.flti' : d. March 14. 1842. 

Ei'Ks, [898] b. Dec. 15, 1775: m. March 27, i8ori, Mary Tiask ; cl. .Nuv. 11, |.S(.!S. 

Fi; \\< Js. [899] b. 1778. He died in early life. ,\Iay. i8o> 

Ln i;fi ia. [900] m. .March 18, 1S02, Co!. John P. Clwat<\ 

I'oi 1 Y, [901] 111. Jan. 14, 1802. Alh-I I.O-.L' ; d. 1.S05, in Esse.x. 


/>■,;/;, v.r Hun,;,.im. lallui ul .Mrs. f,,j;swell, Has the sun <.f />/,7, 
lUiriilun,, ( 38 I. lit ninnied. ( id, 2I1, 1754. -.I/,;*;;-.;;,/ C,\^-r..;//. «l 
daughter, are iinknnwn. rh(\ had t«.. ehil.hen : /atheiis, li. .\ii-, 
.\athaniel, b. Jiil> jS, 175.S; ni. Feb. 20, 178,^ Mar> I iuldsniilh. 



1 458a.] 


Lucy" Cogswell, {John\ Jolni\ John\ John-, John'), dau-hter of 
John [184 1 and Mary (Cogswell) Cogswell 1 118 J, was born, 175S, in 
Chebacco Parish. Ipswich, Mass. She married, Sept. 28, \T^o.' Moses 
Kinsman, son of Pelatiah and Jane (Farley) Kinsman. He was born 
July 6, 1754, in Ipswich, where they resided. Mrs. Lucy Kinsman 
died Nov. 29, 1804. Mr. Kinsman died March 24, 1836. 


Lucy, b. Oct. 14, lySi ; m. May 20, 1S02. Aaron 0^',fjtv//[332]; d. Oct. 22, 1X74. 

Jose/>/i, b. March 14, 1783; m. May iS, 1809, Eiiiine Bro-.on : d. Mav so. 1X55. 

Afary, b. Dec. 13, 17S5: m. Oct. 6, iSri, Bcmslvy Smith. 

Hniniali, b. Oct. 14, 1787: m. Oct. C, iSu. Epiiiaiiii Biv-oii. 

Elhahct/i. b. .April 13, 17.S0; m. Dec. 28, 1824, Cnpt. Wilithn^ noanimaii : <1. .Au^;. 

4, 1.S61. 
Farley, b. Nov. iS, 1790: m. March 27, KS23, Jcnislia .\orwood ; d. .Sept. 2f., 1.S25. 
Snsauna Elivcll, b. July 6. 1 793. She died in early life, Sept. 24, 1S08. 
Abioai! Elwcll, b. .\ov. 3, 1796: ni. Jan. 30. 1821, Capt. Winthr^p Boanhna,, ; d 

Jvine 28, 1S23. 
Moses, b. Oct. 17. 1798: m. Dec. 31. 1834. Jane Kinsman j d. May 7, iSf.2. 


-Muses Kinsmxn ,„.ii 1 ied, Dec. 21, iSoo. ^Si s.\xn.\'' Cogswell t334«], (Jacoh': 117/- 
lia>ii\ John\ //X';,w-.Av;,/i), daughter of Jacob [120] and Kliz.ilieth (Eveletli) Cogswell. 
She was b.jrn. i;!/,, .,, l]iMvich, Mass.. where they resided. Mr. Kiiismaii died Mai^di 24, 
KS3G. Mrs, .Su-.inn.T Kinsman died Jan. 10, 1841. There were no children ..f this marria-t. 




Mason'' Cogswell, (Samuel'', Sami,e!\ SamiiclK Jclnr. JoJni^), 
son of Samuels [192] and Elizabeth (Hin-ham) Cooswell, was burn 
Oct. 5, 1740, in Lebanon, Conn. He married and resideil in Middle- 
town, Conn. 

S A K A H, 1 902] hapt. July 1 8, I 7r,2. 





Xathanikl^' Cof.swELL, ( Sfutii/r/'', Saiimcl*, Sanniel-', yolufi, yo/ni^), 
sdii of Saimiel' 1 192 ; and Elizabeth (Bingham) Cogswell, was born 
June lo, 1742, in Lebanun, Conn. He married, Jan, 2, 1766, Haniiali 
Allyii. Mr Cogswell died Dec. 28. 1784. 


M.AHV. [903] h. April 20, I 767. Ai;lG.\ii., [904] (1. Jan. 3, 1773. N.\th.amkl. [905]. 




E/K.\'' Cogswell, (HtZLkiali'\ Santuel*, Sniiinel''^, yo/iir, yo/ut^), son 
of Hezekiah' 193 and Susanna (Bailey) Cogswell, was haft. March 
1^. '733. i" Lebanon, Conn He married, Oct. 30, 1760, Elizabeth 
Deiviy. She was born, 1741, in Lebanon, Conn. They lived in Coven- 
tr}', Conn., in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, and in Chesterfield, Mass. Mrs. 
Cogswell died (Jet 2, i,Si2. .Mr. Cogswell died June 27, 1 821. 


N.JiO.Ml. [906] b. Nov. I). 1761 : m. Nov. 30. i7Sr,. Pere:: Gallup. 
•Sv-.'^NN.v. [907] b. .Aug. 22. 1764; m. 17S3. Aiuhcu< Cra7i.'/onl. 
Hi;/i;ki.^h [908] li. Aug. iS, i76f.: m. April 17. 1791, Haiiimli Smith. 
Desire, [909] b. Feb. 22. I7f>9: m. June 9. 1791, JofI Rmt. 
Dami.i.. [910] h. Keb. 8, 1772. He died in infancy. Feb. ic. 1773. 

Esther. [911I b. .Sept. 13, T773-- '"• VWhh. 

Svr.iL. [912] b. March 14, 177'i: m. Higley. 

N.ANi v. [913] b. .Aug. 31, 177.S; m. iSoo, John Bahs. 

Sai!AH. [914] b. April (j. 17S1 ; m. July 30. 1801. .W-hcmuih Whit,-; (b July 2.S. i,S52. 

MvKiliA. I915I. m May 27- 1S03. Sylvaniis IVhil.-. 

i:/K\ c. 


reni..\ed 1 

3,x^^lnu I anua. 

. and n 


.iiul NC-ttkd ii 


ltk-1.1, ^bls^ 


l.v track a blacksmith 


1 hel.I, in 1 



Koad lonim 


Ip.m the 

(Ic-ath uf 

hi- bruthti. I". 

niel C 

ug.s«cll 1 467 


in licckct, M 

is>.. K/ 

•a C.K^wcll 

r.f Chc.< 

eriiclr!. «a* the 

onlv surv 

ving heir 




r,;c: a. 

//;//, w 

,., n.arri^-d 

V.U'U,, C\ 

,-,.T.,/./ 1 906 1. « 

.- bon 




./,■/»/ A,; 

<■.. «li. 

maiii^l .V. 

my ( •.y.r- 


„.rn ii 







1 469 ] 


Aakon^ Cog?\vell, {Hezikiali'\ Sainucl'^, Santinl'''', yohn-, Joliu^) 
son of Hezekiah'' il93 i and Susanna (Bailey) Cogswell, was born ii 
Lebanon, Conn. He married "^ Susanna Edgartim. She was born ii 
Mansfield, Conn. They resided in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. Mi 
Cogswell married, Feb. ig, 1778, "Rutli Parish, daughter of Solomoi 
Parish. They resided in Canard Street, Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. 


Elihi , [916] b. Oct. II, 1759: m. Rebecca Howland. 

D.AMICL. [917] m. Oct. 20. 1802, Abigail Xevcomh : d. tSj7. 

A.ARON. [918] m. Siisan Milcliincr. 

An.n.\, [919] m. Joel Porter. They lived in Cornwallis. X. S. Tliey had no childrer 

S.AK.All. [920] m. lieujainiii Steodnian. They had no children. 

Ai.i.isdN. [921 T m. EnoJt Sleadiiinn. 

H.iNN AH, [922I m. E.lminui Porler. 


Su-5A.\NA. [923] m. Lciiiiiel lills. Rr IH. [924] m. Tluvnas Ells. 


1 410 1 


Oliver* Cogswell, {Hczckialr', Samuel*, Santnc!'^, yo/iu", yo/ni^), 
son of Hezekiah" [193 J and Susanna (Hailey) Cogswell, was born in 
Lebanon, Conn. He married, Dec 23, 1773, Al'ii^ail Ells, daughter of 
Joshua Ells. They lived in the " Old Cogswell Homestead," in Canard 
Street, Cornwallis. Mr. Cogswell died May 14, 1783. Mrs. Cogswell 
died about 1840, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Burden. 

Samlt.l, [925] b. Dec. 21). 177.1; ni- April 11, 1803, Emma Loveless; d. June 6. 1S41 
Ei.lZAi'.ETH, [926] m. /«.>■<•/// Horde:!. 
-Mary, [927]. She died young. 
Jmh.s, [928]. He died young. 


[ 471 ] 


Sakah6 Cogswell, (Hizckiafr, San!url\ Samiirl^, yo/itr, 7""/'"'). 
(laughter of Hezekiah-^ [193 1 and Susanna (Bailey) Cogswell, was born 
in Lebanon, Conn. She married Xathaiii,-! Kitismiui, son of Benjamin 
and Elizabeth Kinsman. He was liorn in Ipswich, Mass. They lived 
in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. 


John, 111 Samh Holloii. AMphu^. 

lu/sfv. m. Daviii Inudcn. Olivv. m. William Masters, 

l-ci-icl. m. Mary Xeshcrt. Ann. m. John Lcmont. 

I>ani,-l, m. Mary Tapper. Eheiiezer, m. Mary Ells. 


JAj. Sanili Ann Oi/.hcell, cl.iiigluer of I'./ckicI and Mary (Ncshert) Kinsman, grand- 
danghler of Nathaniel and Sarali (Cogswell I Kinsman, and widow nf John M. Caldwell, Esq.. 
livid, iSS;. in Cornwallis. N. S., at the age of si.vty years. Mr. Caldwell was for several 
vcar- High Sheiiii for Kings Co.. N. S. 


[ 472 ] 


Christiana'' Cogswell, {Hecrkia/i'', Satniicl^ Saimu-/'', jfohir, 
yohn''), daughter of Hezekiah'' [ 193 ] and Susanna (Bailey) Cogswell, 
was born in Lebanon, Conn. She married, Oct. 31, 1771, yohn Eng- 
lish. He was born in Massachusetts. They lived in Church Street, 
Cornwallis, N. S., but afterwards removed to St. John, New Bruns- 
wick. Mr. English died at the age of eighty-one years. Mrs. English 
died April 3, 1796, in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. 


Hannah, b. Sept. 23, 1772: m. Azor Hoyte. 
Abigail, b. Sept. 18. 1773: in. Isaae IVebsler. 
Ann, b. July 8, 1775: m. William Terry. 
Olive, b. .April 2, 1777; d. l-'eb. 12, 177.). 
Mary, b. Oct. 13, 177V. ni. Asa Haniillon. 

John, b. Feb. 4, 17.S1 : d. Sept. 2.S, 1783. 
Zcphaniali, b. Sept. 17, 1 7S2. 
Oliver, b. June 10, 1784. 
Charles, b. Sept. 9, 1786. 
John, b. Dec. 17, 17S9. 

Abel, b. Marcli i^,, 1791 ; m. Elizabeth Cra-ujord. 
Sophu!. b. April S, 1 793 : m. liederiek Kiipert. 


Abel Eugtish married Elizabetli Crawford. They had eleven children : Eliza .\nn, b. Aiij; 
24, 181 5, ni. Feb. 14, 1S41, Janies Cochran; John, m. 184c, l.ydia Johnson; Hannah Chris 
tiana, m. 183S, .Sherman Freeze; Charle.* Fdwin ; Sarah Maria, m. Scth F'oster, d. April 3, 
1SS2 : Hiram, m. 1S4S, Clarissa Seeley ; Jane Crawford ; William Zephaniah, m. iS6g. Maria 
XeNon, d. Jane 2S, 1S77; Clarissa Sophi.i. m. Havid Sharp; Samuel lidding Hoyt, m. Jane 
Mclvin ; Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 4, 1.S36, m. Jidv 1, iSSo, Robert lioyer, 

Kir.a Ann English, daughter of -Abel and lilizabeth (Crawford) English, married James 
Cochran, son of James and Xancy (Lyons) Cochran. He was born, 1S13, in Ireland. They 
resided in Cornwallis, Xova Scotia. 'S\x. Cochran was a carpenter. Mr. and Mrs. Cochran 
had ten children : John, b. May 31, 1S43, m. July \2. 1865, Mary Feader, d. Aug. 20, 1S72; 
James, b. Xov. 30, 1S44; Mary F:iizabeth, b. Jmu- ] 5. iN4i'; \nnie Maria, b. Xov. 9. 1S47 ; 
Xancv. b. Oct. 29, 1S4S. m. Jan.' 31, 1SS3, Charlc- \\\ lluiliiiii-^ ; Samuel I'.elding, b. July 31, 
1S50;' Charles F:dwin, b. July 21, 1S33: William Ze|. 1,. in. ., 1, , 1.. March 20, 1S55, d. April 5, 
iSoo: Margaret Hovle. b. Sept. 3. \%\(>. m. Feb. .S, iSS;,. llcnrv W. Moflatt ; Florence Soijhia. 
b. Tan. 18, 185S. 


[ 414 ] 


Akx'' Cogswell, (Hezekialr, Saiu>ic!\ Samuel-, Jolnr, John'), 
daiigliter of Hezekiah'' [ 193 j and Susanna (Bailey) Cogswell, was born, 
1740, in Hebron, Conn. She married, Dec. 25, 1771, 'Capt. ycremiah 
Post. They lived in Orford, N. H. Capt. Post died Aug. 26, 1777, in 
Iknningtdii, Vt. They had no childien. Mrs. Post married ^Lictil.- 
Gov. Paul Spooner, M. D. He was of Hartlaiul, X't., where they 
resided, dov. Spooner died Feb, 5, 17S9. Mrs. S]iooner died Aug. 
27, iSoo, in Orford, N. H. They had no children. 


relumed with her sister Diademia on the same ves.sel in which they had sailed. Having no 
childrc-n, she left at her decease certain huided estate to the Congregational Church in Orford, 
X. H., .as e.xjiressed, " That I lie Cosfel wigiit be snffortcJ '.uitli res.Wl.jbilityr This property 
rents for eighty dollars per annum. The town of (trford cau'-ed to lie erected a marble slab 
over her grave " Jn grateful remcndirancc." 

2 34 

jERt.MlAH Post, the husband ot Ann Cogswell, was a Captain in the Rexolutionary 
Armv, and died while in the service in Hciiningtun, Vt. There is a ijravcstonc tu his memory 
in the Cemetery 01 Ortord. N. H.. which i^ in^criKd as follows: 


Died at Bennington, by yi fate of War, Augt. 26, 1777, 

In his 33<i Year." 

•• Ilnnr Po'^r, 
n7to one;- ,M dU 
/■'or to litfeiiif 
Oi,y Uhcrlie." 

IK IX TAII sI'(i(i\1;K, M. I). 

Tail .SpixiNtR married '.Mrs. Ann ((. osswell) I'ost. ot Ortord, N. li. He wai by pro- 
fession a Physician, but was much engaged in the pnhlic affairs of the .Slate. He was Judge 
of the Supreme Conn, and also l.ieiitennnt-C.overnor of Vermont. I)r. Spooner inarried. 
1769. '.^senath \\ right, daughter of .-Vm-isa Wri;.;hi. Ksi]. Mrs. Wright died subseiiuent to 
1-74. and ]irior to 1777. Their children were: i;ii/.ibetli. 1.. Dec. zz, \t;o. d. Feb., lvS53; 
Paul. b. 177::; -Amasa, b. 1774. There were dc-itnd.\nl- ..i C.ov. Si)Ooner by the name of 
Denney, who resided, 1SS3, in Northfield. \t. //■/. Si'ouNfck Ge.nlai.oi.v, Vol. I. 

Jo/in Kuunutii, son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Cogswell) Kinsman [471 ]. when ,1 >ouih 
went to reside with his aunt, Mrs. I'aul Spooner, in drford, N. H., where he rcniamed until 
1S30. John Kinsman married Sar.ih llolton. of Northfield, and resided in -I'hctlurd. Vi 


I 471 J 


Mason" Cogswell, (Hezikialr', Siunncl*, Saiiiiiei^, yo/iifi, yi'/iu^), 
son of Hezekiah'' [ 193 ] and Susanna (Bailey) Cogswell, was born, i ;50, in 
Lebanon, Conn. He married, Oct. 31, 1771, Ly(fi(i Huulmgloiu daugh- 
ter of Ezra Huntington. They resided in Upper Dyke Village, Corn- 
wallis. Nova Scotia. Capt. Cogswell died Dec. 12, 1816. 


Wll. 1.1AM, [929] b. 1772; m. Feb. 26, \-!^y-^, Eunice Bcck-with. 

ElNlci., [930] b. -May ■>, 1774: m- 1 797, Charles Cliipman. 

Hf.xrv Hr./i:K)AH. [931] b. .April 12, 1776: m. Isabella Ellis : d. Nov. 9. 1S54. 

Jamt.<;. I932I 1>. June iS, 1771); m. i.So2, ^Eli:a/>e/li He,k-,ii/li : m, -Eiini < Eaton : d. 

Sept. i.S, i82(.. 
John. [933] b. Se|)t. 26, 17S1 ; ni. 1S02, Riitli Ann Eaton ; d. Feb. 2, iSio. 
Anm.. [934] I1. June iC, 17S5: m..-\pril 2S, x'^xo, Hon. Joim Morton : (\. Marcli i8, 1 S4f,. 
Mason. [935] > ,,. Auu. 14, 17X6. They both died in infancv. 
Gii.F.oN. [936I* 

Ol.ivEH, [937I. He died in infancy . 
Oi.iMK, l938ili. June i'>, I7v2-. in. Jan. 4, 1S14, Sarah Ali,e Allison ; d. July 2S, 1X4(1. 


" Ma-.'N C n,,-,\vFi.i . who married Lydia Ntintitigton, resided at the homestead originally 
otuipiid li\ hi- taUiLi, which was situated on the highest ground in the vicinity of Upper 
Dykr \"illay<r, tr..m which the dykes and meadows below and around could be seen to the 
extent .if iwii ni thiee miles on either >ide of the Upjier Canard River. He was a very thriv- 
ing and industrinus larmer, and instructed his boys in the like line of life, with the exception 
of the second son, Henry Hezekiah, who wa- destined foi the legal profession, and enjoyed 
the advantages of an educatie-in at Kin-'s (_ ulle-i, \\ iiulsor, while common schools at the time 
were few and far between. From an iii\eiitoi\ oi the property and estate of Capt. Mason 
Cogswell, after his death in iSi6. it is ,^^M■,^^,\ tli.ii he had. besides eight hundred acres of 
upland farm and wood lots, with eiuilnv a^ies ,.| in.iisli and dvke lands, a lie)d e..nii.i i-ing 
twenty-four horned cattle (nine being enw-i. aU.. two hoive-. iwel\e swiiK. \Mtli ilie se\eial 
appliances of agricultmal implements em]dii_\ed or pv.icuvalile at tlie time, hon-eliold Hn id tine, 
sofa, Windsor chair>, a small lio..,k library, silver spoons and -ugar t..ngs lur the stirring busi- 
ness of the tea table, imi .^inttnig coftce-pot, tin kitchen .iiui -eale-. bed furnituie, blankets, 
bolsters and pillows, a- re-idt- oi home growth of raw matei iaK. wiih the u-e of s|)inning 
wheel and weaver's shmtle- The inventnl^. in -hM.t. wmdd -eem to indicate a seli-u-iaming 
house, comprising evervthing required li' tin iiiiL.ii Ipni-tliolder ami l.n mer. down t.. in'Miey 
scales and shoe buckles, wiOi a numl.ei oi |„om,..i.iA-note- gn en hnn l.v les> prosperous 
neighbors, amounting bv inventorv to an estimaltd value m M3.33_i of the now existing 
currenev." Capt. Mas,,n Cogswell's grave was in the I'resliyterian burial-ground on Churcli 
Street, Cornwallis, X. S. The inscription on his was as follows : 

In Memory of 


Who Died Dec. 12, 1816. 

In fie 67111 Year of His Age. 

'■ So mm! lieth doum and rialh not till the Heave 




James'' Cogswell, (Janics'\ Samuel\ SamiicP, yoluf^, yohii^), son 
of Rev. Dr. James' [196] and Alice (Fitch) Cogswell, was born July 31, 
1746, in Canterbury, Conn. He married, Aug 8, 1776, ^EUzabelh Dav- 
enport, daughter of Hon. Abraham and Elizabeth (Huntington) Daven- 
port. She was born Sept. 16, 1756, in Stamford, Conn., where they 
resided. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 15, 1779. Dr. Cogswell married, 
Mav 18, 1783, ■-.'^/'/i,'-^// Z/(y'(/, daughter of Joim and Sarah (Woolsey) 
Lloyd. She was born Feb. 13, 1751, in Stamford, Conn. They 
resided in New York City, where Dr. Cogswell died Nov. 20, 179J. 
Mrs. Cogswell died, 1830, at Lloyd Manor, Stamford, Conn. 



Amce. [939] b. June 15. 177-: m. Aug. 22, 1S05, /;•<■?•. Satnue! Fisher, D.D.; d. 
May 9, 1S50. 


James Lloyd. [940] h. April 2C>, 17S.4; m. May 2, 1819, Sarah lUirr Slu-r-,uood. 
Sakah Lloyd, [941] b. Jan. d, i78'>. She died unmarried. 

John Lloyd, [942] b. 1789: m. Oct. 31. 1S21, Love B. Coffin ; d. April 13, 1S31. 
Harriet Broomk, [943] b. March 6. 1790: m. Sept. 17, 1819. Kolu-rt WillU Mctt, 
d. Sept. '., 1S43. 

James Cogswell, eldest child of Rev. Dr. Jaines and Alice ( Fitch 1 Cogs- 
well, was born in Canterbury. Conn. He studied medicine, and commenced 
practice in Preston, but soon removed to Stamford, Conn. During the War of 
the Revolution Dr. Cogswell was under appointment as Surgeon in the Army, 
and on duty ii. < .iiiil'ridge. Mass., and vicinity in the summer of 1775. and at 
the battle of Bunker Hill, .\fterwards his official duties called him to Stam- 
ford. Conn., as Examining Surgeon of Volunteers for the Army. .-Vnd yet 
later he was assigned to New York, where his younger brother. Mason Fitch 
Cogswell ; 481 • was his assistant. Subsequent to the Revolution Dr. Cogs- 
well continued the practice of his profession ii New York. 'I'he New York 
Directory of 17S6 gixes "James Cogswell. Surgeon and .-Xpothecary. 219 
(Jueen Street." Dr. Cogswell died of yellow fever, contracted while in attend- 
ance upon the duties of his profession. At the time of his death he was only 
forty-six years of age. but had won for himself an eminence in liis profession, 
and even higher distinction in character, as a gentleman of literary taste, public 
and philanthropic spirit, and devoted piety. Dr. Cogswell was a correspond- 
ent of the poet Cowper, and had a wide literary acquaintance. By marri.ige 
he became connected with some of tiie best families of New England, the 
Davenports, Huntingtons, Edwardses, Lloyds, Taylors, and Woolseys. Numer- 
ous published obitu.iries mention his eminent professional skill and unobtru- 
sive but effective piety. "Thompson's Long Island" furnislies the following 
testimonial : " Dr. James Cogswell, of New York, was a man no less dis- 
tinguished for his professional acquirements than for his noble philanthropy 
and generous public spirit " For further biographical mention of Dr. James 

Cogswell. 77V/. HlsloRV (IF STAMhOkD. CiiNN. 

Dr. I.^Mr.^ Cik;swf.i.I, was !>iii ied in n chiircli vault in New York ; afterw.\rtls his remains 
crcninved and interred in tlie chuichyard r>f Christ's Manhassel. Liins; Island. 
\ Thespi.l is niniked bv a I'mibstcme bcaiiiiu the fnllnning insciipti.m 


■■ Ihn- repose the mortal remains 0/ Doctor /anus Coirs-Me//. who did lite 20'* of Xovenilhr, 
179-', ni the 4S'/' year of his age. 

" J/e 'Mas a Patriot, aeli-.'ely engaxed -'s a memi'er of the slafi of IV.isliingtoii in the ,^reat 
strii:-Je for fnjependenee. 

■■ A Philanthropist deeply interested in all the lene-.-olenl nunements of Ins times, one of the 
pnnupal originators of the Xew York Ihspensory System, al^o of ,1 .Soeietyfor the relief of du 
tressed delator... and of the First .4fr,,.,>i S. fool e'stobhshed :i: X, :e 1 -erf. 

"//ervasa deioted Christian. , xemphfviHg ih, n.'ix'o" he ;rol. -.Jhv a eon.uden! life. 

Mrs. f-:i,io/>etli {l>a7enport\ Cogsioell \\.i~ llu- d.iuglitci -1 II. m 1 lincniiuil, son 
..1 K.v. Julin |i,,vcii],ort. ul Slaniturd. Ci.i.n.. aiul -itnKl>..n .>f Rl■^ . j..lin I );ueripnit, " the 
tallici ..t tl,, \,.,v ilavcn Culrun," \lo w.x- l.urn in 171;. ;^radn,lti-d tl.jni Vale College in 
17^-, nianKi', \.n. 10, I 750. Kli/.il .uh i I uninigi. .n, m Windham, Conn, h h.-e niothcr \va- 
the second daughter 01 Kev/rinn.thy and l.sthei ^|Si, mI,!.,u1 1 I.dward-. oi Ka~l Wmd-.n. Cnn.. 
and liad nine sisters and an only bi..ihci I'll -im . 1 jiN mii \n I iavakhs, 1 i. 1 L. pastot 
of Xorthanipton, Mass., from I7jr, to i-;o. »..- Mi- 1 ..--uCl\ L;iLal uncle. Mi-. 1 og-welT- 

il «hen oecurred the .lai k .U: . M.: 
d.,iiient iiad come The Cener..' \ 

A/./. »./.•.'.' .:■ . ,/- , ■ :.■,-.,' o, ,■ ,. n.: II It , rol.tlu,, /.«-. 

,l,s./ef...: '. -o:,,. :.:■:,:., my, / zoj: I ./':., .f,'e . !'..:t tl. e!. 

/,-,.,■,,,/'.-;, ;v .. ■■ Ml- I o-ueil-s l.iothr, ;xa-the lion Jaine-, 

tloni Vale I ..llei^i m 1777. niaille.l. M,r, 7, I "So. \l';.,jn' I H. I. ^ 

1700. -M/, ■/;■//,//./,• ('..,„, -; ^V. a de-.end.n.i ol IImm |o1iii ( . „ ,je-l,all. h) -t 1 'i e-uli 111 m1 Rhode 

Mand ( oh.iu III i047-iiii'i^' l'.^'f>n gianted l.ythe l.a. I ol WaMMek. Mi-. Ihnen.a deseenil- 

am, lived, iS.S;„ in a hon-e -landing on ihc -ite of the ancient I ..gge-hall nian-ion in Newport. 

K. I. Mr. Davenport ua- State (Councillor in 1796, chosen a member of tbe American Con 

gress, bnt died before lii> ti rni expired, Aug. 3, 1797, at the age of thirty-nine years. 

Mrs. Al'igail [Lloyd] Cogs-oel! was the daughter of John l.loyd, Kscp, a gentleman fainiei 
who resided in Lloyd Manor, Stamford, Conn. She was the granddaughter of Henry and 
Rebecca (Nelson! Lloyd. Her mother was the daughter of Kev. Benjamin and Abigail 
Cl'aylorl Woolsey. 

Ltiri:KS (IK lAMh-s C(i(-.S\VE1,1., M 1 1., 

■■/.lear and //onoi-ed Sir. — 'Iht bearei is just setting out. and 1 have but a few n 
employ in writing tn you. We are all IniriN and confu-ion here. We have been I 
days expecting a visit from our neighbor- and making preparations to give them 
reception. Last night 1,100 men began to bieak ground at 1 iinchester Hill, and hav 
molested this morning. 

"Col. I'utnam began to intiench last night at Konchee's Hill, on Charle-toun s 
have fired a number of cannon upon him this morning, but the tiring i- no« ceased 

"The troops are healthy, orderly, and in tint spirits, waiting with the utm<ist 1 
to have the Regulars sally out. I live in a house with the worthv (Icn. S|)encer. 1 
to me the most sagacious, active ofticer I have seen in the camp. 

to make such quick disjiatch of business as militar\ dut\ recpiircs. I hope you wi 


4e. He 

1 -So 


e was a 




11 wa 

s before 






nent : it 
and ;iv 

1 ; n 



me frequently. Thcie is much prophaneness in the Camp, more among the troops that belong 
to Rhode Island than ours. Our men are allowed to be the most orderly, able, and best 
disciplined of any in the Service. Col. Parsons arrived this morning The powder from 
Connecticut came in yesterd.iy ; the arrival of it gave U'^ much joy. We have not enough to 
support a constant tire of heavy cannon should we open batteries. This has embarrassed our 
officers very much. Give my most dutiful regards to my mother, remember me with affection 
to Mr. Devotion and to Sister Lucy. 

" I am \'our dutiful Son. 

"James Cogswell." 

"Camp in Roxbubv, J3"i^ Ji.'NH, .775- 
•• Vcai- and lhm\l .iVr, — Kccd yours of the ;ibt insi. from Coventry, and the iec|uest 
bv the Hearer. 1 wrote a letter of the same date of yours, m which I have given you all the 
information I was then able to give with resjicct to the matters of which you inquired. Since 
that time we have heard by two !'er=ons, something more of the numbers'killed and wounded 
among the Regulars. A man whose name is Clark made his escape from Boston, the day 
before yesterday. He has a brother in the place. General Spencer saw and conversed with 
him. He says the Regulars had upwards of a thousand killed and wounded. Major I'itcairn 
was killed, and one of those generals that lately arrived, but which he could not tell. .\ num- 
ber of other officers of inftrior rank were killed. The other man that made his escape con- 
firms this account. We h.ivc had no considerable engagement since. The Regulars have 
ceased their fire, and arc intrenching on Hunker Hill. We every day e.vpcct they «ill make 
anoiher push. Uuv men arc fortifying S|,ectacle hill, and are so strongly inironclied that I dt. 
not feel much concerned. 1 am now obliged to set out for Cambridge, and can add no more 
than suitable compliments to all friends. 

" From vour affectionate Son, 

•■ lAMts C.GSWEI.E. 
" Kbv. Mk. Cor.swDLL." 


" Dear on,i Ilon'd Sir. — 1 have received several very kind, affectionate letters from vou, 
which I have not answered. The reason- have been want of time, and expecting to see vou 
soon. I have been for about si.x weeks past in a! hurrv. and not a moment's time to 
spare. It has been and i> very sickly in our camp, ili.muii 1 think it is now rather abating. 

" Considering the numbers that have been sick, ilic I m-Iliiiih.! has not proved verv mortal. 

"My Grandfather Fitch was here yesterday, liy hini I un.Ici-i.uid vou have d'ismis.sed 
the thoughts of visiting the Camp at present, by reason ot -ickia-s in Scotland. I hope it 
will abate, and I may have the ))leasure of seeing you licit. Wc arc in expectations of an 
attack from the enemy soon ; several deserters from them inform us they are making . . . and 
implements for attacking and tilling up iiitrcnchments. .Many trees in the town are cut down 
for that pur])ose. Some before Mrs. Hancock's door were demolished yesterday. Hut for 
my jiart I am in doubt whether they will venture. Mrs. Cogswell I conclude is now at I're.s- 
ton. I wrote to her by Mr. Hart on Monday. If she is with you give my love to her and tell 
her I expect her brother from Fairfield .soon. Mr. Hart took a carriage with him to Preston, 
which I suppose Mr. l)aven|iort will ride in here. 1 hope Betsey will come with him. Give 
mv duty to my mamma, and to Si-icr I.ucy. I'lesenl mv best regards to Mr. I lev.iiion and 
his family. Capt. Fanning wait.-, and I am in basic. Phin Tracy is very ill. I am verv 
doubtful of his recoverv. 

" Tames Coc.swei.i.. 

" Dear and //,'n'J S:r. — This will be delivered bv my brother Samuel, whose conipanv 
we have been favored with >ome time. It must be verv pleasing to you to see him again after 
-o long absence, leturning from the dangers that attend a militarv life, un-uUied with the vices 
thai accompain it. and as one who has a share in the arduous task of succcssfulh ooi.osini; 


unc .M the inosi poient nation.-, in the world, and in piocuiiiig peace and independence. Fci 
my own part I view him with a kind of respect, mixed with fraternal affection, gratitude, and 
love. Vour pleasure would have been increased by seeing Ma.son with .Samuel, had it not 
been for an event that has caused great distress among the circle of your acquaintance in 
Stamford. Vou know Mrs. Davenport, and can easily conceive that her death, at so eaiiv 
a period, inust be very affecting. -She grew more and more amiable from the first of nn 
aci|uaintance with her, and though we are deeply affected with her loss, we do not mourn 
without hope. Mr. Davenport is much affected. I hope it may work for his good. I have 
been sick with the fever and ague. Mrs. I.oyd, Mrs. Cogswell, and Alice have had it, but we 
are n.iw (God be thanked) in good health. \Ye were too unwell to think of visiting you 
until the weather became too cold. I am going to New ^'ork soon, and if 1 can purcha-e 
medicine and get a store, shall move in. I think of yon often, and wish that I wa- so nigh 
you that I could see you, enjoy your compnnv. and receive vnui .uh ice Mr- fog-well and 
.■Mice pre.sent their dutiful regards to you and mv Moilui I h..pc -la cnjiN- .i good state r.i 
health. 1 wish it for her sake and vours, line mv dutv to he;, and .nccpl it ynnselt tmni 
"Your dutiful sun. 

••r.\MEs (•....-WFii. 

t 6 per cent, have occasioned an almost universal bankruptcy among the dealer 
The evil will be felt a long time here, and extend its influence throughout 



i 480 1 


S.AMUEL^ Cogswell, iyiii/ics", Siitniicl'^, Sainiiri'^, John"-, yohtt^). 
son of Rev Dr. James-' [196! and Alice (Fitch) Cogswell, was born 
IMav 23, 1754, in Canterbury, Conn. He married, 1784, Marv Backus. 
daughter of Major Ebenezer and Mercy (Fid wards) Backus. She was 
born March 18, 1767, in Windham, Conn. They resided in Lansing- 
burg, N. Y, Lieut. Cogswell died Aug 29, 1790. She died Nov. 21, 

M.\soN- Backus, [943(7] b. Jan. n;, 17.S;. He died in chikiliood. May 5, I79°- 

Jamf<; Fitch, [944] b. Nov. 12. 17S1J He died, unmarried. May, 1862. 

Maria, [945] b. Aug. 15, 1790; m. Oct. 2>i. r.Sio. Hon Doui^las II'. .Slimiu- ; d. Jan. 

9. TS70. 


Sami-kl Cogswell fitted for college under his father's instruction, having 
for a classinate his cousin. Kbenezer Fitch. They entered Yale College mem- 
bers of Ihe same class, were room mates throughout the course, and both grad- 
uated in 1777. Mr. Cogswell was in the .Army of the Revolution, and was 


the LiEUi. Samuel Cugsweli. who appears with Cul. Thomas Ccigsweli 
1 152 ; and Major Amus Cogswell [156] on the banks of the Hudson when 
the officer? of the American Revolution organized, in 1783, "The Society 
I IF Cincinnati." After the close of the war he engaged in the mercantile 
business. Mr. Cogswell was a person of fine abilities and of refined and 
.attractive manners. He seemed to have a career of eminence before him, 
when his life was suddenly terminated, Aug. 29, 1790. He was on a gunning 
excursion with a college classmate and friend, Mr. Dickinson, wlien, by some 
accident, his friend's gun was une.xpectedly discharged, and Mr. Cogswell 
killed almost instantly. He was but thirty-si.v years of age. 

1.1,1 ll.K.^ UF LIKIT. .sAMLKl. CoGSWKI.I. 

" P.^L'TVXET, yTH .March, 1779. 

" J'i-.ii „ii,i /J.'ii'ii Sir. — It i.- a long lime siiici; I have tlii. ].|easiire lu he.ii I'mni llic 
family by letter. I am ignorant of the rea>on. I sumelimes think it owing tu the niiscavvi.igc 
of letters, miA sometime.- to the exiiectation of soon seeing me at home, Init never can impute 
it to want of parental love. 

"By my former letters you doubtless know the reason of my being so long absent from 
home. The same reasons, \\/.., the scarcity of ( iflicers to do Camp Duty, still keeps mc here. 
Ofticers who deserved Turloughs sooner than me and who left Camp in the Winter have not 
yet returned. They are daily expected, and as soon as they come I have the promise of a 
I'urlongh, My duty through the Winter has been rather severe, but I have always been able to 
jH-rform it. Not a single tour have 1 mi-sed since I have been a soldier. Thus by my steadi- 
ness and attention t.. niy duty I cann..t think it will savour of o.-tentaiinn f, sly that I have 
gained the esteem of my Superior- and ac(|uir(-d the character of a good Dfticcr: but I >a\ 

" The vices of Camji are innumer.ibic, and perhaps the mnnbcr is as large in thi- I U t.u I1 
ment as in any upon the Continent. Many of the Officers are men of very ]>rinci|.lc> 
either as to moral or religions dnlies. 'i"hey have bravery and public Virtue, but tlu\ .in 
both founded upon wrong sentiments. There are a select few in this Detachment « li'> .ui 
worthy to be beloved and admired. To goodness and politcnes.- they join a desire m |ilr,i- 
ing by an amiable and unblemished conduct. I know my Father would choose to h;ivc me 
neglect the company of the former whilst I make the latter my companions. I do, and with 
a great degree of ]ileasure can say that hitherto I have shunned vices, of which the liv- 
\np. in general is guilty ; but I must confess that the frecpiency of them makes them appear 
le-s enormous to me n.iw than when I first commenced a Soldier's life. Cool reflection show- 
them to me in the same colours as ever, but at first sight they have not the same impression 
uprm me as they once had. Heaven, I hope, will give me power always to avoid them. 

" No news in this f^)uarter. The enemy at New I'ort are very still. I think they arc fools 
if they lay .still long, for our shores are thinly manned. It is my opinion that lour thousand 
of them might get to Providence with a great deal of ease; but they would be obliged to go 

ha\t but short allowance. 

" -My (Quarters are much expr>-cil, I li\e wiiii a rich old Fanner, who-c ( ixeii, t nw.-. anil 
Sheep would afford them a grand re))a>i. Should tlu\ be tcm]ned to make him .1 vi>ii -.•iiu- 
dark night, it is ten to one but I shall be obliged to run ..If with but half a Shin m nn luck, 

"1 expect to be at home in three weeks. Mv lie-i lUnv i.. nn .Manim.i ami CMin|)linicms 
to .Mr. and Mr-, Devoti.m. 

"I am. Sir, voui dmilul and allectionati S.,n, 


•■Camp PRACKNBsb, N. Jersey, is Jul\, 17S0. 
" />,;ir a„.l JUiioird Sn: — \ou will undoubtedly be glad to know that your s-m ha- 
safely arrived at camp, and with health sufficient to do the duty of a Soldier. I left New- 
Haven the day after my father did, and at evening reached Stamford. As I passed through 
Fairfield and Norwalk (the first time I have seen them since their distruction) I was almost 
persuaded to vow eternal enmity to the name of Britons. My better feelings were aroused b\ 
rerietting on the baseness of human Nature, and compassionating the situation of tht unlia|)i)y 
sufferers. I tarried at Stamford six days. From Stamford I came to AYest Point, at which 
place I tarried lung enough u< take a \ic» ul all the iirinci|i,d tortification- there. My knowl- 
edge of fortihcat...!.- i> verv triflnig. but I could, hnuoci. make ui> m> JLulgniuU. p.irtly from 
my own ob-erv.ition. but the remark- of ..tlur-who have iioth .diility and oppor- 

by Nn 

become peifcctiv a.^iuainted with 

the nati 

ral a- \ 

ell a- 

artificial strength ot th 

erv hill ..n eaJi -i.k ■■{ the ki\u n 

h tort- 

tie eiee 

ted api.eared torn.idabl 

.but the ania/iuK -tr>.ng u.nk- wl 

ich .lie 

r.ii-ed . 

11 e\er 

■ convenient place mak 

ik to the view, and much more >o 

f ai.|iro 

die.l HI 

a h — li 

L mannei. From man 

Ion- 11 1- bclioi.l that the Post is 

nly delei 

detl by 

1 -ni.dl 

force, although it shoul 

c'li-, axux l.ugenne. From West 

'oint 1 tv 



am withC.eneral .\rnol 

.e. The luo-t of the .\rmv I fou 

1.1 ik-tii 

ulL of ■ 

id eu.amped m a Wouc 

her security fr.mi the mjcnuno . 

■ the we 

llhel tl) 

lu the 

jough- of Tree-, or no\ 

P.,ark Ilm. The evening atler n.> 

.. a r.iii 

. daVN the most of whah t]nie I w 

ni\ -ki 

, a- we 

e all that were with inc 

-d as an hardening, but it me . 

cold, tl 

e etfecl 

of whi 

ch I am nut |ierfectly ri 

t ver\ su 

table to theii a|)])earance, ai 

thev had 

been clothed anew from he 

which b^ 

the wav thev were unable 

|>pbed w- 

th but half allowance of Me, 

i lleekct 

with which thev were trcate 

Le With \ 

hich thev bore it. 

SuUlici - 

ue 1 joined the armv. Kve 

.unirv ca 

1 L;rant it to him with..ut inii 

1. The 

rn\al ot the French Fleet 

of yet. 

•• Hut we have now the hapi)iiless to be co^ered with Tent- of the be>t kmd. whi. 
the pio-pect I have of regaining niy health, make- nie\ery c.intenieil. 1 find all the 
men, and indeed all the LorcU^of the Regiment to which I belong, very de-titute <: 
convenience. I thought the place of their encani|)ii 
I >till think they ought not to have left the wood- 1 
to foot, llesides being very ragged and veiy dir 
prevent for want ot a change of clothes), they were, ..r Kum. Whil-t I pitv the po..r felh.w- for 
niv admirati..n was drawn forth at a view of the 1... 

" Not a single comjilaint have I hearfl made bv 
one seems willing to wait for a comiien-ation till In 
ing herself, which hajipy time we ex]iect i- near at I 
Newport, .if which I doubt ha\e full intormat)..n. \er> greatly e.\hiUiiate- .lur Spirit-, an.l 
give- u- -lo, JMU- pr.i-i.ea of retaliating for the lo-s of Charlestown (Charle-K.n ri. W e 
e\|iett -pt...l;i\ |i. ha\e the plea-ine of joining the troops of our glorious .Ally at the White 
Plain-, the L.iii-i.|uence .if whiih must be nothing short of a complete Clintonade. The oulv 
regret I feel on the occa-ion, is this, 'that America should be so lost to her own glory a-^ well 
as interest, and at a time, too, when she abounds in the Iiest .Soldiers, as to suffer a foreign 
force to enter her territories, and fight her battles.' It carries with it a disgrace which she 
will ne\er be able tu wipe out. Thi- is at present my opinion, which I am sensible i< worth 
verv litih. and which I nuiv |ir.ibablv have reason to alter in a very short time. I wish I may- 
Should an attempt be m.ade upon New York, the danger will be great, and Death will be very 
bu-\, f..r the besieged will doubtless defend themselves with the most obstinate bravery. 
Then. Sir, I know yon will shitdder for your Son. But at the same time you wish for hi- 
-afcty. 1 hope you will as ardently wish that his conduct may be such as may do honor to him- 
self and to his friends, so that if it should be the will of Heaven he shall be found among 
those who shall noblv fall in the defense, and for the sup])ort of so glorious a cause as that in 
which we are engaged, you may have reason to say, ' 1 thank thee. Heaven, niy Boy has 
his dutv ' • Hut it is tiirie for me to put an end to this very long letter H.iwever, you will 

'■The Hearer i- a Si.ldiei .»f the Regiment, who^e time is out. 


tluiil.t n,,t he uill l,c paia for hi:. irnuMc. that i>. fed, and if he wants it. h.dgcd. Mv 
,ard> to M.amni.i. ic^iKctful coni|,IinKnt> 1.) Ca|)t. Whilin:; and Mi-. I -.hall n i-h 
hear from honit, but do not wish my P'ather to write me unle» he ha> n very ilirec 
nity. The .^rmy will soon move from this place, perha])s to While Plains, 
of the most dutiful respect. 

"Mf. co,,s«ELi., iy„,i/,am- 

"In Camp, 19TH September, i7Rr. 

" ,m,i Hinioiiil Sir, — I write in yreat haste. Arnold's infamous condnct at Xe« 
Haven is still a subject of conversation. The rascal has obtained by it neither honor, 01 
what was much more his desire, gain, for they tax him on the other side with behaviour like a 
coward, and he did not get plunder enough to pay him for his jaunt. We wait with a great 
deal of impatience for the event of Cleneral Washington's expedition to Virginia. Nothing 
short of a total ca]«nre of I,ord Cornwallis and his ar""niy would satisfy us. 

" With the jjrofoundcst sentiments of dutiful rc>pect, 

'■ Sam'l Co(;>wi I l. 

1 hi ri.K KkciM l.KAMil-.k TO PuKTlUS. 

" New Haven, Oct. 8th, 17P4. 

'M'ou are too good, my liroihci. look kuui, loo afteciionate. I do not deserve so much 
praise, so much, 1 should call it, tlaiteix, and 1 doubt the sincerity of your friendship after so 
long experience. 

" lie assured your at1ccti<Mi docs not met 
having enjoyed the invaluable blessing so Ion: 
and vicissitudes, and found it in\,irial.le am! 
would be to him the bitierc-i arrlition. Tin 
mankind, the jess favornblv do 1 think of ihei 

youth, and who-i l.dIx all.uliinenl. even befo 

Hrother, hold tin niM |,Lae, and while this he 
affection for yon. 

" Von have gi\en me great plea-uie in comnuuiicaiuig to nie youi ))lan 01 bu-uie-~. 1 am 
pleased with youi )iro.-|.cct. It |ironii>e- t.iir, and if vour expectations from it are not too 
high, 1 (latter niy>ill tluv will noi be di-.ippoinled. It i> vain to hope that any plan will tully 
answer our wishe-, \ our- is \ er\, tl.iiterm.i;. The .stand you have t.aken, from the 
account I have ol the Couni)\,! haw long thought a good one. Vonr partner is aworlhy, 
good, active, enter))rising, and persevering, and in your plan of business,, seasoned 
with prudence, caution, and experience, are very re(|uisite (|ualitications, .May hea\cn leward 
vou both, and place in easv and elegant circinnstances the .Vvmiih m.u shall hon,.r with vour 
esteem, and blc" with v.un rue-. 

" Aprop,.- ,,r Mi-s 1' 1- , h -he i- to be the hap|.\ one, 1 congratulate vou both ; 

tho' my aecp.ainiance will, hei is small, 1 ihmk highlv ol her. Kverv .me that knous her 
intimately speaks much in hci praise, .\ reputation .so good must have merit li' support 
it. A character so amiable she could not have acijuircd unless really possessed of thai sense, 
those virtues of hcirt and ambiableness of manners which are necessary to constitute it. I 
hope to have a belter personal accpiaintance with her shortly. She left .Stratford lateb on a 
visit to her friends at Wo.xlburv. I have not vet heard of her reluru. 

with cold reunns from I.eandu. 


after having tried it thro' -„ manv occui 


inshakeu, e^en ihe apprehension of lo 


longer I live, the more 1 am acquainK 

1 \ 

in general, and the more highlv do I i-i 


miMiiions ,,f n,, childhood, the friend- 


eilliM .o„l,| ,,ul-. ol the olher-- n.ei 


uul .h.oilx ..iio.thi,,. In this number, v 


t 01 unue o.nlmue- t.. beat, il will be. 

t \\ 


"jimmy Davenpon and mv Sistci Sally set oul day before yesterday ior Sianilcird. P.> 
them i forwarded your letter enclosed in one of my own. I took the liberty to offer her my 
services to convey the letters to you, and assured her she might rely on my secrecy and 
honor. Happy shall I be if .she honors me with her confidence, and enables me to render her 
and my Portius any services. But I know not whether she will accept of the tender of ni) 
assistance, unless it be seconded by your opinion and advice. All your friends here send their 
luM., Present mine to Mr. Seldon and all your friends with you. I am not certain where this 
will find you. Write me often. With sincerest wishes for your happiness, I am, my dear 

•' Most affectionately yours, 

" Le.^nder."' 

r/;<- ,:^inY letter mrs vritten hy Ebenczer Fitch to Lieut. Samuel d'f.'s'u'ell. 



. M 

ARV ( 


) Cogswell mar 






Fitch, the coiisi 






tradition i~ that 




r\ |:a 

ku^ .ll 

out the same tini 






of the ..ther's int 

of h 




ed Ml 

Fitch. «liu made 


11. and 

1 a de 

■uled hu,l.and t. 



OR \\' 



. Mav 2. 1792. -A-ez.^Fhiiezer Fiteh, son of Jabez 
:arlv )ilavniate, and college classmate of her 

Fitch had made the offer of marriage to the 
lit -he received a like proposal from Mr. C.igs- 
111-. .She clmse Mr. Cogswell, hut being bereft 

kinde-t tather to the children of hi- ianiented 
- widou, and became the di.stiiiL;uijlied FlRsi 


Erene/.ek Fitch was born Sept. 26, 1756, in Norwich, Conn. After graduation in 1777 
from Vale College, he taught in Hanover, N. V., became tutor in Yale College, and was 
licensed to preach in 17S7. Rev. Mr. Fitch in 1791 became the Preceptor of Williamsiown 
Academv, Mass., which was convened into Williams College, of which, having visited Europe. 
Rev. Ebenezer F'itch was inaugurated, 1793, the first President, anil held the oftice until 1S15. 
when he resigned and became Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in West Bloomfield, X. V., 
where he fulfilled an efficient ministry of twelve years, but re.signed in 1S2.S. He received 
the degree of I). FX, in 1800, from Harvard University. Rev. Dr. Fitch died March 21, 
1.S33. Mrs. Mary Fitch died Nov. 21, 1S34, in Cleveland, Ohio. They had eleven children ; 
Ebenezer, b. 179;,; he died the night before Commencement, .Sept., 1S07. Samuel Cogswell, b. 
April II, 1795 • li': <li"' i" infancy, Aug. 7, 1796. Mason Cogs-.Ml, b. 179S ; d. 1S49. Charle,. 
b. June 26, 179.1; ni. May 15, 1S22. Sarah Hamilton; d. 1864. W7///flw, settled in Eastern 
Massachusetts. Nenry, b. May, i.Soj. Gordon. Luey, m. 1S17, Rn: Ezekiel Folsom : she 
died in 1874. liurn May 7, 1S07, at one birth, Edmund : Ediuard, d. June 2. 1807; Edn'in. A. 
June 14, 1S07. 

.Vason Cof;swell Fiteh graduated from Williams College in 1S15, studied law, settleil in 
New Albany, Ind., became wealthy, was President of a Bank, and died 1S49. 

r^arto /vVr/; graduated from Williams College in 1S18, and from I'rinceton Theological 
Seminary in 1S21. Aug. 22, 1S22, he was ordained and installed in Cherry Valley, N. V.. 
resigned in 1825, and installed Jan.. 1S26. in Holliston, Mass., where he remained until iS;,2. 
when he removed to the State of New York. I'ld. History of Hollisto.v anti Sher- 


A'rt'. Mr. Folsom, who married Lucy Fitch, the only daughter, was a chajilain in the .\rnn 
They resided in Cleveland, Michigan City, and elsewhere. Their son, George I'almer Fol- 
som, graduated from Williams College in 1S47, became a minister, was settled in Ceiie-ee. 
N. Y. For extentcd biography of Rev. Ere.nlzkr Fmvu, I). D.. ;■„/. AMKkir^N (^)nk- 
tpri.v Register, Vol. XV., ])p. 353-378. 


[ 481 


Mason Fitch" Cogswell, {'javiis''. Siii;iiul\ Sain!(J'\ Johir, 
Johii^), son of Rev. Dr. James' 1196] and Alice (Fitch) Cogswell, was 
born Sept. 28, 1761, in Canterbury, Conn. He married Mary Anstiii 
Lcdyard, only daughter of Austin and Sarah (Sheldon) Ledyard. She 
was born in Hartford, Conn., where they resided Dr. Cogswell died 
Dec. 10. 1S30. 

1 Hi:]l< I H11.I)K1..N WKKE ; 

M.AUV .\\ STi.\, [946] b. iNoi ; m. .May. 1S23. Rev. Z<;.v.> Wrid. 

1:i.i/.\i;i:th, [947] b. Mav 14 iSo_v ni. Feb. I,, //.'//. John Jrcu/wc// .\,-itoii ; 

d. May 3, 1.S50. 
.\i.i( i:. [948] b. 1805. She died in earl\ lite. Dec. 23. 1X30. 
.Mashn' Fill h. [949] b. Nov. 10, 1.S09; m. Sept. 13, 1S47, J.y,/i\j ll:.uijor,i; d. Jan. 

Cathakim Lfdvahm. [950] b. Sept. 2;. iM i ; ni. Sept. 13. 1S3'.. AV?'. Cortlaiuil I'aii 
/x.-ns.-chur. />. n. : ,1. I),. 24. ISSJ, 


MAsnN- FlTCii CdOSWELl. was baptized Oct. 4. 1761. the seventh day after 
liis birth. His mother died while he was but a lad of eleven years, and soon 
alter he went to be in tlie family of Hon. Samuel Huntington, whose accom- 
plished wife was Mrs. .Martha (Devotion) Huntington, dauglitev of Rev. Dr. 
Cogswell's predecessor in Scotland Parish, Windham. Conn. Hon. Samuel 
Huntington, in 1779-80. was the President of the Continental Congress, and 
afterwards, from 17S6 to his death, in 1796. the Governor of Connecticut. 
Wliile in Mr. Huntington's family he fitted for college, and was entered at 
Yale, the youngest member of his class, in 1776. He maintained his standing 
and led his class in scholarship throughout the course, and graduated in 17S0 
with the highest honors, liaving the Valedictory Oration. He had a natural gift 
for surgery, and chose the profession of medicine. While pursuing his studies 
he was with his brotlier, Dr. James Cogswell [418.1, in the Soldiers' Hospital, 
in Xew York City, wliere he actiuired great e.xpertness in surgery, and was 
verv distinguished in this deparunent througliout his professional life. It is 
said that he was the most accurate, neat, and rapid operator in the country. 
His dexterity with the knife was wonderful. He once amputated .1 in 
forty seconds. 

Dr. Cogswell had a mind was never riifiled or disconcerled, and a 
hand that never trembled during any^on. He fnst introduced tin- most 
important ojjeration in removing a cataract from the eye, e.\tracting it rather 


than breaking it in pieces. He was tlie first one in this country to secure the 
carotid artery with a ligature ; and "that the Deaf and Dumb Asyhim in Hart- 
ford, Conn., owes its existence to the exertions of Dr. Cogswell, in the first 
instance, is as familiarly known as the institution itself." He was moved to 
this by sympathy for his own daughter, Alice, a girl of strong and gifted mind, 
but who by severe illness was rendered deaf and dumb at the age of six years. 
Her father, by reading in a French medical pamphlet of the successful teach- 
ing of the deaf and dumb across the water, was inspired to see if something 
could not be done for such persons in this coimtry. It was largely by his 
influence that Rev. Thomas Gallaudet visited I'aris. gathered information, and 
brought back with him M. L. Clere. in iSi6, by whose services the first asylum 
for tiie deaf and dumb was established in America, and .Alice Cogsw^ell was ils 
first pupil. 

Dr. Cogswell may be said to have been the originator of the Hartford 
.A.sylum for the Deaf and Dumb, as he was of the Hartford Retreat for Insane 
People. The former was foundetl in 1S20, the latter in 1S24. Dr. Cogswell 
was chosen, in 1S12, the President of the Connecticut Medic.d .Society, which 
olifice he held for ten years. He was not only a surgeon, but a scholar, poet, 
and Christian. He was an assiduous and successful cultivator of polite litera- 
ture, especially poetry. He was the companion and compeer of Dr. Ho|jkins. 
judge Trumbull, Dr. .Strong. Mr. Theodore Dwi^ht, and others. He was also 
a proficient in music. 

Dr. Cogswell's last illness was of short duration, lasting only five days. 
The whole ciiy of Hartford was moved by the event of his illness, and late at 
evening people stood in groups along the sidewalks to inquire in whispei-- of 
the physicians as they came from the house, " How is he? " His death was 
a great public loss as well as a private aftfiction. His daughter Alice sank 
under tlie bereavement, and herself died two weeks later. For notice of 
Mason F. Cogswell, M. D.. rv,/. Lecture hy Prof. Jona. Knight, M. D.. before 
Medical Class in Yale College. Nov. 2. 183:5. Vul. Wili.i.^ms Medical Biogra- 
v\\\. pp. 100-109. 

Makv a 1,1 l.v\Kli,\vh.. l.cL.inK ilu «ilc of Dr.Mn^un Fitch C..i;>ucll, w,,-. iIil- d.iu^hiti 
n|- All-till l.rilv.iKl. .1 li.ililin.lliLi Ml Col, Willi.ini l.c-dy.ird. whu .iftcr .1 I.i.ul' .iiid hn|Rk>, 

.in.l 111- iiRii iii,i--.uud .HUT Ik 1i,.<1 -iiirciidercd his sNVnrd. Sept. 7, ijSt. Tur Cin-ii-nmm 
ni INI ( \i n 1,1 ,,i l.,,;i i,n,u,.ii. u.i- „])sfrved Sept. ;. tSSi. .ind Mi . WhittiLi vva- 

Mi- ( "u.HLirs grandp.iiums were J..lin and M.iiy Ai.>tii, Lc-dv.tid. John I.edv.ird «..- 
tioui l;ii-tMl, l.n.^Iaiul He c^ic t.i Ainciit.i in lailv life and lir-t appear- a- a teacher of a 
Latin School m Sonthold. I.. 1. / V,/. Ni w NCuk ( ■.i;N 1. u.m.icai liiouK \fHiCAi KixuKtcv 
Vol. VII., 1^70, p. ij. 

An article in the Xew Liiglandei for Jan., iS.Sj, entitled CV,/ T:nHS ni Cmucclinii. make.- 
nicntion of an old diary of ] )v. M. K. Cogswell, of a tri)) hoiiic to Thanksgiving, 17SS. This 
wa- prior to the National Goveninieiit, which was completed Ajiril 30, 17S9. 

Ih lia,on. late of New Haven, icceived from A. K. Brork. l^.]., of kiclnnond, Va.. Sec 


relary of the Virginia IIi--tniica] Sociciv, the relii., with thi- communication, viz. : " I cndofe 
l"i your acceptance a ~niltil fragmeni ol a diary tound among the pa])er^ of a ]iiiius and 
beloved I're.-1)ylcrian divine uf Richmond, Uev. John I). Ulair, who was born in Pennsylvania, 
Scotch-Irish descent, and who died in 1S2J. I know not the writer, but am assured by several 
circumstances that it was written between 1780-90, which indeed will be apparent to you by 
internal e\ idence on ins])ection. There may be something of local record in it to interest 
you." .Says Dr. Bacon. "How this diary came into the possession i>f Dr. lllaii. of Virginia. 
is a mystery, and how it escaped his waste-basket is no less a mystery." 

iJn one occasion, when a young man. Mason F. Cogswell arrived home on Saturday 
evening to find his father unable to preach the next day, whereupon he took his father's place, 
much to the acceptance of the people of Scotland I'arish, and that day there was in the audi- 
ence a lad ten years old, named J.-\Mts I., Kim;si.f.v. 

Mrs, C. I,. Sigourney, who has been called the •'Mr>. Hemans of .\merica." ha* beaiiti- 
liilly embalmed the meniorv of .\i,i.r C \m 11 in poclrv. She prefaces her lines thus : 

.\ IKK. 

of the 


- of h 


and s|)eech, cheri.- 

ed .- 




cti.m f 

jr her 


ler that aflei 

hi- dca 

th she 


n her 

strung language of 

ure, ' he 



had so 


his it could 

not be 




was suddenly called 

in a 

few da\ 



ow hit 

1, and 


m the abodes 

of blis 

, whe 

•e we 


she has obtained a mans 

on, ma\ 




e her 


IS addressing 

the oh 

■ her 


M earthlv affection ' 


■ SisUrj. then- S miisii Iun\ 

From coiinth-ss harps it Jlmvs 
Tltroiii;houl this wide, celestial sphere, 

A'or paitSt nor discord kittrit's. 
Til, sml is incited from my car 

]iy Imc divine, 
And what through life I pined to hear, 

Is mine '. is mine .' 
The -iUarhling of an ez'ei-tuiieful choir, 
And the full, deep response of Davids sacred lyre. 
Did the kind earth hide from mc 
Her broken harmony. 

That thus the meU'dio of Heaven might roll. 
And 'xululm in deeper tides of l.'is.^ my rapt, my wotiderii. 

iig line-, vid. .Mrs. Sigol'rney'.s ruETic.M, Works. 


I 484 1 


Eliz.-\iii;tm" Cogswell, (yosif/t'', y<'Sifh\ S,i»i/ti-/'-\ yohu-, yo/iu^). 
daughter of Joseph' 1 191 i and Joanna (.Andrews) Cogswell, was born 
March 30, 1735, in Southington Parish, Farmington, Conn. She mar- 
ried, Aug. 20, 1752, F.bciiezcr Hiihhard. They resided in Southingtoii 
Parish, Farmington, Conn. 


:hildren were : 

.■1/uui, hapt. Oct. 7, 1753. Elizabeth, hapt. April 9, 175: 

EUneztr. bapt. March 28, \-]z,(,. A son, bap/. Sept. 5, 1762. 

Sara/i. bapt. April 9, 175.';. Hczckiah, bapt. July 28. 176: 


(485 I 

Sarah'* Coi. swell, {Joscplr, Joseph'', Sat>iiur\ Jv/iii-, y'akn''), daug-h- 
ter of Joseph" il97; ami Joanna (Andrews) Cogswell, was born May 10, 
1736, in Suuthington, Conn. She married Stephen HoUistti: He was 
born Aug. 9, 1727, in Kensington, Conn. They Ii\ed in New ]5ritain, 
Conn. Mr. Hollister died Aug. 31, 1800. Mrs. Sarah Hollister died 
May 6, 1.S14 


Rhoda. b. May 10, 1756; m. Sept. 5, \~-i,JoiCpli Woodruff. 

Anna, b. June 23, 1758; m. David Daniels. 

Thomas, b. Sept. 10, 1762; m. Sarah Hiirlbiirt. 

Charlotte, b. June 21, 1766; m. May 30, 1787, Ed-i.'ard Patterson. 

Stephen, b. Jan. 1, ijUj: m. Flowers. 

Sarah, m. April ig, I7g2. Simeon Bronson. 


Mrs. Sarah {Cogsnicll) Hollister united with the church in New Britain, Conn., ])ec. 10, 
1758. It was said that "she was a woman remarkable for prayer and piety " The record made 
has sometimes varied fnmi the above, viz., "Sarah Cogswell, born May 10, 1726, daughter of 
Joseph and Joanna (Andriis) Cogswell, married Stephen Hollister, and died at the age of 
eighty-eight years." 




R0SANNA6 Cogswell, {Joseph'', Joseph*, Samuel^, John-, Johu^), 
daughter of Joseph-'' [ 197 ' and Joanna (Andrews) Cogswell, was born 
May II, 1739, in Southington, Conn. She married, 1758, Stephen 
IViiistoii, son of Daniel and Abigail (Hotchkiss) Winston. He was 
born Dec. 3, 1733, in Wallingford, Conn. They resided in Southing- 
ton, Conn. 



Kosaiiiui, b. Jan. 2, i;5.j; m. Umitd Uait; A. jMay 23. I 7SS. 

Jemima, b. Feb. 7, 1761. 

Stephen, b. April 8, 1 763. 

Joanna, b. Nov. 13, 1765. 

Daniel C, b. Feb. 28, 17^S: m. Feb. 2. 1792, Jeiusha Peirson ; d. about 1S14. 

/,,■«/„/ //»■/, son of .\mo< and Marv (Dunham) Hart, was 1>orn Aug. 24, 1759. IK- mar- 
ried A'.u.nnni Ifinsfo,,, and they resided in HurlinKlon. Conn. His death occurred Mav 2, 
1S22. They had a daughter .Mary, who married John Miller, of Canada, a daughter Orra.who 
married John Kieid, of IV.emont. Ma~-.. and a son Joeh wlio wa> born Jan. 2, 17.SS, and mai 
ried Keh. 2, i.Sorj. Sarah Winchcll. 

Daniel G. irin</,>„ married J,n,.<l>., J'eirs.m, daughter of Nathan and Jevn-ha (Sandlord) 
I'eirson. She was born Jan. 12, 1770, in Kridgchamptem, N. V. They resided in Richmond, 
M.i-s.. and in Hallston. N. \ . He was a tanner and currier. He died about 1S14. Thev liad 
Ir.,. cliil.Ii.n. vi/,: Jc.n-ha. b. Dec. 16. ir<,2, m. Dr llethuel I'eck ; Sarah, li. .\inil 2S,'i7y5, 
111 Ai'iil _-i, is.M. |..ln, I i,,i,,;,,i;ham. d. Dec. 2. iSjr, ; Nbirv. b. (Id. iS, ij.jS; Kli/a. b. Dec. 26, 
iSci.n., .\|.iil 14, iS:,. J,,n,L~ 1;. r,„,K; Lucy .\nn. ).. March r;, lSo;. she died in infancy, 
.•\u^. 2.S. I, So;. 

Saniii in,i,/oii married J.'lin Ciiiuiiii,:l,am. The> lived in New \"ork ( it} , and in 1 .cban.m. 
I ihio. He was a .son of William Cunningham, born 1794 in Xew \ ork, and died Sept. .S, iSr.j;. 
in Tennessee. Their only son was Richard H. Cunningham, who w.i.- burn Feb. 3, 1SJ4. iu 
Richmond, Mass. He m'arried, April 4, iS4,S, Fydia .\, (.'o.v. daughter of Richaid .M. ,uul 
Mary .\. (Huston) Co.\, She wa» born March V., !826. in Wari'en Countv. Dhi... ria\ 
re>ided in Masoii, Ohio. He was a Lawyer. He served in the .\rmy of the Union mo.', 
than three years, and was under Sherman on his inarch to Charleston and the .sea. Mr. and 
Mrs. Cunningham had si.\ children: Theodme J., b. Jan. 12, 1S49; Catharine E. I'., b. Feb. 
24, 1S4I, m. Dec. .S, 1S70, William 11. Hamilton ; Richard M., b. Xov. 19, i,S32 ; .Nathan 1'.. 1.. 
June 26, iS5r,; Sarah W., b. .\pvil 1., i.s^s. ,n J.,„. .,. iNru. William L. Nichols; Marx .\.. b, 
.April 3, 1S61, m. Nov. 16, iS.So, l-.i,i. j, N^.^MrHi, He \\a- born June 22, 1S44. 

.1A-. and Mrs. Ihimilton residul lu ( iuen-linig, Dccatm C ii., bid., where he was boi n 
July J4, 1847. He was the son oi W. W . and Is.d.ella J. Ihimilton, He wa- a hai.h\:iu 
merchant. Their children were: William f., li. N..\. ;'. 1S71; M.u> F., b. Dee. 1, 1S74; 
Richard R„ b. .April 8, KS76: llarrv W., I.. Mareh (., |S,S3. 

Mr. and Mrs. .W./zoAresided in Richmond, Mass., in the .same house where he was born, 
Oct. 21. 1S39, which was built by Joseph Cogswell [197] between 1762-7, and has been the 
home of si.\ generations. In 1S12 it was removed about forty rodi. to the east of it> original 
site. fW. Marv .Ann Coc.sWKi.i. [1596] Mkmokaniu. 

Mr. and Mrs. Xcwloti resided in Leno.\, \Li-> . where he wa.- born. 1S44. lli~ parent- were 
I-aac and Mary Ann (RoutJ Xewtcni. He was the proprietor oi the Clift H."i~e in I en..\. 
Ma~>. Their children were : Lucy Peirson, b. Jan. 7. 1SS2; Richard Daac. b. 1 >ct. 2. i.s.s-;. 

Elna /fV/MA.;; married /.;«/<■.( /.'. Cft'/-. son" of Walter and l;et>ev (llureh.iub ( ..nk. ' He 
Has born iScjo, in Richm-nul, Mass., where they resided. Mr. Cook wa.- a He died 
Nov. 2S, 1846. Mrs, Cook resided, 1SS3, in Chic.igo, 111. Their children were : Elizabeth 
Winston, b. Feb. 24, 1S25, d. Oct. 22, 1S44, in Richmond, Mass.; Lucy .Ann Winston, b. Feb. 
22, 1S27, m. Dec. 23, 1845, Orville Cronkhite; FloroiiKind Hurchard, b. Dec. 9. TS31, in Komc. 
.N. v., d. July 9, 1S36, in Vienna, N. V. 

J/c. and .Mrs. C/w;/-/;//,' resided corner of Xja Salle and Madison Street-, Chicago, 111. 
She was born in Rome, N. V. Mr. r-ronkhite was son of George and I'ameli.. (l'eir>onl 
Cronkhite. Their children «cre : Fl.nomond W., b. July 12. 1840. and CInriannah I'eck. I., 
Maul. o. 1S52, in Clen- F..II. N. \ . 


Hon. Vreu Winmon, Pioi.lfi 

I nf Xe» Vuik Mutna 

in iif Mr>. Surah 1 \\"in-tr,iii Cii 

ni.mliam. the f;iaiKlm. 

Jchnumd, M.i". 




Nathan^ Cogswell, {yoscplv", Joseph'^, SmmtcP, Johifi, John''), son 
of Joseph-^ 1197] and Joanna (Andrews) Cogswell, was born April 22, 
1744, in Southington, Conn. He married '^Aima Smith. She was born 
Nov. I, 1745. They resided in Richmond, Mass. Mrs. Anna Cogswell 
died March 27, 1785. Mr. Cogswell married, 1786, -.£"//«/irf Zwv;'. She 
was born, 1756, in Colebrook, Conn. Mrs. Eunice Cogswell died March 
I, 1787. Mr. Cogswell married, Dec. 31, 1787, ^Miriam SmitJt. She 
was born 1754. Mrs. Miriam Cogswell died May 20, 1802, and Mr. 
Cogswell married '^Mrs. Mary {Tarbcll) Waters, widow of Edward .\. 
Waters, Esq., of Balston, N. Y. She was born 1756. Mr. Cogswell 
died March 29, 1822. Mrs. Mary Cogswell died Jan. i, 184S, in New 
Lebanon, N. Y. 


Elisha, [951] b. Dec. 8, 176.S: m. Nov. 10, 1790, Phche Rctdington ; d. Aug. 14, rSir.. 
S.Mrrn, [952] b. Jan. 2.S. 1771 : m. 1793, Phcbc Wells; d. Marcli 5, 1S44. 
Salmon, [953] b. Marcli S, 1775: m. Feb. 5, 1798, Sarah Soiillardj d. Sept. 10. iSi i. 
Nathan, [954] 1). March 19. \-^^. He lived in Upper Canada. 





l; CHILI) 

b. .Marcl 

I, 1787: m. Jcduthan 1 







K wekk:, [956] b. 
Julius, [957] b. Oct. 
Samuel. [958]. 

\'ov. .S, I 
10, 1791. 

-8,,: m. Huhlayd. 

He died in infancy. Nt 


-, I7V2. 


bl the t 

n\N C. 


iniund, M 

•ick-mitli. IK \\.-\> a man 
i>-.. arc lound ihc followiiii. 


noble qua 
<cri)nions : 

In Memory of 


who died March 29, 185:, 

Aged 78 years. 


In Memory of In Memory of 

MRS. ANNA, Wife of MRS, EUNICE. Wife of 


who died Mar, J?"', 1785, who died March i'<, 

in the 40tl' year of 1787. in the 31SI year 

her age. of her age. 

"/;; m.'/rn, „,'/ ns 7iM:U/us ./... 

ir/,ou -rkioiis //rv,c all liof, 
.1 Jnlliti:; tear i.< .Xo/iir.'s ,lu,- : 

Willi,- faith h'ohi ii/- ro loy "» Hi-h." 


who died May 20"', 1802, in the 491I1 year 

of her age. She was his third wife. 

And of their little son JULIUS, who 

lies at her left hand, who died Nov. 71I', 1752, 

in the I3«i' month of his age. 




Joseph" Cik-.-^wkll, (yosepli\ yosi-p/i^, S(iiiiii(/'\ yo/ni", JoJin^), son 
of Joseph"' 19T and Joann.'i (Andrews) Coi;s\vell, was hnrn May 15, 
1753. in Sonthin-tnn.'c.nn, He married, July 14. 1772. C/i/oc 'Hi'/I. ! 
They resided in Richmond, Mass.. and .d'ler 1790, in Cornwall. Vt, I 

J in:iK f HlI,OI<l-,N Wl 1(K ; [959] h. I let, |S. 1773: m. Jinu- 1 1. i;.)2. Jn/in Olvoiil. 

Ci,AKiss.\. [960]. h. y\:\\ 1.,. ir;;-. m, oit, 12, 17^3,. /w"- cuK-rt. 

LrM,\.\, [961] b. Oct. ■:, 17.S1; m. Jan. 1, 1.S04, ^E!,\ta Bni,,-; in. Mvj.. 27. 1807. 

■ E:;>r/s : d. Dec. 15, iSjS. 
lil.i'-K\, [962] b. July 4. 17S7; m, /.OiJinrinti Gain, in. 


y,'..,//; (•,;;'..:.■,/,■ hi- li.m.-u .niul f.irni in Kiclim..ii(t. M.i-*.. (lcc<l 
.n alur vcninvL-d 1.. ( nnuv:,ll. Vi,.al...„i iIk- >.inu' linu' that lii< brMiJKi 
tU-,1 tlun, TIk larn, m |,,-q,l, C.^j-wdl in C.invv.ill »a~ ihal .MrH|.i, 


T!u- Church A\;or,i, of KicliiiK.iul. Ma><., contains the following: "Baptized I1ec. 2t 
17S4. Olive, Clarissa. Lumaii, children of Joseph f'og?\vell. Baptized Aug. u, 17S7, Betsev 
child of Joseph Cogsnell." 




Joseph^ Cogswell, (Samnel-', Joseph*, Sajiiiie!", yolui-, yo/ni^), son 
of Samuel'^ [198i and Mary (Langdon) Cogswell, was born July 13, 
1737, in Farmington, Conn. He married and removed from Farming- 
ton, Conn., to Richmond, Mass., in 1762. Mr. Cogswell died July 15, 

their only chilu was: 
Nathaniel, [963]. 


[ 497 


AsAHEL« Cogswell, (5<?w;/r/\ yosc-pI/\ Sa?////c/'-\ Jolui'^, yolni^), son 
of Samuel'' [198j and Mary (Langdon) Cogswell, was born April 16, 
1741, in Farmington, Conn. He married, 1770, ^Dorcas Fuller, daugh- 
ter of Jeremiah Fuller. They resided in Richmond, Mass. Mr. Cogs- 
well married -Rhoda . She was born 1744. Mr. Cogswell died 

Dec. 4, 1792. Mrs. Rhoda Cogswell died Dec. 1, 1S26. 


.Sti:i'HI-,\.[964] ) 1^ ,^^^ , 1 7-1 • * "■'■Sept.21, 1794. £'/?:r<7^7// //dz/i/yd. Sept. 6, 1S23. 

Silas, [965] S '' ^ ^- ' ■ '\x,^. Rachel . 

A^AHLL, [966] b. 1773. Dorcas, [967] b. 1775. 


.1. wa- a farnici. The family tradition is that his son Asahel married 
New York. Also that I)orca> \\a> married, and died in early wonian- 
r. Cogswell mentions in his will, dated Clct. 27, 1792. his wife Rhoda. 
and hi>, three sons, Stephen, Silas, and Asahel. He names David 
l1 liishop. Ks,,.. his e,\ecntov>. His will wa~ witnessed bv S.amuel, 





Isaac'"' Cogswel, (Sit////c/^, yoscp/i*, Samtir! \ yo/iu-. yo/n/^). son uf 
Samuel'' [198' and Mary {Lan<4clon) Cogswell, wa^. born, 1745 in Farni- 
ington, Conn. He married iMo/ly Loovds. They resided in Richmond, 
and in 1785 removed to Charlotte, Vt., where they both died. 

Amos, [968] m. I\U>U Cahivcll. IOmi-.. [971] m. Zilftlm Moi,: 

Li.EANnK. [969] m. BariinbiX.< Gni-.i>.. I.i i inoa. [972] m. Joicpli Spahliiti^. 

Ron ANN A, [970] m. John Hcnlh. S\ lA 1 A. [973] m. Josipli .J/<>:,'. 

Si:iH. [974] 1.. Feb.'l4. 1:72; m. Juh 25. 1 7.;3, '//„,i,i„ii Marti,, : m. 1S3;. \M,~. 
r.rluy I />',„■///,.// 1 Gihh. : d. julv 12. 1.S62. 


]-.A\. (....-Will wn-n -..!<!. L> ..I iIk Ko.ilnn.n. Ik -ciA ccl li ...n .\|.ril 2'. 1.. M.iy i.,, 
1777. ill ( a|.i. Aaion's ('oni)i:iny. C.l. .Syni.iiKKV Ue<;imcm. which wa- called .>ui l>y 
(li-n. (uau-s. Mr. Cogswell sold, Jan. 31. 17.S3. tony a. r- .11 land lor nvo hnndied ])..niid-. I.. 
Samuel Coo-well [503!, .and .\piil 2. ir.S;. hftccn ancs l.i Thilip (noU. of Richmond, Mas-., 
.mil remo'cd lo (■hail..U<.. Vt. 




Samuel" Cogswell, {Saiiiiicl'. yosc-f/,', Sa/)i//i-/\ yo/iirK yo/iii^), 
son of Samuel-' . 198 and Mary (Langdon) Cogswell, was born Sept. 
17, 1754, in Farmingtnn, Conn. He married Snrn// Lvtfic O/nisfci'f. 
They lived in Richmond, Mass., where Mr, Cogswell died. May 26, 1815. 
Mrs' Cogswell died, 1829, in Brighton, .\. ^' 

^11- [975]- She died al tlic aye of twcdvc ye.irs. 

.\nn, 1^976]. She (lied at the age ol .seventeen years. 

.1. I )., [977] h. .Aug. 3. I 7')0 : m. jnne iC, . Si 7. S,,,.,/, E. Jl/,'.<s ; d. .Marcli S, i S44. 


n ..I llu- Rev. . Inn. .n 
■-uJl I 499 1. in i;:: 


504 ] 


Reuben" Cogswell. {Samuel '", yoscph\ Sai>iiu/"\ yo/nr, yoln/^), 
son of Samuel" [198 1 and Mary (Langdon) Cogswell, was born March 
I. 1756, in Farmington. Cimn. He married and resided in Richmontl. 
Mass. About 1781 he removed to Galwaw and afterwards to Ballston, 
X. v., where Mr. Cogswell died. 


.\ d.aL(,)iti;k, [978], .A hai (.iiiu;. [979]. 


Rem;kn l.o,.-«iii. w.,> n. tiR Revolminnan ~uiM.L, ( i,: litai m- ■■! ilulMilk.., I.tx. 
iii-t..!! he cnii>tid. .\|iiil -'J, 17:^. .ukI iiiarclud lu C.uiilinil.ue, M.i>^^ Ik ua~ oik ..i Ca|.I 
Xobk'- ii,inutL-iiK-n. !lu uas tk-ctLiI I'.^tmastei ut llall-I..,,. \. \ .. in .-.S.s^ 


; 506 I 


Lk\i'' Cn(,.-~\\ ell, {S,ii)i>ii/'\ 'yi'Si-p/i\ Siuin:c/'-\ yo/nr, yi'//i/'i, sen 
of Samuel' [198 1 and !\Iarv (Langdon) Cogswell, was born Sept. 6. 
1759, in l-"armingtun, Conn He married, Dec. i, 1786. Rncficf F. 
Whitclcy, daughter ..f William Wliiteley. She was born May 22, 1762. 
They lived in Charlotte. Vt. Mr. Cogswell died Nov. 29, 1853. Mrs. 
Cogswell died June 22. i84r). 

I HKIK ( HII.UKEN Ul ]il. : 

Lrvi. [980] 1j. Dcl I. ijSS: in. jiilv. 1.S14, San?/i I'aliiui ; d. Stpt. \(\ 1N7''. 
Ann-A. [981] b. July 20, 1790; m. Feb, 1S07, Enoch I'ahiiir : d. .Aug. S, iN77. 
LVUL\, [982] b. Sept. 28, 1792: m. Onin Mobs : d. May i(>, 1841. 
Haxn.'^h, [983] b. July 6, 17.14: 111. Cal-.iii Stcnrns ; d. Dei.. N, 1821. 
Polly. [984] b. Sept. 24. 171/1: m. .A-.v,-/// I'ahin-r ; li. Oct. 11, 1S42. 
.X-iATiLL. [985 ' I, o^-t ,^-, ^.^^ .\m. Murv P,-ah : A.]\m<ti^,\>^z^). 
A MOV, [986] 1 ' ' ^'" ''''( 111. .SV/,„?// ./,'//,■.. 

Bktskv. [987] b. Au-. 17, iSo;. m. .\pril 19. 1834. Alinrt If. }had. 



Levi Cor.sWELl, wa-i a scildiei in tlu- \\\ir of tlic Revolution. He removed with his 
brothel . Is-aat Cogswell [ 499 ], to Charlotte. Vt. Mr. Cogswell was a farmer. 

Levi Ci'c-t;'^''/.' [ 980] was a farmer. He married Sarah Palmer, daughter ol Tyler and 
Ra.hcl I'ahntr. She w^is born in the State of New York. They resided in Ch.irlotte, Vt. 
Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 7, 1S67. They had no children. 

A111U1 0:;-JTcv// [ g8t ] married a brother of Mrs. Sarah (I'almerj Cogswell. Mr. Palmer 
was a farmer, and lived in Monkton, Vt. His death occurred .\ug.. 1S46. 

Amos Co,i;sxvc!l [986] lived in North Ferrisburg, Vt. His wife. Mrs. Susan (Jones) 
Cogswell, died Oct. 27, iSSi. They had no children. 

Pcts.y Cogs-Mil [987] married Albert W. Mead, sun of Stephen Mead. He was born, 
1-73. in (ireeinvich, Conn. They lived in North Ferri-burg, Vt. Mr. Mead died Jan. 21. 
1S50. Thev had no children. 



Anna'" Cogswell, (Xathaii'\ yoscpl!^, Samiie/^, yo.'ur. 'jo/ni'^), 
daugliter of Nathan'' [199: and Susanna (Warner) Cogswell, was born 
July 24, 1738. in Farmington, Ccmn. She married, Sept. 30, 1762, yo/in 
Miuky. They lived in Middletown, Conn. 


John, b. .'\ug. 24, 1763. Thompson, b. Sept. 14. 

Jesse, b. Dec. 7, 1764. A/n^aii, b. Dec. 4, 1761 

Anna, b. Mav 31, 1 766. 




Solomon^ Cogswell, {Nat/tair', yflsc/>//\ Saviuc!^. yolnf-. yo/in''). 
son of Nathan''' [1991 and Susanna (Warner) Cogswell, was born March 
26, 1743, in Farmington, Conn. He married, Dec. 12, 1768, Siira/i 
Coivlcs. She was born :\Iarch 11, 1749 They resided in Hancock, 
Lancsborough, and Williamstown, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Mav 26, 
1806. Mrs. Cogswell died April zCk 1831. 



Chloe, [988] b. Dec. 12, 1769; m. Feb. 16. 1792, Major Joicph Stroiii;; d. July 5. 171)9. 
SrsANNA. [989] b. Dec. S, 1771 ; ni. Oct. 10, 1793. Francis Shong; A. Nov. 13, iSii. 
S.AR.\H, [990] b. Feb. 2(k 1775 : m. .April 26, 179.S, Sy/vfsU-r Gardner ; d. July 12, 1853. 
SoLO.MON, [991] b. March 4, 17S0; m. Nov. 26, iSoi, Rkoiia ]l'ilco.\ ; d. Jan. 5, 1.S50. 
N.ATH.^N, [992] b. April 2, 17S2. He died in childhood, Aprif i, 17S8. 
Benjamin, [993] b. Dec. 5. ij'^-,- m Oct. 2. ISC'"!. Susanna Bill ; d. June 5, 1S41;. 
William, [994] b. July 24. 1781,; ni. i.SK.. Santantkn Pcttit : d. Sept. 25, 1834. 


Mrs. Horuli \CowUs) O^-.v;.., // gave lu licr graiul>.jn, S.ili.iiiMn I.iI.l/- ^n,;M^cll [ 1624 ]. tlie 
ctav his parents stl out for ( )hio, Se))l. i,^ 1.S26, a IJiblc. .11 tin. tinit. i>iii. luiiKhctl y(.ai> ulil. 
which she- inscribc-d a>foll,,„s: 

'•.Man]iu>. Clii..iula;;a ( .... N. V,, .-m-im. 13. |S2(,. 'I hi> l..M,k ht-l.. until t- X.itlian I ..-- 
well, .\ftci- his death il tell I., hw -..11 SuIoukmi CuhmvlII. ami 1, hi- «idiiw. give it lu >ol,,. 
mrm Jabc/ Tog-well, my graiul-n,i, being benjaiiiin'- ~.n,. Thi- I utile with my owi, haiul. 
beiii- in niv rSUi vc.ti. 'Ihaiik.- be I.. ( I..1 tin nieaMiii ..f he.iltli I eiii<.\." 




Ruth'' Coc-well, (/;(K7;/\ jfoscf/i^ Saimtfl-. Johu\ y,-////'), daugh- 
ter of David"' [202 ' and Mary (Woodruff) Cogswell, was born in South- 
ingtun. Conn. She married, Aug. 7, 1766, Williaui Barrett, son of Jame.s 
Barrett. He was born May 15, 1743, in Sduthingtim, Conn. Mr. Bar- 
rett died Mav 6. iSii), 


Elsie, \ ' ■ Im. Jsahel F 

L'rhane, b. 1 761^. m. • 

Kttth, m. Jol> Kiitunond. 
Lou'ly, m. Jan. 3, 1805. /nnn.u 


I lUviie-.. 


M,. aiul M... J\'il.r li.ul M\ 
1'. Kinch; Se]il. 30. iro'i. 
b. .\pril :. irw; biel.h. Del. ;. iSo 
t.s_,3. J„hn .M. llnbart. 

Trnniiiii l<,nii,'. hIi.i 111,11 tinl 

hilclien: Kmma, K. ^ept 
,1. He.. S. iSi4.Jn.i-pli 1 
0: Ruth. b. July 21. 1S03 

. K 

Maiv h... b. Maich 7, iSod. ni. M.i 





Hui.D\H<' CoGS>vEi.L. iDavid'\ Josiplt"^, Sixt>iiici\ yolui\ yoliii^). 
daughter of David'' ,202 1 and Mary ^VV'.n/clruff; Cogswell, was born 
Sept. 22, 1751, in Southington, Conn. She married Capt. David Peck, 
son of Zebulon and Mary (Edwards) Peck. He was born May 13, 1749, 
in Bristol, Conn. They li\-ed in Southington, Conn. Mr. Peck died 
Sept. 30. 1S21. 

A/arv. h. Jan. 25, 1773. 

Hiildah. h. July S. 1775: m. Nov. 24, 1S03, Kihy Siiiilli : fl. March 10. iSs.S. 

Asahcl, b. July 19, 1777: m. Feb. 3, 1803, Diaiicinin Ihiuliaiii. 

Scth, b. July 7, I7«l : m. Salome Lcuis. 

Sally, b. Oct. 3. 17S3: m. Sarschal JmUl ; d. July 15, iS24. 

Onin. b. Aug. 26, 1785: m. Ann Sc7i.'ar(l. 

Pliila, b. Aug, 31, 17S7: m. Ed-n>ard Coii-tUTSt. 

Liiniiiia. b. May 13, 1790; m. Joel Carriiigtoii. 

Mr. and .)/;•... Kihy SmitI, had tw„ childic-n : \Vyllv>, 1). (Iv.1. ■> l.So^ ; Jaints K. 

Mr. and J//-..-. &;•..■<■//,;//«,/,/ had twu childjcu : Sc-th, b. March iS, 1S03, ni. June 25. i.S.^. 
bc-t~cv Dution ; Heniv P., li. '>q\a. 27, rSu. i"- Jan. 24. 1842, Uetsty A. Wila.x. Mr. Sai>chal 
Judd died Dlt. n. i:-.Vl- M'- and Mi>. llonx 1'. Judd had : Jaicd W., b. An,;;. II, 1S44, and 
lUnrv S.. b. Rb. 14. '1S4S. 


(514 ^ 


David"^ Cogswell, (Darid'', yoscpJd, Saniud'^ yoJur, yohn^), son 
of David" 1202] and Mary (Woodrtiff) Cogswell, was born 1857 in 
Soiithingtf>n, Conn, He inarncd, Sept., 1779, Ahiy^nil Gndlcy. She 
was born 1753, They lived north of Burying Grmmd Hill, on the 
west side of the turnpike, Mr, Cogswell died May 4, 1823, Mrs. 
Cogswell died Nov. 18, 1843. 

riiLi,\, [995] b. July 20, l7.So: m. Sept. 29, 1799, I^ichard 1'. I.owrey. 
I'm r.i . Tgge] b. May 15. i7.'^3: m. May 10, l.Soi. \Ioliii P/<rt,-r .■ m. -f.,"/ Siiii/l: ; d. 




NoA)i'' Cogswell, (Dai'iii'\ yoscplt^, Sa)iniLl'\ yolni"-, yolin^), son 
of David'' [202] and Mar)- (Woodruff) Cogswell, was born Sept. 27, 
1761, in Southington, Conn. He married, April 15, 1798, Lydia Wood- 
ruff, daughter of Asa and Mary (Granniss) Woodruff. She was born, 
1777, i" Southington, Conn. Mr. Cogswell lived north of Burying 
Ground Hill. Mrs. Cogswell died Oct. 14, 1817. Mr. Cogswell died 
Dec. 6, 1839. 


Kc,xAx.s.\, [997] b. .Sept. 3, iSoo; m. Dec. 5, 1.S24, Arhiiia.s Jasper GriiUcy _: d. May 

2.S, 1S30. 
WVLLVs. [998 "j b. 1N04, who died in early life, July 31. 1S27. 


' 516 


S.ALMON'' Cogswell, iDavid'\ yosepli^, Sai)iucI'-\ yolut-. yolni^). 
son of David-" I 202 ] and Mary (Woodruff) Cogswell, was born March 
18, 1768, in Southington, Conn. He married, Feb. 25, 1794, '^ Scirali 
Siiiit/i, daughter of David and .-Abigail (Lewis) Smith. They lived in 
Southington, Conn., at East Mountain, on what was known as the 
Miller place. Mr. Cogswell removed in 1813 to West Street. Mrs. 
Cogswell died June 9, 18 14. Mr. Cogswell married, Sept. 21, 1814. 
'^Amy Stan/cy. He died March 9. 1838. Mrs. Amy Cogswell died 
Feb' 8, 1868. 


Le\i Broun. [999] b. 1793. 

Jesse, [iooo] li. March 11. I7<;7-. in. Maria .Wu/i'ii. 

Harrie'i, [1001] b. Aug., 1799: d. Marcli 14, 1S75. 

Selah, [1002] b. July 15, iSoo. 

Matilda, [1003] b. May 23, 1S02 ; m. Jan. 3 1 , iS2''i, • Thomas XL Malion; '/",-/<-;• Bov.i. 

Sarah, [1004] hapt. June 3, 1S04. 

Ahigaii, M \RV. [1005] b. Nov. i), 1S03; m. May 0. i82w. 'Williani Jiuhl : m. De... 

17. 1S44. -Klisha Crosby ; d. June 14, 1S63. 
Khoda Essi.iv, [1006] hapt. .March 12. 1809; m. Pi-ntrillc. 


I 519 


Sarah'"' Cogswell, {yoscp/r, yos/iiin\ S(Uiii/i'/'\ yvlnr. yolm^), 
daughter of Joseph" [20T] and Sarah (McKinney) Cogswell, was born 
March 31, 1754, in WintUor, Conn. She married, Nov. 23, 1775, Capt. 
Elisha Burton, son of Jacob and Rachel Burton. He was born Nov. 
7, 1743, in Stonington, Conn. The\- lived in Norwich. \'t. Mrs. 
Sarah Burton diet! Jan. 25, 1814. Capt. Burton died May 3, 1S19. 


Sarah, b. Fcl.. 1.,. t:;-; m. Am.-v .S/,;/,/ai ,f : ([. .-March 6, iW,i. 

./r7,v'/', li. Nov. 3, 17-g; m. Jan. 23. 1S06. /Ic'ts.y Sajf'onf ; d. Fell.. i.S_(3. 

Joseph, b. Oil. 20, 17S1 : m. Mary Hodi^man : tl. Oct. 24, 1814. 

Susanna, h. \ov. 28, 17.S3. She died in cliildhood, .May 27, 1790. 

/W/r, b. March 26, 17X6: m. K,v. Samii,/ Basrow : d. Marcli, 1.S25. 

John B. C, li. April 10, 1789: 111. Feb. d, 1814. Si/saii l^m'clanii : d. May 9. isr,2. 

Hanrv. b. Aug. 19. 17(13; "i- J^"- '• iS2fi, \Sa/i'ii/,- Burton : m. Jan. 26, 1^31. -Har- 

''ri.t JSroohs; d. Oct. 22. i.S(.s. 
Fanny, b. .April 1 i. 171/1: m. Amiiii />'. .Hint : d. Sept. jo, iN33. 


/■://../,.,/■. " - ' :!,u of Kev. .\»,i Diuu.ii. 1). I)., ..t ■|' Vt. }{(.- manied, 

.Anril. 1767. ' . nh,, died .\ z;. 1775. TIhv had ihixc- cliildrcn. vi/. : Levi, 

b. .\piil 10. I-' I ^ . ,,, I'aiiridge; d. Ncu. 2J, 1S13. Ili> wife «. is a sister uf Capt. 
.\lden I'anridye, wli.. t.'undcd tlie .Norwich .Military I'liiversiiy. Stephen. 1). Dec. 25, 1769; 
d. Dec. 25, 1.S12. Klisha. b. Scj)!. 14, 1772: d. Aug. 17, i.SoT,. These .-ons all removed Wot. 
Capt. Hurt. Ill after the death of y/,-.,. Sorot^ (tV-rav//) Biir/,m, married, Jiilv 14, 1814, 3.7/;-j. 
M,!ry l,':Wo/,,/. There were no childrein.f the third marriage. 

.Vr. and .Vrt. SloMird had three children, viz.: Sarah, 111. Mi. .Monison ; Jesse; Kliza, 
m. Arad Stebbiiis. They had two children : Mary and Mar-Iial. 

Deo. and Mi:i.Jot,<h Ihirloii had nine children, \\i. : Maria, h. < "et. i(j. iSoO: m. Del. 26, 
1S32. Joel A. Richards. lienry, b. Sejrt. 21, i.SoS ; d. .Kpril 1. [836. Klisha, b. March 4, iSi 1 : 
ni. Cynthia Kcjbinsoii. .\zro, b. Feb. 28, 1.S13; m. >Larch 6, 1839, Suphia -Murse: thev resided 
in Lancaster, \. II. Zimri, b. Se]>t, 17. i.Si:;; m. June 1;. 1837, R.ichel Lake; thev resided in 
Trov. \. V. (;i;ort;e. b. June d. iSi.S: „,. Ike. 21. 1 S7.S, M;iry K. Blai-sdell; they resided in 
Noruieh. \t. Mary .Ann. b. .\ov. 12. 1.S20; m. Nov. 1 ;. KS53,Cnnis Stone; d. Sept. 12. 1S81. 
Kli/.;i.b.Jul\ 12.1X23; .I.April 15,1825. l.ebbeus. b. Jmie 24', 1S26; he resided in Troy. N. V. 

.Ml. and Mn. Jo.uJ^/i Biir/oi, had three- chiUlreiil NLirshall, ni. Sophia (oidlev ; ilar\ey. 
m. .Margaret kussell: .Mary, in. Daniel tiraves: they lived in Kochester, N. ^ . 

A'c:: and Mn. <iomin! J'lo.'.oiii had two -ons: Samuel, of Sharon. \'i.. and I'hoiiias 

JMu Join, A. C. and .Mr,. Bn,to„ had: Jo.scph. b. Nov. 25. 1814. Kdward. b. Feb. 14, 
1817. i;ii/.a, b. May 3. iSig: m. Martin fdllctte. Jnlia A..b. Oct. 5. 1S21 ; ni. D.niiel 1 >. Gil- | 

lette; d. Oct. 21. 1.S73 Snsan I... b. June 3. 1824: d. May 10, 1.S56. John I'.. b.Julv 15, iS3i ; | 

m. Charlotte Messenger. Mrs. Susan Loveland lluiion died Jul\ id.'iSfq. • ■ - ■ 


l/„nn IUul„n wa> a lawx. k lie Imd uf the ti;>l ninniaRc;: Sarah j 
William P.. b. Dec. 2. r.S^S; m. 'Kel.ecca ]!lond ; 111. -F.milv C. Craft. -\ 
marriage: Elizabeth, b. Dec. 3, 1S31 ; cl. March iS, 1S33. Laura K., b. Jiine 
3, 1S35. Charle.- H., b. June 9. 1S36; m. Charlotte A. Corwin. 1 nm- 1 . 1 
Ellen Blood. Frederic j., b. Oct. 12, 1S41 ; m. Marv J. Emer.-on. Mr>, Sal 
wife of Harvcv llurton.'EMi.. died Jidv 9, 1S30. 

Mr. and .1/-. Allni two children: Iu»hua ( 1. ; ,\rabella. 



John'' Cogswell, vyoscph^. yoshita\ Sainnc''^ Joliir, Jolni^), son 
of Joseph'^ [201 : and (McKinney) Cogswell, was bi.irn in Wind- 
sor, now Ellington, Conn. He married, 1791, Barshcba Hinchcr. She 
was born 1764, in Windsor, Conn. They resided in Randolph, Vt. 
Mr. Cogswell died 1 79C. Mrs. Cogswell died March 28, i,n49. 


Al.:\nson S.. [1007] b. i-t;2. He died in early life. 1S13. 
WiLLi.\M, [1008] li. 17.4: m. Elvira Turncy : d. 1S26. 

John Kinm.\ , [1009] li. July 1;, 17115: m. iSi'i, ^A'lit/i Giccn: ni. March 31, 1S53, 
■'-LudiiMi i/ark ; d. Jan. 15. 1.^(7. 


JOH.N CiiGSWELL and hi- bruthcr, JK--E Ciii:'.WKl I. | 521 ]. were br.nipht up In their uncles 
in Windsor. Conn.,a.-; theirfather died « hen they Nven y am:; children. They became farmer-. 
and settled in Randolph, \x. 

A/aiisoN Cogs-M/l [ioot} wa- a soldier in the War of 1.S12. and died a prisoner of war. 
1S13, in Ouebec. Canada. 

' !r,U,.,m [ 1008 ] and Elvn„ (T„n,cr) CV'A'.n.v,V had n.. children. 

r 521 ] 


Jesse"^ Cogswell, [jfosc/^Ir, yoslntn^, Sainiicl'\ Johti'^, Johu^), son 

of Joseph'^ [2071 and (McKinney) Cogswell, was born, 1759,111 

Windsor, Conn. He married Sybil Tiffany. She was born in Somers, 
Conn. They resided in Randolph, Vt. Mrs. Cogswell died Feb. 2\, 
1834. Mr. Cogswell died July S, 1837. 


Hah\i.\, [ioio] 1). 171)0; m. KS13. Emily Moiy^an : d. Nov, 

A nAif.HTKK. [loii]. She died in infancy. 

A DAKiHTEK. [1012]. She died in infancy. 

-A iiAr(,HTi;n. [1013]. Slie died in infancy. 

Ii>si;. [1014] lj. Max 25. 1802: m. May 12. 1830, Lama Pi, 


I 523] 


Amos'' Cug.-well, (/.'.7//</////«'\ 'yos/i/ui\ Satmu-r, Johir, Jcliu'), 
son of Benjamin'' :208 and Lois (Thompson) Cogswell, was born Feb. 
19, 1754, in Coventry. Conn. He married ^Rebecca Cliaiiibcrlaiit. She 
died April 12. 1798. He UKurietl, Sept. 22, 1799, ■-Sarah Batiiaby. 
They resiiled in Coventry, Conn. Mr Ctigswell died Jan. 4, 1S45. 

Ai.i( h. [1015J b. June I.). 177S; m. RiJuinf Bro-.cii. 
Jamks, [1016] b. Dec. 30, 1779. 
Amki.ia, [1017] b. .Alay 5, 1781. 

I.ivEPM, [1018] I). .April 2, 17.S3; m. ; d. Jiuk- 2^,. 188,. 

Hannah, [1019] b. July 10. 1784: m. Sc\A. 23, i,So4, .Siim M,UI<s,:n , d. Scjil. 10, 1.S3.S. 

J;i:tsi;v, [1020] b Dec. 11, 17S5; m. Ud. 9, iSo.S, Asa Kcacli. 

Ki:i;ecca. [1021] b. Feb. 18. 1787. 

S.\RAH. [1022] b. .March 2, 1788. 

.A-Mos, [1023] b. Aug. 22. 178.;: m. Sitrah Hiiilslioni ; d. Fc-lj. 12, 1S52. 

Thi Mi,M( lA. [1024] b. Aug. 17. r7(ji. 

Oki'aii. [1025] b. Marcli 3. 17^3: m. Biakctl ; d. April 14. 1861. 

i.r.iKi.i \V., [1026] b. .Marcli 23. \-')--,\ m. 1817, ^PoUy Diimnk ; m. .Aiij;. ifi. 1.S30, 

"l.H. 1 .!/,.«/,;. 7c.- .■ m. April 30, 18^.5. Htrs. Hainiali (C,ir/>,ii/,T\ Giccn- 

li,-/.l: d. Dci. 21. 187N. 


.Si K\iAH, [1027] h. Oct. 15, 1800: ni. .April 9, 1S26, /^(zt/V/ .ff ,7/// //•,'/('//. d. Sept.. ]S4o. 
.\ii} LINK. [1028] b. t)ct. 4, 1802; m. Williaiii Baxtci . 
SArr^-. [1029] b. Jan. 3. 1801): ni. Pttrkliiirsl. 


Mr. and .!//•.<. lUvwi: 
/os./li (•,■;-«-'■■■// (1018 
.I/r. and . I//-,.. /,',/>/,•, 




Benjamin'' Cogswell, (Bfiijannii''. yos/nia'^, Satinicl^, yo/in'-, yoliii ), 
son of Benjamin'' [208 1 and Lois (Thompson) Cogswell, was born Au^-. 
2r, 1755, in Co\-entr\', Cf)nn. He married, July 20, 1779. Mercy Burl, 
of Pittsfield. She was born Dec, 30, 1762, in Northampton, Mass. 
They resided in Pittsfield, Mass., where Mr. Cogswell died, Aug. 10, 
1819. Mrs. Cogswell died April 25, 1846, at the residence of her son, 
Richard C. Cogswell, Esq. i 1032 . 

Phh^inua. [1030] li. Ftb. 5. 1782 

Sami ki. Baldwin, [1031] b. July 9. i 7S4 ; m. Xnoiiii Bint ; A. Max 11. 1S23. 

Kli HAUL Cdl I. [1032] I). Inn. 1. 17.^7; m. Any. 11. 1^14. EliM.i iMwrnui- ; d. .Api 

14. L\^9 
Ml-Koy. [1033] )|^ y^^^. ^_ ,-,s,^ J 

Benjamin, [1034] > ' ' ' (He died in infancy, May 9, 17^9. 

.Sarah, [1035] b. -April 3, 1794; ni. Thcophilii.', Bai/.y : d. Ma\ 7, iSzi. 
Pheuf. Bvkt, [1036] b. March 4, 1797: m.jiuins /'i;/sr. 
Ralph Pomkkov, [1037] b. Feb. 7, iSoi. He died in early lite. June 9 
Eliza, [1038] b. June 10. 1S02. 


B,ii/,im/i/ G;;'.i-.'.7.' by tiadc was .1 cordwainer. He filled the town offices nf CoDectov. C 
lie. Sur\evoi of Ilii;hw.ivs, and .School Committee. He was a soldier of the Revoliitio 

m. Symiu-/ BaiUv. 

.,7S4: n^.y„o,„iB, 

/■/,• d. Max 

s;; m. Au-. n. 1M4 

/;/,■, 7,7 J.,1 


[525 J 


JoHN'5 Cogswell, (Beiijamiir', yos/iiia\ Sainiie/^\ yohn^, yohn^), son 
of Benjamin'' i 208 1 and Lois (Thompson) Cogswell, was born Sept. i, 
1757, in Coventry, Conn. He married and lived in Vermont, in the 
vicinity of Whitehall, N. Y. Mr, Cogswell died in Vermont. 


Bi NjAMiv. [1039" d. ill Oneida Co., N. ^^ 

WiLMAM, [1040] b. Fell. 23, 1777; m. Niiv. 30, 1796. Susanna Beard. 

JuHN. [1041J b. March 14, 17S1 ; m. Kiiu-a,} Pike ; d. March 21, 1S74. 

Sai.I-V, [1042] d. in Oneida Co.. N'. Y. 

Tkvphi;n.a, [1043] d. in Illinois. 

BKTsnv. [1044] d. in .Michivjan. 


I I 529 ] 


'■■ WiLLi.^M'' CoGSWKii.. {Bi-iijiuniir, jfos/iiia'', Samuel^, jFo/iu-, jFohn^), 

j .son of Beniamiiv ; 208 : and Lois (Thomp.soii) Cogswell, was born Jan. 
! 10, 1763, in Coventrx", now Tolland, Conn. He married, Sept. 3, 1786, 
I Maty rr7//Vc, daughter of George and Mary (Benton) White She was 
born. 1766. in Tolland, Conn., where they resided. Mr. Cogswell died 
[ March -3, 1S42. .\h> C.igswell died Sept. 16, 1847, They both died 

in Vernun, Cm 


H \i;k\ . [1045] li. I)c-c. 27. 17.S7 ; m. .^lay 5. 1S15, 'l.ovina IHiiioJ; : m. Feb. 27, 1: 

KMininda d. Dec. 17, 1S5O. 
.M Mn, [1046] b. June S. 1790: m. Ehcncz,r West ; d. Sept. 24. 1S47. 
Cii \Ri Is, [1047] b. Sept. S. 1793. He died in childhood, July 1. 1797. 
Lii 11 s. [1048] b. June 2C1. I 7'/i. He died in infancy, Jan. 22. 171)7. 
Li I lA, [1049] b. Sept. 9. 179S: m. Dec. I. 1815, Hon. Xovatiis Chapman. 
William Wmii;, [1050] b. Feb. 15, iSoi. He died in infancy, March 10, iSoi. 
Wii I I \M 1 HMMi'soN. [1051] b. Dec. 31, 1S03: ni. Nov. 22, i' 2S. Marin MeKiir 
(;i:mk,,i, Winn.. [1052] b, Dec. 18, iso.y. He died in childhood. July 24. 1M2. 

whii died laiiientini; " thai lie lia 
Mrs. .l/.»;r ("■*'V.-)V.v-.rBv//«as 
er «:i>made niisonei i.v Ilu- 


ed sch 

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of (apt. .Nathan 

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I 531 J 


Sakah" Cogswell, {Bii/Janiiir'. 'jos/ma*, Saiiiin/-'. jfohii", jFoIiii^), 
dauc^hter of Benjamin'' : 208 ] and Lnis (Thompson) Cogswell, was born 
Aug. 14, 1767, in Coventry. Conn. She married, Feb. 7, 17S8, Cap/. 

Mulford Eldridgi\ son of and Nabbie (Russ) Eldridge. He was 

born Oct. 25, 1764, in Mansfield, Conn. The}' resided in Berlin, Conn , 
but removed, 1789, to West .Springfield, Mass., where they both died. 
Mrs. Eldridge died Oct. 15, 1.S02. Mr. Eldridge died July 12, 1854. 


Klisha, b. Jan. 28. 1789: m. Dec. 7. 1S15, Tryplicna Ha^g ; d. Oct. 8, 1S77. 

Sarah, b. Oct. 25, 1793: m. ''Ed-.L-ard Sacketl j ■ Warroi. 

Kenjainiii, b. Dec. 15. I79''>: m. Eliza Raniuy ; d. Nov. 16, 1SR2. 
Laura, b. -Sept. 5. 1798. She died in childhood. Sept. 8, iSoo. 
L,va, b. Oct. i;. 1800; ni. I>,;>. Zchiim Eoa'/n- : d. Feb. iS. iS4:. 


.Vn.'/.'nf /■.;,/:;./:;, \\A- a \vheclwii,L:hi .ind niamilacniiei of spinning wheels. 

J-:iis/i,i A,',/y.;7\-, married .i d.uiyhtci ..1 ( lliver and Tryphena (Day) Hagg. She was hum 
Sept 17, 17X9. in Wc^i .S|M iiii^tuld, M.\^>.. where they resided. He was a farmer, and held the 
ottice of 1 )eaL..>n in the (. i)nf;reL;ati.inal Chm ch nearly si.xty years. Mrs. Eldridge died Jan. .\S. 
1867. Dea.Kldridge died in Ann Avl.,.i . Miji. They had seven children : Oliver B,b. Sept. 
;N, 1S16: ni. May 7. 1845. Kli/a c'hntLh ; d. .\pril 17,'iSSo. James I).,b.()ct. 3, 1S17 ; d. Jan. 
17, iSiS. James D., b. Keb. 15, i.Si.j; ni. .April 14, 1S46, Sarah Smith, daughter of Nathan 
Smith; she was born June h). rS::, in Hebron, Conn.; thev resided in West Sjiringfield. 
.Mas.. Sarah Cogswell, b. Jnne 4. 1S2:; m. .Sept.. E,S45, .I"''" ^'- Hyde; d. Nov. 29, 1S46. 
Samuel Mulfiird. b. Sept. 20. 1825: m. Caroline C.ardneri they lived in Calva.Ill. lienjamin 
S., b. .March -_', 1.S-7 ; m. Nancy ; they lived in Calva, 111. I.uia A., b. Max J9. 183^ : 
m. Sept.. iS-o. 1'. 1.. I'.igc; ihev' liwd in .\nn .\vb..r, Mich. 


[532 J 


jERUSHAf' Cogswell, {Bnijomiif', yos/iiin\ Saium-r'', Jclnfi, yo/in^), 
daughter of Benjamin'' i 208 ' and Lois (Thompson) Cogswell, was born 
Dec. ir, 176S, in Coventry, Conn. She married ycdiu E/dridi;-t;hro\.\)e.Y 
of Mulford Eldridge. They resided in St. Johnsbury, Vt., where Mrs. 
I-:idrid-c .lied. 



John. Cyiilhm. m. Hill. 

David. He lived. KS83. in San Raphael. Cal. 

Harrit-t.m. Poi.rrs. Oii'.c. She died in earh life. 



Joshl-.a'= Cog.~\veil, (Bciijamitr. J sliua\ SamiicP, Jolin'^, John^). 
son of Benjamin'" [208 and Lois (Thompson) Cogswell, was born, 
1770, in Coventn-, Conn. He married, Nov. 1 1. 1792. ' Tlutnkful Eaton. 
She was born in Tolland, Conn., where they lived. Mrs. Cogswell 
died Oct. 11, 1799. Mr. Cogswell married, Nov. 24. 1799, -Anna 
Smith. She was born in Ashford, Conn. Mrs. Anna Cogswell died. 
Mr. Cogswell married, April 26, 1808, ^Liuin Stewart. She was born 
in Tolland, Conn. They resided in Mansficid, and afterwards Tolland. 
Conn. Mrs. Lucia Cogswell died. Mr. Cogswell married *Mrs. Betsey 


Ir.a, [i053]b. Oct II, 1793: m. ^H^phzihah Allyii j m.' Martha Cciiaitt ; d. Feb.. iSjy. 
Hexdrhk. [1054] b. Jan. 23. \-</k He died in infancy. Feb. ;S. 1797. 
Ebene/kr. [1055] b. Jan. 24, \-]<^. He died in infancy. March 31. irC"- 


M.\RV, [1056J b. April 13, fSio. .Amelia. [1060] b. Sept. >, iai'> 

ThA.VKFI L. [1057] b. Oct. 23. iSt I. WlLLIA.M. [1C161]. 

Harriet, [1058] b. May 31, 1S14. Haurv. ["*»]• 

James Thomi '^o^. [1059] b. Jan. 13. iSi^i. 


John B., [1063]. b. .Nov.. i«: .Makia Wiiriov. [1064] b July 5, 1S33. 


Jojliiui Cti:^i\ll w.i? a carjicnter nnri Hheth\Hy:ht. lie \v.i~ less fonunatc than some 
men. bin several of hi* -on- have Ix-cr. >iiicc--tir. in hii-ini— -. Mr. C-Hjisntll'.- nr>t witi. 
was a relative of Gen. William t-iion. r/</. Lm;rarv ok L'mvek-al K.NOwixix.t. Vol. V.. 

James 7". r'o.-JTi',// [ 1059I »a- l>nrii .T mechanical iienius When a l.iH ni ten vears he 
made a violii. 







Edw.nrd' Cogswell, {E(1zi'iird'\ Sitii/!i</'\ Ecifzi-.tri/*, IVi/liaur^, Wi/ 
liaiii-, yo/iii^), son of Edward" [212 and Jane (Owen) Cogswell, was 
born March 24, 1767, in Xcw Milford, Conn. He married Bctliia Ba- 
mail. She was born Feb. 10, 1770. They resided in Washington, 
Conn., until about 1794, when they removed to ]?radford Co., Penn. 
Mr. Cogswell died Sept. 4, 1S51. Mrs. Bothia Cogswell died Jan. 19, 


Jllus, [1065] b. May 13. 1790: ni. 1S09, '^Thcda Bcciiiaii ; m. Dec. 21. iSiC', -Kniii,,- 

Lyman : A. Aug. 17, 1879. 
r.LiSH.4. [io65] 1). .\pril 4, 1792: m. Jan. 7, iSii'). Hniinali I'oni : d. June 4. 1873. 
Cv\Tin.\. [1067] 1,. Dec. 28. 1794: m. Williain J)ni/:c: d. 1.S62. 
.-Vuui.i.iA. [1068] h. 1797: m. Joliii Morlcy ; d. 1S83. 
Sr^.vxN.^. 1^1069] b. 1799. She died in early life. 1.S16. 
S.AK.AH, [1070] b. March 22, 1.S02. She died, unmarried. Jan. 16, 1S50. 
.Am.and.a, [1071] b. Sept. I, 1S04: m. Jiistia- Giiylflid. 
Elm. E, [.072] ) ,, ^ ., _ _g^ 3 m. March 2, 1S24 L.-.i Mna.Ic. 
.■\mc'^. [loysJ ) ( m. -April 3. 1S2S. Susninui J'ou'/,i. 


Kr>WAi;n Cogswell was a pioneer settler of Pennsylvania. He at first 
located in Slocum H<-i!lo\v. now Scranton, then removed to Frenchtown. on 
the Susquehanna, and in iSoS he made .. permanent settlement in Tuscarora, 
Pradford Co., in that part of the town now called Silvara. Mr. Cogswell, or 
" Uncle \ed." as he was familiarly caflcd, was by trade a miller, but also car- 
ried on a farm. He was a man of devoted piety, always happy and rejoicing 


in the Lord. He would -o t\veiu_\ iiules uii loot to attend a Methodist Camp 
MeeliiiL;. On one occasion as lie was on his way, some men at work on a 
building by the roadside, who thought to puzzle him by a question of experi- 
ence, said. " How do you get along with the devil?" He quickly replied, 
••Oh. when I am in the valley, the old fellow overshoots me, and when I am 
on the mountain-top lie cannot reach me, Glory to God ! " and went on his way 
not at all disconcerted. 


1538 ; 


Ri-.L-LL" CocoWELL, {Ediiuird*', S<!?>nn/\ Edward\ William\ Wil^ 
liaiir. yo/in^), son of Edward'' .212, and Jane {(.)\veii) Cogswell, was 
burn. 1769, in New Milford, Conn. He married Rhoda 5;«////, daughter 
of Peabody and Rhoda Smith. They resided in Washington, Conn. 
-Mr Cogswell died in 1S28. 


KiLi.v. [1074] b. Jan. 2S. \-')2: m. Jan. 19, 1813. Xancy Cahltw : d. Aug. 3. 1.S7O. 

Ch.\i<i.ev [1075] b. Jul) 4. 1793; m. Asciiath Hubhani : d. Aug. 22, i.S7,S. 

H.WN.'iH, [1076] b. Nov. 28, 1794; m. Hcnjaviin CahUs ; d. Oct. 29, 18.S2. 

A\is. [1077] b. Aug. 28. 1797: m. Daniel Thompson j d. May 26. 1S57. 

Lr( KETl.v, [1078] b. Jan. 11. iSoi : ra. Albert Bro'.cn ; A. June 3, 1SS3. 

Ei.iMi.\. [1079] b. Jul) 9. 1803: m. .Sept. 13, \V^z-^J.iny A. }\-)kiiis : A. June 15. 1870. 

Ki I l.L. [io8o] b. July 30, 1S03; m. ^ Eliza Muilil : m. ■LainrtU Beeniivi : m. 'Sally 

Khui).^. [1081] b. Nov. 26, 1806: m. Oct. 10, I.'^33, Hailcy Hazcn. 
.\a\cv, [1082] li. Feb. 8, 1S09; m. Jan. 3, 1S36, Samuel Buclicr. 
\.\ 1 11 A. [1083] b. Oct. 3, l.Sii ; m. Nov. 3, T.S32, Thomas S. Frost. 
(.71 iiiii.i Washin(>ton, [1084] b. April 3, 1.S13: m. Sept. 7, 1S46, ''Lyilia Ann /'otter ; 

m. Jan. 4, 1S33, "Eliza Amelia Bald: in; d. March 7, 1S79. 
Mine N. lio85]b.Oct. 19, 1.S15; m. Aug. 17, \^y^. Henry Baldwin ; d. June 5, 1S70. 




Joel' Cogswell, (Ed-^'ard^', Savi:ii!'\ Edward*, William^, ll'/7- 
liniii-, yo/iii^), son of Edward' [ 212 1 and Jane (Owen) Cogswell, was 
born Sept. 17. 1771, in New Milfonl, Conn. He married T^tinar U'rix/if. 
Thcv reiiiovcd in I Si 2 .mil settled in LeRavsville. I'a., where he died. 



Philandkk, [1086] • 1 I - V,. ! '"■ Ha>ru-t Electa Stvmoi/r. 

Philimja, [1087] I '' ' ' ' Im. Anii/iio Arnold. 

HiKA.M, [1088] b. Mav 14, iSoo; m. Feb. 28. 1S39. ^Huniel Ro-u.'hy ; m. 1 

ZiHA, [1089] b. Nov. 7, 1803: m. Betsey Sackett ; d. about 18(0. 
Curtis, [1090] b. May 20, 1805: m. Rebecca Trucsdelt. 
Heman, [1091] b. Feb. 20, 1807: m. 1826, Amainia Foster: A. 18O0. 
Charlotte, [1092] b. June 27, 1809: m. Henry Youtz. 
Joel, [1093] b. Jan. i, 1811 : m. ^Sarah DeGriuu ; m. i860, Ma?y Jitdson. 
JAXE, [1094] b. March 8. 1813: m. Alfred Silsbee. 
Chloe, [1095] b. July II, 1815; m. Ediuard Herrick. 
Daniel, [1096] b. June 28, 1S22. He died in early life, June 14, 1S43. 




Damel" Cogswell, {Eii:cnr,i'\ Saniuer', Ed:i'ard\ Willianr, Wil- 
liam', John^), son of Edward'^ [ 212 1 and Jane (Owen) Cogswell, was 
burn in New Milford, Conn. He married, Nov. 8, 1S03, ^Prndcnd 
Huhbcll, of Kent, Conn., where they resided. Mrs. Cogswell died, and 
Mr. Cogswell married '^Folly Terry. 

Ri ssEi.L. [1097] b. Nov. 17. 1S04. 

Kdx ANNA, [1098] b. May 29, i.Sof.; m. March, 1.S3';, Geori:,e Taylor. 

Sim I I'N. [1099] 1). Aug. 29, 1S07. 

William M.,[iioo]b. July 12, iSio. 

Orhilla. [iioi] b. Nov. I, 1.S13., [1102]. 

Hiram H.. [1103! 1.. March 2. 1S22: m. Sept. 27, 1.S41, A. Bates. 


I 542 ! 


Samuel' Cogswell, {Ed:^;nii'\ Saiitut-/'', Edi^uird^, Willia)n'\ U'll- 
lianr, Jvliii^), son of I^Ldward'' [ 212 ' and Jane (Owen) Cogswell, was 
born Sept. 26, 1779, '" ^''-■^^' l\Iill<"'d, Cmin. He- married, Nov. 6, 1S03, 
Cyntliia Hewitt. She was burn June 20, 17S2. They removed from 

New Milford, C"nn , to Warren, }'a, in 1815, where they resided. Mr. 
Co-swell died Jan. 4. 1830. Mrs. Co-jswell died May, 1861, in Great 
Valley, X. Y. 


Ki. H.AKi) H., [1104] b. Nov. 7, 1S04; d. KSM. Jkdidi.ah H., [iiio]b. June iS, 1817. 

li;Mi\iA,[iio5]b. June 30, 1S06. Bet^lv Jane, [iiii] b. Aug. iS, iSiy. 

Sali.v. [1106] b. Aug. :. 1S08. Ma-^on W. [1112], b. Nov. 4, 1821. 

Jusii-H R.. [iio7]b. Jul) I. iSio. Laura P., [1113] b. March iS. 1S24. 

Samcel H., [1108] b. Dec. i, 1S12: m. Llr.\ Ann, [1114] b. Sept. 17. 1S26 

Mav 17. 1.S35. Mciry Ann A melt. A child. [1115]- 
N ANi V, [1109I li. Jan. I 2. 1S13. 

1 544 ) 


Ferkis" Coi.swF.LL, (JoIni\ SawiiJ\ EihMr,i\ lVi/!u-ivr\ //"//- 
liivir, yc/pi^), son of John' 1214; Co,i;-swel], was born May 3, 1767, in 
South Britain, Conn. He married J/rs. Phdh {Ihiivlcy) Jh-istol, widow 
of Gideon Bristol. She was born Jan. 22, 1766, in Roxbury, Conn. 
Thcv lived in Sandgate, Vt. Mr. Cogswell died, 1S36. in Fosterville, 
N. Y. Mrs. Cogswell died May 18, 183S. 


Hannah, [iii6]h. Auu. 16, 1780; m. Zcno.^ /'iniJh : d. Sept. v, ib42. 

Li;.\NA, j 1117] 1). -Aug. 5, 17S.S. Slie died unmarried. 

H.wM.EV, [1118] b. Sept. 10, 1700. He died in infancy. May id, 1791. 

I'liLi-.E, [1119] b. April y, 1792 ■, m. JmI I'riii,//,-. 

Samikl, [1120] b. Aug. 9, 1794: m, iSi8,Ji>anna Smilli , d. iN7i. 

.Martin, [1121] b. Aug. 2S. 1796: m. Sept. 4, iSlCi, Mai\io Tuttl, : d. 1.S52. 

LVDLA, [ii22]b. Oct. iS, 179S; ni. March 23, 1S28. yo/tn A,f<im.s ; d. .March 22, 1.S74. 

.A --A Hawlev. [1123] li. Aug. 17, iSoo. He died unmarried. 

S\K.\H, [1124] b. Dec. 23. 1S02: m. Jcsr/'/i S,uh.'o>t/i. 

Fk.xnklin Flki;i-, [1125I h. .Auu- \y>. kSCk m /\>//y Kiiiihcrly ; d. Jan. 15. I M70. 


l>HI.i;i; C..(;>wi;M ( 1119 ] nun ,...', y,.,/ yVv/zC . -.„ nl Z.ilin.M, and l'..lly I'lunlk. Tlic^ 
Ittl in Samlpatc, Vt., where .\h>. frindlc dii.i. Mi. I'lindlc' died in \\\m ChL^tui. N. \ 

AhA llAWi.EV Cou^WEi.i. [1123] W.1S .1 pliy-ician. Ik died «hen >nunL; in his |ir.,k> 
. in Cincinnati, < >hio. 

Sarah f.Miswiil [1124) married j..,e-,>h Sud«!i. IK h:>s horn in \V.., 
.nda Mr-. Sn.Iw..rtli died al....ii iS;-. in Detruii. Mieh The^ had one child : Maiv 





Daniel" Cogswell, (Asa'', Snw//f/'', E<hi\7r,/\ U'llliaiir^ W'illianr. 
yo/iii'^), son of Asa'M215' and Charity Cogswell, was born, 1770, in 
Sandgate, W. He married Ami. Tultlc, a daut^hter of Amos and 
Mary (Parks) Tuttle, of Sandgate, Vt. Mr. C"gswell removed, in 1801, 
to Auburn. X. Y. Mrs. Cogswell survived her husband. 


Betsey, [1126 ", !>. Feb. 21. 17.);. She died, unmarried. Oct. 23, 1S66. 

S.AR.AH, [ii27]1j. March 21, 17./;; m .An-. 14- 1S17, ./. /•'. Bassctt : d. .Au-. 

Wii.Li.XM. [1128] b. June 21. iSoi. 

MiXEin-A. [1129] b. Aus- 11. 1S03. Slic died unmarried. 

U.^viii. [1130] b. .March I2. 1^07; m. Dec. 2. 1S32. .lArrr Bunu-s ; d. Oct. ; 


: 556 

©rnraloflttal. I" Cogswell, (Xo/hanic/'^, Natliauic!'', E(kvaril\ IVi/liaii:^. ! 

IVillinm-, John^), son of Nathaniel" 12221 and Freelove (Williams) I 
Cogswell, was born, 1793, in Brooklyn, Conn. He married, March 7, 
1 8 14, Polly Doivniug, daughter of Phineas and Anna (Hutts) Downing 
She was born, 1791, in Canterbury, Conn. They lived in Brooklyn, 
Conn. Mrs. Cogswell died Oct. 2, 1SG3. Capt. William Cogswell 

died Nov. 6, 1865. j 


Ei.i;?.\, [ii3i]b. Jan. 15. 1S15; m. Dec. 13. IN34. CharU^ P. UlJijicl.l . d. Dec. f., j 

J.A.MES W., [1132] b. Sept. 2. 1S16: m. Feb. iS. KS40, 'Rclh,\a Doaiu ; m. May i, j 

i,S76. -Afrs. Sharbalt [Kiii^^hts] Ln'iti. | 

LiTRKTi.v [1133] b. Feb. 28. i8!9; ni. Oct. 1. 1S3S. /c//// Erastus Daindson : d j 

June 13. i^''4.V 1 

C.M.iST.x. I1134I b. April 5, 1S21. She died iu childhood. Nov.. 1.S2;. | 

M \KV Ann. [1135] b. June I. 1.S24; m Au-. 2S, 1.S4.,, Willi.un K . Tn.l-.r. j 

J.isri'ii. [1136] b. Jan. i^. iN2fi: m. Oct. ;, i,S4r,, Caro/inc J. Cluinilh-r!.un : d. Feb. j 


Sakah. [1137] b. Feb. 16. 1S27; m. July 3, 1847, David C. Doanc ; d. April 22, uS6S. 

Caroi INK E.. [1138] h. Jan. 30. 1.S30. Slie lived. 1.S84, in Moodus. Conn. 

Jank. fii39] b. May 18. 1.S32: ni. Nov. 25. 1S50. Wi/lnim Bo^cm. 

Nam V .Amki lA. [1140] b. .April i;, 1835 ; m. An-, v. ■■'^'^'i. Sai///n-/ T. Jcnninga. 


1 557 


John' Cogswell, ^Jolnfi, Xathanirl'', Ed:Mrd\ Willmni^. Wil- 
ILim"-, John^\, son of John" [225] and Hannah (Gallup) Cogswell, was 
burn in North Prestcm. now Griswnkl, Conn. He married, Jan 6, 
1802, Dolly Gallnt', of Voluntown, Conn. They resided in Preston, 

THEIR ciiii.nKiN \m;i<);; 
r)(.Li.v,[ii4i]b. Dec. 15, 1802. Ei.izAi'.KTH, [ii43]b. June 28. iSll. 

Okka Lrt l.NDA, [1142] b. Sept. 10, 1804. 


566 \ 


\Villl-\m" Henkv Cogswell, ( \Vdliaiii'\ Xatlianicl'', Edioard\ Wil- 
lianf', William-, Johit^), son of Col. William" [2321 and Mrs. Mercy 
(Coit) Cogswell, II 'e Brewster, was born Dec. 3, i7g<S, in Griswuld, 
Conn He married, I-"eb. 23, 1S24, ^ Mary Lord Fiilln; daughter of 
Dr. Josiah and Mary (Lord) Fuller. She was born Jan. 31, iSoo, in 
Abington, Conn. They resided in Plainfield, Conn. Mrs. Cogswell 
died May 17, 1828. Dr. Cogswell married, Jan. 6, 1830, -Lucreiia Ann 
Payne, daughter of PIliNha and Anne (Dyer) Payne. She was boin 
Oct. 21, iSoi, in Canterbury, Conn. Dr. Cogswell died Nov. 22, 1876. 


William. [ii44lb. Nov. I^,, 1S25. 

.\1at<v L., [1145I ''■ Ajiril 26, 1^27. .Slie died in iiif.Tnry, Sejit. 16, 1827. 

HiM{\, [11461b. M.iy 17. iS;S; m. h K., 1.S53. .\'l„iy E. Holhrook. 


Mai;', Fillek, [1147] b. Nov. 7. 1.S30; m. June 23, 1S53. Gideon F. Har^toi.'. .1/. D. 
Annik Tayne. [1148] b. March 21, 1833; m. May 23, 1S59, iniliain L. Pyiuhoii. 
Charles I'ekkins, [1149] b. Dec. .S, 1835: m. June 7, i860, SaraJi L. Miiur. 
Harriet Coit, [1150] b. Oct. 15, 1S30. She died in chi!dho..l. Feb. 1, 1842. 
George, [1151! b. March 15, 1844- He died in earl\ lite. De(. 2, iSC;. 

Wii.i.iA.M HixRV C'licswELL Studied medicine. He received the degree of 
M. I), in 1823 from Vale College, Conn. Dr. Cogswell was widely known in 
professional and public life. His service as Commissioner from Connecticut 
in care of the sick and wounded soldiers during the War of the I'nion wa^ 
especially valuable. Dr. Cogswell was elected Rejjresentative to the Legisia 
ture of the State In public and in private, in church and in state, he was 
both useful and honored. 


[ 56- 


J.\ME.-" Maso.n Cogswell, (Williain", Xatlianur\ EdwanI \ IV//- 
liam\ William-, John'), son of Col. William" f 232 , and Mrs. Mercy 
(Coit I Cogswell, ii<'f Brewster, was born Sept. i, 1800, in Griswold. 
Cunn. He married, Nov. 6, 1826, ^Lharlottc Coit, daughter of Nathaniel 
and Betsey (Morgan) Coit. She was born Sept. 20, 1S05, in Griswold, 
Conn., where they resided, Mrs. Cogswell died Aug. 13, 1831. Mr. 
Cogswell married, Oct. 8. 1833. -Mary Hiiutingtou DeWitt, daughter of 
John and Harriet S. (Huntington) DeWitt. She was born in Norwich. 
Conn. They resided in Parma, Ohm 


Charles C, [1152] b. Sept. 12. 1829. He died in infancy, Jnly 3, 1830. 
Charlotte, [1153] b. July 25, 1831. She died in childhood. May 20. 1S33. 
JANK Con, [1154] 1.. Aiig.'i3. 1N27; m May 15, 1852, C. /■'. St.vnis. 

Charlotte C, [1155] b, Oct. 3. 1.S3O; m. Feb. 13, iNji. ThomLis \Vhitlh-^,y. 
Henry DeWitt, [1156] b. .Nov. 27. 1840. He resided, 1SS4, in Parma, Ohio. 
AxN E., [1157] b June 25. 1842. She died in childhood. July 14. i845- 
James. [1158] b. Aug. 12. 1844. He died in childhood. .April o, iS45- 
Anna i:.. [1159] b. Jui..- i.j. 1.S4:: m. Dec. 20. 1877, rntii.n IT. B >;>-„■ it . d. Xn\ 

|A\us Hi MiN(,lo\, [ii60jl.. ,Mar,l. 01. \^V> He resided, 1884. in Cleveland. Dhi^ 
Al.KHl 1. WiLliE. [1161] b. .\'ov. 26. 1.S51 He resided. 1884. in Matllson, Wis. 

I WIFS M NJON CViiiSWEl.L Ha> a dcalei in l.ui.i? and shoe^. His second wife was a prand 
daugliiirr of Gen. Jedidiah Iluniington, an intiniaic friend of Gen. George Washington. Mr 
and .Mr>. Coiiswell cckbrated llitir i;okkn wedding. Oct. S, 1SS3, in f'arma, C)hio. 



Jo.^NXA F.WNixr,' Cogswell, {W't/iuun'', Xatliauiil-^ EdiLhird*, 
William^, Williaiir, yohn^), daughter of Col. William'' [832] and Mrs. 
Mercy (Coil) Cogswell, n't l^rew.ster, was born in Griswold, Conn. She 
marricil, April 13, 1S31, Ediviii TinLcy, sun of Stephen and Eunice 
(Baldwin) Tucker. He was burn Aug. 13, 1 S04, in Gri>wn]il, Conn. 
They resided in Plainfieid. Conn. Mrs. Tucker died April 3, 1S41. 
Mr. Tucker died July 5, 1S82. 


FroA-ru C. b. M;ircli iS. 1S32; 111. M.ircli 23, |Si -. £■//.-„ r,w//V--- d. .Sept. 27. 1S71. 
Jcniu-//,: li. June 24. iS3r,: m. M.-ircii 2;, \^G\. Naii.^oni C. Yoiiiii^. M.D. 
Sorah Coi:s:.'vll. h. July, 1.S40 Slic tlic-d in inlanLV, Sei>t. 23. 1.S40. 




Fki.dlkic 1-'.\nniX(," Ci>g5\m:ll, (\V:Itiam'\ Nathauul'', Edii.'aid\ 
\Villiam\ Wtlliaiii'-, yohii^), son of Col. William" [232 1 and Mrs. 
Mercy /Coit) Cog.swell, //.v Brew.sier, was born Feb. 24, 1809, in Gris- 
wr./Kl, Conn. He married, May 2, xf-y-,, Harriet /?. 77(7//.w/, daughter 
of Amos iJenison, She was born Aug. 27. I S09, in Stonington, Conn 
They lived in Norwich, and afterwards removed to Parma, (Jhio 


Hakru:! Ijemson, [1162] b. .M.nrth i.;, 1S34: ni. L/i St,-p/uiis,w. 

.M\i;v GuEf N. [1163] 1). March 14, 1.S37. .She .lied in early lite. I- el>. 10, iS;5- 

Kkli.ekh Vek.nox. [1164J b. July 7, 1X41 ; ni. May 1, iSSo, . 

Kl.UAUL) D., [1165] b. Dec. 2, 1.S43. 

Wn.LiAM, [1166] b. .April 14, fS4C.. 

Fka.nk FoKiosiiK. [1167J b. Sciil. S, 1852. 



1570 1 


M.\K\ Ann" Cogswell, (Williani^', ]Vi//uun'\ Edward\ lVilliain\ 
Williaiir, Johii'^), daughter of Hon. William'' [ 244 ] and Amaryllis 
(Johnson) Cogswell, was born Jan. 6, 1792, in New Preston, Conn. She 
married, Sept. 12, 18 16, yolin Milton HolUy, son of Luther and Sarah 
(Dakin) Holley. He was born Sept. 7, 1777, in Salisbur)-, Conn , where 
they resided. Mr. Holley died Nov 14,1836. Mrs. Holley died April 
18, 1876. 


U'itliaii! Linker, b. Dec. 3, icSi 7. He died in boyhood, Feb. 22. 1826. 
Elizabeth, b. Sept. ii. iSi.). She died in infancy, Oct 26, 1S19. 
Marin I... b. Aug. 24. 1.S22: m. June 29. 1S47. Kdi^'iii B. Williams. 
Mar^i^aret Elizabeth, b. Aug. 30, 1.S24. She died in infancy, Feb. 22, 1823. 
William Luther, b. Oct. 11. 1.S26. He died in childhood, Oct. 22, 1S28. 


Man,t L. mUcy married Edwin 11. Willi.ims, of Xew York City. They had three chil- 
dren : Willi.ini H.. b. May ;, 1S4S: was i lie Superintendent of Wheel and Foundry \Vork> 
in Waverly. X. Y.> Louise, b. .\ii-. 6. 185P ; d .Sept. 30, 1S54. Hubert, b. Sept. 10. 
1853; took the degree of 1,L. B. at CuUinibia College Law School, May 9, 1S74, was adniitteil 
to the liar, (.)ct. 12, 1S74, in New York, and admitted to practice. Nov. 3, 1S75, in Connecticiu 
he married, f)ct. 8, 1S80, Clara K. Cothne. and liiuy resided in Lake\ ille. Conn. 


[571 i 


Am.akvllis' Cogswell, {William'^', William', Edward"^, WilliatiP. 
IVilliain-, Joliii^), daughter of Hon. William'' [244: and Amaryllis 
(Johnson) Cogswell, was born Sept. 24, 1793, in New Preston, Conn. 
She married, March 23, 181 S, Ckaihiccv Perry. He was born in New 
Preston. They resided in Colebrook, Conn. Mr. and Mrs. Perry and 
all their children died prior to iSSi. One grandson, Chauncey Pulsifer, 

/u/i.i .)f.,m />«/.f//,-/; d. .March. 1864. Eli~a. Ruth. Olrver. Theodor,. 


[572 1 


Klth" Cogswell. {IV2//mm\ William''. EdioanP, William', Wil- 
Ihiiir, jFrhii^), daughter of Hmi. William'' ; 244 and Amaryllis (John- 
son) Cogswell, was born Aug. 24. 1795. in New Preston, Conn. She 
married, Oct. 8, 1S2X, yc/hiv Hatch, M. D. He was born in New Pres- 
ton, Conn. Dr. and Mrs. Hatch and their two children died pri^r to 
1881. Two grandsons, Ernest and Herbert Mellish. survi\-ed. 


Marv A,:,,, m. l.conani H. Mcllisii. ElhaKth, m. /)/ . rarunii. 




.S.\N..\ii J()iiN-,iN- Co(i?wi:LL, ^Wilham\ Willianr, Edicird', Wil 
liaiir, Wtlliaiir, y,'liii)\ daughter of Hon William" 244 and Ama 
ryllis (J(jhnson) Cogswell, was born Sein. 26, 1797, in New Preston. 
Conn. She married, Sept. 15, i8i'8, Limtati W/ttt/liSij, son of Joseph 
and Polly (Camp) Whittlesey. He was born March 15, 1795, in New 

\- resided in Wilmington, N. C, where Mrs Whit- 



r. iSi,^: m. 'F.lhahetit Hiillock . m. Wfary A. Scotl. 
I-?. i^2c; ni. Anna BulhKk. 

Preston. Conn 



died. Ju 








A, M pints. 




/«.uf/i A. IV/iitll.-!,; 





William Johnson' Cogswell, ( WiUinni^\ Williain'\ Edward^, W'll- 
Uavt", Wi/liatn^, yo/iii^), son of Hon. William'' 1244] and Amaryllis 
(Johnson) Cogswell, was born Nov. 4, 1799, in New Preston, Conn. 
He married, June 12, 1S39, Anna Canfii/d Sfa-liiii^, daughter of Gen. 
Elisha and Alma (Canfield) Sterling. She was born Sept. 17, 181 7, in 
Salisbury, Conn. The\' resided in Jamaica, Long Island, N. Y. .Mrs. 
Cogswell died Dec. 16, 18S0. 


William,. [1168] b. Dec. 29, 1S40: m. .'\pril iS, 1S72, Henrietta Spader. 
George Eluon. [1169] b. Nov. 4, 1S42. He died in early life, April 16, 1S63. 
Theodore Johnson, [1170] b. Jan. 27, 1845: m. Feli. 4, 1871, Afan'a B. Panncntir : 

d. Nov. 22. 1.S77. 
Edward Worth, [1171] b. July 21 , 1847. He died in early life. July 20. 1869. Sterlino, [1172] b. Feb. 23, 1851 : m. April 22, 1874, William S. Canfield. 
Ja.mes Henrv, [1173] b. March 18,-1853. He died in childhood, Feb. 20, 1856. 
Francis Jan\ier, [1174] b. Sept. 19. 1854. He resided, in 1884. in New York. 


William Johnson Cogswell was educated in Vale College, but, in conse- 
quence of his father's death, left college before graduation. He studied law. 
and in 1835 settled in the practice of his profession in Jamaica. Queens Co., 
Long Island. N. Y., where be resided until 1874. In 1S53 he transferred his 
ofifice to ISrooklyn. and continued in active practice there until 1875. He 
was County Judge and Surrogate of Queens Co., N. Y. As a churchman 
he was greatly interested in the erection of the Diocese of Long Island, and 
it was largely owing to his exertions among ihe parishes of Queens and Suf- 
folk Counties that the undertaking was so speedily and successfully accom- 
plished. He was a member of the first Standing Committee, and served in 
that capacity a number of years. He retired from his professional service, 
and was living, in 1884, at the age of eighty-four years, with his daughter, Mrs. 
William S. Canfield, whose residence was 97 East ri6th Street, New York. 
Mrs. Cogswell was the daughter of a wealthy farmer of Salisbury, Conn. 


At Ihe .i^e of eightv-IWM vear> Mr ( ..-sw.ll : " I held the otiic. of C.nnitv Indi;< 
id .Siiriog.ite nf (^liicens Comitv for .i >hoit temi. nnd I h.ivc been dubhed Judge and //,'« 
■Ml f..i il ever ^i^ct ; but 1 ncv<.i imt ninth v.ilut on the titli.-. The CogMvell^ were, and 

2 76 

■••till are, a selt-reliaiu race. ah\ay.~ filled uiili ihi. idea Uiai iIk-\ «erc a^ gund as anybody, and 
that everybody wlin respecled theinscl\e> and behaved well were a> good as they were. Inn no 
better, whether ul hi_:;h or l.iw decree. Tlijv iKver played )o,tJy to men of hiuh station to gain 
their favor or notice, but always acted np.m the idea 'that w.irth makes the man, and the wani 
of it the fellow.'" 

Cv/x-.- FJdoii Co^si.'c:: I 1 169 ] «.i- a soldier in the Union .\rmv. He enlisted June iS6j, 
.n the < ine IliMulred s , i - .,,,,1 Xe„ York .'Second Dnryca'.- Zouaves, was nui>iercd 

into service Nov., iSi-. >ergeanl of liis company. They were ordered to Ne» 

< Irleans, La. He died Vj i'. 1 ';, wliile on an expedition up Lake Pontchartrain, I.a. 


[ 515 


Tm-onoRE SmnwicK' C.m.-wkli,, ( \Villiaui'\ William'. Edi.'inl^. 
Williavi^, Willianr, Jolni^). son (d" Hon. William' [ 244 1 and Amaryl- 
lis (Johnson) Coi,^s\vell, was born .\\ix\\ 2J. 1801, in New Preston. Conn. 
He married. Oct. 19. \i2h. Mary Mdrcici .Maria drffoij, dau-hter of 
Dr. Ira and Jerusha (Taylor) Gregory. She was born June 25, 1804, 
in Kent, Conn They resided in Cato, X. V., but removed to Western 
New York, and in 1S58 they removed to Illinois, but soon returned to 
Cato, N V , where Mrs. Cogswell died, Jan. 9. 1882. Mr. Cogswell died 
Jan. 12, 18S2. in Meridian, N. Y. 


Eliz.\i;etu W., [1175] h. Deu 5. 1.S27; m. .M.irch 4, 1X4,^. Au^i/s/i/s A\ Timhy ; ri, 

1.S5.), Cynts ./. Ihinhaw. 

lohu G. O-'.h-n. .1/. D. ; d. March r. 

June C, iSNo. 


:sE.. [1176]!.. Jan. 30. 

IH2';: m 


.Ann J. 

[1177II'. Sei.t. II. IN3I 

. m. Nov 

^\. i.^ 

Theoiioke H.. L1178I b. .Vug 
.Martli 6. ksno. 


! 516 


Elix..\' CnGs\M;i.i„ (\V:lliaui\ Willnvir. I.uiwayd\ IVillianr. Wil- 
liam". Jclni^). daughter of Hon. William'' 1244: and .Amaryllis (John- 
son) Cogswell, was born May 1, 1803, in New Preston, Conn. She 
married, Jan. 12, 1S29, WilUavi H. Dpzvus. of Colchester, N. Y. Mrs. 
Downs died in 1833. Mr Downs died in 1879. 


J-raiuf:.. She died m Lhildlii 


William H. Lhrn'iis was a merchant. He founded the Do«ii> I'limp Company, uf 
Fall?. X. V. 



Julia Maria" Cogswell, (William'\ Williain^, Edzvard'^, \Villiain\ 
W'jlliavf', Joliu^), daucjhtei- of Hon. William" [244] and Amaryllis 
(Johnson) Cogswell, was born Feb. i6, 1805, in New Preston, Conn. 
She married, 1824, Roinanta Seymour, son of Aaron Seyniom-. He was 
born, 1794, in West Hartford, Conn. Mr. Seymour died Aug.. 1852. 
Mrs. Seymour died Jan. 11, 1878, 

Williaw Henry, b. Oet., IN2(.; m. 1S51, Eli:ciM/i I'ldnain. 
DeWilt Cliiilon. b. 182S1 d. uSCS. 


]ViUi,i7n //. ^.ynioiir married and resided, 1S83, in Xebrasjia. He had two children, i li> 
daughter married Kev. Charles .'Stearns, who was a missionary to Turlvcy, bnt returned alter 
two >ear- on account of his health. Mrs. Stearns resided. in'iNS^, in West Hartford, Conn 




Fanny Abigail" Cogswell, {William", Williauf', Edward^, IVil- 
liaiir\ William'', yohn^), daughter of Hon. William'' 1244] and Ama- 
ryllis (Johnson) Cogswell, was born Feb. i6, 1S09, in New Preston, 
Conn. She married, Oct. 8, 1S2S, Mark Pratt, M. D. He was born in 
Kent, Conn., and graduated from Yale College in 1826. They resided 
in Hax'erstraw, N. Y., where Dr. Pratt died, Jan. 23, 1875. 





s. She died in ch 



Site died at tlic a 

ge ol twelve \ 




Sakah" Ccii.swLLL. ^Sti-p/iai'\ ]\'ii/i,tm'', Ethcard\ \Villiaiii\ W'll- 
luuji-, yo/iii^}. daughter of Capt, Stejihen'^ 1 245 J and Anna (Camp; 
Cogswell, was born Jan. 6, 1792, in New Preston, Conn. She married, 
Sept. 18, 1 8 17, P/iilo M. Woostcr^hoxv of Ephraim and Elizabeth A. 
(Wills) VVooster. They resided in Huntington. Conn. Mrs. Wooster died 
March 30, 1819. Mr. Wooster married -Ruth Ann Cogswell [580j. 

Uillian: C. b. iMarcli 30, iSlv; m. Sept. JO. 1.S47. .Wary L. Gilbcil , d. Aug. 7, 1864. 




Ri-TH Ann- Cogswell, (Stcpluw. WiUiavr. EduardK Willi.un'. 
Williaui', yo/nO), daughter of Capt. Stephen'' ; 245 and Anna (Camp) 
Cogswell, was born Dec 19, 1793, in New Preston, Conn She married, 
April 20, 1820, Phi/o M. Wooslcr. They lived in Huntington, Conn. 
.Mr. Wooster died July 14, 1849. 


£,(^,1, S., 1.. June 4. 1.S2. : m. 1.S49, Aih^clinc Hv,fc. 

Mary .Uni. \,. Oct. 3, 1S23: m. June 3, 1.S4.;, }-:',h.:!ni .\,'r/„n. 

Louisa H.. b. May 3, \i>l(>. 

Soraii E., h. Nov. 22, 1S2.S: ni. March 16, i.Sf.4, T!uo<hn\- A. Matt,-ll,-. 

Julia E., b. .Nov. 2. 1S31 : m. Au-. 14, l8f,2. E.lwani M. IJcnion. 

Epiiraiiii D. /•'., Ii. Sept. 19, 1S33. 


1 581 ] 


Wu.LJAM Cami'' CoiiswELL, (Stifluit. Wii Hiiiiv, Eduu}id\ Wil- 
/hiui'\ William"-, John^), son of C;ipt. Stephen'- I 245 1 and .Anna 
(Camp) Cogswell, was born Sept. 4, 1796, in Woodbury. Conn. He 


maniL-d, Oct. 3, 1S21, '/'nri/cis Poinnoy Whittlesey, daughter of David 
and Ahi,>;ail (Jiidsoii) Whittlescv. She was born June 26, 1801, in New- 
Preston. They resided in Woodbury, Conn. Mrs. Cogswell died 
Sept. 22, 1837. Mr. Cogswell married, Sept. 5. 1838, ■^Catlicriin A. 
Slicnnaii. daughter of Elijah and Fanny (Strong) Sherman, of Wood- 
bury, Conn., where they resided. Mrs. Catherine A, Cogswell died 
June 17, 1S57. Mr. Cogswell died Jan. 3, 1874. 


Frehkrk K Whii TLESEV. [1179] b. Nov. ;;, 1.SJ3 ; m. Oct. 10, 1N7 \, Julia M . RadJqft'. 
Willi. \.M E.. [1180] b. June 21. 1825: m. July 7. 1S52. Xaiuy Jiidso/i. 
M.^KTHA I'., [1181] I1. Junu 27, \^z%. She died in early life, June 23. 1^54. 
Fran-cks S.. [1182] b. June 14. 1830; ni. Nov. \(k 1858^ A.ui/i,/ ir. Mit,hcl! ; d. Julx 

22, 1861. 
Marv An.\. [1183] b. June 2.J, 1832. She died in childhood. Nov. .S. 1836. 
Da\iii Chesilk, [1184] b. Sept. 16, 1N34. He died in childhood, Dec. 5, 1^36. 
Maria Jane. [1185] b. Oct. 2.S, 1S36. 


Marv Ann, [1186] b. March 24. 1S40; m. Oct. (). 1.S77, Rev. J. L. R. Wyckoff. 
Fan.w Lsakella, [1187] b. Se)>t. N, 1848, She died in early life, Nov. 20, 186S. 

Willi \m K. (,o,;.wli 1 [ 1180 ] m.uncd X.:n:y J,„h,'n. dmighter ot Tinm:ui ;hk1 1 Icj.h 
zihah Jud^cn. Slic w.i- born Julv 11. 1.S24. in \V,i..dlnny, Conn., where ihcv resided. Thc\ 
had no children. 

Kkv. Jamls ],. K. Wvi KoFL, who married KM.vy Ann Co^-swc/l [ 1186 ], \va.- the <oii oi 
James and Mar\ (L aniphulll Wyckoff. He ^va^ born in Dover. X. J. He had by a previous 
marriage thiei.- children. He wa?; settled in 1S71 as Pastor of the Congregational Church in 
North Woodbin\. Cuim., where he still ministered in 18S4. 


[582 J 


Stici'HEn" CoG.swr.LL, {Stcf'//rii'\ ll';//!i>)it'\ E(hvai-d\ Willianr, 
Williaui-, yoIi)t^), son of Capt. Stephen'' 1245] and Anna (Camp) 
Cogswell, was born Ma\- 3, 1798, in New Preston, Conn. He married, 
April 12, 182.), Lucy Whittl.SLj, daughter of Roger N. and Lucy 
(Woodruff) Whittlesey. She was born Oct. 10, 1798, in Morris, Conn. 
They resided in NewVreston, Conn. Mr. Cogswell died Feb. 28, 186.S. 



Kutil.K N.. [ii88j li. Sept. 30, KS25 ; m. Nu\. Jo. 1S34, I'Jiulia J. W'luttUscv ; d. 

May 26, i,S7y. 
Sakah Ann. [i 189] b. July 11, 1S27; m. Dec. u, 1S44, Goithi Camp Wlnttlcsty . 
Lrcv E.. [1190] b. May 4. 1.S30; ni. .A;>nl 1, i,S54. /,;/;// M. I'ukett. 


Sarah Ann Cogswei.i.. [iiSgl, mairiecl Gould C. Whittlesey, son of Charles and 
Mary (Camp) Whittlesey. He was born Dec. 21, iSiS. Mr. Whittlesey was a teacher and 
mechanic. They resided in Washington. Conn. They had no children. 


1583 J 


Lal'K.a" Cogfwell, \Sti-p!u- ■■:''. \Villia;n'\ Edward'^, ]Villiam-\ Wil- 
/laiii'-, jFidiii^), daughter of Capt. Stephe!!" ; 245 ] and Anna (Camp) 
Cogswell, was born Feb. 22, 1800, in New Preston, Conn. She mar- 
ried, Aug. 28, 1822, jFosip/i H. Jniiiu-t:. He was born in Warren. 
Conn. Thev re>i 'ed in New Preston, Conn. Mr. Bennett died April 
30, 1871. Mrs. licnnett died Aug. 22, 1S83. 


C/u-sh-r ir.. b. June 2, 1.S23; m. Jan. 2. 1X46, Harriet Spcny ; d. Dec. 9, 186S. 

Liicv E., b. Aul;. 2(), 1S25. She died in infancy. April 5, iS2fi. 

William C, b. July 5, 1.S27; m. March 27, 1853, Al'ln' Xobh: 

loscpli A'., b. Aug. 31, 1.S29. He died on the passage to California, Nov. 15. 1.S30. 

CipriJi- E., b. Aug. 23, 1X31 : m. .\\m\ \ i. i.S5,S. Ei/iiicc S. /'ij^r. 

Louisa E.. b. June 24, 1833: m. Dec. 19, 1837, Ed7,'iit A". Bcmaii. 

Ruth Aim. b. March 14. 1X3''). She resided, 1S.S2. in Xew Preston, Conn. 

Hiram A., b. Dec. 4. 1S31). He resided. 1SS2. in New Preston. Conn. 

.1/,7'r /•.■., b. .March 27. 1.S42: m. Jan. iS. 1S42. Oliver S. HarWell. 


1 584 J 


Makv- Coc.swell, {Suplicu'\ W'.lluun', r.du:,rd\ \Vi!linm\ 1(7/- 
ImiH-, Juhn^), daughter of Capt, Steplicn'"' ; 245 : and Anna (Camp) 
Cogswell, was born March 27, 1S02, in Xcw Preston, Conn. She mar- 


ried, Oct. 2, 1S23, David Chester Whittlesey, son of David and Abigail 
(Judson) VViiittlesey, and brother of Frances P. Whittlesey, wife of 
William C. Cogswell [5811. He was born March 29, 1803, in New 
Preston, Conn. They resided in Washington, Conn. Mrs. Whittlesey 
died April 13, 1880. Mr. Whittlesey died Oct. 13, 1883. 


David E., b. Sept. 18, 1S24. He died in childhood, April i, 1826. 

Martha J'omc'roy, b. Aug. 11, 1827; m. July 2, 1855, Orlando Brown, M. D. 

John Eliplialct, b. May 22, 1S30. 

Frederic, b. Sept. 25, 1833; m. Nov. 6, 1S61, KMaria Gilltert ; m. Sept. 21. 1881, -Mary 

C. Su'ift. 
Faiiiiy Ponicroy, b. Oct. 14, 1S35 ; m. Oct. 13, 1864, William .V. Fc/t. 

D.wiD Chester AVhittle^ey was Justice of tlie Peace, County Commissioner, and in 
1832 and 1S33 a member of the General Assembly of Connecticut. His character, and tliu 
res|)ect in which he was held, are reflected in the following extract of an obituary whicli 
ajipeared Xov. 8, 1S83, in The CcingregatimNalist, of Boston, Mass.: 


" On the morning of Oct. 13, David Chester Whittlesey, of Washington, Conn., was called 
to rest, aged eighty years. For many years Mr. Whittlesey has been one of the prominent 
men in Litchfield County, and his death deserves more than a pa.ssing notice. In the e.irthly 
career of this venerable man there are no materials for an exciting biography. liut there is 
the power of a single, earnest, considerate life. . It is a life that speaks to us by its sincerity 
and truthfulness. His strict honesty and accurate knowledge of men and affairs gave him ;i 
wide and favorable acquaintance in the State. As a student of men and business, he had. 
perha|)s, few superiors. He was known as a man without guile. Anythmg like compromiM.- 
with wrong, shrewd and unmanly tricks, instead of straightforward methods of accomplishing 
certain ends, were abhorrent to all the delicate sensibilities of his moral and spiritual being. 

" His religious views were the result of much thought and careful inquiry. Whatever wa- 
good in him in spirit and act was the outcome of principle, not impulse. A deep, genuine, 
abiding principle controlled him. In all the relations of life he was faithful. He has left the 
record of an earnest Christian, a tender and loving husband and father, a faithful friend, a 
sympathizmg and obliging neighbor. His memory lingers with precious fragrance in the hearts 
of the pco])le with whom he lived, and esjiecially in the hearts of his kindred. While he 
abode in the flesh he strove to walk with God, and now, ' he is not, for God took him.' .' 
a life is of great value to every church and community where it is lived, and such a death, in 
which there is no fear, is another demon.stration, both of the valni: of religion, and of its ctii 
cacy in that hour which must soon come to us all." 

Dr. OrliiiiJo Ihmuii married Murtlia P. Il'/i/tft.s.j, and settled in Wrentham, Mass. Ik- 
was apjjointed Assistant Surgeon of Twenty-ninth Massachusetts Regiment Volunteers in 
the Union Army, and transferred to the Freednien's I5ineau. .-^fter the war he settled in tin. 
practice of his profession in Washington, Conn., where, in 1SS3, he resided. 

/,i//ii /■:. Wliiillcst-y. in 18S3, was a merch.ant and i)ostmaster in lluiiston, Tux. 

l-t\;Uri, Wliitfliscy and H'illiiiiii X. F,ll were merchants in \c» llritain, Conn. 



1585 J 


Susan Whittlesey" Cogswell, {Stif/u)i^\ William^, Edward'', 
WilliauiK W-illmiir-, Johii^), daughter of Capt. Stephen^ [245 J and 
Susan (Whittlesey) Cogswell, was born Oct. 9, 181 2, in New Preston, 
Conn. She married, Oct. 25, 1843, Renin 11 11 Mai tin. They resided 
in Woodbury, Conn. 


Reubtii ir., b. Jan. 2'), iN4i. He died in early lilt, June 16, 1864. 
.SVz//r (."., b. May J2. 1S47. She died in childhood, May 14, 1.S49. 
Es/'/i,-r .1/., b. Nov. 27. 1S50. She died young, Nov. 18, 1864. 
Si/s<i>i 11'.. b, Jan. i. 1S53; m. Feb. 2. 1875, Ruharci H. Bahh.'iii. 
William />'., b. Feb. 11, 1^55. 


\ 586 1 


Esther Robbins" Cogswell, (Stcplicii'\ \VilIiavi\ Edi^'ard*, U'i/- 
liani\ William", John^), daughter of Capt. StephcnS 245 ] and Susan 
(Whittlesey) Cogswell, was born Jan. 11, 1S14, in New Preston, Conn. 
She married, Aug. 20, 1833, Joseph F. Walker. They resided in Wood- 
bury, Conn. Mr. Walker died June 10, 1880. 


I-rcderii A., b. March II, 1S35; m. Sept. iS, i.SM, Ksam/i /'. Clnrk ; m. Oct. 7. 1868, 

^Fanny A . Thompson. 
William /.'., b. Jan. I, 1S37. He died, unmarried, Sept. 12, 1S73. 
Maria B., b. March i, 1841 ; m. Sept. iS, iMn, Wal/cr K. Way,- d. -Aug. 5, 18^.3. 
Harriet C, b. Sept. il, 1844; m. Oct. 1 i, iSf.4, William J. Clark ; d. Uec. y, 18O6. 


[581 ' 


M.AKiA HoLLEv" CoGSWELL, {St<flu-ii'\ Williaur', Ed:.'ard\ Wil- 
i/r, Williavi\ ,7,'/'/,''). ('auglitor of Capt. Stephen'' i 245 I and Susan 


(Whittlesey) Cogswell, was born Sept. 14, 18 16, in New Preston, Conn. 
She married, Oct. 15, 1839, Alexander Gordon. They resided in Wood- 
bury, Conn. 


William A., b. Dec. 28, 1S44; m. Sept. 3, 1S62, Sara Emdinc Blake. 

Maria Cogs-well, b. May 15, 1S45. She died in childhood, Feb. 2S, 1854. 

Alexander, b. Nov. l6,'iS4-; m. Sept. 24. 1S72, Ella C. Bradley. 

Susan L., b. April 29, 1S51. She died )ouiig. Oct. 31, 1S61. 

George C, b. June 30, 1854. 

C/iarles Hohert, b. Jan. 5, 1S58. He died in childhood. Oct. 26, 1861. 

Edwin Stephen, b. Sept. 20, 1S60. 




George Seymour" Cogswell, {Slc/>/u-n'\ WilUam^, Edward\ 
William'', William'-, J'ohn''), son of Capt Stephen'' ; 245 ; and Rachel 
G. (Seymour) Cogswell, was born Nov. 18, 1825, in New Preston, 
Conn. He married, May 21, 185 i, ^Ellefi Ruth Whittlesey, daughter of 
Harvey and Ruth (Whittlesey) Whittlesey. She was born Aug. 28, 
1828, in Farmington, Conn They resided in New Preston, Conn. 
Mrs. Cogswell died Aug. 15, 1S66 Mr. Cogswell married, May 25. 
1869, -Anita Wooster. 


Frederic S., [1191] b. Sept. 29, 1S52: m. Dec. 2S. 1874, I-ydia A. Baldwin. 


Fi.LEN R.. [1192] b. Dec. 23. 1.S70. Marv W., [1194] b. May ly, 1.S77. 

William W., [1193] b. March 8. 1S74. 


Ckor.-.k .S. Cor.^WF.I.I, .T Luinu. Ik- lilkd \.,iiou, low,, offices, Justice cl the 
I'eacc. and in 1S72, 1874, and ,^75, „,l-„iKi d tl,L (.k-nnal .\ssci„blv of C'onneclicut. 




Isaac Hatch' Cogswell, (Euuisru\ William^, Edii.<ard\ Wil- 
liani\ William", yolin^), son of lunerson'' 1249 1 and Deborah (Squires) 


Cogswell, was born May 19, 1S13, in Sennett, N. Y. He married, 
May 14, 1836, SusiDi Albina Sheldon. She was born in Cato, N. V., 
where they resided until 1844, when they removed to Dayton, and 
afterward to Greenwood, Mich. Mr. Cogswell died Jan. 29, 1879. 


Sarah, [1195] b. Junt- 20. 1843; m. Dec. 23, 1S64, .XicI McLullum. 

Hexrv S., [1196J b. April 28, 1S45; m. Aug. 23, i.s6S, Lizzie Wood; d. July 23, 1S77. 

Maria E.. [iigyjb. Dec. 22, 1S47; m. Feb. kS, 1806, William Hawks. 

Warren, [1198] b. March 17, 1S49. He died in early manhood, March i, 1S72. 

William, [1199] b. Oct. 8, 1S51 : m. March 13, 1S73, Sarah 1). Brii^gs. 

Ann. [1200] b. May 9, 1S53; m. Aug. 15, 1874, A/illnii liritlon ; d. July 23. 1S76. 

Fannie. [i2oi]b. June 9, i.'<57: m. Aug. 15. i'^7''^, Wiltiaw W'r.'cr. 


N.\,\c H.MMl (.■....MVtl.l. «.i- .1 f.-irmcr. Ik Si.|.li \ i-i.i in Davtun and Greenwood 
several \eais, ami Judge ol I'robate fo, the C..nntv ..f Neua^gu, Mich. 


[596 1 


Harriet" Cogswell, {Johu'\ William', Edward'^, Williavi^, Wil- 
hmn-, John^), daughter of John" [250] and Martha (Waller) Cogswell, 
was born Sept. 16, iSo;, in Sennett, \. Y. She married, Jan. 7, 1S26, 
William P. Bionni. He was born March 4, iSoi, in Bruadalbin, X. Y. 
They resided in Sennett, N. Y., and removed to Janesville. Wis. Mr. 
Brown died July 21, 1S53 

their chilkren were; 
Ceorj^c SL-ymoiir. b. Feb. I, lS27. He died in early life, July 25, 1844. 
Susan Manila, b. March 31, iSj.^; m. .May 13, 1S51, Cliai/rs I.. J.roinc. 
William Henry, b. Dec. 12, 1831 : m Dec. 23. 1S54, C. S. Tullle. 
Cornelia A., h. April 6, 1839. 
Afary Helen, b. July 14, 1843: m- ^^^)' ^- ^^'':- -' ■ "■ IVilhn. 


Ah. and Mi>. Jer.;,!,- resided in Xe» Voik. 1 hev had a >on. William KroNvn, 
March 13, iN;r. Mr. Jerome wa> a bvoihe. of I.i.e.N,\Ki. Ji.komi.. K-.. He died June ::3, 

IViltinm J/,inv Hm^'n married C. S. Tiitt!.. The) had lv\.' dau,;;hleis, Ilattie and Carrie 

Vr and .}/,:■' IW/hn had a ^ou. who «a^ born JnU I.S. 1.S7,, 




Mason Whittlesey' Cogswell, {yo/in'\ ]VtlIianv\ Echvari/\ IVil- 
liani\ IVilliain", J^o/ni^), son of John- [250] and Martha (Waller) Cogs- 
well, was born Jan. 23, 18 11, in Auburn, N. Y. He married, Jan. 3, 
1833, Matilda Austin, daughter of Jatnes and Tamar Austin. She was 
born Nov. 26, 1812, in Sheffield, Mass. They resided in Auliurn, 
N. Y., until 1845, when they removed to El)Tia, Ohio, 


James Austin. [1202] b. Maixh 17, 1834; m. Dec. 30, 1858. Francs Surati Beers. 
GEOKfiE, [1203] b. June 20, 1S44: m. Oct. 23, 1S72, Susan G. Blantliard. 


M \^u^■ WiiliTLEbEV Coi.swtl.I «.i* .1 laniifi until hi> rcmuval to < Hid. .\ltci tli.-il Ik 
was a He wa.- a man of bu.'iiness capacity and devoted i)iety. He writes, at thi.- 
age of seventy : " More wonderful are the scenes before us all than those of the past, and 
the character we have here will go with us. May our lives be hid with Christ in God." 


[599 I 


Maktha Elizabeth' Cogswell, (]Villiaiii'\ Enursi'ii'', Eniirson^, 
]Villuiin\ Wii/win", Johu^), daughter of William" [264 1 and Mary 
(Buttrick) Cogswell, was born .Aug. 26, 1813, in Dunstable, now Nashua, 
N. H. She married, Oct. 16, 1834, Milton Spofford Morse, son of Isaac 
and Miriam (Spofford) Morse. He was born Nov, 12, 1806, in Winch- 
endon. Mass, where they resided until 1852, when they removed to 
Columbia, Cal. Mr. Morse died Oct. 29, 1859. 


Susan Elizabeth, b. May 27, 183,^. She died in infancy, June 7, 1S3.S. 

A son, b June S, 1839. He died in infancy, June 8, 1S39. 

William Co,i;s7i'ell. b. June 13, 1S42. He died in infancy, June 26, 1842. 

./ snn. h. Mnrch 25, 184''. He died in infancy, April 27, 1.S46. 

A son. b. Marcli 31, 184S. He died in infancy, April 4. 1848. 


Miili'i: S. M.o-i, w.i> .1 i.innc-r by trade, but became, in 1835, the proprietor of the Amer- 
ican Hiiiisf, in \Vinclienili)n, Mass. In 185J he removed to California, engaged in mining, 
and met with an accident which caused his death. Mrs. Morse, resided. 1S.S3, in Winchen- 
d..n Ma>-. 


. 601] 


W'lLLi.AM EMr.KsoN' CoiiswELL. \\\'i l/iaiii'\ IiDicrsorr, Eiiierson^y 
U'llliaiir, Wiiliaiir, John''), son ul" William' . 254 ; and Mary (Buttrick) 
Cog.swell, was born July lo, 1818, in Duxbury, Mass. Me married, 
Aiay 29, 1850, Emily yokiisoii, daughter of Thomas Johnson. She 
was born July 27, 1818, in Lexington, Mass. They resided in Murray 
Street, Lexington, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Feb. 12, 1859. 


Wn.Li.A.M JiHiNbON. [1204] b. Jan. 15. i';;3. He died in infancy, Sept. 12, 1853. 


;;•//.■/,.■« J:„ur..,<„ O-^-s-.vH when yount; learned a Hade. Later in life he engaged in the 
glass biisine>>. and in composition roufinj;, hia biisine>s being in Montreal, Canada. .Mrs. 
Cogswell, who resided in l.e.\ington, Mass., in 18S3, was a descendant of Gov. Thomas Dnd- 
Icy. Her mother's father was Nathan Dudley, of Concord, Mass.. who an active patriot 
in'the Kevuhitionai v period. He «.i- one who jnusiicd the British on their retreat from Con- 
cord, .\pril J.J, i-rv 


I 605 


Luc\- Ann" Cogsweli., ijatucs'', ynincs'\ Emcrson\ William"-. Wil- 
liam'-, yohu^), daughter of Jamcs<^' i 261 . and Sarah (Roby) Cogswell, 
was Ixirn Jan. 21. iSio, in Ciuicord, She married, Sept. 10, 
1843, Juhii Could l\-abo,h\ son of Asa and Ann I'eabody. He was 
born Dec. 2'',, 1791, in Londonderry, N. H. They lived in Erie, Mich. 
Mr. John d. Peabndy died Aug 16, 1859. 

JHIMI! ONLY 1 \\.\s: 

Altvira /-y:-„/ut/i. I... June .S, iS4f,: m. Sept. 11. 1870. ./,-//// .-/. McDoiuihi. 


; 606 


Rebecca Baldwin" Cogswell, (yamcs'^, yaines'\ Einersoit\ Wil- 
/latn^, Willianr, yohn^), daughter of James" [ 867] and Sarah (Roby) 
Cogswell, was born Jan. 21, 181 2, in Concord, Mass. She married, 
April 5, 1835, Benjauiin Y. Darling, son of Nathan and Polly (Young) 
Darling. He was born July 9, 1816, in Smithfield, R. I. They resided 
in Erie, Mich. Mrs. Darling died March 4, 1S83. 


Amanda A. Abby Fiaiucs. Cortes. Mary Amelia. All died prior to 1883. 




James AiiUOXT' Cogswell, {yauics", yanus\ Emcr.^on^, \VilUatn\ 
William-, yo/iii^), son of James" 1267] and Sarah (Roby) Cogswell, 
was born Feb. 9, 1816, in Concord, Mass He married, Nov., 1842, 

^Marj Fish; daughter of Olixer and (Parks) Fiske. She was born, 

I 815, in Sherborn, Mass. Mrs. Cogswell died Aug. 20, 1850. Mr. Cogs- 
well married, Feb. 12, 1851, -Jl//s. yitlia Anna (Hunt) Beau. She was 
born, 1826, in East Jaffrey, N. H. Mrs. Cogswell died Aug. 12, i860. 
Mr. Cogswell married, July 4, 1S61, '^Ann Elizabeth Burpee, daughter 
of Stillman and Martha (Bacon) Burpee. She was born March 17, 
1847, in East Jaffrey, N. H. They resided Winship Place, Brighton 
District, Boston, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Nov. 12, 1883. 


Ai,.\ES Fkacklia, [1205] b. July 10. 185::. She died in early life, Jan. z\, l8;8. 

Am'Leton Ai-.r.uTi Hunt, [1206] b. Dec. 25. 1855. 

Washing! O.N C. .Allien, [1207] b March 24. 1859. He died in childhood, June 27, 1S65. 

Klla L., [1208] b. Oct. 12, isr.4. Fred. -A., [1210] b. .April 3, 1872; d. .April 3. 1872. 
Julia .A., [1209] b. July 16, 1807. J.A.\n> M., [1211] b. Jan. 11, 1S80. 





Samukl Haliiwin' Cogswell, {yaiiies^, ^amfs^, Euursoii*, Wi(- 
liam\ William", Jolni^), son of James'' (267 ] and Sarali (Roby) Cogs- 
well, was born March 7, i.SiS, in Concord, Mass. He married Mary 
B. Gifford, daughter of Jonah and Betsey F. Gifford. She was born 
in Sturbridge, Mass. They resided in Cambridge, Mass. Mr. Cogs- 
well died Dec, 9, i88r. Mrs. Cogswell died Feb. i, 1882. They were 
l^uried in Sturbridge, Mass. 


.Marv Addie, [1212] b. 1S33; 111, Martli \(<. i,S74. Janus Lyford ; d, March 20, 1S74. 




John \\'iiii'1'Le" Cogswell, {yauu-s^\ yanics-', Emcison'', Wtlluiin'', 
Wiilianr, yo/ni^), son of James'' [ 26T ] and Sarah (Koby) Cogwell, was 
born Sept. 8, 1S22. He married, Sept. 16, 1845, Almira y. Hczce!, 
daughter of Eli Hewet, She was born in Sturbridge, Mass, The}' 
resided in Erie and in Samaria, Mich, 


\\"ki.i,in(,ton H,. [1213] b, Aui;. 5. lS^o, He died in Larl\ niaiiliood, Nov. 6, 1S70. 




LiXRETiA Antoinetm:' Cogswell, (yauus'', yaii!cs'\ Eiiicisoii*. 
\Villiani\ \ViIliain'\ yolni^), daughter of James*"' 1 26'7 ) and Sarah 
(Roby) Cogswell, ■was born May 28, 1825, in Concord, Mass. She 
married, l"eb. 2, 1845, Giles C. Amy, son of Frederick and Rachel 
Avery. He was born Dec, 6. 1825, in Jewett City, Conn. They lived 
in Woonsockct, R, I. Mr. Avery died June 16, 1S79, in Dayville, 
Cunn, Mrs, .Averv resided, 1883, in Pheni.x, R. I. 



Frnmrs A., b. May 19, 1^46; m. Dec. 4. lSr.5, Join: Booth : ti. Marcli 27, ^^li- 
Clara H., b. Aug. 25, 1848; m. .May 11, ■•"^OS, I'araiiiis S. Daitcy. 
Harriet A., b. Dec. 13, 1S51 ■. m. Nov. 30, uSyy, Ciibirt J. Brown. 




Adeline Olivi.a." Cogswell, {Horatio^, Jaiiics'\ Emerson'^, Wil- 
liam^, William'^, Jo/iu^), daughter of Col. Horatio'^ [ 274 J and Laura 
Ann (Adams) Cogswell, was born Aug. 11, 1844, in Grafton, Mass. 
She married, June 6, 1866, jfames MtConi, of New York City. They 
resided in La Crosse, Wis. He was a wholesale druggist. Mrs. McCord 
died Aug. 19, 1876. 


Aiicn Co^s-cOfii. b. Sept. 29, l.'<72. Horace MaynarJ, b. Oct. 6, 187O. 




Charles Northexd" Cogswell, (Xort/icini'^, Nathauicl^, Joiui- 
tha>i\ Jonathan^, William'^, yohn^), son of Northend" [ 276 1 and Eliz- 
abeth (Lambert) Cogswell, was born April 24, 1797, in South Berwick, 
Me. He married, Aug. 25, 1824, ''Elizabeth Wal/iiigford Hill, daughter 
of Elisha and Lucy (Ricker) Hill. She was born, 1800, in Portsmouth, 
N. H. They resided in South Berwick, Me. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 
6, 1S37. Mr. Cogswell married, Nov. 20, 1839, '^Margaret Elizabeth 
Russell, daughter of Hon. Edward and Lucy (Stevens) Russell. She 
was born March 7, 1S15, in North Yarmouth, Me. They resided in 
South Berwick, Me., where Hon, Charles N. Cogswell died, Oct. n, 
1843. Mrs. Margaret E. Cogswell died Dec. 4, i860, in Cambridge, 


Charles, [1214] b. Oct. 6, 1825. He died in infancy, Oct., 1S25. 
A SOX, [1215] b. Aug. 26, 1S2.S. He died in infancy, Aug. 26, 1S2S. 
Charles W., [1216] b. Dec. 31, 1S34. He died in infancy, July 27, 1835. 
Lucy E., [1217] b. May, 1836. Slie died in infancy, Aug. 12, 1836. 



Lnw AKl. Klssi.M . ;i2i8] h. June I, 1841 : ni. Oct. 5. 1SA4, S<,rn// J',irt< J'n:f<>/. 
CHAKl.I;^ XuinHExn. [izig] b. Marcli 23. i.S43. He died in childhood. Sept. i, r.S44. 

Charles Northend Cog^-wi li. prc|iared for college in Berwick \cadeniy, 
and graduated in 1814 from Bowdoin College, Maine. 

"He became a student in tiie office of Williain A. Hayes, of South Ber- 
wick, and on being admitted to the bar in 1817 he entered into partnership 
with his teacher ; and a most successful partnership it proved. Both mem- 
bers of the firm were possessed of high intellectual and moral gifts, were 
endowed with large capacity for affairs, and for many years more business was 
done in their office than in any other in the county. Mr. Cogswell, like Judge 
Hayes, enjoyed the confidence of the community, and was often selected to 
represent the town as well as the county in the Legislature. 

'• After an active and honorable course of life and practice he died very 
suddenly on the nth of October. 1843, '" ^'''^ forty-seventh year of his age. 
ludge Goodenow, in reply to the application to place upon the records of 
the court the resolves of sympathy adopted by the Bar, paid the following 
tribute to him : 

•"In a professional career of twenty-five years few. verv few, have accom- 
plished it so well. His talents for business were indeed extraordinary, and he 
was most diligent in the employment of them. His memory was retentive, 
and he was e.xceedingly accurate in all his transactions. In his office and 
the courts his w'hole demeanor was amiable and e.\emi)lary.' " J'/i/. Willis's 
History uk ihe Law, the Courts, and the Lawykrs ok Maine. 




Makv .^nn" Cog=;\vell, {.yoii/inui''', Xat/iaiiic/'", yot/athau^. yono 
thau'K W'llliani^, Johu^), daughter of Northend'' [276 1 and Elizabeth 
(Lambert) Cogswell, was born Maich 29, iSoi, in South Berwick, Me. 
She married, .April 13, 1823, Charles E^ Xvrtoii, son of Oliver and 
Hannah Norton. He was born July 22, 1795, in South Berwick, Me., 
where they resided. Mrs. Norton died Aug. 24, 1S25. Mr. Norton 
died March 15, 1873. 



Mary Ann Coi:,su'dl She died in early life, Feb. 12, 1.S47. 


Charles E. Norton married. May, \%2-,-Elizah,-th Coi:swdl [618], who died Jan. 7, 
1S32. He married ^Clarissa Baher, and after her death ^Suhviu- Bahcr. Mrs. Salome Norlun 
survived her husband. Mr. Norton was a Deacon of the First Congregational Church in 
South Berwick. He held the ofiice of Town Clerk fifteen years, was engaged in trade, and 
for twentv vears he was the Cashier of South Berwick Bank. 




William Lambert" Cogswell, {XortIicHtP\ Natlianicl'\ jfoiiatlian'^, 
JonatliLvfl, Williiiufi, Jclin^), son of Northend" [276 1 and Elizabeth 
(Lambert) Cogswell, was born Aug. 17, 1803, in South Berwick, Me. 
He married, June 2, 1840, Mrs. Sophia {Potter) Maiming, daughter of 
Jacob and Luc}' Potter, and the widow of Jacob Manning. She was 
born in Leominster, Mass. They resided in New York City. Mrs. 
Cogswell died Jan. 30, 1877, and Mr, Cogswell died Nov. 5, 1879. 
They had no children. 


Mtlliam Lambert Cogswell in early life entered upon business in New 
York City, where for many years he was a prosperous merchant. Mr. Cogs- 
well accuinulated large wealth. He received in 1858 the degree of A. M. 
from Dartmouth College. N. H. 




Frederic" Cogswell, (Xort/ieiid'', Nathaniel'^', yo?iat/iaii^, 'jFoia- 
tha7i'\ Uil/iaiH', Jchii^), son of NorthendM 216] and Elizabeth (Lam- 
bert) Cogswell, was born Dec. 5, 1806, in South Berwick, Me. He 
married, Jan. 6, 1858, Elizabctli Riiss, of Esse.x, Mass., a step-daughter 
of John D. Russ, M. D., vid. [290] Memoranda. They lived in Circle- 
ville, Ohio, until 1864, when they removed to Fairfield, Conn., thence 
to New York, where Hon. Frederic Cogswell died May 3, 1870. 



A snN, [1220] li. Nov. 7, I.S5S. 

William Lambert, [1221] b. Aug. 3, 1S60; m. Feb. 14, 18.S3. Lciia M. /ntniiJ. 
Charles Frederic, [1222] b. Feb. 6, 1862. He died in boyliood. Feb. 5, 1S75, 
John Denisox Russ, [1223] b. Oct. 30, 1864. 


FrliiEkic Coi.sWKLL wa;- engaged in lnlsines^ for a time in Great Fall.-,, X. 11., and in 
the City of Xew York. In 1S39 he removed to Circleville, Ohio. lie was I'robate Judge of 
Pickaway Co., Ohio, from 1857 to 1S64. 

Wiilinm Lambert Co-s-,i-cU, son of Hon. Frederic Cogswell, wa■^ born in Circleville, ( )hio. 
He married L.u.i M. hxhuid, daughter of William J. Ireland, of New York City. They 
resided in Tarrytown. X. \'. He was engaged m the South American trade. 


[ 624 i 


Sarah Louisa' Cogswkll, (Xortlu-ud''\ Natlianicl-\ yonat/uui'^, yon- 
athajr\ Williaiir, yi'////'), daughter of Norlhend''' 1276 1 and Elizabeth 
(Lambert) Cogswell, was born March g, 18 13, in South Berwick, Me. 
She married. May 15, i.'~!45, Rci\ Dcvter Potter, the brother of the wife 
of William Lambert Cogswell [621 j, and son of Jacob and Lucy Potter. 
He was born Jan. 9, 1800, in Leominster, Mass. They resided in 
\'ernon, N. J., and in Cambridge, Mass. Mrs. Potter died July 22, 
i860. Rev. Mr. Potter died April 2, uS.Si. 


Sophia Elizabeth O'gsa'c//. b. 1 84S : m. Dec. 21 , 1 87 1 , £■. Morris .S//.v/y d. -May 3, 1.S7.S. 
.Uaria Louisa Coiiswc/i. h. April 26, 1850. .She died in infancy, April 2S, 1830. 
.Uaria Louisa Frcderika, b. Aug. 9, 1S51 : m. Jnne 23, 1S74, 'charlfs S. Moore; d. 

April 10, 1S75. 
William Henry, b. Oct. 7, 1834. He died in childhood, Nov. 27, 1^57. 
Charles Xorlheiui CoL;s-aWl. h Juh id, 1.S59. He died in infancv. Oct. 11, \Syj. 


626 I 


AiiBv" CoGSWiCLL, ( ir,i,/e'\ .\cit//a;/u/'\ Jonathan'', Jonathan', Wil- 
liam'-, Johii^). daughter of Wade'"' 1 282 ] and Hannah (Barker) Cogs- 
well, was born Jan 2, 1809, in Manchester, N. H. She marrietl, Oct. 


8, 1838, Joltn Austin Twycross, son of Samuel and Martha Twycross. 
He was born March 20, 1816, in Charlestovvn, Mass. Tliey resided in 
Dresden, Me. Mr. Twycross died Feb. 22, 1874. Mrs. Twycross died 
Aug. 23, 1878 


Sajnuc!^ b. May 15, 1839. He died in infancy, May 25, 1S39. 
Martha A., b. Sept. 30, 1S41 ; m. Jan. 23, 1S70, Edii'ard H. Barker. 
Priscitla B , b. May 8, 1843. She died in infancy, Sept. 20, 1843. 
Gilht'rt B., b. Aug. 28, 1845. He died in infancy, Sept. 11, 1S45. 


MartlKi A. Twycross married Eduwn/ H. B,ir/.;-r, son of Ciilcon .niul 1 lemciitina Barker. 
He was born Sept. 27, 1837, in Dresden Me. They had seven cliildrtn, \i/. : John Austin, b. 
July 17, 1872; Carr Edward, b. July 15, 1S73, d. .'\iii;. 15, 1S73; Al.bic CyMxell, h. Feb. 15, 
1X75; \at Kailey Twycross, b. Jan. 27. 1S7S; Lois N,.iihend, b. Uec. 26, 1S70; Marcia ]llathc.r.i, 
b. N..V. 23. 18S1 ; Pattie Austin, b. Julv 23. 1SS3. 



Nathaniel" Cogswell, {Nat/iatiiel^, Nathaniel", Jonathan'', Jona- 
thaifi, Willianr, John'), adopted son of Nathaniel'' [286 1 and Mary 
Cogswell, and son of Dea Isaac and Abigail (Cogswell) Smith 1283], 
was born Nov. 26, 1809, in Hopkinton, N. H. He died unmarried, 
Oct. 10, 1842 


Nath..\niel Cu.;swlli was adopted by his uncle, Nathaniel Cogswell [286], a wealthy 
merchant in the Canary Klands, known as "TllK King OF THE IsL.wns," who lefl an 
immense fortune, which inherited largely by Rev. Jonathan Cogswell, 1). 1). [289]. and 
his children. Mr. Cogswell's own mother was Mrs. Abigail (Cogswell) .Smith [ 283 ]. The 
record of her family was received too late to be inserted in its projjer place, and is given here : 

Ai!K;ail Cogswell [283], daughter of Dr. Nathaniel [98] and Sarah (Northend) 
Cogswell, was born Oct. 19, 1770, in Rowley, Mass. Slie married, Dec. 6, T7S9, y>,,r. /s,hu- 
Siii/f/i. He was born June 25, 1766, in Rowley, Mass. They resided in Hopkinton, N. H. 
Mrs. Smith died Jan. 7, KS3S, Dea. Smith died Dec. 28, 1S57. 

Elizabeth, b. Sept. 2, 1790; m. I-.,lmun,l Dnvis: d. Dec, 1S61. 
Niibhy, b. May 24, 1792. She died in childhood, Nov.. 1795. 
rhorh-s. b. ^rarch 11. 1794 ; ni. L.'is /-Int.ln-lJ.-r : d. Sept. 26, 1873 


John, b. May 19, 1795. "<^ '''^c' '" ^^""'y manhood, July 27, 1S31. 

ANf^ail C, h. Oct. 21, I7'/.; 111. I lee, 1S36, Tln'ma! A'.isl ; d. Aug. i. 1874. 

S<irii/i, b. June 30, 179S; m.Josi,i/i A'liowlloii : d. Sept. 11, 1S36. 

Isaac,h. March 14, 1800. He died in early life, Nov. 1, 1S22. 

Hannah C, b. Sept. 10, 1801 ; m. April 9, 1S26, Thomas J. Weeks: d. Nov 2, 1SS2. 

D. Francis, b. March 15, 1S03. He died in early life, .Sept. 10, 1S25. 

Xathaniel C, b. March 4, 1S06. He died in infancy, Oct., 1806. 

Louisa C, b. Aug. 4, 180S; m. 1840, Sanniel S. Phillnick: d. Xov. 10, 1881. 

Xathaniel C, b. Xov. 26, 1S09. Ky adoption Nathaniel Co<;s\vell [ 630 ] ; d. < )ct. 

Edvinnit Emery, b. Feb. 9, iSlI ; m. 1840, Frances .1/. Roly ; d. Nov. 16, 1S40. 

Xathaniel CV-tov// Weeks, snn of Tho;i;:i» J. and Hannah C. (Smitlil XW-eks, re 
Concord, N. II. 




Marv' Cogswell, {yonathait', XatJtauiel'', yonatIiaii\ JonatIiau-\ 
Willianr, yoliii^), daughter of Rev. Dr. Jonathan'' (289] and Elizabeth 
(Abbott) Cogswell, was bom Dec. 30, 1S14, in Saco, Me. She married, 
Oct. 16, 1833. frankliii Sheri.vod Kiitncy, Esq. They resided in New 
^'nrk City. Mr. Kinney died about 1873, in Italy, where he was 
buried. Mrs. Kinney died April 7, 1877, in Washington, D. C. 


Xathaniel Cogswell ^vci.'^Carolinc Canoll ; m."Mrs. Wheatoi: ; d. May II, 1S81. 

Constance Elizabeth, m. Aug. 15, 1872, Count Cirsar Gionolti. 

Francis Shen^'ihuf. m. Afary Brady. 

Ernest Lord. m. Louise Catlin. 

Abbot. James Buchanan. Helena. Slie died in infanrv. 


Mrs. Marv (Cnr.swEi.i.) Kinnky was buried in Washington, and her grave is marked 
by a costly monument scidi)turcd in Italy. 

Xathaniel Co^-s^eell Kinney, I.ieutenant-Colonel United States Army, died, aged about 
forty, at Hay Shore, Long Island, New \'ork. 

The Coi'NTEs.s Gianotti, daughter nf Franklin S. and Mary (Cogswell) Kinney, was 
born about 1S40. .She married Count Casar (;ianotti. Colonel and Aide-de-Camp 10 Prince 
Humbert, and in 1S72 Crand Ch.ambcrlain to the King <if Italy. They had X-Ka daughters: 
.Marguerite, b. 1872; Marie, b. 1874. They resided at 200 Via Nationale, Rome, Italy. 

Francis She>~<oooil Kinney, AV/ , was in business .at 515 to 525 West 22d Street, New York 
City. He had one .son. 

Hrncsl Lor.i Kinney h.ul tw.. daiigliUi^ and .mc -..11. 



[632 1 


Elizaeeth Lokiv Cogswell, ("yotiat/nufi, Natlia)iicl'\ yoHath<iii\ 
Joiiathaii\ William'\ Jo/iiA), daughter of .Rev. Dr. Jonathan" [ 289 1 and 
Elizabeth (Abbott) Cogswell, was bapt. Aug. 8, 1819, in Saco, Me. She 
married, Oct. i, 1840, Hon. yamcs Dixon, son of Hon. William Di.xon. 
He was born Aug. 5, 18 14, in Enfield, Conn. They resided in Hart- 
ford, Conn. Mrs. Dixon died June 16, 187 1. Hon. James Dixon died 
March 27, 1S73. 


E/habi-//i Lord. Clementine Lonise, m. Dr. James C. JIW//,i^l.: 

/ame.f Iiy//es,m. Sfi/hue/l. Henrv Whitfeht. 


Mrs. Eli2.\beth L. Dixon wns a lady of large fortune, rare attainments, 
and great personal attractions. It is said that Hon. Richard .Spofford once 
remarked: "Mrs. Dixon was the most accomplished lady I have ever seen in 
Washington." Others have spoken of her as " a handsome, amiable, and 
accomplished woman of much natural power and ambition." To Mrs. Dixon's 
parties came the best people in Washington. Donald (i. Mitchell dedicated 
to Mrs. Dixon his "Reveries of \ Bachelor." 


James Dixon graduated from Williams College in 1834. He studied law 
with his father, and was admitted to the bar in 1835. He soon opened an 
office in Hartford, Conn. Mr. Dixon served in the Legislature of his native 
State as Representative in 1837, 1838, 1844, and 1854. He was elected to 
the House of Representatives in Congress in 1845, 'i"d re-elected in 1847. 
He was chosen to the United States Senate in 1856, and re-elected in 1S62, 
serving two terms. Mr. Dixon was a man of much culture, a graceful writer, 
and able in debate. He was an editorial contributor to the Hartford Courant. 
Mr. Dixon left a large estate, estimated at nearly a million of dollars. By his 
death the people of Connecticut reasonably felt that tliey had I'St a much 
needed adviser in State afifairs, and a citizen who. long and often trusted with 
their public interests, was always true to his best belief. Hon. James Dixon 
was a man of kindly and genial nature. He was of a fine and sensitive tem- 
perament. His head and face made one of the finest studies ever seen in the 
Senate Chamber of the I'nited States. He was the author of poems of much 
merit which were published in the New England Magazine, and in other iournals. 


Seiia.cji Dixon and his accomplislietl wi'L- made their elegant homes, in 
Washington and in Hartford, inviting to men and women of literary culture 
and pursuits. They were noted for tiieir many acts of Christian charity, and 
for the warm personal interest they manifested in the welfare of the churches 
of which thev were members, both in Hartford and in Washington. 




Andrew Kikkpatrick" Cogswell, (yonatkau^', Xa/haiiiil''; yona- 
t/taii\ ycnathaii^, William-, Johu^), son of Dr. Jonathan" 1289 1 and 
Jane Eudoni (Kirkpatrick) Cogswell, was born l\Iay 20, 1839, in East 
Windsor, Conn. He married, Sept. 3, 1867, ^Mary Win Rensselaer, 
daughter of Gen J. Cullen Van Rensselaer, of Cazenovia, N. Y. They 
resided in New Brunswick, N. J. Mrs. Cogswell died Feb. 5, 1871. 
Hon. Andrew K. Cogswell married, May 27, 1880, -J'irgiiiia Isal'el 
Latrobc, daughter of John H. B. Latrobe, Esq. She was born in Balti- 
more, Md. They resided in New Brunswick, N. J. 


CfLLEN \'an Rensselaek. [1224] b. Sept. 5, iN'"). 


John H. B. Latuoue, [1225] b. May >>. iS.Si. 


Andrew K. Cocswell graduated from Rutgers College in 1S59. He prac- 
tised law in New Brunswick, N. J., and was appointed by Gov. McClellan, 
April, 1879. President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Middlesex 
Co., N.J. Tliis position was once held by his great-grandfather. Col.. John 
Bayard, whnse eldest daughter married Hon. .Andrew Kirkpatrick, Mr. Cogs- 
well's maternal grandfather. 

Col. Joh.n Bavakd was a descendant of Nichtjlis Bayard, a French Hugue- 
not. He was the intimate personal friend of Washl\<;ton, under whom he 
served at Trenton, Monmouth, and other places. 

James Asliton Bayard, United States Senator in 1804 from Delaware, ami 
one of the signers of the Treaty 01 Ghent in 1814, was a nephew and the 
adopted son of Col. John Bayard. 

James Asliton Bayard, son of Hon lames .-Vshton Bayard, was a United 
States Senator from Delaware for twn terms, and for .several years Chairman 
of the ludiciary Committee of the United Stales Senate. 





Jane Emily Searle" Cogswell, {yonatliaifi, Nathaniel-', Jona- 
than*, yonatliaii^, Willinvr, John^), daughter of Rev. Dr. Jonathan'^ 
(289) and Jan-e E. (Kirkpatrick) Cogswell, was born May 26, 1841, in 
East Windsor, Conn. She married, Nov. 3, 1869, Geii. James Grant 
Wilson, son of William and Jane (Sibbald) Wilson. He was born 
April 28, 18^5, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. They resided in New York 


Mary Kirkpatrick, b. Dec. iS, 1870. 


James Grant Wilson was of Scotch ancestry, who were both military 
and literary. Some of his ancestors were soldiers, and shared with Wellington 
the glories of Waterloo ; while James Sibbald, a m.iternal ancestor, entertained 
Robert Burns when he made his first appearance in Edinburgh. Gen. Wilson's 
father, William Wilson, was born in Perthshire, Scotland : came to America 
in 1832 ; established himself as a bookseller and publisher in Pouglikeepsie. 
N. V. ; was favorablv known as a writer of poetry and a contributor to various 
magazines. His poetical contributions have been gathered into a publiblied 
volume, which received favorable mention in Goon Literatlke for July, iSSi. 
He died Aug. 25, i860. 

Gen. James Grant Wilson inherited much of both the military and liter- 
ary genius of his ancestors. His record during the War of the Union was 
sufificient to distinguish him as a soldier and give him eminence in military 
circles; while as a man of letters he achieved an eminence no less honorable 
in literary circles. It was said of him, "He fights as well eis any man, and 
writes as well as lie fights." Some of his more important works are Memoirs 
OF Illustrious Soldiers; The Life and Campaigns ok Gen. U. S. Grant; 
The Life of Fitz Green Halleck ; Memoir of William Cullen Bryant ; 
and The Poets and Poetry of Scotland. Vid. Bateman's American 


[ 638 ; 


Caroline Hosmek' Coi. swell, (Henry franeis''', William^, Franeis^, 
JonatliaH'-\ William-, 'Jo/in^), daughter of Henry Francis'' (308) and 

Rebecca P. (Hosmer) Cogswell, was burn May 26, 1823, in Peterbor- 
ough, N. H. She married, Sept. i, 1S46, Et/zaii H. Howard, son of 
Ethan and Mary (Howe) Howard. He was born Feb 13, 1S12, in 
Boston, N. Y. They resided in Buffalo, N. Y. 


Henry C,ii:.<7,:-//. b. Sepl. 20. 1.S47; m. J-m. 4, 1 Si- 1. ./<•;/«/,■ y^i.r//. 


/■M.,>, //. Jl.^w,irJ w,-i> a iiieicliaiu in lluila;,.. N. ^■. Uc ictiied irom bii-iiie^s in iSGy. C.X'-.''r// //.-:,•.»•,/ niai ricd JainU J.i<:ll. daughter of Sheiman S. Jc« ett, Ks.j. She 
vas born Feb. 3. 1S49. They had fnni children : Carrie Cogswell, b, .Sept. z(\ 1S69: C.eorge 
c«eii.b. .-Xprif 17. 1S71 : IKnrv. b. Sept. -o, 1S74: Knniia .Mice. b. Sept. 27, 1S7S. 
rhc<i children uert- born in - Snmnu-v 11. .me." la .'^alle, N. V, 


639 1 


WiLLi.AM Henrv" Cogswell, [Henry Francis'', WilUain'', Frauds'^, 
jFonat/iair', W'tl/iaur, yolin^). son of Henry Francis'' i 308 1 and Rebecca 
P. (Hosmer) Cogswell, was born June lo, i<S26, in Peterborough, N. H. 
He married, Aug. 22, 1848, Caroline Hayes, daughter of Thomas and 
Abigail (VVilkinsj Hayes. She was born Oct. 11, 1S31, in Waterbor- 
ough. Me. Thev resided in Medina, Mich. Mr. Cogswell died March 
28, 1858. 

THr.iK chiii)Ki;n wkke: 
.•\i.T!i:kt Smith, [1226J b. Nov. 10. 1849: m. July .s, 1S74, Julia Kuh Hohius. 
Ar.r.v KEiiiK c.^, [1227]!). Jan. 11, iSji: m. May 12, 1875, Cyrus A. W-atih. 
Sarah Haves, [1228] b. Sept. 21, 1S52: ni. May 12, 1875, Lemuel James M,»si. 
Hi;\KV ]•■.. [1229]!,. <.)ct. 30, 1.S54. 
Ci.oicM. \V., [1230] b. ()cl. 26. i.S;'.: ni. Dec. 23. 1S77, Debbie I'nrkhill. 






George Washington" Cogswell, {Henry Francis''', William'', Fran- 
cis^, Jonathan^ Williani^, John^), son of Henry Francis- [308] antl 
Rebecca P. (Hosmer) Cogswell, was born July i, 1830, in Peterborough, 
N. H. He married, Sept. 3, 185 1, Sarah Hall, daughter of Ira Hall. 
She was born March i, 1829, in Wales, N. Y, They resided in Buffalo, 
N. Y. Mr. Cogswell died April 22, 1S54. 


Cakrie Hall, [1231] b. Feb. 16, 1NS4. Slie died in infancy, iMay 2S, KS54. 

Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass 
f excellent character and 
ftcr a protracted illness uf 




Sarah" Cogswell, {H.iiry Fiai;as'\ \Villiam'\ Francis^, yonathan\ 
William-, John^), daughter of Henry Francis'' [308] and Rebecca P. 
(Hosmer) Cogswell, was born Feb. 10, 1834, in Peterborough, N. H. 
She married, June 2, 1852, yos/tua Mortimer Wliitconib. He was born 
April 23, 1S21, in Templeton, Mass. They resided in New York City. 


Elizabeth, b. June lS, 1S56. 
Harriet R., b. July 30, 1S5S; d. Nov. 3, i.S;g. 
Mortimer O., b. Jan. 4, i.^i : d. .Se]it. 26, 1X61 
Sarah Ann. b. Aug. 12, 1.S62. 






IN C.H-.s 

VELL graduated at H.i 






IS a tine 

cholar. and a voun.4 1 




the Mud 

of law, was taken ill. 


rs he 


1, mt 

ch l.imc 




I 645 I 


Francis Davis" Cogswell, ( Wt/Zurm Da':^iS^. Williant\ Francis'^, 
yonatliaii^, Wil/ianr, yohti^),sox\ of William Dawes'^ [ 309] and Mary 
(Fiske) Cogswell, was born June lo, 1830, in Peterborough, N. H. He 
married, Aug. 28, 1855, Hnirietta JSIcCriUis, daughter of George and 
Jane ^Smith) McCrillis. She was born Sept. 21, 1S35, in Holley, N. Y., 
where they resided. 


i:n.\ M.. [1232] 1.. June .s. 1S5C; m. Aug. 12, i.sSo. Frank M.JhmaU. 
Makiha, [1233] b. Jan. 1. \>^y,- m. OcL 19. 18.S0. U'a/i.m /•'. B.niy. 
Frank L., [1234] li. Oct. 27. t.S'.o. Cahkii H.. [1235I b. June \i,, 1S63. 


1648 1 


Stephen" Cogswell, (Stcf'/icu'\ Ebciicwr^, William^, Jolin'-\ Wil- 
liam-y Johu^)t son of Stephen'' [ 314 J and Mary (Savage) Cogswell, was 
born, 1785, in Rutland, Mass. He married Mrs. Lucy {Seaver) Rythr, 
of Holden, Mass. Mr. Cgswell died July 12, 1869. 

K1.17A .M.. [1236] b. .Aug. 12, 1820; m. I5i-c. 3. 1S36, William .V. Tnnuy. [,237] b. Jan. 22, 1.S22: ni. Maivh 30, TS43. Ahhv M. S,-a-.;-r. 
Marilla, [1238]. .She died xoung. LviUA A.. [1240] ni. Ltonoril Smith. 

Ri Eis, [1239]. He died in tlie arm\. Chari,i>, [1241] m. J/,irri,-/ Elliolt. 




EiiKNEZEK" Cogswell, (S!,phcn'\ Hbcitezrr', jril/!ni//\ Jolnr\ Wil- 
liaDi"^, yolin^), son of Stephen'' [314 ) and Mnry (Savage) Cogswell, was 
horn Nov. 8. 1791, in Rutland. Mass. Ho married. A]iril 3, 1S17, 


Rhoda Draper, daughter of John and Rebecca (Muzzey) Drajjer. She 
was born July lo, 1791, in Spencer, Mass. They lived in Leicester, 
Mass. Mr. Cogswell died May 30, 1870. 


Surm.A. [1242] b. .Aul;. 14, 1.S18; 111. May 11, 1837. Joseph Binxtss. 
JiiHN IiHAi'ER, [1243] b. May 21, 1820: m. .Sept. 22. 1845. Fanny H. Leonard. 
Na.m \ , [1244] b. Marcli 19, 1S22; ni. Feb. 1 1, 1.S47, y<;///,'.i /\'. W'ootlis ; d. March 2, 1S72. 
H.ARRiEi A-\IELI.\, [1245] b. Nov. 10, 1.S27; m. .Sept. 2. 1840, Aaron Sampson ; d. 

Feb. ig, 1S56. 
Cheney H.atch. [1246] b, Nov. 5, 1831. He died in cliildhoud. Au-. |.;. i,S37. 



H.AK.N-.^)!' Coi-swELi., {Stcpluifi, Elhiic-cr'', Williaiu', Johir, U't/- 
liaiifl, yolm^), daughter of Stejjhen" [ 314 i and Mary (Savage) Cogs- 
well, was born April ig, 1795, in Rutland, Mass. She married, March 
19, 1817, ^Siiiuoii Livcniiorr. They resided in Worcester, Mass. Mr 
Livermore died and Mrs Lixermore married -Saniucl Harris. He wa^ 
born in Worcester, Mass. They resided in Grosvenor Dale, Conn., 
where Mr. Harris died. Mrs. Harris died April 15, 1871. 

Eliza ./.. b 1S20; m. KS36. Jn.L-on Knapp : d. 1858. 

Lorenzo Abtl, b. Marcli l.S, 1S23: ni. Sept. 21. i,S45, Whhy /., I\\k ; m. Jan. 9, 
yane Fo:o/or. 


Martin. He died in early manhood, 1861. 

Sara//, b. March 28, 1829. She resided in C'.rosvenor Dale, Conn. 

.Yann'. Caroline. Caroline. La>t three died |jri(ir to 18S3. 


Loienzo .A. Lnermore re>idccl in nul>h.ud-t..n. M.i^>. 
more, died iJcc. 25, 1S75. 




Eliza' Cogswell, (S/(f/uii*\ Ebcnczcr'\ William\ yohir\ Williaut', 
yoliu^), daughter of Stephen'' [314] and Mary (Savage) Cogswell, was 
born July 17, 1797. in Rutland, Mass, She married, Oct. 10, 1817, 
Nathan Morgan. He was born in Sjiencer, Mass. Mrs. Morgan died 
June 25, 1879. 


Lorcmo. b. May 14, iSicj; m. Saiali Caiiiliiic Siio-<<\ 


1654 ] 


Isaac' Coi;swell, {Stephen'-, Elhiiczcr''', Williavi\ Johii\ William-^, 
yohn^), son of Stejihen" r 314 ' and Mary (Savage) Cogswell, was born 
April 23, 1801, in Rutland, Mass. He married, Jan. 11, 1825, Lois 
Alice .Ycii'ton, daughter of Ezekiel and Catherine (Cogswell) Newton. 
She was born Feb. 11, 1S04, in Spencer, I\Iass. They resided in New 
Vineyard, Me. Mrs. Cogswell died Oct. 14, 18S5. 


!\I.^K\ Ai.K E, [1247] b. Nov. IS, 1825 ; m. 1.S57, H. C. Ktloiva: 

Licv An.n, [1248] b, Aug. 3, 1S2S; m. G. IV. Ihtibaiik. 

Lnis Catherine, [1249] b. July 15. 1832: m. /. Toothakcr ; d. March 17, 1S74. 

Hannah Elizaueth. [1250] b. Xi.v. 8. 1S34: m. Sept. 13, 1853. Sannal Hiscock. 

Sarah Ro.xanna, [1251] b. Oct. 22. 1839. She died in childhood, March 1 1. 1.S42. 


[655 J 


Rurus" Cogswell. {Stephen", Ehaiczcr--, Williant\ Johu\ Wil/ianr, 
jFohn^), son of Stephen" [314] and Mary (Savage) Cogswell, was born 
Nov. 9, 1803, in Rutland. He married Eliza Wicker. They resided in 
Pa.xton and Leicester, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Jan. 21, 182S. 


Runs Henry. [1252] m. ' r),'//-/i/y : m. -J/rs. ;f',v/i,v. 


[657 J 


John Chan-ulkr' Cogswf.ll, {Stcp/ni!^\ Ehiiuzer'-, William\ Joltit. 
William-, yohii^), son of Ste]3hen'' i 314 ] and Mary (Savage) Cogswell, 
was born, 1808, in Rutland, Mass He married Fanny Elder. She 
was born in Worcester, Mass.. where the)- resided. Mr. Cogswell died 
Nov. 25, 1856. 


J.\NE, [1253] 111. Williaiii Hiih/iiiiso/1. 

John Ch.\nI)I.ek. [1255] b. 183S; m. .Vi.-.. M,iiy ThompMin : cl. .M<iy <j, 1.S.S2. 


I 658 


C.AXD.AeE' Cogswell. (Aa/-i'//'\ Ebcuizii'-, \Villtani\ Jolin", Wil- 
hanr, Jolin^), daughter uf Aaron'' 1 319 j and Deborah (Bellows) Cogs- 
well, was born Aug. 19, 1795, in S[)encer, Mass. She married, Aug. 
15. 1815, Edniuiid X. Sargent, son of John and Persis (Newton) Sar- 
gent. He was born Jan. i 1, 1793, in Hubbardston, Mass. They lived 
in Spencer, Mass. Mrs. Sargent died Oct. 13, 1S37, in Barre, Mass. 
Mr. Sargent died Ajiril 14, i<S65. 

Mary E., I). July 8, KS17: m. Jan. lO, uS3y. Aaron Ro/jc; cl. Nov. 21, 1881. 

Horace Carlo, b. Feb. lO, 1819: m. Feb. 9, 1847, Adeline Houghton. 

Harriet A., b. Nov. 3, 1820; in. Uec. 30, 1845, Moses Da-'is ; d. May 4, 1S58. 

Candace £., h. May 22. 1822: m. Oct. 8, 1862, Cvrus Stratton. 

Edmund M., b. Aug 2, 1824; m. Nov. 15. 1853, Anna Rolfe. 

Sophronia D., b. Sept. 3, 1828: m. Dec. 7, iN;''', Joiin Hinies : cl. June 10, 1863. 


Sopliroiiia D. Sur^enf \va> well eiliicalecl. She \^;l^ lui jona- tinic a Teacher in the Publit 
Schools of Worcester, and a cuntributor to some of the jiublic journals. Her husband, /I'/ii/ 
Htmes, lisij.. was the son of kc\. John V. Himes, of Hoslon. Mr. Hinies edited a juvenile 
paper published in HcsLm, M.i-s. " Mr,. IlinusV health failing, they reni.ivcd to l)an\ill.. 
\. v., and resided at the " HillMde Home tor bu.did^." where she di'cd. 





Makv Bukxham' Cik.suell, {.la/v^i''; Ebaic-er', William', Joluf", 
Williiuir. yokn'), daughter of Aaron 1 319 ^ and Deborah (Ikllows) 
Cogswell, was born April 27, 1S04, in Paxlon, Mass. She married, 
April 4, 1827, Elisho Proiity, son of Elisha and Elizabeth (Dimon) 
Prouty. He was born Jan. 5, 1801, in North Spencer, Mass, where 
they resided. Mr. Prouty died Sept. 12, 1859. Mrs. Mary B Prouty 
in 1883 resided in Spencer, Mass. 


A soil, b. Dt-L. 15, 11527. He died in infancy, Dec. 15, 1S27. 

A/iiiira, b. Jan. 30, 1S29; m. May 10, 1S53, Calviti P. Wooilfiuiy. 

Elizabeth, b. Jan. 21, 1.S30: m. Dec. 29, 1852, Rod Combs. 

Horace Elis/m, b. April 15, 1S31 ; m. I\Iay 10, 1834, Martha S. Earlc. 

Louisa, b. Sept. 26, 1832. 

Ed'u.'ard, b. Nov. i, 1S33. He died in infancy, .Nov. 2\). 1^33. 

Harriet Caroline, b. May 21, 1S35; m. .April 15, 1S57, Samuel S. Lau'renee. 

Clarissa, b. May 15. 1836; ni. Oct. 15, 1871, Martin X. Hardy. 

Emily, b. Aug. 15, 1S37. She died in infancy. Ang. 16, 1837. 

Angeline Fideliti, b. Dec. 18, 1S3S: m. .\"ov. 23, 1S65, William S. Hillman. 

Mary Ann, I ^^^.^.^ 7,1840: \ 

Martha, \ f " -f / She died in infancy, Sept. 4, 1S40. 

A son, b. Oct. 10. i'S4i. He died in infancy, Oct. 10, 1841. 

Addison Daiid, b. June 17, 1843. He died in early manhood, Feb. 24, |8(>3. 

Austin, b. Oct. 9, 1844. He died in childhood, July 25, 1846. 

Mr. and Mi.<. U'.Hhllmry resided in Neirth -Spencer, Mas.~. They had seven children: 
Ella Elizabeth, b. Sept. 12, 1S57, d. June 1, 185S ; Edgar C, b. Jan. 31, 1859; Ellen .K., b. 
May 10, i860, d. May 30, 1S60; .Arthur I'., b. (Jet. 17, 1S61 ; Nellie E., b. Dec. 23. 1S62; John 
A., b. Feb. 7, 1864 ; Bertie A., b. May 1 5, 1866, d. Sept. 12, 1866. 

Mrs. Combs, Mrs. Lawrence, and Mrs. Hillm.m resided in Worcester, Mass. Their 
brother, Horace Prouty, Esq., resided in Spencer, 


[662 1 


Rachel' Cogswell, {Nchmtialf', y,'iitit/tau^, William\ yolui^, Wtl- 
'ir, 7'f'//;/'), daughter of Nehemiah'' ,320 1 and Rachel (Choate) C<igs- 


well, was born Oct. 9, 1773, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. She 
married. May 31, 1792, Ephraim Plunimci\ son of Bitfield and Pris- 
cilla (Richardson) Plummer. He was born in Newbury, Mass. They 
lived in Boscawen, N. H. Mr. Plummer died May 6, 1793. Mrs. 
Plummer died Dec. 29, 1853. 


Ep/iiaini, b. Aug. 29. 1793: m. June 11, 1821, Lmy Gcrris/i ; d. July 20, 1S72. 


[663 1 


Sus.xnxa" Cogswell, {Ntheinia/fi, yonatlian'', Williai)i\ yohii'. 
IVI/iiani-, yoliii^), daughter of Nehemiah'' 1 320 J and Rachel (Chuate) 
Cogswell, was born Dec. 17, 1774, in Boscawen, X. H. She married, 
Feb. 19, 1795, Phiiieas Eastman, son of Moses ;uid Elizabeth (Kim- 
ball) Eastman. He was born Jan. 20, 1772, in Concord, N. H. They 
resided in Concord, N. H. Mrs. Eastman died Aug., 1846. Mr. East- 
man died May, 1S5S. 


William Elwell, b. Dec. 3. 1795: m. Mary IWjlki-r : d. June, 1S73. 

P/iincas, b. Oct. 3, 1798: m. Sally IW-cdin ; A. Aug., 1855. 

P(ggy, b. 1800. She died in childhood, 1S02. 

Jo/i7! C, b. Feb. 28, 1802; d. April, 1865. 

Mosis, b. iMarch [9, 1S03: m. Adi-linc Moignn : d. Aug. 10, 1S76. 

Simco)!, b. Oct. I, 1804: m. Matilda Wilson ; d. Aug., 1866. 

Rarlicl C..\). Ma\ 4. 1814; m. Wiiitlirop I.nij. 


[ 665 ] 


Nehemi.ah' Cogswell, {Xclieniialf\ youat/iair, \\'i!liam\ yo/nr', 
Wi/Iiain". ypJiii''). son of Nehemiah" I 320 ^ and Rachel (Choate) Cogs- 
well, was born Nov. 30, 1778, in Boscawen, N. H. He married, Nov. 
17, 1807, ^Aphia Coffin, of Boscawen, daughter of Peter Cofifin, and an 
aunt of C. C. Coffin, E>t.>. She was born Aug. 8, 1791. They resided 


in Boscawen, N. H. Mrs. Cog;s\vell died Dec. 17, 1829. Dea. Cogs- 
well married, Aug. i -, \^},6. -'jiu/ith J/<?/v77/, daughter o( J. H. Mor- 
rill. She was born Nov. 29, 1797, and died Nov. 19, 1S40. Dea. 
Cogswell married, June 11, iS4i,'My«M' C/rwMc^//, daughter of John 
Greenough. She was horn July i, 1804. Dea. Cogswell died March 
16, 1843. 


M.AKV, [1256], She died in early life. March 12. 1817. 




John" Coi. swell, {.W/uinin/f. yi<iiathaii\ ]\'il/iaiii\ Jolur, Wil- 
liaiii', yohn^), son of Xehemiah'' 320] ami Rachel (Choate) Cogswell, 
was bom July 21, 17S1, in Boscawen, N. H He man-ied, Ma_\' 19, 
1 82 1, ^Mary Pearson. They resided in Boscawen, X. H. Mrs. Cogs- 
well died April 5, 1823. Mr. Cogswell married, 1S24, Mrs. Betsey 
Chotttc. She was born in Derry, N. H. Mrs. Betsey Cogswell died 
Sept. 23. 1839 Mr. Cogswell married, 1840, -^ Maria MacGregor, daugh- 
ter of Robert JiIacGregor. She was born in Derry, X. H , where they 
resided. Mr. Cogswell died May 28, 1856 Mrs. Maria Cogswell died 
March, 25. 1883. ^ 


Majjv, [1257] b. 1.S22. She died in early life, 1849. 



. M.u 

,.r (.-,.;«. 

,11 «a> a 

>i>tei ..1 M,^ 

. Man .\. 



nf (li 

rham, .^^c 

., who die 

1 Iw.i (la\> aft 

1 Mi>. (_■..•., 


Kohcil M. 

cGnxor \ 

Jiiih the <; 

•igln.-il hridge 

i.i.^t north 



H., \ 

•hich was called M.uGir.; 

.;■ Bnd:;,-. 




RuTH' L\u.>\\EiA.. (.Ve/zem/a//', Joualhair. Wil. .im\ John\ Wil- 
liam'-. John^j, daughter ol Nehemiah" [320 and Racliel (Choate) 


Cogswell, was born June 12, 17S6, in linscawen, N. H. She married, 
March 8, 1806, Krv. Samm! Wood Co/bum, son of Asa and Jane (Wood) 
Colburn. He was born Nov. 14, 1782. They resided in Taunton, 
Abington, and Leicester, Mass. Rev, Mr. Cnlburn died Dec. 19, 1854. 
Mrs. Colburn died May 21, 1874. 


Maria, b. Oct. iS, iSor,; m. Dec. 17, 1829, A/hcrt A'rcf ; d. \ov. 25, 1.S54. 
Rebecca Tuhbs, b. March iS, iSro; m. Nov. 29, 1833, Tlicioit I'inscii Sha',^\ 
Abigail, b. iMarch, 1817. She died in infancy, 181S. 
Mary Gcrrish, b. March 21, 1.S2.S: m. May 17, 1849, Bnrritt A. Smith; d. Sept. 9, 1855. 


Kcv. Samuel W. Collnii 

sctthd in the n.inistrv tii-t in Taunto 

,, Mass. .\fter .on 

three vear- hi> health faikd. a 

ul he ix>iuned. .\fter his health «a> ree 

nveved he uas >ettl 

asapast..if..rninctCLn vcar- i 

1 Ahinjtnn.Ma... Upon leasin'^ the act 


in Leicester, Ma^s. While on 

a vi-it to a danghler. he (lied in Xc» Vi 

ik Citv. 




Sakah" CoCiSWei.l, (^Xcliemiah^, yonathaii'", William'', jfokir\ W/l- 
liain", 3^(3//;/'). daughter of Nehemiah^ [3201 and Rachel (Choate) Cogs- 
well, was born Oct. 8, 1790, in Boscawen, N. H. She married, May 3, 
1814, Nehciniah Choate, son of James and Abigail (Perkins) Choate. 
He was born Dec. 10, 1787, in Derry, N. H., where they resided. 


James C b. July 28, 1815. He died in early life, Nov. 20, 1840. 

Abigail C, b. Oct. 7, 1S17. She died Nov. 19, 1876. 

Mary G., b. Jan. 15, 1823: m. Aug. 16, 184a /He-.: Cliarks D. Pigeon. 


>. I'K.E'iN. son of l<e\.Chailes D. and Mary (i. ((.hoatcl rigoon. 
Collet-e, X. I. He was. in iS8:, a mendier of the Harvard -Medi- 

chool, Cambridge, Mass. 




Mak\ • CocisWELL, ( U'i7/hv/!<^: Joiiatha:f\ \Villiani\ JoJiir\ U'illiaiir. 
"Jo/iii^), daughter of William" 321 and Jemima ^Haskell) Co-swell, 
was born Oct. 27, 1784. She married, Julv 7, 1811, MostS Hcrnck, of 
Gloucester, Mass. They resided in Portland, Me Mr. Herrick died 
about 1S14. Mrs. Herrick died Nov. 5, \%22. 


Man- E., h. Dec. 2.,, 1.S12; ni. April 10, 1834, Lorc>i:o Parker. 
J/osi-s, b. -April 14. 1S14; m. M.iy hS, i!S42, Afi/j^azV Oi7fs. 


Kast Holliston, Ma^^. Thev had no children. 
New .Salem, Ma.-s. Thc\ had iwu .son^ : Saiiii 
1.1 Ili.waid Svlvesttr, whoVf-idcd. i,SSi, in Dako 


[672 1 


\\'illi.\.m" Cogswell, (Wi/Ziain''', youatliair, WilliaviK yoliiv\ Wit- 
liatn'-, yolai^), son of William" I 321 : and Jemima (Haskell) Cogswell, 
was born Sept. 4, 1786. He married, Sept. 20, 181 2, Rebecca Lovcjoy, 
of Rindge, N. H. She was born Nov. 23, 1786. They removed April 
10, 1829, to New Salem, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died July 15, 1856. 


JoN.ATH.w Lo\"Eju\, [1258J b. July I .S, lSl3: m. May <;. I'^Jy. Loiiiso J. Conant : d. 

.\'ov. 24, 1850. 
Esther Laxim.a, [1259] b. July 2, 1M3. She died in early life, Oct. 24, 1.S33. 
Sak.mi [1260] b. Aug. 2,'iSi7. She died in childhood. May S, iSi.> 
Hannah, [1261] b. Jan. 4, 1S20. She died in early life, Sept. 19, 1.S40. 
Marv An.\, [1262] b. Oct. 3, 1S23: m. Dec, 1.S41J, Albert U'/u/.jk.r ; d. June 1 1, 1.S54. 
A SON. [1263] b. Dec. 10. 1.S2S. He died in infanc). 
A DAlLHTEK, [1264] b. Jan. I, 1S32. She died in inlancy. 



Jonalluu, L. C,x^7cJ/ [ 1258 ] man ied /.cmi,, J. C\;,.,nt. SI 
w Ipswich, N. H. They had nu children. 

Alhrt ir. Il7i,/,,i;-r, >on m1 Ira and Clara Whitaker, was bo 
~ a farmer. Mr. and Mrs. .Albert \V. Whitaker had no childr 


I 675 J 


Jon.atha.n" Cor.swELL, {W'll/iavi'", yonaihait'-', ]]'ii!ia!ii\ yohii^, 
William'^, yolui^), son of William" [321 : and Jemima (Haskell) Cogs- 
well, was born Ma\' 13, 1792, in Lunenbiiri;-, Mass He married, Oct. 
19, 1816, Lydia Boynton. She was born Oct. 22, 1791, in Lunenburg, 
Mass., where they resided until 1833, when they removed to New 
Salem, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died Nov. 8, 186^ 

LVDIA Kmiclim,. [1265] b. March iS, 1818; m. Aug. 1, 183;, John Fonist.-r. 
J.-\MES Alhkkt, [1266] b. July 12, iS2o; m. Nov. 9, 1S42, Mary J. Shoiti^'i-ll. 
Susan Maria, [1267] b. Feb. 26, 1822: m. Sept, 14, 1842, Joseph E. Porter. 
William Otis, [1268] b. Dec. 17, 1823 ; m. April 26, 1858, '^I.iicy A. Sanderson ; m. 

Sept. 30. 1863, -Anna J. Gould Porter j m. Feb. 25, 1868, ^Isabet Lytle. 
Davio Bovnton, [1269] b. Nov. 28, 1S25; m. Sept. 16, 1857, Pnidenee M. Moore. 
Charlks \V., [1270] b. Feb. 17, 1828: m. Sept. 4, 1S61, Hannah Etta Hall. 
George H., [1271] b. March A, 1830: m. 1859, Harriet S. West/all. 
Elua Ja.nk, [1272] b. Feb. 3. 1832: m. Louis R. Bri<;,i:sy d. June 2, 1873. 
He.vkv a., [1273] b. Feb. 7, 1.S34: m. June 19, i860, 'L?ira Ann L'nderioood ; m 

June 2, 1S74. '-Faustina A. .s'tone. 


U'illiavi Otis Oicra/.// married i/,;/,-i' .•/. .S,iii,/as,<ii, adopted daughter of George Bullard, 
Esq. She was born .\pril 10, 1833, and died June 4, 1S59, in Framingham, Mass. lie mar- 
ried -Aniiii J. Goidit Porter, daughter of Noali and Xabby (Cummins) Porter. She was 
born July 14, iSro, in Wendall, Mass., and died July 26. iS6f>. He married V..,//v/ Lytl,. 
daughter' of William and (Kspv) l.vtic. She \va- born in Favctte Co.. I'a. They resided. 
1.SS3, in Uushnell, 111, 'Hieic were no chilili en. 




Hannah" Ccigswell, ( Willianf', yonathon^, Williavt'*, yvhn'-\ Wil- 
liaiii\ yolni^), daughter of William'" i 321 and Jemima (Haskell) Cogs- 
well, was born April 13, 1795, in Lunenburg, Mass. She married, Aug. 
14, 1834, yoJin Eaton, son of Aaron and Mary (Wheeler) Eaton. He 
was born July g, 1794, in Fitchburg. Mass. They resided in New 
Salem, Mass. Mrs. Eaton died Sejit. 24, 1874. Mr. Eaton died March 
10. 1S79. 


Hannah Adeline, b. June 21, 1S35: m. lS(/>, J. H'. Picne. 
Lorenzo Parka, b. July 6. 1S36: m. 1S71. .i.'. Louisa Hall. 
Mary A., b. Oct. 29, 1837. She died in childhood, June 12, 1S42. 
Harriet Ann. h. .March 22, 1840. She died in childhood. Jan. 14, 1S42. 


i 611 


Seth" Cogswell, {Williaiu^-, yoiiat/uvr, Wil/iatn'^, yo/ufi, William'-, 
yo/in^), son of William'' [321] and Jemima (Haskell) Cogswell, was born 
I"eb. 21, 1798, in Lunenburg, Mass. He married, Oct. 10, 1832, Eliza 
Dalrymplc, daughter of James and Azubah (Parmenter) Dalrymple. 
She was born Oct. 31, 1806, in ]-"ramingham, ]\Iass. They resided in 
Leominster, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died March 27, 1877. 


Fr.\N( i^ K , [1274] b. Dec. I, 1833: m. .Scjit. 12. is;6, Emma Mitltoff. 
J.^Ml> IJ., [1275] b. Oct. zU, 1.S35; m. Nov., ISSI. J-'raneelia .1/. Lombard. 
A.\.v P., [1276] b. Dec. 16, 1S3.S. SIk- died in cliildhoocl. .March 12. 1841.'k E., [1277] b. Feb. i, 1S42. 

GnoRf.K W.. [1278]!). .March 29, 1X44; m. J. 111. 4. |K-|, Elizabeth G. Heiishaw. 
M,\Riii.\ C. [1279] li. .March 2, iN4-. 


Seth (ncswF.ii. learned the shoemaker's trade. When about twenty-one 
years old he became deeply iiilere.sted in religion, and united with the Metho- 
dist Kpisropal ChinTh. of I,unenbur-. Mass. Mr. Cogswell became a lay 

preacher, and while carrying on his farm during the week, often preached on 
the Sabbath. It is said of him : "He possessed in a large degree the pecul- 
iarities of the Cogswell race. He had ideas and opinions of his own. to 
which he tenaciously held, and was never afraid to express them." Mr. Cogs- 
well had a great interest in all religious topics, and was an earnest advocate 
of Gospel truths. At the close of life he could adopt these words: "/ have 
fought a good Jight. I hare finished my courst\ ] have kept the faith. Heneeforth 
there is laid up for me a crown of righteous?iess which the Lord, the rigJiteous 
Judge, shall give me in that day. and not to me only, but unto all them also that 
love his appearing.'" 




Jonathan^ Cogswell, (yoscpli'', yonathan-', William^, yohn\ Wil- 
liam-, yoJui^), son of Jose]3h'' [ 324] and Abigail (Cleaveland) Cogswell, 
was born Jan. 2, 1789, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He mar- 
ried, Feb. 3, 1820, 'JA7;j/)?V^<7, daughter of Matthew and Mary Dickey. 
She was born May 4, 1797, in Deering, X. H. They lived in Henniker 
until 1836, when tliey removed to Dorchester, N. H. Mrs. Cogswell 
died Oct. 9, 1845. Ml'- Cogswell married, Nov. 28, \Z<^0, -Louisa S. 
Fificld. She was born in Deertield. N. H. Mr. Cogswell died Nov. 17, 

Kliza J.^m;, [1280] b. Nov. 9. 1S20. 

M.AKV DiCKKV. [1281] b. Nov. 20, 1S21 ; m. St-pt. 17, 1S43. Major Asahel B. Fo/soir. 

Ar.K.AiL Ci,eavi;l.-\ni), [1282] b. Jan. 13, 1S23; d. .Alarch 9, 1S32. 

Ja.mijs Richard, [1283] 1). June iS, 1824: m. June 29, 1S47, Esther S. F., [1284]!). jMay 13, 1S26: m. Nov. 20, 1S52, /()//« E. Eastman ; d. Sept 

13, 1N55. 
Helen M. \V., [1285] b. Dec. 5, 1S27. She died in childhood. Nov. 3, 1831. 
Loil^A .■\ni(iim:i]E, [1286] b. Aul;. 7. 1S211: m. Dec. 22, if'^s^ John E. Eastman. 
Rachel E.. [1287] b. An-, in. 1831 ; m. .M.irch i;, 1S58. Benjamin Cook ; d. Oct. 29 

JciSEi'H M.,[i288] b. Nov. 8. 1833. He died in infancy, Dec. 12, 1S33. 
JnsEi'H H. L., [1289] b. 23. iSs; ; m. Oct. 18, iSr.i , Emmo Eranees Kol<l>ins ; d 

Jan.4. 18'.2. 
Eduaki) p., [1290] b. Oct. 1;, i83r, ; m. .Nov. 9, 1861, AHah Kenniston. 
Jmnathav C. [1291] b. July 18, 1838; d. Dec. 31, 18^.2. 

LlEEl.A S., [1292] 1). June 23, i8;3, She died in earlv lite, .M;uch II. 1875. 


Jou-ph II. I.. Oymu'// [ 1289] "a^ a Union soldier in the Seventh Regiment New Ham 
>hire Volunteers. He died in Manchester, N. H. Mr. Cogswell's wife was from Uorcheste 
N. H. She married -Mr. Shackford, who died soon after marriage. Mrs. Shackford, : 
I SS3. resided in Concord, X. II. 

Joiiathan C. Co^'s7iit// [ 1291 ] enlisted in .\urora. 111., into the Illinois Regiment known ; 
the "Railroad Regiment " He went int.. camp Sept.. 1.S62. in Chicago. 111., and died in tl 
hospital, Dec. 31, 1S62, in Xa~hville, Tenn. 


1680 1 


D.AVin" Cogswell, ('j»s./'¥\ Jouathan'. Williaiu\ Jolui', Wil- 
liam'-, yoliii^). son of Jo.seplV' [324 and Abigail (Cleaveland) Cogs- 
well, was born April 25, 1790,111 Chcbacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He 
married, Jan. 3, 1813, Hanuali Haskell, daughter of Stephen and Anna 
Haskell. She was born Jan. 18, 1792, in West Gloucester, Mass. 
They resided in Esse.x, Mass., but removed, Feb. 9, 181 5. to Henniker, 
N. H. LieuL Cogswell died June 30, 1S68. Mrs, Cogswell died Jan. 
13, 1S72. 


John Cle.wel.vmi, [1293] b, Dec. 20. 1M3 He dieil in early life. Dec. U. i.S3,S. 
Ai-.l(..^lL An.n, [1294] b. .May 23, iNi;; m. Ma_\ \u. 1-^39, Btii/ai/ihi C. .■]iii/iyu'\ ; d. 

Ma}' I 5. iSOo. 
M A 1; V H ..\ski;ll, [ 1295] b. July 1 3, i S 1 7 ; m. Feb. 7, 1 84S, c 7„ir/c-s C/uxz/r; d. J uly 3, 1 S7S. 
David W.\kren, [1296] b. Martli 21, 1,^19. He died in cliildliood, Dec. 2.). 1S21. 
Amanda Cleora, [1297] b. Dec. 18, 1820. She died in girlhood. Jan. 31, 1S34. 
David Warren, [1298] b. Jan. i, 1824; m. Feb. 20, 1851, Ki/aiy S. Jolinson ; m. 

Dec. 10, 1839. -Eliza L. SiiiL'ycr. 
1.EANDER WiNsLc.w, [1299] b. Nov. 18, 1825': m. M.xv 17. 1.S35. Mary S. I'illslnny. 
Paksons Urainard, [1300] b. Jan. 22, 182S. 

Krhard Henrv Lee, [1301] b. Dec. 8, 1S30; m. Dec. 24. 1S5-, Fanny C. Pralt. 
Kmi.line Adelh, [1302] b. Oct. 31. 1S32: m. Dec. 24, 1S53, Xatliait S. Jolinson. 
William Kliiridi.e, [1303] b. Feb. 27, 1835: m. Dec. 4. 1S62, Susan M. Foster; d. 

Sept. 27, 1S75. 
Fnz Edward, [1304] b. April 13, 1839; ni. Dec. 28, iSt^s, Lizzh- Goss. 


Davii. Cocswkll wa> by trade a black-milh. In the \V;u of iSi.' he was First Lieu- 
tenant of the Gloucester .\rtillery. Lieut. (■n^Mv^.l: «.i- .1 MKniLcr of " llennikei Kitle Com- 

ever used in Henniker. He also purcliased, in iSi6, a half of the first barrel of manufactured 
flour ever sold in that town. 

^frs. Hivni.i/i C\-j-m// was for fifty-six years a member of the church. She was a devoted 
Christian, and with a heart full of love to the Master, she early became interested in the 
elevation of the poor and oppressed. The sick, the forgotten and down-trodden ever had in 
Mrs. Cogswell a warm-hearted friend .and hel])er. 




Joseph" Cogswell, {yoscp/i'\ Jonatliaii', William^, jFohn^, U'l/- 
liiuifi, Jvlin^), .son of Joseph'' [324] and Abi-ail (Cleaveland) Co-s- 
well, was born Nov. 13, 1791, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He 
married, Jan. i, 181 8, J/tV/z/rt/'/< //iT^'c, daughter of Joseph and Mehit- 
able (Stickney) Howe. She was born Oct. 6, 1795, in Ipswich, Mass. 
They resided in Derry, N. H., where Mr. Cogswell died, July 28, 10^55. 
Mrs. Cogswell died March i, 1883, at the residence of her daughter, 
Mrs. Emeline M. Turner, in Nashua, N. H. 


John ClI-.wkland, [1305] 1). Feli. 2, 1S19; m. Oct. i, 1.S49, .'ifary Bro-n'ii. 
George Henrv. [1306] b. Sept. 2.S, 1821 ; m. March 16, 1S45, Sara/i J. U\-!/s. 
JosEi'H, [1307] b. Feb. 10, 1S25. He died it; infancy. Feb. 20, 1825. 
M.\RV Ahigail, [1308] b. May 13, 1828 ; m. June 23, 1853, Samuel K. Wellniaii, Ks,/. 
r.MELiNr .M.. [1309] b. Aui;. 7, 1.S33; m. Mai-cJi 7, 1872. (7,w;t,'<' Tin no: 




John Cleavelamv Cogswell, CTosep/i'\ yonatliair, William 
yoInr\ Willuiiir, yohu^}, son of Joseph'' [ 324 1 and Abigail (Cleave- 
land) Cogswell, was born Nov 28, 1793, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich 
Mass. He married, No\-. 13, 1821, ^Elizabeth Wilson Kimball, daugh 
ter of Stephen and Abigail (Burroughs) Kimball. She was born Nov 
30, 1799, in Hanover, N. H. They resided in Boscawen, N. H. Mrs 
Cogswell died Aug. 25, 1832. Mr. Cogswell married, Oct. 2, 1833 
■'Polly C. Adams, o{ Castinc, Mc. She died June 3, 1836. Mr. Cogs 


well married, Oct. 3, 1837, ^Cynthia Knox, daughter of Daniel Knox, 
Esq. She was horn in Pembroke, N. H. Mr. Cogswell died Jan. 14, 
1841. Mrs. Cogswell married his hrother, Edward P. Cogswell ,691 
She died June 9, 184X. 


Al'.lf.AiL C. [1310]!). Aug. 20, 1822: m. Jan. 7, 1S40. 'Eiuh/i Gi-rn's// .■ m. April 21, 

iS(4, i/o/ui O. Wis/iard; d. May 19, 1.S7.S. 
Ch.ari.e^ E,. [1311] b. Jan. 29. 1824: m. Jan. 29. 1850, ^Clarissa Camphrll : m. Dec. 

13. 1S63. -'Lydia K. Kiiowles; m. Oct. 10. iSyS.^'Hunu-/ .4. Smith. 
HARRIETTAP.,[i3i2]b. April 15. 1827 ;m. Jan. 1, \'^io,Jns.C. /Vn/o/ y d. Nov. 15. 1S53. 
Caroline }"., [1313] b- Au-. 2f.. 1830; m. July 3, 1851../^//// DLkcy. 
Ei.i/A M.. [13.4]. 


JiiHN CLKA\ELAN-n. [1315J b. March 24, l'^3';: ni..A/"c A. Kotiiiston. 

///./-,7// N„r,o„x'li.<. Mr-. ( np^weir- niMthci. u.i- a (la.i.^luf. nl Rev. \Atn liurn.ugh-. 

)., of Hallux ci, N. n. 

.SV,///,-« A//r;, .;,-//... who iii.ulr hiiu-tlf fann-ii^ in way- that were ciiiecr. was Mrs, Cog- 




Abigail' Cogswell, {J'osLflfi, Jonathair, \Villiavi\ Jolin^, Wil- 
liam-, yo/iii^), daughter of Joseph'' 1 324 i and Abigail (Cleaveland) 
Cogswell, was born Oct. 35, 1795, in Derry, N. H. She married, June 
5, 1 81 7, yajiics Choatc. He was horn in Deny, N. H.. where they 
resided. Mrs. Choate died Aug. 9, 1855. 


Harriet, b. March iS. iSiS; m. .March 2, 1842, Fr,;/.ri< M. Coffin. 

C/iarles, b. May 9, i,S2o; m. Feb. ;, 1848, M,iry H. G;i.'..n',7/ [1295]. 

Caroline, b April 8, 1823; m. Nov. 11, iSs2. /oi/a/liii)i AfeAllister. 

Maria A., b. Jan. 26, 1825; m. Thaddeus B. Wheeler. 

Francis, b. July, 1827; m. March 10, 1869. 

Mary Jane, b. Aug. 23, 1S29: m. May 31, 1855, Benjamin .MeMurphy. 

Georj^e Isaac, b. July 20, 1S33. 

/,;«/,'■. Warren, b. July 29. 1S3S. He died in childhnnd, April 3. 1842. 


Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Cojin had three children : Warren, Hattie. and Uenrv. Mr. Co( 
was born in lioscawen. N. H. 

Mr. and Mrs. M.Alhster resided in Londonderry, N. II. Tli»;i son, (leorge I. Mc.Ml 
ter, graduated in 1S7; from Dartmouth College, and was a lawyer in Manchester, \. H. 

Mr. and Mrs. McMurfliy resided in Salem, Mass. Thev had three children: Wzi 
Willie, and Henrv. 


[685 1 


Elizabkth* Cogswell, {yoscplfi, yonatliau'', IVIl/iain*, yolui', 
William-, ydtn^), daughter of Joseph^ [ 324 ] and Abigail (Cleaveland) 
Cogswell, was born Dec. i6, 1798, in Derry, N. H. She married, Sept. 
7, 1836, Enoch Kilbnrn. He was born, 1786, in Boscawen, N. H., where 
they resided. Mrs. Kilburn died Feb. 2, 1877. 




, 1 


. 26. 18^ 

- : ni. Mav 

4. 1S62. 5.///n 

„U7 H. 






4. ■''iSw: 
:zh- Ba, 

ni. Jul\ 13 

iW,5. KMary E 

. Haw 





16, 1S4: 

Join, Clcn 




Tn()M.\.v Cogswell, (y,'sc/<li'\ Jouathau'\ Williani\ Johifl, Wil- 
lianr. ydDt'}. son of Juseiih*^ c 324 ] and Abigail (Cleaveland) Cogswell, 
was born Se])t. 23, 1800, in Derry, N. H. He married, May 10, 1827, 
^ Hainiali L hi^alls. She was born in Marblehead, Mass. They resided 
in Henniker, N. H. Mrs. Cogswell died Se|it. 28, 1833. Mr. Cogs- 
well married, April 24, 1S34, --Loiiisti Diildy. of Deering, N. H. They 
removed in 1S35 to Dorchester, N. H. Mrs Cogswell died in 1876. 
Mr. Cogswell died June 27, 187S. 


Hann.vh .\I., [1316] b. Aug. 21. iNji: d. Ma 
Thomas .S.. [,3,7] b. A„o. ,3, ,S3;; d. Dec. 



1689 J 


Ebenezek" Cogswell, {yoscpIi'\ JoiiatJiair', Wil/iam\ yoIni'\ Wil- 
liam-, yo/ni^), son of Joseph^ 1324: and Abigail (Cleaveland) Cogs- 
well, was born Feb. 23, 1804, in Derry, N. H. He married, Nov. 23, 
1830, Maty Goodrich. She was born in Chester, N. H. They resided 
in Dorry, N. H. Mr. Cogswell died June 24, 1873. 


William, [1318] b. Oct. i6, 1831. He died in childhood, May 13, 1833. 
.\1VKUN WiNSL.iw , [1319] b. Dec, 21, 1K35. He died in early life, April 2\ 185^, liKAiNARi), [1320] 1>, Jan. \('i. 1838: ni. May 26, 1S78, Eiuiiia Inc: CloUi^li. 

1 690 ; 


\Villl\m" Cogswell, {Joscptt, Jonatluur, \Vi!liam\ jfohifl, Wil- 
liam'-, Jo/in^), son of Joseph''' [324 ] and Abigail (Cleaveland) Cogswell, 
was born Oct, 3, 1806, in Derry, N. H, He married, Aug. 12, 1846, 
^ Sarah E. Roz.r. She was born in East Kingston, N, H, They resided 
in Derry, N, H, Mrs. Cogswell died, July 19, 1849, Mr, Cogswell 
married, Oct. 25, 1856, ■'^Mari^arel Ann Moore. They lived in Man- 
chester, N. H. 


Ll/^IK. [i32i]b. Oct. 2, 1858. 


I 691 : 


Edward P.' Cogswell, {Joseph'', yonattum\ Williain\ John', Wil- 
liam", John^), sun of Joseph'' [324 1 and Abigail (Cleaveland) Cogs- 
well, was born Oct. 17, 1807, in Derry, N. H He married, Dec. 24, 

1842, 'J/;x Cyntliia (Knox) Cogszvell, the widow of his brother, John 
(Cleaveland) Cogswell [682], and daughter of Daniel Knox, Esq, of 
Pembroke, N. H. She was born July 12, 1807. Mrs. Cogswell died 
June 9, 1848. Mr. Cogswell married, March 16, 1852, ^Mrs. Abigail 
F. (Dyer) Ruiiifty, daughter of Rev. Samuel Dver. She was born in 
Deerfield, N. H.' 


Alcek.\(i.\ p. K., [1322] b. Dec. 12, I1S43. He died in infancy. May I, 1S45. 




Marv" Cogswell, (Binjanih/'', yonathaii'\ W'iHuim*. yohu'\ Wil- 
/itiiir. yo/ni^), daughter of Benjamin'' [329, and Abigail (Choate) 
Cogswell, was born July 8, 1791, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. 
She married, Dec. i", 181S, Ca/^i. Wiuthrop Lou\ a descendant of Capt. 
JOHX Low, who commanded the ship Ambrose, which sailed in the fleet 
of twelve ships from England, April, 1630, for Salem, Mass. Capt. 
Low died Aug. 31, 1866. For sketch of his life, vid. History of 
EssE.x, pp. 352-355- 


.■; sou. A dau^httr. 



Jonathan' Cogswell, (Peiijiiniiii*', yotiatluxir', William'', yo/iti\ 
William-, yoliii^), son of Ik-njamin'' [329] and Abigail (Choate) Cogs- 
well, was born April 2, 179S, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He 
married, Jan. 17, 1820, Susan Choate, daughter of Solomon and Luc\- 
Choate. She was born May i, 1798, in Chebacco Parish, Mass. They 
removed to Henniker, N. H., in 1820. Capt. and Mrs. Cogswell were 
living in 1884, enjoying a hajjpy old age. 


Washington Choate, [1323] b. Feb. 21, 1822; m. Feb. 1, 1S55, \Ma,y H. CU: 

m. March 22, i860. '^Maria Colby. 
Handel C, [1324] b. April 1, 1S24. He died in boyhood, Jan. 26. ICS33. 
Sakah Maria, [1325] b, March y, 1S26: m. May 10, 1S69, Josiah Morse. 
Henry Martin. [1326] b. Oct, 21, 182S. He died in childhood, Oct. 2, 1832. 
SlsAN Choate. [1327] b Oct. 26, 1835: m. Sept, 29, 1859, George Moultoii. 
Li(_ V Makv, [1328] b. .Aug. 3, 183.S; m. Nov. 17, 1870. Gaicn U'ilkins ; d, Oct. 2 


Join,ii Morse. M.n ..1 Josi.ih and Iki-..;, M,>r>c,«:is .1 mercham in M:i 
\va.- .Master of .Aurora Lodge of Freemason.-, and (irand Warden of 
Freemasons, of New Hampshire, 

Gawn /;V«/H.t\va.'= a wheelwright, merchant, .md for ten years I'os 
N. H, lie died Feb. I, iS.S:;. Xo^hildren. 

: 891 


HuMi'HKEV C ' Cogswell, {Bfnjamiii'\ JoiiatJian'\ William^, Jolni^, 
Willianfl, John^), son of Benjamin" [329) and Abigail (Choate) Cogs- 
well, was born Sept. 8, 1800, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He 
married, July 19, 1S25. ^ Sarali H. Bnynlum. They resided in Hamp- 
stead, X. H. Mr. Cogswell married "-Mrs. Maria {MacGrcgor) Cogswell, 
daughter of Robert MacGrcgor, Esq., and widow of John Cogswell 
[666 1. They resided in Derry, N. H,, where they both died. Mrs, 
Cogswell died March 25, 1883. 


Sarah H. B., [1329] b. May 11. 1S26; m. April 9, \U^(^.JohuD. Lovcrini^, M . P. 
Henry Ci.ay, [1330] b. Dec. 4, 1828; m, April 17, 1S53, .Miriam Biirnliam. 
George William, [1331], b. June 13. 1.S31. 


John IK Lf-.,niix. son ul t;ihiian an<l s,allv (Steven: 
in Raymond, N. 11. He graduated in iNj^ from Darin 
physician, and practised hi- ))rofcssi..n in I'sse.x, NL.-s. 
.\. H. 




D.wiD Low' Cogswell, {Nathaniel'', yunatlian-\ ]]'il/iain\ JolnrK 
William-, yohn^), son of Dea. Nathaniel" [330] and Eunice (Low) 
Cogswell, was born Oct. 21, 1797, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. 
He married, Nov. 16, 1837, Sarah Lotv, daughter of Eleazer and Sarah 
P. Low. She was bom April 1, 1790, in Derry, N. H. They resided 
in Henniker, N. H. Mrs^ Cogswell died Nov 23, 1865, Mr. Cogs 
well died Jan. 12, 1866. They had no children. 

101 ; 


George Washington"' Cogswell, [Nathaniel", Jonatluui', IVi/- 
liat»*, John^, Willianfl, John^), son of Dea. Nathaniel*^ [3301 and 
Eunice (Low) Cogswell, was born Jan. 22, 1800, in Chebacco Parish, 
Ipswich, Mass. He married, ^ Mary Loiu, daughter of Eleazer ami 
Sarah P. Low. She was born Sept. 17, 1798, in Derry, N. H. The\- 
resided in Henniker, N. H. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 28, 1869. Mr. 
Cogswell married, Oct. 26, 1S70. ''Mary L. ]]'a,lsi.'or/h. 


.Makv 1:li/ai;kth, [1332] b. Feb. 3, 1.S30: m. Feb. 23, 1S53, Daiiu-l F. liyman; d. 

Sept. I, 1S7.). 
Sarah 1'erkins, [1333] b. Oct. 26. 1.S33: m Ob,d H . Doic. 
Elle.v Marla, [1334] \ nil. Jan. 1, iSdi, Franklin Con, A. 

'- b. .April 2S. 1837; ^ Aug. 3, l8<')3. 
GkoR(,i: Chami'Ion, [1335] ) ( He died in infancy, .-Xug. 21, 1838. 


Diinn-/ F. W\innn,>»n of D.inicl and .Abigail (Havrimanl Wynian, \v.i> bur 
-lenniker, K. H., where lie li>ed and carried on the niercantilL Im^im-: 
,e years Collector and SiiperviMM of the town. 'Hiere were nn chiKlicn. 

Oh.J If. Do-.,: snn of bihn C. and Mehit.ibic Dow, w.i- burn N..i, 24, iS-,. 
He was a cordwainer. Mr. and Mrs. Dow rcMdcd in Northwood. X. H. 




Damel' Cooswell, (Aat/ianiti'', Joiiathair, W'li/uiDi", yohir\ 
Willuinr, yo/i>/^), son nt Dea. Nathaniel'' [330] and Eunice (Low) 
Cogswell, was born July 14, 1802, in Henniker, N. H He married, 
l"eb. 21, 1832, '^Abigail P. Marsha/I. She was born 181 1, in Essex, 
Mass. They resided in Henniker, N. H. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 5, 
1855. Mr. Cogswell marrietl, Sept. 3, 1856, -/v< A rcf? /'/■(?< /y//, daughter 
of William and Sally (Ward) Brackett. She was born 182,1, in Hills- 
borough, N. H. They resided in Henniker, N. H. Mr. Cogswell died 
June 3, 1S77. Mrs. Cogswell died July 2, 1877. 


.ArsTiN 1K\1N(„ [.336J 1). May 23, 1S33: m. M<in,j Co,nwr. 

l.uMc F. Low. [1337] b. 1)01. 2t, iS3r,. she died in early life. .Sept. 26, 1835. 




Aaru.v' Cogswell, (Atucii", yonatlunr, William'^, yolui\ lV/7- 
/ii7)ir, yohu^), son of Aaron'' [332] and Lucy (Kinsman) Cogswell, 
was born Feb. 21, 1807, in Chebacco I'arish, Ipswich, Mass. He mar- 
ried, Feb. 21, 183^), Mrs. Hannah {Stacy) Biiiiihaiii, daughter of Benja- 
min and Charity (Prichard) .Stacy. She \v:is born Oct. 29, 1799, in 
Marblehead, Mass. They resided in Ipswich, I\Iass. Dea. Aaron 
Cogswell died March 10, 1S80. Mrs. Cogswell resided in 1884 with 
her son in Ipswich, Mass. 


John Howr. [1338J 1:.. June 24. 1837 : m. 21;, |S(.2. l'nuL;-i Abhy Jh>,(i;c. 


.•\AKnK C'ofiswELL was educated at I'liillips .\cademy, Andover. Mass. He 
commenced teachin;; 011 Hog Islaiid, in l..sse.\, at the age of sixteen. In 1S27 
he was a|ip..inte(l the M.isin of the Ipsuiclv High .Street .School. Mr. Cogs 


well for a perioil of thirty )-ears taught in the various schools of Ipswich. He 
retired in 1857, and devoted himself to farming and public business. He was 
much employed in practical surveying, in examining titles and settling estates, 
his knowledge, fidelity, and judgment being much respo ;ed. He served on 
the School Committee of the town for some twenty years, and was frequently 
chosen to fill the offices of Selectman, Assessor, and Overseer. He was for 
some years Chairman of the FeofTees of the Grammar .School, a Trustee of 
the Burley Education Fund, and of the Brown School Fund. In 1877 he was 
elected by the Fifteenth Essex Representative District a member of the State 
Legislature, in which body his abilities were recognized by his being placed on 
the Committee of County f^stimates. Mr. Cogswell early connected himself 
with the church of the First Parish, and was a strong and consistent member, 
adopting the Golden Rule in his daily life. In 1S66 he was chosen a Deacon, 
which office he filled to the end of his life. 

Mr. Cogswell was thrown into close contact with a great many people. 
Thirty years of service as a teacher in the different schools of the town brought 
a large number of persons under his influence. He was progressive, kept pace 
w ith the times, recognized the march of events, and was imbued with the spirit 
of the age. He did not cling to old-time theories, but admitted the changes 
going on, and was quick to see the wants of the community. The following 
is an extract from a published notice of his death : "The memory of ' Master 
Cogswell ' will be fragrant in the minds and atYections of his towaismen for 
many years to come. His influence for the good and lasting welfare of the 
community will survive long after the last of his generation shall have passed 


705 j 


Albert" Cogswell, (Aaron'', yonathaii', \Villiai)i\ yoIur\ Wil- 
liam-, yolui^), son of Aaron'' 1332] and Lucy (Kinsman) Cogswell, was 
born Oct. 9, 1810, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, 
Dec. 26, 1849, Elizabeth ii"t/wrt;-</.f, daughter of Benjamin and Susan 
(Roberts) Edwards. She was born June 11, 1820, in Wenham, Mass. 
They resided in Essex, Mass , and occupied with his brother, Jonathan 
Cogswell [701], The Old Cog.'^well, and tilled the fertile acres 
of his Great Ancestor, JOHX CC)GS\VELL, from Westburv, Eng. 

Aakcin, [1340] b. July 20, 1851, 





Lucv" Coi.swELi., (Aa/L"/\ yoiialliair', \Villia)n\ yohii\ Williiuir, 
Yo////'). daughter of Aaron'' I 332 J and Lucy (Kinsman) Cogswell, was 
born July ij, 1813, in Essex, Mass- S! c married, July i, 1849, Aaron 
L. BiirnhaiH, son of Ebenezer and Abigail Burnham. He was born 
Feb. 16. 1807. Thev resided in Essex, Mass. Mrs. Hurnham died 
Sept. 10, 18S0. 

THEIK ( HI1,1)I<I-..N UKKi;: 

Liiiy Kiitsiiiun, \,. .\\)\\\ zb, 1S50. .Slie died in childliood. June 7, 1854. 

Ha)niah ElizahclJi. b. July 17, 1S31. She died in infancy, Sept. 30, 1851. 

Elizabeth Eiiwarefs, b. Feb. 3. 1S53. She tlied in infancy. Sept. i;, 1833. 

Aaron Low, b. July 1, 1834. He died in infancy. Aug. 17, 1S34. 

Lii,y Ah/nf,h. Oct. 14, 1836. 

Aaron Co^.^:,'cl/, li. Dec. 13, 1S38. He died in iuf.incy, March 16, 183M. 


L. B„n,h 




D.wiEL' Cogswell, ( f/'^7//<?/«^ 'Jacolr', \\'illiavi\ Jo/nrK IVUlinm", 
JoJiu^), son of William'' [334] and Mary (Smith) Cogswell, was born 
Aug, 31, 1792, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, Feb. 
14, 1822, ^ Sarah Coi^su-cll \^^^\, daughter of Benjamin [ 329 J and Abi- 
gail CChoate) Cogswell She was born Sept. 22, 1793, in Chebacco 
I'arish, Ipswich, Mass. They resided in Ipswich, Mass. Mrs. Cogs- 
well died May 8, 1825. Mr Cogswell married. Nov., 1828, "-Eunice 
Smith, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Choate) Smith. She was 
born Aug. 10, 1803, in Ipswich, Mass. Mrs. Cogswell died Sept. 7, 
1829. Mr. Cogswell married. May 21, 1833, -^Mercy Davis Randall, 
daught.M- of Caleb and Lucy (Caldwell) Randall. She died Aug. 14, 
1849. Mr. Cogswell died March 21, 18^.3. 


A CHILD, [1341] who died in infancy. 


EvMCE Smith, [1342] b. iN2<j. She died in early life, Nov. 4. KS45. 


Marv. [1343] b. 1S34. Slie died in childliood. May 2, 1842. 

William. [1344] b. Aug. 22, 1836; m. March 30, 1S5.). Marv Ellen Baker : d. Oct 

Daniel Ali'.ert. [1345] b. July 11, 1S38; m. Sept. 21, 1S58, Olive A. Hall ; d. Feb 

24. 1862. 
George, [1346] b. 1S40. He died in infancy, March 22, 1S41. 
Licv, [1347] b. Jan 3, 1842; m. June 15, 1864, George B. Roberts. 
Alice, [1348] b. Jan. 5, 1S45; m. Nov. 21, 1866, Judson Af. Bcmis. 
Charles Howard, [1349] b. 1847, He died in infancy. Sept. n;, 1848. 


[718 1 


Thoma.?" Cogswell, {Sai>uu/'\ Sa!/tite/'\ IVil/iaui^, Johii'', Wil- 
liam-, 'Jolin^), son of Samuel" [338] and Mary (Eaton) Cogswell, was 
born Aug. 16, 1801, in Andover, Mass. He married, May 9, 1824, 
Elizabeth S'u'alioiv. They resided in Nashua, N. H. 

THEIR only child WAS: 



[719 J 


Mary" Cogswell, {Satfiiicl'\ Samiul'', William'*, y'oliii'^, Williaut-, 
yolui^), daughter of Samuel'' [ 338 ] and Mary (Eaton) Cogswell, was 
born Dec. 14, 1807, in Andover, Mass. She married, June 17, 1S36, 
Frederick Mason, son of Robert and Phebe (Mclntyre) Mason. He was 
born Nov. 28, 1S06, in Andover, Mass., where they resided. Mr. Mason 

died Xnv. S, 1874. Mrs. Mason resided m 18S4 with iier sister, Mi 
Luc}' Cogswell ;i20] at the old homestead in Andover, Mass. 


Snm/i C, \>. 1S3S; m. icSfii. Henry E. Gould. 

George F.. h. 1839: m.. 1866, ^M,uy L. I-'arnhaiii ; m. 1870, \Sarah A. Eaton. 




CiiAKLEs" CodSWELL, ( ?v7wc.f'^, SaiHitel'\ \VUIuun\ ToIur\ William'-, 
yo/tii^), son of James'' ; 341 ' and Sally (Haradon) Cogswell, was born 
June 27, 1807, in Boston, Mass. He married, Aug. 21, 1845, ^^artha 
Mann Ycoinaiis, daughter of Amos and Olive (Phelps) Yeomans. She 
was born Oc\. 27, 1.S17, in Columbia, Conn. They resided in Plea.sant 
Valley, North Providence, R. 1. Mr. Co-swell died Dec. 31, 1SO3. Mr.s. 
Cogswell died Oct. 21, iSr,r,. 


Sar.^h Ol.lxE [1351] b. .Aug. I, 1846: m. Aug. 20. 18^.7, David Mihlull. Esq. 
jAMP.s Dexiso.n, [1352] b. Oct. iS, 1S4S; m. Nov. 15. iSr.r,, Eliza Eoli^cr Swain. 
Arthur Veom.ans, [1353] b. .Au,:;. 23. iSi4. 


CiiAKi.i- ('.M.-WM.! IkkI .1 I.iil;c wlioloalf 1)akcry cstablishmcm. Ht was a man ..1 
l)ii-iiu-^.- capacity, "noiLcl t'i'i lii- iincgi ity, and much rc's])ecieil in the comiminity whcic he 
lisxd." lie and hi- wife were nienil)er> of the Kii-.^it liapti.^t Church in I'lovidencc, K. \. 

.litinn )•.,./«,;//.. C'.;;'.(rcv//, the v..un-e-t sen. >iient live year- in ■|'e.\a>. He retiuned in 
fSS;, and re.-ided at \u. 80 .Kcadcniy .\venue. I'rovidence. K. 1. 




Geokge" Cogswell, {Tlifiiia.s''\ yolui'\ J'clin^, 7oliu'\ Willianr, 
jfo/iii^), son of Thomas'' [343 and Lydia (Harriman) Cogswell, was 
born April 15, 1791, in Haverhill, Mass. He married Maty Sanborn. 
She was bttrn in 1787. Thcv resided in Haverhill and l^radford, Mass. 
Mrs. Cogswell died .Anrfl 17, iS^a. 

32 5 


Edward, [1354] b. Feb. 8, 181S; m. Aug. i, 1S41, Sara/i A. Gooihiih. 

GEORfiE, [1355] b. May 14, 1820 : m. March 24, 1851, I.ydia Sicvi-ns : d. April 

Walter, [1356]. He died in early life. 

Warren, [1357]- 

Mary, [1357^?] b 1S26. She died in childhood, Dec , 1837. 

Margaret, [1358] b. July 8, 1829; m. Oct. 30, 1848. SainucI ]\\ French. 



Sarah Bartlett" Cogswell, [Thomas^, Joliir', 'yohn\ yc/nr, \]'?/- 
/iani-, yolin^), daughter of Thomas" [343] and Lydia (Harriman) Cogs- 
well, was born April io, 1796, in Ha\'erhill, Mass She married 
Sainuci Footc. He was born Oct 22, 17S3. They resided in Mount 
Vernon, Me, Mrs. Foote died Nov. 19, 1S35. He died May 19, i860. 


Sarah Eliza, b. Oct. 21. 1830; m Coffin. 


1727 J 


Lvdia" Cogswell, {Thonias*\ J'ohii'', Jolm'', JoJuv\ William'^, 
yohn^), daughter of Thomas" [ 343 ] and Lydia (Harriman) Cogswell, 
was born Aug. 15, 1797, in Ha\erhill, Mass. She married, Nov. 19, 
1826, yames Russell, son of John and Betsey (Hadley) Russell. He 
was born Dec. 16, 1799, in Dan vers, Mass. They lived in Haverhill, 
Mass. Mrs. Russell died Oct. 27, 1861. Mr. Russell died Nov. 9, 


Mary Elizabeth, b. 1827. She died in infancy, Oct. 11, 1828. 
James Walter, b. Sept. 4, 1828: m. Nov. 7, 1S54, Caroline A. Geor-^e. 
Albert, b. Jan. 13, 1832. He died in childhood, May 4, 1S34. 
Ell>riili;e, b. March 17, 1835. He died in childhood', Jan. 25, 1S40. 
I'raiiklin, b. Jan. 28, 1840: ni. .-Xpril 26, 18C16, Lanr,iiia Marshall. 


Jiiiiit! Kiisscll, in 1S59. represented llavcrliill in the Massachusetts legislature. 

Ml. and Mrs. IV. A'«.w// resided in Chatfield, Minn. They had three childn 
Cora .\., b. July 21. 1.S5S: Oiis Howard, b. March -5. 1862: and George Waller, b. Sept. 
1863, who died June 3, 1S.S3, in St. I'aul, Minn. George W. Rn-stll was a young man 
scholarly attainment^, fine business abilities, and great promise. 




Betsey" Cogswell, ( Thomas'^, 'Jolui'^, J'o/ni'^, Johif, William-, 
Jotni^), daughter of Thomas'' [343; and Lydia (Harrniian) Cogswell, 
was born March 3, 1799. in Haverhill, Mass. She married Samuel 
Philbrick. He was born Dec. 20, 1799. They resided in Mount 
Vernon, Me. Mrs. Philbrick died Nov. 11, 1879. 

.Silvanus /.'., b. Nov. 20, 1S25 : m. .Xov. 17, iNji , .Maiiha A" 

."iTaiy E. C. b. April 13, |N2S : m. l--aa. A'niin/iis. 

Betsey k'., b. An-. R. 1.S30. 

Elhridiic K .. b. Sept. 20, 1S33 ; m. /.V/jvf Smith. 

Frances E..h.A.-^x\\U, 1835: m. CJuirles Hayi.'O.ut. 

Abii^ai! A., b. Aug. 16, T.S40. 

Hanict C, b. Jan. 28. 1S43. 


1 729 J 

(!Srnra(OBfcaI.' Cogswell, {'J//i'»i,).\-'\ y<>liir\ yol/>/\ yoltifi, WillioiuK 
yolm^), son of Thomas'* [343] and Lydia (Harriman) Cogswell, was 
born Oct. 4, 1801, in Haverhill, Mass. He married, Jan 15, 1828, 
^ Sophroiiia Lyford, daughter of Dca. Dudley and Betsey Lyford. She 
was born March 16, 1806, in Mount Vernon, Me., where they resided. 
Mrs. Cogswell died Jul)- 16, 1.S33. Mr. Cogswell married, Uct. 9, 1S33, 
^Abigail Cliiirc/t, daughter of ]5enjamin Church, of Mount Verimn, Me. 
Mr. Cogswell died March 1, i8<Si, in Canaan, Me. 


1:mii.\ Ak.i sta. [1359] ''• Ai)ril iii, iN3o; m. .Aiiril 12, i.Sf,4, y,.«,M' W. C/nrl.-. 



William Greenlkak. [1361] b. Nov. 3. 1834. He died in cliildliood. Sejit. 22. 1S3') 
Mary Helen. [1362] b. Julv. 1837; hl William Lon'cll ; d. April. iSSi. 
Harriet K., [1363] b. July.'iS4l : m. Jan. 10. t8-2, D,i7'iii .\f/iit,'sli. 
AnBV R., [1364] b. July, 1844. .Slie died in early life. 1870. 


Mr. and Mis. Clnrh resided 7SJ Congress .Street. I'nrtland, Me. T 
Mr. and Mrs. Bonus resided in Pittsfield, Me. 

M,. and Mrs. Lo-oell resided in .\ugusta. Me. Thev had a son, Fra 
Ml and Mrs. M.Into>h resided 60 Sheridan .\venue, P.n^ton Hi"hla 




Pklscilla' Cogswell, (l'/ioiiias'\ Joh/r', John*, John\ Williaiiv-, 
yolin^), daughter of Thomas" [3431 and L\'dia (Harrinian) Cogswell, 
was born Jul)' 5, 1803, in Ha\-erhill, Mass. She married. May 15, 
1825, Samml C/iase, son of Benjamin and Alice (Bartlett) Chase. He 
was born Feb. 7, 17S8, in Sandown, N. H. They resided in Haverhill. 
Dea. Chase died Jan. 24, 1871. Mrs. Chase resided, in 18S4, with her 
son, Robert S. Chase, Esq. 

THEIR children WERE: 

A'atc C, b. Dec. 22, 1S27 : m. Jan. 19, 1859. Williain H. Hill : d. April 3, 1SS2. 

Kohcrt Stuart, b. Sept, 17. 1.S31 : m. Oct. 17, 1S55, Aiia L. Han-ty. 

Edward H., b. Feb. 28, 1835; m. June 18, 1S63, Elizabeth Taylor. 

George S., b. Feb. 17, 1839: m. Oct. 7, 1868, Caroline Parker. 

.A. Maria, b. Sept. 22, \%i<^: m. Oct. 20, 1864, Cliarle.^ S. A'i/tredi^e. 

Eonnic P., b. April 1 S, 1X43: ni Dec. 2;, 1SC5. diaries .V. Brooks: A. Feb. 27, 1867. 


S,imticl Chase came, in KS15. i,, H.ixerhill. M.i-, Imni I'l.rtsm.nith. N. H., where he 
ke|it a custom shoe store. For a period of nearlv fiftv vears he was one of the largest shoe 
manufacturers in Haverhill, as well as one of her most worthy and resi)ected citizens, .^t the 
organization of the Centre Congregational Church, .Vug. 2S, 1S33, he was elected one of the 
first two Deacons. He married ^Betsey Cogswell [ 736 ], and '-//<"///<;// ('<;;'.TO'.'// [738 ], who 
were daughters of John Cogswell [344], and cousins of Mrs. I'riscilla (Cogswell) Chase. 

A'o/vr/ Stuart Chase, eldest son of Dea. Sanuiel and Mrs. Priscilla Chase, resided in 
Haverhill. M.i.s. He carried on a large hiisiness and was a pvomineni citizen. He had an 
.inrieni dock, .mce owned In his anccsl.n, /../;//■• C-.r/.// 1 41 ]. .>! M.iss. 




Aaron" Cogswell, (Thomas^, J'o/nr, yo/ui*, yo/m^, William-, 
yo/iii^), son of Thomas" [343] and Lydia (Harriman) Cogswell, was 
born April 22, 1808, in Haverhill, Mass. He married, March 31, 1833, 
Sara/i Doltoff, daughter of John Dolloff, Esq. They resided in Mount 
Vernon, Me., where he died, Dec. iS, 1861. Mrs. Cogswell resided, 
1684, with her son. Pierce J. Cogswell, Esq., in Rochester, N. Y. 


PlEKi.E J.. [1365] b. May 15. 1 S4S ; m. Oct. 10, 1869. Maria 1\ Piatt. 


Mr. and Mrs. Pimc J. Co.C'-.ocll re.sided in Mount ^•ernon, Me., until 1S70, when tliey 
removed to Kocliester, N. Y. They have no children. .Mr. Coyswtll was the .Manager of 
liradley Kcrtilizer Company for the St.ite of New York. His business office was ;o Main 
Street, and his ic~idenoe iS .\veniie K. Vick I'aik, Rochester. N. V. 

[ 735 


Sarah ' Cogswell, {To/m''', yohii'\ yo/iii'^, y>li'/'-\ ]\ illiaiii-, yoliu^), 
daughter of John'' [344] and Elizabeth (Griffin) Cogswell, was born 
Feb. 4, 1786, in Haverhill, Mass. She married, April 13, 1809, Moses 
Freiieh, son of Moses and Mary (Hazeltine) French. He was born in 
Atkins<)n, N. H. They re.sided in Haverhill, Mass Mrs. French died 
Feb. I. 1826. Mr. French died Oct. 23. 1S32. 


Ab!\t;ait li'., h. Ai)ril 4. iSio: m. June ;. 1.S31. Bariia'>as IK //as/.\-t/. 
John ( ■., b. Sept. 24, iSi I : ni. May 2.S, 1.^40. /■;/;//,/,/ C. F/a>hlcr.< : d. SejU. 1 7, I.S'.^. 
/•.//_-a/v///(..,ij. M.uch 13, 1M3: m^Mar, h 10, iN4-. /„,./;'. (wv^Z/./wy d. Nov. 1.,, i8;o. 


[736 1 


Betsey- Cogswell, (Jo/pi'; Johir', JohH\ Jolnfi, mi/iaw\ Jo/ui'), 
daughter of Johnf' [344] and Elizabeth (Griffin) Cogswell, was born 
June 28, 1789, in Haverhill, Mass. She married, April 29, iSi 1, Samuel 
Chase, son of Benjamin and Alice (Bartlett) Chase. He was born Feb. 
7, 178S, in Sandown, N. H. They resided in Haverhill, Mass. Mrs. 
Chase died July 6, 1814. Dea. Chase died Jan. 24, 1871. 


Eli:a,h. March 15. 1S12; m. Dec. 27. 1S32, Elias TheoJorc Ingalls. 


Mr. and .1/;... Elias T. /ng^i/Zs. on Wednesday, Dec. r-, iSSj, celebrated their gulden 

Hdx. JOHN J. i.\c;alls. 

John Jami ^ Inovll,. -on of I'.lia- T. and Kli/.T H'lia-ti Inuali-. l.nvn Hoc. 20. 1.S3:,. 
in MM.llct..!,. Ma-. He m.irrlLd. Sqa. j;-, iSn;. Anna^.i ( Ik-cIh oni^li. She wa, l.orn 
Apnl o, lS4_^, ,n N\ « ^ ork L„^. •|■hu^ r.~idc.l in AiJiim,,,. Kan-.i,. 'lluii .luldian u l 1 c : 
Ll-uorth, kiuh. label, Kal].li, A,l,h-nn, (nn^iaiKe, ShetlieM, rail!,, Marion, Maud. 

11. .n. Joha Janie- Inyall- wa~ Im the L nitt.l Male- Senate from Kan.s.a.^^. 

Rl V. |-K\X( l.'l. iNOMI.s. l.ioihei wf llM„.J,,hn J. Ingall-.wa. I'a^tor of the Congrega- 
tional Chuieh in Atchison. Kansas. 


Robert" Cogswell, {JoJiif, J\>liit'\ Johu\ Jchii\ Willianfl, Joliii^), 
son of John'' [344 1 and Elizabeth (Griffin) Cogswell, was born March 
12, 1791, in Haverhill, Mass. He married, July 5, 1815, Meliitable 
Caricick, daughter of Henry and Mehitable (Ward) Carwick. She was 
born, 1786, in Salem, Mass., where they resided. Mr. Cogswell died 
April 2, 1852. Mrs. Cogswell died Dec. 27, 1862. 


John Cauwick, [1366] b. 1820. He died in early manliood, Marcli 19, 1S53. 
Henry, [i367]1j. .Nov. 14, 1.S24: m.Jtily S, \^^-,Hainmh P.l'utiiaiii ; d. Dec. 12, lS6j. 
Kor.LKi, [1368] b. iSjie He (lie-d in chiUlhood, Feb., 1X30. 
Eliza Griefin, [1369]. 


Robert Cooswell had a store in the Franklin Building. Salem. Mass., whicli 
burned out March 26, 1S25. In later life he was in the emplny of the A. li. C. F. M., in t 
Boston office. It has been said of him : " .4 man of hlomclcss life." 

Eliza G. Co^^s'.i;-m\z^ a teacher. She resided No. 64 Washington Street, Salem, .M 




H.^nnah" Cogswell, [yo/ni'', yi'/nr, john'^, yoluvK William-, yoltu^), 
daughter of John'"' [344 1 and Elizabeth (Griffin) Cogswell, was born 
Dec. 19, 1797, in Ha\'erhill, Mass. She married, Dec. 24, 18 18, 
Sivniicl Cliasc, son of Benjamin and Alice (Bartlett) Chase. He was 
born Feb. 7, 1788, in Sandown, N. H They resided in Haverhill, 
Mass. Mrs. Chase die' l".'^ :i, iSJ4, Dea. Chase died Jan. 24, 1871. 


C/uiihs ir., b. March 17. 1822; m. Oct. 25. 1845, Aln^ail H. Ganliicy. 


.)/;■. and J/rf CJuirLs IV. Cluis. resided in Haverhill, .Mass. They had si.s children ; 
Abby II., b. July 25, 1S46, d. Aug. iS, 1846; Charles A., b. Nov. 11, 1S47, d. Oct. 5, 1S64: 
Alice 1... b. July 30, 1851. d. Oct. 25, 1855 ; Harry \V., b. Dec. 23. \'s\(\ m. Se]n. 20. 1SS3, A. 
1. Giddings; Katie II.. b. Jan. 31. iSfio: Nellie G.. b. Jidy 2, iS(>3. 


[139 J 


John" Cogswell, {John'', yolnr', Jchu\ yohir, William'^, yoltii^), 
son of John" [344 1 and Elizabeth (Griffin) Cogswell, was born Feb. 22, 
1799, in Haverhill, Mass. He married, Nov. 14, 1826, Caroline Diistiu, 
daughter of Thomas and Susanna (Kimball) Dustin She was born 
March 8, 1804, in Haverhill. Mass They resided in Salem, Wis. 


Caroline. [1369a] b. Sept. 6, 1827: m. Nov. 26, 1S46, Dr. M. F. Irwin j d. Marcli 

3°. 1855- 
AuGU,STUs, [13691^] b. Oct. II, 1831. 
Charles. [i369(-] b. Jan. i, 1S38. 
Fra.nk, [1369,/] b. Sept. 9, 1846; m. Sept. 28, 1878, Afary Burgtss. 




Anstice M.\xxing' Cogswell, {El>eiiczir'^\ Joscpli^, Frauds^, yolni-^, 
IVil/ianr, Jolui^), daughter of Ebenezer" ! 354 ] and Martha (Brown) 
Cogswell, was born Sept. 4, 1795, in Ipswich, Mass. She married, 
July 2, 18 16, Oliver Applcioti, son of Oliver and Martha B. (Patch) 
Appleton. He was born March 15, 1791, in Ipswich, Mass They 
resided in Ipswich and Hamilton, Mass. Mrs. Appleton died Jan. 6, 
1870. Capt. Appleton died Nov. 21, 1880. 


Charles Ajigustiis, b. Dec. 17, 1S17; m. Dec. 6, 1840, Clarissa A. CItandlcr. 

Martha B., b. Sept. 12, 1S19: m. Nov., 1 845, Jnmcs biddings. 

Ahbic Anstice, b. June 7, 1821. She died in early life, May 14, 1843. 

Mary Ann, b. Aug. 1 1, 1822. She died in infancy, Feb. 15, 1823. 

Zeno A., b. Jan. 22, 1824; m. Oct. 24, 1862, ^Adeline Choate ; m. April 5, 1S83, ''Mrs. 

Eliza Henderson. 
Sarah Jane, b. June 12, 1826, m. May 10. 1S44, Daniel P. Brewer. 
Elizabeth, b. 1S27. She died in infancy, 1S27. 

Otis Horace, b. Feb. 24. 1829. He died in early life, .March 30, 1850. 
Winlhrop, b. Aug. 27, 183,; m. Aug. 17, 185S, Martha A. Killani. 
Hannah Cutler, b. July 11, 1S37: ni. March 15, 1857, Syh'cster Dane. 
Lucinda. b. 1S39. She died in infancy. 


ChiiHcs .-;. Apf-lcl.^ii niariicd Ci,in>.^.< .1. Ck.n:,i:., . She wa^ hnni July 31, 1S22, in lit-N- 
eih, M,i-;v Tiny had f.iui cliiidix-n: Tii-tiam, b. Oct. 24, 1841 ; m. Clara A. Haiiis, and 
had t\\.. Lhil(hx-n: Clara, b. Maich 16, 1S67, and Susie, b. .\\n\\ 14, 1S70. Nathaniel, b. .^iiril 
2.). iS_| ; ;,ii. Nellie M. lirown, and had three children : Eddie Andrew, b. Oct. 19, 1S67 ; Annie 
.\ugii>la, b. Sept. 5, 1S69: Ocorgielta, b. Nov. 3, 1872. Charles William, b. March 13, 1S52. 
Francis C'ogswell, b. March 23, 1S57. 

.)/;■. and .l/rs. Gidji:i:^'s were amouf; the jiioneers of Western Minnesota. They suffered 
from an attack of the Indians and lost everything. They had two sons, both of whom died. 
They retin-ned to Hamilton, Ma->., where in 1S83 they resided. 

/cuo A. Apfl.lon married '.-/,/,//(;, .;. Clu'nh, daii.nhler of Solomon and Liuv Choale. 

She was born in Rockport, Mass., and died Aug. i6, 1874. Mr. .^ppleton married ".l/nt. F.U-.a 
H,ii,l,isoii, of Kockporl, Mas,-.., where they resided. In hi> early life he was a school teaclier 
for ten years. In Oct., 1S6:!, he entered the Union .Army, being a member of the " I'ntnam 
Blues" of the Forty-seventh .Massachusetts Volunteers, and continued in the service until 
1S64. Mr. .\ppleton was Hookkceiier and Treasurer fro tern of the Kockjiort Savings Bank, 
and subsequently engaged in insurance and real-estate business in Rockport, Mass. 

Mr. and ^}l■s. lh-cw,r resided in Wenham, Ma-^s. They had three children: Otis 1), 
Sarah .K.. and Walter P. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dane resided in Hamilton, Mass. They three children : Leverett 
Winslow, who died 1S81, in early manhood, .\ddie Choate, and Grace Cutler. 

Wiiitlirop Afphloii married Martha .X. K ilium, and resided in Hamilton, Mas>. Thc\ 
had twu children. Vi.l. .Aiti.el.n Mi mmkiai.. 




Sophia" Coc;s\\i:ll, {^\ yostplt^, Francis'', yoliif\ Willinni'^, 
Joint'), daughter nf Ebenezer'' [354^ and Martha (Hrowiij Cogswell, 
was ba]5tized March, 1796, in Ipswich, Mass, She married, Nov. 13, 
181S, Josliua Smith, of Ipswich, Mass., where they resided. 


Sop>iia Ann, \>. Oct. I, iSly; <1. Oct., [863. 

Martha Brown, b. Aug. 23, 1 82 1. 

Charles, b. Aug. 3, 1S23; m. Elizabeth /,,-:.■,■ d. March, 1S75. 

La-.'iuia, h. Aug. 11, 1S25; d. Oct., 1S60. 

Augusta, b. Feb. 23, 1827: d. Jan., 1855. 

Alfn;i, b. May 13, 1828: m. 1863, Ellen Haskell. 

I'rancis, b. May 11, 1830: m. 1857. Caroline Xiehols. 

Susan, b. May i, 1S32: d. Jan., 1861. 

George Cogsii'ell,h. Oct., 1S34; d. 1859. 

Amanda, b. Oct. (>. 1837: ni. 1S63. Jnhn I'umhain. 

AMiu'>i. b. 1S3.,. 


[145 1 


JosF.rii" Cogswell, {Ebenczcr^, Joseplr', Francis^, John'^, Willimn'^, 
yo/iii^), son of Ebenezer'' (354] and Martha (Brown) Cogswell, was 
horn 1800, in Ipswich, Mass. He married, 1826, Estlicr /hi/eer, of Man 
I'hestcr. The\' lived in Ipswich, Mass. 


THEIH CHILDREN WERE: [1370] 111. June S, 184S, Ja.ob Fraiildin Brow 
Li cv Ann, [1371] m. July 22, 1.S60, Fredcru Pcrkin, o 
Nancy Fir/, [1372! m. Nnv. 18, i860, Albert S. Brou: 


/,;.../. /. BnncN. .on of Jacol, and Fannv l',i 
He removed, 1S53, to S.ileni M:i-s., .iiid w.i- M.i 
his dcith Mr.-, lirown resided in Ii.-uicli. wlur< 




Er.ENEZER' Cogswell, {Eln-iicccr^, yoscpli', Francis^, John\ Wil- 
liam'-, yolin^), son of Ebenezer*" [354] and Martha (Brown) Cog-swell, 
was Ijoni Aug, 11, icSoi, in Ipswich, Mass, He married, Dec. 19, 1827, 
Elizabetli M. Biini/iaui, daughter of Thomas M. and Mary (Marshall) 
Burnham. She was born July 2, 1805, in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. 
They resided in Ipswich, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died June 22, i88t. 


Theodore \\. (1373] li .\i'\. M>. 1S2S; ni. Oct. 27, 1853. Hannah B. Bnncn. 
ELizAnEiii .M., [1374] b. Se]it. 30, 1830; m. Jan. 12, 1S53, Williatii G. Broi^iii. 
SAR.-tll HiRNHAM. [1375] Ij. July 14. 1S33; 111. Jan; 12, 1853, Miltim Todd. 
!\IARTHA 1;k.iu.n, [1376I b. July 6, 1.S34. She died in early life, Auu. 19, 1S59. 

;r C.u.swi 
own and hi; 





Francis" Cogswell, {Ebciiezer'\ Joseph^, Francis^, yohn'\ Wil- 
ImiH^. yd///^), son of Ebenezer'' 1354) and Martha (Brown) Cogswell, 
was bfirn Julv 27, 1803, in Ipswich, Mass. He married, Aug. 10, 1833, 
Mis. yaiity {U'tillaci) 6\^'-i-, daughter of Hezekiah and Lydia (Chaji- 

man) Wallace, widow of Zachariah Gai,'e. and sister of Augusta Wal- 
lace, \vh'> married George Cogswell .148 . She was burn in Heverly, 
Mass. They resided in Boston, Mass. Dr. Cogswell died Sept. 29, 


Fk.ancjs Coc.swei.l his 

dii.ited tr.mi 1 laitni.nith Cc.lleL. 

e in 



idied n 


and in rS^o icceivetl the c1oi;i 

eeof M. I), from the Berkshire 


ical (. 


Dr. (. 


practised hi.-> professiun in I'.l 

verlv, Taunton, liedford, and 1! 


, Ma> 


and Ml 

•^. Co 

well had une child that died 

n inl'ancv ; name nut given. 

G.-o;-.- C.'i,^s:v,// [ 748 ]. 1 

roiher cf I>r. Kranci- rdgswell 



after n 



had no children. 




Cii.XRLES' Cogswell, (T/uviio/\ TIio)itas'\ Nathaniel'^, yohn^, Wil- 
liatir, yo//!/^), son of Thomas" i 382 I and Judith (Cogswell) [ 420 1 Cogs- 
well, was born Feb. 19, iSoo, in LandalT, N. H. He married Ahin-da 
\Vilsc7i, daughter of Eliphalet Wiison. She was born Oct. 5, 1806, in 
Easton, Mass. They resided in Lowell, ^htss. Mrs. Cogswell died 
July 14, 1S60. Dr. Cogswell died June S, 1S73, in Reading. Mass. 


Ch.\rlks Fk.anus, [i376<7]b. March 14, 1S33. 

VVlLLl.AM Tlloil.\.s, [1376//] 1.. June 22, 1S35: m. Cunuiia Hiiish. 

Alfred \'a\ Bi-ken, [1376,] 1). Marchis, 1.S37: m. Sarah I'aikhnrst. 

Frederick E., [1376''''] b. Oct. 27, 183.). 

JoSErHiNL Ai.MED.A. [i376<]b. Jiilv 21. 1844: m. Nnv. z(\ 181.3, liuhanl B. XUIt.<h. 

John Hknkv. [1376/"! h- Oct 14, 1845. 


1151 I 


Ruth B.' Cogswell, {Thomas", TIunuas'\ Xatlianid\) 7ohn\ Wtl- 
Itaiir, Johu^), daughter of Thomas'' 1382 1 and Judith (Cogswell) ( 420 1 
Cogswell, was born Dec. 30, 1S02, in Gilmanton, N. H. She married 
Jostfli Otis, son of Samuel Otis. He was born in Ossipee, N. H. 
They resided m Compton, Canada. Mrs. Otis died Jan. 24, 1840. 

.Sa/inu'i. Thomas C. Cliarlcs C. 

Hen,;, . Joseph P. Judith C. 

Julia A . \athauicl. Sarah J. 




Hannah P.' Cogswi.ll, (Thoinas^\ Tlwnias-', yalhanii/*, yvlui\ 
Williatit', 'Joliii^), daus;htei- of Thomas'' [382 1 and Judith (Cogswell) 
(420] Cogswell, was born Dec. 31, 1S04, in Gilmanton, N. H. She 
married, May 15, 1835, Tiiiiothy Taylor, son of Deacon Timothy and 
Betsey (Lovel) Ta)'lor. He was born April iS, 1803, in Worcester, 
Mass. They resided in Lisbon, N. H. Mrs. Taylor died Oct, 1S64. 
Mr. Taylor resided in 1884, in Janesville, Wis. 


Carthon, b. March 3, 1S38; m. May 31, 1864, Martha A. Weare. 
Hiram X.^ b. May 11, 1S40; m. Oct. 25, 1873, Julia S. Brittoti. 
Cyrus T., h. May 3, 1845; '"• Sept. 17, 1.S68, ^ATrs. Luanda (McCall] Wilson ; m. 
Dec 22. iSSo, -^Elizabeth Mi Call ; d. March 11, 1SS2. 




Thomas Jefferson'' Cogswell, (Tliciuas'', Thomas'^, NalliantLh, 
yohn\ Williain-, jfo/iii'^), son of Thomas- [382] and Judith (Cogswell) 
[420) Cogswell, was born Sept 5, 1806, in Lutherlow or Lutlow, now 
Albany, Vt. He married, Dec. 26, 1844, Rnlh McCouucll. They 
resided in Landaff and Haverhill, N. H. Mr. Cogswell died April, 1S57. 


JcniTH Henrietta, [1376c] 1). May 30, 184^: m. A. C. Titu.-.. 
Thomas Nelson, [1376/']. He died in early iifc. 
Mary Louisa, [1376/]. She died young. 



[754 ] 


Jllia Ann- Cogswell, {T/iovms". Tliomas\ Nathaniel', Joliii\ 
William", Johii^), daughter of Thomas" [382] and Judith (Cogswell) 
420; Cogswell, was born Oct. 19, 1808, in Albany, Vt. She married, 
Jan. S, 1835, Benjamin Rice, son of Aseph and Abigail (Sawyer) Rice. 
He was born March 3, 1808, in Westminster, Mass. They resided in 
l"ulti)n C'\, 111., and removed, 18G6, to Green Mountain, Iowa, where 
Mrs. Rice died, March 22, 18S0. 

lHEn< CHU.IiHEN wkre: 

/:,!wan/, b. Oct. 22. IS35: ni. M.ircli, l.S5,S, Mclvimi Dyer. 

Adeline, b. .May iS, 1S37: m. Dec, i860, Roland Zoll. 
Julia A., b. Nov. iS, 1.S42: m. Nov., i.Syr., Horace Gil'soii. 

CliiVles, b. Oct. I, 1S47. He died in iiifaiKv, April 23. 1S4S. 
Joseph, h. May, 1S49. He died in infancy, July, 1849. 

.Abii^ail Jiidith, b. March 27, 1S50: m. Oct , 1S71. John I. Hiinler. 


Mr. .111(1 .Mrs. Edward Rh\- resided in Crecii Mi 
.1/; .ind .Mrs. /.oil re.^idcd in Ijiava. IlL 
Mr. .111,1 Mrs. resided in i:d.:;,ii. Xeb. 
.Mr. and Mrs. //«///<•/■ reMiled in CavLnd. Kan-.i 


' 755 I 


J.N.XF.i'Ti; p.' Cogswell, {Tliomas'''', Thomas', Xathaniel', yohn'\ 
William'-, John^), daughter of Th<imas" [382 1 and Judith (Cogswell) 
420] Cogswell, was born Feb. 26, iSi 1, in Albany, Vt. She married. 
May 30, 1852, Eikcard B. Stickney, son of Abraham and Mary 
liieard; Stickney. He was born Feb. 22, 18 12, in Andover, Mass. 
They resided in Wilmington, and North Reading, Mass. Mr. Stickney 
ilied Aug. 24, 18S2. Mrs. Stickney resided in 18S4, with her son, in 
North Reading, Mass. 


.Ahraham C. h. .Ma_\ 23, 1854. 

H'lllta/u '/'., b. SepL 5, 1S5C1. He died in infancy, Dec. 20, ]8sf\ 


1756 J 


Jlditii C' Cogswell, {T/ion/as^', Thonias'\ Natliaiiicl\ yo/nr\ U'll- 
Ihiiif, John^), daughter of Thomas'' [382] and Judith (Cogswell) [420 1 
Cogswell, was born April 23, 18 13, in Albany, Vt. She married, March 
1 83 1, ^ Miles Boii'les, son of Timothy Bowles. He was born in Lisbon, 
N. H, They resided in Lish..n and Landaff, N. H. After Mr. Bowles's 
death .Mrs. Bowles married, July, 1848, -Frank Siiotv. Mr. Snow died 
Nov. 7, 1852. Mrs. Snow died Aug. 28, 1868. There were no children 
of the second marriage. 


Mniy S/iijtt!ick, b. May 24, 1832. She diud in early life, Nov. 6, 1S52. 

E/vIra Voung, b. Oct. 2, 1S34. 

Myron U'ooifu'.ird, h. March 26, 1S36. 

//,;/rv faylor, b. Sept.. 183S. He died in the Union .\rmy. 

T/iomas Co^s7i'cn. b. July, 1831J. He died in childhood, Sept. 17, 1S41. 

Miles Mart hi, b. Nov. 29, 1S40. 


f 757 J 


Makv a.' Cogswell, {IVi/liivn^, Thomas^, NatluxnicI^, Jolui^, Wil- 
liaiir, Jolin^), daughter of William'' [383 land Mary (Dudley) Cogs- 
well, was born Nov. 25, 18 19, in Pittsford, N. Y. She married, Aug. 
14, 1843, James G. Shcpard. They resided in Attica, N. Y. Mrs. 
Shepard died Dec. 19, 1876. 


Mary C, h. March 9, 1S45; m. Jan. 4, 1S70, Bur/ey Stiii/h. 


1758 1 


^VILLL^M Fr.\ncis" Cogswell, (W'il/iavi^, Thomas'', Nathaniil^. 
JohirK William", John^), .sun of William^ [383 1 and Mary (Dudley) 

Cogswell, was born Sept. 26, 1824, in Perinton, Monroe Co., \. V. He 
married, Oct. i, 1S51, Martha Brcck, of Rochester, \. V., dau-iiter of 
James and Martha (i5urr) Breck. She was born April 21, 1828. in 
Newport, N. H. They resided in Rochester, N. Y. 


Martha I!.. [1377] b. Any. 1 , 1852 ; m. May <). 1S7.S, Sardius D. Bcnlley. 
.Marv Alk e, [1378] b. July 17. 1854. 
WiLLlA-M Naihaniel, [1379] b. July <;. 1.S57. 
Margaret Perkins. [1380] b. Dec. 23, 1861. 
Frances Howland. [1381] b. Xov, i. 18(4. 


11. .N. \Vll.LIA.M FrvNLI= C.m.<\V1,1 I iv .„ .,„ oni.Knl 

awver. ^\^ CoaMvell. his^on.and 

>r,„.in-l:uv c..n.-;titiited the- l.nw firm of (. o.,^wm i . Hi m i 1 

.\ r,„,MVi-i.l,of Kochoter, .\. V. 

It \va.- >-A\A of Mr. Cu-swell "He nevev iimKiiM,,k .1 

1 unrighteous" He stood nt 

the of the, and was mentioned in iSSj .i- .1 

A. -.Kcessorof Jnd.ue Kolgerupon 

the bench of the New York Conrt of Aiiiual>. / ";,/. Ill 

-lukv or Xr.wi'oKT, \. H., y. 30S. 


i 160 : 


Ellen A." Cogswell, (Willmvi^', Thcinos'\ Xathaidtl\ yo//!i-\ M'll- 
Uam\ Jolni^), daughter of William'' i 383 ] and I\Iary (Dudley) Cogswell, 
was born July 21, 1S41, in Pittsford, N. Y. She married, Oct. 4, 18C5, 
William H. Wright, Esq., son of William and Eliza Wright. He was 
born June 26, 1841, in Henrietta, N. Y. They resided in Attica, N. Y. 

Ellen Co^swrli, b. May 22, lS(»^. Frames t\\^swel/, b. Feb. 27, 

Afatilda Piobasco, b, June l 7. l^yi- IValUv Scltuyhr, h. July 1 7. 1 




Mar\ Ai.ei.ine- CnG^wr.i.i., {l-rol.nY: Th,>was\ Xa/h„incl\ Johu^. 
William'-, yohn^), daughter of ]'ie\' Frederic'' 1 386 \ and Hannah 

Rogers (Peavey) Cogswell, was born July 19, 1818, in Gilmanton, N. H. 
She married Tobias Kobi'iis, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Roberts^ 
He was born July 11, 1810, in Barnstead, N. H. They resided in the 
Island of Cuba, W. I , where Mrs. Roberts died, Nov. 2, 1849. 


Laura Frames, b. May S, 1S45; m- N<'V- 24, 1S62, IW-ntworth B. Hobhs. 
Cynthia Ellen, b. May 17, 1847: m- Marcli 13, 1S73, Melville A. Lynch. 
Mary Adeline, b. Oct. s, i'''49; m- Sept. 11, 1872, Charles H. Ferguson. 


Mrs. Marv .-i. Rchcts died in Cuba. Her burial wa- in liarnstcad, N. H. -I'liL- funeral 
service wa< by Rev. William Cogswell, 1). 1). [411 ]. .Vr. Nokvts married -JuMth F. .V. 

Mrs. Laiini F ffo/F resided in West ( Issijiee. N. II.. and lier sisters in 1 )orcliestev, Mass. 




Ruth Matilda" Cogswp:ll, (Frederic''', T/ioiiias'", Nathaniel^, yohifl, 
IVi/lmtir, yo/iii^), daughter of Rev. Frederic*' [386] and Hannah Rogers 
(Peavey) Cogswell, was born March 3, 1821, in Pike, N. Y. She married, 
June 9, 1844, Wdrre/i Roivcll, son of Hon. Charles Rowell. He was born 
in Allenstown, N. H. They resided in Northwood, N. H., but removed 
in 1 85 3 to Winona, Minn. 


Mary Adeline., b. Jan. 19, 1S4S: m. William H. Piitnant. 

Charles Frederic, b. July 1, 1S52: m. Dec. 26, 1S76, Anna Maria Preston. 

Anna .Matilda, b. Dec. 7, 1853; m. Oct. 15, 1876, Elbridxe G. Lord; d. Oct. 22, 1877. 

Frank Sherburne, b. Oct. 23. 1S57. He died in infancy, Nov. 28, 185S. 

Warren Cogswell, h. Sept. 6. 1863. 


, Kutli ,1/. Kowcll was , 
in Winona. Minn. 



f712 1 


Frederic Madison' Cogswell, [F/n/ciic'^, T/ioiiitrs^, Xat/i,viiil^, 
JoIin\ Williaiir, yohn^), son of Rev. Frederic*' ; 386 ) and Hannah 
Rogers (Peavey) Cogwell, was born Dec. 25, 1827, in Portsmouth, 
X. H. He married, Sept 27, 1854, Celia Vhginia Bond, daughter of 
I-31isha Henry and Mary C. (Jones) Bond. She was born, 1832, in 
\'irginia. They resided in Memphis, Tenn. Mrs. Cogswell died 1853. 
Mr. Cogswell d'ied 1858. 


FuEliKKit Franus, [1382] \j. July 15, 1856: m. Jan. 29. l.S;.s, Lu.y .Unni Tkomp^oH. 
l.iLA .Maria, [1383] b. LX-l. 24. isdo; m. .Viij;. 23. 1877. S,if/i/u-/ B. /VrXv//.i. 



A^•THO^"^ Peavev' Cogswell, (Firtitrii''. Tliomas'', Xathauici'^. 
yo/iir, Williaur, ydm^), son of Rev. Frederic' [386' and Hannah 
Rogers (Peavc)') Cogswell, was born July 16, 1829, in dilmanton, 
N. H. He married, July i, 1859, Laura Hciiriics, daughter of James 
and Sarah Hearnes. She was born Dec. 7, 1835, in Baton Rouge, La 
They resided in Eureka, Kansas. 

Cora Frani ks, [1384] 1.. April 3, 1S60: m. Dec. 31. 1S78. Jay W. Kciina. .Anc.ik, [1385] b. July 28, 1S62: m. Dec. 28, is.Si, /.. i". IValhuc. 
Frank Peasi.ev, [1386] b. .■\i)ril 13, 1864. 
Chaki.ks Rue. [1387] b. May iC, 186S. 
William Fredi;kic, [1388] b. Aug. 13, 1870. 
Lalra Nellie May, [1389] b. May 6, 187^. 


.\nthiinv p. Cogswell, prior to the Rebellion, was in business in the 
South. He was an active Unionist during the war, and at its close removed 
to lirownsville. \eb.. and was twice chosen the Mayor of that city. He was 
one of the first projectors and a Director of the Quincy and Pacific Railroad. 
In 1S78 he settled in Eureka, Kan. Mr. Cogswell was chosen State Senator 
in 18S0. He was a large real-estate owner. Vi,/. History ok Kansas. 


IT74 ] 


Hannah Maria" Cogsw eli., (Fiw/fiiL-*'', Tlwnias'\ Natlia)iicl\ Jolufi, 
William'^, jfo/ui^), daughter of Rev. Frederic'' 1 386 ! and Hannah 
Rogers (Peavey) Cogswell, was born Nov. 21, 1830, in Portsmoutli, 
N. H. She married, Jan. 1, 1852, Ezra T. Hobbs, son of Joseph and 
Dorothy (Cooley) Hobbs. He was born Sept. 23, 1827, in Ossipec, 
X. H., where they resided. Mrs. Hobbs died May 25, 1872. Mr. 
Hobbs died April 25, 1S73. 


Hannah E'i'elyn. b. Jan. 29, 1834. She died in infancy, June, 1855. 

Fian); Piene,\). Sept. 6, 1855; m. Dec. C. iS.S2, Etn'Uy S. Evans. 

Evelyn Anna, b. June 10, 1S57. 

Effie May, b. July 10, 1S59. Slie died in, i.SOi. 

Frederic Ezra, b. Sept. 3. iS^i. 

An infant. 

Fiiinl; Pu-rcc HoNt \va<; the .igeiit of the Eastern Railroad Company. He resided in 
Wolfboro-, X. H. 




Elizabeth Ann" Cogswell, (/vvi/r^vV"', Thomas^, Nathaniel^, J^o/nfi, 
Williaiir, Johi"), daughter of Rev. Frederic'^ [ 386 l and Hannah Rogers 
(Peavey) Cogswell, was born July 12, 1832, in Farmington, N. H. She 
married, Nov 22, 1S56, Echvard Priestly Waite, son of Charles G. and 
Mary B. (Smith) Waite. He was born June 9, 1833, in Boston, Mass. 
They resided in Winona, Minn. 


Rienai Francis, b. March 23. 185S; ni. .Marcli 5, 18S0, Azalia J. Frazicr. 

Evelyn Cogswell, b. May 29, iSf.i. Frederic C,>i:s7cell. b. Feb. 5, 18(13. 


Mr. and -I/rj. />/>«:/ /'. lfa:l,- liNcd m New llutiaio. Dak. .Mr. Waite had large farniinu 
interests; in thai town. THlx had Iwochdiliun : l-dna Francis. 1,. Ic1>, 14. 'S^^i ; H^el^n A/.ilia. 
b. rune 27. if^f^-'- 

me : 


Judith Frances Upham" CociswELL, {Fridtj-ic'^, Tlwmas-', Nathaii- 
nl\ JoJ:n\ William", Jolui^), daughter of Rev. Frederic" [ 386 J and 
Hannah Rogers (Peavey) Cogswell, was born Feb. 14, 1834, in South 
Berwick, Me. She married Tobias Roberts, son of Jonathan and Eliza- 
beth Roberts. He was born July 11, 1810, in Barnstead, N. H. Mrs. 
Roberts died Aus;. 20, 1S75. 


Ernest l'/>/uim.h. Oct. 29. iS;;; m Pec. 1873; d. Feb. 8, 1S78. 


Mis. Judith F. M. KoKrti was a pieaclier. and settled over the Universalis! Church in 
Kittcry, Mt. She was the first lady in the Stati authorized to sulcmnize marriages. She died 
alter a short ministrv. 



Si'rniA Currier" Cogswell, (Fraihis''\ Amos-', A'atliaiiich, joIdP, 
William-, Johii^), daughter of Francis^ [390] and Mrs. Elizabeth (Tib- 
betts; Cogswell, lu'c Smith, was born June 9, 1S22, in Boscawen, N H. 
She married, Aug. 9, 1S42, Samuel Wortlun Brown, son of Jonathan 
Swain and Betsey (Worthen) Brown. He was born April 22, 181 1, 
in Raymond, X. H., where they resided, but removed in 1849 to 
Hebron, 111. 


Jonathan S., b. Jan. 10, 1S44: m. hi/arutti S/i'T^'art: m. Dec. ly, 1S76, '^Emma A'/ii^. 
Erancis Co!;s'.^'t-lly b. Nov. II, 1S47: m. Dec. 25, 1S73. Mary Clark. 
Bctst-y J,in,\ h. Oct. 2S, i^^t): 111. May 2(>, 1872, Liicis El!in_i;ton. 
Gtor^e ]\'aninf:j'oid, b. April 11. l.S;i : ni. M.ny 5, 1872, Maiy U'iitstein. 


.S.iimiel II'. />ro7V>i 
unty Surveyor. C'olle 
JfM,:/Liii S. /;>.-w'.' 



Amos" Cogswell, {F/w/aY^ Aihos-\ Xat/hvi!i/\ yoJin\ Willianr, 
Ji'/i/i^), son of Francis'' [390] and Elizabeth (Tibbetts) Cogswell, ;/iv 
Smith, was born Sept. 29, 1824, in Boscawen, N. H. He married, 1S48, 
^Haiiuali Irene Clark, daughter of Heman R. and Jane (Tiittle) Clark. 
She was born in Bradford Co., Pa. They resided in Blooming Prairie, 
Minn. Mrs. Cogswell died Oct. 27, 1869. Mr. Cogswell married, Dec. 
14, 1S72, "Rlrs. Lueiudei M. Diiuuiiig. They resided in Owatonna, 
Minn., where Mrs. Cogswell died March 3, 1874. Mr. Cogswell mar- 
ried 3 . They resided in Owatonna, Minn. 


Heman Clark, [ 1390] b. Sept. 19, 184') ; m. Feb. 22, 1.S71, Alice Tiffany. 

Hei.ev C, [1391] b. March <<. 1S57. .Ap.k.ail, [1392] b. Mar'cli 29. rSM. 


Amlis Cmc^wf.!.!. \va> a lawyer. He was a member of the Minnesota Constitutional Con- 
vention, and was elected in 1S5S the first Speaker of the House of Repre.sentatives after Min- 
nesota became a State. Mr. Cogswell was afterwards for four sessions a member of the 
State Senate. He was a man of commanding ability, and a fine public speaker. 

Helen C. Cp^-s-uie// [ 1391 ] is said to have been the first white child born in Steele Cd., 
Minnesota. She, with her sister Abigail Cogswell [ 1392 ], have a farm of three hundred and 
twenty acres north of Lake Kampeska, Minn., which they located in person, July 3, 1S7S, and 
carry on with einployed help very successfully. 




Geori.e Wallingford" Cogswell, (Francis", Amos'", Natliajiiel^, 
Joliifi, William-, ycliii^), son of Francis'' [390] and Elizabeth (Tibbetts) 
Cogswell, ii('e Smith, was born June 3, 1829, in Boscawen, N. H. He 
married, April 11, 1868, Siliiey yaiie Clark, daughter of Heman R. and 
Jane (Tuttlc) Clark. She was born July 20, 1836, in Bradford Co., Pa. 
They resided some years in Blooming Prairie, Minn., but removed to 
Goodwin, Dakota Territory. 


May, [1393] !'■ M^v 21, isr,,,. Ii>a, [1395] b. July 26, 1S73. 

Annfttk, [1394] b. .-Vpril 13, 1.S71. .A.iusv. [1396] b. iMay 29, 1875. 




L^'DiA Baker' Cogswell, (FraiiLi/', Au/os'', Nathiinicl'^, ydiri^, 
Williaiii-, John^), daughter of Francis*' [390] and Elizabeth (Tibhetts) 
Cogswell, lu'c Smith, was born March 7, 1832, in Boscawen, N. H. She 
married, July 7, 1853, George W. Mitchell, son of Madison J. Mitchell. 
He was born July 9, 1832, in Andover, N. H. They resided in Concord 
and Andover, N. H. Mrs Mitchell died Sept. i, 1861. 


George Edgar, b. July 7, 1S54; m. 1S80. Eiinna J/oi,r. 
Sophia Eliznhcth, b. Nov. 7r '•'^S'''- 

I'tancis C, b. June 19, 1858; m. Sept. 20, 1SS3, Bell Johnson. 
Charles P., b. Aug. 3, i860. He died in boyliood, Oct. 2t). 1S72. 




JosEi'H Smith" Cogswell, {Francis''', A))ips'\ XiJtkauiel\ JoIni-\ Jl'il- 
liavi-, yo/ui^), son of Francis" [390] and Elizabeth (Tibbetts) Cogswell, 
i/c'i Smith, was born Oct. 29, 1836, in Boscawen, N. H. He married, 
Oct. 8, 1864, Mary Frances Darrah, daughter of James and Mary F'rances 
(Blood) Darrah. She was born June 12, 1842, in Bedford, N. H. They 
resided in Zumbrota, Minn., where Mrs. Cogswell died, Nov. 14, 1868. 
Rev. Mr. Cogswell married, Feb. 23, 1870, "^Ellen Victoria Hart, daugh- 
ter of William Jarvis and Eliza Britten (Copeland) Hart. She was 
born Sept. 13, 1839, in Holden, Me. They resided in Hnlden, Strong, 
and West Auburn, Me., and removed, Windham, X. II. 


JosRi'H Lr( il'S, [1396^] 1). Feb. 16, 1866. He died in infancy, iM.ircli 8, i8()6. 
Mahv Uiiiam, [1397] 1). Jan. 1, 186S. 


SAMUKL JiiiiNsos, [1398] li. Jul) ii>. 1873. Fkasli- Haki. [i398,(] b. May li, 1.S77. 



Joseph Smith Cogsweli, graduated in 1868. from Bangor Theological 
Seminar)-. He commenced his ministry as Pastor of the Congregational 
Church in Zumbrota, Minn., where he remained about a year; returned to 
New England, and was installed Jan., 1870, Pastor of Congregational Church 
in Holden, Me. He resigned May i, 1873, 'and preached for two years in 
Strong, Me. Rev. Mr. Cogswell then removed to West Auburn, Me., and was 
pastor from Oct. 31, 1875, to 1881, when he was called to the pastorate of the 
Presbyterian Church in Windham, N. H. He was installed Dec. 21, 18S1. 
and continued there several years. Rev. Mr. Cogswell was a frequent con- 
tributor to religious newspapers and journals. In 1878 he published a His- 
tory OF Androscoggin County, Maine. In 1880 he furnished a Sketch 
OF AuRURN. Me., for Appleton's Cvcllip^dia. Rev. Mr. Cogswell received, 
in 1SS3, the degree of A. M. from Dartmouth College. Vi.L History of 
Windham, \. H. 


[787 1 


Lucy Ames' Cogswell, (Aiiios'\ MoSi-s'\ Nathaniel'', yoltifi, \]'il- 
liaui-, jfo/i!/^), daughter of Hon. Amos'" [397 J and Poll}- (P""orrest) 
Cogswell, was born March 2, 181 3, in Canterbury, N. H. She married, 
Sept. 16, 1S35, Charles Giahavt, son of Asa and Rachel (Morse) Gra- 
ham. He was born Nov. 3, 1S09. in Concord, N. H., where thev 
resided. Mr. Graham died June 11, 18S0. 


Charh-s C, h. June 15, 1X30. 

.Ifa/y I-:., h. April 20, i S43 : m. June 23, 1 Sr.;. /t)//// C/ia,/:,'/,/.-; d. Oct. 23, 1S69. 


Chaki 1 ~ I ;; MUM «a~ :i successful taimev .-uid worthy citizen. Mrs. Giah.-im, after lier 

husband's ckiili. \->i irum the farm and resided with her son in the village of East 

Concord. .\li. .iml Mi>, Ci.iliani wtre members for many years of the East Congregational 
Church in Concord. .\. H. 

-l/r. and .]/«. CA.iduw./: resided in llosciucn. \\\. Ik «.i- a tarnic Miv. Cluduick 
died in early womanhood, greatly lamented. 


[ 789 1 


William Forrest" Cogswell, (Awos''', AToses-\ iXathaiiic/'^, yo/iif\ 
William-, 'Jolui^),son of Hon. Amos'^ [ 397 ] and Polly (Forrest) Cogs- 
well, wa.s born Dec. ii, 1815. in Canterbury, N. H. He marritd, Aug. 
26, 1843. Anna A. Frai/.zat. She wa.s born Aug. 30, 1S26, in West 
Fallen, Prussia. They resided in Bensonvijle, 111. Mr. Cogswell died 
June 23, 1.S65, in Chicago, 111. Mrs. Cogswell and her youngest daugh- 
ter were residing, in 1SS4, in Kenson\il]e. III. 


WiLLl.AM F.. [1399] b. Dec. 15, 1S44. He died in early life, Aug. 14. 18C14. 
Charles C, [1400] b. April 15. i.S4ri. He died in childhood, Oct. 2, 1S48. 
GEORf.E J.. [1401] b. Dec. 15, 1^47: m. Nov. 3. 1S70, .1/r7,-;'?V Bit/sf. 
CAKdi.iNE C. [1402] b. Dec. 22, 1X4.1; m. Dec. 7. i.SCC. >/,// A. WiUiam. . d. Feb. 

I. i.S7^,. 
Hi:nkv a.. [1403] b. March z\ . 1S52; ni. Dec. 2, ICS74. Malilda C. Grnv. 
Li:wi^ R., [1404] b. March iw. 1-^54: "i- Nov. 21. ^s-j-.G,-i'ii:iana S. Grny : d. .M.uch 

14, 1S7.S. 
E.MELINE M., [1405] b. Feb. (\ i.s^Ci. She died in childhood, Oct. S, 1.S57. 
Sami EI. N"., [1406] b. June 14, 1859. He died in infancy, Sept. 10. 1859. 
Ellen S., [1407] b. Dec. 25, iS''© She died in childhood. Jan. 27, 1868. 
Clara £., [1408]!.. March 23. i.s6v 


William Fokrkm (_'ll(;^\VKL^ was an c.\tcnsivc farmer. He \va=. called to till varioiis 
Dtiices in the t.iwn and in tlic State. Mr>. Coyswell was of German parentage. She could 
.•speak biit little Knglisli .it the time of her marriage. I ler parents were leaders in the l.ntlieran 
Chnrch, and persons of great respectaliilitv. 

Z.'iiv.f A\ O'jryuu// 1 1404 ] married Ut-.v-i. 1,1,1 S. Gi;ir. daughiti of ] .ew is ( m a\ . She w as 
burn < let. 20. 1S5S. in KImhnrst. 111. ThcN re-ided in llensciiu ilk-. 111. .\ftcr Mr. Cog-ncir- 
di.atli .Mr-. Ci.g-wcll resided in FlmlnuM. 111. 


I 792 : 


Amos Mo< 

Dv" Cogswell, (Aiiios'\ Mosrs'; Xcj/l/i7/i/rl\ Jolufl, Wil- 

lianf-, yoliii^]. 

son of Hen. Amos" 1397 1 and Pollv (Forrest) Cogswell, 

was born Jul) 

14. 1S25, in Canterbury, N, H. He married, Dee 1, 


1S53, Ha>i!ia!i A. Ames, daughter of Samuel and Myra (Ayers) Ames. 
She was born Dec. 17, 1S25, in Canterbury, N. H. They resided for 
some years in East Concord, and afterwards in Wentworth, N. H. 


Marv Anxa. [1409] 1). Sept. r,, 1S58. 

.^Mos MoulJY Ci.H.swF.l.I was Justice of the I'tnie. .incl a Kailioad Station .Agent. 
Mary A. Co^TCr// [ 1409 ] was a sliulent and a 'IVachcr mi Wellesley College, Mas,. 




Caroline Helen" Cogswell, (Thomas^, Jl/oscs-', Natlia7iicl^, yohn". 
]Villiatn-, 'Tolin^), dauglitcr of Thomas'' I 402: and Sarah (Adams) Cogs- 
well, was horn July ", 1S30, in Alexander, X. Y. She married, Nov. 
23, 1837, //(■//;■)■ E. ChtirchiU. He was born in Alexander, X. Y., where 
they resided, but removed to Attica, and then to Middletown, N. \ . 


Oraiii;,- CUirk, b. Dec. iS, 1S3S. He died in early life, April 13, i860. 
K-,-ilfiH Adams, b. Aug. 16, 1S42: m. Dec. 31, 1862, Ceor;j,i- S. Die:,'. 
Oila Goodt'//, h. Oct. 17, 1852; m. May 27, 1874, Richard M. Rorty. 


Henry E. C/iiiix/ii/l -KHf. in the dry-goods bnsiness, in Middletown, \. \'. 
0;-,7«,-,- Chrt r//«;v///// was born' in Alexander, \. Y. He died in .Vspinwall, l',,nania. 
\U> remains still rest in a bnrial place two miles from .\spin\vall. 
Mr. and .1/r., Dr.w lived in .\ttica, X. V. 
.Vr. and .1/;... A',; Iv lived m Mlddleiuun, N. \ . 




William F.' Coc;swell, {'J7iojnas", Moscs^, Xathauicl'', yo/in'\ IVi/- 
liaiii-, yolin^), son of Thomas'' [402] and Sarah (Adams) Cogswell, was 
born April 10, 1,^27, in Alexander, N. Y. He married, Oct. 30, 1850, 


Louisa Patttison, daughter of Alfred and Delany Patterson. She was 
born June 5, iS.^io, in Bennington, X. Y. They resided in Attica, 
\. V. 


Thomas Alfrf.d, [1410] b. Dec. 23. iS;i ; m. Nov. 3, 187,. .•///, , L\;iia Lianiaid. 
Charle.s He.nuv. [1411] b. Feb. 28. 1S56. lie died in clnklhood, Au-. 28, 1862. 
Hattie Janet, [1412] b. July 15, iSOi. 
William [1413] b. May 16, 1863. 
Geoiuie Drew, [1414] b. Dec. 2S. 1867. 




Thomas" Cogswell, (Abicl^, A/vSi.r, Xathanicl'^, Jo/iii^, Willianr. 
yohii^), son of Abie!" [403] and Margaret Harvey (McCrillis) Cogswell, 
was born Oct. i, 1822, in Canterbury, N. H. He married, April 27, 
1847, RoAiia G. Dolloff, daughter of Col. Jesse and Abigail (Gordon) 
Dolloff. She was born Nov. 14, 1S22, in Hampton, N. H. They resided 
in Milwaukee, Wis , and afterwards in Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Cogs- 
well had no children, but on the death of his sister, they ado]ited her 
little girl without change of name, Myra Ames Wickojj, viil. Nancy 
GKEENorGii C(i>,-wrLi. fSOlJ. Mr.s Cogswell .lied Oct. 17, l^'76. 



[801 1 


Nanc\ GKr.EXoroii' Cogswell, (Abu I", J/,>si-s'\ X<!f//<i///,/*, yohii\ 
William', John^), daughter of Abiel'' ,403. and Margaret H. (McCrillis) 
Cogswell, was horn Sept. 21, 1826, in Canterbnrv. X. 11. She marrieil, 
Jul)- 7, 1S59, George U: Wickoff, son of J,,hn X. W'ickoff. Jlsq. IJe 


was liorn in ]?ronklyn, N. Y,, vvlicre they resided. Mr. \Vicki)lT was 
in the Union Army and probably fell in battle. Mrs. Wickoff died 
Feb. iS, 1869. 


.1/1VV7 .hm-s. h. March 13, 1S64. 


I 802 ! 


Lauk.\ An.AMs" Cogswell, (J/'ic/'\ j1/i'Si-s'\ Xal/i<iiiic/\ Jolnr. 
William', 'John^), daughter of Abiel'' [ 403] and Margaret H (McCrillis) 
Cogswell, was born Oct. 20, 182S, in Canterbury, N. H She married. 
May 16, 1850, yoseph C. Sanborn, son of Benjamin Sanborn. He was 
born in Canterbury. N. H., where they resided 


.■lima E., b. .Marcli 7. 1^51. 

ll,i-,<ord, b. Dec. 26. 1S34; m. Dec. 2^, i.sSo, Surah L. I'ord. 


[803 1 


Apllinf. McCkilli.--' Col. swell, {.\bni''\ Jl/'^.Vat/iauu'l'. y'd/zP, 
U'/ll/ai/r, Jolu/^), daughter of Abiel'' [ 403 ] and Margaret H. (McCrillis) 
C<igswell, was born Feb. i", 1831, in Canterbury, N. H. She married, 
June 36, 185 I, Tunothy A. Pearson, son of Timothy and Margaret San- 
burn (Osgood) Pearson. He was born in Concord, \. H. They li\ed 
in Cleveland, Ohio, and in Manchester, N. H. Mrs. Pearson died 
Sept. 13, 1879, in Manchester, N. H. 

Can ii- Louise, b. St-jit. 18. 1S53. .Slic died in infancy, July 23, kS54. 
Ciiarh-s Albert, b. July 2. 1.S35. He died in childhood, Aug. 30, 1S37. 
Mari^an-t Helen, b. .Nov. 25, l.S3,S. She died in childhood, Aui;. 3. 1661 
A sail, b. Nov. 3, lSr,o. He died in infancy, Nov. if), iSCk). 
Helen Louue, b. July 21. I.S6^. She died in c.irly Hfe. Jan. I'l. 1SS2. 
Car! Coi^swell, b. Oct. 6, iSOS. 


Timotliv A. Pi'ni-son \va.- lui <.ouic \cai> in ihc tmploy ni the I'Icveland and Toledo Kail- 
road Company, and for sixteen year> Conductor on the Lawrence and Salem, and the Manches- 
ter and Lawrence Railroad^. lie was master painter of the Stark Corporation in Manchester. 
N. 11. Ml. lVar.-..n was a nKi.ihci ..f tin- Ciiv Council ol' Manchc-ier. 




William McCkillis" Cohswell, {Abie!'', Moscs^, Nailiauiel^, yohifi, 
Williavr. yohn^), son of Abiel'' [4031 and Margaret H. (McCrillis) 
Cogswell, was born July 30, 1842, in Canterbury, N. H. He married, 
Nov. 24, 1S70, Alice M. Kilitv, (laui;hter of Emmon and Olive Kelley. 
She was bum June 4, 1S51, in Milwaukee, Wis. They resided in Can- 
terbury, X. H. 

THEiK chili)]u:n weki;: 
Warntr li.\iH,i;R, [14151b. Sept. i, 1872. 
Alii. A Mav. [1416] b. May 2. 1874. 




Mri^-E- P..\^-so\" Co(;=\VLLL, {ycrciniah". Moses'', Xatiiiutiel'^, yoIni\ 
William'-, yo/iii^), son of Jeremiah'' [404 ' and Tryphena (Achilles) 
Cogswell, was burn July 31, 18^4, in Brocki")Ort, X. Y. He married, 
Oct. 14, 185S, yauet J/. Burr, dau,i;hter of John C. and Jane (Gray) 
Burr. She was born Oct. 14, i'f<y). in Buffalo, N. V. They resided in 
Attica, N. V. Mr. Cogswell died Dec. 29, 1876. 


Hflkn, [1417] b. Dec. 17, iSr.o: m. Jan. 28, 1880, renioit E. I\\kluuii. 
Hakrv .\.. [1418I b. June 30, i.?70. He died in cliildhood, Feb. 14. 1S73. 
C-.KA •\\,\\. [i4i9]b- Feb. 17. i,S74. 


Mii-iRs r'AVs.iN (■,,.,,xvKl.L was Ihc Ceiirral Ticket and Freight .^igent of the M. K. and 
T. R. K. He perished in the .^sht.ihul.i <li~aMc), 1 Kc. rc). iS;6. 

/•,<■//,'// A. I', son of Lamisl..,, and Mai', lane (l:ncon| IVckham, b.,rn I )ci. i. 
1S50. in C'antadca. N. V. Mi. IVckhani u.i- a h.w\u. Thcv resided in ( Mnah.i. \eb. 

e. o.fy 

(XnAy^Uyd-<r^ . 




Mary Joanna" Cogswell, {Willianf', Williavv', Nathaniel^, jto/iir, 
William^, yohn^), daughter of Rev. Dr. William'' [411] and Joanna 
(Strong) Cogswell, was born June 6, 1832, in Boston, Mass. She 
married, Sept. 20, 1858, Rev. E. O. Jameson, son of Daniel and Mary 
(Twiss) Jameson. He was born Jan. 23, 1S32, in Dunbarton, N. H. 
They resided in Concord, N. H , Salisbur}-, and Medwa)', Mass. 


Arthur Orcutt. b. Nov. 25, 185(1. He died in early ]ife. Sept 30, iSSl. 

Knf/iiiriiic Strong, b. Sept. 15, lS'')i. 

inUiiim Cogswell, b. Jan. 2. iSr^. He died in infancy. Jan. 7, iS^ij. 

Caroline Cogs-well, b. Feb. 7, 1S66. 

Mary, b. Jan. 10, 1868. 

iStOQraptical. . 

EniRAiM ()RcrTT Jamlson was of Scotcli-Irisli desrent and of the fourtli 
generation in this country. Hugh and Thomas Jameson were first to land here. 

Hugh' Ja.mesox, son of James Jameson, came from the Xortli of Ireland 
to America about 1740. settled in Londonderry, N. H., and became one of the 
original proprietors of .Starkstown, afterwards Dunbarton, N. H. 

Daniel- Jameson, Esq., Mr. Jameson's grandfather, married Hannah Burn- 
ham, daughter of Dea. Abraham Burnham, whose sister, Sarah Burnham, 
married Capt. Adam Cogswell [169]. Mr. Jameson prepared for college in 
Gilmanton Academy, N. H., graduated in 1S55 from Dartmouth College, 
N. H., and in 1858 from the Theological Seminary in Andover. Mass. He 
was ordained to the Gospel ministry March t, i860, and installed Pastor of 
the East Congregational Church, in Concord, N. H. He resigned, and was 
installed, Nov. 9, 1865, Pastor of the Union Evangelical Church, Salisbury, 
Mass. This pastorate he resigned July i, 1871, and was installed. Nov. 15, 
1S71, Pastor of the First Church of Christ, in .Medway, Mass., of whicJi he 
was still Pastor in 1884. 

Mr. Jameson was a member of the New England Historic. Genealogical 
Society, of Boston, Mass. Some of his published writings were: A Historical 
Discourse of the First Clnirc/i of Christ, Medway, Mass., 1876 ; A Memorial of 
A'cT. William Cogsioell, D. 2?., 1S80 ; A Historical Sketch of Medway, Mass., 
1884 ; The Cogswells in America, 1884. In 1SS3. he was appointed the Editor 
of 1 he History of Medway., Mass. Vid. History of Dunbarton, N. H. 


Arthur Orcutt Jameson, son of Rev. and Mrs Jameson, was born in 
Concord, N. H. He pursued his studies in tiie public schools until fourteen 
years of age. In the autumn of 1S73. he entered the Roxbury Latin School 
in preparation for college. He completed the course in four years, and gradu- 
ated in 1877. holding the first rank in his class. .Always a thoughtful and 
conscientious boy, at the age of sixteen years he recognized by his own 
public act the consecration which his parents had made of him to the Lord 
in infancy, and Nov. 7. 1875, united with the First Church of Clirist in Med- 
way, Mass. His character and life as a Christian, combined with fine scholar- 
ship and great modesty of manner, won respect and made his influence 
commanding. He was admitted in 1877 to Harvard College. On his entrance 
examination he received honors in Latin, Greek, and Mathematics, and com- 
menced his college course, Sept. 27, 1877, At the end of the first year he 
was accounted highest in rank and awarded the first Detur. At the close of 
his college course he received " Summos Bonores in Lingiiis Antiquis" and 
graduated the first scholar in the class, June 29, 1881. Soon after graduation 
he received the appointment of Teacher of Classics and Mathematics in the 
Arnold Schocil. New York City. But when about to assume this position, 
after a brief illness, he was called to a higher service. He died at the age 
of twenty-one years, Sept. 30, 1881. His burial took place in Blossom Hill 
Cemetery of his native city, Concord, N. H. His last resting place is a lovely 
spot, overlooking the place of his birtli. the church of his childhood, and the 
waters of the Merrimac, upon whose banks much of his boyhood was spent. 

The sad throbbings of a mother's heart upon the death of her eldest child 
and only surviving son find expression in the lines of the sweet poet, Faber : 

"lirr THE eldest: Fjtlur'. ho-.L' f;lorious he -,vas, 

II 'ith the soul looking out through his Jounlain-like eyes : 
Thou lin-est Thy Solc-lvni .' An.l had I not cause, 
The treasure Thou garest me. Father '. tofrhe': 

" Thou hast honored my child hy the steed of Thy choice. 

Thou hast eroviued him with glory, o'er-whclmed him -vith mirlh : 
lie sings up in heaven with his sweet-sotinding voice. 
While I, a saint's mother, am weeping on earth. 

" Yet oh for that voice, which is thrilling through heaven. 
One moment my ears with its music to slake 1 
Oh no : not for worlds would / have him regiven. 
Yet I long to have back '.i'hat J would not retake. 
" Go, go with thy God, with thy Saviour, my child' 
Thou art His ; lam His: and thy sisters art His : 
But to-day thy fond mother with sorror,v is wild 1 
To think that her son is an angel in hliss .' 
" Oh forgi-,-e me, dear Saviour ! on heaven's bright shore 
Should J still in my child find a separate joy : 
While f lie in the light of Thy face evermore. 
May I think heaven brighter because of my boy ? " 

Tilt following is an extract from remark.s iiiadu al the funeral service lay 
Rev. R. K. Harlow, of .Mechvay, Mass. : 

■• And now at this interruption of his earthly life we' reverently pause and 
ask. What virtues has it made emphatic? What lessons has it taught us? 

"Most conspicuous amonjf his virtues we would mt:-iion his faithfulness : 
duty was his king. And next we mention modesty, that made him win and 
wear his honors with consummate grace : and then a native kindliness that 
made his friendships deep and tender, and filled his soul with charity, 'that 
thinketh no evil.' And then purity of thought and deed, that stamped its 
credentials on his clear, honest face, and over all an unobtrusive piet)', that 
graced and softened his whole being. He has taught us all how to put value 
intu our living and hope into our death. 

"He has taught these college friends especially that it is possible to live 
amongst temptation and conquer it. He has emphasized the fact that schol- 
arship and politeness suit well together, and that culture and piety have no 
antagonisms. He has refuted the too commonly accepted college opinion, that 
religion and stupidity are boon companions, by coupling the most brilliant 
scholarship with a sincere piety. Is not this a most worthy record ? Has not 
his life done something for the world ? 

"And so with these comforting memories of his life we carry our thoughts 
beyond this sad and strange present into the future. 

" We believe that our dear young friend has entered into God's rest; his 
life of purity and conscientiousness and fidelity and consecration, his thorough 
goodness in all the relations of life, leave us no room for doubt that the gates 
of the city of God were glad to open for his incoming, and that the Master 
whom he served gave him a hearty welcome. '■Enter fhoii into the joy of thy 

From the numerous letters of sympathy receixed by the afflicted family, the 
following was from Rev. George A. Gordon, then of Greenwich, Conn., after- 
wards called to the pastorate of the Old South Church, Boston, Mass. : 

-Green-wich, Ocl. S, iSSi. 
■'.Mr, am. Mk-. JAMF.^O^■: 

■■ I li.ii iifiliihht, tlioii^lt HiikiuriiMi J-'ri,nits, — I have just learned with tleej) sorrow of the 
fic.iili Ml ]in admired and much respected cla.s.smate, .^KTHfK ORCflT J.\MEsoN. I am so 
nuiLh |.. Tilled and shocked by the sad news that I cannot forbear offering you my sincere and 
-orrowful sympathy in your great grief. Mr. lanu^.m and myself had in part the same elec- 
tive studies for two years, and from what I >.i\v of him, in the classroom and el.sewhere, I had 
acquired a jjrofound admiration for his sclnil.uslii|i. and an affectionate appreciation of his 
elevated and manly character. I was ahvay- deejily interested in him, and so knew him much 
better than he knew me. His memory is and will be to me a constant inspirati(m in thought, 
Iirinciple, character, and devotion. In accuracy and comprehensiveness of intellect, and in 
rational jwwer of acquisition, I never knew his superior, scarcely his equal. .\t this momeni. 
as I think of his massive and serene face, -low still in death, I am bmdened with a pcrs.m.i) 
sorrow, and cannot but feel '//.-t.-' /> the sironx staf broken, „mt the Leantiful n>,/: 
" Vouis, with great rcs]iccl and true sym]iathv, 

••C;k... .\. (;..Kl.oN." 




Jliuth' Cogswell, (Josepli F'aiigcr'^', Williani', Xatliauicl\ yoliiv'. 
W'lHiavr, yoliii^), daughter of Joseph Badger'' [ 414 J and Judith 
(Peaslee) Cogswell, was born Oct. 31, 1818, in Atkinson, N. H. She 
married, May 5, 1842, Philip Dei/sou Merrill, son of Jonathan and 
Rebecca B. (Curtis) Merrill. He was born Feb, 14, 1S21, in Methuen, 
Mass. Thev resided in Atkinson, N. H. 


A)iii .\/ariii. b. May 20, 1.S43. She died in infancy, Dec. 22, 1.S43. 
Join, /.'rtrtf.vr, b. May 4. 1846: m. June 11, 1S69, Sarali A. Merrill. 
Josephine Elizahc/li. b. Feb. 27. 1S4S. She died in infancy, Sept. 5, 1S4S. 
William Franeis. b. Dec. 15, 1849; m. Dec. 2fi. 1S70, Anna Yealon. 
.^arah Cogs^fell. b. Dec. 22, 1831. She died in infancy, Aug. 26, 1S53. 
/sai7i Benson, b. March 23, 1.S55: m. Dec. 23, 1.S73, Henrietta S. Hayden. 
Mary Cohiirn. b. Jan. 15, i.S37: m. May 2, 1S75, A'. A. Chase. 




Wjlliam" Cogswell, {yoscph Badger", Williavr', Nathaniel'^, yohii^, 
William'-, yo/iii^), son of Joseph Badger'' [414 and Judith (Peaslee) 
Cogswell, was born April i, 1821, in Atkinson, N. H. He married> 
Xo\-. 29, 1855, Fanny Kimball, daughter of Edmund and Julia (Eaton) 
Kimball. She was born Ma\- ig, 1837, in Bradford, Mass., where they 
resided. They had no children. 


William Cogswell studied medicine, and commenced tiie practice of his 
profession, March, 1845, in Georgetown, Mass. While young in medical prac- 
tice, he became favorably known as a physician in the region. April, 185 1, Dr. 
Cogswell removed to Bradford, Mass., where he succeeded to a wide field of 
practice, from whicli iiis unc'u:, Hun. Gcuige Cogswell. M. 1 >. i418), who for 


years liad been emineiU in tlie profesbion, wished to retire. During tlie War of 
the Union, Dr. Cogswell served professionally in the army, winning great credit 
for his medical and surgical knowledge and skill. In 1876 and 1877, Dr. 
Cogswell was the President of the Massachusetts Medical Society, and in 
1877 he was a member of the Governor's Council. Dr. Cogswell's qualities 
were those of a free and generous nature. He was large-hearted, frank, soci.d, 
and popular He commanded for many years a lucrative practice in Bradford, 
Haverhill, and vicinity, and was highly esteemed for his ability and professional 




Elizabeth" Cot. swell, cyoseph Bai/^ir'', U'i/liaiii'', Xatf/m/iil*, 
yolui^, William", yokn^), daughter of Joseph Badger" [414] and Judith 
(Peaslee) Cogswell, was born Sept. 25, 1824, in Atkinson, N. H, She 
married, Dec. 16, 185 i, Xatlianicl Haven Clarke, son of Nathaniel and 
Betsey B. Clark, and brother of Hon. Greenleaf Clarke, LL. D., of St. 
Paul, Minn. He was born Feb. 26, [826, in Plaistow, N. H., where 
they resided. 


Elizabeth Cogswell, b. March 12, JS53; m. Dec. 24, US73, A/bcrl C. Barrowi. 
Susan Moody, b. Aug. iS, 1S5S. 

Fannie Kimhall, b. April 12, iSr,o. Sht- died in infancy. Oct. iS, 1861. 
Haniel Frances, b Feb. 4. 1S64. 




Francis" Cogswell, (Joseph Badger"^', William', Xatlianicl^, yohn-^, 
Willianr, Jolin^), son of Joseph Badgeri^ [414 1 and Judith (Peaslee) 
Cogswell, was born June 24, 1827, in Atkinson, N. H. He married, 
Aug. 7, 1855, ^Martha Ann Smith, daughter of John and Martha 
(Boynton) Smith. She was born Nov. 14, 1821, in Littleton, Mass. 
They resided in Cambridge, Mass. Mrs. Cogswell died March 3, 1859. 
Mr. Cogswell married. Aug. 11, 1864, -Esther Maria Xoyes, daughter 


of Samuel and Esther Hincklev (Mes^senger) Xfivcs. Slie was h(irn 
Dec. 27, 1838, in Cambridge, Mass., where they resided in 1884. No. i_'3 
Prusjiect Street. 


.Marth.\ Pe.\<;li;f.. [1420] 1. iMnys.lN^:; m May 20, \SHo. A^-r. /^/Jianf .l/o/t/.i,:://,: 


L;ektil\ [jiL'isK. [1421] b. May 5, iS'kS. 


Francis C'oosweli, w,ib a succcssiiil teacher in Cambridge, Mass, and 
afterwards for a series of years tlie Superintendent of Ihe I'ublic Scliools of 
that city. Mr. Cogswell received. June 29, 1881, the degree of A M., from 
Harvard College. 


I 823 . 


S.\KAii Jane' Cogswell, {yo.wp/i iHid^cr''. U'lllidur, .\cU/,aincl\ 
Jelnr, WUli.nir, Joh,i'\, daughter of Josejih Badger" 414 and Judith 
(Peaslce) Cogswell, was born July 13, 1829, m Atkinson, N. H. She 
married, July 20, 1850, Williaiu ]\'. Cliasc, son of William and Sarah 
(Calcntti Chase. He was born 183 t, in West Newbury, Mass. They 
rcM.lcd ill San Francisco, Cal. Mrs. Chase died Aug 16, 1861. Mr. 
Chdbc resided in 18S4, Xo. MpC^ Ma.son Street, San Francisco, Cal. 

Mary Maiiaiui. 1,. M:iy 5. iS'.i : m. Oct. 2v, 1.S.S2, E. /)■//. 


I 8^4 : 


Thomas" Cogswell, iyosep/i Badgir'', Willuivr, XcU//<viici\ yo/iii\ 
IVil/iam", yo/iu^), son of Joseph Badger' ; 414 j and Judith (Peaslee) 
Cogswell, was horn Mav 12, 183^, in .Atkinson, X. H, He married, 


Nov. 24, 1870, H. EUzabetJi yndkiiis, daughter of Benjamin and 
Abigail G. (Fuller) Judkins. She was born in Boston, Mass. The}- 
lived, 1884, in Grant ville, Mass. 


Mary Goudard. [1422] b. April i.S. 1S77. 

Thomas Cogswell was a Dentist. He had an office No. 149 Tremont 
Street, Boston. Mass. Dr. Cogswell was eminent in his profession. 




Klizateth Doane" Coi.swf.ll, (Xatliauul^', William', Xat/iaiiie/\ 
yohn\ William-, yohn^'), daughter of Rev. Nathaniel" [415] and Susan 
(Doane) Cogswell, was born Jan. 3, 1827, in Yarmouth, Mass. She 
married, Nov. g, 1853, Simeon Nickcrscu Small, Esq., son of Samuel 
and Abigail (Simmons) Small. He was born May 21, 1824, in Chat- 
ham, Mass. They resided in Yarmouth, Mass., and Milwaukee, Wis 
Mr. Small died Oct. 22, 1875. Mrs. Small died Feb. 5, 1S77, in 
Boston, Mass. 


Faunic, b. Sept. 9, 1^54. She died in infancy, 1S55. 

Xathanie! Co^i^s-ur/l, b. Aug. 22, iS;(,. He died in early life, July 14, iSSo, 
Samuel Atherton. b. Aug. 31, 1.S57. He died in early life. May 19, 1.S75. 
Henry Doane, b. Aug. 2, 1862. He died in infancy. Oct. 30, 1S63. 
Herbert, b. May 15, 1869. 


SiMEDN N. Smai.i. .graduated in 1S45 t'vnni Daitmomh College. He ?t\idied law, com 
menced the practice of hi:- jirofession in ^■ar^lullth, Mass., but removed, .about 1S60, to .Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

A'lUhaiiid C. Svitill, the eldest son, graduated from the -Massachusetts In.stitute of Tech- 
nology, H(jstou. He died July 14, iSSo, in Teoria, 111. He a young man of great promise. 

SoMiie/ Atherlon Small died in his ciuhtccnlh year, while a member of Racine College. 

Ihiieit Siiuill. the o.dv sur\i\..r ol the familv. 1SS4, was in the Boston Latin School. 





John Bear Doane" Cogswell, (.Yciikaiiii/'\ Wi/iiaur', A^nt/miiic/^, 
JoJiii\ William^, jFohn^), son of Rev. Nathaniel'^ f 415 j and Susan 
(Doane) Cogswell, was born June 6, 1829, in Yarmouth, Mass. He 
married, Aug. 19, 1858, Mary Abbot Trumbull, daughter of George 
Abbot and Mary (Clapp) Trumbull. She was born Feb. 2, 1837, in 
Worcester, Mass., where they resided, but soon removed to Milwaukee, 
Wis. Mrs. Cogswell died May 24, 1864. 


M.\K\ LoriSA TRiMi'.rLL, [1423] b. Jan. 3, iSM. 


John Bear Doane Cohswell prepared for collet;e at Pliillips .Academy, 
.\n(lover, Mass. He graduated in 1850 from Dartmoutli College, X, H.. and 
read law witii ilon. Emory Washburn in the office of Washburn & Hoar, of 
Worcester. Mass. Mr. Cogswell received the degree of LL. B. from Harvard 
Law School, and was admitted to the bar in 1853, in the Superior Court in 
Worcester, Mass., where he opened a law office. In 1S57 he represented the 
city of Worcester in the State Legislature, and in November of that year 
removed to Milwaukee, Wis., and became law partner of his brother-indaw, 
S. N. Small, Esq., the firm being Small &: Cogswell. Mr. Cogswell was 
appointed by President Lincoln in 1861, and reappointed in 1865, United 
States District Attorney for Wisconsin. In 1870, Mr. Cogswell returned to 
Massachusetts, and resided in Yarmouth, his native town, which he represented 
in the State Legislature in 1871, 1872, and 1873. He was a member of the 
Judiciary Committee in 187 1, and Chairman of that committee in 1872 and 
1873. Mr. Cogswell, in 1872, was chosen a Delegate from Massachusetts to 
the National Republican Convention, held in Philadelphia, Pa., whicli nomi- 
nated Gen. U. S Grant for the Presidency. He was elected State Senator for 
the Cape District, in 1877. '878, and 1879. 

Hon. J. B. D. Cogswell having served three years as President of the 
Massachusetts Senate, with marked ability and popularity, retired from public 
life, resided in the city of Haverhill, Mass., and devoted himself to literary 
pursuits. He furnished a Biographical Sketch of Hun. Rufus Cho.ate, which 
was published in the Third Memorial Volume of Deceased Members of the 
New T-'ngland Historic, Genealogical Socictv. 




Julia" Cogswell, (T/i(>inns'\ Williatif', Xathniiicl\ Jolnr, Wil- 
liani^. John^), daughter of Hon. Thomas'' 1416 1 and Mary (Noyes) 
Cogswell, was born Nov. i8, 1823, in Gilmanton, N. H She married, 
May 28, 1849. O.A. J. Vanghaii, Esq., son of Silas T. and Polly 
(Ingalls) Vaughan. He was born March 11, 181S, in Hanover, N. H. 
They resided in Gilmanton, N. H. Mrs. Vaughan died March 6, 1S52. 
Hon. O. A. J. Vaughan died April 30, 1S76, in Laconia, N. H. 


J:i/it, Cogs-u;-/l. b. Max 15. 1 851. She died in early life, Oct. 5, l86,S. 


1 I. .\. I. XwiAWS wa> a lauvtr. and \W iduui and propviuln, of the AV/X-/;,./ Cuttr. 
Mr. Vaughan, after the death of his wife, married. June 11. 1.S55, ■^ ]\uWy, daiightei' 
nf Charles and Abby (( )ber) I'arker. She was born July 14. 1S32, in Gilmanton, N. H. They 
resided in Laconia. N. II. They had six children : Walter I'arker. b. July 5, 1S56, d April 17, 
185S; Willie Augustine, b. Dec. 15, 1S39. d. Dec ;,. 1S66; Charles Wo.idward, b. June -jo. 
1S62 ; Grace Anna, b. Aug. 31, iSfq ; Mary Alice, b. Jan. 2(\ 1S69; Kdward. b. Aug. 14. 1S7.-, 
d. Jan. 6. 1879. 


1 831 ] 


Mary Xoves" Cogswell, {Thomas^, Willianr, Xailiauich, yolur. 
William", Jolin^), daughter of Hon. Thomas'' [ 416 1 and Mary (Noyes) 
Cogswell, was born May 24, 1828, in Gilmanton, N. H. She married, 
Sept. 20, 1849, Brnjiviiin F. Burgess, M D., of Andover, Mass., son of 
Benjamin and Janette (Graham) Burgess. He was born Sept. 5, 1823, 
in Chelsea, \'t. They resided in Andover and Wareham, Mass. Dr. 
Burgess died Jan. 5, 1864. Mrs. Burgess resided, 1884, 73 Montgomery 
Street, Boston, Mass. 


Thomas Cogswell, b. Dec 25. 1851 : m. June i. 1881, Lydia Lovcll Dairoi.\ 
Benjamin Franklin, b. Oct. iS. 1S53. 

Mary Cogsiuell, h. Feb. 8, 1S56; m. Jan. 11, 1882. George /!,K.'man Ihvron'. 
Oliver Graham, b. Dec. iS, 1S61. 


Hen.iamin K. BiRCKss graduated from tlie Vermunt Medical College in 1S4S. He prac- 
tised for three years In Andover. Ma>s., and then removed to Wareham. Ma?-;., where he con- 
tinued the practice of medicine until his death. Dr. Burgess was a volunteer Surgeon of 
Palmcr-s Brigade in the Thirtv-M.xth Regiment New York Volunteers. He was a member of 
Massachusetts Medical Socieiv. 




M.\KTHA Badger" Cogswell, (TAi>///as'\ ]Vi/liam'\ iYat/iauiil*, 
yolni', WUliatir, ychii^), daughter of Hon. Thomas'' [ 416 J and Mary 
(Noyes) ''" 'oswell, wa.s born Aug. 13, 1830, in Gilmanton, N. H. She 
married, April 13, 1859, Samuel Fogg Bacluidcr, M D., son of Ira and 
Olive (Osgood) Bachelder. He was born Oct. 14, 1829, in Loudon, 
N. H. They resided in South Boston, Mass. Dr. Bachelder died 
Jan. I, i8;8. 


T/umias Cogs-^H-r/, b. Nov. 6, 1.S60. 

//,7 Fr,yti7/. > ' ' ' "' ' ^' 'i He died in infancy, July 2S, 1S64. 


Samiet. F. l!.\iHKLIiEk was the proiirietur ot an a])<.tliecaiy store, and practised his 
l.rolession 111 .South Bo,ton. Ma>~., ior sonie twehu ve.n^. He a nicnilxr of the Massa 
chusetts Medical .Society, .and a Master Mason of Si. Panl^ 1.m,1^,. 1 >r I'.achddev w..- .i 
member of the School Committee of Boston for four year-, 

7Vw«,7.t CVi'rav//5,!,7/,/,/,T. the eldest son. graduated in uSS^ with liigh rank of srholai 
ship from Harvard College. Mass. 


834 J 


Jame*^ William" Cogswell, (T/icjuhs'', Willuuir, Nathaniel^, Jolin'\ 
Williaiir, y'o/in''), son of Hon. Thomas"' [416] and Mary (Noyes) Cog.s- 
well, was born Feb. 16, 1838, in Gilmanton, N. H. He married, Jan. 
25, 1866. Abhif F. C/iffon/, daughter of Joseph L. and Jane (Martin) 
Clifford. She was born April S, 1842, in Loudon, N. H. They residetl 
ill Gilmantcm and Laconia, N. II. 


Hattie Belle, [1424] b. Oct. 2S, iSGO. 
Willie Clifford, [1425] b. Aug. 4, 1S69. 
Maude Clifford. [1426] b. April 6, 1871'). 


James \V. Cogswell wns educ.ued at Gihiianton Academy. Mr. Cogs- 
well received the appointment of Deputy Marshal in i860, and of De|nity 
Sheriff for Belknap County in 1S72, and was reappointed in 1874. I'nder 
the new Constitution he was elected tlie First Sheriff for lielknap ( 'ouniy in 
1S78. and re-elected in 1880. 




Tho:mas" Cog.^\vkll, ( Tlwuins'', William', Nathauiil^, yoli;/'\ W'il 
liaiir, yohii^), son of Hon. Thomas'' 1 416 ; and Mary (\o)es) Co.uswcll, 
was born Feb. 8, 1S4!, in Gilmanton, N. H. He married, Oct. 8, 1873, 
Florence Moocrs, daugliter of Renbcn U. and ]?ctsey S. {Cin'i-ien 
Mooers. She was born July 21, 1851, in Manchester, N. H. They 
resided in the old homestead in Gilmanton, N. H. 

THEIR children WERE: 

Anna Mooehs. [14273 b. Sept. 17, 1S74. 
Thomas, [1428] b. Nov. 23, 1875. 
Clarenie Noves. [1429] Ij. Nov. 3, 1S77. 


Thomas Cogswell, the youngest son of IIm\. Thomas Cogswell , 416]. 
graduated in 1863, from Dartmouth College, N. H. AVhilc a mtmber of col 
lege he entered the Union Army and was commissioned First Lieutenant. Oct. 
5, 1862, and promoted April 8, 1863, to the Captaincy of Company .A, Fifteenth 
Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers. He was at the siege of Port Hudson. 
Capt. Cogswell resigned his commission, and was honorably discharged from 
the service, -Aug. 13, 1S63. He was a lawyer, and filled various public offices. 
He was Selectman, Superintendent of Schools, President of Board of 'J'ru-^tees 
of Gilmanton Academy, Representative to the State Legislature in 1S71 and 
1S72, State Senator in 1878, and a member of the Governor's Council. Hon. 
Thomas Cogswell succeeded to the management of his father's extensive farm- 
ing interests, and iiad an important and lucrative law practice. Near by his 
residence stood, in 1884, the former resilience of Gen. Joseph Badger, wliicli 
was the first framed house erecteil in the town of Gilmanton. N. II. 





William Ai;kah.\m" Cogswell, {Fra:.cis'\ Wi/Z/iii/r, Xathanic/'K 
'Jo/iii-, U'l/Ziii!//-, 'yoJiu'). son of Hon. Francis'' i i\1 \ and Mary S. (Mar- 
land) Cogswell, was born May 5, 1S30, in Ossipee, N. H. He married, 
Oct. 22, 1868, Susan L. //()//•, daughter of Peter and Louisa (Wilson) 
Holt. She was born Jan. 16, iiS40, in North Andover, Mass., where 
they resided. Mr. Cogswell died I\Iay 2, 1879. 


M..\RV LoLi'-A. [1430] 1.. .Aug. 10, I.';;!. 




John Francis" Cogswell, [Frauds'^', Williani', Nathaniel'', yoJni^, 
Wilhani', yolnO), son of Hon. Francis'' . 4n 1 and Mary S. (Marland) 
Cogswell, was born March 25, 1S35, in Dover, N, H. He married, 
March 29, i860, Esj/tcr M. Alcrnll, daughter of Cain. Nathaniel and 
Sarah C. (Tliompson) Merrill. She was born June 19, 1840, in Yar- 
mouth, Me. Thev resided in Andover, Mass. 


Fkantis, [1431] 1). M.irch 24, 
Xath ANir.i Mr.KKiM.. [1432] ''• Ji 


John Francis Cogswell was educated at Phillips Academy, .Andover. 
Mass. He went to Lawrence in 1S53. where he resided until Feb., IS.<^o. 
I'pon the death of his father he removed to .\ndover. Mas';., and occupied the 
old family residence. He was engaged for many years in the " K.xpress and 
Freight Forwarding Business.'' .Mr. Cogswell was a member of the City Council 
of Lawrence, ^L^ss.. in 1862 and 1863, and .Alderman in 1S79. He was a 
Trustee of the Lawrence Public Library, and also a Trustee of I'roadway 
Savings fiank. He was very active and successful in business, a man of ample 
means, and a respected citi/en. 


[841 J 


Marv Marland" Cogswell, [Frdnris'', IViliianr, ,y,r//i,i.,u/'. yo/i.:/ . 
Wil/iam-, Johii^), daughter of Hon. P'rancis" [ 417 i and Man S. (Mai 
land) Cogswell, was born April 8, 1839, in Dover, N. H. She married, 
Jan. 17, 1861, William Hohbs, Esq., son of William and Maria (Miller; 
Hobbs. He was born Jul\- 11, 1819, in Waltham, Mass. They resided 
in Brookline, Mass. 


Marland Cogs-.jcll,h. Nov. -o, 1S62. 
Fraiikiht Warm/, b. Sept. 34. 1S6S. 


\VlMJ\M H.iM^S Emk, ni.inicd, I icc. rC, 1N5;,. \,\dcl:iu J. Xi.hol.,. cl^inshtcr .,1 I 
.Nichols. E,f|. Thev resided in W.iUhnn.. Ma.-- TIka .t d.-iughtci : SIlII.t Xicln 
M.ny 10, 1S56. 

\VILl.I.\M II<;)];]:s, ES(J. 

Mv. Iloblis, after cniipletinp his education. «as aliscnt from the country for twn 
in India, and on his return engaged in mercantile business in St. Loui.s, .Mo. In i.S: 
established him-dl a- a l.auver, in liuston, .\>. IIi> oltice was for more than thin> " 
on State Mie.i, 1:,.! i, . u-:(lence in Waltham, Ku.xbury, lioston, and after iS;3. in llr..'ol 
.Mass. For -. ,Li 1! .1 ;■■ liL »as a mendier of the City Council of lioston. 

J\r,iH.n.:/ r:,.r;..,,'.. //,/./:,, was a memlier of the class of 1885 in Harvard College, M.i 

/■■■.-.vildin Ii;,rr,„ //,./A. in iS.S;. wa- in the Institute of Technologv. Huston. Mass 


1843 J 


Thomas Maklanh' Cogswell, (Fraiicis^\ William'', Nathaiiict\ 
Jotnv\ William', Jvlni^), sun of Hon. Francis" [417] and Mary S. (Mar- 
land) Cogswell, was born July 17, 1844, in Andover, Mass. He married, 
June 27, 1S73, Gcorgiaiia J McCoy, daughter of Edward and Olivia 
McCoy. She was born Sept. lo, 1S47, in Manchester, N. H. They 
resided in Lawrence, Mass. Mr. Cogswell was in the Express business 
with his brother, John 1>"kan-cis Cogswell, Es(.>. [ 839 , nf Anddvcr, 





A].v,\ Pakker" Cogsweli,, {George-''', IViI/inur', .Vo/Ziauii/-', yolnr\ 
Wilhatir, Johii^), dau-liter of Dr. Gfiriic" 1418) and Abi.:.;ail (Parker) 
Cn-swcll, was bnrn Sept. 25, 1832, in IJradford, Mass. She married. 
Oct. 20, 1859, Hon. George Frai/cis Cliente, sun of William and Liicrclia 
(Ikirnham) Choate. He was born P"cb. 9, 1S22, in Esse.x, Mass. Tboy 
resided in Salem, Mas.s. 



i\ r, 


1>. .M.-irrli 16, l.Sr.i. Hl' ilicil m chilill 


r C> 

/. h. luiK- 5, i.Sro. 




v//, 1j. Dec. 12,,:;. 




b. June 12, i,sc,5. 


/. J!. 


v/. b. Aug. 2.S. i,S(.S. 


Ar.iiv ]'.-\RKER CiiGSWELL Was graduntcd from Brndford Feiiialc Seminary. 
She was a lady of great energy, and enthusiastic in matters of family liLsiory. 

Ibix. Geokce Francis Choate fitted for college at Dummer Academy 
under the instruction of Nehemiah C'lcaveland, LL. D . and entered Bowdoin 
College in 1S39, from which he graduated in 1843. He studied law in the office 
of Hon. J. C. Perkins. LL. D., was admitted to the Bar in 1846, and at once 
entered into law partnership with Hon. William D. Northend. This partnership 
was continued until 1858, when he was appointed Judge of Probate and Insol- 
vency for the County of Esse.x, whicii office he still held in 1SS4. Judge Ciioate 
was often called to act on important commissions, and annotated several vain 
.dile law books. 


i 84.5 


Gi;riRr,|-, liAnni-.R' Cof.swF.i.L, (George'', ]]'il/!aii!'', X,)t/i:riie/\ yo/zir' 
W'ii'.'.'iiiir. Joliii^). son of Dr. George" [418: and Abigail (Parker) Cogs 
well, was burn Sept. 15, 11^34, in Bradford, Mass. He married, P'cb 
iS, 185S, Caihariiie Jiol'soii J'ro:eii, daughter of Addison and Catharine 
i;,,|)srMi (Grilbn) ]irown. She was born Aug. 13. 1835, in West Now 
bnrv. Mas- Thcv resided in N'nrtli I'.aston, Mass, 



Cu.AULi.s Hai.l, [1433J b. March 23. tfiS'J- 

KrniL I;aI)(,i;k. [1434] 1'. Nov. is, iS(,2: m. Se]it. 25. 1S.S3, C/uvLs IV. U\/,/i 

George Badger Cogswell in fitting for e ulleye was under the instruction 
nf lienjamin Greenleaf, LL. 1)., of Bradford. Mass., but completed liis prc]jnr- 
atory course in Gilmanton .A.cadeniy, N. H., and entered Dartmouth Coileyje 
in 1851. He did not complete the college course, but from 1S53 to 1855 fol- 
lowed a sailor's life before the mast around the world. Upon his return iiome 
he pursued the study of medicine, attending lectures at the Harvard Medical 
School, and in 1857 he received the degree of M. D. from Dartmouth College. 
N. H. Dr. Cogswell was Resident Physician in charge of the Medical 
Department of the State Almshouse in Bridgewater, Mass., from June, 1S57, 
to July, 1859. He removed to North Easton, Mass., in 1S60, where he had a 
laige practice, and won eminence in his profession. Dr. Cogswell, in 1S61, was 
appointed Postmaster, which office he still held in 1884. During the war of 
the Union, Dr. Cogswell was the Surgeon of tiie Twenty-ninth INIassachusetts 
Regiment. He was on the stafl' of General \\'iIcox, as Acting Medical 
Inspector of the Ninth Army Corps. He was once taken prisoner, and for two 
months confined in Libby Prison. In 1S74 and 1S75 Dr. Cogswell was the 
Medical Director of the Massachusetts Department of the Grand Army of the 
Republic. He was a member of the .Massachusetts Medical Society. Upon 
the twenty-fifth anniversary of the graduation of his class, he recei\-eil the 
decree of A. -M. from Dartnioulli Colle-e. N H. 



\\']LLi.\M' Cogswell. {Gcvri;\'\ \Villiai)i\ NatlianiclK yohii\ Wil- 
liaiii"-, Joliii^), son of Dr. George*^ [ 418 1 and Abigail (Parker) Cogswell, 
was born Aug. 23, 183S, in Bradford, Mass He married, June 20. 
1865, ^Eminn Thoriuiikc Proctor, daughter of Thorndike and Kmnia 
(Silsby) Proctor. She was born Jan. i.|, 1843, in Salem, Mass., where 
they resided. Mrs. Cogswell died April 1,1877. Gen. Cogswell mar- 
ried, Dec 12, 18S1, '-Eva M. Davis, daughter of Horatio G. and Lydi.i 
\V. (Carter) Da\is. She was born ]-"eb. 14, 1S53, in Salem, Mass. 

\Vn.MAM,[i435]l.. M.uch24. iSo;. 
Kmma■,^, [1436] b. .Sei.l. 14, iN'..> 
Sarah 1'arkek, [1437] b. Oct. '>. I.S;^. she .bed \n chiUlhuod, Dec. d. kS;; 



Wii.i.iAAr C'ooswELL prepared for college in Phillips Academy. Andover. 
Mass., and in Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, N. H. He was admitted, 
in 1855. t° Dartmouth College, and like his older brother, he soon left college 
for a ship's deck before the mast, and in 1856 and 1857 made a voyage around 
the world, doubling Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope. After his return 
he graduated, in i860, from Harvard Law School, and was admitted to the 
Bar. Si)on after, the Southern Rebellion broke out. and Mr. Cogswell entered 
the military service of the United States. .April 19, 1861. He raised the first 
company of volunteers in the State of Massachusetts, and was commissioned 
its Captain under Col. Gordon of the Massachusetts Second Regiment. Capt 
Cogswell was commissioned, in 1S62, Lieutenant-Colonel; in 1865. Colonel; 
and Dec. 15, 1864. Brevet Brigadier-General. He was connected with ^L^ssa- 
chusetts Second Regiment Volunteers Infantry, and Third Brigade, Third Divis- 
ion, Twentieth .Army Corps, under Sherman. He was under Banks in the 
Shenandoah Valley. Pope in Virginia, McClellan at .Antietam. Hooker at 
Chancellorsville. Sherman at Chattanooga, at .Atlanta, being Commander of 
Post at Atlanta during its occupation ; at Savannah, at Raleigh, and at the 
final surrender of Lee's army to Gen. Grant. 

Gen. Cogswell was wounded several times and once severely. At the battle 
of Bentonsville, March 19, 1865. the honorable record is made : ''Gen. Cogs- 
well and Brigade did splendid work." Vid. Atlantic Monthly. Sept., 18S2, 
p. 394. Gen. Cogswell made a farewell address to his soldiers June 16, 1865. 
in Saxannah, Ga. The war being over, he was relieved of duty July 25, 1S65. 

In 1S70 Gen. Cogswell was Commander of the Massachusetis Department 
of the Grand Army of the Republic, and also Senior Vice-Commander of 
the Loyal Legion of Massachusetts He was Mayor of the City of Salem, 
Mass., in 1867, 1868, 1869, 1873, and 1874, and held various other local offices. 
Gen. Cogswell was for several years a prominent member of the ^Lissachusetts 
Legislature. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1870, 187 1, 
1881, 1SS2, and 1883. He served on the important Committees of the Judi- 
ciary, Towns, Into.xicating Liquors, and Revision of the Statutes. He was 
for some years Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He held the oftice of 
Fish Commissioner. Gen Cogswell received the degree of .A. ^^, in 1S78, from 
Dartmouth College, N. H. 


I 8511 


Jolni'), soil 

1.1 1 . ((■/,,/;;;.'', /J iliiani 
ol Dr. George'' 418 an 

Xathauul', jolur. Wil- 
and Llizabcth (Doane) Cogs- 


well, was born April 29, iS5i,in l^radinrd, Mass. He married, Dec, 
20, 1S83, S,im/.' CathcriitL Dniry, dauy;htcr of Joseijh B. and Sarah 
(Wilder) Drury. She was born May 3, 1S58, in Gardner, Mass. They 
resided at Riverside, Bradford, Mass. 

DoANE Cogswell graduated in 1874 from Dartmouth College, and was two 
years in the Harvard Medical Scliool. Mr. Cogswell did not enier upon the 
practice of medicine, but turned his attention to agriculture. He owned and 
managed one of the best farms in Essex County, beautifully located, overlook- 
ing ihe waters of the Merrimac. His estate received the name of " Riverside." 




Gkoki-.k Washincton' Co(.,s\vi:ll, (Xathanicl'', Jo/ur. XcU/i<inii-/\ 
Jc/nr, Willi, nir, ;/W///'), son of Nathaniel" 14211 and Sally (Snow) 
Cogswell, was born Feb. ig, 1807, in Landaff, N. H. He married, 
Feb. 16, 183.4, tia'rut Taylor, daughter of Timothy and Betsey (Love!) 
Taylor. She was born .^pril 3, 18 10, in Lisbon, N. H. They resided 
in Easton, N. H. 

Fkanlis Gecikgl. [1438] h. July 7. i.^ss. He died in int.uicv. .March i(k 
John Ross. [1439] b. Aprii iS, 1^4^' : m. June <> '867, 'El'la .)/. Kiii^h 

18. 1S72, -Ellen C. HiUhcth. 
Sar.mi Elle.n, [1440] b. Sept. 16, 1S43: m. Nov. ly, 1SO8, Eri Oakcs. 
Nathaniel O., [1441] b. May 1, 1845; "i- I^ei-'. 7, 1S75, Maioa Bionson. 
Maktha, [1442] b. Dec. 26, 1849: m. Nov. 26, 1S70, Calvin Oakc. 
Etta A., [1443] b. Oct. 27, 1S52: m. Dec. 29, 1S76, F. B. ilihbcth. 
Carlos M.. [1444] h. Nov. 20, 1S54; m. Sept. 22, 1879, Xcllic O. Dni.: 


■.h \V\-iiiN.. I. .\ (..,.. Will u.i- ;i I-iL-u-Will ];,iini>t iiiiiiiMci, .iikI lo] ll- 
cliul lla Cn^pcl li. i1k clL-lilnte uitiiunl > Kcv. ^h- C'm.u-hcII wa- a 


1 854 


RiTir CtH. SWELL, {.Wit/uviicl", jfo/nr, XatI/anu/\ Johii\ Willuivi'. 
Ji'liii^, ckuiL;liter of Nathaniel'' (421j and Sarah (Snow) Co-svvcll, was 
born Xuv. 29, iSoS, in Landaff, N. H. She married, Jan. 4, 1829, 
lliraui Ml nil!, son of Asa and Sally (Bassett) Merrill. He was born 
Jan. 20, 1805, in Corinth, Yt They lived in Craftsbury, Vt. Mrs, 
Merrill died Oct. 2. 1883. 


Car/o... li. .April 27. 1S31. Hl- died in early life, Dec. 14, 1S39. 
Saia/ijd-: . 1.. .May v, 1^35: m. Oct. 15. iSr,i, _/. L. /V./f.v. 
William II. II., b. Oct. 20. 1.S40: 111. (Jet. (k 1S63. /////« A. C„ss. 


[ 855 1 


H.\N.\.\n~ CoG.swELL, (Xat/tat!ii/'\ yvliif', XatJiaiiicl^, yohit\ W'il- 
liaiir, yof/ii^), daughter of Nathaniel" I 421 ] and Sarah (Snow) Cogs- 
well, was born Aug. 13, iSio, in Landaff, N. H. She married, Ajiril 
14, 1832, Chaiidhr Boicles, son of Dea. Jonathan and Phebe (Parker) 
Howies. He was l>orn June 25, 1804, in Lisbon, N. H., where the)- 
resided. Mrs. ]5owles died Oct. i, 1S55. Mr. Bowles died Nov. 4, 


Gc-i'ii^c C, li. Feb. II. IN33: m. Maicli 13, iti56, Emily Oakes. 
Maiy Jaiu, b. Xov. 10, 1S34: m. May 12, 1S33, Haiiiuc! Bnihaiik. 
C. Parker, h. Feb. 12, 1S36: m. iSCx), Josic- Gilrs. 
Esther Ann, b. July 2, 183S: m. \Zi'i, Joseph T. Mo,h/v. 
Aiidiza H., b. March 29, 1S41: m. April 28, iS57,/('//// //. OaL\s. 
Hannah Mama. b. July 10, 1843; m. March 24, \^(>\, James C. A'ayes. 
Elan Galusha, died in infancy, Feb. 11, 1S46. 
Sally Annette, b. Feb. 6, 1846: m. 1867, Holland Thrasher. 
Philemon P., b. Jan. 26, 1H4S; m. 1876, Li::ie ll'aJe. 
Calvin C, b. 1849: m. \^tj, Jennie Dailey. 
Josephine (I, b. Jan 26, iSji : m. iSfe. Home/ Thrasher. 
Kate Emma. b. Jan. 21. 1853: m. .\\,t\\ 27, iS;(.. Kev. Geor-e II. Ide. 


Ucoi\^v 11. /lit gradualed in KS65 from Dartmouth College, N. II., and in 1S69 In 
Andover 'I'liuoluj;icaI Seminary, Mass. He was ordained and installed, Oct. 2S, 1S69, ''•'*' 
of the Congregational Church, in Mopkinton, Mass. Oct. 5, 1876, he resigned, and was inslalk 
\m\.. iS7(,. |'a>t..r ol the Central Congregational Church, in Lawrence, Mass. This I'astorr 
111. le.^iynul in iSSo, and wa^ settled in iSSo, I'astor of the Grand .Vvenue Congregatior 
Chinch, in Milwaukee, Wis. 


[856 1 


John' Cogswell, (Nat/im/n-/^, yoliu'\ Nathainel'^, Johir'', IVillicvn-. 
y<?//«'), son of Nathaniel'' [421] and Sally (Snow) Cog-swell, was born 
Feb. II, 1813, in Landaff, N. H. He married, March 23, 1851, Sarah 
Aiigits/a Carlton, daughter of William and Lucinda (15alcum) Carlton. 
She was born Jan. 13, 1S30, in Ashburnham, Mass They resided in 
Lowell, Mass., and in Easton, N. H. 


Frank 1'.. [1445] b. Feb, 8, 1S52. K., [1447] ''■ July 24. 

Al(,usi A ^L, [1446] b. Oct. C, 1854. Chakle.s W., [1448] b. April 6, 1S72. 


JdH.N CoUbUKl.L fur some years was at the head of a |)rivate Academy of I'enmanshiji. 
liookkeeping, and Drawing, in Lowell, Mass. Afterwards he was appointed Teacher of Pen- 
manship in the I'ublic Schools of that city. In iS66 he retired upon a farm in liaston, N. 11. 




Dearborn Sanborn Moody' Cogswell, (A'athanid^, yolni", Xatlian 
iel\ yolni\ Williaiifi, yohn^), son of Nathaniel'' [4211 and Sally (Snow) 
Cogswell, was born March 22, 1819, in Landaff, N H. He married. 
April 12, 1849, Mclinda Oakcs, daughter of Uriah and Eunice (Aldrich) 
Oakes. She was born June 18, 182S, in Lisbon, N. H. They resided 
in Landaff, N H. 



Hakhv H., [1449] I.. July ic. 1S52; 111. Oct. 2. i.Syr., Ella M. lUiii^s. 
Fki;I)I:i;i( K.. [1450] b. May 1. 1S54: ni. Nov. 2, 1SS2, Anhlk Stevens. 
Lizzie J., [1451] b. Marcli i, 1N56: m. Jan. 19, iiiyS,/o/iii IV. Oiiimby. 
Emm.a L., [1452] b. April 4. iSfo. She died in infancy, Aug. 26, 1SO2. 
Bektha K., [1453] b. Dec 30, lSC/, 


[ 860 I 


M.ARV C.' Cogswell, {Xan'/anic/'', Johir', Xathaniel\ Johir, Wil- 
liam-, Johii^), daughter of Nathaniel'-' 1421] and Sally (Snow) Cogswell 
was born Sept. 7, 1821, in Landaff, N. H. She married, Sept. 22 
1S43, Cltavhs C. Kiiapp, the son of James and Rhoda (Rowland) Knapp, 
He was born May 15, 1820, in Lisbon, N H. They resided in Little 
ton, N. H. Mrs. Knapp died Aug. 17, iSSi. 


.\idcllc (>., b. Sept. 13. IN4S: 111. March 10, 1877, '/^c:\ t7(W:-<.' /.'<vAv m. Oct. 10 

iSSl. -Sainucl J. Mead. 
Tliiw i/iililicn \\hu died in infancy : name.-; not ijiven. 


«.://,-. ( ■ A'l! :,■'/. alter tlic ikce.isc uf lii= wIIl, removed tu New Haven, Conn. I Ic 
c (•...u>utll M(H.<1 i- L-nil all Ihrnngh. Of this race my wife was the best of the lot, 
.I/;-, ami .1//,-. .U,.,./ iL-.^iileil in Unclerhill. Vt. Kev. M'r. IJcebe died March 9, 1879. 


[ 8611 


l^LTSLV E." Cogswell, {.Wu/itviifl", Jolur, Xathaiiiil\ jo/ur, IVil- 
liavr, Joltti^), daughter of Nathaniel' 1 4^1 i and Sally (Snow) Cogswell, 
was born May 12, 1826, in Landaff, N. H. She married, I\Liy 12, 1847, 
James C. Xoycs, son of Rufus and Hannah Noyes. He was born Jan. 
24, 1820, in Landaff, N. H. They resided in 15ath, N. H. Mrs. Noyes 
died July 16, 1S60. 


.lni/h//,i /', h. KlIi h. 1S4.S; m. KlL. 21, |N74. 'riiiiolhy 11. S,iiilli,ii d. 

J«cmoranUa. C.Xoy.s niavriecl. Mai ch :-i, 1S61. 2.W,r,w H. H.nvlcs, daughter of Chan, Ik 
Hannah (C..;j,>vvJin Howlcv [ 855 1- Thev ic^idLcl m lialh, N. II. They had fuur diil 
Jessie E., b. -,. iSii:. Ix-ml L. 1,. Mav 11. 1S64. d. Aul-. 16, r.SjS; flecrge l;,b. ]) 
iSCS; M. ('hii-tiL, li. Aiii;. 13. 1S7G, d. Aiil;. i;„ 1S7S. 

Mr. and .1//.-. Soalh.uJ icMd^d in T.ath, X. II. They had three ehildren : Annie 
Aiij;. 6, 1879; J-TiiL-f ^•■ ''• July '(i- '^Si • ■\gi«-j F., b. May 6. 1SS3. 


I 862 ; 


A.MOS' Cogswell, (J\rauiah'\ Ebcuczcr'', Xathaiiicl\ yohu'\ Wii- 
/iaiir, yohn^), son of Jeremiah" 1424] and Joanna (Jewell) Cogswell, 
was born July i8, iSio, in Lisbon, N. H. He married Maria jFoknsoii, 
daughter of Jedediah and Abigail Johnson. She was born March 16, 
1808, in Peacham, Vt. They resided in Rutland, Vt., but remu\'ed t" 
Lakeview, Oregon, where they were living in 1S84. 

W.^KREN J., [1454]. 

Frederic A., [i^ss] li. Oct. 21, 1841 ; m. .Mareli 12, 1.S71, Ella Jitdkiiis. 
Charles A., [1456] b. Jan. 3. 1844; m. July 4. i'S83. Maitha /.. Hayford. 
Geok(,l S., [1457] b. Match 8, 184S. He died in infancy, Aug. 12, l>-49. 


The followint; apjiearcd in a local paper: "f)n Thursday evening Mr. and Mr 
Cogswell and V. A. Cogswell, the father, mother, and brother of C. A. Cogswell, ol th 
arrived. They were met at Red liluff by Col. C. A. Cog.swell and Dr. Cason. The v- 
couple stood the overland trip remarkably well, and are looking hale and hearty. 'I 
make their future home in Lakeview." 

FrciaUk A. C-'iiw,-// [ 1455 ] had oul child thai died in intanc\. lie and his 
Charles A. Cogswell, served in th^ Union .\rniy. They wux in nearl\ all ihc batik 

march to the sea. Thev became lawvcrs and resided ni Lakeview, ( McLjon. 




Ik.v C()u.-,\vkll, (ycnmiah^ Eth/ic.:,:'', Xat/iaiuc/ \ Jolnr', William-, 
Juhn'), sun of Jeremiah'^ [424 ) and Joanna (Jewell) Cogswell, wa^ l)urn 

March 6, 1815. He married . They resided, 18S2, in New 

Laconia, Pierce Co., Washington Territory. 

MvKMN. [.458]. '"^"' "^''' '""'" ''■■'^ 

P E.A RS(_) \ Goes W K L L 


Pe.\kso\' Cogswell, {Ebcuczcr'\ yoscph'\ Xatliauicl'^, yoh:i\ Wit- 
liaiir, j'oli/i^), son of Kbenezer'' ! 431 ' and Betsey (Wiggin) Cogswell, 
was born May 2, 1823, in Tam worth, N. H. He married, April, 1843, 
^Thankful Hidden, danghter of William Hidden. She was born in 
Tam worth, N. H, where they lived. Mr. Cogswell married, 1848, 
-Sarali Davis, of Lancaster, Mass. Mr. Cogswell died April 20, 1864. 

ErL [1459] li- All;;., 1855. 

FR.■\N^]^, [1460] b. iS4r,: m. April I, 1S69, Biidi^ct Kelly . 


IM69 1 


H.\.N.\.\n' CuGSWKLL, {Ebatczcr\ yos.plt; Xathamd \ yuhir\ Wil- 
liatii", yohii^), daughter of Kbenezer" 14311 and Bet.sey (Wiggin) Cogs- 
well, was born May 4, 1825, in Tamworth, N. H. She married, Jan. 
I, 1850, Silas Mcscrvi, son of Ephraini and Sarah (Gray) Meserve. 
He was born Oct. 29. 1S12, in Jacks.m, N. 11., where they resided 



Si'/as Decatur, b. Nov. 9. 1S50. 

Willis Arthingicn, \ ^_^ p^|^ , ,g j He died in cliildliood, Dec. 15, 1X5,^ 
WilhiirLiviui^ston. S ^' '' " ' ' "' i He died in early life, Nov. 22, iSSo 
Sn;<2l! Eli:ak-tli, b. Ma\ 17, 1860. 


1 870 i 


Emily" Cogswell, {Ebcnczcy'\ yoscplr, XatliaiiicI^, J'o/iti^, W'il- 
lidiir, j'l /ii/^}, daughter of Ebenezer'' I 431 I and ]5elscy (Wiggin) Cog.s- 
wcll, was born Sept. 11, 1S27, in Tainworth, N H. She married, 
March 27, 1852, Francis Fad, son of James and Ann Ford. He was 
born 1S20, in Scotland. They resided in Ro.\biir\- and l-Soston, Mass. 
Mrs F"ord died Aug 11, 1866. 


Aim Eli:alHih, b. April U), 1S53: ni l.SyS, Charles W. Gault : d. Ocl. 2. 1 SM 

Francis, b. Sept., 185C1. He died in childhood. Nov. 1, iSOi. 

]Vinian, /I., b. Fel.. 7, 1.S5S. 

Frciicric. b. Aiij;., \^y). He died in infancy, iSCio. 


: 877, 


Marth.\ Ellen' Cogswell, {Elliott Colbf', JoscpJi'\ NatliaiiiclK 
Jo/iiP, ]Villimii\ 7o/ni'), daughter of Rev. Elliott Colby'' i 439 j and 
Sophia Ann (Adams) Cogswell, was born Dec. 28, 1849, in Newmar- 
ket, N. H. She married, Dec. 3, 1S74, yo/iti G. Mead, son of John G. 
and Harriet N. Mead He was born Feb. 5, 1S50, in Northwood, 
N, H. They resided No. 124 Flatbush Avenue, P.rooklyn, N. Y. 





Elizadeth Greexleaf' Cogswell, {Elliott Colhf\ Joscplr, Xatliau- 
id\ Jo/iir, U'llliaiii', Jolni^), daughter of Rev. Elliott Colby' [439 I and 
Soi^hia Ann (Adams) Cogswell, was born March 5, 1852, in Newmar- 
ket, N. H. She married, Feb. 28, 1877, Charles H. Prcscott, son of 
Winthro]) T. and Martha S. Prescott. He was born Jidy i, 1853, in 
Deerfield, N. H. They resided in Walpole, Mass.. and Nu 124 Flat- 
bush Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

THEIR ONLY CHILn WA.-- ; Co:^,-..'cll. b. Dec. 29, iS-,s. He died in cliildluiod, Feb. 9. i.SS-. 


I 886 I 


Apam Hc'Lhen" Cogswell, (Joiiathau'\ ycrcvnalv', Calch\ Adavi^, 
William'^, yo/in^), son of Jonathan'' 1445: and Sarah (Tuttlc) Cogswell, 
was born July 29, 180!, in Westford, Mass. He married, March 20, 
1823, lifoiy Willie; daughter of Ebenezer and Mary B. White. She 
was born Oct. 15, 1806, in Hallowell, Me They resided in Co.xsackie, 
N. Y., afterward removed to Weston and subsequently to Waltham, 
Mass. Mr. Cogswell died June 21, 1843. Mrs. Cogswell died April 
30, 1S77, in Methncn, Mass. 

THEUi tHILDRi:.\ WEKl, : 

Thomas C . [1461] b. April iS. 1824; m. July 27, 1S30, ^AmvJ. P,jrks; m. -Man 

I 'iiiiiiit. 
Makv Jam:, [1462] 1). July 19, 1.S2O; m. Feb. 15, 1S46. 'Joseph E. Hayx.'ard; m. 

Aug. 22, 1S72. "-Charles J. Bnlloek. 
Lucy A.. [1463] b. March 2, 1S2S; m. May 25. 1S47, 'Silas W. CloJIiii : m. -.Urre,! 

I.. Hill. 
Sni'iimiM.x. [1464] b. Jan. 26, 1.S32. .She died in infancy. Se]jt. 5, rS33. 
Sniiii;..M.\. [1465] b. Dec. 14, 1S34: ni. Dec. 13. iS;2. Oli'-er 1' . Jones. 
AiJAMs H.. [1466] b. Au;;. 11, 183^-. m. April 9. 1S64. 'Fiaitees L. Taiittei : ni. \.u. 

22, 1870, ^'^Tl■s. Clara A. {Sliekiicy) Iiillin;.is. 
DiiKt .\siNE, [1467] b. Sept. 3, 1.S37. She died in infancy, July 19, i.^3.s. 
V.\.\/ \ M., [1468] b. Dec. i.s, i.S3,S; ni. \nv. 4. iSj'i, Nasliiii^s )'oi/i/i^. 
(;i-..i<(,i H.. [1469] b. Del. 2r,. 1S40. He died in early life. Au-. 14. 1S53. 


I 888 I 


Marv' Cogswell, ('Jo/ni'\ Jcluf\ 'Jo/i/i\ Jolufi, Jolnr, j'oliu^), 
daughter of John'' 1457] and Abigail (Goodwin) Cogswell, was 1-iorn 
May 7, 176S, in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. She married, Dec. 12, 1793, 
Winthrop Biint/unn, son of Thomas and Mary (Howes) liurnham. He 
was born Sept. 5, 1759, in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass Mrs. lUiniham 
died April 12, 1833. Mr. Burnham died No\- 23, 1852. 


William Howard, b. Aug. 31, 1794. He died, unmarried, Sept. 7, 1.S21. 

Mary, b. Jan. 21, 1797. She died unmarried. 

Eunice, b. Oct. i, 1799; ™- March 24, 1820, Epcs Story ; d. Sept. 24. 1S42. 

Clarissa, b. Oct. 15, 1S02: m. Oct. 3, 1S26. /olin S. Buriihatn. 

Sally, b. April 4, 1S05; m. June 20. iZ^o, John F. Burnham ; d. Sept. 21, 1S42 

Wintlirop, b. Aug. 21, 180S; m. June 6, 1839, Lmy Ann Rohinsoti. 

A child, b. Aug. 23. 181 1 ; died in infancy, Aug. 25, 181 1. 


1889 I 


John" Cogswell, {Jolnf', 'JoJuf', JoJiu^, yoliu'\ yoJin", Joliu^), son 
of John*^ [ 45T I and Anna (Steele) Cogswell, was born Sept. 24. 17S4, 
in Chebacco, Ijiswich, Mass. He married, April 29, 18 10, Liicrctia 
Day, daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth (Hodgkins) Day. She was 
born Sept., 1787, in Ipswich, Mass. They resided in Esse.x, Mass. 
Mr. Cogswell died Oct. 4, 1855. Mrs. Cogswell died Nov. 2, 1865. 


Anna Steele, [1470] b. Jan. 12, iSii ; m. Dec. 17, 1S31, Zathcus Lcc. 

John, [1471] b. Nov. 17, 1S12; m. 1834, Elizabeth Clark. 

Aaron Dav, [1472] b. Fel). 29, 1S15. He was lost at sea. Nov., 1.S37. 

Hannah Day, [1473] b. Dec. 25, 1S19; m. Nov. 15, 1838, William Holmes Perl-ins. 

Charles, [1474] )j. Feb. 2, 1825; m. Jessie Ann McDonnell. 

George, [1475] b. March 12, 1827; m. Jan. u, 1S64. Louisa /nt^ersoll. 

EiiWAKii, [1475,7] b. June iS, 1S30. He died in cliildhood, Dec. 12, 1831. 

KiiwARD, [1476] 1j. Dec. (1, lN33: m. Jan. 14, iSCny, Mary Ann Dennont ; d. 1S32. 



I 896) 


William' Ccigswell, ( Wil/invf', 'jo/nr', %i/i>i'', jo/ur, jfo/iir, 
J''/'//'), son of William [458 1 and Liicretia (Burnham) CoL;s\vell. was 
born 1772, in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. He married, Jan. 17, 
1805, Liicy Chocitc She was born 17S7, in Ipswich, Mass. They 
resided in Chebacco Parish. Mr. Cogswell died Sept, 7, 1829. Mrs. 
Cogswell died Feb. 5, 1S7G. 


Wli.l.HM, [1477] b. Nov. 29, 1S05 : m. Sept. 10, \^i:^,Raihc! Jolnisoii ; d. April 17. iSf/.. 
jiKi \n.\ii. [1478] li. Sept. II. i8o7;ni. Sept. 19, xZn.Hannnh ClioatcjA. Jnii.3. 
Fkam is. [1479] b. .May 4. iSjo; m. Dec. 25. 1.S77, Kctiirah Cook; d. Dec. n;. iS;S 
\V.\MiiM,ToN. [1480] b. Feb. 3. i,Si4. He tlietl in childliood, July 7, i.SiS. 
Ai.niMiN, [1481] b. Nov. II. 1815. 


Wll.l.l.\M Coc.swF.Ll. wa.-i.i /armcr ami filled varioii.i town nfficcs. Ci'C.frc.V [ 1477 1 re<=i(l',d in West Lynn, Mass. There were m. cliil(h.i.. 
l-ni„n.< C.-i:--,;ll \ 1479 1 rusidcd in Zanesvin'c. n]ii„. He died witlmui cl.iidnn. 
.\l,M-.N K\. .M.ii. Is,.. [1481]. w.i. .1 m.m nt cull.nx. wuilll,. and )» ..minen.c i„ M:i~s. 


(897 I 


Zaciif.u.v Cor.'^well, {U'i/liaiii'\ 'Ji'/uf', yolni^, yoIni\ yo/iii'-, 
Joltn^), son of William'' 1458! and Lucretia (lUu-nham) Cogswell, was 
born Sept. lO, 1773, in Chebacco, Ijiswich. Mass. He married Jan. i, 
1807, Abigail Low, daughter of Thomas and Dolly (Choatc) Low. She 
was born Dec. 22, 17S1, in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass., where they 
resided. Mr. Cogswell died March 1.4, 1S42. Mrs. Cogswell died Ma\ 

21, 1849. 


C'Ai.Kr., [1482] b. Oct. 25. 1S07: 111. Oct. 15, I. S3 1. Elizalh-lh Biiniliain. 

KiiAM IS, [1483] b. Oct. 29. 1809; m. June 26, 183C1, ^l.ois Howilit,!: ; ni. 1S51, -S,ii;i/! 

Jaitc Ihiriihavi ; d.July \(\ iSfiS. 
Dariis, [1484] b. Aug. 2, 1812; m. April 9, 1849, ^Aint C. Clioalv : m. J\d\ 3. i.S;.,. 

"■Cofpfiiic A\ Foss; A. Oct. 15. iSO'.. 
rni.i.v, [1485] b. .\pril 2<j, 1S17: ni, Dnni,-! .Xi'ilon : d. iM.ix 13, 1.S44. 


[ 898 I 


Ei'Es" Cogswell, { U'i7//(i !//''■ . yo////', yi>//n\ yoJni^, ydnr, yclin^), 
son of William'' 1458 1 and Lucretia (Burnham) Cogswell, was born 
Dec. 15, 1775, in Chebacco Parish, I]5swich, Mass. He married, March 
27, 1806, Mary Trask, daughter of Israel Trask. She was born April i, 
1777, in Beverly, Mass. They lived in Salem, Mass. Mrs. Cogswell 
died July, 1824. Mr. Cogswell died Nov. 11, 1S6S. 


Mary Trask. [14873 b. Feb. .s, iSoS; m. Sept. 28, 1828. Rev. Charles Morciridi^e ; 

d. Jan. 28. 1S64. 
LrrRF.TiA, [1488] b. Nov. 29, 1S09. She died April 28, iSsr.. 
Eli/ai;KT>l [1489] b. Aug. 22, 1.S13. Slie re.sided in Salem, Mass. 
i;i'i.s.[i49o]b. Nov. 15, i8"i5: m. Sej.!. 10. x'&i,-;, Martha K .Haiiimoiul ; A. Nov. 16, i,sr,2. 
Jri.i,\ Ann. [1491] !:>. Sept. id, 1S18; m. .Nov. 30, 1843. Eheiiezer CleavelaiuL 


KpE'. Co(;s\vfm„ it is said. illustiatLd the-c Scii])turcs: '• Xot slothfiiliii hiisitnss. f.-rv,nl 


1 900 1 


LucRETiA' Cogswell, {\Villiai)i'\ yolin'', yoIni\ yolui\ yo/iit'-, 
yolut^), daughter of William'"' I 458] and Lucretia (Burnham) Cogswell, 
was boin Aug. 30, 1781, in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. She married, 
March 18, 1802, Col. yolui P. ClioaU\ son of Stephen and Elizabeth 
(Patch) Choate. He was born Jan. 22, 1781, in Ipswich, Mass. They 
resided in Esse.v, Mass. Mrs. Choate died Sept. 28, 1848. Col. Choate 
died June 23. 1863. 


Liierctia. b. July 7, 1.S03; m. Elias Savage; d. Oct. 30.- 1S29. 
John, b. Dec. 25, 1S04; m. Aiis/iee .U. Smith; d. Marcli 29. 1S50. 
Mary Lo-d<e, b. March 25, 1S06: ni. Elias Savage: d. Feb. 11. 18S4 
Abigail J'a/eh, h. May 2j, iSo.;. She died in e.arly hfe. May l<), 1S34. 
Clara, b. Dec. 15, 1810. 

Epes, h. Dec. 21, 1812; m. Jan. 14, 1845, Ann B. k'ennanl : A. July. l86v. 
Caroline, b. Oct. 8. 1S15; m. A|iri! 13. i8C,5, E.h.'anl T. 
h,u b. Julv 24. 1817; m, Nov. 12. 1S40. .Sarah E. S. Kennard. 





PoLLV" Cogswell. ( U'iUiain''\ yo/ur, ydui^, yoliifi, yc/ni", yoJui^), 
daughter of William'^ [458] and Lucretia (Buniham; Cogswell, was 
born in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass She married, Jan. 14, 1802, Abel 
Loz.\ They lived in Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. Mrs. Low died 1S05. 


Polly, m. II a, mini. 





Hezekl\h" Cogswell, (Ezra'^\ Hczckialt-', Saniiic!'', Sannn-/^, yc/ni', 
yohu^), son of Ezra*^ [468; and Elizabeth (Dewey) Cogswell, was born 
Oct. iS, 176G, in Xova Scotia. He married, April 17, 1791, Hauuah 
Siiiilli. She was born June 28, 1761'), in Goshen. Mass. Thc\' resided 
in Chesterfield, Mass. 

AliEL, [1492] li. 1791. 

.Sally, [1493] b. -May 23, 1793. She died in early life, Aug. 7, iSio. 

Dasm:l, [1494] b. May 24, 1795: ni. \^\ii, Soplirouid Il'//i/r. 

CVXTHIA, [1495] b. Sept. 21, 179.S : m. Oct., 1820, Cltapinait Rlioadc.^ : d. July 6. 1^70. 

Hakvkv. [1496] b. Sepl 12, iSoi. He died in early life, Jan. 15. i.SiO. 

NuKALVN. [1497] b. Oct. 23. 1S03; m., 1S32, E/i:t7 Fo,ly. 

\EviA. [1498]!.. .M.ny 16, iSoC. 


I 909 


Desire" Cogswell, (E.:ra'\ Hczikiali'\ Samuel'^, Snmji,/-\ yo/nr, 
yo/ni^), daughter of Ezra" [468] and Elizabeth (Dewey) Cogswell, was 
born l-'cb. 22, 1769, in Nova Scotia. She married, June 9, 1791, y<>c/ 
Rust, son of l^lijah and Miriam (Strong) Rust He was born 1770, in 
Nortliani]ilon, Mass. They resided in Westhamptou. Mass Mr. 
died Nov. II, 184;,. Mrs. Rnsl died Oct. 1 8. 1S48. 



Xonnaii^ b. March 24, 1792. He died in boyhood, Oct. 6, 1798. 
Lydia, b. Sept. 19, 1793; m. Dec. 28, 1815, Capt. Rkhard Hale; d. Jan. 10, 18 
Mary, b. June 12, 1795; ra. Benjaviin Xoiton; d. April 29, 1S66. 
Betsey, b. June 18, 1797. She died in infancy, Feb. 28, 179S. 
EH=a, b. Jan. 16, 1799: m. June 8, 1831, Zeiias Clark j A. June 30, i860. 
Julia, b. Sept. 27, 1803; vc\. Jonathan J iiiid; d. Dec. 5, 1S50. 
Jod, b. April I, 1806; m. Sept., 182S, Mercy Wright; d. Oct. 6, 1837. 
Theodore, b. Feb. i, 180S: m. Dec. 11, 1832, Emeline Hunt ; d. Sept. 30, 1883 




Sarah' Cogswell, (Ezrd', Hczckialt', Samuel^, Savmcl^, yolnr, 
yolnt^), daughter of Ezra [468] and Elizabeth (Dewey) Cog.swell, was 
born April 9, 17S1, in Chesterfield, Mass. She married, Jul)- 30, iSoi, 
Xelnniiali White, son of Nehemiah and Mar)- (Rii^ley) White. He- 
was born in Chesterfield, Mass. They resided in Williamsburg, Mas.s. 
Mr. White died Dec. 1, 1834. Mrs. White died July 2S, 1852. 


Xe'u'Wiin R.. b. May 29, 1S02: m. Jenkins; d. .May I, 1S7.J 

Mary. h. Dec. 24. 1803: ni. Spencer liartlett. 

Harmony, b. Jan. 3, 1S06. She died Feb. 16, 1875. 

i:iv,ra, b. Marcli 7, iSoS. Slic died in early life, Aug.. 183C. 

Sarali .Maria. Ii. May 24. iSio. 

J'a-.'id. h. .Ma) 12, 1812. 

Kli:a!wlli, b. .March 3, 1S14. Slic died May n',, 1R74. 

Ezra C, b. Juh i. 1S16. He died Jul\. 1.S79. 

Har-aey, b. Sept. 2, 181S: ni. . 

Julia Ann. b. May 17, 1.S21 ; m. Marcli 4. 1842, /n//// 1 . Fit<h. 
Jo.uph, b. 2, 1825. He died in infancy, .May i,S, 18:5. 


Ciiill..,,!. M.,-.. 




Martha' Cogswell, (E::ra^\ HLZikiaJi', Sn;iiut/\ Saiii?ie/'\ Johir, 
ji'lni^), daughter of Ezra'' 1468 1 and Elizabeth (Dewey; Cogswell, was 
born in Chesterfield, Mass. She married. May 27, 1803, Sylvaiim 
While, son of Nehemiah and Mary (Ripley) White He was born 
in Chesterfield, Mass., where they resided, but removed, in 1826, to 
Bricksville, Ohio, where they died. 


// 'illiiim. 

Austin. 1). April 24, 1S05. 

Klizn, 1.. Jan. 5, 1809; 111. April 25, 1S26, R,-.-. Anson Dw{:^ht ; il. Dec. 14, iS^'' 

Fannrlia, b. Jan. 29. iSii. 

Echchi.h. May 14. 1813. 

Harvey, b. Oct. 22, 1S15. He died in infancy, jinit 23. liSi'i. 

/////;//. AMisPii. Eli. Con/.a,,. .I/,,;//,';. 


va^ a wlieelwi i.nlit, a teatlu-r of imi>ic, chorister, and an ex|icrl 
■on of L)oni.< and Sarah (Kii.;;or.<) Duiijlu. was Imrn July 20 
He became a minisiei, and was sc-tilid for s.mie yeai- in ' 
vhcre Mrs. 1 )wight died. Dec. 14. i.S6fi. They had two childr 
7. ni. March 15, iS4('). .\. ICngrani ; Harriet I'armelia. h. }\m' 
<ev. Mr. Dw'yht retired, in iSf.7. npcn a farm in Chesterfie 
1 1SS4. 






>„ I 








I 916 


Eliiu' Cogswell, {A,vo)f\ Hczchialr, Sivniich, Siniiin'/'-\ jFohn-, 
John^), son of Aaron'' 1469! and Susanna (Edgarton) Cogswell, was 
born Oct. 11, 1759, in Cornwallis, N. S. He married Rebecca Hoii'/niuf, 
ilau-htcr nf Ichabod Howland. She was born 1760, in Nurth \'ar 
mouth, N. S. They resided in Cornwallis, N. S., and Oroniocto, \. H. 
Mrs. C-swell died 16, 1816. Mr. Co-swell died .Nov. y, 1834. 



KEJiliccA, [1499] b. July 4, 1775; m. Dec, \iiO}„ Jonat/ian Nimuii. 

Susan. [1500] b. Aug. 3, 177S; m. 1S15, Asa Kiinhall. 

Joel, [1501]. He died young. 

William, [1502]. He died young. 

Da.mel, [1503] b. Dec. 16, i786;m. Aug. 11, \%\<.).Al'iiiaiI Xcwamih : d. June i, i.S;4. 

Isaac, [1504] b Oct. 17, 1789; m. 1S22, Mary Stcncx ; d. Nov. 23, i,S6i. 

An.nie, [1505] b. Jan. 2S, 1791. .She died Oct. 22, 1S73. 

Ei.iHU, [1506]: m. Aug. 22, 1839, Rebecca Dickcison. 

Charle.s C. [1507] b. Dec. 8, 179S; ni. Sept. 27, \%zi,Maiy A. Flynii : d. Mays, '■'^'''''>- 

Amos, [1508] b. Nov. 17, 1804: m. Marl/ia ,!/. Grass. 



Daniel" Cogswell, (Aaron'\ Hc:-ckiali\ Samuel \ Sainucr^, yohir , 
^c/^;/'), son of Aaron''' : 469 1 and Susanna (Edgarton) Coyswe'l, was 
Ijoni July 13, 1771, in Cornwallis, N. S. He married, Oct. :;o, 1S02, 
AH;j;ail Xci^'coiiib, daiigliter of John and Thankful (Burgess) \ewconib. 
She was born Ajjril 10, 17S1, in Cornwallis, N. S., where they resided. 
Mrs. Cogswell died Sept. 22, 1858. Mr. Cogswell died Dec. 9, 185S. 


J(in.\ EiK.ARTciN, [1509] b. July 13, 1803; m 1832. Mary Darliii-: A. June 18, 

.A.\i<ii\, [1510] b. Feb. 3, 1S05. He died, unmarried, April 24, 1871. 
Sahah Anne, [1511] b. Dec. 5, iSofi: m. July 5, 1828, Peru luisiii ferry. 
Benjamin Li., [1512] b. Oct. 2, 1S07; m. Nov. 10, 1832, 'Saia/i Jaikson, m. June, 

1 85 1, '-Mrs. Susan E. Cleavclaiui. 
Jmel, [1513] b. Feb. 13, iSlo: m. May 26, 1852, Olivia .-inn .Xeiu.onib; d. Nnv. 

Eli/a Alice, [1514] b. July 0. 1813: m. July i, \i^^^. .S/iu/>ac/ J'arker ; d. June 11. 

Daniel, [1515] b. .Aug. i, 1814 ; m. June 16, 1844, ^■^I'iii.ail Jolmson ; 111. Sept. 2'i, 1834 

■^Cynltiia .-imelia Caldwell j d. Dec. 9, 1857. 
James N., [1516] b. July 17, 1815 ; m. Feb. 10, 1S42, Anna Cameron. 
William Henrv. [1517] b. .March 26, 1S19; m. Oct. i, 1S35, Sarah Ann .\e-,ccomb. 
AnKiAii., [1518] b. Oct. 22, 1822: m. June 24, 1850, Ohadiah Xewcombj d. March 9, 

Mar(,arei Maria, [1519] b. May 18. 1S25. 




Alli>().n" Cuuswell, [Aaiv//'', NiCiiut/r. Scv/im/', Saiiiiicl^, yoliir, 
>'(>//«'), daughter of Aaron'"' [ 469 ^ and Susanna (Edgarton) Cogswell, 
was born in Cornwallis, N. S. She married Euocli Stcadinaii. 


fhniamiii. Fiiiiiiy. m. Benjamin S/iijfr./i/. 

Sj/i,7ii. .Vuuiy, m. (Sivr^i- Cox. 

Hanihxiu m. /s.ia: Ja.tsoii. .Uu/y, m. .l.iio/i Sfu-jrh/if. 

S,,,,ili, m. /',•/.■;• PiiDuo. Ihtnicl. 




Hannah' Cogswell, i.-laro//''\ Hcickialr, Sainiicl\ Sciiiiiul\ 'j''////'- 
5^cV/«'), daughter of Aaron'' : 469] and Susanna (Edgarton) Cogswell 
was born Oct. ii, 1869, in Cornwallis, X .S. She married. May 24 
1787, Eihituiid Porter, son (if John Porter. He was born May 15, 1768. 
They resided in Cornwallis, X. S. Mrs Porter died !\Lirch :;, 1S48 
Mr. Porter died Sept. 15, 1854 


Rdh-cca, b. March 15, ijSS: m.Johii Hanis. 

Enoili Ei{};ar/on, b. May 2, 17S9: m. Sara/i MiCirinhk 

Aaron Edt^ar/on, b. Nov. 2, I7yi. 

/(><•/, b. May II, ir<>4, 

Si/sanna, b. Sept. 13, 1796: in. S<rinui/ .Uiic>rn/i,i\ 

Lois, b. Dec. 21, 179S: m./os/iiia E//s. 

0/nia. b, July S, iSol. She died in cliildliood, Jnn. i;, 1S03. 

Edninnd. b. Dec. S, 1.S03. He died in infancy, Dec. S, 1S03. 

John, b. May 10, i.Sof^>: d. March 29. 1.S6S. 

//t-nry,h. May 12, iSlo: m. Caroline Bo\;i. 

Allison, b. Jui'u- 2.,, 1813. She died in childhood, May 17. 1S21. 




Sl'sanna' Cogswell, {Aan>//'\ IIc:.ikiali\ SaiiiiuP, Sainni-/'-\ yulur, 
Johii^), daii.i^hter of Aaron'' [469: and Ruth (Parish) ColcswcH, was 
born in Cornwalhs, N. S. She married Lemuel Ells, son of Joshua 


Anna. Ruth, \w. .hninu' Bciitlcy. 
loihiia. Hainiali, in. h'cv. Rolhil DckL. 
Mdiv. 111. A',:'. A'n!h-r/ DiJcic. Siiuiii. 111. W'liiiiiian. 

RUTH cogs\\t-:ll. 

I 924 1 


Rl'Th" Cucswell, (Aaioji'\ He.\(kiali'\ Sainiiel*, SauiiielK ji'liu-. 
Johii^), dau-hter of Aaron'' [469] and Ruth (Parish) Co.L;swell, was 
born in Cornwalhs, N. S. Slie married '/'Iwiiids lilLs\ son of Josliua 


Aaron C. Oliver, in. .lAv.r I'arhli. 

AL-lii/iihh: m. Gii/roJi Li 
Rebecca, m. 'I'lionias Lon^/e_ 



OUrer. iii. 




L cog 

[925 1 



Saml'LL' Cog.swell, iOliwr", Hi:ckiali'', Saiiuul\ SaiiiHel\ 'jol//r. 
./'('//«'), son of Oliver'' (470 1 and Abi-ail (P311s) C'l-swell, was born 
Dec. 29, 1774, in Cornwallis, N. S. He married, April 1 i, iSo;, I'.iiiuui 
J^ovcless, dau-iiter of John and Hannah Loveless. She was born Jan. 
2, ijSr,, in Greenwich. X. S. They resided in Horton, N. -S. Mr. 
Co-swell died June G. 1841, Mrs. Cogswell died Dec. 29, 1S73. 


,DRE.\ WEKL . 

1)1 i\KK HK/KkiAii,|i52oll,. Ft).. 21. iSC.: 111. March ii, I.S3N, /uAv.<; C/.t.v. 

Ji.iiN F.. [1521] b. May 4. 1807. 

Jusm 11 ];.. [1522] b. Dec. 4. iSoS: m. Stjpt. i.s. 1^32, .J«/; /','//<v. 

.Makv Ann. [1523] b. .Sept. i, i.Sio: 111 Jan. 19. 1.S30, RiJuiid A' OvtiV. 

H.AsNAii .M . [1524] b .Wiv. I. 1.S12 I 111. 1.S42, AUai li.ui/:s; d. .Aug, iS. 1.S43. 

William 1... [1525] b, March 21. 1S15. He- died in early life, Oct 3t, 1.S30. 

Enoch L.. [1526] b. May 9, i.^i-; m. Grai'cs. 

A.AKciN, [1527] b. May 2C.. 1S20: m. Oct. 29, 1S42, ^LytUn Ann Bcik',citJi ; ni. July 19. 

1S75, -Giisclda Mcsscngc-r. 
Samuel, [1528] b. May 29. 1826. He died in infancy, Aug. 27, 1S26. 



ELi/.\i;i;Tir Co<. SWELL, (O/iirr'; I-hr-ckialr', Sainittl\ S<ii/iiic!\ 
7o/iir, -y.'//u'), clauyhler of Olivci'' ! 410 and Abi-ail (IClls) Col;.swc11, 
was born in Coniwallis, N. S. She married ycscplt Jk'n/ii/, >on of 
I'eny antl Mary Borden. He was born in Falmouth, N. S. They 
lived in Cambridge, Cornwallis, N. S. 


Amy p., b. July 4. 17,^5; m. Danul Rodick. 

aiaihfh; b. Apn) 4. 171,-; ni. E:ra ////«////-/,'//,• d. .\ug. 10, 1S4S. 

A digail Susanna, h. 1798. She \vasli\ingin 1.S82. 

Ann, h. Aug. 15, 1799. She died in early womanhood, Dec. 23, 1836. 

Sainiu-l. b. Aug. 4. 1803. 

Hczdaah C, b. ScpL 3, 1804; ni. .Uaixar.V .Ua/Zu-^'son. 

Bi/.iry. She died in carlv life. 




W'illia.m" Cogswell, (J/nst>//'\ lli-.tkiah-', SmHucl\ Stiiiiin/''\ Joltir, 
7'ihii^), son of Mason'' I4TT] and Lydia (Huntington) Cogswell, was 
born 1772, in Cornwallis, N. S. He married, Feb. 2(\ 1795, Eunice 
rnck-:.'itli. She was born Aug. \G, ijj?.. They lived in Cornwallis, N. S. 


Hii/EKIAH John, [1529] b. July .), \-]uT. m. Wamy Maiuiiiti;. m. March <j, iS2c, 

■'An,! BcntU-y; d. OlI. (., 1855. 
Masun, [1530] 1). Alii;. 2'i, I77<> He died in early life, Sept. 1 1, 1S23. 
Wii.i.iAM, [1531] h. Sept. 8, i,So . He died in early life. Oct. 2, 1824. 
KEiiix-tA, [1532] b. July 1.1S05; m. Feb, 19, lS26,C<z/<-/'/.'a«<^ /,'///.• d July 15. 1S4: 
HoL.MEs, [1533] 1). Sept. 10, 1810. He died in childhood, July iS, 1S15. 




]£uNiCE' CoG-SWELL, (Masoii\ Hczckiah'\ Siumici \ Sciiniu!'^, yolin"- 
y<:'////'), daughter of Mason'' [ 4n 1 and Lydia (Himlington) Cogswell 
was born May S. 1774, in Cornwall is, N. S. She married, 1797, CltarU\ 
Chipinaii, son of John Chijjnian. f'/r/. TiiK Chipm.\n Gene.\loi,v. 


Emily, b. I 798. Einihc, m. A',;'. A/ars/ns Hants 

Mary Anne, b. 1799. Ln:inia. 

John HaniOi/c, d. 1824. C/unhs, A. April 27, 1S82. 

Horatio Aclson, m. June, 1832. Sa/a/i A. GarlanJ. habc-lla Ellis. 




Henky Hezekiah^ Cogswell, (Masoii'\ Hc:ckiali\ Siimuct^, Sain- 
/n-/'-', yo/i>r, ychii^), son of Mason'' 1 4T7 1 and Lydia (Huntington) 
Cogswell. He was born Ajiril 12, 1776, in Cornwallis, N. S. He 
married Isabella Ellis, daughter of Rev. William and Isabella (Colqu- 
hoiin; Ellis. She was born 1779, in Windsor, N. S. They resided in 
Halifa.x, N. S. Mrs. Cogswell died May 7, 1850. Hon. Henry H. 
Cogswell died Ni)\-. 9, 1S54. 


A u.-M <.HTKi;, :i534l. Slic- died in infancy. 

Henhv Elms, [1535]. He died in early life, Nov. 5, 1.S27. 

IsAiiELLA, [1536] liapt. March 3, iSoS. She died in infancy. 

William. [1537] b. iSo.;: m. Eh-anor Bchhcr ; d. June 5, 1S47. 

JuMN. [,538] 1). iSji, He died in childhood, Nov. 8. 1S18. 

CiiAULi ^, [1539^ 1), Ma_\ 12. 1.S13: m. Sept. 2, 184.S, Frances J/wy 0,1,1,///,, 

KinvAKi). [1540] li. 1S15. He died in childhood. June 7. ■•'^''i- 

Makv Elliott, [1541] b. Feb. 3, 1S1-. She died in early life, Oct. 22, 1.S3 

IsAitELLA BiN.\i£V, [1542] b. July 6, iSiv- She died Dec. 6, 1874. 

Jamls C. [1543] I). Dec. <). 1.S20: m. No\m2, 1S49. S,'phm Ali//on ; A. May 


Henry Hk.^ekiah Cogswell was born on the 12th of April, \',l^->- in 
Cornwallis. Kings Co., X. S. He had the advantage of being able to complete 
his education at the University of King's College, Windsor. This institution, 
founded by a provincial grant in lySS.and endowed in 1802 by George III. 
with a Royal Charter, is stated in its yearly calendar to be the first British 
University established in the Dominion. Its patron is the Archbishop of 
Canterbury, but it is open to students of all denominations, and imposes no 
iel;,:irius test in any faculty, with the exception of Divinity. The name of the 
Cogswell familv appears on its list of members for three generations. 

\\'hile at the university. Mr. Cogswell received much encouragement, 
always afterwards gratefully acknowledged, -from Professor the Rev. William 
Cochran, 1). D., a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, with whom he formed 
a personal friendship which lasted during their lives, and was continued in the 
lives of their children. 

From college Mr. Cogswell proceeded to Halifa.x, and studied law under 
two leading practitioners in succession. He was offered a commission in the 
army by the Duke of Kent, then commander of the Royal forces in Nova 
Scotia, but respectfully declined, and in due course was admitted to the Bar. 
Oct, 10. 1798. For a few years he was associated in business with Hon. 
Richard J. Uniacke, in whose office he had studied his profession, and who 
from 1795 to 1S07 was .Attorney-General for Xova Scotia. 

Upon the favorable suggestion of Hon. Sampson S. Blowers, Chief Justice 
of Nova Scoti.i. Mr. Cogswell was appointed, Jan. 18, 1S12, Deputy Provincial 
Secretary for the Province of Nova Scotia. During the .American War of 
1S12-1814, money flowed freely through the Halifax law courts, and he 
improved the ojDportunity to lay the foundation of a fortune which in process 
of time accumulated to large proportions. In this he was not altogether sin- 
gular, though many, as usual on such occasions, acted as if they imagined the 
golden stream was going to flow on forever. Some years later it occurred to 
him that tliere was a want of a joint stcjck bank in Halifax, the banking busi- 
ness lia\ing been thus far conducted wilhuul concert Ijy pri\ato individuals. 



In 1825, at his persuasion, se\-en noted cajiitalists were induced to join liiin in 
founding the Halifax Banking Company, among the partners being Samuel 
CuNARD, a large ship-owner, and the future mail contractor of world-wide 
celebrity. The others were Johti Clark, Joseph Allison. William Pryor, James 
To/'in. Enos Collins, and Martin Gay Black. How the enterprise fared was 
long a mystery to the public, but at length the truth got abroad that the 
profits partook of the "fabulous," and as a consequence "the old bank " has 
now many flourishing rivals. Mr. Cogswell was chosen the first President, 
and that office he continued to hold until his death in 1854. 

We find it recorded in Murdoch, that in 1818 Mr. Cogswell was returned 
at the head of the poll as member for Halifa.x, and escaped the usual honor of 
a chairing by pleading as an e.xcuse the recent loss of a child, apparently John, 
the third son, who died at an early age. In 1824 he was appointed Registrar 
in the Court of Chancery, which position he held until 1829. The next step 
in promotion was his elevation to the rare and coveted honor of a seat in the 
Legislative Council, in 1831. It was during his connection with that body that 
a long-continued agitation against its constitution proved finally successful. 

Mr. Cogswell continued to take a warm interest in objects of public utility, 
and in particular was a prominent supporter of the scheme for constructing a 
railroad from Halifax to Quebec. This great work, now long accomplislied, 
was for many years regarded as all but hopeless, on account of the financial 
difficulties in the way. In thinking over these it occurred to him that if the 
Provinces were deficient in money, they possessed the reality of wealth in the 
shape of vast tracts of ungranted land, and he proposed that five millions of 
acres along the intended line should be appropriated as security for a loan. 
This plan immediately took a strong hold on the public mind, but it conflicted 
with rival schemes, and no progress was made with the railroad until after the 
confederation of tlie Provinces, when it was completed out of the general 
revenue. Put the idea survived, and has been since applied on the largest 
scale in the continuation of the line to the Pacific. His views were published 
in a pamphlet in 1852. 

Mr. Cogswell died No\-. 9, 1S54, in his family mansion on Argyle Street. 
Halifax, N. S., at the age of seventy-eight. He had been long in failing 
health, having suffered much affliction from the loss of his wife and several of 
his children. As his end approached he expressed a hope that he might be 
spared the trial of a protracted illness, and his desire was granted. His 
remains were interred in the family enclosure at the Camp Hill Cemeterv, 
the site being marked bv a monument of native granite sculptured with the 
emblematic scallop shells. 

Mrs. Isabella (ELLisi Cogswell was the daughter of Rev. William Ellis, 
Rector of Windsor, N. S. Tliis gentleman's history is one of those romances 
in real life of which the annals of colonization afiford so many examples. 
He was the son of a Master in Chancery in Ireland, and taking some- 
offence at the division of the paternal estate among the heirs, gave up every- 
thing, and resolved on emigrating as a missionary to Nova Scotia. He was 


ord.iined Deacon and Priest by the Bisliop of London in 1774, and crossed 
tile Atlantic with liis wife, leaving children behind them. His daughter Isabella 
was born nt Windsor, the only child of the new home. Slie never saw brother 
or sister. That .Mr. Ellis had been a man of some good settled position in 
Ireland would appear from the personal efTects he and his wife brought with 
them, some of which are still preserved as heirlooms, including ricli brocade 
dresses, and articles of plate and jewelry engraved with a "Dolphin" crest. 
Of curious interest are a lock of hair, and a gold ring with the two sides slid- 
ing on each other, and so contrived that when they are brought together the 
mounting represents a "hand in hand." They were merely wrapped in a 
paper with the writing on it: " Flora Macdonald's hair and ring." How they 
came into the possession of the family is unknown, but Isabella Ellis used to 
speak of the ring as one of several given by Charles Edward to Flora Mac- 
donald for distribution among his adherents. 

Nine children were the ottspring of the marriage, of whom three died in 
childhood. Si.x reached maturity, and only one was living in 1S84, Charles 
Cogswell, M. D. 1 1539 J. of London. Of those who grew up to adult 
estate, some were well known to a public that may possibly turn with peculiar 
interest to tliis part of the volume for the sake of old memories. 

Hexrv Ellis Cogswkll was born in 1S06, and at the proper age was 
sent to the Halifa.x Grammar School, then, or soon after, 1 resided over by 
the Rev. Dr. Twining, whose labors in another field as Garrison Chaplain are 
commemorated in the memoir of Headley Vicars. When duly prepared he 
matriculated at King's College, where he was an ardent and successful student. 
But his lot was cast in the pre sanitary days of "all work and no play," and 
his health had early begun to sufifer from over-devotion to brain work. .After 
taking his degree, he studied law in his father's office, but was cut off in his 
twenty-second year, before completing his term for admission to the bat. " .V 
YOUTH OF GREAT PROMISE." Such is his brief epitaph, written on the last 
page of Murdoch's history of Nova Scotia. 

Isabella Binxey Cogswell. The name of this lady was for many years 
a household word in Halifa.x. Her noble life may be regarded as one of the 
blessed results of her brother William's ministry, and as one of the most 
remarkable examples of the Evangelical revival. The Lord Bishop of the 
Diocese, after her death quoted the following words of Christ as applicable to 
her in every respect : " I was an hmtgcreil, anJ ye garc me meat ; I was thirsty, 
and ye gave mc drink ; I was a stranger, and ye took me in ; naked, and ye clothed 
me : I was siek, and ye visited me ; I 'luas in prison, and ye came unto me." To 
the hungry and thirsty she gave food and drink ; to the worn with toil, or 
enfeebled by age. or saddened with affliction, or straitened in circumstances, 
she gave sympathy and relief. She visited the prison to counsel, to pray with, 
to befriend, the depraved and the criminal. Her constant attendance on the 
sick and dying prematurely exhausted her strength, and after fourteen nights 
spent in nursing a friend's family, she was in the grasp of a dangerous illness. 
I'rayers were ofTered for her recoverv bv everv religious denomination in H.d- 


ifax, but it pleased God to end the life of his f.iitiiful servant, and slie was laid 
to rest amid the grief of the entire coninuinity. She had borne a chief pan in 
founding the Orphans' Home, the Eovs' Industrial Scimoi,. the Girls' 
Industrial School, and the Home for ihe Aged. In her will it was fomd 
she had made a provision towards their maintenance after her decease. A 
memorial font has been placed in the church once gladdened with her presence 
and worship. On the base of this memorial font is this inscription : 

" (i-rrttfti bi; flu ptoijlt of this phut in mtmori) of tin l;itt 

miss I. B. CCGSlDCtL, 

ffllio for in.imi iitavs tool; .m ntlilu iiiltvcsl in lluii tiulf.nt." 




J.\MKs" Cogswell, (Masi')i^\ Hrzckia/r. S(Viim-l\ Sajiiiii/'\ Ji'lni-, 
y'oIiH^), son of Mason'" [417] and Lydia (Huntington) Cogswell, was 
born Jime i8, 1779, in Cornwallis, N. S. He married, 1S02, ^Eli-abctlt 
j^A'/'ic'////, daughter of John Chipman Beckwith. She was born 1782, 
in Cornwallis, N. S., where they resided. Mrs. Cogswell died May 22, 
1S22. Mr. Cogswell married -Eiiiucc Eaton, daughter of David Eaton. 
She was born in Canard, X. S. Mr. Cogswell died Sept. iS, 1S26. 
Mrs. Eunice Cogswell married '-Elu-i/L-:cr KinsMmit, being his second 
wife. The)- had no children. 


LvDiA A.. [1544] b. 1S04. She died in early life. May 24. i.S23. 

Eunice Anne, [1545] b. 1S06; m. Hants C/iasc ; tl. 1845. 

Sni'HlA Aka.minta, [1546] b. Oct. 5, iSo;; m. Jan. <\ 1S31. I/,>ii. William //. Clnp 

man ; d. June II, 1S7S. 
WiNKWORiH Allen, [1547] b. June 10, 1809: m. Oct. 3, 1S33, Caiolint E. llaniabv . 

d. Oct. 10, iS'io. 
John, [1548] b. July 6, 1S12 : m. Jan. 30, 1S44. E. Jam- Motlwan. 
James, [1549] b. 1S14. He died unmarried, 1S71. 
Catherine, [1550] b. June 17, 1S16; m. Feb. u;, 1S33. Danforth Xirtioh : d. Martli 

i.s, 185'.. 
Mason K.. [1551] b. Sept. iS. iSiS: m. June 17. 1.S5S, A7/.v/ (J. Hon/. 

I I ANDLK JnllN, [15521b. lS2f.; m. A/rs. .S7,-7,v/r/ ,• ,1, .■\;l^. 27, !S7I. 




John" Cogswell, (J/dsp//'\ /A-.r/vW//"', S:-i::. ,/', Sciiinic/'-\ yohn-, 
John''), son of Capt. Mason'' [ 477 j and Lydia (Huntington) Cogswell, 
was born Sept 26, 1781, in Cornwallis, N. S. He married, 1S02, Rulli 
Ann Eaton, daughter of Timothy Eaton. She was born in Cornwallis, 
N S. They resided in Halifax, N. S. Mr. Cogswell died Feb. 2, iSio. 


Harriet, [1553] li. March 25, 1S03: m. \'^i\ .John Baniahv. 

GiDLMN, [1554] 17. iSo5: m. \%io, Liuilla S. J'erl.-iiis ; d. Sept. 4. iS:.,,. 

Cii \i<i 111 1 E. [1555] li. L^oi'.: m. ^Jaiiics West; m. '-.ll>rdhaiii I'oitc). 

JuiiN KiiML Ml, [1556] b. May. l.SoS: m. Lydia lUuoii ; d. Aiij;. 0. 1S56. 


/.'... A.,.-.: A. (:;',.r,,.-.'maiiiea-;//.V.,/;// J/. JJi!;;yl. T1k\ li.ul two LliiUlrcn : Mari.i ,iiul 
W, llcnrv. Mi-. IliliKii died in St. John. N. 1!. Ilcr .<on, Willi.ini II. \VA\Kn, ni.nrricd, 
Sqii., ]S^.,, Ml-. MniA i;. Kui^on. widmv of Elipli.ilct Kenson, of Mont Vernon, K. II. TIk-v 
UMik-d in llill. \ II., .Old had two children; Cidc-on Cog>HLll and i;ila K. llilptit. 




Anxe' C(ir,>\\ELL, (.Uiison", Hf:d-/,i/r. Sdiiitic/K Sdwnr/', yo//n'-, 
Jo////'), daughter of Capt. Mason'' , 477 i ami Lydia (Huntington) Cogs- 
well, was hnrii June \0. ij.S;, in Upper Dyke Village, Cornwallis, \. S. 
Slie married, April 2S, 1810, J/on. Jol/n M.rto//, sun of Lemuel and 
Martha (Neweomb) iMorton. He was bnrn March 25, 1781, in Corn- 
wallis, N. S., where they resided. Mrs. Anne (Cogswell) Morton dieil 
March iS, 1846. Hon John Morton died :\Iarch 3, 1S58, at the resi- 
dence of his son in Halifax, N. S. 


Center F.llciiia. Ii. M.udi 25. i.S'ii -. m. May, 1S411, Martlin Hthnth-l/i k'at:i//,ii/. 
Lu-il'v! Kills. 1.. May 'j. 1S13 : ni. .Scjit. Hj. 1S39. h\-,\ Williaii/ TI/o>i/a< Wiu/a/l. 
lAutia. li. Ma\ 23. 'lNi5; m. Sept. |.). 1.S3,,. E.lw./nl /.,7>/-/,v J v,/i„r./. i:.u;. .■ died 
Nov. r,, iS;C, 


Martha Ann, 1.. Juiu' JO, iSi;; m. May 25, 1841, Jo!ni Elkana Forsyth, M. 1). 
Lemuel James, b. Nov. 22, 1S20. 

li'U/iaii! Mason, h. Jan. 3, 1S22. He died in earl_\ life. .Aprili4. 1.^39. 
Hezekiah Holmes, b. Sept. 28, 1S24. He died in childhood, Jan. 29. 1S27. 
Mary Rebecca, b. June 20, 1S27. Slie died in infanc\. Ang. 2S. 1827. 


Mrs. Anne (Cogswell') Morton in person was medium size. Slie had 
clear blue ej-es, a broad but rather low foreheatl. which are characteristic fea- 
tures of the descendants of her father, Mason Cogswell. She was a discreet, 
witty, and a fine-looking lady. Some one said of her, " I ki]ow of no woman 
who so nearly comes up to the standard of Solomon's description, 'Slie lookclli 
well to the ways of ha- household.' " There were few specimens of useful or 
fancy work then known in which she did not instruct her daughters. She 
enjoyed with them, and encouraged their reading of sound literary and religious 
books, and gave them an example which they could never forget. Her memory 
is /'/ess,;/. 


Hon. John Morton, who married A/i/ie Cogswell, descended from an 
English family, whose ancient homestead, dating 1300, was near Blackburn, 
England. His earliest ancestor in this country was George Morton, who came 
over in 1623 in the ship "Anne." 

Mr. Morton's father, Lemuel Morton, was born Jan. 20, 1754, and died in 
1810. His mother, Martha Newcomb, was born Oct. 12, 1760, and was the 
first female child born among the colonists after their settlement in Xova 
Scotia. She died Feb. 11. 1838. He was of excellent parentage, and had 
good religious instruction. In early manhood he gave attention to agriculture, 
and for several years had the oversight of his grandfather's farm ; subse- 
quently, he purchased a tract of uncleared land, and with woodman's axe and 
manly perse\erance he laid low the primeval forests and brought under ciil 
tiwation many wide acres near the head waters of the Cornwallis Ri\er, not 
far from the present town of Ijcrwick, X. S. ; afterwards, he sold liis new- 
made farm in the wilderness, and in 1815 built a new house near where his 
grandfather had lived. 

Mr. Morton joined the local militia in 18 10, with the commission of Captain. 
He gradually rose in command, until in 1S35 lie was appointed Lieutenant- 
Colonel of the Si.xth Regiment. In 1827 he was chosen to represent Corn- 
wallis in the Provincial Parliament in Halifa.x. He was appointed by the 
Provincial Government, in 1835, Justice of the Peace for Kings Co., and 
accepted the office of Commissioner of Sewers and Dykes. In 1840 he was 
appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to the Legislative Council of the l'ro\ 
ince of Nova Scotia. 

The warrant was given in the followinu t|uainl form: 


"To our right trusty and well-beloved Councillor Charles Poulett Thomson, our Captain 
General and Governor in Chief in and over our Province of Nova Scotia, or in his absence 
to our Lieut. CJovcrnor. or the officer adniinisterin;; the affairs of nur said Province for the 
time being." "Victori.\ Reg." 

"Right trusty and well-beloved councillor, we greet you well. We. being well satisfied of 
the loyalty, integrity, and ability of our trusty and well beloved John Morton, Esquire, have 
thought hereby to signify our will and pleasure : that forthwith upon the receipt of these 
l^resents you swear and admit him, the said John Morton, to be of our Legislative Council of 
our Province of Nova Scotia, and for so doing this shall be your warrant. Given at our 
Court at Buckingham Palace, this :3d day of May, 1S40, in the third year of our reign. 
"]!y her Majesty's command. 

(Signed) "J. RfsSELi.." 
"John Morton. Esquire, to he of the Legislative Council. Nova Scotia." 

In 1846, he was commissioned by Lord Falkland, then Lieutenant-Gov- 
ernor at Halifax, as Keeper of the Rolls, for his nalive township. He was 
an influential owner and director of the Western Stage Coach, the Cornwallis 
Bridge, and the Electric Telegraph Companies. In all these varied services 
of public office he was characterized as most genial, manly, and faitiiful. He 
enjoyed the public confidence, and was popular and well supported by the 
good opinions and votes of those among whom he was called to exercise 
authority. His rule was not to dispute with political opponents, and the oppo- 
nent of to-day became his warm supporter 1 _ the to-morrow. 

As a member of legislative bodies, his discussions of public topics were 
able and persu.oivc. While in attendance on Legislative Session in Halifa.v, 
he suffered from inflammation of the lungs, and died March 3, 1S58, at the 
residence of his son. 

Monumental Tablets in tiie Cemetery of the First Presbyterian Church, 
Cornwallis, tell the place of Hon. John and .Mrs. Anne Morton's sepulture. 
"1)E .MoKrris NIL MSI homm." 


/i^,';/. /,■//« J/,';Aw gave n.ame to that ]>.irt of Cornwallis in which he lived, lie called 
it "The Ippcr Dyke Village." in allusion to the first dyke erected by the French. The 
name still remains to designate the gathered dwellings visible in all directions from the site 
of the original homestead of )Ie/ekiah Cog.swell [ 193 ], the grandfather of Mrs. Morion. 

Gcorgt- £. A/m/oii, JSs</., son of lion. John and Mrs. Anne (Cogswell) Morton, married 
the eldest daughter of Lieut. C. and Martha (Prescott) Katzman. Lieut. Katznian 
was of the Si.xtieth Regiment. Mrs. Morton was of New Engl.and descent, daughter of John 
Prescott, of .Maroon Hall, Preston, N. S. Mr. .Morton was a publisher, and engaged in liter- 
ary pursuits. He published "The Provincial .Magazine," "(.Juidc to Halifa.x," "Guide to 
Cape lireton, with Ma])s, etc." Their children were: .\nne, b. Dec. 13, 1S50, d. March 29, 
1855; Charles Cogswell, b. Aug.'i4, i!S5J. lie resided in Halifax, N. S., and was a bookseller. 

Jsiibi/ JUlis Morton married Re\. Wili.ia.M Thi".\i.\s Wisiiart. lie was Iwrii June 9, 
1S09, in ICdinburgh, Scotland. lli> father was a lawver. Rev. Mr. NVishart was educated in 
the High School and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Having completed his studies 
he IraMlUd widJv in other countries He arrived in Nova Scotia in 1839, and was<l 
lo Ml" .Moiton in the aiilunm ol il,, ~.nnv vear, h^uinu ni.viou^K become the PaMo, ol ilu 


Presbyterian Church in Shelburnc, N. S. After two 5'ears of faithful ministration he wa^; 
called and settled as Pastor of the St. Stephen's Church, in St. John, N. K. At the end of 
five years his studies and invc>;on> had brought about some change in his theological 
views and in hi^ interpretation of certain passages of the Scrijitures, which differed from the 
church to wliich lie belonged. The>e church standards rendered his separation from it imper- 
ative, whieh was accordingly effected, although unwillingly, as wa> evident on both sidc^.. A 
lai,i;e pan .■! hi- congregation, placing a high value on hi^ teaching- and being in -vni|.alh\ 
uitii lii- \ie«-, immecliately provided a place of meeting in ilie Meclianie-' In-tituie. v here lie 
e-n;i;iue.l hi- -ervice- until hi- death, having the hearty support of a laige and intelligent eon- 
-reLMtii.n. Mr W die .1 Jui. I 2, 1S53. He left no children. Mrs. Wishart subsequently 
n-Miil ,11 1,1 1,11 will. 1, C.irn",d;i-. N. S. lu 1S46, at the request of many of his pari>hioncr- 
,ni.i 11 lend-. Ke\, Mt, Wi-liart luibli-hed a volume giving his theological views somewhat in 
detail. 1 iii- Imok wa> entitled " T/tepA\'t,;i.' /;'j..,;v.f." Shortly after hi.s lamented death there 

icing six lecture-, w hicli he had prepared to deliver to his people. 

;3, and wn> called ■■Zcfuns on T/u-oA'o:" He also iiublished a 
Litcnitiii-c of t/u- Xiiutccnth Ccuttiry" which was well received. 

larried Edward L. Esq., died, leaving five and -me 

oon after also died. 

married John E. Forsyth. .V. D. They had three son- and two 

led June -7, 1S72. 

, /;-..',y., was a Director of Halifax Banking Company, having retired 

N. S,. the residence of l.ieut. Christian C. Katzman. on his retire- 
>inr ih the re.-idence of the Superintendent of the Mamon.-. 
.Ill, ills .\frican slaves located In the hi-hlmd- .if Jamaica, In 17./. 
,i,\ « III the idea that they u..uld be n-etn: l.iborer-, but thev pmved 
it lieeanie necessaryto remove them, and they were -ent Ir, li..\eiii- 
800, Thev are no longer found here. 01 in lamaica. and iieit heard 

H.I- l--lled .1 X nil 

me cmb 

Thi- Ha- ]nib;i- 

ed in 1 

critical e>-a\ eni 

lied ■■/■/ 

Lvdni .1/ • 

. hIim 

daughter. 1 he 1 


Marsh, < A,n 


dauuhtci>. Ill, 


E-nuuI la,,. 

., Mrru 

fniin hi- bn-ine- 

,1- .. Hi 

M.noon I/.:: 

. I'K-ln 

ment fi.'iii the .11 

ii\. h:i- 

/-/;.■ .I/,.',-,..... 

HeK -i, 




Oliver' CoGS^VELL, {Masoif, HczckiaJi', Samuel'^, Saiiiiicr-\ yolin", 
yohn^), son of Mason'' [471] and Lydia (Huntington) Cogswell, was 
born June i6, 1792, in Cornwallis, N. S. He married, Jan. 4, 18 14, 
SarnJt Alice Allison, daughter of Joseph and Alice (Harding) Allison. 
She was born June 30, 1796, in Horton, \. S. They lived in the old 
homestead in Upper Dyke Village, Cornwallis, N. S. Cajit. Cogswell 
died Feb. 28, 1S46. Mrs. Cogswell died Jtily 10, 1SS3, at the residence 
of her daughter, Mrs. Blair ]iotsford, in Dorchester, N. B. 


Mah\, [1557] b. Feb. 14, 1.S15 ; m. Pec. 17, 1S39. 'Joseph F.. Allison, Fs,/.; m. Sept. 

17, rsr,4, -If on. .Uno.. F. BolsforJ 
RF.iin f .A, [1558] b. March 6, 1S17: in. May 14, 1837. Thomas /,'. Cinipbcll. 


Edward. [1559] b. Oct. 29, iSiS. He died in infancy, Dec. g, 181.S. 
NAXcy, [1560] b. Nov. 17. iSlg; m June 25, \^^2, Janus B. Fihit ; d. Jan., iSqf). 
Maria, [1561] b. Nov. 15, 1821 : m. William C. Camphdl. Esq.; d. Oct. 2, 1869. 
ROHERT, [i562]b. Dec. 23. 1823: m. Oct. 26, 1S46, J/ariZ. Graham; d.July 12, 1S64. 
Edward, [1563] b. Dec. 9, 1825; m. Jan. 24, 1S50, ^Riit/i Crane; m Jan. i-8, 1S77. 

-Sarah Di.x on. 
Sarah, [1564] b. .Nov. 4, 1S2;: m. Jan. 12, 1S4.S, Blair Botsford, Esq. 

7V;>i/«,7.( B. Campi'cll. who married R,-K:-.-„ r.',-^!;',-.'/ [ 1558 1. was a son of William and 
Rachel Lane (Moore) Camjibell, and a brothei' of Willhim C. CamphcIL Esq. He was horn 
Dec. 9, 1S05, in Cornwallis, X. S., where they resided. Mr. Campbell was for manv vcar- 
Rcijistrar of Deeds for Kin,i;s County. N. S. ' He died April 12. 1S70. Mrs. Camiibcll was 
living, in 1SS3, in Xcw Brunswick. Thcv had no children. 




Alice" Cogswell, (yaiiics'\ ymucs'', .Stiunit!'^, Sa?/i//c/'\ yolni-, 
yolttt^), daughter of Dr. James [478] and Elizabeth (Davenport) Cogs- 
well, was born June 15, 1777, in Stamford, Conn. She married, Aug. 
22, 1805, Rev. Saviiii/ Fisltcr, D. D., son of Jonathan and Catherine 
(Avery) Fisher. He was born in Sunderland, Mass., June 30, 1777. 
They rc.<;ided until about 181 2, in Wilton, Conn., removed to Morris- 
town, and then about 1816 to Paterson, N. J. Mrs, Fisher died May 
9, 1850, in Orange, N. J. Rev. Dr. Fisher died Dec. 29, 1S56, in Sucka- 
suiin_\', N. J. The_\- were buried in Paterson, N. J. 

Elizabeth IK. b. May 23, iSoC: m. Oct. 7, 1831, Rev. Josiah Fisher: d. Oct. 26, 1S71. 

James Cogswell, b. April 6, 1S08; m. May 9, 1831, Eli:a Smith Sparks ; d. Oct. 30. l.sSo. 

Catherine Avery, b. May 24, 1 810. 

Harriet t<J;'.vuv7/, b. April lo, 1812. She died in early life, Sept. 27. 1S31. 

Sawiiel Ware, b. Ajml 5, 1S14; m. Oct. 22, \'^y),'^Carolii,e Johnson : ni. .May iS. 1S42, 

Vane Jackson ; d. Jan. i.s, 1S74. 
Mary P., h. Sept. 25, 1.S17 ; m. Sept. 4, 1S38. Horaee Kimball. .)/. D.; d.Oct. 9, iS'.,. 


/>■,-•, Josi.,1, and .!/;•..-. EInah-th D. l-,.du-r resided in Suckasnnnv. N. ]. Thiv ha<l .>nc 
child, Jame- 11., li. Se].!. 7. iS^;;; ni, Iidv I.S, i.Sfo. Kveline Foster, daiiijhln of Willi.Mii .nul 

\ r-- 




had five childien : Mary Wight, b. April 30, 1S62; Kli^abcth Davenport, b. Dec. 3, 1863; Annie 
Foster, b. April 2, 1S66; Lloyd \V., b. June -7, 1S68; Evelyn Foster, b. Sept. 20, 1S72. 

James Ccgs-LViil Fisher was born in Wilton, Conn. He graduated in 1S26 from Yale Col- 
lege, Conn., studied medicine, settled as a ]jractising Physician and Surgeon in 1831, in \ew 
York. He married Eliza Smith Sparks, daughter of Samuel Sparks, of Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. 
Fisher was appointed Surgeon in the Union .\rniy in 1S61, and served through the war. His 
health suffered from this long army service, and he never was well afterwards. Dr. Fisher 
died Oct. 30, 1S80, in Washington, D. C. Dr. and Mrs. Fisher had twelve children : Samuel 
Sparks, b. April 11, 1S32, m. Oct. 2, iS^i., .\ui>.H;i S. Crossette.d. Aug. 14. 1S74; 
Stewart, b. Dec. 13, 1833, d. Aug. 16, 1.S34: i;iiza, b. Nov. 2, 1835, ni. Jan. 14, 1,863, 
Edward Payson Berry; Alice Cogswell, I.. Julv jS, 1S3S; Eli/.abeth Stewin. b. July 10, 1840, 
d. Sept. 21, 1841 ; Harriet Mntt, b. Julx 30, 1842, m. Dec. 18, 1869, Adam Augustus Hook- 
staver; Enim.i D.m.ildson, b. 1 >n;. 23. 1843, d. Dec. 28, 1S46; Jame> Henrv, b. Oct. 2, 1845, 
m. Jan. 4. 1870, C.ralic A. H. li.immLrskidd ; Charles A., b. May 6, 1847, d. Aug. 14, 1S47 ; 
Thomas Sparks, b. Sept. 15, 1848; Hamiah Sparks, b. (let. 15, 1850, d. Jan., 1872; Sophia 
Sparks, b. May 18, 1854, m. Henry Parsons. 


Samuel Sp.ivrks Fisher was the eldest child of Dr. James C. and Eliza Smith (S|)arks) 
Fisher. He was born in Centreville, Midi.. l)ut hi- cliildiiond wa- spent in New York City, 
his father being I'rofessor of Chemistr\ in tlu- rni\ii-it\ ni N\\\ \(iik. Hi- school life was 
passed in Philadelphia. He graduated in l^5i iniin iIil lllyli Sli,".! ot that city at the head 
of his class. After teaching a year or two. Mi. 1-i-liei -luilied law in Cincinnati, ( ihio, where 
he was admitted to the bar and commenced inactice about 1856. He made Patent Law a 
specialty, and won eminence. Judge Platchfr.rd, n( New WnV, once remarked in o])en tocivt 
that Mr'. Fisher was "the best I'atent lawyer in the United States." Mr. Fislicr serveil in the 
Union Army as Colonel of the 1 Ine Hundred and 'I'liirty-ei.uhth Kegiinenl ..t ( Ihio National 
Guards. Under I'resident Orant he w.i- Cnniniissiuner nf Patents. When his tcnii of ser- 
vice e.xpired he returned to hi- law in.ictice in Cincinnati, which bec.ime large and lucrative. 
Li 1872 he formed a ])artnership with den. Samuel .\. Duncan, .and they hail a branch onice 
in New York City under Cen. Duncan's charge. Early in his professional lite Mr. Ki-her 
had entered u])on a Christian lile. He united with the Second Presbyterian Church of 
Cincinnati in 1856, his uncle, Kcv. Samuel W. Fisher, D. D., being the pastor. He was for 
many years active in a Missimi Saliliaili School called the "OIi\et .Mission," in the western 
part of Cincinnati, and an earnest worker in the church and in the cause of tem]>erance. 

Mr. Fisher married Aiirclia S. Crosscttc, daughter of Rev. Robert and Dorothea Crossette. 
She was born in Dennysville, Me. They had three children : Fxlith Aurelia, b. Jan. 20, iS('j2 : 
Robert James, b. Oct. 16, 1S63, d. .^ng. 14, 1S74 ; Samuel Hurbert, b. May 26, 1S67. 'I'he 
circtmistances of Col. Fisher's death and that of his little son were most touching. He and his 
little boy, Robbie, during the sunmier vacation, were making a boat e.vcursion down the Sus- 
tiuehanna River, and at a point called Conewago Falls, about fifteen miles below Harrisburg, 
they lost control of their boat in the rapids, were carried over the falls and both drowned, 
Aug. 14, 1S74. And thus ended the bfe of a most brilliant and useful man in the midst of 
his days. Vid. In Memori.'VM S.\miel S. Fishek. 

"Afar down the beautiful river. 

Together went father aud son; 
Day hy day speeding joyously onioard, 
tJi nearly their journey V'as done. 

'And later, a h 

il, I'm 

seil and l'ro/;en. 

Lay empty a 


ted near the shore. 

Poo truly the . 

id StO! 

' telling. 

That lalli.r 

a,id >o 

, :eeie no more" 



S^MVEI. WAR! Fisher, the youngest *on of Kev. Dr. Samuel and Alice (Cogswell) 
Fisher, was born in Morristown, N. J. He graduated in 1835 from Yale College, and in 
1839 from Union Theological Seminary, New Vork. He was installed, April 18, 1S39, Pastor 
of the Presbyterian Church in West Ploomtield, N. J. After a useful ministry of four years, 
he was settled, Oct. 13, 1874, in Albany, N. Y., over the Fourth Presbyterian Chinch in that 
city; and in 1S4- he became the Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, 
Ohio, as the successor of Rev. Dr. Lyman Beecher. Ten years later, Julv 6. 1S5S, Rev. Dr. 
Fisher was elected the President of Hamilton College, Xew York. He continued in the 
office about ten years, and then returned to the work of the Gospel ministry. He was settled 
in I'tica, Nov. 15, 1S67, but resigned Jan. 13, 1S71. Three years later he died, Jan. iS, 1874. 
Kev. Dr. Fisher was twice married. There were no children of the first marriage. He 
married foi his second wife the daughter of Peter Jackson. She was born June 14, 1S15. 
t)f the second marriage there were eight children: William Ilubbell, b. Nov. 26, 1843, m. 
Sept. 10, 1S73. Mary I,, l.yon ; Ceorge Wood, b. July 17, 184;: Samuel Jackson, b. Sept. 7, 
1S47, ni. Oct.. 1870, Mary .\nnie Shreve; Anna Caroline, b. Feb. 15, 1850, d. Jan. 20, 1S51 ; 
Peter Schuyler, b. Nov. 19, 1S52, d. May i, 1S55; Lewis Weld, b. Jan. 9, 1854, d. Sept. 10, 
1S55; F.liza .Vrmstrong, b. Oct. 6, 1S56; -Mice Esther, b. June 30, 1SC2, d. March :o, 1S63. 
T/V. Memori.m. ok Rev. Dr. S. W. Fisher. LL. D. 

//nr.iiv Kimkill, .V. D., son of James and Mary Estabrook Kimball, \va- born Jan. 25. 1S04. 
He married Marv Davenport Fisher, w-ho was born in Paterson, N.J. Dr. and Mrs. Kimball 
had eight chiklren : Horace Flstabrook, b. Sept. iS, 1S39 ; Alice Fisher, b. June 2, 1S43 : Charles 
Otis, 1). Aug. 27. 184^; Alfred Redingtnn, b. Sept. 29, 1S4S; Samuel'F'isher, b. June S, 1852: 
Arthur I... b. Oct. 16, iS;;6; :\rarv Wallace, b. [une 27. iS;S; Kate Fisher, b. Fel). 22. iS^Q. 


1 940 j 


James Lloyd" Cogswell, (yanus^\ yaiiici', Samuei'', SamtieP, 
John;- JoJui^), son of Dr. James'' [418 1 and Abigail (Lloyd) Cogswell, 
was born April 26, 17S4, in Stamford, Conn. He married. May 2, 
1 819, Saralt Biiiv ^/-tVTC'c^rt', daughter of Samuel and Priscilla (lUirr) 
Sherwood. She was born Oct. 10, 1788, in Derby, Conn. They 
resided at Lloyd's Neck. L. I. Mrs. Cogswell died April 20, 1830. 
Dr. Cogswell died Jan. 5, 1832. 


Sarah B.. [1565] b. July N, 1820: m. Sept. 13, 1847,7,;//// U'.Bcissctt ; d. 12, 1S75. 

Jamk'; .a., [1566' li. Jan. 27, 1S22. He died in early life. Jan. 31. 1S37. 

Mary Li.dvakd. [1567] b. Feb. 3, 1S24. Slie died in early life. Sejit. 20. 1S41. 


grandf.ither. Cenrgi. 
they i>lunderc<l his 1 

,-cT,r// was an oUK 1 -.-ui ui (il.M.r 1 
mccticut Hislr>rical >..riii\ ilii "i.i. 
P.un, of Fairfield., .md «a~ |.b 
..u~cnn {■.reenheld Hill, ai the time . 

urr Shcrwn 

ndcr.d by t 
f ihe Innui 

1(1. of 1 )erbv, C 
which belonsL' 
>e l;vilishs..l(l 

it;..f Fairlkld, 

cuJ: LP. <^jL^ 





John Lloyi>' Cogswell, ('yaincs'^', yatins^, Samuel \ Saiiuic/'', 
John", Johti^), son of Dr. James*' [478] and Abigail (Lloyd) Cogswell, 
was born 1789, in New York City. He married, Oct. 31, 1821, Love 
B. Coffin, daughter of Uriah and Sarah (Beetle) Coffin She was born 
Aug. 16, 1792, in Nantucket, Mass. They resided at Lloyd's Neck, L. I. 
Capt. Cogswell died April 13, 1S31. Mrs. Cogswell died Aug. 31, 1857, 
in Manhasset, Long Island, N. Y. 


J(iii\ r., [1568] 1). Dfc. 20, 1S23; m. April 24. 1S51, .Ifaiy Bathgate; cl Dec. 2S, iSOf.. ^.Kfl(l^n:, [1569] b. .April 21, 1825. 

Sa.mlei. K., [1570] b. July 26, i,S27 ; m. Aug. 2, 184S, Sarah Williams : d. Jan. 3. 1S5S. 

Alice Fisheh. [1571] b. July 1 1, i,S2i> 

Mason Fitch, [1572] b. Nov. 3, 1.S30. He died in childhood, .-\pril 12, 1N32. 


Ioll\ 1,1,MM,( 

,M,^^v^•l 1. w.i> in niilitaiv sci\ ice durin:; the War of iS 

l.liir- Colllllli^^i.Ml. 

ind \\.i~ Malionetl at Kurt (Ireoi un llruuklvn Height.-, 

J..IU, y\,„r:. c 

, ., .:,■, .' [ 1568 ] ua.- the editur of the West CheMer ( i 

C/i.n-i.':.'. /: r 

:.: :: [ 1569 ] wa,. a teacher of drawing and engravi. 


ilK Lngraving Department of the Cooper Institute, N 

.she had a Schn,.l r 

■ Iiulir-trial Art in Krooklvn. She and her sister. A) 

[ 1571 ], resided at 

'.Nutshell Cottage," 731 Lafavette .\venut, Ihooklyn, 

well sketched and 

ngraved The Cogswell Hoisk. 


(943 J 


H.\KRiET Broome" Cogswell, {yaiitcs^\ Jaincs-', Siiuinc/\ Sani- 
iii-r\ Joltit'^, Johii^), daughter of Dr. James" 1 478] and Abigail (I.luyd) 
Cogswell, was born March 6, \-]e)0, in New York City. She married, 
Sept. 17, 1S19, Robert Willis Moft, son of William and Mary (Willis) 
Mott. They resided at Great Neck, N. Y. Mrs. Mott died Sept. 6, 
1S43. Mr. Mott died Nov. 19, 1846. 



Horrid nulla, b. Sei.t. 13, 1S20: m June 7. 1^43, H.'ii. WiUiani H. Onda.lonk. 


JAuriclSt.ll.i .V.'ll mariicd U;!,'r:„: 11. Cut.rM;,!,. >uii of lti>hi.i> licnjamin T. Omici- 
donk, 1). 1).. I.I.. 1)., of New ^■ul•k. They resided at CIreat Neck, Island, N. V. 'I'hey 
had two cliildien: Harriet Cogswell, b. jtdy 9. 1S44. m. Feb. 4, lS;o, S. Vernon Mann, d. 
March 23, iSSl ; Robert Moti, b. Feb. 2b, 1S46. d. March 23. 1S57. 

Mr. and Mrs. M.nnt had three children : Kdith, b. March 2, 1S71 ; Alice Maud, b. March 
II, 1S7J; Vernon, b. May 2, 1S73. 

imX. WILLIAM 11. iiXDKRlxiXK. 

Wii.i.iAM II. «a> cducnud f..r the pr.ifes^ir.n ..f law. He wa> a member 
of the bar of (Jueens Co., Xew York, and a lawyer of eminence. Mr. Onderdonk was Di.s- 
trict Attorney and Surrogate of the County. He died Dec, II, 1SS2. As testimonials of 
the esteem in which T"<lj5e < Inderdonk was held, Resolutions were adopted by the Hoard of 
Trustee- of Flushing. In the Countv Court, and by Oueens County Uar Association. Judyc 
-Arnislron!; and others supjiorted the resolutions with remarks that were highly eulogistic. services were conducted in Si. C.corge's Church, Flushing, .ind in Christ Church, 
Manhasset The burial w.i» in the faniilv lut in the churchyard in Manhasset, I.. I. 


[944 1 


Jaml;; Fncii- Cogswell, iScuii/n/'-, yaiiiis'', StiiiimrP, Sainnc/^, 
yo/ui'-, T(>//,v'), son of Saniiic^ '480] and Mary (Backus) Cogswell, was 
born Nov. 12, 1789, in Lansingburg, N. V. 


James Fitch Cogswell p;racluated in iSoS, from Williams College. He 
was a classmate of Gordon Hall and the other "men of the haystack." Mr. 
Cogswell studied 1 heology one year in .\uburn Theological Seminary, Init 
chose teaching for a profession, and devoted himself to the education of 
youth. He taught one year in Maryland, and afterwards was in charge of 
academic institutions in West Kloomfield, Penn , Millville, Cherry Valley, 
Middleport, and Ithaca, N. V. He then taught in South Bend. Ind. Mr. 
Cogswell was a gentleman of the old-school grace and manners, of great 
benevolence and piety of characler. He was successful as a teacher, and 
many who came under his influence and instruction entered the ministry and 
filled other important positions of usefulness. Mr. Cogswell died in 1862 in 
Risin- Sun, Ind. 




Maria" Cogswell, (Samuel^, jFtimes^, Sdmitc/', Soinuel^, yi'/'/r. 
j^c//!/'}. daughter of Lieut. Samuel'"' [ 480 ^ and Mary (Backus) Cogswell, 
was born Au.s;. 15, 1790, in Lansingburg, N. Y. She married, Oct. 29, 
1 8 10, //i»L Dcvig/as Whcilcr Sloanc, son of Gen. Samuel and 01i\'e 
(Douglas) Sloane. He was born May 9, 1785, in Williamstown, Mass., 
where they resided. Mr. Sloane died Sept. 15, 1839, '1 New Albany, 
Ind. Mrs. Sloane died Jan. 9, 1870, in New York City. 


Elizabeth., b. Sept. 27, iSi l. She died in early life. May 1 1, 1S3S. 

Ma)ia, b. Aug. 15, 1813; m. Nov. 29. i>;3;. Parker Handy, Esq.; d. Sept. 3, 1843. 

Doug/as Ci>^s7cc-l/. b. May 10, 1S15. He died in early manhood, Dec. 28, 1836. 

Harriet Doui^his. b. April 23. 1817. She died in early life. Aug. 12. 1835. 

Susan, b. July 13, 1819: m. May I, 1839. \Ionathan Gillette ; m. Oct. 26, 1S74, -7/iw. 

] I 'illiav! J. Baeon. 
Catherine S.. b. May 29, 1S21 ; m. May i, \%\\. Joseph F. Kirklanei j d. Aug-. 24, 1843. 
Henry Hiibl'anl, b. Dec. 27, 1825. He died in infancy, Dec. 28. 1823. 
Cornelia Kirkland. b. Feb. 21, 1827; m. May i, 1S45, Parker Handy, Esq. 


"Mari.4 Cogswell was the only daughter of Samuel and Mary {Backus) 
CogsweU. Her father was a merchant, residing in the town of Lansingburg, 
Rensselaer Co., N. Y. While yet an infant, having seen scarcely more than a 
week of life, a terrible tragedy, the result of what we call accident, but which 
was purely a mysterious and inscrutable i^rovidence, the unintentional discharge 
of a loaded gun. in the hand of an intimate and valued friend, in a moment 
bereaved .Maria of a loving father, and prematurely made her mother a deeply 
afflicted widow. The suddenness of the blow, under the trying circumstances 
in which it occurred, almost bereft the young mother of reason. But the force 
of a nature of singular strength and fortitude, and sustained by the power of 
an unquestioning faith in the goodness of a covenant-keeping (Jod, carried 
her through the trying ordeal. After two years, the hand of the widow was 
sought and won by an early lover. Rev. Erenezer Fitch, the first President 
of Williams College. He became to Maria a most tender and loving parent, 
supplying as far as it was possible by gentle ministrations and assiduous 
culture and instructions, the place of her natural father. Under such care 
and cultivation, Maria developed not only a singularly graceful and beautiful 
person, but a graceful and vigorous intellect, choosing instinctively the most 
instructive as well as the most elevating and inspiring authors of the day, and 
drawing not from the too often shallow fountains, which distinguish much of 


the literature of our times, but from the standard English classics, who them- 
selves drew from the deeper, purer 'wells of English undefiled." Under such 
influences she grew up to early girlliood, loving all things beautiful and ijright. 
and entering with eager zest upon the somewhat larger life which was opened 
to her, when at the age of seventeen or eighteen, she made a visit to her 
mother's sister, Mrs. Gen. Joseph Kirkland, of Utica. N. V.. who then and 
during her life formed a bright and attractive feature of the social and reli- 
gious circles of Central New York. 

" Miss Cogswell was now in the first blush and freshness of early woman- 
hood. Most attractive in person and in mind, she speedily drew around her, 
by the fascination of her manner and the brilliancy of her wit, a host of ardent, 
admiring friends, who were ready to avow- their sentiments of knightly devo- 
tion or more sober regard. After rejecting many alluring, and in a worldly 
sense, most advantageous offers of marriage, her young affections at length 
centred upon one well worthy of her love, and at the age of twenty she was 
afTianced to Major Douglas \V. Sloane, of Williamstown. Mass. He came of 
good lineage, being the only son of Gen. Samuel Sloane of Revolutionary 
stock, and the owner of a large and valuable real estate in that region and the 
neighboring town. For his son, he built at Williamstown, on a beautiful site, 
opposite the college edifices, what for that day, and indeed now, is a large 
and noble mansion. On its completion Douglas Sloane. with his youthful 
bride, took possession of this house. There they spent many happy years in 
easy competence, and all of their eight children were born and reared in a 
model New England home, under all the desirable and blessed influences 
which such a home imparts. In 1834 they left \A'inianistown, and removed 
to Cleveland. Ohio. From the first, Mrs. Sloane took a high positio\i in the 
social and religious life of that then young city. She entered with character- 
istic zeal and enthusiasm into every good work and benevolent e\iterprise. 
originating the l^Iaternal Association, the effort to rescue and raise the fallen 
in the Magdalen Association, and co-operating cheerfully and most helpfully 
in every organized effort to instruct the ignorant, help the poor and depressed, 
and elevate the standard of social and religious life. With warm sympathies, 
she was singularly independent and outspoken in her opinions, and unyielding 
in her views of what she esteemed to be right and in accord with Christian 
duty and principle. During lier residence in Cleveland she passed through 
deep domestic afflictions. Death invaded the devoted family circle, and four 
lovely and gifted daughters and her only son, a noble, promising young man 
of twenty years, were one after the other taken from her. Bereavement and 
sorrow culminated in the death of her husband. She bore up under it all. 
with the most heroic fortitude, and was ever ready to say. ' The Lord gave, 
mill the Lonf hath taken away ; blessed be the name of the Lord.' After her hus- 
band's death she divided her time between her two remaining daughters. She 
died on the 9th of Jan., 1870. in the city of New York, at the age of seventy- 
eight. She departed after a brief illness, in great peace and quietness, after a 
life of many vicissitudes, but of eminent usefulness, all life's duties and 


responsibilities courageously, nobly, and trustfully met, in the assured hope 
of a blessed immortality. She lives still even here in her many works of 
benevolence, piety, and love, and in the unfading memories of her surviving 
children and the friends that knew and loved her." 

" So/iida I! summer cloud nwny. 

So sinks the gale when storms arc o'er. 
So gcttt/y shuts the eye of day. 

So dies the wave alouj the shore." 

"Doughs IF. .S'/(?<7w graduated in 1803, from Williams College, Mass., and 
studied law for three years in the Litchfield Law School. He was remarkable 
for his tall, elegant person and courtly manners. His sense of honor and of 
integrity was high and undeviating. Besides the practice of law. Mr. Sloane 
was appointed by the United States Government, Receiver of Moneys. This 
office he held at the time of his death. His religious life was pure and con- 
stant. He died trusting and rejoicing in 'Him in whom he believed.' " 


>[\RI.\ Slo\ne married /'arher Haiidr. Ks,;.. ~on of William ami Eunice (I'armelee) 
liancly. He ^va■^ born 24, iSoy, in I'aris X. V. Tliey resided in Massillon, Ohio. 
They had Iwo children: Elizabeth Sloane, b. Ang. 2, 1S39; m. .April 20, 1S59, ^Beujamiit 
Dimon. They had t«o children; Edward li., b. April 30, 1S60, d. .Vug. 15, iS-6; .Sturges I!., 
b. May 11, 1.S62. Mr. Dimon died, and Mrs. Dimon m., Feb. 13, 1S74, -]V. If. Van Dorcu. 
Susan Maria, b. .Sept. 12, 1S41 ; m. Nov. 13, 1861, Robert Bliss. They re.sided in New York 
City, and had eleven children : Robert I'arker, b. Dec. 4, 1S62 ; Charles Fanning, b. Sept. 25, 
1S64; Alice Teannette. b. March 13, 1SC7; Cjrace Edith, b. March 29, 1S69; Clifford Doiig- 
1.1^, li. July i6, TS70: Lawrence Thornton, b. Nov. 28, 1S72 i .Arthur Herbert, b. Dec. 26, 1S74 : 
Winihinp Root, b. Aug. 30, 1876; Norman Sloane, b. Sej.t. 29, 1S79: Russell Adams, b. Feb. 
12, iS.Si ; Marie Cogswell, b. July 24, 1SS3. 

Sl-S.\N Si.oAXE mrurifd. May I, 1839, ^Jouathau Gillette, who w.n~ boiii ( la. 12. iSo.S. Ik 
was a forw.iiilinj c^nmii^sion merchant. They resided in Clcviland, nhi... .ind in Tok-do. 
where he di(.<l. j.m. ro. 1.S62. They had seven children: Ilame: Jh'ii^.'as. b. Feb. 9, i."^-]!: 
m. June 1, i.S^o, ir,/;„jm I.cetc Stone. They resided in licrgen, N. J., and had si.N children : 
William L., b. Julv 31, 1S60; Alfred Wayland, b. Feb. 16, KS62 ; Arthur Douglas, b. .M:iv 31, 
1.S63; Franeis Wayland, b. Sept. 22, 1S65 ; Clarence Kate, b. Aug. 31, 1S67 ; and Susannah 
.Maude, b. Aug. 18, 1S69. Douglas Sloane, b. June 9, 1S43; d. Ajuil 12, 1844 Douglas Cogs- 
well, b. Nov. 12, 1S45; d. April'is, 1874 Robert flaehis. b. Sept. 27, 1S47 ; d. March 12, 184S. 
/ohn Edwards, b. Ai)ril 10, 1S49; d. March 23, 1874. H'illiam /laehus, b. Aug. 22, 1S52. 
Alfred, h. June 1, 1855; d. June 30, 18O1. Mr. Gillette died, and Mrs. Gillette married -iron. 
William J. Bacon. They resided in Utica, N. Y. He was by profession a lawyer. He held 
the ottice of Judge of Supreme Court of New York for si.xteen year.s, and was a member of 
the United States House of Representatives from the Twenty-first District of New York. 

C.vniERlNF. Seiicwick Slo.\ni; married Josefh F. K'irklaud, son of Gen. Kirkland, of 
I'tica, N. Y. He was an iron and hardware merchant. They resided in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Their only child was; Charles P., b. April 9, 1843; d. Aug. 3, 1S43. 

CuRNELlA KlRKl..\.Nli Sli.i.\ne married Parker Handy, Esq., who was a banker and 
dealer in bullion and specie in New "N'ork City. They had five children : Cortlandt Cogswell. 
b. Oct. 11. t.S49, d. ^ray 31, 1866; Parmelee, b. Aug. 9, 1852, d. Sept. 5, 1852; Katie Sloane.h. 
Jan. 12, 1S55, d. Jan. 14, 1S55 ; Parker Douglas, b. Aug. 12, 1S5S ; Cornelia Sloauc, b. Nov. 19. 
1869. Mr. and Mrs. Handy resided at 54 East 6Sth Street, New York City. 


I 946 ] 


M,\K\ Austin" Cogswkli,, iAAiso'/ Pitcli", yunics', Snmucl\ Smii- 
iu-l'-\ yo/ur, yohn^), daughter of Dr Mason Fitch'' [4811 and Mary 
(Ledyard) Cogswell, was born iSoi, in Hartford, Conn. She married, 
May 7, 1828, Lewis U'tld, son of Rev. Ludoviciis and Elizabeth (Clark) 
Weld. He was born Oct. 17, 1796, in Hampton, Conn. They resided 
in Hartford, Conn Mr. Weld died Dec 30, 1853. Mrs. Weld died 
Nov. 12, 1S6S. 


Mason Co^s^cd/, b. March, 1S29; m. Ajiril 26, i.S6r,, Martha AT. Cola. 
Charh-s Theodore, b. 1831. He died in early manhood. May i, 1863. 
Lc'icis Ledyard, h. May 13. 1.S33. He died in early manhood, Jan. 10, 1865. 
Afary Elizabeth, b. Oct. i, 1S35. 
Alice CogS'u'cll, b. Dec, 4. 1837 : m. Ajjril 13. 1871, Rev. IVilliain H. Hodge. 

-//. IVehi, the father of Lewis, was the sun of Rev. Kzia and .\nna (Wcldi 
born Sept. 12, 1766, in Ihaintree, Mass., graduated in 17S9 from Harvard 
ty-two year> ])astor of the chinch in Hani]nr)n, Conn., and died Oct. 9, 1844. 
J. /■/(/. CuNr-.KK.i.MIONAr (^H AKrKKl.V. lS6o, p]). iSi, iS;. 

I.KWI.-^, .\. M. 

I.EWis Wki.h yr.tdii.iied in iSiS from Vale College, Conn. He wa.- the Principal of the 
Pennsylvania bistit'iition for the Dcnl and Hunib, from iS- to 1S30, when he called lo 
succeed Kev. Thomas Hopki.i- ( i.iil.uulcl. 1. 1.. IL. a- ,.| ihv AmrrKan .\^ylulll |o, 
the Deaf and Humbin HarllMnl, 1 >ni;i., ulii.l, po^ii!,,n lu- hlleil la.ulx tuuii\-lne veil.-, 
until his death in 1S53. Mr. WdJ h,i- .1 l.iuili^i ,,1 Kk\. ■liii,..]„,i;r W 1,1,1,, who 
distinguished himself as an anti >l.i\crv or.itm :iik1 unui. 

Mosoii Coss-.uell Ife/.i. eldest -on of I.euis .uul .Mary A. (Cogswell) Weld, served in ihc 
War of the Union, tiisl ,i~ Ca])tam, alierw.ud,- as Lieutenant-Colonel of the 'I'wenty-filth 
Kegimenl of Connecticut Volunteers. 

Clmr/es Thco.ton- IVcU died May 1. 1.S63, in the hospital near Washington, D. C, from 
wounds received in the battle of Chancellorsville, Va. 

Le-.i-is;! //•.•/,/ gradnated in 1854 from Vale College, Conn. He w.i.- .Staetar> ot 
the Territory of Colorado during the administration of President J.intoln, but entered the 
.-\rmy, was J.ieutenantCohmel of the Korty-first KegiuieiU, Inited States Colored Troops, 
and died from cxiKisure on the tield, Jan. 10, 1865, at Point of Kocks, Va. 

.V,uy Klh,>h/l, IfW,/v.:\> residing, in 1884, in Phihadelphia, I'a. 

.-///.v Casrmvtl IIW,/ married Rev. William H. Hodge, .son of Di. Hugh Ib.dge. and 
Pastor of the Columbia .-\vemic I'rcsbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pa. His brother, Rev. 1.. 
B. Hodge, married Alice Cogswell Van Ren-ehRr, and w^i- Pa>tor of I'resbyterian Chureh in 
liurlingion, N. J. / V,/ C \i 11 \ 1.. (. ....-u 11 1 1 950 1 ,1/, w,v, ,«,/,,. 


. /.,/,/.-r 


He wa 


«a> th 

in 1;l1Il 

Mile, .\ 

^rx^fc-.^^ /y^-i^c^ 





Elizabeth* Cogswell, (Jl/ciso// FitcJf', Jamcs^, Samuel^, Sauiiic/\ 
John-, Johii^), daughter of Dr. Mason Fitch'' [481] and Mary (Led- 
yard) Cogswell, was born May 14, 1803, in Hartford, Conn. She 
married, Feb. i, 1831, i%;/. Jolin Treadivcll Norton, son of Romanta 
and Dolly (Treadwell) Norton. He was born April 28, 1795, in Hart- 
ford, Conn. Mrs. Norton died May 3, 1856. Mr. Norton died June 7, 


Charles Lcdyaid, b. June 11. x^l' \ m. Sept. i, 1S63, E. Melanin Kuliards. 


CluirLs Ledyani Norton zy:i<\\\MtA from \'ak- C.ilk-jL m 1S59; was CaiJtain in ■r\\ent\- 
fifth Connecticut Volunteers, and Colonel of .'^cvLHiv-ci-lnli I . S. C. Volunteers, .\ftcr the 
war he was a journalist. Mr. and Mrs. Charles 1.. .\Mrt>..n h;ul one daughter. 

Mrs. Dolly {Tre.uhuill] .Yorloii was a daughter of Gov. John Treadwell, of Connecticut. 

[949 J 


Mason Fitch' Cogswell, {Mason FiuJf', yames^, Samuel'', Siini- 
ucl'^, Jolur, Johii^), son of Dr. Mason Fitch« [ 481] and Mary (Ledyard) 
Cogswell, was born Nov. lo, 1807, in Hartford, Conn. He married, 
Sept. 13, 1847, Lydia Bradford, daughter of Rev. Dr. John M. and 
Mary (Lush) Bradford. She was born in Albany, N. Y., where they 
resided. Dr. Cogswell died Jan. 21, 1S65. Mrs. Cogswell died June 
30, 1872. 


M.\soN Fitch, [1573] b. March 22, 1S50; m. June 4. 1S73, Eliza A. Davis. 
Ledvari), [1574] b. Feb. 10, 1S52: m. Marcli 25, 1875, Cornelia McClitre. 


Ma-SO-N FncH ConsWELl. graduated in 1S29 from Vale College; studied medicine and 
settled as a physician in Albany, X. V. Dr. Cogswell was appointed. May iS, 1S64, .Assistant 
.Surgeon in the Union .Army, and was commissioned Major and .Surgeon, Jan. 3, 1S65. 

Mrs Lydi.t (Bradford) Cogs-.otll was the seventh in direct line of descent from C.ovERNOK 
William Bkadkokh, of the I'lyniouth Colony. 





Catharine Ledvard' Cogswell, (Mason Fitcif', yames'', Samucl\ 
Samiif/'', yo/iu-, Johii"^), daughter of Dr. Mason Fitch" [4811 and 
Mar)' (Ledyard) Cogswell, was born Sept. 22, iSit, in Hartford, Conn. 
She married, Sept. 13, 1836, Rev. Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, D. D., son 
of Hon. Stephen, LL. D., and Cornelia (Paterson) Van Rensselaer. 
He was born May 26, iSoS. in Albany, N. Y. They resided in Bur- 
lington, X. J. Rev. Dr. Van Rensselaer died July 24, 1S60. Mrs. 
Van Rensselaer died Dec. 24, I1S82. 


Coithuulu b. Jan. 5, 1S3.S. He died in eai'.y life, Oct. 7. 1864. 

Philip L., b. Nov. 24, 1839: m. Nov. 7. 1S67, Annie E. IMiilinorc: d. March 10. 1S73. 

Cluirles Chaiincy. b. Jan. 16. 1842. He died in childliood, May 17, 1S43. 

Leilyard, b. Nov. 20, 1S43. 

.Uice C, b. .M.vch 19. iS4r, : m. May 7, l,S6,S, Rev. F.dwaniJl. Hmi^^c ; d. April 13. 1.S7S. 

Elizabeth \Vads-..'orth. h. Feb. 22. 184^: m. Oct..,, 1&6?,, ucii. Edward Buni GnM. 

Alexander, b. Oct. i, 1S50. 


'• CuRTLANDT Van Rensselaer was born May 26. 180S. He was the third 
.son of Hon. Stephen Van Rensselaer. LL. D. His mother was the daughter 
of Chief Justice Paterson. of New Jersey. He was graduated, in 1S27, at 
\'alL' College, studied law with Abraham Van Vechten, Esq., of .-Mbany, and 
was admitted to the Bar, July 16, 1830. .Xfterwards he studied theology at 
Princeton, N. J., and at the Union Seminary, Prince Edward Co., \'a., and 
spent two years preaching to the slaves in Virginia. On the 7th of July, 1836, 
he assisted in the organization of the Presbyterian Church, of Burlington, N. J., 
which he served as its first Pastor for four years. He preached in Washington, 
I). C , during 1841 and 1842, and in 1844 he undertook to raise an endowment 
fund for the Theological Seminary at Princeton, N. J. As the result of liis 
arduous labors through almost every section of the country, he was able to 
put into the hands of its trustees the sum of $100,000. In April, 1846, he 
accepted the position of Corresponding Secretary of the Board of Educaiion 
of the Presbyterian Church, a post he held until his death, and to the work 
of which he gave, with tireless industry, the best years of his busy life, and 
the maturity of his disciplined powers, regarding all that went before as Init 
the preparation for its sacred responsibilities. He died July 24, 1S60, in his 
own home on Green Bank, Burlington. N. J., after a singularly busy life, in 
which he won the confidence and affection of the whole church to a ver)- 
unusual degree. A volume of his 'Essays and Discourses, Historical and 
Practical.' was published in 1861." 


Coytlomit r,;;/ AV«.«,'/,(,-r was first lieutenant of Thirteenlli Tnited Stales Infantry, 
died on the field nf battle, Oct. 7, 1S64. 

Philip Lhin-ston ]\ui h\ns-wLur was the Majoi of Second Xew Jeisey Cavalry. 

Ledyard I \iii A\-iissi-/iJt-i- irraduated from college, studied medicine, and settled in liiii 
ton, N. J. 

AW. and .Wis. llodi^e had four children. Rev. Mr. Hodge, son of Ilr. Iluyh Undue 
the Pastor of the rresbyterian Church in Hurlington, X. J. 

Gcii. and Mrs. Griibh had one daughter. They resided in lliirlington, X. J. 


I 951 J 


Elish.\" Cogswell, (Xiiihai/'\ ypscpJf\ JoscpJi^, Saiuuel'\ Jolur, 
yoliu^), soil of Nathan'' [ 489 J and Anna (Smith) Cogswell, was born 
Dec. 8, 1768, in Richmond, Mass. He married, Nov. 10, 1790, Pliibc 
Reddiugtou, daughter of Eliphalet and Mary Ann Reddington. She 
was born May 19, 1771, in Richmond, Mass. They resided in Wilton, 
N. Y. Mrs. Cogswell died April ii, 1816. Mr. Cogswell died Aug. 
14, 1816. 


Julius, [1575] b. Dec. 7, 1795. He died in boyliood, April 20, 1S03. 
HARVF.v,[i576]b. March 22, I799;m. Aug., 1.S2S, £"j-///,v6". J/(wr<wy d. Jan. 14, 1833. 
Lu< RETiA, [1577] b. Marcli 13, iSoi ; m. Feb. 27, 1822, Isaai M. Ri-es. 
JiLUS R., [1578] b. Sept. 27,-iSo5; m. Nov. 2, 1833, Matilda \V. Stanton. 
M.ARV Ann, [1579] b. Aug. 2, 1S09. She died in infancy, Oct. 16, 1810. 




Smith" Cogswell, (Natliaif, Joseph^, JosLpIi\ Samiic/'', Jo/iii\ 
yo/in^), son of Nathan" [489] and Anna (Smith) Cogswell, was born 
Jan. 28, 1771, in Richmond, Mass. He married, 1793, P/ichc ]\'i-//s. 
daughter of Bartholomew Wells. She was born 1765, in Hebron, 
Conn. They resided in Albany, N. Y. Mr. Cogswell died March 5, 
1S44. Mrs. Cogswell died Jan. 8, 1859. 



Sarah, [1580] m. Eias/us Hills. 

HoKACE,[i58i]b. Oct. 9, 179S; m.June iS, 1S21, Catlioine De Camp ; d. Oct. 4, 1849. 

Eliza, [1582] b. July 20, 1804; m. Jan. I, 1S24, John Rousseau ; d. June 16, 1879. 

Cakoli.m;. [1583]. 

George H., [is84]b. 1814; m. Dec. i, 1848, \Mrs. Clara (Boy/i ) Kindal,- : m. March i. 

1S56, -Auna Mat/Le; d. April 15, 1872. 
Si'SAN, [1585] m. Tracy. She died in early womanhood. 


Smith CoiiswixL carried i>n iron works both in Albany and in Troy, \. V. In the War 
uf T,Si2 he )n.inufaciu)ed many gnns for the United .States Clover 

Mr. and Mrs. Hilli resided in Alban\-, X. Y. They had llir 
the death uf their parents. Mr. Hills'a hatter. 




Salmon' Cog.swell, {Xatliaif\ yoscpli'', Josifli'', Samuel'^, JohiP, 
yv/in^), son of Nathan'' [489] and Anna (Smith) Cogswell, was born 
March 8, 1775, in Richmond, Mass. He married, Feb. 5, 179S, Sarn/i 
Soul/ard She was born in Richmond, Mass They resided in Alban)-, 
N. Y. Mr. Cogswell died Sept. 10, 181 1. Mrs. Cogswell died Sept. 
28, 1824. 

their children were: 
Joseph, [1586] b. Nov. 28, 179S. 

Sarah Maria, [1587] b. Oct. 28, iSoo: m. E,i7vnr,l MoJiri,- _: d. .\ov. 16, 1S7,,. 
Ann Eliza, [1588] b. Aug., 1802: ni. Brnjainiii Gardnrr. 
Nathaniel, [1589] b. 1807. 
Chaklutti.. [1590] b. Feb. c). 1S09: m. March 28, 1S33, Silas H. 




Luman" Cogswkll, ('Josi-ph''', JoscpJi'', ycscph\ SaiHud'i, Jolnr. 
John^), son of Joseph'^ I 491 1 and Chloe (Hill) Cogswell, was born Oct. 
2, 17.S1, in Richmond, Mass. He married, Jan. i, 1804, ^Jildla Bruce. 


She was born Sept. 9, 1783. Mrs. Electa Cogswell died June 30, 1805. 
Mr. Cogswell married, Aug 27, 1807, -Betsey Evarts, daughter of Ebcr 
Evarts. They resided in Cornwall, and in East Middlebury, Vt. He 
died Dec. 15, 1858. 


Dexter I!., [1591] b. Jan. 27, 1S05. He flied in infancy, May 27, 1.S05. 


Eher Ex'ARTS, [1592] b. Aug. 10, I8o.'^: m. Aug. 9, T.S32, Sarah H,alli. 


[964 J 


Stephen" Cog.sweil, {Asahcl^, Sai!iiic/'\ yosc/'//\ Snmue!", yo/m-, 
yo/iii^), son of Asahel'-' [497] and Dorcas (Fuller) Cogswell, was born 
June 3, 1 77 1, in Richmond, Mass. He married, Sept. 2\, 1794, Eliza- 
beth Hand, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Miller) Hand. She was 
born Dec. 30, 1774, in Richmond, Mass, They resided in Richmond, 
Mass., Ballston, and Schenectady, N. Y. He died Sept. 6, 1823. She 
died March 6, 1863, in Newtown, L. I. 


Eliza, [1593] b. M.irch 13. 1796; m. Sept. 4. 1816. Isaac Hai^i^ht ; d. March. 1.^76. 

Polly, [1594] b. .May 14, 1798; m. Feb, 1^2^, Philip H. Fiinnnn ; d. May 20, 1S7S. 

Daniel H., [1595] b. May 5, iSoi. He died in childhood, Sept., 1803. 

Mary A., [1596] b. Oct. 12, 1806: m. March 16, 1S37, 5. H. Xuliots ; d. Aug. 13, 1865. 

Stephen, [1597] b. Jan. iS, iSio. He died in childhood, Oct., iSii. 

A.MANDA, [1598] b. March 21, 1S13: m. Sept. 27, \^s,\, Charles C. Lyon ; A.Ozi. 11, 1SS3. 


Stfi'IIKN CoGswr.l.L a tanner and .saddler. During the War of 1S12 he had con- 
tracts with the Government for leather and harnesses. Mr. Cogswell was once at dinner with 
(lov. Tompkins of New York. 'I'hc (loverncn- asked Mr. Cogswell, who had a fine set of 
teeth, but was vcrv grav: "Why is it that vonr teeth arc so good, yet vour hair is so grav, 
while my hair is so black, and n'lv teelh are s.. defective ? " Air. Cogswell's (jiiick reply was : 
" Why ' GiKtrnci-. it must be t>i;ai(.u- J -oork wit/i my h,ad. luliil,- yon -iOorl; Willi voui t.rtli." 




Silas' Cogswell, {Asci/icl'\ Sam/n/'', Josc/'h'', SauntcP, jfo/nr, 
yolin^), son of Asahel" [497] and Dorcas (Fuller) Cogswell, was born 
June 3, 1771, in Richmond, Mass. He married, April, 1793, Raclicl 
Hciiistmut. She was born April 17, 1773, in Holland, Europe. They 
resided in Sempronius, N. Y., and removed to Dexter, Mich. Mrs. 
Cogswell died March 20, 1850. Mr. Cogswell died June 2, 1850 


DoRCAS, [1599] b. Oct. 17, 1795 : 111. Maicli ;o, 1814, Samuel Kc7mcdy. 
LVRAXA, [1600] b. May 21, 1707 : ni. Dec. 23, 1819, John Oakley ; d. Nov. 1 1. 1S44. 
Esther, [1601] b. Aug, 10, 1799; m. July 10. 1S25. Cliaili-s Tozcr ; d. Aui;. ir,, i,S36. 
livKLlKE. [i6oi(j] b. Dec. I, 1803. .She died in cliildliood, Nov. 26, 1S06. 
Paii.ine. [1602] b. Feb. 4, 1807: 111 April 10, 1855, John Hall; d. Marcli 23, 1SS2. 
MlN-ERVA, [1603] b. July 2S. 1809: 111. Oct. 16. 1.S3S. ./(-/;« Hall; d. Nov. if., iS4N. 
Sii.AS H., [1604] b. July 21, iSi 1. He died in early life. April 20, 1S36. 
STfci'HEN, [1605] 1). Feb. iS, 1814. He died in early manliood, March 11. 1S45, 
K A( HKi.. [1606] b. July 24. 1S16; 111. 1837. Charles' ro:c-i ; d. Nov. 4, 1854. 
.\l\iina. [1607^ , Marcli i, 1822; m. Feb. 21, 1S49, /<?//« J>a-,'Son : d. Feb. 22. 1S52. 




Seth" Cogswell, (Isaac''', Sainiic/'\ josr/)//^, Sainiier\ 'Yo/iir, 
yolin^), son of Isaac'^ [ 499 J and Molly (Loomis) Cogswell, was born 
Feb 14, 1772, in Richmond, Mass. He married, July 25, 1793, ^Hauiiah 
Martin, daughter of Wait and Lydia (Williams) Martin. She was burn 
May 13, 1776, in Lanesborough, Mass. They resided in Charldtt?, 
Vt.^ and in Madrid, X, Y. Mrs. Cogswell died July 15, 1833. Mr. 
Cogswell married, 1835, -Mrs. Betsey {Boyiiton) Gibbs, daughter of 
Ephraini Boynton. She was born 1797, in Weathersfield, Vt. Mr. 
Cogswell died July 12, 1862. Mrs. Betsey Cogswell died July 9, 1868. 
There were no children of the second marria<'C. 



Laura, [1608] b. April 26, 1794; m. March 4, 1812, Tnimaii IVilcox. 
PERLlNA,[i6og]b. Feb. 19, 1797: m. Feb. 19,,Alaiisoii Dur/ey ; A. April 13, 1 85 
Wait M., [i6io] b. Jan. 24, 1802. He died in early life, Oct. 31, 1827. 
Enos Loomis, [1611] b. June 14, 1S04; m. Feb. 16, 1831, '^E,: a Gihbs ; m. Sept. 
\'?.-^U.-Ehuira BnilcY. 


[917 1 


Samuel Olmstead" Cogswell, [Sanntel'^, Sainucl'\ yoscph\ Sam- 
uel'^, John^, yoJiH^), son of Samuel'' [503] and Sarah Lydia (Olmstead) 
Cogswell, was born Aug. 3, 1790, in Richmond, Mass. He married, 
June 16, 1817, SajaJi E. Bloss, daughter of Joseph and Amy (Kennedy) 
Bloss. She was born Dec. 15, 1797, in Alford, Mass. They resided 
in Richmond, Mass., and in Brighton, N. Y. Mr. Cogswell died March 
S, 1S44. Mrs. Cogswell died Jan. 22, 1845. 


Marv Anx, [1612] b. Oct. iS, 1818. She died in early womanhood, Oct. 7, 185^1. 
Samuel Blos^. [1613] b. Nov. 7, 1820. He died in early manhood, May 15, iSf.3. 
Henkv Martvn, [1614] b. Sept. 2. 1S24. He died in early life, .May 19, 1846. 
JoSEi'H Hrp.EKi, [1615] b. Sept. 2, 182.S: m. Aug. \C. 1853'/////,/ E. Biy-u-y/cr. 
Chaki.ottk .M., [i6i6]b. April 33, 1.S33; m. Feb. 2, 1X70, William H. Ttnch-r. 


wife and three children, to Brighton, \. \ . 

Samuki. V>. C(.>(;swki.L, the eldest son, enlisted as a private in Company C, Twentv-sixtli 
New York Vohniteers of the Union Army. He was taken prisoner in Gen. I'upe's retreat, 
and died of disease contracted in a rebel jjrison, on a hospital boat near Washington, 1). t'. 

_/.>f,/// Bloss, father of Mrs. Cogswell, was one of the founders of the Congregational 
Chnrcli in Brighton, \. Y., where he died, aged seventy-eight years, Feb. 16, 183S. 


[988 1 


Chloe" Cogswell, (So/onuvfi, Nat/iair', Jostph\ Samuel'^, Jolni\ 
yt)/?//'), daughter of Solomon"^ [510 1 and Sarah (Cowles) Cogswell, 
was born Dec. 12, 1769, in Hancock, Mass, She married, Feb. 16, 


1/92, Major yosepli Strong, son of Ozias and Susanna (West) Strong. 
He was born March 13, 1765, in Lenox, Mass. They resided in Great 
Bend, Pa., in Fabius, N. Y.. and in Lyme, Ohio. Mrs. Strong died 
July 5, 1799, in Fabius, N. V. Major Strong died March 31, 1835, in 

Grotnn, Ohio. 


Xa//iai/, b. March 5, 1793; m. Harriet -; ri. 1861. 

Lester, b. Feb. 13, 1795; d. May 15, 1845. 

Sarah, b. July 2, 1797; m. Dr. James Strong; d. Oct. 21, 1S22. 

Joseph, b. J\ine 21, 1799: m. Sarah Heiide' !oii ; A. July 4. 1S27. 

/,>,.■,■/// Sliv,,^ wa-i a Sei-geaiil in the .\rmy.if tlic Revolution, and a Major of Milili:.. W 
was one of the first settlers of I.yiiie. dhio.'and was the Jiid-e of the Court of Couinioi 
Pleas. Mr. .Strong married. Oct. 24, 1799. '^/.i/er F.lJerhii. daughter of Vine and I.ydi; 
(White) Klderkin. She was born Nov. 27, 177S. in Manlius, N. V. They had eight children 
Mrs. Lucy Strong died Jan., iSiy. Major Strong died March 31, 1835. /"/,/. History uv thi 
Strong Kamii.v. ])p. 449, 450. 


[989 J 


Susanna" Cogswell, {So/omon^, NatJiaii'\ yosepli^, Samuel'^, Johir, 
yohii'), daughter of Solomon'' [510 1 and Sarah (Cowles) Cogswell, was 
born Dec. 8, 1771, in Hancock, Mass She married, Oct. 10, 1793, 
Dca. Francis Strong, son of Ozias and Susanna (West) Strong. He 
was born Oct. 24